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Wow thank you Micheal for the message, excited about the mission staff that are ready to materialize,hope some of us this side of Africa that have just joined can be of service too.Just doing some catching up as there's a wealth of great information to digest. Its good to hear that Ron has completed his transition and that his nerve pain and other concerns will end. I'm blessed to be here. David.

Hallo brethren, its a privilege to be here. My name is David Mwesigwa from Kampala Uganda
I'm excited to b here, The holy spirit is my friend and has been for along time, and he led me to the urantia book one and a half yrs ago as i was just searching more truth about angels on the internet,and I've been quietly reading it and have found it just amazing, you people are so blessed to have had such amazing truth for some good time, I'm blessed to b here im a young man 26 who loves and has secured personnel relationship with Jesus thru the holyghost in the bible and now with the urantia book its getting even better and what a blessing that on this forum I get to read his messages wow, un believable to most of my brethren here, pse pray for these my brethren here that they'll welcome these amazing truth. Good to b here again.

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