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Ron, I can't find the post about The Ancients of Days in the Discussion forum.

General Discussion / Re: My dads (Antonio) health
« on: May 21, 2019, 09:40:17 PM »
My best wishes is that your Dad Antonio get better soon, and when recovered continue in his quest for Ascension as the rest of us in the forum.

Best regards.

Thank you Ron for the response to Julio that will also be helpful to my wife who recently was diagnosed with the type of diabetes.
Thank Father Michael for caring of your children.

Julio I wish your health gets better with all the care Ron and Michael have recommended to you.
Just for the readers to know years ago I had cancer and kept taking some natural medicine for 11 years until last year Father through Ron let me know HE had cleaned the last remaining of it.
I thank Ron a lot because those were things that I only knew about it, besides all of of that He helped me to overcome other health issues during the last three years.
So I give testimony of all we can receive if we keep up patience and endure for years of treatment.

Best regards.

I thought I had seen a lot in this world, but these signs of idolatry prove otherwise.
 Many idolaters to dangerous extremes could put the lives of many in this country and in the world at serious risk.
 Living dead without the slightest notion of the existence of God as spirit.
 We just need to remember that Julius Caesar, Napoleon and Hitler were great megalomaniacs, and we could be facing another similar case.


 I just enjoyed this post so much,  your writhing style Ron sounds so attractive that I said Thank you Father for another day when I read what you do in private moments of prayers to God.
Thank you Ron for making available your experiential philosophic, scientist, spiritual work with all of us here.

Thank you Father Michael for taking care of your children.


Very good Julio, going back in your steps to the original plan of the Magisterials Sons is what will make your work successful.
Thank you. 


Great job Julio!

It is hard to do what you are doing in your country.

In my native country El Salvador what we have started is The Urantia Book readers group but all under the new revelations of our Serara forum. 
All we needed was a book which I sent them.

Now, there is one of those readers as a forum member.

He translates using Google apps, And on my side I use Facebook to reach the other latin american readers.
We hope to reach even more countries as people share post they feel they resonate with

Very sad news.

  This news today makes me recall something Ron announced several weeks ago.

  It is related to other cases that withdrew support as did the Universe of Avalon to make better studies of missions including humans.

  Anyway our support to Ron and the Commission for all their invaluable efforts and services for the benefit of humans in this afflicted planet.

it looks good, I hope we can hear about 'closing done and successful'    at the end of the month
Good luck!

Welcome Lord Joshua ben Joseph, now we hear music , all these news are delight for our hearts.
Congratulations Ron for all your condecorations for fighting against rebels .


Threads for New Transmissions / "The false bridge of survival".
« on: February 11, 2019, 03:06:08 PM »
 "The false bridge of survival".

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Topic: "The false survival bridge".
T / R: René Durán.
February 12 2019, Phoenix AZ.

Dear readers this morning I received this promt and here is the transmission that followed it:


Thank you Universal Father for calling me again, now I want to beg you to explain what this new promt is about!

The Universal Father- "It is a promt dedicated to the students, to the third year of the whole world that for diverse reasons they will be graduated this season, this means, that this batch of students will go out to the labor force with some deficiencies, as far as  intellectual development is concerned, it is not my business to correct errors that were on the table some years ago, which means that the authorities have evaded the responsibilities of making the corrections that they are enforced to perform, for the good common.

  "We are talking directly, and unambiguously, about the lotteries of visas, which the American government indiscriminately raffles, how does this affect the students?" Simply, it is a robbery to international public attention. "Under these conditions, the human psyche responds negatively to any 'Creator Impulse' that the Thought Adjuster may be driving in the psyche of such students.

  "These creative impulses have imbued 'the chromosomal survival data in adverse conditions', which are activated, precisely at a certain chronological age, where the switch makes contact with the false belief that life will be better when traveling to said place on the planet, creating a false bridge of survival.

  "I am your Universal Father clearing this report this morning for the authorities that leave this issue unresolved.

  "I am your Universal Father leaving my intervention here".

Thank you Universal Father.



844)"El falso puente de sobrevivencia".

Maestro:El Padre Universal.
Tema:"El falso puente sobrevivencia".
T/R:René Durán.
Febrero 12 2019, Phoenix AZ.

"Lo lamento"

Gracias Padre Universal por llamarme nuevamente, ahora quiero suplicarte que me expliques de que se trata este nuevo promt!.

El Padre Universal- "Es un promt dedicado a los estudiantes, a los años tercero de todo el mundo que por diversas razones se estarán graduado esta temporada, esto quiere decir, que este lote de estudiantes saldrán a la fuerza laboral con algunas deficiencias, en cuanto al desarrollo intelectual se refiere, no es de mi incumbencia corregir errores que estaban sobre la mesa desde algunos años atrás; lo cual quiere decir, que las autoridades han evadido las responsabilidades de hacer las correcciones que éllos están envestidos para realizar , para el bien común. 

  "Estamos hablando directamente, y sin ambages, sobre las loterías de visas, que el Gobierno americano sortea indiscriminadamente. Cómo esto afecta a los estudiantes?  -Sencillamente, es un robo a la atención pública internacional. Bajo estas condiciones, la psiquis humana responde negativamente a cualquier 'Impulso Creador' que el Ajustador de Pensamiento pueda estar impulsando en la psiquis de dichos estudiantes. 

  "Dichos impulsos creadores, tienen imbuidos 'los datos cromosomales de sobrevivencia en condiciones adversas', que se activan, precisamente, a cierta edad cronológica, es allí donde de el switch hace contacto con la falsa creencia de que la vida será mejor al viajar a dicho lugar en el planeta, creando un puente falso de sobrevivencia.

  "Yo soy su Padre Universal despejando este informe de esta mañana para las autoridades que dejan sin resolver este asunto.

  "Yo soy su Padre Universal dejando hasta aquí mi intervención".

Gracias Padre Universal.



Threads for New Transmissions / "The warning voice"
« on: February 10, 2019, 02:53:55 PM »
 "The warning voice"

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Topic: "The alert voice".
T / R: René Durán.
February 9 2019, Phoenix AZ.

Greetings Dear readers today I am sharing one of the most interesting calls I've received aimed to all in regards to the present states of events recently developed publicly and you all know about it.
Here the Father:

  "He took all three from me"

My father, could you explain to me what that promt means ?

The Universal Father- "In effect, I am your Universal Father with a declaratory message of the news (news) that you are going to start sharing with your friends and with all those who read the page on Facebook." It is a content enclosed in such a mysterious phrase that contains the values of a complete book of mysteries, it  is in itself a declaration of war to those who dare to challenge the Universal Father through their children in contention.It seems easy to become an opponent of the Father and that they live a war of attrition, only on the one hand, while we await their challenge.We do not want to recognize how big or bad the enemy is, we already have the coordinates of their location and the details of their armor.

"I am the Universal Father, declaring a state of emergency in all areas or flanks, with the purpose of avoiding more casualties in our troops, it is necessary to live the 'novelty alert' to detect any attack on our integrity, this means : 'keep alert to the warnings or intuitions that your Thought Adjuster transmits to you, and recognize when there is danger', that's what our strategy is based on, to awaken to another degree of perception to which you  are not accustomed to.

"I am your Universal Father giving some details of the strategies to discover the proximity of some latent or active danger around us." These are the rudiments of the war in the heavens that Archangel Michael waged and that continues with the rebels that have left loose .

"This is your Universal Father giving the warning voice 'to stay awake' for your own spiritual survival, it is not a matter of rumors, nor ravings of a hungry mind, nor of an empty stomach, it is a moment of preparation to serve the Universal Father against the lies of the deluded followers of Lucifer and the terrible Caligastia now deceased.

"I am your Universal Father completing this report, have a good night, Domtia."


842)"La voz de alerta"
Maestro:El Padre Universal.
Tema:"La voz de alerta".
T/R:René Durán.
Febrero 9 2019, Phoenix AZ.

  "A los tres me lo quitó"

Padre mío, pudieras  explicarme qué significa ese promt 'a los tres me lo quitó?

El Padre Universal- "En efecto, yo soy tu Padre Universal con un mensaje declaratorio de las nuevas(noticias) que vas a empezar a compartir con tus amigos y con todos los que lean la página en Facebook. Es un contenido encerrado en tan misteriosa frase que contiene los valores de un libro completo de misterios, es en sí mismo una declaratoria de guerra a los que se atreven a desafiar al Padre Universal a través de sus hijos en contención. Al parecer, resulta fácil convertirse en opositor al Padre y que viven una guerra de desgaste, sólo por un lado; mientras que esperamos todo su desafío. No nos interesa reconocer cuan grande o nefasto es el enemigo, ya de antemano contamos con las coordenadas de su ubicación y los pormenores de sus armaduras.

"Yo soy el Padre Universal, declarando un estado de emergencia en todos los ámbitos o flancos, con el propósito de evitar mas bajas en nuestras tropas, es menester, vivir la 'alerta novedad' para detectar cualquier ataque a nuestra integridad, esto quiere decir: 'mantenerse alerta a los avisos o a los intuitos que su Ajustador de Pensamiento les transmite, y reconocer cuando hay peligro', en eso se basa nuestra estrategia, en despertar a otro grado de percepción al que no están acostumbrados.

"Yo soy su Padre Universal dando algunos pormenores de las estrategias para descubrir la cercanía de algún peligro latente o activo a nuestro alrededor. Estos son los rudimentos de la guerra en los cielos qué libró Miguel Arcángel y que continua con los rebeldes que han quedado sueltos.

"Este es tu Padre Universal dando la voz de alerta 'a que permanezcan despiertos' para su propia sobrevivencia espiritual. No es cuestión de rumores, ni desvaríos de una mente hambrienta, ni de un estómago vacío; es un momento de preparación a servir al Padre Universal contra las patrañas de los seguidores ilusos de Lucifer y del terrible Caligastia ahora difuntos.

"Yo soy soy su Padre Universal completando este reporte. Pasen buenas noches. Domtia".


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: "Analysis of the Second Rebellion".
« on: February 08, 2019, 03:57:12 PM »
Thank you Ron,
Yes indeed, I'm watching my diet and those things like radishes and later coffee I was drinking to much to stay awake and was hurting me, once in a while eat corn on a cob, I don't do anything like beers or wine, no drugs, I don't smoke. I besides I keep my temper under control.
Now I want to say that The Universal Father warned me last night that I should stay alert to prevent atacks from the Rebels angels which I did. Early this morning HE came back to me to let know that they had captured one that was looking for me to do something.
According to Him that enemy of mine will spend a very long time in prison.
Apparently this confusion created by those remnants of the Luciferic rebellion will continue until the last one  is placed behind bars and taken care of.

Best regards


Threads for New Transmissions / "Analysis of the Second Rebellion".
« on: February 07, 2019, 02:33:17 PM »
 "Analysis of the Second Rebellion".

Teacher: The Universal Father
Subject: " Analysis of the second rebellion. "
T / R: René Durán.
February 6 2019, Phoenix AZ.

The Universal Father- "I am your Universal Father taking the necessary time for our transmission that will have several levels by their degrees of complexity, first of all we will be talking about matters of the second rebellion that has been unleashed in the commune of The Urantia Book , and that we evaluate without reason of being, due to the concrete and definitive fact that they do not have any solid and concrete bases to justify their claim, which is invariably, it is cause to declare them 'in contempt' and against the mandates of The Creator Son We in the Worlds of the Infinite Spirit where we experience only love, we find it 'unjustifiable' the lack of elements of judgment and love to justify any claim.

   "I am your Universal Father analyzing a short account state without positive balances, where there are no more spaces, because the opportunities have been closed and where there is only the opportunity of repentance, although they are making threats of all kinds. We are not surprised at the indolence due to lack of 'contacts' and spiritual distance.

  "The other level is inadequate to sustain on Urantian soil, as it will have to deal with the Courts of The Ancients of Days on Uversa who will decide their fate in a not so long time." We do not consider it convenient to intervene with humans or any documentation, they are all in order to appear for the Magistrates and they will seal their destiny according to their decision.

  "Be confident in the results that will handle and clean Urantia from this dangerous virus, left as a sequel by Caligastia.

  "I am your Universal Father finishing this note." K K K.
Domtia. "

840)"Análisis de la segunda rebelión".

Maestro:El Padre Universal
Tema:""Análisis de la segunda rebelión".
T/R:René Durán.
Febrero 6 2019, Phoenix AZ.

El Padre Universal- "Yo soy tu Padre Universal tomando el tiempo necesario para nuestra transmisión que tendrá varios niveles por sus grados de complejidad, en primer lugar estaremos hablando sobre asuntos de la segunda rebelión que se ha desatado en la comuna de El Libro de Urantia, y que evaluamos sin razón de ser, debido al hecho concreto y definitivo de que no tienen ningunas bases sólidas y concretas para justificar su reclamo, lo cual es invariablemente, es causa para declararlos 'en desacato'  y en contra de los mandatos de El Hijo Creador. Nosotros en los Mundos del Espíritu Infinito donde experimentamos sólo amor, nos resulta 'injustificable' la carencia de elementos de juicio y de amor para justificar cualquier reclamo.
  "Yo soy su Padre Universal analizando un estado de cuentas corto y sin balances positivos, donde ya no hay espacios, porque se han cerrado las oportunidades y donde sólo queda la oportunidad de arrepentimiento, aunque están profiriendo amenazas de toda índole. No nos extraña la indolencia por falta de 'contactos' y el alejamiento espiritual.

  "El otro nivel es inadecuado para sustentar en suelo urantiano, pues tendrá que manejarse frente a las Cortes de Los Ancianos de los Días en Uversa que decidirán su suerte en un tiempo no tan largo. No estimamos conveniente la intervención de los humanos, ni documentaciones pues están todas en regla para presentarse por los Magistrados y sellarán su  destino de acuerdo a su decisión. 

Sean confidentes en los resultados que manejarán y limpiarán a Urantia de este virus peligroso, dejado como secuela  por Caligastia.

  "Yo soy su Padre Universal terminando esta nota. K K K .

Threads for New Transmissions / "Without love man can not live"
« on: January 31, 2019, 11:25:09 PM »
 "Without love man can not live"

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Theme: "Without love, man can not live"
T / R: René Durán.
January 30 2019, Phoenix AZ.

My Father I beg you with my soul and my heart to prepare my mind and my heart to receive the message of salvation that comes directly from the Island of Paradise, it is my desire to receive you with an open heart for when you deem it convenient.

The Universal Father- "In effect, I am your Universal Father, enunciating, one of the greatest truths, that 'without love man can not live', we are waiting for the normalization of events that are apparently calm.

  "I am your Universal Father transmitting from the Island of Paradise for my incommunicado children, because of the second rebellion, caused by the Urantia Book depositories in the headquarters. Do not be discouraged by these events that are close to their elimination.

  "This is your Universal Father with a small outline of the relevant events that are unfolding, keep in mind one thing, 'that the Universal Father loves you', whether they are good children or bad children. We are at a high point because of the climate of Urantia and the prevailing sociopolitical situation that is in total disarray in the American Union, be patient because everything is fine in the eyes of the Father.

  "This is his Universal Father, ending this intervention, Domtia"


834)"Sin amor el hombre no puede vivir"

Maestro:El Padre Universal.
Tema:"Sin amor el hombre no puede vivir"
T/R:René Durán.
Enero 30 2019, Phoenix AZ.

Padre mío te suplico con mi alma y mi corazón que prepares mi mente y mi corazón para recibir el mensaje de salvación que viene directamente desde La Isla de Paraíso, es mi deseo recibirte con el corazón abierto para cuando tu lo estimes conveniente.

El Padre Universal- "En efecto, Yo soy tu Padre Universal, enunciando, una de las más grandes verdades, que 'sin amor el hombre no puede vivir', estamos en espera de la normalización de los eventos que están en aparente calma.

  "Yo soy tu Padre Universal transmitiendo desde La Isla de Paraíso para mis hijos incomunicados, por causa de la segunda rebelión, ésta causada por los depositarios del Libro de Urantia; en la casa matriz. No os descorazonéis por dichos eventos que están próximos a su eliminación.

  "Este es tu Padre Universal con pequeño bosquejo de los acontecimientos relevantes que se están desarrollando. Tengan presente una cosa, 'que el Padre Universal los ama', ya sean  hijos buenos o hijos malos.  No es mi posición juzgarlos, de eso se encargarán los tribunales en orden regresiva. Estamos en un punto álgido por el clima de Urantia y la situación sociopolítica reinante que está en un total desastre en la Unión Americana, tengan paciencia pues todo está bien a los ojos del Padre.

  "Este es su Padre Universal dando por finalizada esta intervención. Domtia"


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