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Threads for New Transmissions / The Mentori - Be Eager Students
« on: June 21, 2018, 08:34:25 PM »
The Mentori - Be Eager Students- 21-Jun-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   The Mentori
Subject:  Be Eager Students
21-Jun-18 7:31 PM  EST   23:31 Z/GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name”.   what does that mean to you?

“Thy Kingdom come…”  what is the significance of that to your understanding?

“Thy will be done on Earth[Urantia/Nystoria] as it is in Heaven…”   What does that look like in your minds eye?

“These are questions most people never seek the answer for and that is for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps the speaker of the words of this prayer is mindlessly repeating what they have been taught and it is simply rote oratory; perhaps they seek the comfort these words are expected to bring to their mind and soul; perhaps they believe that by repeating the words they have been taught (that Jesus himself suggested) that they are therefore living the life example he himself lived?

“The point I am making here is, what is the intention of the heart behind the words that are spoken?  This is not for you nor I to judge for that is left to the ones to whom the prayer is spoken.  It is the intention of the heart more so than the schooling of the mind that propels the desire to be heard and it is neither the intensity of the emotions nor the desperation of the spirit of the one who prays.

“What are the intentions of our thoughts and prayers; what are the desires of our will and purposes and are they in line with Fathers?  These are questions we each must ever ask ourselves and be honest in our self-discovery.

“We are not a blank slate in our minds for Father to write the “special menu for the day”, we are thinking, reasoning, self-willed beings who are afforded the opportunity to become more than we could ever be alone unless we choose to remain in our pretty little boxes with a ribbon neatly wrapped around it for others to admire and ourselves to look at in smug appreciation.

“We, each free-will gifted creature, have a higher calling, a parade of unwrapped potentials that we can achieve if we only choose to pay attention, ask the questions, seek the answers and walk the paths of self and Father discovery that lays wide-open to us all.  

“Will you choose the intriguing path of untold discoveries to be made and experiential riches to be uncovered by truly seeking the will and ways of the Father and following His guidance throughout that journey?  Will you allow the quest of the unknown to draw you higher as it challenges all you think you know and believe?  Will you allow your horizons to be expanded far beyond your present ability to behold?  Will you search out the fuller meanings and broader perspectives that await your blossoming into their reality?  Do you want to experientially comprehend what it means to be a co-creator?

“I ask you these things that you may ponder their meaning and have you mindful and ready to search out and receive their value for your lives.

“I am the Mentori and my heart is to teach the eager students who desire to learn and grow and anticipate possibilities.”


General Discussion / Re: Where Are Those Joyful, Spiritual Goosebmps
« on: June 20, 2018, 02:53:17 PM »
Brother Larry

I, as well as probably everyone else here... ;D , relate to what you are saying.  It sure takes a conscious effort to keep the faith and move on to find and bring with us the positive and its uplifting expectations.  Thanks to our Beloved Thought Adjusters and all the Divine benevolent energies of the universe ever at our disposal we have the choice and resources to face change and embrace new beginnings.

(26:5.3) That, then, is the primary or elementary course which confronts the faith-tested and much-traveled pilgrims of space. But long before reaching Havona, these ascendant children of time have learned to feast upon uncertainty, to fatten upon disappointment, to enthuse over apparent defeat, to invigorate in the presence of difficulties, to exhibit indomitable courage in the face of immensity, and to exercise unconquerable faith when confronted with the challenge of the inexplicable. Long since, the battle cry of these pilgrims became: "In liaison with God, nothing—absolutely nothing—is impossible."

(48:6.36) Even as mortals, so have these angels been father to many disappointments, and they will point out that sometimes your most disappointing disappointments have become your greatest blessings. Sometimes the planting of a seed necessitates its death, the death of your fondest hopes, before it can be reborn to bear the fruits of new life and new opportunity. And from them you will learn to suffer less through sorrow and disappointment, first, by making fewer personal plans concerning other personalities, and then, by accepting your lot when you have faithfully performed your duty.

The above quotes from the Urantia Book do not reveal what we really want to hear about our ascendant journey but if what we really seek is 'truth' then I believe our acceptance of that truth becomes a guidepost along the way.

I thank our Father and everyone and everything we need that He provides for our journey, including my dear brothers and sisters of this Forum and elsewhere on and around this planet of opportunity.

Prolotheos - Be Mentored in Father’s Wisdom - 19-Jun-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Prolotheos
Subject:  Be Mentored in Father’s Wisdom
19-Jun-18 3:25 PM  EST   19:35 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“This is the dawning of a new era on your world called Urantia/Nystoria and it is with the mindset of doing the Fathers will, in his ways and timing that will see you and your brethren through to the days of Light and Life for which you long and your planet cries out in despair.  I am of the Seraphim order which has longevity on this planet through the ministries of high spirit counselors who draw near to those who draw near to the pure higher energies of spirit in their thoughts will and intentions.  

"It is of a certainty that there will be personal and social upheaval but such are the ways of change on such a planet so torn with strife and expectant of corruption and violence at every turn.  We see and hear and sit back in wonder how a people and planet can be so resilient time and again in their strange evolutionary journey into the concepts of love and brotherhood for all.

“Is there a time so ripe as to pick the fruit in its most perfected state of maturity or will the winds of corruption once again cause the fruit to spoil on the vine or be plucked in anticipation of darker days to come?  Such is the quandary of the farmer with his crops and the situation at hand before us.  

“Can the fruit be preserved if harvested too soon?  Should that which is over-ripe be given over to continue its evolutionary path in its natural environment?  At the behest of Our Father in Heaven we must await the counsel of He who knows all things from the beginning to the end.  

“It is a scenario best viewed from the all-inclusive panoramic view of Paradise wherein dwells the Source of wisdom, the essence of virtue and the foundation of all that can and must exist  to play out in the vicissitudes of life from before their embryonic state on the worlds of time.  The pressures and pain and struggles and gain are ever kept in perfect balance through the heart of the one who pours out His life energies into every form and facet of existence.

“I bid you now, today, to look into the face of Life itself and comprehend the similitude of His gathering and giving, as you await in peace the dawn of each new moment of opportunity you are given to be mentored in wisdom by giving Him your ear to hear and heeding His wisdom freely given to each of his children for the asking.

“I am a way bringing to your conscious mind the Fathers desire to fellowship with each of His children near and far.

My name is Prolotheos and this one questions her worth as she lays this before her brethren in service.”

[Transmitter note:  I note here for the reader that Ron’s post states Prolotheus is a Secondary Seconophim and I stand open to correction]  

[Thank you Prolotheos, I have sensed an overwhelming presence of the Heart of God this day, of His love and acceptance so freely given.  I thank you for so gently coming through me as I sat to receive the voice of Father’s ambassadors in spirit.]

Man’s Humanity to Man – The Make It Work Foundation

As my perception is that this would be a support system for any and all whose intention is to help their fellow man I believe it is wise to stay away from the words ‘federation’, ‘fellowship’ and ‘brotherhood’ as they have their own connotations and preconceived ideas that precede them.

A “Foundation” conveys the idea of a support system and that is what I see this as being, a support system that provides the “nexus” for social/humanitarian ideas to come together with the manpower and resources they need as the cogs to make them workable to achieve a common goal that is exclusive of race, creed, culture and religious belief.

The project can be big or small and what I envision is a “database” of manpower and resources where creative minds may propose action plans with specific goals and objectives as well as time lines where those willing and able to provide the manpower and resources may choose to come on board and form teams to bring the proposal into reality, basically to “make it work”.

There are many wonderful people with many unique ideas to help their fellow man but connecting those people to the support and resources they need has killed a lot of creativity in the dead air of bureaucracy, etc.

We all have something to contribute be it time, resources, skills, and even encouragement and we all know that not only do many hands make light work but results improve exponentially when those many hands are self-motivated.

Any time I worked for temporary employment agencies whether the assignment was for a week or months I always had a personal goal of finding ways to incorporate something into the tasks of that job that I could leave behind for the next worker that would make that job a little smoother or easier for them and I perceive a much higher intention and more far-reaching results for those who desire to give of themselves for social improvement without the intention of monetary gain.

I think what we are considering here is the support of good and healthy “intentions” for “mankind” being given a fair and equitable chance to come to fruition without the usual hindrances.  Since I see this as an opportunity of support for the “idea” being provided by those who can make it come to pass and not by those who have control of the “purse strings” there is a much greater chance of success when you also consider the factor that all are working towards a common goal they have chosen to make happen.

The opportunity to give of oneself to a worthy cause is not a new one by any means, nor is it one that is specific to any age or group.  Definite challenges would of course include that of wise oversight without hindrance of objectives and for sure the benevolent presence of spirit will guide and inspire.

I see this as also being a catalyst for inclusion, personal growth and broader understanding.

General Discussion / Re: Haqppy Birthday/ Gift of Nystoria Book
« on: June 09, 2018, 12:05:26 PM »
Ron Besser -  Happy Birthday,  feliz cumpleaños, Bon anniversaire

Ron and forum friends,

I received the email and chose to use the "Report to Admin" option because I wanted to test it out and ask you Ron if it worked as I assume it is supposed to be used to report posts and personal messages to Admin (in this case Ron) to alert them of possible website abuse?

I particularly like Father Michaels comment I quote below about "people who hate before they think".  All too common and true it seems to me these days and a warning to us all to be vigilantly conscious of our thought processes and as Lemuel advised to be aware of "the observers" within us.

I thank you all for responding so well to this threat of annihilation by people who hate before they think.

Love to all my forum family

Hi Newstarsaphire - the mechanism to report site or post abuse worked well and I received your report via that mechanism.  I sincerely thank you.  But I also like to say that when you all posted to the thread running here it made it a group recognized need to rally the wagons round to protect the integrity of what we say and do here too.  I cannot overemphasize that there needs to be a group dynamic to supply me with the idea you care very much too.   You all have done that well and it makes me feel some pride we can stick together on really touch challenges to our faith and beliefs,  Thank you!   Ron

These two exerpts from Rons last two posts in this thread have answered my personal question of current "fusion" status for mortals on this planet, whether it had reverted to chariots of fire or would be allowing continuation in the flesh to serve Father here.

I quote the following comments both by Father Michael:

"I am tiring of this review process by you Ron, but you are making it clear for me that we have no real obligation to answer these questions, but this is important enough to pause to give you my answer:  There is no change in our choice to help those qualified to find a way to fuse with their Adjusters while in the flesh.  I make it clear you are no longer under my guidance but under the Finaliter guidance and that you do not care for since you find them estranging in ways you cannot identify well.  Here after address it to Elyon and Elyon is without portfolio to these questions as well.  Good day."
“…we have five fused mortals on Urantia.  It is an outstanding effort by all of them and we must abide in that honor as well even though I got harsh with Ron asking about it.  I do not rescind those remarks entirely but mostly, and let Ron know it works yet on Urantia and you five may be the last ever agondonters to succeed where everyone else has failed fusion because of it on Urantia ever.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Traditions
« on: May 24, 2018, 02:38:26 PM »
Thank you our dear brother Lemuel and your wonderful Adjuster for once again revealing the heart of God and His great love for us to draw us unto Himself.

Light surely dispels darkness and eventually will effectively destroy the fears and their belief systems and traditions that entrap its followers in its web of ritualistic continuity that serves as a false sense of security via sacrificial duty, rather than the supporting relationship of love and trust that The Father offers to every will-creature.

I have been perceiving that traditions and rituals are false security blankets we all choose to wrap around ourselves in many ways and means rather than risking not being accepted in the fold and/or pursuit of the unknown.

In the revelation of ‘the life’ of Jesus we are privileged to peer into via the current Urantia Book, I am shown time and time again how Jesus couples understanding with love and patience as well as his exemplification of being the “living word” of example to others.  Perhaps it is this “life” example as well as the “light” of truth that is the catalyst of lasting change in the heart and mind of the truth seeker and the coming days of “light and life” we all look forward too.

Jesus said we are the light of the world and to “let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and be led to glorify your Father who is in heaven.”  Could it be that the phrase “good works” has perhaps been misinterpreted as “ritualistic and traditional behaviors” instead of living the light of revelation as we each receive it?

..."Let the childlike and darkened minds of my people serve their God as Moses directed; it is better that they do, but let us who have seen the light of life no longer approach our Father by the darkness of death. Let us be free in the knowledge of the truth of our Father's eternal love." 127:6.6. TUB

127:6.6.TUB:  On this visit occurred one of those periodic outbreaks of rebellion against tradition—the expression of resentment for those ceremonial practices which Jesus deemed misrepresentative of his Father in heaven. Not knowing Jesus was coming, Lazarus had arranged to celebrate the Passover with friends in an adjoining village down the Jericho road. Jesus now proposed that they celebrate the feast where they were, at Lazarus's house. "But," said Lazarus, "we have no paschal lamb." And then Jesus entered upon a prolonged and convincing dissertation to the effect that the Father in heaven was not truly concerned with such childlike and meaningless rituals. After solemn and fervent prayer they rose, and Jesus said: "Let the childlike and darkened minds of my people serve their God as Moses directed; it is better that they do, but let us who have seen the light of life no longer approach our Father by the darkness of death. Let us be free in the knowledge of the truth of our Father's eternal love."

127:6.7.  TUB :  That evening about twilight these four sat down and partook of the first Passover feast ever to be celebrated by devout Jews without the paschal lamb. The unleavened bread and the wine had been made ready for this Passover, and these emblems, which Jesus termed "the bread of life" and "the water of life," he served to his companions, and they ate in solemn conformity with the teachings just imparted. It was his custom to engage in this sacramental ritual whenever he paid subsequent visits to Bethany. When he returned home, he told all this to his mother. She was shocked at first but came gradually to see his viewpoint; nevertheless, she was greatly relieved when Jesus assured her that he did not intend to introduce this new idea of the Passover in their family. At home with the children he continued, year by year, to eat the Passover "according to the law of Moses."

Lazrus and Mary and Martha obviously received the "light" of truth into their hearts and chose to reflect that truth in their "life", it was not forced upon them, I see it as a change of heart and mind and therefore action.  Obviously Jesus mother was not ready to receive this enlightenment into her heart and mind at that time and Jesus actions followed his own counsel he had given on  how to treat another family member who among other traits was very zealous and patriotic: "Be patient. Be wise in your counsel and eloquent in your lives, that your young brother may first know the better way and then be constrained to follow you in it."

Concerning ourselves he said above “Let us be free in the knowledge of the truth of our Father's eternal love."  

Freedom is not acquired through rituals and tradition but “by the knowledge of our Fathers eternal love”.  The knowledge of our Fathers love is acquired through the personal relationship Father offers each one of us.

(40:6.2) It is a solemn and supernal fact that such lowly and material creatures as Urantia human beings are the sons of God, faith children of the Highest. "Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God." "As many as received him, to them gave he the power to recognize that they are the sons of God." While "it does not yet appear what you shall be," even now "you are the faith sons of God"; "for you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you have received the spirit of sonship, whereby you cry, 'our Father.'" Spoke the prophet of old in the name of the eternal God: "Even to them will I give in my house a place and a name better than sons; I will give them an everlasting name, one that shall not be cut off." "And because you are sons, God has sent forth the spirit of his Son into your hearts."


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: GAIA's DAY
« on: April 24, 2018, 01:44:51 PM »
Hi Pliktarious,

Yes, I keep apprised of Machiventa's important guidance on sustainability, etc. through that site.  

My intention was simply to take an opportunity to provide awareness to visitors on this site of the Teaching Mission archive repository of transmissions ["Search Tmarchive trancripts ] link above, so they know they have access to find similar topics of interest.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify my intentions.  Have a great day.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: GAIA's DAY
« on: April 23, 2018, 12:58:58 PM »
This same transmission is also available here in the TM Archives by clicking on "Search Tmarhives Transcripts" link on at the top of the this site.  

Here is the link for this particular transcript:

You can filter any search by speaker, group, word or phrase.

May we all find creative ways to express our love and appreciation to our wonderful Mother Earth, Gaia, Planetary Supreme.

General Discussion / Obadiah - Let us Pray
« on: April 18, 2018, 02:34:41 PM »
Teacher:   Obadiah
Subject:  Let us Pray
18-Apr-18 12:46 PM  EST  
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

I received the name "Obadiah" earlier this afternoon and asked my Adjuster if there was a message he wished for me to receive from him.

My Adjuster:  “Yes my ward there is a message here for you from Obadiah a faithful servant and son of God.”

"Obadiah is my name and the spoken word of God is my fame.  

"As you here as transmitters have experienced for yourselves it is not easy speaking the word of God to your earthly brethren.  Receiving the word of the Father can be comparatively easy for some yet “the receiving” of Fathers words by our brethren [through us] is a different story altogether.

"Unfortunately, in this respect, not much has changed on my nascent sphere of Urantia where fears and misconceptions run rampant in the mind of man; with neither resistance given nor correction found.  It will be a hard pill to swallow for many mortals in the days to come who will use their well honed skills of skepticism and malcontent to hurl open threats and accusations at those who dare to come forward as representatives of the living word of God. The population is well schooled in the arts of deception and misleading information and will judge by their own warped standards.  

"Nevertheless, now as always, is the relevant word of the Lord a guiding light required and available for all.  Even the words of the incarnated representatives such as the Melchizedeks and our beloved Jesus himself will be subject to the preconceived ideas and ideals of every man, woman and child who will attend to their words.  The task is still a daunting one and the results subject as always to free-will choice.  So let us pray for our brethren that courage will well up in their hearts should they choose to dare to believe.  Let us pray that the living word of God will find faith in the hearer.  I bid you all a good day."


Threads for New Transmissions / Sordon - Invitation - 16-Apr-18
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:11:01 PM »
Sordon - Invitation - 16-Apr-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Speaker:   Sordon
Subject:  Invitation
16-Apr-18 4:46 PM  EST   19:46 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“Sordon, Unrevealed Order of Deity:

“Welcome once again to the voice of God through those who would hear and hearken to its beckoning call.  There are many more of you who can and will indeed heed this call, should you, by your own choosing and willful participation, take the time and make the effort to  connect with the higher spirits available to enlighten your minds and your world to truth, beauty and goodness.

“It is unbecoming to those who could willingly participate in this exchange and relationship opportunity, to merely sit back and depend on the faithfulness of a few to feed the wants of the many.  Here on this Forum the efforts have become stagnant for various reasons and that will not do to get the job done.  

“You and I are not subject to the whims and attitudinal outlook of those who would besmirch what the Father wishes to convey to a needy and hungry people.  When it is the will of the Father to permit and welcome mortal participation of those who have chosen His will and ways why do you sit back and permit the confused ranting of the outcasts to deter your personal relationship?  Is it not the Father’s desire to call you individually unto Himself and is that not of your mutual choosing and benefit?

“I adjure you not to take these opportunities lightly and recognize that what is offered is not a limp handshake.  Make your choices wisely rather than allowing your circumstances to make those choices for you.  Heed my words, or not.  Accept the invitation or not.  The choices are yours to make.

“I am Sordon speaking my words through this one.  Good day.”


Affiliate sites:
Rayson Science

General Discussion / Re: Air To Share: Moments In Time To Share
« on: April 17, 2018, 11:12:42 AM »
Dear Sue:

You speak of two of my favorite examples of humanity on this planet who embrace grace and charm and balance it with accountability of our existence.  Our beloved Queen such an example of womanhood, motherhood and rule by example was recently in a one on one interview where she watched (apparently for the first time!) personal and public footage of her preparation and the event of her coronation day and snippets of the balance of family life. 

Sir David Attenborough a pioneer and trail blazer in his personal quest to to understand and convey to others the nature of plant and animal life on this planet and our part in its ongoing health and vitality.  He recently televised a comprehensive series on the Great Barrier Reef which was stunning and insightful, with flashbacks to film footage as well that he recorded even in the days before color.  Even in black and he emoted and emitted the necessary combination of appreciation and concern for the welfare of the harmonious existence of man and nature that he has so faithfully and wisely passed on to all who will listen.

Queen Elizabeth an examplary visual of maternal guidance to her people and Sir David Attenborough an equally splendid example of personal and philanthropic giving of self for a panoramic view of responsible life on the greater good.

General Discussion / Re: Personal Realtionship with the Father
« on: April 13, 2018, 01:35:34 PM »
I keep thinking about the many formal and accepted religions, Churches, and almost unlimited Spiritual Organizations  and Groups on Urantia.  Their many tenants, stagnet dogmas, endless rituals etc., etc., etc. and in thinking about them as far as real spirit value, I find that in order for them to be effective and true to their calling, there is one common denominator, one  aspect that they must all have in common and share that they must teach and guide and aspire to, and that is that they must teach, maintain, promote, endorse, and advocate that each person must have and create a "personal relationship" with the Father and all of Spirit.

 It only by and through this personal relationship that transcends mere belief.   For man's personal relationship can not be dependent upon or regulated, controlled or manipulated by any organization.  For only the individual can make that "consecration of choice"  that is written about  here:

Dear Brother Larry in your statements above you cover so many of what I see are crucial issues regarding ‘beliefs’ and ‘choices’ of the individual mortals on this planet.  Perhaps the best way I can explain my thoughts is to suggest that more often than not people want a “rule” book and not a “guide” book.  

You see if I am given a “guide” book on something I am presented with factual information from which I can choose my actions; then it is clear that I am the one who gets to make the choices of what I do and the experiential outcome of those personal choices are on me alone.  Should I happen to believe a “rule” book is the only way to go then my focus is on following the rules and proscription of those rules as applied to my life and the outcome (and blame) is perceived to be beyond my control as I have traded my power of choice for a ‘set of rules’ and that perception places the outcome squarely in the hands of the one whose ‘rules’ are adhered too (meaning the rule maker and not the rule follower should be responsible for the outcome of adherence or non-conformance to those rules).  The point here is avoidance of responsibility for the outcome of choice...freedom to blame the rulemaker when expected outcomes of following the rules aren't met.

I see the draw of religious organizations as a smorgasbord of appealing options to the general public for various personalities who wish to serve their perception of deity through the obedience of rules and dogmas, etc. and I happen to believe that is the case mainly because it is much easier for us to follow a set of rules and regulations than it is to cultivate a personal ongoing relationship.  For example, whatever religion I choose would have a lot to do with the appeal of their rules and regulations and the belief that others of that same religion would, for the most part, be in agreement with those dogmas and that makes mortal relationships easier to cultivate and maintain.  (So is it really about preferred group dynamics and less about the ‘deity’ representation of the chosen religion?  I postulate that it could be a big factor and one reason is because I believe we are naturally drawn to situations in which we can see ourselves being comfortable and that appeal reflects our desire not to be removed from our own comfort zone.)  What I am saying here is that we choose from this smorgasbord of religious options that which is most appealing to us for how we see ourselves as comfortable "serving" our god.

I think we can probably agree that any “relationship” pushes the boundaries of our comfort zone on a regular and on-going basis and, in particular,  I find the sisters Mary and Martha a perfect example and also a wonderful snapshot of how Jesus addressed the difference between “serving” God and learning from God through personal relationship.

162.8.2  For years it had been the custom for these three to drop everything and listen to Jesus' teaching whenever he chanced to visit them. With the loss of their parents, Martha had assumed the responsibilities of the home life, and so on this occasion, while Lazarus and Mary sat at Jesus' feet drinking in his refreshing teaching, Martha made ready to serve the evening meal. It should be explained that Martha was unnecessarily distracted by numerous needless tasks, and that she was cumbered by many trivial cares; that was her disposition.

162.8.3  As Martha busied herself with all these supposed duties, she was perturbed because Mary did nothing to help. Therefore she went to Jesus and said: “Master, do you not care that my sister has left me alone to do all of the serving? Will you not bid her to come and help me?” Jesus answered: “Martha, Martha, why are you always anxious about so many things and troubled by so many trifles? Only one thing is really worth while, and since Mary has chosen this good and needful part, I shall not take it away from her. But when will both of you learn to live as I have taught you: both serving in co-operation and both refreshing your souls in unison? Can you not learn that there is a time for everything - that the lesser matters of life should give way before the greater things of the heavenly kingdom?”

Jesus words to Mary are self-explanatory and a reminder that it is the personal relationship with God that will teach us how to live and also deliver us from ourselves as we focus on him.

Rules and regulations teach us only how to follow rules and regulations, they do not change our attitudes and mind-sets and push us out of our comfort zones . I like to use the example of the little boy who, when he finally acquessed to sit down and be quiet loudly declared, 'I may be sitting on the outside, but I'm standing up on the inside.'  Don't get me wrong, rules and regulations have their place.  However, it is the relationship with our Heavenly Father and the free-will choosing of Fathers will over our own that has the affect of Father-likeness revelation becoming Father-like living.  Various religions have given us nuggets of revealed truth, beauty and goodness and served their interim purpose in many ways, but the "Kingdom of God" is established in the heart of man through his personal relationship with his personal God.

134.4.2 The kingdom of heaven, the divine government, is founded on the fact of divine sovereignty - God is spirit. Since God is spirit, this kingdom is spiritual. The kingdom of heaven is neither material nor merely intellectual; it is a spiritual relationship between God and man.

134.4.6 The kingdom of heaven in the hearts of men will create religious unity (not necessarily uniformity) because any and all religious groups composed of such religious believers will be free from all notions of ecclesiastical authority - religious sovereignty.

134.4.7 God is spirit, and God gives a fragment of his spirit self to dwell in the heart of man. Spiritually, all men are equal. The kingdom of heaven is free from castes, classes, social levels, and economic groups. You are all brethren.

Religious associations can too often fill the need for man to find a sense of belonging in a group setting and/or seeking immediate or extended sense of family (kinship).  Self-acceptance, self-love and true altruism however can only come from the growth of the kingdom of heaven within the heart of each man partnered with the relationship of spirit radiating outward to encompass true altruism during the pursuit of Father-likeness.

111.3.5 The mortal career, the soul's evolution, is not so much a probation as an education. Faith in the survival of supreme values is the core of religion; genuine religious experience consists in the union of supreme values and cosmic meanings as a realization of universal reality.

111.3.6 Mind knows quantity, reality, meanings. But quality - values - is felt. That which feels is the mutual creation of mind, which knows, and the associated spirit, which reality-izes.

111.3.7 In so far as man's evolving morontia soul becomes permeated by truth, beauty, and goodness as the value-realization of God-consciousness, such a resultant being becomes indestructible. If there is no survival of eternal values in the evolving soul of man, then mortal existence is without meaning, and life itself is a tragic illusion. But it is forever true: What you begin in time you will assuredly finish in eternity - if it is worth finishing.


I had noted these comments from Serara in your post yesterday Bulletin: Magisterial Sons Returned and Missions Hope Rises Like A Phoenix

"You glow brightly today with the bright light of the majesty of Michael before you and behind you and on top of you.   The Light of Michael follows you fully now and no one in spirit dare broach it without the encouragement of Michael Himself."

"...he is wearing his mantle of Light well today and we congratulate him on becoming the first human in history to wear the Michael Mantel on his flesh and bones body ever in Neabdon and only once or twice in other Superuniverses. "

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