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General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« on: Today at 07:46:49 AM »
Thank you Sue for your interest about my concern and thank You Ankara for stepping in so as to bring more clarification to this controversial subject of fusion, I greatly appreciate. As for knowing oneself, I put my trust in my Beloved Thought Adjuster who knows more than myself, but that being said it is surely can be of great help in the understanding of the process of fusion. Thank you again.

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Stay the course

Lemuel : Well, good morning Ocilliaya, it has been sometime since I have the honor of receiving You.

Ocilliaya : Yes Lemuel, good morning, I am Ocilliaya and I have come this morning especially to give all of you a message and that simply is to say : please stay the course. You are forgiven in your thinking that nothing is happening, it is all quiet and your patience and your trust and your faith is tested once again to the ultimate.

I am Ocialliaya, Master Spirit Number Four, Superuniverse Number Four, Voice of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son, and I am here to tell you simply this, everything is going according to plan, although as far as you, humans, are concerned nothing is happening because it is invisible to you, but I am here to assure that is not the case.

There is so much work going on behind the scenes and things being established on Urantia level that you could simply not understand at the moment. Nevertheless it is true and this is why I am here to ask you to stay the course. I am sure you are already aware that the Serara forum has lost some members and we understand the reasons why, but there is always the hope that they will come back.

In the meantime, those of you who are still here, stalwart and strong in your faith and in your desire, unshakable desire to be of service. You are so appreciated and so loved to be for what you are. This is a short message this morning, just to encourage you to keep the faith, trust in your Beloved Thought Adjusters and stay the course. You are needed and you are greatly appreciated.

I am Ocilliaya and I thank you Lemuel for receiving me this morning and I thank you all for listening. I bid you all a very good day and enjoyable and happy weekend. Domtia

General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« on: Today at 12:13:11 AM »
As all of you here on the forum, I am stunned by our brother Larry’s decision to throw away the towel. I could not imagine one moment that it could happen to any of the fused ones. Why ? you ask. Fusion, as I understand it, is like a love affair between two entities – the Thought Adjuster and his ward – and once they are engaged in a union there is no going backward.

In Larry’s case, it takes me a length of time to swallow the pill. How can it be possible ? Does his Thought Adjuster doing a wrong judgement about his ward, He who knows him more than himself ? In the morontial realm, the retrograde of a soul that has not the spiritual attainment to be qualified for a higher level is quite understandable and it is given up to the appreciation of the Thought Adjuster who is fully involved and knows more than any other about the progress of his ward, until they fuse.

Ezekiel, the first human being to be fused on Urantia, had not a single chance to know what was happening to him when he was carried out in a chariot of fire. I am here quoting Larry : « …..I have never been able to recognize any incident that demonstrates to me that I am fused. » It may be – I am not against the idea – that from one fusion to another there is a difference in sensibility, but how can one really know when he/she is fused ? Are there specific signs that indicate of such ?

It is in the human nature to experience, from time to time, headaches, feeling a little tired, lack of stamina or whatever, but can one really be sure what is happening to him/her is a normal process of fusion or a beginning of it ? Ron Besser, our champion in all categories of fusion and transition, is a special case, no question about it, he is unbeatable in this field.

It has been said that there are some more, waiting in the wings, to be Adjuster-fused. When the time comes, will they be notified in some ways or will it be through nomination ? By that I mean, will there be a list of names published on the forum to make it known ? Otherwise, anyone can come forward and claim that he/she is fused or on the way to be fused. We must be careful about story-tellers so as to avoid deception.

We all agree that our brother Larry is an important element of this forum for his contribution by his many thought-provoking comments, in a plain english, comprehensible to all, without jargons or local expressions that can be sometime very difficult to grasp the real meaning for those whom english is not their primary language. I admire the way he expresses himself so clearly, without ambiguity. I am not here boasting his ego, I am just recognizing the spiritual and intellectual quality of someone who will miss us all, but I am confident he will somehow be back to us very quickly, after a break, as soon as things will start boiling up. He is one of the most needed here. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Every day can be a lovely day

Beloved/Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Every day can be a lovely day if you turn to Me. Each and everyone of you, when you wake up in the morning, when you sit up on the edge of your bed with your feet dangling towards the floor turn inwards to Me and you will have a lovely day, everyday. First thing in the morning is the best time to remember that we are One, that I am you, so turn to Me first thing in the morning and together we will have lovely day.

Then you can dress and do start your normal day in doing things, but the first important thing is to be with Me, turn to Me and you will remain in My Peace throughout the day. You will be light-hearted, you will feel joy, you will be exuberant, you will walk with a lighter step, you will feel in your heart My Presence if you only turn to Me, first thing in the morning, every morning, because if you start your day normally without Me, you will find little time during the day to turn to Me, unless you make it a habit to be ever mindful by My Presence within and around you at all times by turning to Me every morning.

It is a way of putting your ego in its proper place, that is to say your ego must be a devoted servant of yours and to receive instructions everyday from you, the master. This happens quite spontaneously and naturally if you first of all turn to Me in the morning, your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment and the rest falls into place for the rest of the day. You will have a lovely day and your ego will do what it is supposed to do as a devoted and honest servant.

We know the pressures of modern living are tremendous. Those of you, everyday, who have to comute back and forth to work, spending hours everyday in your cars, trapped in traffic jams, all the stress and the strain that this entails. This can be made easier to bear if you turn to Me and remain in My Peace throughout the day, it can be done.

Those of you who work in the bank and may be count out many thousands of dollars in a day, nevertheless if you turn to Me in the mornings, you can still count your thousands of dollars everyday, that you will also be mindful of Me and that is like worship. When you are mindful of Me it as though you are worshipping Me, your Father and you will have a lovely day, no matter what occupation you have, you will do it with love in your heart and praise and thanks to Me, your Beloved Father Fragment.

So, you and I, can pass each and everyday pleasurably with the joy and gladness in your heart and you will so effect others that come into contact with you, when they can see your happiness, they will be moved perhaps to ask you : how can you be like this, what is your secret, please tell us we want to know, and then you can tell them quite simply. Tell them to turn to their Heavenly Father every morning, first thing in the morning and thank Father for another day and they will have a lovely day.

It is a simple effort when you put Me first in your life, I will see to everything else and you and I will pass everyday in joy and peace together and you will let your light shines for all to see. Is it not that a wonderful thought to be able to do this everyday, shining your light so that others can see ? This is how it is and can be when you turn to Me everyday, you and I will have a lovely day, so be it. I bid you a good day, thank you for listening. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Died of a broken heart

Beloved/Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our subject this morning is entitled ‘Died of a broken heart’. I am sure all of you have heard these words, he or she has died of a broken heart and you take it to mean that someone so loved someone else, husband or the wife that they could not carry on living without them and that they grief with unbearable and after just a short while they died of a broken heart.

You may think that it is in fact a beautiful romantic end to what probably was a very long relationship, whether it was a mariage or simply a friendship and there have been many such friendships throughout history where the people involved were inseparable and when one of them left the other other could not bear it and after a while they also died.

The reason being is that the Thought Adjuster who understands their ward totally will understand the grief is so heavy that they, the Thought Adjusters, can no longer adjust their thoughts, spiritualize their thoughts and the Thought Adjuster decides to disconnect and then very shortly after the disconnection the person dies.

It is not a failure on the part of the Thought Adjuster, not at all, it is simply an acceptance of the fact that they will no longer be able to adjust the thoughts or spiritualize the thoughts of their wards and so they disconnect and return to Divinington and there they wait until the soul is ready for resurrection and the transport Seraphim with the Guides and the Thought Adjuster resurrect the soul at the resurrection halls. There is certainly no judgement in this, none whatsoever.

As we previously mentioned, throughout history there have been many inseparable friendships that indeed one of them dying of a broken heart. It is a thought that we would like to bring to you this morning that there are still in the world to-day those who love each other so much that the fact, just the thought of separation is unbearable and whether through accident or through illness or simply through old age, when one of them dies the other will follow quite quickly after because they die of a broken heart.

This is just a small message this morning. We thank you for listening and bid you all a very good day, bye-bye for now. Domtia

Correction made Lemuel, thanks.

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Where are you going ?

Beloved/Lemuel : Good afternoon everyone. Our subject this afternoon is entitled ‘Where are you going ?’. This talk this afternoon is adressed primarily to you other fused ones on the forum and those of you who are on the cusp of being fused in a near future.

In recent transmissions, we have talked about a new empowerment, we have talked about increased responsability, we have talked about overpowering need to serve and this afternoon we are asking you the question : ‘where are you going ?’, where do you think you are going, why are beginning to pull in another direction ?

We, Thought Adjusters, have brought you here to drink from this fountain, there are few of you who have drunk fully, others of you have just become thirst temporarily while you still remain looking to the left, looking to the right, if there is somewhere else to go, and we are here to tell you this afternoon, there is nowhere else for you to go.

Sometime ago, we talked about reaching the point of no return. Those of you who have passed the point of no-return, let these words really sink in, there is nowhere for you to go. You cannot go back into the desert of ignorance and not-knowing. You have been brought to a position of knowing and experiencing and drinking from this fountain of knowledge and spirituality and joy of being about Father’s business.

So, where are you going ? where do you think you are going ? and another question you must ask yourself : what effect do you think this has on your souls ? Remember your body is just a vehicule like a car and sitting in the car is your soul and your Beloved Thought Adjusters and some of you are thinking of stopping the car and putting it in reverse gear and going back to where you were before.

Brothers and sisters, it cannot be done, you must wake up to the fact this is a very serious business. Your Beloved Thought Adjusters have worked tirelessly throughout your lives to bring you here to where you are now. You all know this saying : you can bring the horse to water but you cannot make it drink, this is perfectly true.

I repeat a few of you have drunk to the full, but others of you have not and you continue to look to the left and to the right, to see if there is some where else to go, if there is some where else for you to do or if there is a more perfect water to drink. How can you be so foolish.

Your Thought Adjusters still have the desire and still have the hope and still have the faith in all of you, their wards, that you will begin to see sense and stop looking to the left and to the right and to accept the simple fact, you are going nowhere, only straight ahead.

You will work for Father, you will work for the Missions, some of you will become household names, eventhough this is what you do not want, but you must realize, brothers and sisters, the work that you will be called to do is of paramount importance and the influence that you will have on others throughout the world.

Over the years, there have been many problems, many starts and many stops and different thinkings about whether humans have a role to play or not in the up-coming Missions and you now know that you humans do have a part to play, a very important part to play, an unprecedent part to play in being about God’s business.

This way of new empowerment and increased responsibility and this overpowering need to be of service is something that you all have, it is within your grasp, this is why you are here, this is why your Thought Adjusters have brought you to where you are now. So please, stop looking to the left and to the right, there is only straight ahead to do it, to go all the way, to give your very all, your very life.

Such a privilege that will be if it is necessary, to return your life to Him who gave you the life in the first place, nothing else matters. It is your relationship between yourselves and your Indwelling Father Fragments. Don’t let yourselves down, don’t let your souls down.

We would like to repeat, take these words seriously, because now is a very critical moment in your lives, in your future, there is no going back. So where you think you are going ? Only forward in joy in the knowledge that you are given such an honor, being bestowed on all of you to do such work for Father. How can any of you possibly think of doing anything else ?

This is all we have to say this afternoon. I am sure you will receive this message loud and clear. I bid you all a very good afternoon, thank you for listening. Domtia

TRANSLATIONS / Re: Traduction en langue française
« on: August 13, 2018, 12:35:46 PM »
Que se passe-t-il après la mort ?

Les différentes étapes

Éjection : Quand la mort survient, l’âme est expulsée du subconscient humain et devient véritablement une nouvelle identité à part entière. Sans perdre un seul instant, le mortel est invité par son Ajusteur de pensées de franchir rapidement un portail, ressemblant à un écran noir, qui mène directement à la Grille d’Énergie.

La grille d’énergie : La grille d’énergie sert à préparer l’âme à recevoir les énergies morontielles par la respiration afin de conserver celle-ci d’une détérioration jusqu’au moment où elle est transportée pour être ressuscitée sur les mondes des maisons. Le même procédé est appliqué aux âmes qui sont attachées à la planète terre et qui veulent rester pour un temps indéterminé dans un environnement qui leur est familier, où elles se sentent confortablement bien. Dieu n’impose jamais à une âme une décision arbitraire si celle-ci n’est pas disposée à assumer un changement.

Se laisser guider par la lumière : Aux âmes qui ont choisi de continuer d’avancer, il leur est donné un repère lumineux comparable à celui qu’on trouve dans un théâtre indiquant la sortie, pour montrer qu’elles peuvent quitter la grille. Mais il y en a qui ne comprennent pas ce que cela signifie, elles attendent pendant longtemps et quand finalement un ange répond à leur appel à l’aide pour leur donner une explication, elles la rejettent. C’est ainsi que beaucoup meurent pour n’avoir pas su agir rapidement en cherchant la lumière.

Le transport pour les mondes des maisons : Le transport est un ange enveloppé d’un bouclier, formant un caisson en métal argenté sur le dos, que beaucoup de personnes confondent avec des ailes. L’ange transporteur est alors approché par l’âme de la défunte personne aidée par un autre ange pour prendre place dans la partie spacieuse du transport. Dans la plupart des cas, l’ange transporteur, après avoir enregistré l’âme en mémoire, recommande à celle-ci de fermer les yeux et d’essayer de dormir le plus rapidement.

Une fois que l’âme s’est endormie, l’ange commandant de bord entre en scène, en faisant fonctionner le pilotage automatique et met le cap sur les mondes des maisons pour une nouvelle vie par la résurrection. Les mondes des maisons sont composés de sept ailes disposées en rayons que l’on appelle les salles de résurrection. L’âme est ensuite déposée dans une des ailes pour se réapprovisionner en énergie nécessaire pour commencer une nouvelle vie.

Le début de la carrière d’ascension : L’âme recevra une formation dans le domaine où elle a montré un épanouissement de son talent durant sa vie terrestre. Si c’est votre cas, vous vous perfectionnerez dans ce que vous aimez faire le plus et apprendre à travailler correctement, en tout temps, en interaction avec l’esprit. La carrière d’ascension, éventuellement, vous donne l’occasion de devenir parfait en tant qu’être spirituel, mais pendant des âges vous serez uniquement une âme avec une énergie morontielle qui est à la fois spirituelle et matérielle. Cette énergie devient spirituelle qu’après que vous ayez passé par 470 formes morontielles au cours de votre ascension.

Overpassing the power and underestimating the responsibility can be damageable if one is out of balance by not knowing how to manage these God-given gifts. It is like a knife with double cutting edges and if use immoderately can be dangerous. It is very grateful to have the Finaliters Corps to help in this maneuvering of these tools. Domtia

Empowered thought + overwhelming need to be of service = responsible action. To put it another way, the thought is empowered by the need to serve others and it results in an action with responsability. The desire to serve is by itself a powerful thought that can only brings action. Love and altruism are the basic of this equation. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

The overpowering need to serve

Beloved/Lemuel : Good morning everyone, our subject this morning is the overpowering need to serve, to be of service to one and all, to some degree or another. The Thought Adjusters have the ability and always the desire to bring about in their wards this overpowering need to be of service. This comes with the maturity of individuals who have made a certain amount of spiritual progress and certainly passing beyond the third cyclic circle.

When you begin to experience on a regular basis the desire, an increased desire, as time goes by, to be of service, you need to be of service, you want to be of service, your intention is to be of service, until finally this becomes an overwhelming desire to be of service. This also comes with the realization that you can do nothing else, that you desire nothing else and to be of service. This is when you are able to express the Father in you as co-creator.

Please understand this, our words this morning are directed to those of you who are ready. There are those of you who are ready to fuse with your Beloved Indwelling. We have talked about quite recently responsibility and empowerment and these two combine with the overwhelming desire to be of service, to express what you are, representatives of God here on earth. This is the simple, yet all inspiring truth and those of you who are ready to accept this, you will be this.

The overpowering desire to be of service is literal. When I use that word ‘overpowering’, it becomes your life, your reality, there is nothing else for you to do or to be. It is like saying : you have done it all, you have been there, you have done that and the world now holds nothing for you. You do not need to go anywhere or to do anything or to see anyone…no, you stand alone with your Beloved and you exercise this overwhelming desire to be of service.

There are no words to express your joy that service brings, the job-satisfaction, so to speak, is total and that is why you can never any longer, even consider, doing anything else in your life. So, our message this morning is brief, but so very important, for those of you who are on the casp, so to speak, of fusing with your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragments and desiring and experiencing this overwhelming desire to be of service.

Thank you for listening, we bid you a very good day, be happy, bye-bye for now. Domtia

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Conspiracy theory ?!!!!
« on: August 12, 2018, 12:23:28 PM »
'The house that Jack built' is unveiled in this video, very frightening, just watch it here : World control and make your own opinion

Trabscribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

They are all gone

Beloved/Lemuel : Good morning everyone. This morning I would just like to mention what has become a fact of life for me and that is to say ‘They are all gone’ referring to friends. They are all gone with the exception of a married couple who have remained faithful and true over the past 30 yrs almost. I feel sure that most of you here on the forum have experienced this to some extent.

When people become aware, when your friends and family become aware that your interest are so different from theirs, slowly but surely they begin to fade away. They are more than happy to remain in their comfort zones and they may feel some sadness for losing a friend and you and your partner feel exactly the same, but overtime it is as if they are maint to fall away so that you become free from all unnecessary emotional ties ( I stress the words ‘unnecessary ties’ ) to one’s family and friends.

When you are consciously, intentionally, following your spiritual ascension path you have to all extents and purposes left all and everyone behind. It is indeed a lonely road, your friends no longer feel comfortable in your presence and aftertime of course you learn to keep your mouth shut, have an experience, strange looks and the coldness when you talk about spiritual things.

It is hard sometimes to see in the faces of your friends and family what they are obviously thinking about you, but overtime you come to understand and you leave them where they are, but with your love and your blessings and your thanks to these people who have shared time and space with you. In fact they help you for you to be where you are, but they are not ready, not prepared to remain with you and so they fall away and you were left alone so to speak, but you all know that you are not alone.

And this, dear brothers and sisters, is a realization, a full realization that will come to you when you have established this relationship between yourself and your Father indwelling you. You do not need anyone else, but obviously you are not indifferent to others. You now understand and realize more than ever that we are all brothers and sisters, but in fact they are not ready for it, but you are and accepted it.

So your life is different now. You walk alone but you are never alone, you see everyone as your brothers and sisters and quite naturally and spontaneously you send light and blessings to all those that cross your path, when you get the prompts from your Beloved Indwelling to do so.

I see many people everyday, I have daily routine and I look straight into the faces of people, trying to make eyes contact and what I see is ego. They are dominated by their egos to do what they have to do everyday, going to work and all that sorts of things and it is very rare indeed that I see light in the eyes of people that shows me that they are spiritually aware and open.

For me it is a sad thing to see so many faces completely concerned with what they are doing in the outside and nothing shows from inside that one can see, but as you know they are all your brothers and sisters and you understand where they are. There is no judgement in this, there is just observations.

So, standing alone, so to speak, no one at all loose friends and even family you have left behind because you cannot take them with you. You do not have the responsibility for anyone else’s spiritual advancement, only your own.

So, this morning, I have been reflecting on this situation personally : how they’re all gone with the exception of two people, the husband and the wife, who are still with me in terms of loyalty and friendship and have total respect for my views. We don’t really talk about spiritual things anymore but they still enjoy my company and I appreciate that very much.

Maybe you are in a similar situation and you have accepted it, as I have accepted it. I don’t want to give the impression that I am sad about it or depressed about it, because certainly I am not, it is just an observable fact that one comes to term with and there are no regrets. One is just grateful for the times that one has shared with one’s friends and family. Now, we have moved on and that’s it.

Thank you all for listening, I wish you a peaceful Sunday and be happy, bye-bye for now.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / How can I help?
« on: August 11, 2018, 01:07:08 PM »
Hi Lemuel, after transcribing your audio transmission this morning, I was prompted to make a reply to express a thought crossing my mind, but I was kept away from my computer for several hours. I am back now, so here it is : I have had some occasions in the past to send light (healing energies) to a dear friend’s wife who unfortunately passed over some months later, to one of my older sister who is still in a bad health condition (both are remote from me) and another friend with a cancer, living in my neighbourhood, who is struggling. I used the technic of imaging as you wisely advocate, but I feel now that I was not doing it right. I am of the idea that we need a course of how to send light to others delivered by a Celestial personality, so as not to jeopardize the process itself or to endanger those we want to help. What is your take on this ? Thanks

« Havre de Grâce » is a french expression which means literally the « Harbor of Grace ». The name is an exact match of « the proposed site of the Morontial Temple ». Is it a pure coincidence ? Albeit the fact that the site by itself offers a splendid and appropriate emplacement for such, I suspect that the name « Havre de Grâce » has something to do with the Celestial choice. ;) Domtia

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