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I usually stay out of the political arena because my views I consider private. I too have studied history and I do not see Trump the way most here do. I see him as not my first choice for the office but a 50/50 leader. Some of his actions, I approve. Some, I do not approve. The people around a candidate and a President most often have to believe in their leader and unfortunately will often attempt to deify that leader. The names brought up are Hilter's people and Hitler himself. I must say that it seems every liberal person or group uses the very worst people to compare someone they disagree with too. What happens with that is people STOP LISTENING. Trump himself, may, or may not be drinking his own Kool-Aid. But the biggest question in my mind is a simple one. Why not talk to him? Why not tell him what is happening? He is the leader of the free world on Urantia. He may be terrible, he may be great--who knows? Doesn't he have an Adjuster? So do we appeal to that entity inside him or not?

If we go in looking for a fight, are we not creating our own battle? Talking to the President of the most powerful nation on Urantia seems to me to be a logical choice instead of beating the same dead horses of WWII. Talk to the man and if he does not see what you want him to see, talk to him again. I am not a leader of anything close to this MM. I am just one believer of the messages the Mission brings but calm, honest discussion with people has brought me the most success in my relationships. Rarely have I had to resort to force. This is all I want to say about politics. Joshua is our Creator and the most intelligent leader anywhere! My faith is in HIM to do what is right and best for us all. HE says jump, and I only ask how high?

General Discussion / The return of Joshua ben Joseph
« on: April 06, 2019, 05:08:38 PM »
What can I say to commemorate this wonderful and rare occasion? Since more than 2000 years past, no one has been witness to such a momentous happening! Joshua ben Joseph, I have wished to meet you for my entire life and in times both good and bad, I have felt your presence near me. I knew you as Jesus when younger, and now as Joshua ben Joseph but whatever the name you prefer, to me, you are always my unfailing guide, my personal savior. Everything I wanted to see from the beginning of my life on Urantia, I now get to witness! It makes me think of those in my family that have gone on before me to the Mansion Worlds and how happy they must be. They always wanted the best for me and I hope they know about this event and know that I am seeing it on behalf of not just me, but for them as well. My life is yours and I can only hope to be fortunate enough for you to assign me any position, even the lowest is fine because if it’s for you and your return, no position is low! Thank you and welcome!

« on: March 19, 2019, 11:02:25 AM »
I just saw this post as we were moving and my web was down a while. I employ an excellent web designer. Here is a sample of his work for my company...http://
As a writer and music producer, I would be happy to have this gentleman submit designs for consideration. The idea of a committee to oversee this is a great idea and forgive me if there is one already formed. I realize I am rather late talking about this but I thought it would be good to bring it back around again. 

General Discussion / Re: French Website under construction
« on: March 19, 2019, 10:51:18 AM »
To this subject of the logo, a friend that was my original sponsor for the Urantia Book had a rock band and they used three concentric triangles. I could find out if you would be free to use that symbol. The man lives in Atlanta and I have known him for more than 40 years because I worked with two of the band members when I was playing in Atlanta. Let me know if this appeals to you in this regard. Arthur, the man I am speaking of, was a firm believer in the Urantia book so he would probably be happy to turn it over to you but I would ask first.

General Discussion / Re: 7 Day Meeting in York
« on: March 19, 2019, 10:43:27 AM »
What a wonderful time to be alive in the flesh here on Urantia because we get to see and participate in the greatest happening in our planets' history! The MM is something I could only dream of and wish for but now, it is real and it is happening now! I hesitate to say much to people about it because as you all know, this planet is off the rails and people think of you as a fanatic and refuse to take you seriously. I tell family and others that I have given Urantia books to, but otherwise, I keep it to myself amongst the general public. I wouldn't want to confuse anyone or get in the way of the MM and their upcoming announcements. I just thank all the Celestial beings here and The Universal Father for allowing me this wonderful experience!

I trust Ron to do what is right. If I get a book, then my wife and I are happy! If not, maybe others need one more than we do. Either way, we know Ron does what he does with the benefit of all in mind!

General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« on: January 13, 2019, 02:10:37 PM »
Ron, I have two words for your streaming issue---FaceBook Messenger. My wife Len and I basically fell in love and became married on Messenger before she came to the US and we could do it properly. It works and costs nothing! Try it with two of your Commissioners and see what you think.

Discuss This Web Site / Re: What Is Your View of Idea Suggested Here?
« on: December 27, 2018, 01:32:25 PM »
Oh, by the way, Facebook Messenger has video/audio abilities too! We use it daily and use it for Len to talk to her family in Manila.

Discuss This Web Site / Re: What Is Your View of Idea Suggested Here?
« on: December 27, 2018, 01:30:09 PM »
My wife Len and I use Facebook Messenger AND the telephone to contact each other when we don't have time to take or make a call. For a board meeting, it may be not as good, but you can have multiple people on a message link and just like a conversation, it is real time. They can all weigh in and express their opinions or ideas with the others on the Messenger participating in real time. Just an idea for you guys Ron! Trying to be helpful.

I have Amazon prime and downloaded it temporarily from Amazon. Len and I are reading it right now! So far, so good!

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Ron
« on: May 02, 2018, 01:26:14 PM »
Ron, our friend, Len and I are here to congratulate your moving to the next level of your life and wish you the very best in your morontial career. We hope all is well with your transmission to this new form. You have been a good leader here in human form and we have no doubt as to your increased ability in the new! Best to you Ron!

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