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General Discussion / When we receive it
« on: February 08, 2018, 03:29:23 AM »
When we receive it

We tend to do things that sometimes we do not understand why we have done them and then later on we come to understand why we did them. Then we come to the conclusion that we not only can receive something but we also have to except it once we receive it. Like a letter we get in the mail we have received it in the mail box but for us to except it we have to go out and get it and have it in our hands and then open it. Then not only have we received it but we have accepted it also.  As we go through out our daily lives we tend to receive things but sometimes do not except it. It is like when we get a job even though we have be given the job did we fully except what the job really is and have we fully excepted it and do the job as best we can. So there is a big difference from receiving something then to fully except it by actually doing it.

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