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To my mind, this is the most frightening development yet.  I would think it is God's will that this world become one nation with peace and equality for all.  Dividing the people does not bring peace or equality.  To think that the egregore of the anti-christ would take form in such a manner is most unsettling.  I understand that this will cause further delays but I stand firm in my faith that the Missions will proceed and meet with ultimate success.  I just wonder how much of this beautiful world will be left.

Domtia, Roger

Jesus, or maybe I should say Joshua Ben Joseph, has always been with us.  His teachings have been partially promoted and mostly misunderstood for generations.  When He manifests on our world in physical form many will not believe.  That is a given.  He will need our support and our testimony to the masses.  His loving presence can hardly be discerned by the unbelieving masses.  We must be the vanguard who proclaims his presence.  We must do this in such a way that we capture the interest of the people.  Just some thoughts.

Domtia, Roger

I have not posted anything in a while, perhaps I doubt my ability to come up with anything really worth saying.  Is this not an enemy I face?  I know the Urantia Book like the back of my hand and I realize that it admits to be an incomplete revelation and more will come with our increased comprehension.  This forum helps greatly with increasing comprehension of these matters and I look forward to reading the Sixth Epochal Revelation in it's entirety.  

As I see it, the enemy is within us.  It is our fears, our bigotry, our separation from others who seem to be different from us.  Of course we are different.  We are all unique reflections of some aspect of God's infinite personality.  As we venture into the universe we will encounter beings like and very unlike us, but they are all our brothers because we all spring from a common source;  That one source being our Father, God.  We all have the connection deep within us, but few ever really come to know it.  Ego and personal desires all too often blind one from seeing the right path.  Being in a hurry doesn't help much either.  Jesus never hurried.  Jesus had the poise and confidence to connect with reality and do all things well.  We can do things just as well if we connect with our inner spirits.  The Kingdom of Heaven is truly within our hearts.  Our desire to do well for all is the Will of God.

Domtia, Roger K.

Have faith.  Everything will come in it's own time, but it will come.  Don,t worry, the Luciferian influence on this planet will diminish, but it will take some time.  We must work together to get this done.
Domtia, Roger K.

General Discussion / Re: Urgent message from Margul.
« on: October 29, 2018, 01:09:45 AM »
I am not worrying about myself, but about the multitudes who will be freaking out.  How can I suggest common sense to someone who is in a panic mode?  How can I get community leaders to listen to me when I am a virtual unknown?  How can I get people to hear the message and know the truth?

I thank you for this information.  I made it very clear to my partner that I will be out of the house, in a quiet place, for the duration.  I must spend more time away from mundane distractions and annoyances so I may get in tune with spirit.

General Discussion / Music in the morning
« on: September 06, 2018, 01:24:57 AM »
Hello Ron and fellow forum members and followers.  I must apologize for my dearth of postings for quite some time, but be assured I do follow this forum very closely.  I must relate an experience I had yesterday morning as I was just waking up.  This is not the first time I have experienced this, and I hope it won't be the last.  

As I was coming into consciousness, but not yet thinking, I perceived this strange, beautiful music playing in my mind.  I lay there for several minutes just listening to this music before I was rudely interrupted by our little dingo dog "Maddie" jumping on my bed wanting to go outside.  This is not the first time I have had this kind of experience.  Some time ago I had a lucid dream entitled "The Jungle", believe it or not...  This dream featured a beautiful though strange soundtrack along with very real looking plants once they emerged from a ?(pixelated matrix)?, but there was an underlying feeling of mild paranoia throughout the entire episode.  I thought something could jump out at me any time, but it never happened.  I never spotted a single animal, insect or bird.  I treasure the memory of that dream but I can never recall the music.  Just like yesterday morning, lovely music, but by who???

Although I live in a stressful situation of endless demands I try to maintain some degree of stillness and a large degree of appeal to my (bottomless well) adjuster.  I don't want to discuss domestic problems here, but for my own peace of mind and spiritual well being it has been suggested that I just cut out of the situation I am in.  That is not acceptable to me because I made a commitment to my partner, Davanna Tucker, to be as a father to her son, Samuel David Tucker.  This is a sacred commitment because she had asked God for help since the real father wanted nothing to do with it.  She asked me to do this and I changed my life because I could not refuse.  I only pray that something can be done for her memory loss and bipolar disorder.  Please God help me.

Domtia, I am

Welcome David from Kampala.  I trust you will learn a great deal of surprising things from this forum, as well as meeting people from all over the world.  Soon we may be meeting people from a far wider area.

Domtia, Roger K.

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