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General Discussion / Re: TEAMWORK: A Federation Between Friends
« on: June 22, 2018, 01:27:20 PM »
Thank you Ron I appreciated, and yes indeed, I feel good even when I am just able to perceive very little, I am feeding myself with all that is coming throuh you and the other transmitters I see they are giants now. Thank you all Rayson, The Mentori, etc.

Love all.


General Discussion / Re: TEAMWORK: A Federation Between Friends
« on: June 21, 2018, 07:59:14 PM »
 Hi Gitz its interesting that way of putting it together, federation sounds strong, team work even more attractive, multiple location working independently under the same rules o director seems to be effective.
Now, I have had several prompts with the word "ilk", as I am not  transmitting I have  not asked question from celestials to deep into that information that could come with it.
I just wanted to make a comment. 

Thank you..

Yes Steve, it is very sad how deep a rebel can fall into the abyss, it's obvious that whoever hates his brother hates The Son of God; He is love.
I have seen in the forum those who oppose to directions and love given by Michael of Nebadon through Ron and still presumed of being wise and full love and turn their backs to them.
Very sad.
I hope one day they realize what they have done.


A few days ago I also received an email from Andy Vines with a Long list of negative statements, I asked him to take me of his list, because of his  ill intentions.

I receive an email from Archeroptia, I replied, he was going downhill ....

Hi all,
Teleportation is a fascinating subject that keeps me intrigued because in the past I found some literature that taught how to take the physical body anywhere without having to use other means of transportation.
In short, one of the methods of achieving this prodigy was the perfect concentration of the mind and helping with certain mantras, and praying deeply to the Father for his help, and when the body began to feel inflated from the feet to the head is time to get out of bed and take a leap with the firm intention of penetrating into the other dimension, if it does not turn out you have to keep trying.
Another technique was that one should project the astral body out of the physical body and already being outside, one should call the body that remained in the bed that rises and that comes where one is. If the body obeys, it comes and is incorporated with the subtle body or astral body and under these conditions it moves floating at great speed into another dimension adjacent to the third dimension.
More procedures are mentioned, but a condition that the practitioner had to fulfill was complete silence; never mention what he was doing so as not to lose the privilege he had received.

For example, I tried several times, without luck.
Astral projection (OBE) is easier to achieve, but I imagine that teleportation as mentioned by Michael of Nebadon must be very useful for those who master it in its entirety.
I hope that one day we can learn from Him the way to achieve such precious information.


Hi Ron, I have been greatly surprised with these extraordinary news about our planet being officially named Nystoria and besides that moved to a different system,  now my question is this:
Is Nystoria located in our Norlatiadek Constellation or in another one?
Second question:
What is name of the sun that now our planet is traveling around, if there is any?

Next, I am sharing a information that I got from the Akashic Records back in 2011, which for me is revelatory at certain extant:
Akashic Record.
Month of September 2011.

This is a message from the future age of the earth.

We are located on an undetermined date in the terrestrial future.
I wait a few seconds and ask permission to access this information.
The master encharged there spoke to me:

"Those who live there will be beings with a high degree of spirituality, there the" I "(the ego)will have no reason to be, it is the golden age, the golden age of Aquarius long after the cleanup, which will transform.
 Our solar system will be located near the Andrómedas, much closer to Alcione, it will be our father sun, besides Jupiter that already became the sun will have grown greatly, and our sun will have aged, but grown enormously with probabilities of becoming in central sun.
Our population will not be very large, because not all will be evacuated. Space travel will be a reality.
There will be help from star beings who will exchange with Earthlings.
Our planet is part of the Galactic Confederation of civilized worlds, it has ascended to the fifth dimension. The Ozone, that is, the ozone layer has been removed, instead high clouds have been placed, steam type, this has given more dry space for the continents.


General Discussion / Re: From physical to morontial
« on: May 07, 2018, 06:01:02 PM »
Morontial energies.

Ron, I have read these posts very carefully and there are some things that intrigue me and it is the case that many say that in times past they had meetings with Count Saint Germain, we know that Michael of  Nebadon is related to this, if this is true that He manifested himself in public for long years, said morontia energy does not deteriorate to the point quickly, it can last for long years, I remember assuring that he never ate but could produce the most beautiful diamonds or jewels, I understand that a lot of this it could be a myth, but also be real, and the management at will of morontia energies an attribute of great power to manifest what is necessary to live among humans and exert power and generate changes in societies.
We were also told that Saint Germain was retiring and that we would not talk about it again, obviously that I play this because of the mystery that these public appearances of such advanced beings contain.

Dear Ron, this day is one of those in which one feels happy for the achievements of a brother, but sad at the same time because he has reached the end of the line of his physical existence. It is a rare mixture of feelings that surface in me to see that you achieved the unattainable, and that we will have the opportunity to see that you have not gone, that you are still ahead, what is coming for us who are here will not be pleasant to face, but well we know that one day we will be in front of the judges who will also point out our destiny.
Sleep in peace and wake up rejuvenated full of vigor, without the weight of the material body.
I thank you for what you taught me to do, for the teaching that you share every day, for the advice that you personally gave me and that I still carry out.
My personal problem to make transmissions because of a fall I had and that you so exactly described is something that nobody else could do, which is a test of your superior research skills.
We hope to see the next step to follow in your successful journey through this world that will owe you much of its progress towards the Age of Light and Life.


Congratulations Ron for your extraordinary work you have done, this excelent news is one of those the Father hinted nobody knew about to me and He kept it secret for me until now, remember I am  still healing from my brain stem cracked. I dont get Long transmissions, a few words and that is it.
I receive this news from Heaven with my Heart open and full of joy.
Best regards,

General Discussion / Re: As A Man Thinketh....
« on: April 28, 2018, 04:56:39 PM »
Thank you Ron for the lecture on ancestry, having an Ángel dictating or reading it is wonderful and us as readers enjoyed it deep in our heart.

General Discussion / Re: LEMUEL LIVES Horray!
« on: April 06, 2018, 02:48:00 PM »
This proves that we go easily from sadness to happyness, but I rather be happy, because you are alive and jumping out of airplains again Lemuel.
Take care.


« on: March 31, 2018, 12:42:27 AM »
I think it's a great experiment, because using fused humans gives better advantages for the balance of planetary geological or electromagnetic or gravitational energies, or in the case of other humans seeks leadership, guidance, confidence decreasing the potential for rebellions.

Discuss This Web Site / Re: Pronto has been removed for cause
« on: March 29, 2018, 11:37:42 PM »
-Greetings all members and readers!
-Thank you Ron for everything you do to keep your site clean, it takes a lot of determination to do what you do, I have seen many of those ill people who make our stomach sick; come and go doing their best effort to derail this wonderful machinery yoy have built, not only organization like corporations and the like, but the people you have taught this superb comunication techniques to get in contact with those upthere of whom we only had dreamed of. It is my desire to keep steady and solid as a rock to see better days in the future under your guidense hoping to see Jesus one day comming to guide us out of this darkness we live in.


My Lord, this is one of those saddest days to remember, for my brother and sisters and Urantia,question has Urantia defaulted Again?

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