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Threads for New Transmissions / Re: BE ALERT
« on: October 17, 2018, 12:35:33 AM »

The tatoo  refered to as a passport marking reminded me of the following excerpt regarding Cain and how important it was:

1. Protective Socialization
68.1.2 Association early became the price of survival. The lone man was helpless unless he bore a tribal mark which testified that he belonged to a group which would certainly avenge any assault made upon him. Even in the days of Cain it was fatal to go abroad alone without some mark of group association. Civilization has become man's insurance against violent death, while the premiums are paid by submission to society's numerous law demands.

Hi Wendy,
I received "Yogananda" yesterday morning and it sounded vaguely familiar.  I was having trouble understanding the first name so I did a search on Yogananda to see what turned up and when it showed "Paramahansa Yogananda (5 January 1893 – 7 March 1952) " I knew that was the first name I had been trying to properly capture in my mind.

His name kept popping into my mind yesterday and when I sat for a transmission today he was right there when I asked if anyone had a message immediately after Serara's message.  I sensed his purpose was to reach out to any of his followers and encourage them to be aware of the present spiritual opportunities to serve the Father and be His followers.  

I did not ask nor receive more detail than was in his message but the link below to wikipedia seems fairly comprehensive of his earth life.


SERARA;  Yogananda - Words of Encouragement and Guidance - 13-Oct-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   SERARA;  Yogananda
Subject:  Words of Encouragement and Guidance
13-Oct-18 3:32 PM  EST   19:32 hrs GMT /Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“This is SERARA and I wish all on this Forum a good day and better days to come,

“It is a difficult time in many ways that you all soon experience and you indeed have also in many ways been prepared during your lifetimes for such a time as this.  Your personal struggles are many and your support systems in the flesh are few, but let me assure you all that your spiritual support systems are without rival.  Father has seen to it that all contingencies have been provided for and those who are willing participants and seekers of Fathers ultimate will are to be granted such access to divine assistance that it is unprecedented to say the least.

“We are here in so many capacities to meet the spiritual and materials needs of this planet and her peoples, as the Universal Father has mandated it to be so.  Your spiritual attunement will be without precedence for such a group of mortals at this stage of evolutionary development but it must be so to enable all that must necessarily be addressed and prepare the workers for the field work and responsibilities of spirit co-operation and Adjuster attunement that is required and requested, of all who are willing and able, to see to the growth and changes that must take place around and amongst your people.

“Your planet groans with the need for evolutionary growth and adjustment, your brethren yearn for that which they are currently unsure of as spiritual existence and the eyes of faith strain for evidence of things hoped for and yet sensed deep in the realm of spirit.

“I with my colleagues have much to deal with in the colossal extent of what must be adjusted and fine tuned in the realms of planetary management required to chorale the wayward thinking of a planet of nations gone so astray from the best practices of meeting the needs of its people, that we wonder if even this will be enough to route the wayward minds and realign the pattern of thought to benevolent function of best management practices that have only been vaguely touched upon in times past on this planet.  

“Many good men and women have in their day and their times done a valiant job of standing up to the exigencies of Caligastian influence and thwarting much of the rebellious plans of his followers in unmeritous deeds but time and again the muddied waters of nefarious thought seep into the populace of too few with too much power and the balance is tipped once again.  Hope is not lost and you have not been left to the influence and fate of the warmongers and degenerate intentions of power-greedy leaders.  

“When you may feel all is lost look within and you will find the assurance you need to carry you through, for behold The Father I AM knows what he is about and whom he indwells and the value of each and every one who is desirous to be about His business.  Do not count yourselves too small or his assigned tasks too big for He has known you from the beginning and guided your steps to this place and this day.  Hold your ground and be ready for His order to action, as you have dedicated yourself to His divine service for the love of His kingdom and our mutual brethren.

“I am Serara and these are my words on behalf of every celestial and every mortal that The Father has chosen for this time and this place.  I bid you all God speed to walk in the will and ways of The Father and keep sharp your inner focus.”

[Thank you Serara for addressing and for speaking to our situation this day.  Does anyone else want their voice to be heard.]

“Yes, thank you, my name is new to you and it is Yogananda as came to your thoughts yesterday and periodically today.  I am being permitted to address those who have been my followers and my purpose is to encourage you, from here on the mansion worlds, to collect the spiritual energies that are being made available to all on this my nascent planet, known to me as Earth and to the Universe as Urantia.  I encourage those who have considered my teaching to realize that I too am a student being schooled in truth as your are now, and I adjure you to apply your hunger for spiritual truth in the seeking of our Father, who abides within you, to guide you in taking every evolutionary step in the paths of His will.  We are all students on the path of enlightenment and many untold numbers of our celestial brethren have been granted to visit the blue planet of my birth to draw the seekers of light together in one purpose.  Recognize and follow the leading of your spirit guide within and walk in love and harmony with your earthly brethren of like mind and purpose.  Thank you.”


To you all,
I've just come home from celebrating Thanksgiving with some family members. 

I would like to give thanks to all of you for your contributions in this thread and for being part of my eternal family.  :)

In my Urantia Book studies last night I was particularly struck by the following statement, as regards to much I and other transmitters have being receiving in our messages regarding what I refer to as "suddenlies" in progressive evolution.

170.4.14 This world has never seriously or sincerely or honestly tried out these dynamic ideas and divine ideals of Jesus' doctrine of the kingdom of heaven. But you should not become discouraged by the apparently slow progress of the kingdom idea on Urantia. Remember that the order of progressive evolution is subjected to sudden and unexpected periodical changes in both the material and the spiritual worlds. The bestowal of Jesus as an incarnated Son was just such a strange and unexpected event in the spiritual life of the world. Neither make the fatal mistake, in looking for the age manifestation of the kingdom, of failing to effect its establishment within your own souls.

Also in the next statement, refering to Jesus promise to return to Urantia:
170:4.15.Although Jesus referred one phase of the kingdom to the future and did, on numerous occasions, intimate that such an event might appear as a part of a world crisis; and though he did likewise most certainly, on several occasions, definitely promise sometime to return to Urantia, it should be recorded that he never positively linked these two ideas together. He promised a new revelation of the kingdom on earth and at some future time; he also promised sometime to come back to this world in person; but he did not say that these two events were synonymous. From all we know these promises may, or may not, refer to the same event.
I can understand how some Urantia book readers may have trouble being open to "sudden" changes and updates in revelation.  How thankful I am that we have the Spirit of Truth and our Thought Adjusters as well as the Adjutant Mind Spirit of "Courage" to guide us through our "suddenlies" and all the challenges we must take on to overcome our personal preconceived ideas.

I for one must constantly remind myself that the "suddenlies" in my life, although challenging to work through, can be the very essence of the answer to my prayers in alignment with Fathers will.

One Without Name and Number - The Orchestra of Life - 20-Sep-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   One Without Name and Number
Subject:  The Orchestra of Life
20-Sep-18 4:01 PM  EST   20:01 hrs GMT /Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“It is not often that I come to a world that is so engaged in revolution and by that I mean re-evolution.  I am going to make it clear that the evolutionary path of this small blue planet has been put in the fast-lane to spiritual and physical changes.

"I’m not here to assuage your fears but to increase your awareness, and is that not why you are here and keep returning to see ‘what’s up’.  Well what’s up is you, your planet, your awareness, your correction, your potentials; and tell me isn’t that what you’ve all been praying for?  Are you so surprised and shocked that that which is in the will of the Father will come to pass?  

“You’ve been given hints and snippets here and there through other messages that these changes are to come to pass but it is your minds that fail to comprehend the enormity of it all.  Don’t worry that won’t stop what needs to happen from taking place.  Your belief systems may be playing catch-up for a while but you are sons of God and children of faith.  Realize that you accept the function of so much in your lives that is beyond your understanding but still you take them in stride as you choose to learn and adapt and expand your faith capabilities.  

“Have you noticed how often the word “suddenly” has been used of late and does this concern or scare you?  It should not.  Many ‘suddenlies” will be taking place as they do in any form of evolution and do not make the mistake of believing these are not accounted for.  Many of you have such a strong need to ‘figure it all out’ and let me assure you that much of it you won’t.  Does that mean things are out of control?  Does spirit really know what they are doing?  

“Here am I and here are you, each in our own form of reality each with circumstances, challenges, mandates and a role to play in the grand scheme of things.  And that, I remind you, is where your faith and trust begins and takes on a power exponentially greater than yourself.  You are a player, I am a player we each do the will of the Father as we are tasked and great and wondrous things will happen because the Father knows all things, he is the conductor of the orchestra of the Grand Universe writing a concerto that has not yet been performed.  Father knows every note, every nuance, every pause every crescendo every vibration of every instrument that will bring it into perfect harmony and an astounding finale.

“Regardless how great or small you may perceive your role to be, it requires only and always that you know your part, you show up for practice and you mind the conductor and all will be as it should as you present yourself as an instrument in His hands.

“Domtia,  I bid you all a good day and welcome you to the concert hall of life!”
One Without Name and Number.

“Not to be outdone by my brother, I simply say to you that the orchestra is busy tuning up behind the scenes but you realize, that is not how it will be when the performance begins so don’t be distracted by that which you could so wrongly perceive as chaos.”


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / MY SECOND COMING
« on: September 19, 2018, 12:33:35 PM »
Thank you Jesus and Lemuel,

In conjunction with what Jesus has just mentioned through Lemuel, I re-post the message of 15 September 2018 through Ron Besser [which expounds on what Jesus just said a bit being the return of Jesus in 6 to 10 months].  For those who may have missed its posting it did not show up as a "new post" because Ron simply changed the text in a post that was originally made on September 13th to announce the "Broadcast for Transmitters"
this post can be found here

Michael of Nebadon; Father; Margul
Setting the Bestowal Record Straight Again on Urantia
York, PA Noon Local Time
September 15, 2018

“Today is the day we asked you to transmit your hearts out, as I am sure this moment of coming together by all of us is worthy of doing it again time and again. We are truly disturbed that two of you quit this morning when you found nothing to transmit. We lament the loss of one of you for reasons of State, as you are too ill to consider bringing light to us on this date of many transmissions to hone your work to our work on Urantia.

“Therefore, Ron must learn that we have to rewrite a few sentences from the last time. The one called Mark Rogers is now aware of this mission correctly and is making amends as fast as he can. He knows Ron stands ready to accept him fully and his group, and that he must avail himself to the new course of trust we set up in order to provide Urantia a better direction, both as to its divine missions, and to the world at large to bring forth a new Teaching Mission.



“We are beholden to Mark Rogers to decide to help us. He has personnel yet in readiness and will make them available to us as he needs to. You Ron shake your head after years of acrimony from this quarter of established transmitter personnel being so hostile you just gave up and let them take their own course gladly. You believed there was a force of evil at work that deflected them, but I assure you that has now been removed and the rightful attitude of all is back in force. No one ever suspected that you Ron were the one to lead people to the light in this manner at all. Your work in York commences shortly and with great fanfare, as we will make it clear that a great new revelation is about to unfold and that the SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION is about to be placed in your hands to expand its discovery and its goodness upon the lands that make up this planet, URANTIA.

“You who know Ron are about to hear one final travail placed upon him, and that is we must finish the work of transition which is so painful to him he can hardly move in body at all without a cane or a seeing eye dog. Yet he persists to do our work without let up and makes great strides in writing a new book you all will be astounded for its clarity and its claim for a new transport fuel for the world if anyone ever listens to him closely, for the first book on coal carbon powders has done well and Amazon, as the publisher of renown work soon, understands he has something very worth while to say if it can be notice for a change. Coal carbon powders burns clean with one drop of water per pound burned resulting when used in your auto engines or plane jets or truck deliveries for the future.

“For this reason, Ron has already written portions of the new book which explains how energy is useful but that real energy is supplied by the Ultimaton, and that the Ultimaton is quite busy in the coal carbon powders he knows about and champions since the 1970's when it first became available to the world after World War II.

“These announcements are congruent with the idea that the new idea to use carbon atoms for fuel is not new, as most worlds in my care use the same idea with carbon atoms they may have in abundance. That is truly a great thing for Urantia, but you all must understand that Ron had the unusual luck of knowing the inventor of the apparatus that made using carbon atoms possible to burn in your automobiles and so on.

“Finally, let it be known we have two new groups interested in becoming amalgamated with this discussion forum:

1) The Mark Rogers group located in southern Utah;

2) The South Idaho Group has an affiliate in northern California known as the old LinEl Group Ron so loved for his wonderful teaching at the time. That was originally centered in Corvallis, Oregon, but is now located in Sacramento with several who knew and were part of the original Corvallis Group. These two groups are the last remnants of the old Teaching Mission which Ron laments as lost so badly as to their passing and loss of enthusiasm for a Michael Mission to Urantia at that time. It is coming back in much condition this time but Abraham is now a Finaliter and another will field the new Teaching Mission in his place soon.


“We pass this to all of you.

“The loss of the old Teaching Mission was signed out of existence on April 5, 2013; the trial that followed was supposed to be the Magisterial Mission, but we got hammered by Paradise to hold it back. I now have to announce that the Magisterial Mission to Urantia is replaced by the Michael Mission first and will come back into its own after the Michael Mission has completed its Bestowal of Jesus again and shortly on Urantia. Jesus and the Michael Mission when concluded will be followed by the Magisterial Mission and a new Mission of God the Supreme with the Magisterial Mission together. God the Supreme is keenly aware of Ron’s plea that Urantia has no satisfactory revelation about the Supreme and desperately needs one to fill in with what we do not know with what has been revealed of the Supreme in the alst few years through revelation to Ron directly. When these missions of Magisterial Sons and God the Supreme are complete on Urantia, there will be a small breathing space and then begins the admirable era of the first stage of Light and Life, to be led by Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son of record, He speaks briefly to you now:



“We are delighted with Ron this morming as he must cleave off great pain during the night and part of this morning as we must remove the skeletal remains in his body before it is converted into other materials to last a long time. He is rightfully outraged at the cost to him and his heart and soul, for they are both natural and clear of heartless versions of the past. He has removed most of the skeletal remains before and was sent back into human determination only to learn he was cast out when Michael decided he had to do a Michael Mission to Urantia Himself.

“I am now prepared to admit, we thought Ron was fully bypassed as our spokesperson, and we are now sure he is ready to take it on again even though he seriously questions just what it is he is to take on. He is particularly delighted to hear his friend of old is returning to take part in what will be a revival as the Teaching Mission, and then to have Mark as part of the revival in York, if Mark is ready to assume a leadership role again.

“I am Margul, and we report that Ron knows as much as all of you do who read this, and that is because what Ron has become in life form is a universe secret and he has no idea of what transformation he has had to go through. Be aware he must cancel no medical testing but to aver to the new doctor there is nothing wrong with him and out the door he goes for good without further medical interference.

“Closing this section for myself, I welcome Mark Rogers back to the initial input he had years ago when he helped Ron bring the discussions to the Internet from the name Monjoronson and then from Serara through Mark’s initial revival of the practice then. We leave all to the Utah Group to decide just what this is all about as they must discuss this provision we are making available today. We seek unity, not transposed loyalties to an old Teaching Mission, for that is gone forever. Ron is responsible not for all that has occurred since the end of the old Teaching Mission. Good day. Margul.”



“We must assign ourselves to the positive aspects of what is to come, and to delay the negative aspects of what has happened to the world in general. BREXIT is a calamity to the European Union and not to Great Britain, as Great Britain has curiously learned what America learned in the 19th century, ‘all must run for cover when the world is seized with war!’

“I am requiring that the United Nations learn its responsibilities once more, and to provide real leadership looking forward to an amalgamation of world power there instead as in indvidual nation states.



“The Lucifer Rebellion on Urantia is to end by October 01, 2018. Machiventa Melchizedek is asking that the Utah Group bring itself to York, and for Mark Roger or other designated leader. to prepare to take an office in the building that is to be dedicated to Michael of Nebadon as a Teaching Mission authority from now on. We must conclude the Lucifer Rebellion as it started on Urantia, and to have the Planetary Prince deride the conditions on Urantia in a brief announcement to Staff on Urantia (his), and to Ron’s staff in the new offices, that henceforth, their allegiance is to Michael first and the Planetary Prince as co-ruler of the Urantia paradigm. In this case that paradigm is Ron Besser personally as it is he who insisted the Mission be available to all of humanity, and to have all of you work it against the Lucifer tendency to acquire all rights and power to themselves. Guests are reminded that Ron makes the site readability for all of them and that is not normally done. Truthbook will be asked to align itself with this discussion forum as well and if they cannot find it in their hearts to realize who is really in charge of explanations as to spirit ascent on this planet through your/their understanding of fusion to humans now, then they will become a lost item in past history on Urantia quickly enough, if they refuse any understanding of that importance new to Urantia now and only on Urantia for now. I am Michael of Nebadon, and I know whereof I speak, as that group has decided wrongly to challenge Ron on all of this but I assure you his fusion was the first on Urantia since the days of Ezekiel and it is of record that such did occur as stated, along with six other fusions in concert with Ron to become Staff with me on Urantia shortly as either Bestowal Attendants or under the work of Machiventa Melchizedek fully incarnated for the duration of these Missions.



“As of today, 15 September 2018, the old Corvallis Group now in Sacramento, California, will be asked to recognize the York office with the Utah Group to be the defacto head of the new Teaching Mission, and that is until the Salvington government convenes a new dictation for the divine organization for this effort on Urantia. It is our hope that Ron accommodates Mark Rogers, or some other designated leader from Utah, into the building with him, as Ron has a suite of offices in the L shaped building in Continental Square of York City, and is master of the work to be done there. Jesus will eventually be in charge of all activities of the Teaching Mission and the work of the Sixth Epochal revelation, but Ron must be the ultimate coordination of both the Teaching Mission and distribution of the epochal revelation otherwise known as the Sixth Epochal Revelation. This designation recognizes there must be an ultimate coordinator in the reorganization of the Teaching Mission on Urantia.



“Ron has suggested a written authorization of the Teaching Mission to explain what is to be done as an ultimate goal of the Teaching Mission; what officials it has a coordinating heads, and how funding for the new Teaching Mission shall be made, and through what agencies these things shall be accomplished. This new Teaching Mission is no longer to be authorized on the local level any more as it must become world wide and the new way to teach revelation at the most basic level. Call it an SOP Ron if you like. (Ron for those who do not speak “corporatese,” that stands for Standard Operating Procedures , that companies use to make sure people understand how to do what they are to do)



“Finally, I announce today that Jesus will appear on Urantia sometime in 2019, and that is to be the final authority over the epochal revelation, the Foundations of various ilks, and the Teaching Mission. Ron is his second command when appropriate and that is a final solution to all of these countervailing opinions up here and what to do with Ron when Jesus appears ready to run roughshod over things he does not like here and there.

“We conclude this statement with one other important announcement:

“Ron has been running the affairs of the Michael Mission, more or less, using this forum to get information out to all of you, both Members and Guests. He foresees that the Internet will be taken down if the calamities are as bad as we advertise them, The Internet will not go down as we are insisting that Google learn its proper place, and that Microsoft kick in all of those extra billions of spare dollars to keep it going through the worst of the many crisis we will withstand on Urantia. Ron correctly points out those corporations live their hight entitled lives in the western regions slated to come into a watery grave. We will insist that Google relocate to either Virginia or West Virginia and that Microsoft relocate to York region for Reasons of State with the Michael Mission on Urantia. Be assured they have good incentive to make those moves as I will insist that York becomes a corporate center for technology that we must have working for the new fuels and inventions of convenience the Michael Mission will bring with it to Urantia.

“We leave now with a concern for Ron and his debilitated health as a way to leave for a few weeks to get over the idea of exhaustion and pain, and to relive the idea of fun and help and worry not with Me, the Creator Son. He knows my rough endges and he knows how I react when I get a bad surprise from elsewhere. That is normal for a Staff person to know. You Ron are on my Staff truly and that is a high privilege few ever sport for the work of any Mission on any planet, as you have proved so valuable we need your advice on certain issues when they appear to be needfully satisfied. We are delighted and speak now to all:”



“We are now ready to clear the air with all of you:

“Ron has played guru not and eschews any such use of that word, but he is finished as a second fiddle to all of your individual choices as to how to serve with us in York. Right now York is far too small to take all of you on. The L shaped building in York now has to be procured again as we dropped negotiations but it never did sell and we will go back and take it back again. You are not wrong Ron to eye what Mantutia was asked to do and you have decided it was a virtual interest but not a legal material interest and it is off to the side now. But it is not. We may use that first choice as an auxiliary office for some of the humans who can come to York with their offices ready too in that other first choice place. The L shaped building is not a pariah as some consider it as it is already set up with radio and TV facilities and must be maintained at an even higher level of presentation, as the Magisterial Foundation must be prepared to be the name on the brass plate on the front of the building in great big bold letters, as Serara and Monjoronson will fill those desires for a Magisterial Mission some distance from today AFTER the Michael Mission is completed to Michael’s satisfaction.


“Ron considers the Michael Mission a Bestowal, and that it is. Be prepared for the Michael Mission to carry full authority before the churches and synagogues and other semi-religious institutions on Urantia. We on Paradise expect humans like Ron to stand ready at the drop of a hat to travel to lands they know not. He is too good not to be heard before groups who will wonder how he makes a pen float in front of their eyes with our permission of course.

“Be also aware that he and Mark Rogers are close cousins in all thoughts as to the need for Michael to be present fully and sincerely with Jesus and both stand ready to take charge of what is to be done. Be aware the Teaching Mission is a pet of Ron’s too, and Rogers will have his hands full to figure out how Ron knows which lever to pull and when. Do not forget Utah Group that Ron has under his hand the new Urantia Foundation to be called the Magisterial Foundation for Revelatory Issues as its first and only department at this time. That Foundation will throw support to the Teaching Mission everywhere as part of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and that is one powerful attribute the Teaching Mission can bring with it for sure.

“As your Father on high, make sure you all understand that all of you, including the gobsmacked Clency, are part of this Mission and will be attired properly and fully in a jacket and a tie for men, and appropriate dress for women, and that all are part of the headquarters fully established now in York, Pennsylvania. We have reviewed statements earlier that Poughkeepsie, New York, was a co-director with York, but find that too demeaning to my view that York stands head and shoulders above what we have in Poughkeepsie, New York. Poughkeepsie is our communications center, and while it is not the spirit polarity of Urantia, as that will devolve in the York area in a few months, we use Poughkeepsie as the best place to send out radio and television and other communication signals to Urantia. Good day.”


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: A personal message
« on: September 17, 2018, 11:43:51 AM »
Bravo Clency, you have found the voice of your best friend and mentor, nothing can stop you now :)

Threads for New Transmissions / Welmek – Looking Forward
« on: September 16, 2018, 05:41:03 PM »
Welmek – Looking Forward - 16-Sep-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:     Welmek
Subject:  Looking Forward
16-Sep-18 5:14 PM  EST   21:14 hrs GMT /Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“Well you finally made it and I am impressed that you did not lose my connection to speak with you throughout your day.  I sense you will not make a habit of putting spirit “on hold” because that just wouldn’t do but I understand in this case that you are expecting your loved ones in the next few hours and last minute preparations were necessary.  And that indeed is where we are in spirit in the countdown so to speak to putting in place the many plans that must be woven together to reveal the tapestry of Father’s will to the vision of the mortals of this planet.

“The Melchizedeks have been especially busy as governmental affairs on this planet in particular, are a tricky business.  A “sticky wicket” is an expression you have heard but are not sure of its particulars.  Well let’s leave that for not and just say nobody is pleased with such a situation.  You can look it up later and post its meaning at the end of this message if you like.

“You recognize me as a teacher of some fame here on Urantia during what many thought were the “glory days of spirit contact”  but much went awry and we are here at it again to give it another shot.  There are indeed many orders of high beings here carrying out special missions to tie up so many loose ends that keep coming unraveled and yet why am I here once again for a second “go round”?   Quite frankly the population just didn’t ‘get it’ the first time round.  Such distractions, such waylaying of information and infighting confounded the best laid plans and, as you have all been so well informed on this Forum, several surprises were unable to be accounted for as well and it was best to let it rest until the “ducks were in a row” once again.  Perhaps I should refer to herding ‘cats’ as that is a more accurate metaphor to reveal the tasks that lay before us.

“Enough of looking back let’s look forward shall we to what is in store for the Michael Missions and Jesus return and so on and so forth, and there is a lot of so on and so forth to take in stride.  Meeting today are the planners and directors of such a diverse array of projects to be handled to launch so many interconnected field workers it would set your mortal heads spinning.  Communication and co-operation and (yes because you are a “time” actuated system) timing of each sector of responsibility needs to take place like the proverbial ‘clockwork’.  Now don’t despair for us as the running of a Universe is Michael’s forte and he does it very well and is an astonishing leader as well as a Super Creator Son.  I’m only mentioning this to you all today to get you to put your thinking caps on and consider your involvement in what will be taking place shortly.  

“How well do you handle a change of plans?  How open are you to doing whatever is necessary to get the job done, without checking your ‘job description’ first?  I think you are beginning to get the idea.  I’m telling you that whatever you have tackled in your life experience to date will have served as a needed learning experience for what is to come.  Now don’t forget as well that as you are doing, you will be learning, and you will be adapting and you will need to be listening and you will need to learn to reach out for what you will be required to say and do during a situation at hand; and that requires a higher degree of awareness and trust in your team and efforts that they all will be putting forth.

“You all will have your challenges along the way, and that is a given, but you also will acquire great opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and expansion of understanding on a very intimate level.  Your comfort zones will be invaded, your schedules turned upside down and the attitude you embrace as you move forward will have a direct bearing on your personal success.  We are here to help you and guide you, not pamper you, but guide you through your learning experiences and our mutual challenges we will face, and we will face them together.  

“You really have no idea of the hidden talents (each of) you already possess and those that will come to the fore when the occasion arises.  We, as your teachers, will be there to encourage and enable you to recognize your stages of growth that may at times seem they are exploding in your life.  All is well and the ‘suddenlies’ you perceive in yourself will soon be recognized as a new (skill) set of ‘support’ that you can depend  to be there as you have need of them.

“That is enough for now and this is Welmek, signing off for today sending you all a gift of encouragement and expectation.  Good day.”

[Thank you so much Welmek what an informative and eye opening missive and I receive your gifts of encouragement and expectation.  Domtia]

“Yes, this is Mother Spirit dropping by to let you all know that Welmek is likely to tap on your shoulder as well for a fireside chat, so be ready for him.  Good day!”

[We appreciate this news Mother Spirit and look forward to all Welmek has to offer us.]


"sticky wicket"  (according to Wikepedia): The phrase comes from the game of cricket. "Wicket" has several meanings in cricket: in this case it refers to the rectangular area, also known as the pitch, in the centre of the cricket field between the stumps. The wicket is usually covered in a much shorter grass than the rest of the field or entirely bare, making it susceptible to variations in weather, which in turn cause the ball to bounce differently.

If rain falls and the wicket becomes wet, the ball may not bounce predictably, making it very difficult for the batsman.  Furthermore, as the pitch dries, conditions can change swiftly, with spin bowling being especially devastating, as the ball can deviate laterally from straight by several feet. Once the wet surface begins to dry in a hot sun "the ball will rise sharply, steeply and erratically. A good length ball ... becomes a potential lethal delivery. Most batsmen on such wickets found it virtually impossible to survive let alone score."

On occasions in the history of cricket unusual tactics have been employed to extract the best use of a sticky wicket. One example is the First Test in the 1950–51 Ashes series. As recorded in The Ashes' Strangest Moments, as the pitch at the Gabba began to dry, England declared their first innings at just 68/7, in order to exploit the conditions. Australia were even more extreme, declaring at 32/7.  "...the ball proceeded to perform capers all against the laws of gravitation, and there came the craziest day's cricket imaginable, with twenty wickets falling for 130 runs and two declarations that must surely be unique in the annals of Test cricket."

The Language of Cricket (1934) defines a sticky wicket as "when its surface is in a glutinous condition".

Hence a "sticky wicket" refers to a difficult situation.

In case anyone else missed it ...I would like to mention Ron's post

Michael of Nebadon; Father; Margul
Setting the Bestowal Record Straight Again on Urantia
York, PA Noon Local Time
September 15, 2018

..made after the Broadcast today in the begining post of this thread

Teacher:   Rayson
Subject:  From Profitability to Sustainability
15-Sep-18 11:46 AM  EST   15:46 hrs GMT/Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“This is Rayson, the Science Officer for these missions to Urantia and what a dilemma we have before us to try and sort out among the sons of men.  Higglety-piggelty you run about like a bunch of piglets fighting to get their nose into the feeding trough even if it means poking their brothers eye out to do so, well what do you expect from a bunch of swine?  They snort and they root and they root and they snort and they push and shove and don’t hesitate to squeal in protest for, despite their level of intelligence they supposedly possess, they just can’t help acting out as whom they are.  The biggest and more powerful of the brutes insist on their place of prominence and route anyone who stands on their podium of dominance.  Collaboration and cooperation have no place as they deal swiftly and disparagingly with those who dare challenge their theories.

A great attitude adjustment is needed for mankind on this planet to have any hope of moving forward scientifically [for the benefit of all mankind].  Open precepts are needed to encourage the curious minds to explore and extend the boundaries imposed by monetary provisions and hoarding of information for the purpose of swaying market trends and increasing profit margins.  When the barriers have been removed and the playing fields opened to all necessary skill-sets a new breed of co-operative minds will ratchet up the possibilities and potentials to be built on a new foundation of need and best-practices rather than profitability.  

The sky-is-the-limit when mankind quells his selfish desires and joins with the higher intentions of sustainability rather than profitability of product.  Stay tuned for some radical changes as physical adversity corrals past practices and provides opportunity to liberate the mind of man.”


[Thank you Rayson for this insight into what it could take to break the habits of our selfish past and guide us into a better future.]

Teacher:   Octavia
Subject:  A New Beginning
15-Sep-18 9:41 AM  EST   13:41 GMT/Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“Good morning this is Octavia,

“You mention me daily in your thanksgiving since you received a few messages from me in the past and I want to assure you I am aware of this and greet you on this new day on Urantia.

Where there is abundant life there is abundance of possibilities and growth opportunities.  Solitary situations serve their purpose for a time and season but relationships are needed to stretch the personality gifting and grow understanding.  We are here in such great numbers to in some ways do exactly that.  We of course each have our specific skill sets and areas of expertise but all is dependent on the receiver, the mortals of this world, to tune in and take action needed in attitudinal adjustments for personal and planetary benefits.  The resistance shown in the past is disconcerting to say the least and now planetary efforts are being stepped up in so many ways to encourage the search and discovery of enlightenment.

How can we be of assistance to those ignorant of who we are and what we have to offer?  Speculations abound on your planet about life ”out there”, what are their possible intentions? have they been here before? are they here now?  what do they want?  

The resounding questions of the mortals on this planet are very clear in exposing their foundations of curiosity mixed with fear.   You cannot help even a drowning man whose fears take him in the opposite direction of the help afforded him.  You must realize and come to terms with the fact that spirit does not force the mortal to receive that which is offered to them, no matter how tragic their circumstance.

Now we all find ourselves here, celestial and mortal alike, surveying a landscape of mortal uncertainty.  The best laid plans can only succeed as well as the co-operation afforded by those for whom these plans are put into action.  When dealing with will-creatures there is a line in the sand which we cannot cross put there by The Father himself, for you see his greatest gift to will-creatures is that power of choice.  The choice to believe, the choice to receive, the choice to commune, the choice to co-operate, the choice to learn and grow and yes even the choice to stagnate like a pond that will eventually choke off all possibility of life perpetuation.  

You may do that if you please—if you “will” to do so, but should you choose life…life will show up to answer your call for help.  Do not suppose you comprehend what that answer will look like or what form it will take…and what does it matter?  What matters is that the call will be answered, indeed has already been answered, and is waiting only for you to reach out and receive.  

I am called Octavia, a Tertiary Supernaphim given permission to express, to those who would read these words, that your personal salvation is at hand to rescue you from the seething waters of uncertainty and confusion and lift you into the realms of light and life for a new beginning. “

[Thank you once again Octavia for your words of enlightenment and hope and for your service to Our Father and the mortals of this planet.]


Threads for New Transmissions / Sordon - We are All Gifts to Each Other
« on: September 14, 2018, 03:07:14 PM »
Sordon - We are All Gifts to Each Other- 14-Sep-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Sordon
Subject:  We are All Gifts to Each Other
14-Sep-18 2:46 PM  EST   18:46 hrs GMT/Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“It is good, is it not, to be in communication with your celestial brothers and sisters and know of a certainty that we are here for the benevolent purposes of intellectual training and education for each and every one who would receive our words of encouragement and enlightenment?  There are many standing in the wings, so to speak, awaiting their opportunity to connect with those on Urantia who would give of their time and their listening skills to come forth and be one in spirit and union of purpose.  

I am Sordon and several transmitters here have received my words and that is for the benefit of all, as we are one family with one purpose, to serve the purposes and manifest the ways of the Heavenly Father.  He is a mystery to be solved and sought out by all of his will-creatures who will grasp the reality that relationship on a personal level is the basis for enlightenment and understanding among all creatures, great and small.  Now when I say ‘great and small’ I refer mostly to levels of responsibility not levels of importance in the Father’s eyes, for all are important to the Father as life that has been granted to each and every one is for the searching and finding of personal and universe purpose  and possibilities.

In such a way as this communication you are afforded and yes encouraged to partake in, you all will become familiar with the signature of many orders of beings throughout the universe.  It is time dear brethren of Urantia to acquaint yourself with your universe brethren, to become aware that you are part of a much bigger and grander plan and destiny than you could or would ever imagine on your own.

Many are searching for their origins and that search can lead them to the realization that they are not here by ‘happenstance’.  By that comment I infer that as the personality gifting is from the Father and Creator of All, and the Adjuster bestowal is added to each one that becomes aware that they need but choose to be their very best ‘self’, all the resources have also been put in place for the guidance and growth of every will creature who will take up that quest.

Learning and doing, sharing and becoming, recognizing and adapting are all part of life that would experience growth and find destiny attainment.  We are all gifts to each other, opportunities waiting to be explored and facets of Father’s truth, beauty and goodness to be discovered and added to our personal repertoire.  

Limitations are but temporary pauses where you are afforded the opportunity of self-reflection and granted the choice to reach out for the help you didn’t realize you needed, to take that next step inward and upward in your dual journey of self-discovery and Father-likeness.   Father “IS” and all who seek him [with all their soul] will become like him and grow ever more appreciative in awareness of such a privilege as you are afforded.

Take the time given you to ponder and to seek, to ask and receive, to reach out in faith and find the reward that it brings to all who would choose to exercise their rights and privileges as sons and daughters of God.  Acceptance of this gift of sonship is your first step on your journey through unimaginable opportunities that wait your choosing.

This is Sordon reminding and encouraging you all to come and dine at the feast of opportunities that await you. “

[Thank you Sordon I sense your joyous, loving, caring and encouraging signature beckoning us to step into the light of truth and all that awaits us beyond our wildest imagination.]


Unity of Purpose

Hegemony will no longer be tolerated in the days to come as it will be revealed as the monster it is against the workings of peace and brotherhood among men.  Patience must become tolerance and tolerance must hold the hands of acceptance and love, to be guided in unity of purpose.  

There is much to be done and much to be achieved and unity of purpose will provide the sure grip for the steps to be taken to achieve any appointed task.  Willingness to hear, dedication to serve alongside your brethren as the situation arises, and showing up for service are the keys to unlocking the unlimited potential of what can be achieved by the few who retain their focus of intention to do the will of the Father.    

It is with these words that we encourage you to shoulder your responsibilities as purveyors of truth, beauty and goodness where you have the unique opportunity, in concert with your celestial co-workers, to be the light of loving guidance as you dedicate your whole being, all that you have and all that you are, to our mutual cause.

As we wait upon the shores of destiny and face the worlds of time we see the flashing of intellect connect through the current of spirit, faintly at first but growing as an ember that must be fanned and flamed into full glory of being.  The winds of adversity could snuff it out or perchance cause a flicker or spark yet also dissemble the potential for the element of change to take place.  

Stillness cocoons the ember as it withdraws within itself and the physical matter it inhabits, but to grow and spread and bring the former to ashes, the breath of God must draw near and gently coax it to its full brightness and cause it to release its sparks to the environment it inhabits and cause the exponential spread of its essence of light and newness of life.

Stillness alone will not perpetuate the spread of this light and life it must take flight within the winds of change and repeatedly alight at diverse destinations upon its unseen path where it ignites other possibilities until they flame together in understanding and purpose.  The ember is not to consume and overcome, it is to ignite the spark within and acquaint them to the breath of God that will coax each one to their full brightness.

The spark within will flame and transform into newness of life and light and there may appear for a time great devastation but that is simply the ash of the old life that will quickly and surely, in its transformed state, provide nutrients for the springing up of the new and brighter landscape of light and life.  And it will be glorious to behold and delightful to comprehend from its humble beginnings to its rightful destiny.

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