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The Satania system of inhabited worlds is far removed from Uversa and that great sun cluster which functions as the physical or astronomic center of the seventh superuniverse. From Jerusem, the headquarters of Satania, it is over two hundred thousand light-years to the physical center of the superuniverse of Orvonton, far, far away in the dense diameter of the Milky Way. Satania is on the periphery of the local universe, and Nebadon is now well out towards the edge of Orvonton. From the outermost system of inhabited worlds to the center of the superuniverse is a trifle less than two hundred and fifty thousand light-years.

 I just want to make it clear that I have no dark agenda ongoing in asking these questions.
Q, Our galaxy (milky way) is about 100,000 light years in diameter,but here it states that from Nebadon to the center of Orvonton is 250,000 light years. Is that 
possible. So two and a half times the diameter of our galaxy is the center of our super universe?.
Q, Hensalon, Wolvering, Avalon, Sensalon and Nebadon, Are they all situated inside our Galaxy, and if not is there any that belong to a neighbor Galaxy,but they are called local universes
so they should not be to far away. I am not sure If I have missed out something, If I have I would be glad if someone pointed it out, Domtia.

General Discussion / Sound advice
« on: October 20, 2018, 10:38:08 AM »
                                   Topic; The Sower.
                                   Speaker;  Unknown
                                   T/R; Pliktarious
                                    Date; 20-10-2018
   You my son are a temple of God.The spirit of God lives within you as a thought adjuster.It matters not if you are a shoemaker or professor,
God loves you as equal.He is perfect in all his ways and gets experience through his creation.There are many billions of creatures throughout
the Universes who are connected to the Father in the same way, and he seeks out those who will do his will.In Matthew 13, Jesus explains it 
very well, using the parable about the sower.Many souls will be lost as they have been corrupted during their lives. Keep the candle burning
and seek God with your heart ,soul and mind, Domtia.

« on: September 17, 2018, 04:14:27 PM »
Teacher: My thought adjuster
T/R: Pliktarious
Location: Sweden
Date: 2018-09-17
This is your thought adjuster, I am here to encourage you to continue receiving messages to train your mental abilities
and become a fully fledged adjuster in the Serara forum.I understand you have issues with politics and you spend a
lot of time reading about who is who and what is what but as you know the Michael mission is not about politics but 
doing the will off the Father. Study the Urantia book and get a better grip about plans of Father. The more knowledge
 you have the easier it will be to melt in and take on messages that may be of significance. Spend more time in prayer
and keep your slate clean so you may stand well with Father.This is all I have to say for now, bless you my son.

               Thank you for this message Father within.

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