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No need to apologize, at least not no me. I have often been confused by some of the posts but most of the time I can figure out what is being said in the end. When it comes to translations it does get a little more tricky as every word matters. Peace be with you in this coming year.

Your words ring of truth and are soothing to my impatient mind. This planet needs help and as a mortal it is difficult to understand ( time delay ). Patience is a struggle we humans Must overcome on this planet at this time. Thank you for your comforting words.
The Fathers Love be with you.

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I have full faith in the Father and his plans for this planet. It just gets discouraging to watch things be said to happen and then never does. I know this next step on this planet is so very complicated and patience is the key. Thank You again

You are not alone my friend. There is something happening on this planet both material and spiritual now. I personally can not explain it but I have faith in the Father to bring about great change to this world. The details I can't explain but I know it is happening. Like you I am tired, so very tired.

Besides this happening the date is what struck me. It was on           11-11-2018. The very next day was a big earthquake in Alaska. Strange things are happening.. Here is another link on this story.

Besides this happening the date is what struck me. It was on           11-11-2018.  Here is another link on this story.

Thank you Steve for the wonderful story and I want to thank Ron, Sue, Wendy and Machiventia for your responses. I had no idea that Major Ed Dames was even a Urantia Book Reader, let alone you knew each other. I had checked the map he had proposed with the ones previously on the forum and they looked so similar I had to share it here. It is very strange as I spent most of my life on the west coast and over the last few years I had become quite hesitant about staying there. In other words I felt it mandatory I leave and find a safer place. My wife and I moved last year to a small town in New Mexico away from any coming disasters that I am sure will wash across this planet. I thank The Father and his guiding angels for there direction to relocate.
May the Fathers love and peace be with you my brothers and sisters.          Jerry

I thought this may be of interest to all since some of this was talked about here before on the forum pages.
Thank You    Jerry

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