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General Discussion / Albedo 0.39
« on: July 26, 2018, 03:36:05 PM »

This morning I was relating  that yesterday was a quite enjoyable hodge podge of thoughts and memories and even sensations that I experienced throughout about  a 2 hours time. Period and led to even more involvement throughout the rest of the day and well into the night hours.

  I know that this is going to probably be very obscure and I have debated about saying anything about it but why not…. The question and quandary  is what gives gives rise to our thoughts and wonderings about how our minds work at times and what is it that prompts certain thoughts and ideas over others.  I mentioned a thought that presented itself about “you know you must learn to crawl before you can walk,  walk before you can run,  run before you can fly so be patient with yourselves.  It is all working as it should... patience, trust, confidence all work perfectly together when you allow it”…. and about 10 minutes after that  I stated hearing and visualizing the words “Albedo 0.39” which I instantly remembered from an album I occasionally listened to in 1976 written and performed by Vangelis also entitled Albedo 0.39.

  I thought it humorous that out of the blue I would hear these words 42 years later.   That was a time when the first recordings of synthesizer and digital instruments became in vogue.   As I sat there trying to figure out why I would remember such an obscure memory as that was, and did it have some something relative to what is happening so soon so I decided I would look it up .

Albedo (/ælˈbiːdoʊ/) (Latin: albedo, meaning "whiteness") is the measure of the diffuse reflection of solar radiation out of the total solar radiation received by an astronomical body (e.g. a planet like Earth). It is dimensionless and measured on a scale from 0 (corresponding to a black body that absorbs all incident radiation) to 1 (corresponding to a body that reflects all incident radiation).
Surface albedo is defined as the ratio of irradiance reflected to the irradiance received by a surface. The proportion reflected is not only determined by properties of the surface itself, but also by the spectral and angular distribution of solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface.[1] These factors vary with atmospheric composition, geographic location and time (see position of the Sun). While bi-hemispherical reflectance is calculated for a single angle of incidence (i.e., for a given position of the Sun), albedo is the directional integration of reflectance over all solar angles in a given period. The temporal resolution may range from seconds (as obtained from flux measurements) to daily, monthly, or annual averages.
I was in error thinking that it concerned  the escape velocity needed to clear earth’s gravity which is 7 miles per second since  that is of interest to us would be, someday star travelers.  When I found the video and listened to it  and I thought , gosh he sounds like Lemuel!

Still I am more than curious  if there is any relevance to the up coming and current solar problems and the proposed cooling of the earth by the Power Directors, the reset of Urantia’s tilt , pole shift and the probable unsettling  of some of the consequent shifting of our tectonic plates.

Way back then, in the late 70’s, this was pretty edge cutting stuff …. Again this may be too obscure for any one to find interesting.

When that was over a line from Now Voyager popped up...."Don 't let's ask for the moon when we have the stars...(smile)

But maybe worth it if it generates an interest in what is about to occur on this world of ours.     LarryG

Michael -  Building Your Relationship With Spirit -  Larry Gossett- Florida – 20 July 2018
Teacher” Michael, Creator Son
Subject: Building Your Relationship With Spirit
Category” New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 20 July 2018  - 17:00 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett   
“Begin  this transcription and message now as you sit and open yourself,  perk up those ears and listen up to my message and the  teachings you require for your own growth and the growth for some here as well.  Keep in mind that some messages are for others who read… members and guests alike.  Spirit does work in mysterious ways, my children, and you are rarely aware of all that  transpires regarding those who are here as regular guests.   Sometimes you may receive and consequently by doing so, provide just the exact thing that someone else needs to read and take in at that exact moment.  So don’t sell yourselves short and try and misjudge the importance of the messages that you hear and take. The opportunity  to develop and have the ability,  to be a T/R is a rare gift and one that can not be underestimated  I understand and see you do not always accept   the skills that you have developed but know that these skills empower not only you but those that read all that many of you put out.
 “In that place of non-acceptance lies a problem for all of you, even though Spirit knows the human mind and it’s many proclivities.  Were you not ready, able and willing you would not receive these messages.  Some of which are meant for you and some that are meant for others.   Remember that there are many more that are guests that read and monitor these words and messages than there are active members, and I know that   the term active  has come to be somewhat of a issue for you and others.   But you tend too much dwell on this and it gets in your way when you allow it to overtake your thinking.  Be not concerned with it so deeply .  It has been mentioned many times yet as you observe it, there is little change…,but that is alright for now.  The time and hour comes quickly when you will have so much work to do that you  will look back to this time and appreciate in new ways that all turns out for the best and that needless worry is a waste and misuse of time and energy.   But it is a valuable lesson learned, is it not?
“What each of you do, is an  expression and profound statement  showing and a demonstration of your will and commitment and a guage  for you and us of  just where you are or are not in your standing with Spirit.   
“I wish that all of you could see the change in your energies, in the light and color that is right above you that we all can see  that is a type of  signature that each of you have as well as the spirit  signature that you are coming, eventually, to be able to discern.  There are energies which  stand out for us and if you could visualize them and you will someday, they are as unique and personal for there is no duplicate .. you all are “one of a kinds”  and what you are able to bring to the feast cannot be brought by any other.. Of course there are patterns that are utilized and       that are followed Mother Spirit and I formulated in the creation of man and women still yet there is none like each and every one of you.  You may be part of a grouping, following a specific designed and certain pattern but that does not take away from the uniqueness and originality that is the real you.  Just as it as equally true of the  origin of the Father personal gift of your individual personality.
“There are often comments made about the ego but please  bare in mind  that your ego has it’s important purpose and function and there is much misinformation that has been dispensed and  varying understanding and misunderstanding of ego.  Although it can be perhaps too easy for the ego to get to a stage of overcontrol and even out of control as well.  They are not inherently bad things, these egis of yours, and it takes self observation, introspection, contemplation and a good and honest self examination at times and the regular realistic look and assessment  to view and acknowledge when  the ego is out of balance and is  overly in charge, or at least it thinks it is and in general is running amuck. The human design of Mother Spirit and I, way back when
 Gave and instilled all of this to the mortal human on an experimental planet as Uranita is, and that will not always be the case considering the plan and reality that Urantia will someday become an educational sphere, school, and a place for  Advanced Universal Learning. And Study Already there are many many different types of beings who look to this world as an extraordinary “case study” and as a  future place where what is offered as curriculum and education will become invaluable to understanding… especially concerning the Lucifer Rebellion and the consequential  Calagastia Betrayal and all those that followed in this rebellion.  Our plan to make this an Educational Sphere is definitely “way out of the box ‘ as you like to say and there is such a Universal interest and need  as Urantia moves towards the completion of that ultimate  and future goal.
“Believe Me when I tell you that the plans for Urantia are stunning and magnificent once we get the Mission to redeem and remake Her in motion.  She, with every native that originated and completes this first life experience on Urantia  will always share a destiny that includes hailing from this world.  The great interest to come and learn what can be taught here about the Rebellion ranks quite high as does coming here as Urantia is where I fulfilled my obligation through  the 7th Bestowal.  And now as the 8th Bestowal becomes the reality if that idea is followed through on , then,  the terrible stigma of the “world of the cross” is forever  removed, as Jesus will just not have  nor accept that renown.  ,Urantia, indeed becomes one of the most important stops in the careers of the Universe.
“I see that you recognize and feel that this is an unusal experience today and indeed is a bit of a hodge podge of subjects and I  do this intentionally so that you can exercise those listening skills and receiving muscles that  so need growing and refinement.  I know from  deep in your mind and heart of hearts how much you desire to partake and  produce reliable and meaningful receptions and that most certainly will come when the time is right for you and others here.    Know that it is a matter of trusting in yourself and we can talk and talk of confidence but the real work can only be done through a belief in yourself and a belief and experience that can only be accomplished by hard consistent study and application of what is learned.  The opportunities to do that are at your doorstep.  Keep in mind all of you reading this whether you are a member or a valued guest,  building a relationship with Spirit  is not much different that what it requires to build a lasting and endearing relationship with another.   It takes time, effort and trust, sincerity and above all a willingness to love and be accepting . honest and open and real and true.   
“This  has been very relaxing and natural.   I know that is one of your goals with your abilities in this T/R work.   Not only has this been relaxing but a bit of joyous fun as well, has it not?
ME; indeed it has , Michael .  I don’t know if I have quite ever experienced this before.  I thank you.
This  is a most unique experience that we are having  this day.  There are many levels in building our relationships with all of you.  There can develop  sessions like this that are quite warm and casual, not too different than that as you have with your parents,  your best friends, your teacher and guide, mentor, your beloved for I am all of those things and more.   As your Creator Son, as your Spirit Father, we will share times of formal meetings when protcols are to be strictly observed and there will also be times   we laugh and just enjoy the good times that we shall share….  Just as Ron does so easily.   There will be times of grave seriousness for there is much work to do.   With this kind of experience today, this casual interchange,,  you all will learn and experience  a joy not known before and we will work together to establish such impenetrable and unbreakable bonds. We are one in Spirit, in intent, in love and in service.
“Whether a message given is from your perspective and view, of world shaking  import, or value, and it will not always be that way, still yet, those of you who are giving of yourselves in any measure will lead to success.   We have many times told you that your success is  ours as well.    Just as it is for any parent who loves, guide and nourishes  their children in many ways toward learning and experience.  And  We have always mentioned to you , each of you, that your falling short of the ideal,  for I will not call it failure for it is not and as you yourself acknowledge the idiom of “the only failure is in not trying,” is truly a valuable teacher.
“Let us, together, talk briefly about a subject that is a real trial and test for most of you and that is of time management, as regards your work here in the now, in the present, and most certainly in the near future when you will be called to take up the many tasks and assignments that will be proposed to you.  Many times a day do I see you bring your thoughts and attention to these Missions… you bring them out from the back of your thoughts  to  that place of focus and attention.  Whether you are at work,  at home doing yard work, at home cooking,, cleaning and simply just being  who you are doing what a human does, you do keep  Us and the Missions upfront and I appreciate the fact that you do keep the Missions  at that important place in your mind and heart and thought.
“We are more than aware of what you all must face as human mortals on a world like Urantia.   It is to your eternal credit to have accepted the many challenges that have confronted each of you.   I will leave it at that and Mother Spirit and I and all of Spirit who watch, guide and who are intimately involved with each of you  hold you in the highest regard for your steadfast determination to stay the course with us.   This is Michael    Know that you are in My Peace….good day.

Primus/ Mother Spirit - Further Conversations and Insights -  Larry Gossett -  Florida 18 July 2018

Speakers: Primus/Mother Spirit
Subject: Further Conversation and Insights
Category : New Orders and Entities
Winter Park,  Florida - 18 July 2018 - 20:00 GMT
T/R : Larry Gossett

“Let your thoughts now be placed within my influence. 
“This is primus and in attendance as well  Is Mother Spirit and Her accompanying Adjutants., whose ministrations and influence are with you all in the many ways that they serve each of you. You all, here on this august forum are doing noticeably well since our introductions a few days ago. And you will continue to do so if you keep up your work,  focus and attention to all that is before you.  And others will come under these influences in the days and weeks to come.   We shall all be working more closely  together and in tandem with the many who are either now or in the very near future, and I am in reference to  just days away, to the Mission of Michael, that Mission that all of you have look towards with such enthusiasm.
  “And speaking of enthusiasm let me just mention that this one, that is you LarryG, do get beside yourself at times over this recurring issue of the lack of engagement from members who,  not so long ago, posted every day.   You must let that feeling of disappointment in this matter go and just concentrate on what YOU can and will do.   It does not serve you well to keep this type of feeling always in your mind for it is another of those distractions that we discussed in my last session with you.  There is enough natural distraction that can easily displace your energies without taking on something that you cannot change.
 “You think this morning of Jesus and He prepares all within His power and responsibility  now as Being of Diety Status to  execute all that has been foreplanned.  Those that have assumed their responsibilities and who have shouldered their individual and in some case, their collective assignments of  what is in store for Urantia, and are indeed poised and ready  to receive  the final approvals…. especially now that the initial   steps have been duly and rightfully taken to establish, on Urantia, all that is required and necessary to  give to Urantia all She is in need to set these  plans in motion..  And I know that this is the great news as are these proclamation that all of you have so looked forward to and have studied and prepared for.
“I am Primus, your new guide, mentor and teacher and  simply know that I work in coordination with your Thought  Adjuster, Michael, Mother Spirit and also in my own right and together, with you we will initiate  the many directions that this  teaching and education will take and soon an advanced regimen of study will be available.  The Order of which I am a member , although not yet revealed to you , no less  will be of great assistance to you.
 “ We have not only the fused ones that come within our purview and many will be added and be included and this will be a most advantageous  and propitious experience for all of you.
“ I know  from observing your thought patterns, some of which are quite interesting and some a little scattered and disjointed, but yours none the less, that you do  want to find the best ways of service, the post profound avenues  of inclusion for  the citizens of this world.   Never has there been such a great need for  leadership, of guidance that quite frankly only  Spiriti can offer and lead that can come and avail the rich yet  pointed directions that we are able, by our very natures and expertise in advancement and accomplishment  to those instructions that we have the capabilities to bring to each of you who come under our guidance.   Just know in assurance, that none will be left out as most remaining as steadfast members here have made the commitment to be steadfast and focused on what comes to Urantia.
“Mother Spirit, while always within you, always stands ready to give Her guidance when you have the  rememberance to ask and invite Spirit into your daily lives.  She now is with you for a few comments.  I am Primus and  I look forward to  our next meeting and conversation 
The times will most assuredly come arrive when all of your time, energies and focus can be placed within your grasp.
“Thank you Primus… this is Mother Spirit and I appreciate the opportunity to come, to receive your invitation and add what I have especially to  this subject of all inclusiveness for  those of you reading as members and those of you who read as our valued guests.   I want to let you know just how important, not only you  are, each of you, but how important will be this site in the coming months, if it survives all that is coming.  Certainly Ron,  as Administrator here has been fully dedicated to keeping this forum up and running at great monetary costs and  especially considering his  severe daily pain for so many years.   There will be a  gradual evolution and a fine tuning  of this forum in the days ahead, and the possibilities that this may well be one of the most important sites on Urantia, is well within the realm of possibility and likelihood.
“ Those of you who have made this forum an intrgal part of your daily lives and have received  these teaching and accepted, in good faith, these many revelations and made this forum one of the most important aspects and parts of your daily  lives have shown and demonstrated  the depth  of your commitment to the goals, plans, and principles for which this site was formed and maintained and grown in status and stature all around  Urantia.
“   You would be quite surprised at the many levels of humans that monitor and cherish this site from around Urantia. Yet as all of you also know Ron has had to be ever watchful and even play policeman to some of these miscreants and ones who want to see this site fall and be extinguished and fall into disarray.   But I can assure you that the credentials that make this site what it is , the foundations upon which this site is founded have been  upheld and respected and will win the day, and those who work, in vain, will be held responsible and accountable in the High and Supreme Courts of not only Urantia but in all of Nebadon as well.   Well, do we and you   know there has been not only a serious falling off of membership yet I tell you that  many are still coming,, many continue to register here and  this will only abound in the coming weeks and months.
“ My children, it is so important that you keep attuned, ever watchful and participate in the commradarie that is a created  on this forum.  We are always interested in your comments, in your opinions and in your take and understanding of what is presented here.
“We have spoken many times of teamwork and there is great need for the details and circumstance of this teamwork as it is being built now… The foundations are being build and upon this foundation of teamwork rests the success of all that this site can become. And I tell you truly, not just this site but the Michael Missions as well.   Little can be accomplished without strong teamwork.
“   I know for some of you, your dismay and disappointment to observe  this  the lack of engagement here, at least from the standpoint of responding is so very troubling for you… just as it is for us…  You have it within you to be your own inspiration to get this work done with strength, vigor and your open, flexible and patient attention is well documented and known, and appreciated more than you realize.   Inspiration comes in so many different forms and We appriecate and look forward to your engagement here.    Inspiration is linked and reckoned much like a smile and laughter…. Smile and the whole world smiles with you…. Smiles and laughter are contagious.
 And are engaged with, individually, or collectively as a “team member ,“  has more ramifications and outreach  than you, as a human, can see for all is quite simply the constant changes that are the very nature  of living a life in the flesh.
“We, together with each of you and all who are incoming  Incarnated Beings from all over Nebadon and  from far and distant realms will ,without doubt,  upgrade, remake, redeem and Co-Create  Urantaia and  see to it that  that quantum leap that She needs to make will come to pass.   See to it with us, won’t you?
“This is Mother Spirit and I so thank you for your Invitation.   I so enjoy speaking with my children of Urantia.   Good Day and Domita “

General Discussion / AGGRAVATION
« on: July 16, 2018, 08:15:24 PM »
I am VERY aggrivated right now!!!!.... I just lost a 3 and a half page reception... I am so angry that I could spit nails.....This hasn't happened in awhile.... I will try and find it after I cool down.....I would  mind near so much if I had not just spent the better part of a couple of hours making it all look so good..... Drats and more!!!    Larry

Received late Wednesday Evening

Primus – A New Guide, A New Opportunity -  Larry Gossett -   13 July 2018 – Florida –

Teacher: Primus
Subject: A New Guide, A New Opportunity
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida  -   13 July 2018  -  14:00 GMT
T/R: Larry

This is Primus and I am and will be a new and additional Teacher and voice and guide for you and does that meet with your approval?

( Me) Most definitely, Primus.

The very fact that you have come, have opened up, through your invitation for Me, and agree to meet with me , let me say that I am of this new order that Ron and Michael have been discussing with all of you.   There is much work to accomplish and you, in particular, can make good use and have significant need of what my Order has taken on to do in association with  Michael  and the Father.   Ron holds you well enough but knows as well as you do and I do, that you above all need steady and more consistent work so that when the time comes and it comes quite soon, your work for the Missions will be quite varied and you will learn many new and wonderful ways of service to these Missions.   You marvel at all the work that Ron can do, and does, his extraordinary abilities and I tell you that  you five fused ones as you are called and a few others who are  line at the Fathers time and bidding will also fuse shortly as you become so involved this m and are necessary to some of you are so that your service , education,  careers, and experience with Spirit will be well noted  at some future time and I know that you are want to shy away from that kind of limelight but  you must develop the inward confidence that can only be achieved through your persistent work in these days ahead which are so important for you and of course for the Missions that are now come and that will herald in  that new dawn of the 6th  Epoch that Urantia needs so desperately for Her future as an educational sphere which Michael has designed and designated Her to be and these plans  have already been  set into motion.

So as we come together in the next days and weeks  just realize all that is at stake for all of you on such intimate and personal levels.   You can feel and  notice My individual personage and this will become more apparent and comfortable to you increasingly as we work together and  as you do this well, your life will be of significant example and demonstration of  your love and service to the Father and to Michael , to Lanaforge and all who represent these Missions and as Ron has mentioned to several of you, including Lemuel, that you may well be destined, eventually, as a Mighty Messenger, but that is well into your future careers.

Several years ago when you were listening in of the calls with Jerry Lane and Gerdean and braved your first question,  that teacher/guide  told you at that auspicious time, which you have always held in your memory, that quite the adventurous spirit life  was in store for you and so it is and that begins now, just as it does for all who come and have chosen to do this work and service  in their love and worship for the  Father, just as we all do, for  truly that is the way of Spirit.

As we will be working in consort together and with several others, our work together will give you and all who do this work, experience that you can now not even  carefully and specifically laid out before you. For truly they are there to enhance your growth towards your eventual spirit  maturity.

We will speak again and often and as this is just the beginning of a great and last relationship… even a partnership if you will so abide with me and all others who so volunteer to accept  the assignments that are just as important to us as they are for each of you.

Take heed of these opportunities as work together.        Be well, eat well and all will be well….. Good Day… this is Primus.


Reception taken early Thursday  morning -  12 July 2018

Take a few moments to relax, center, breathe and let My energies, thought patterns and Spirit Signature  infuse and  permeate your thoughts and let our thoughts be as one.

These are important days ahead for all of you, especially those who want to  step up to the plate of Spirit as you say on your world, and feast upon  the food and fruits of Spirit that are available now to all of you more than ever before.  This critical and exciting time for each of you will set the growing curve within each one who does this work.   I am Primus and I come again this morning just as I  did last night to connect and establish a connection and circuit with you that will grow and be made stronger each time you come to me or any other Spirit Being associated  with each of you as your guides, teacher and even mentors.   There are many and a wide variety of associations , Celestial Beings and Orders that have been called upon at this time that carry on this work.

As you can tell from reading the  receptions taken by Ron, Amethyst and Lemuel and as  Sue will be posting her work as well, I do want to encourage all of you on this forum to  at least give  this T/R work a chance to be part of your daily  duties for in many ways, dear ones, this is a  not only a sacred  duty but the highest of honors that you are engaged with.  

 We have nothing but the deepest and most sublime love  for each of you and  we look forward to bringing you our messages as this is such a critical times.

The Dim Period that has been talked about in the past few days, which as you  well remember this was discussed a year or so ago and now that time comes quickly. Therefore  prepare yourselves and prepare well and this can only be done by each of you taking on the Mantle of Michael for  your Creator Son, is presenting each of you with unprecedented  access, opportunities and responsibilities that are vital to your development on soul levels and on personal growing levels  in all aspects of your physical and spiritual lives.

 You are at that infamous pivotal point, that place of standing at the precipice of  your new lives dedicated to the service of the Father in your lives and as all of you  must come to realize that what you do here and now sets the pace and lays out your futures for a career  with Spirit that will finally change this world of Urantia and all call her home, in the past present and future.   Please , each of you know that none are excluded, none are left out, or behind for it is by and through your daily decisions, your freewill choices, your consecrated and dedication desire to serve and to be the best you can be as far as  a T/R that will teach you and prepare you, as we together,  and that includes every member of this forum for we move into  these coming trials and specifically the coming of the dim period that will befall  Urantia.  Allow m to teach, encourage and guide you all and yes I know that we all talk and talk about persistence, consistency, and having an unfaltering dedication to serve.

As I was mentioning to you last night, you all look to Ron as  an extraordinary transmitter and one who demonstrates love and dedication to the Father and to Michael  and it is though his long persistence and refusal to  never give less than 100%  towards this kind of work that for him has been a labor of love and devotion.  What Ron has been able to accomplish definitely sets a high bar and example for each of you and you  will have  the opportunities to advance to extraordinary levels and accomplishments as all of this unfolds.  It is an “unfoldment” and  your consistent applications and recognitions of the opportunities that now exist and are presented to you  coalesce your efforts and experience towards the very goals that all of you have set in motion.

There is much that is coming to all of you here and seizing the moment will and can be that very impetus in your awareness  for all of you know, quite well that you can not go back to that state that you do not and cannot know what you know.

In closing this let me restate for all of you that it is to your benefit, always to ask for a message,  and put out the invitation  to Spirit, especially now that there is such an accelerated  and coordinated  effort being laid out for this world.    This is Primus…. I look forward to our next meeting Call on Me……Good Day….


General Discussion / RED LETTER DAY INDEED!
« on: July 13, 2018, 07:37:17 AM »
 It has been mentioned in a couple of different  posts that today is A RED LETTER DAY!   and indeed it is.  I woke up this morning feeling almost jittery and bouts with my head swimming with anticipation.  In the past couple of days I have taken a couple of receptions but did not have the energy , as was my plan yesterday, to get them corrected from my mistypes and many mispellings.   I had mentioned to Ron in a message that it takes me longer to "fix" my receptions and make them "presentable"  than it does for me to take them.   Yesterday I had to put up 4 pallets of stock at work and was exhausted when I got home and basically just collapsed when I got home yet still "guilting" myself  for not doing the  editing  I wanted to do...then I read Ron's lastest posting and it almost seemed that what I had taken, while being very personal and I really shy away for  posting things  that are mostly to, for, and about me personally.   And to boot, after Ron's latest posting, my receptions seemed  quite  anti-climatic considering the astounding news he presented to us and to Urantia.  However, I am finally off work and will get them posted as I get them corrected., so bear with me.   

I am so filled with joy, excietment and anticipation.   I also am  really wanting to go back and review the last 6  postings of Ron's exceptional work.    LET THE NEW DAY BEGIN..... LarryG


Michael of Nebadon – No Prompt Needed/ The Political Climate of Urantia – Larry Gossett -  11 July 2018 – Florida
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: No Prompt Needed/The Political Climate of Urantia
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 11 July 2018 – 19:15 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“This is Michael and I come today  to talk with you and the forum and I want all of you to know that the ways of the past have been upgraded as they are always being  up-stepped  because the times are not as they were just a few weeks and months ago and certainly not as they were in years past.   We all  continually work to make ways and means the better for you all… and encourage all of you to take the opportunities now at your disposal and use  that will ignite within each of you a more concentrated commitment for  what is to come.   We have offered all of you these new approaches to receiving our messages and no longer, as has been pointed out to all of you who read these missives, that the time is no longer when you must await for a “prompt” from us to come and transcribe any message that is given and awaits for you to take.    All that is now required, as the time runs so short and the work is mounting and mounting, that now we want all of you to simply let us know when you are ready to listen , hear and use your abilities to receive and transcribe our messages.     This is a new  day and a most certain critical time and we are united in our efforts to create within each of you the skills and abilities, opportunities, and yes even confidence that you already possess and only dedication and the actual doing of it will satisfy  that desire and longing, that God Hunger, that all of you have in your dedication and commitment to  do well at this work.
“Accept that this is true and it will work out for any  and all of you who simply put forth the effort. …. That we can not do for you… that is your responsibility and  it reigns supreme within you if this work is still what you have chosen and elected by your own frees wills to become immersed in with Spirit.
“Each of you have your own ways  and beliefs, interests and overviews of what all this means for you  It has been always within your reach if your heart and intensions are pure in spirit.   Were that not the case you would not still be here but now is the time that all of you have prepared for and it will come as it will.
“ Now, Spirit knows your intentions, your structures, motivations, limits, where you excel, your strengths and your weaknesses, and what your various interest are and we all can work with you just as you are in the here and now.   For you and a few others here, your interest  have alway been focused and centered on the Missions themselves and some of you have great interest in the workings at the  International  Affairs  and levels and the aspects of World Governments which will be  some of the most serious and perilous work to be done during the initial stages and phases of  our Missions and will  of needs be have to be developed quite carefully for the effects of that kind of power and world wide  oversight  will be monumental and will never have occurred for any  Government on Urantia in it’s entire past history.
“Equally true will be the defects and impacts of and for all Religions and Churches and even those “alternative” religious organizations that will  in regards to  religions as a whole on Urantia ,and you all will have to be prepared for this as it occurs for it will occur in spades!
“Your  interests and many others are still “young” and  not yet quite developed enough to  think much of this through but  if you persist in  this development there is noting that  can stop your growth and desire to learn  and gain invaluable experience and much that can be learned quite quickly in the years to come as you work with Ron and those who come in Spirit and in physical form to work in these most important areas.
“I know that you have asked about the political climate as it is developing now in regards to North Korea, Russia,  NATO, and the horrible political climate that is getting well out of control  and could easily spiral  into serious global situations and dangerous Affairs of  all Nation States on Urantia and I tell you truly
it is not only North Korea that poses  such problems and threats, nor is it limited to the machinations of the Trump Administration  nor the Russian  Federation for this will have the possibility to  gravitate to  the entire western world .   Add to that mix, the Mideast and you can easily see that a quagmire of such volatility is a powder keg just waiting to be ignited and set the world ablaze. 
“The possibilities of the dissolution of much of human Governments is indeed a staggering possibility with all that is forecasted to occur with the dim period,, the geophysical events and the coming of Jesus now as the 8th Bestowal that Ron discussed with all of you just yesterday.   There are so many likely scenarios that could overturn Urantia and we have considered them all and made an accounting of them as well.   I know that many of you would like to be  included in the dissemination of this information  and you will as the time and availability of  the Father and  We would have it done.
“I will work on getting g a clearer picture and portfolio of information available to all of you on the current and upcoming world affairs and situations as they become clearer just what mankind will likely do.   As you know we have at our behest an entire department of Exalted Beings who look at thousands upon thousands of scenarios of likely  and possible resposnes and actions to all situations and you would be amazed at such enormous  numbers that we review. I know you were hoping for more detail and  We will get that to all of you in the next few days, so keep up with your receptions.
“In the days ahead for each of you,  really focus on coming and asking for a message from Spirit… there are many Beings, some you have been introduced to before but others as well, who are  have the matching desire that you have to work with you, just as you want so much to work with them.  This is a remarkable time for all  time and  our effort is more coordinated that you might realize.
“I encourage all of you to “just do it”, the time is ripe for success and remember that remarkable quote that says, “the only failure is in not trying”.
“I am Michael your Creator son… My Peace is within you.   Call on Spirit and ask for our message and involvement with you.   No longer wait for a “prompt”…. Consider yourselves eternally prompted…… for it is so…Good day….”

Threads for New Transmissions / Perseverance Builds Stamina
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Ophelius of the Mentori – Perseverance Builds Stamina -  Larry Gossett -  Florida - 29 June 2018
Speaker: Ophelius of the Mentori
Subject: Perseverance Builds Stamina
New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 29 June  2018 -   20:15 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“First let me acknowledge that all of you will soon  begin  to to get our names and appellations , offices,  specialized outreach, and energies firmer in your recognition and understanding   We well  understand that it takes most humans a short time of usage and acceptance as you learn  the names of the many and various new beings , and orders that are brought now to your awareness.  And certainly that will hold true for the very near future as the Michael Missions are heralded on Nystoria.   And certainly we take it as no  slight, offense, or disrespect on your parts and we are and will continue to stand by you and assist as we can to  get you more familiar and remembering who is who and what is what and who does what and even how it is and will be accomplished.  Know that it is all good.   You all will be afforded the time and opportunity to learn these names and the corresponding protocols.   I know that some of you are quite excited to learn these protocols and find them extremely fascinating.
“We as the Mentori are so inclined to work with you and we are just as excited as many of you are to be working together. It will not take too much time and effort before it will all seem quite natural to you.  Recall if you will that there were times  a year or so ago when  you were given some of the initial and basic words to become familiar with  in the Language of the Universe and that was  just to  introduce you to   some of the basics and there to whet your appetites, so to speak and many of you did quite well with that.
One of the primary points I want to make with all of you in regards to your membership here and those of you who have made this brave choice to learn the  T/R Process is that your perseverance only will build the stamina that you will most surely require to receive longer transmissions and will give you the stamina that will be called upon in the difficult days that lie in front of this world.
“Now let me state again that in the coming days more of what we do and how we go about accomplishing the goals that we have set and the mandates that we are given with our new found labor of love with all of you  who have the will and desire to share with us this new directions and in the new and initiating group awareness that is being formulated and as we build these new foundations with  those of you who have chosen to participate.   And I choose these words with clarity and wisdom and deliberation for it is a brave and courageous choice that each of you have made as  all of you have prepared and waited so patiently for and now the reality of that wait comes near and is there for you to fully embrace.   We come to work with you to help you open your minds , hearts, and uplift your spirits so that you, dear ones, can  share these blessing, these signposts on the paths  of ascension to  your fellow humanity.   The need is much greater and more priceless as these opportunities that await all who gather  here now for  the events of your lifetimes.   What is about to happen on this wayward and mostly lost world will transcend anything ever before witnessed and experienced in the annals of  life on an experiential world.   While all of you have suffered through the throes of rebellion,  defaults,  and quarantines, and isolation  still yet  you, the grand  agondonters of  this age have even managed to achieve fusion while still in physical form.    Perhaps few of you have any real and accurate grasp just how extraordinary and astonishing  that is and We, the Mentori along with many other Orders , some of which you already have been introduced to, but I tell you that there are others that will be gathered  up together to bring  and create this new and near unbelievable reality to Nystoria.
“I , Ophelius  bring you all the love and guidance and joy and goodwill and together we will execute together  that sacred and divine Will of the Father, through your Extraordinary Super Creator Son and Your Divine Minister Representative in Nebadonia and the coming Magisterial Sons and other beings that will gather together for this grand endeavor.
“In closing for today, let me just remind all of you  that the more often you come and ask for a message, the more often that you connect with any and all of us,  the stronger and more reliable will be the message.   Even today we can begin to add more experience  as I know that all of you  who transmit and receive will be able to be called upon in the coming trials and situations where your spirit ears and  your transcriptions will be of high and necessary importance to the bettering of Nystoria and her citizens .    Your time and experience  will be multiplied by many fold for soon the great need will become clearer to those you do this work.
“I bid you good day and thank you  for making the time and putting forth the energy and I also tell you that I know  how much you have had to adjust to be able to  do this today with all the commotion that is going on around you .   We will connect and work together again as you are so willing and eager to be united and  in this kind of partnership.   It serves well your intent and demonstrates your commitment and dedication.     I am Ophelius.

General Discussion / Dream: Ron Besser Converses With Queen Elizabeth
« on: June 28, 2018, 07:30:14 AM »
Well, well, well.... While  at work yesterday I thought of the Mentori several times, especially Ophelius  in connection with my desire to receive a message from him  soon.   I have been trying to figure out when I can do that since today is going to be  a very complicated day as I have to work, then I have an appointment with my Gastrologist and then have to go out to dinner with the guests that have been staying at the house all week, who are planning to leave sometime Friday.
 Last night when I got home from work at 10:15PM and shook off the stress of the day and finally laid down hoping to go to sleep, I was laying in bed saying my usual nightly prayers and again the Mentori came  to mind.   I was wondering and requested that if  it were possible possibly  Ophelius might address me during the night.   I usually request some sort of superconisous spiritual experience during the hours of sleep since I know that alot of work can be done and accomplished for us while we are asleep.   Many times I ask and request to be taken to some spiritual class or meeting  or some other type of spiritual experience and have that information and experience brought from my  superconsiousness  and filter down to my conscious mind, for I truly believe that it can work that way.   Sadly  I don't always remember much about it if in fact that is happening.

Anyway.....Last night I dreamt that Ron was having a discussion with Queen Elizabeth  at Buckingham Palace and of course she was wearing one of those infamous neon bright suits,,, I think it was the lime green one...I was an invisible observer rather than  a participant.   I was just sort of hovering.... watching it all happen.,...
The topic of discussion, as I remember it but you know how details of dreams can evaoprate quickly upon awaking, was whether the Queen should retire due to her age and health or stay in power and position until she passed.    Ron was encouraging her to stay where she was since both agreed that neither Charles nor Andrew would make an effective King and in fact Queen Elizabeth and Ron both believed William would be the most logical and  better choice to be on the Throne.  The meeting was quite friendly and both were smiling and enjoying the conversation and meeting....I woke up shortly after the decision had been agreed upon and found myself smiling and satisfied as well, although my chrohns was  causing me quite a bit of discomfort.   I was so proud that Ron had had opportunity for an attendance with Queen Elziabeth especially since he has such genuine affection and respect for her.   

Now whether the dream was fostered by Opelius, as I was  thinking, inviting and holding  Him in my thoughts, or  through Mother Spirit or some other Spirit Personality  who do such wonderful things for and with us while we recharge during sleep, I do not know but the dream was wonderful.

Thought I would just share this with you since it was so unusual.    now off to work.   Yours in love and service to the Father....Larry

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Inclusion/Just Do It
« on: June 27, 2018, 07:49:03 AM »
I get so inspired when I hear Lemuel's and Sue's recordings and  was prompted this morning to "just do it".  I do see the importance to become efficient in the many ways Spirit has opened up  for us that are available for us to experiment with to joyfully do this work with the coming Missions to redeem Nystoria.  Hopefully  a more consistent approach will be   "the payoff !"(smile)   Please forgive and overlook my stutterings.    LarryG

As I sat having my coffee this morning, thoughts were pouring in.  It was one of those times when I wished that all of these incoming thoughts could be automatically entered directly onto the forum.   It was at that time that Malvantra "prompted" me to try my hand again at voice recording.   Becoming a well rounded and balanced transmitter has  always been  a goal for so many of us here.   Among  those thoughts that poured in this morning, I also thought about our Thought Adjuster and how they submit a proposed plan for  their indwelling and all of the many ways they creatively work with their wards.    And the truth of the matter is that once we consciously accept and approve their plan, our journeys and spirit careers can begin to progress accordingly.

It has been a wonderful and joyous morning and I share and extend love, my good cheer and good will to all of you.

I have been having a bad case of the "Plain Jane's" for far too long.   With the coming of the Mentori and with the assignment of Malvantra to help all of  us move forward, I can truly say that I feel  more like my happy self that has been in the doldrums for almost a year now.   I am glad to be back and I share that with all of you.

With all that has been happening that is so constantly undermining  within our Government and the state of the world,I have foolish let it bring me down rather than me being able to lift others up.  I really now reject and put aside all of this uncivility that I, until now, have been so absorbed by.

Let us neutralize all of that by not only our intentions but by our love, faith, and goodwill and "just do it" in thought, word and action...our own little microcosmic trinity.    LarryG

Threads for New Transmissions / Do This Work in Joy
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Malvantra – Do This Work in Joy – Larry Gossett – Florida – 26 June 2018
Teacher: Malvantra
Subject: Do This Work In Joy
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 26 June 2018 -  09:00 EDT
“This is Malvantra  and I suggest you to take a few moments to center, clear your mind and let go of those feelings that have occasionally haunted and hampered your efforts.    It is as a new day for all of you.  It is with renewed dedication and renewed opportunity as you can do with each new effort, as we come now to work together for  your Soul’s growth and continue on upon this extraordinary journey  with Spirit  as  these moments of  clearing can dispel any and all obstacles that stands strewn along your path, even though these obstacles are some of your greatest teachers and give you the most profound lessons.
(I now take a few moments to breathe and center, “catch and release” and as our good friend Michael Queens  accurately named it, calm our “monkey  minds”.)
“Let us continue on now and allow My thoughts to be as yours, at your request and beckoning   My work with each and everyone of you is there to give you, specifically, the direction that is best suited for you now.   My supervision is naturally geared to definite Spirit endeavors  and levels but, know too, that I will be giving, teaching  and  advising you on other matters that are sometimes more on material levels.  I shall present lessons on quite practical subjects as well, on  protocols in dealing with Spirit and with  Celestial Beings who will be representing Paradise, Nebadon, and in general all beings who are come to serve to get these Missions “on the ground” as is so often stated.  I will , as well, be giving instructions on how and when to work with dignitaries of this world’s
 Governments, which I know for some of you is of great interest.  Naturally we will touch on dealing with Nystoria’s humanity at large since chaos and fear and the like  has been determined and forecasted as Nystoria is such a troubled  and violent planet and much is expected during the initial days.
“I realize all of you have your individual paths, your individual desires, and your rightful attitudes and belief systems that make all of you who and what you are.  With My Supervision we can coalesce all of these various factors that you each have as individuals into a unity and in  those coordinated efforts that make up the teamwork that has been talked about in the past few days.   Being in a team with Spirit  when dealing with unseen  Spirit Personalities and Beings and through your dedicated faith, is a construct that has only been hinted at and we, together have much work to accomplish to ready all of you for continued service.
“I know that most of you yearn for the day when  the Missions are brought forth and that the circumstances will be made available when the  things of this world will no longer hinder you and you can devote  most of your time effort and energies directly to the Missions.  And I can assure you that that time soon comes if all goes as planned right now.
Until that much anticipated time, dear ones, continue on in your learning, studies,  practice on better and deeper concentration,  and hone your abilities to be more open to listening and receiving.   We talk of living in service to the Father, which also means living and doing  through each act and action you take that can be and is the direct result of  knowing and doing the Father’s Will for this IS the very service to Him that you all seek to do.
“ We as the Melchizedeks are indeed the Teachers of the Universe and this is not only the divine purpose of our Order but is also  the very joy and pleasure of what We do and accomplish for the Universes of Time and Space.  For all of you, know this well,  DO THIS WORK IN JOY.
“To be  under the direct Supervision of a Melchiedek as Myself , will quicken your advancement as you learn  how to best  follow the direction and supervision that I offer to you.   There are ways that you will learn and experience that will be new to you and they will be much more exacting and efficient as we work together.   It is a proud and honored moment for all of  us, is it not, dear ones.?
“As we get to know one another . as we experience even the beginnings of this  initial recognition and introductions together, your experience of this quickened growth that I speak of will, of necessity,  take you to new and expanded levels of understanding.
“  Accept this great gift and opportunity and use it in your concepts and ideals of service to both the Father and to mankind.  I tell you truly that each of you here and others that may come under the supervision that now is afforded you, will be as effective  and proportional to the energy, time, and effort that you put in to it.   And so it goes with all experience that is worth while.
 “I close this off for now as I have much work to do  to bring others to this place that you now find yourselves.    We are one and we serve in delight and with pleasure,  the Will and Purposes of the Father.   Good day to all of you…….This is Malvantra.
  “And Yes it is as simple and easy as this.    Have fun and pleasure with our time together….. Do this in mind, in heart, in good humor, and do this work in the great JOY OF SERVICE.”

Threads for New Transmissions / Seek Our Council
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Malvantra/ Ophelius – Seek Our Council – Larry Gossett – Florida – 24 June 2018
Speakers: Malvantra/ Ophelius
Subject: Seeking Our Council
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 24 June 2018 – 08:45 EDT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“This is Malvantra and yes I see that you have come to establish a link and connection this day. I am quite pleased that you and Lemuel, Sue,  and Amethyst have so openly and quickly acknowledged the new information and  announcement that I am to be your direct Supervisor in the times that lie directly ahead.   You and any others on the forum are included in that notice, for none of you are excluded in the preparations for this work  with those who will be incarnated on the planet and those who remain in Spirit as  consummate guides, teachers and advisors  Trust and believe, as I tell you, that the work to be done is in need of any and all of you .   Stand fast and continue on with the work of transmitting for it is your doing of it that will  make it to your advantage for each of you personally for your won growth in soul and in spirit and for the Missions.  The details and plans are , as all of you know, are being redrawn and the work continues to gain the approval from those that have such responsibilities to see this thing get on the ground  on Nysatoria.
“This introductory connection, as we establish this type of circuitry with you and others, will serve you well  and will serve the Missions well in the weeks, months and well into the years ahead.
“I tell you, as a matter of fact, that all that you do to keep abreast of the changes that are revealed will allow you the time and energies to make the needed adjustments to your thinking and your spiritual perceptions, and ultimately your understanding.   You have all done well to stand fast, albeit it would be better for each of you to stay better engaged showing your commitment to this avenue of learning through being an active member here and  to be more actively  in your responses, but be that as it may,,  your faith and commitment has continued to develop and has grown in ways that you may not even be aware of.   We truly appreciate the ways that all of you have grown  for there was a time ,not too long ago when the membership would have been all a flutter with writings of discontent, withdrawals,  and yet you who remain have done so exceptionally well  in accepting these many changes and not broken stride nor faith, nor purpose in these Missions, and for that steadfastness we recognize you in these achievements.
“I keep this brief and remind any and all of you that Spirit  welcomes your growing awareness each and every day.    For today I bid you a good day and know that we shall work together and come to know each other as these new directions are being prepared and brought to bear for Nystoria.    I bid you good day . 

(I notice a very subtle and different change in energy….)
“Yes , My presence around you does bring a change of energy and brings Me, Ophelius, to  the forefront of your mind and thoughts as you cock a keen and listening ear to hear My voice within your thoughts and it is to your credit, as it is for all of you, to be able to notice these  different energy signatures, even if you do not pick up a specific name.     You have not always been apt to be able to  do this and it speaks well for all of you to be able to discern these subtle changes.   As you improve and advance in your studies and in your experiences with this T/R work, this recognition will be heightened.
  “It is a pleasure for the Mentori to come and be active again as  We have so much to share with you as time and the situation is presented.   I have only this to tell you .    What you and We do together is designed for a future estate that heralds in these new directions that all  and can and are participating with.    Keep us in your thoughts and ask for Our messages..    Our voices and energies are definite and different and as you listen you will soon be able to distinguish the subtle intonations that are expressive of Our way and Our particular messaging.   This should be and can be quite the exciting, encouraging, inspiring, and  can  embolden each of you to  stay the course which will surely be challenged and tested in the trials ahead.   I close this for now …. I was indeed curious to see if you would come and seek My message and council and I will remain  available to you as you call on My name and request My message and guidance so I urge you to  keep your attendance  and honor your commitment as it is truly the desire that moves you forward.   I encourage you all to seek the teachings and council of the Mentori, for it is both our pleasure just as it is yours.  Good day.”

General Discussion / Where Are Those Joyful, Spiritual Goosebmps
« on: June 20, 2018, 02:15:43 PM »
This post and thread may seem a little silly to some of you, but I have been really thinking about this for several days.   Actually I have been thinking  about it for the past year ever since our site and forum has suffered so much in the way of discordance and so many people who haev left in a self imposed huff over whatever ales them.   I miss some of them alot and some not so much.

But I regress..... there have been times in my growing, on this journey that I have had some remarkable spiritual experiences that  literally gave me goosbumps and I  could tell and feel instantly that  it was no ordinary experience and that it meant something and was not only an epiphany of sorts but a spiritual experience that was one of those times when I would not ever be the same, that I had reached a new plateau.  I regret to say that I have not had one of those wonderful uplifting spiritual experiences lately and I do miss them more than I can say.
  While I enjoy reading about other people's wonderful enlightening spiritual experiences like reading of someone's  near death experience (NDE) where they are taken briefly to another dimension or meet with Jesus in the "afterlife", or meet old friends or family already crossed into the mansion worlds or whatever that experience is that is truly life altering and sets that person in a entirely new direction with a new purpose and a new message for all they encounter along their new path or meeting an Angel or other being of Celestial Origin or habitat, the truth of the matter is that I really want to have my own spiritual experiences again for I have missed them so much.    Certainly like most of you who are members here feel that being led here was one such experience.

Also like most of you who have had spiritual experiences and encounters that give these goosebumps and a knowing that something very extraordinary has just happened and results in such joy, goodwilll, good humor that can not be denied or ignored.   They are a cherished blessing and I want so much to experience them again especially after such a trying and challenging year or so that we have had here.... When Michael says He has  some "surprises" for us I can honestly say that I am more than ready for spiritual goosebumps again... let them come and keep them coming!
 After living on a defaulted, isolated,quarantined, hateful and viscous world that we have devolved into, we could welcome a few surprises and goosebumps that help us realize just what Spirit means to  our well-being , happiness, joy, merriment, delight, mirth, and as Michael so often says, "be of good cheer".

Let these new directions, this restart, this system restore again bring us those remarkable spiritual goosebumps.  Let this be a time like no other as only love, trust, service and the sincere worship of the Father be in our thoughts, mind and heart, and actions.   Let the Heart of the Father guide us always and let that reflect and raise this world.



Ophelius -  An Introduction/A Coming New  Direction -  Larry Gossett – Florida – 20 June 2018  
Teacher:  Ophelius
Subject: Introduction/A Coming New Direction
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida   20 June 2018   13:00 EDT
T/R:: Larry Gossett
“ This is Ophelius and I come as you have asked and requested my message and  let us now establish a solid connection together and since this is a new start for all of you… even Ron, we will do well together as you begin to retain your  hearing and listening and  better transcribe my coming messages.    My connection with you will be a steady and reliable one that you can depend on in the time ahead as we of the Mentori come and revisit and re-establish our work on Nystoria and especially with those of you here who  begin this new start and new day with us.   There is indeed much to be shared with you and  our connections together will come to serve and advance all of you in new ways and as time moves along in these days ty come  you all will be better off than you were before for what we bring to you is new and different and can be well put to and for your use, knowledge and experience. 
“As all of you know there has been another major reset and that is fine and good and it will unfold before you  and I can assure each of you that it will be worth your time and effort of come on board with us and accept what we offer you. 
 “Just as this may be unfolding for you, it is high time, is it not,  to have the open  mind to  accept and utilize  new and better ways and methods and new directions. New  directions often times can also occasion and engender a new heightened and focus of excitement, eagerness, and enthusiasm.   Let it be so for each of you. This is, in part, what We  Mentori can now offer you if you will but accept it in the spirit that it is gifted to you.  Your Beloved Creator Son and His Co-Creator and Consort, Nebadonia and in connection with your Thought Adjusters have taken  the first steps with all of you and we know well of what you  human mortals go through when the apple cart has been so overturned as has happened once again and even more so that at times before.   But much  is in store for you as those of you who have stayed the course here  will certainly be counted on to continue on in this work even though it will  be in new directions,  And I tell you that these new directions that Michael and Mother Spirit have in mind for you will work towards a fresh clean slate and all is forgiven and all now lays before each of you and it yours to hold and embrace  as we implement these new directions. .  You  rightfully wonder just what these new directions  will take and what I can tell you in this exact moment is that Nystoria will, just like all of you, be reset. 
“It was discussed not too long ago and you were given the analogy of what is occurring  in the here and now and that was of a complete computer “system restore” and that is  a very accurate picture of  what Michael  has and is accomplishing with  this new direction….except this is for the whole of not only Nystoria but other systems and planets as well.   So as you can certainly imagine this is monumental, towering,  and complicated undertaking.
 “The  Universal administration as you often like to call it, has not nor will not abandon Nystoria, even as your Governments and World Religions are so far afield that sometimes seem in total darkness and so mismanaged and devoid of that truth, goodness and  beauty that all of us and you know is at the very Heart and Purpose of God, the Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit
“I know that you feel like there has been a drain and near total lack of joy, good humor and certain goodwill recently and that is so yearned for by the good people on Nystoria and We, the Mentori , will, with all of you who have stood firm footed, and in Spirit, and in thought word and deed as you continue and rededicate  your diligence, commitment and work to reestablish  your connections and strengthen the circuits that  Mother Spirit installed for and with you as  that remarkable gift that results in your service to the Father… doingHis Will in all things.
“Let us keep this first encounter together brief… and let it be an introduction and in the days ahead you may begin to feel more comfortable, confident, and trusting once more   and be aware of My Presence and know that those of the Mentori have firmly committed to come again and do what all we can to assist those who sincerely have the desire and commitment to carry on in this new day and in these new directions and in these new opportunities. 
“The past couple of days We know most of you felt, again, all of those doubts, temporary annoyance  but as Michael  as said…“Stop That!” and as Ron stated, “do not step back but step UP!
“It is only naturally humans to have these feelings of disappointment… feel them and let them go…   remember Catch and Release?….Let only those feeling of joy and goodwill and dominate your experience now…..These new directions will become clearer and the more that each of you come back to that time when you held excitement, enthusiasm, encouragement,  joy, good humor and goodwill and looked forward to your work here.
“This is Ophelius and I bring this our first experience together to a close for now and know that all of the Mentori that have returned to Service here will answer your call and request for a transmission.    Good day and thank you.
“As an aside, the beautiful and exquisite statue next to your computer of  that  clear Lucite Angel, holding the long  heralding trumpet always reminds you of  the coming Seraphic Government that ever watches over you and all on this world….indeed…Hark, the Herald Angels Sing!”

General Discussion / Happy Birthday/ Gift of Nystoria Book
« on: June 09, 2018, 08:23:44 AM »
If memory serves, somewhat well, I wish Ron a Happy Birthday and think that Michael and Mantutia  presenting the first copy of the  new Nystoria Book of Revelation would be the most perfect and appropriate  of gifts and a completion of his transition.    Happy Birthday, Ron...May it be so!

( And a Happy Birthday to the Queen!)

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