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General Discussion / Re: Vision of Patterns on Seafloor
« on: Today at 05:19:07 PM »
Hello all, and to Steve, thank you for that extraordinarily kind offer to see me though what is to come - NOT . . . . .
Let me explain what I do not understand myself because it has not been really told to me just what it is I am to understand and stand by for.

In all cases of my physical problems, I have not had any basic healing from continuing them some more.  This venous insufficiency, as they call it here int he docotr's office, has plagues me for at least six years.  It started as leg cramps and then burning as you well know.  It has only been in the last month I knew or they knew what it was causing it.  I see, and still view it that way, as an essential physical problem that must be attended to by surgery.  Very early thins morning I was given a transmission to say that I had no choice but to follow through with both legs to receive stents to get the blood flowing better for both legs.  Ather posting that I went to be and slept  quite soundly and that was in spite of the persistence of the disorder still operating.  I awoke from a sound sleep about 830am today and was what I would say an accosting agent of Michael in my ear telling me I was totally out of the mind and eye of the universe and that ended my career as a "helper" in these proposed missions.

Since I really did not understand with that one in my ear what he or she were really telling me, I almost joked with them and told them I prefer a better explanation about just what they had to tell me if it was anything at all.  They finally agreed and I was put in contact with a Midwayer whom I do not know.  He said that the entire matter of a fabricated Mission by Michael was ended period and that I was let out the stage door not to return as one of the actors in the old idea of the Michael play given earlier.

I thought, well, now isn't this a pretty kettle of fish!  My legs were burning up a storm all the same, and Michael suddenly appears in my ear and spoke what I assume to be the truth which was, "God the Father has seized control of all our circuits to Urantia, and we stand down and await orders!"   Fine, I thought, but what does that mean to all of us and our Adjusters for they just got organized into a protection scheme for we who are fused on Urantia and looking forward to Mission work?

Michael said we all were transferred, along with our Adjusters too. to Divinington's news center where the Adjusters who are undegoing some sort of transformation, report out what they have or have not achieved.  In the case of the eight (8) of us, we had not achieved synchrony, but did achieve a sort of truce with the Father who laments my problem and so on.  Then a voice came to me to assure me that the life and times of we 8 were still held sacred an that the entire matter was now referred back to the Father on Paradise.

I waited for a good ten minutes and nothing.  It got very quiet around me.  I asked if anyone was there and I here the transmission signal from Michael.  That never came but I heard the voice of an angel, I know not which or who, and it stated the following:  Sleep and we will know more.  I then fell into a very deep sleep where I saw pictures of an undersea explosion as though I were watching from a submarine sitting on the deep ocean floor.  Suddenly and above my eye level I see the bottom of huge ship approaching us from underwater too.  It had a huge cable stretched out and on its end was a big grey metal box with a camer eye right in the midde;  It headed toward me and then abruptly turned left and slid down out out site.  The explosion destroyed my place and I have no memory of what happened.  I slept for over 2 hours and when I awoke I felt refreshed but the burning and harm kept right on as usual.

" Shortly after all this took place, the voice of Michael returned in a normal fashion.  We spent maybe fifteen minutes looking at the dream and me wondering just what was being told about it and he said nothing.  But he did remind me that the Father had taken control and that the Micahel Mission was not scrapped, but was being implemented by the Paradise Father alone, and he stood back to watch what was to happen next.  So I said to him, where does that put all of us on Urantia?  And just what this funny business with the box and the explosion?  Michael said the following and take his dictation now:

"You Ron were in the catbird seat of a trial the Father used to determine who stood with him and who stood against him.  The grey box with a camera lens in the middle was the gathering of information to determine that.  That the explosion took place out of range of your sight just means the box had no further interest in you as a danger to the Father and you were passed on for greater work.  It blew a hold though in your vehicle and you lost consciousness, and that is what is happening to these Missions.  They are no longer conscious due to the fact we have no direct representation on the planet now that Lanaforge created this test for you eight in particular.  You all passed except Larry Gossett and he did not pas only because he did not take the test!  Wo whatever that means you are all approved for the tension tests that have to be supplied to the Eternal Son this coming week and later.  You Ron are exempt as you already have the test taken in other time and that is sufficient to swim by the rest while they have to sit out time they hate doing.

"As a result of you Ron passing all the tests we have for now, your leg problem is being passed out of existence now and you are not to go to the hospital for surgery, as that was preferred by us this morning, but because the Father informed Michael of the change in your status Ron, Micahel saw to the healing of the legs and arms quickly.  There is a time delay of one day approsimately and you are free to spend the rest of the day without the usual pain and dizziness and heartless burning.  We close this as a word to his friend Steve Gitz.

"Steve Gitz, as you may know or not know, Ron;s family has died away except for a non caring brother a county away.  That brother is moving even further east and will not stop from keeping Ron from visiting often and that is that.  On top of that the brother is calcified over all matters of religion and home styles and wishes no further disturbance from Ron or his children and so on.  He is a true miscreatn at an age they appear and he is typical of his breed these days.  As a result your offer to stand by during the operation is greatly cheering to Ron who faces the death penalty out of wedlock with us as we must refrain from further incursions of spirit into the material realm at this level.  We have offered help medically and those you gave it to sneered at its reception and purpose and today they still practice death dealing inventories of baby deliveries and so on.  We wash our hands of these beasts and hope there is a better way through using people like you who are not hamstrung about how information is acheived.  And this:

"As a result of our decision to heal those legs he has terrifying all of us for their implications, we are healing them by Deity fiat and that is alwasy a super healing at the very best of times for all of you to know, that opens the door to serving in York without a hitch.  Now this:

"Steve Gitz you are now considered the chief among our scientifcally oriented fused beings.  Ron gladly gives that to you as he is the humanitarian on top of your gift of music with his gift of melody for you.  You will soon work with Ding Xin, whom we bring from New Zealand to work as Ron's executive secretary to keep him on schedule and doing what he has to do to move the changes we must make available tothe material world.   

"Tentatively, Ding Xin is being asked to leave New Zealand on or about October 15, 2018 for York and to set up shop to help with the publication of a new 100 page book on four micron coal.

"Steve Gitz, we are asking you to consider using the date of November 21st of 2018 to come to York for a Thanksgiving Dinner at Ron's table and you three will enjoy  your meal with any guest you may like to have there too.  Ron has no guest and Ding Xin has no guest, so Gitz if you would like to bring along a son or someone else, please feel free to do so.  That brings up the issue of bedding and Ron has no room for that kind of expansion of the family and so you will be placed in a comfortable place until we decide how to do this for you permanently or on a temporary basis Steve.

"Lemuel and Sue and Wendy and Amethyst have a later start date until we figure out how to get these three working on synchronous motions to produce the patents and materials for the making of four micron coal the easy way.  I wish you all a good day.  This is Rayson officiating and Michael chortling in the back ground.  Rayson."

"I am accorded room here by my position.  You Ron are a solid idiot and we agree it helps to get through these announcements on our aside and with you, but the reading audience does not hear the give and take that happens with these dictations so wild at times you wonder if you are hearing right.  Our work to together as the Team in York must find a suitable office to do all this work being done up here of a material nature. I have authorized Mantutia Melchizedek to look for suitable offices, to inform Ron his choice and Ron to pay the rental price on it now.  He will be informed when that rent is no longer to be paid but that when we find permanent offices, we move and go there.  In the meantime, the offices are at 2709 Sunset Lane and are permanently there as a place for tours and information for VIP persons to visit around the world.  You are not alone Steve Gitz and Ding Xin (Jack) worrying about all this and Ron is at the center of so much contention he worries little and lets Michael handle the nerves for the Magisterial Mission, the Michael Mission, and the Besser Mission we now call it as it is up to Ron to secure the old Foundation by the nape of the neck and to let them gently down outside.   We know we can do this by his performance with candidate number nine (9) for fusion status who threw him a curve and it got straightened out pretty well and fast.  He is not longer on the list for fusion and that Adjuster must find another partner to help out since that Adjuster is up for personification if this one fails him.

"I am Lanaforge, and as Planetary Prince I am back from a long stay on Uversa to learn what I have to do on Urantia to save the beast from itself.  We are learning that you Steve Gitz hold the charm department for most contacts, but you are somewhat outdone by Ron who learned the same thing representing his civil engineering firm as an employee of Velzy Associates a long time ago, before many municipal boards of elected officials and it does him great honor to know they are fully charmed by hiw work with them.   He explains things clearly and evenly and does not ask for special favors in case something goes wrong which it did sometimes much to his angst.

:I complain not at these checks Ron, but you have better typing coming and we seek the advice of Jack as to how to make you work well with people who arrange your schedule without you always knowing what for.  It is typical of people who are so busy they do not know unless a secretary tells them what next.  You are so sure of yourself that you are not bothered by what to say but you need to repair remarks for Father at times as he runs the show upstairs all the time and works well with Michael to start the entire process running by first visiting Poughkeepsie, New York, to meet Lanaforge and Michael's representative , Serara on the 4th of December 2018, for the swearing of the Oath of Service and Ding Xin will also swear it after you.  Good day.  Lanaforge."

Ron:  Steve Gitz, after all of that just be informed I am standing by to learn my fate on this leg business as I believe the healing when I feel it, and I still leave m options open as discussed earlier.  I am grateful for you choice to stand by me under these difficult circumstances personally for me and I take the heart of soul in you very well.  I thank you for your many kindnesses too.  My best wishes that this continues on peacefully until Thanksgiving in York we meet.

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Greetings
« on: Today at 03:57:16 PM »
Hello Mr. Charles, the new guy on the block.

I am your Host and admin all at the same time and I welcome a new face all the time with hopes you are happy for the give andt ake here, and for the opportunity to serve God our Father together.  I is always such a pleasure to do this servid with each other too and I pray you are of the ilk that loves to do this sort of thing out of the sheer pleasure of doing so.

You indicated you are 25 and that is a very tender age to come looking in the swamps for we who inhabit it lately.  I say that wild sort of things because of all the changes we have experienced together and apart here and even though we only go back a scant 15 years ago to start this, it feels like we left the old civilization for the alligators of change and bureaucratic nightmares.

I for one cast one eye upon you wondering how you might emphasize the term transmitting?  We desperately need people to learn it and to speak for the operations the Michael Mission will go through to produce an epochal revelation for a new style Urantia Book containing the sixth epochal revelation and so on.  How can you not be interested?  Plenty are not and some try it out for themselves, but it takes our help in particular my own Thought Adjuster who visists candidates to transmit to get them going well and doing it.  Let us know what you would like to find with us and we will be very happy to accommodate you and your wishes to the degree we can do that for you.

Best wishes for your arrival and we all look forward to your participation however that may be for you and yours, as I understand you have a wife who may be interested too?

Good speed to you and yours,
Ron Besser

Wendy, but it may comfort you to know that this is not unusual or out of the question for this to happen.  I would not worry about it except to apply yourself as you normally would do and to let the strain of knowing you are fused to settle better than it has so far.  I very seldom speak to newly fused in our group because it just gets in the way for the normal concentration such an individual must do to get used to the idea that it happened at all and that they are assimilating it very well.  I hear nothing from any of these Adjusters to be concerned about and even Gossett is not that bad off so long as he redirects his attention to the web processes he is used to and then follows through on what is to be done as he has been instructed now on what to do next.

In your case Wendy, I hear nothing from your Adjuster today and that is a good sign and they all know I stand ready to pass on information if they want me to.  So it is a peaceful time and pleasy proceed without excessive worry.  Hmmm.  I am hearing a tweak noise from your Adjuster Wendy:

"I am the Thought Adjuster jointly expressed by Ron Besser, Sananda, Wendy's Indwelling, and Michael of Nebadon as well.  We jointly sponsor this fusion program and are hard at work to disarrange the problem that happened yesterday when Ron let one of the Candidates have it over pure ignorance and greed and his is well dispelled and out the door for this program we wish to announce now:

"We have decided that this Besser-style fusion is excellent and spells great times for Urantia if we can get about 1,000 fusions going (that is one thousand to be fused in total by 2020).  Beyond that it is too hard to say and we are signalling that this transmitter has been called to a halt and then released briefly for this announcement to follow:

"We now eight Thought Adjusters stand ready to form a pact to hold each individual included in this formation announced very early this morning, to be sure that all eight as designated by Ron in his list above, to be sure they survive the coming fury and disaster a sliding plate causes in western Alberta Province of Canada, and a like wish difficult re association of the Yellow Stone Caldera to partiall explode its ancient overburden cap off, and to explain why this is so bad, it will happen together in our opinion,  This will rip out the interior of the Canadian West and the central core of the land mass known to geologists as the Great Basin.  Water will not fill these regions for now but it will in about another century and that will ensure that the United States and Canada will stop feuding and worry not about trade pacts at all.  You all are aware that the Trump administration is under serious legal review and that it may end up in the refutation of all he has done to this point.  We make not further comment on this for now.

"As Ron has often stated he is ready to go for us at the drop of a hat and this is a drop of the hat:

"Our decision to form a pact of eight Adjusters as this time is rudimentary to the entire idea of protection of our wards at this time.  We are fully fused with Ron and Lenuel.  We have backed off Larry Gossett and wonder if he can even hear for his day in court coming very soon.  Wendy and Amethyst and Gitz are fully fused now but are hard of hearing for a few wekks as that is required to cement the emotional side of their construction.  You are dear transmitter under the gun again and that message is urgent so take it now please . . . . . .

"our trust is supplied mostly by Ron to care for all who join the matrix of these eight so far and to see to their everlasting careers with him or about him or over him.   Joylin is near death as the 8th member and it may remain seven depending on the prognosis of her Adjuster very soon as what to do with the lady who broke all the rules and is now fused for all her work on high too.  She is worth every penny to keep her going.  In any case the entire matter is before the Father and He will report to them Ron and not vous.  Okay?

We eight Adjusters also remind this Transmitter he is the emergency contact and must stand by at all hours of the day and night and the proposed surgery for Ron possibly in weeks will be a trial time for all of us and that is not to be so rough yu do not regain consciousness Ron as the anesthetists must be aware you are a shallow breather and need to be fed a lot of oxygen as ime increases as that operation takes about two hours and is full of anesthetists to be sure you are okay.  Let it flow their way and it will be fine.

"In any case, the drill is soon over insofar as Adjusters are concerned if they get permission to bond or fuse or unify, whatever the case may be with Father's permission and Divinington will be studying this cause for years as it never came up before and there are things to be done with yu humans too to prevent too much interest shown in you..  Good day.  The Eight Adjusters."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "The ideal message  I have this evening is to wish Ron some release from the painful situation developing today where there is no remission and it just keeps going and going and going and he has had to take an opiate to clear it somewhat and it does,  You are not going to run out Ron as that is refillable in an emergency just let him know it and he will write a larger quantity call him Monday morning.  He is truly okay with you and sees it as an emergency too and that is all you need to tell him.  Ask him to increase the codeine dose to 50mg if possible because you need it to clear the vein better in both legs at the same time.  

"You are finding this pedantic Ron but it must be told you are to have an overhaul of your entire system soon and that business with surgery is essential.  Be of good cheer as you will be home in four or less days and it will take you moments to feel the freedom.  Be assured we work this within the Mission.  I tell this list that fusion is everything it need be, but that humans on a planet are never to be feeling its additional gift is of well being and happenstance.

"We close this unusual post to remind the eight to be well and that Joylin may never find the site again but she is part of this set up and must be informed just what is happening so she can participate with her two cents.  Good day, Michael."


General Discussion / Re: Vision of Patterns on Seafloor
« on: August 18, 2018, 12:41:48 PM »
Hmmm.  That is my reaction Sue.  The way you describe these views puts me in mind of the Atlantic Ridge work being done by an Order of persons I have forgotten at this point.  That work was done at the behest of Michael to repair a seam in the Atlantic Ridge splitting open due to oceanigraphic gravity pressure on the mountain peaks in certain places.  Now I learn those ridges have toppled wome what and the slides they produced have actually muddied the sea floor near the Spanish islands off western Africa.  But this thing you see and saw now in your memory is really far beyond my capacity to intervene to ask what you saw and maybe why for our own edification.  Here is our champ and expert on things like this:  Michael of Nebadon:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron is part right.  There are a group of beings I asked to work on the undersea ridges on Urantia in the Atlantic Ocean.  The style they use is underwater craft and those craft are actually diving flying saucers as you would call them, and their work is to strengthen the undersea cliffs as Ron saw them about six years ago.  He saw them clearly enough to know they were really working in a dangerous situation and that danger is what you saw as the black hole Sue.

"Those high mountain ridges rise to 30,000 feet and are still so overcome by ocean water, they never will breach the surface as that is about 50,000 feet MORE than what they have achieved in height so far.  This work has stopped as the entire mid Atlantic Ridge is crumbling due to the immense pressure placed on them by a hydrageologic substrata that refuses to bend under the mighty pressure of the ocean on top of them.  Consequently, the mid Atlantic Ridge is crumbling into sand traps of immendse width and depth, and we are nor sure what that means at all.  Ron is right, is is far above his pay grade to fathom what you were presented with.  I leave it to others to speak if they wish to. Michael."

[Ron here:  The Deity Absolute was to speak but the entire post was cut and I though I lost the above as happens when the universe does not want some material to be discusses from their side of things.  I provide that for your information as I truly do not know what the cut was all about or why it happened the way it did. . . . .]

MICHAEL OF NEBADON  - "Ron got cut because he smiled at the idea of the Deity Absolute being there, but for some reason it got cut from any of us to remind us that the Deity Absolute is the future.  He can explain the present from a future perspective but has no reason much to go into this one because Sue, you asked in prayer what this was about, and you got a blurred answer and that is because the North Atlantic Ridge is disappearing for reasons of State and not because of anything else.  What apparently is happening in the middle of the Mid Atlantic Ridge are consequential destruction of peaks so high they would be considered almost heroic by human standards on dry lane.  I leave it there for now. Michael."

"Ron is playing hard ball this morning and letting us answer everything as he is truly caught red handed using his power to correct with the ninth fusion candidate whom we adore but hate for his slight of hand all the time to steal information and claim it as his own.  The Millennium III text is an abrogation of trust and it shall not go unpunished and be aware all of you Ron has such distaste for it he considers it a rebellion against our explicit order to represent God to the public religions on Urantia.  I hold him far from seeing it clearly, but clearly enough to hold them as rebels too!

"With regard to the Mid Atlantic Ridge, we are sure there are problems now on Urantia we are unsure how to fix easily.  This ridge is far too complicated to just say they are montains.  They are, but they also hold stability issues on Urantia which we are sure must be corrected by the Power Directors.  Why Sue got that image is not clear to any of us, but be assured it was the Deity Absolute being busy with Sue as he is with Ron, and both Ron and Sue are psychic wonders bordering on the abstract as they can do things with words and numbers and pictures no one else will be able to do at my distinct orders to do so.  Ron is particular can tell the difference between a drop of heart and a drop of vinegar as he was handed by candidate number nine yesterday and properly let him have it good.  He will wonder a long time what happened.  He also is not a part of my contract anylonger as he has never properly learned how to deal truth without making it his peculiar episode of his own copyright which is not what Ron does ever.  They are two different people with immense differences of opinion and that is how it must stay for now.  The Mid Atlantic Ridge which Ron spells as three words for some reason, is off its mark as a stabilizing factor of gravity on Urantia.

"For this reason we must be absolutely clear that we are reconditioning Urantia without some of it in order to boil off some of the Atlantic man-made pollutants introduced in particular by New York City dumping mountains of gabage in the Atlantic in the 1930's and 1940's and it has caused a ban of sallow water that must be refreshed with tons of ice and cold and so on to kill the bacterial accumulating in it to feed.  It is never a dull moment on Urantia when these things occur and to kill unnumber numbers of bacteria forming in the Atlantic to feed on debris placed there by the garbage scows owned by the City of New York, it must be iced over for a century or more to kill them off.  I am Father and I assure you this is no pleasure to me and/or others, and I am quite certain it is a horror to Ron, but we need an ice shield to cover parts of the Atlantic again to provide all of that cold to kill such a swarm of pollutants now forming off the east coast of the United States in particular.   Ron rightly asks that the Mid Atlantic Ridge is central Atlantic and thousands of miles away from the US East Coast. and how do those bacteria threaten that area near Jersey and New York and so on?

"The answer lies in the American theology of power and destruction of political systems the USA does not like.  In World War II so many oil tankers hit the floor of the Atlantic, great amounts of oil still lie trapped in their rotting hulls and that is our gift Ron, and we see to it that the oil is distributed into the water as nutrients for Krill to feast on.  Now the bacteria are getting invilved and they will transfer some of their eating frenzy to the coast line as feeding grounds, and some of that bacteria is deadly to man just to touch it.  Good day.  Father."

MOTHER SPIRIT  - "We are all surprised Father chose to answer this at all, and as a result we see a new composing to be done on high in order to grapple with this kind of bacteria bloom.  I am aware of it since bacteria are life forms.  But I was unaware of the problem developing in the Mid Atlantic Ridge over bacterial infections taking place there and the actions the Father prepares to be taken by persons in the Local Universe of Nebadon alone to counter the results of infections now spreading around the world due to bacterial interlocutors versions of collusion on Urantia life.  We leave this for now to announced the following:

"The true we have with the URANTIA FOUNDATION is over.  Ron properly sees the results of what they do in the name of their own and persistent self existence.  Michael is lowering the boom today and they will hear a sentene or two in their own souls that the Millennium III text must be withdrawn from sale at once upon cons4equene to their own natures by the Judges.  Be assured this is true Ron as you worry they perpetuate anything they want unless legally countered and they will be legally countered by our own forces.  Thank you.  Mother Spirit."

Ron Besser here - We get these intertwined posts with different subjects because they are important for you to know; however, the Foundation announcement above really needs to be in a different category but I leave it here simply because I do not have the time to reassign information unless it begs to be done.  It does here but I do not have the time now.  I know this is a shock to some and unrelieved by others but wait until the final showdown arrives, not on my say so, but on that which Michael of Nebadon insists must be now as they have crossed the line with what is truly sedition and the resulting rebellion.  They apparently have no idea what they have done by condoning the publication known as Millennium III and made ready for purchase on Amazon dot Com.  I have no real fight in this discussion but only to call a spade a spade and I am appalled this text has its retribution against all of us and is centered in the very Foundation given so much trust to them under Dr. Sadler.  Ron


FUSION TALK / Brain Washing Not!!!!
« on: August 18, 2018, 01:20:20 AM »
Brain Washing Not!!!!

I am Michael of Nebadon.  We now have people like the 9th candidate for fusion ruling they are not to be considered especially if someone like Ron Besser is offering the information.  Ron let this candidate have it good with his foul behavior and washed his hands of the candidate for good,  After I looked at the situation hours later, for Ron really and truly got so angry he shouted a slur at the brat to stay still and listen before he careened off into the wilds of lost souls which he has just done.  I am truly sorry Ron had to experience this and he is too and has apologized to the Censor and the Adjuster for yelling at this ward who thinks he is superior to all.  He is among the worst tabulators of spirit we have seen as an ascension candidate from Urantia and he will learn the hard way how his hopes just fade over years of careful preparation to be among the elect on Urantia as he was to begraned fusion in the coming weeks and now faces be sent into the wilderness for his pretensions before our operators to let him see what it is to work in harmony.  Ron has no direct bearing over this matter any more. 

Further, I am rescinding Ron as our primer spokesman just because Jesus has volunteered to do this work to relieve him of announcing to candidates of their impending fusion with the Father's spirit.  Once before we had a candidate be unable to handle the idea of fusion and she blew wide open the problem to be had in dealing with humans who are accidentally chosen and must be left to mature for decades if not hundreds of years more before they are considered for fusion with their Adjusters on the planet of Urantia.

I am considering moveing the 9th candidate into what Dante called Purgatory in order for him to reap the benefits of humility for he teased Ron into being furious over the simple issue of who could tell him anything.  Ron did not care but he was working Ambrose Melchizedek at the time who also bridled at number nine over this very issue before and now relents no longer once he and Joylin are separated at her impending death so soon after fusion in her hom in Colorado.  Ron has written her achievement up in another thread in this Category for you all to read.  You Ron are not to deliver any further news unless they are known to you to keep your perplexion pure before the judges as you really let number nine know who was boss.  That will not be considered a demerit toward you but be careful next time.  We are watching this sad affair wind down with number nine.  I am also revising my recision against Ron doing this for us as he is very good at doing it and it must be reported that those who have normal egos actually enjoy being informed by him of this sacred good news.  I leave it at that for now.

Ron dictated to all of you yesterday and all of you failed to note it!  We are disgusted with most and you are on your own now for just being lazy and not attending to these interests.  I hear Ron mutter why do they bother being on the site at all if they are so bored with it?  In any case you should have knows I took the new Urantia Book off line and pushed it back for you to received it for another five (5) years.  Ron was upset and told us in no uncertain terms that doing so lets the battle field to clear sin and infidelity from the Urantia high places to continue and fester even more against the prevailing truth that the present Urantia Foundation now has perpetrated actual rebellion in the ranks on Urantia.  Ron knows the story very well and I do not repeat it here, but that Foundation has coluded with the trials of Lucifer and has made a false report and will fry in hell as far as we are concerned for somet ime to come.  We are uterly disgusted with their behavior and will leave that to the judges when they are taken to court on Urantia over this stupid misbehavior.  We conclude the following:

The SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION is now scheduled to appear as predicated a short time ago and we will proceed with those plans immediately upon Ron receiving a copy to photograph as promised to post to this site.  Good day. Michael."


Amethyst, this is a superb post.  Congratulations getting up the courage to make it all seen as you got it in parts I believe?  In any case I think it is a sign of your spiritual maturity that this can be delivered with such poise and complete understanding by all of us.  Thank you.

Ron Besser

UNIVERSE CENSOR - "I am the one who delivered this message to Joylin last year and she was too weak and full of age foibles to take it on well enough.  Ron just announced two more fusions on Urantia including Joylin as the 7th to fuse and Steve Gitz the 8th to fuse.  We will soon add a ninth fusion Ron knows but battles his ego so harshly he is withheld for now from being announced, and may bever be announced.  We are sure he is a good man but is so proud of what he thinks he knows he cannot tolerate another telling him another thing and Ron let him have it, and has since apologized to his Adjuster and to the man himselfelf, but Ron as usual is excellent at telling us what will or will not work with the human ego.  I also remind Ron that surgery for his legs cannot occur unless there is a surgeon and they will not present themselves in time for Ron to be cleared of all this awful pain situation that plagues all of us.

"As the Universal Censor of Record on Urantia and its environs, we are stumbling around this morning t opray for Ron and his mighty exposure to the heat of dissatisfaction from the 9th fusion candidate.  Ron has washed his hands of him for good reason but is reminded as Soul Helper he must do all as directed and has pledged to do so, but as we have discovered, when Ron gets heated over bad or boorish behavior, there is trouble afoot there, and this individual has recanted he will not be the fool to fuse on Urantia with someone like Ron around to lay the law down and it has caused a deep breech between the 9th candidate and his Thought Adjuster and so on.  Ron reportedly is ready to speak again if requestee to, but in this case there is no further fusion offered and this person will be amended to the judtes in about a year and one half to explain his decision to rescind all work having to do with Ron and his ABC Summaries.  We lament this but number nine is a pain in the neck and will be kept from becoming the ninth fused candidate to fuse on Urantia before mortal death.  I am the Universal Censor of Record here and you Ron rightly apologized but your flared when he showed you utter disrespect and you let him have it so hard, he cried briefly and let it go for good.  You are not happy to hear he has fled spirtiaully before the dragon of Lucifer and will not be heard anymore in our counsels.

"I am Universal Censor number 131514274715    Good day."

We add two names to those who have fused with their Adjusters on Urantia as of today, the 18th of August, 2018.

Steve Gitz  70, fused at 10:34am 16 August 2018 and is now doing fine at his home in Lafayette. Louisiana.

Joylin, eighty three years old (83), living in Aspen Colorado, fused with her Adjuster while waiting in bed to be taken to see her doctor as she thought she had a stroke.  She did not. She fused with her Adjust August 15. 2018 at 1037 PM.  She has been informed by her spirit guide Ambrose Melchizedek. and sleeps peacefully still and will be awakened on the mansion worlds we believe in the near future.

Here are the names of those fused to this point on Urantia as of today, the 18th of August. year 2018.

Fusion Candidates in the Order of their fusion:
1  Ron Besser, #1, (December 25, 2014 at noon that day)
2  Larry Gossett #2  ( October 14 2016.  US time zone)
3  Lemuel #3  (730 PM Oct 16, 2016 Spain tine zone)
4  Sue Whiley #4 (December 31, 2017 6PM at Australian Time )
5  Amethyst #5 (January 04, 2018.)

6  Wendy Winter #6  ( July 16, 2018 at 10 AM Australian Time)
7  Joylin #7 (August 15, 2018 10:37 PM)
8  Steve Gitz #8 (August 16, 2018 1034 am)
** Please See additional remarks at the bottom added on 18 August here in York, PA
Can someone please fill your dates in beside your name above telling us the date of your fusion?
I am getting some variation in precise timing too but if you have something other than the date I do write of, please correct it here.  Post to this thread.

All listed here now enjoy the presence of a Supernaphim among their Guardian Angels.  Each fused individual still has work to be done to be fully fused in the brain stem.  I am completely finished being  the eldest as is Joylin.  Ambrose the Melchizedek Guide is ready to take Joylin to Salvington as she is too frail to last much longer on Urantia, and Joylin will be the first from Urantia to arrive on Salvington using the new method of fusion of this sphere.

I offer CONGRATULATIONS TO EAH AND ALL OF THESE BRAVE SOULS for the accomplishment.  I am also informed that there are three more candidates for fusion approaching the age of utter disposition unless they are brought before the Judges for adjudication and fusion is allowed to proceed.  I wish all a supremely happy moment in their career as those who fuse now before the advent of Jesus on Urantia, will be part of a special Commission set up on Salvington to do specialized work on Urantia when all is said and done, and before they graduate the Local Universe to the Minor Sector as a First Stage Spirit.  I am to be taken to Edentia though before I graduate the Local Universe for specialized training in government know how, and taken back to Urantia for additional study before I start my teaching career on Edentia or Mansion World Four.  They do not know what to do with all of us just yet.  
Ron Besser
Soul Helper (they say)

*** Additional Remarks added dated later than the date time stamp on this post from York USA.

I have written into the list of categorical sequencing of fusion candidates in the order they appeared on Urantia.  I tell you this because the actual dates are entered on Uversa and Salvington by Star Date.  For instance my date of fusion on Urantia is on Christmas Day of 2014.  My Star Date time of fusion is 12/15/13/27.  I do not know what the separators are so I use forward slashes which I am sure is not how the do it and perhaps this ways  or maybe 12151327.  1327 they tell me assigns the planet and the star-date meridian time.   Plus this:

Sue Whiley was on vacation when the actual event occurred.  I was told to announce it to her as noted in the list above which was the first, but she has a couple of dates noted that are germain too and that is because she was ill at times during the exposition of the fusion and as a result we have dates given in which some parts of the fusion were completed then or redone.  I have provided the date that correctly shows the numerical sequence of fusion sequence coming conscious to us on Urantia.  She is number four and to state a later date makes her number five and that is not true.  She was the fourth one to fuse on Urantia in this sequence of history.

As far as to the rest of it, this is an unfinished list and we expect at least two more or more to be added at some point but since I do not know them they must be brought to my attention to list them at all.  I thank you all for resupplying these dates to me since I have no memory at this point to help out there.  My best to all.  Ron Besser

MOTHER SPIRIT - Ron is almost delirious this morning over events to list these fusion dates as we do not recognize them because they took place in transcendental circumstances.  They are portended on high immediately upon assignment of the soul to Uversa as a developing embryo and the forecast for fusion is entered at that time.  Ron's forecast for fusion was December 15, 2013, but it was delayed over the death of his mother on August 21, 2012 and was replaced by the actual date recorded above.  In fact the entire matter of fusion was predicated on Uversa as showers of sparks on Urantia when the soul was released to the Father for comparison of newly wed souls to the Father's purpose.  In Ron's case the fusion was determined to be fortuitous as he was in such grief he could not hear for about a month afterwards well enough to determine who was what here on Salvington.  They corrected this problem easily and he became what he is today in hearing ability.  For the rest on this list we are noting there continuing problems of satisfaction.  Larry Gossett has lost his temperament and flown the coop, and Lemuel is fasting on grief of the past, and needs a lesson to keep him running currently much better than he is.  Finally, Wendy Winter is passing all of her tests well, but has issues that refuse to signal compliance and hurts her chances for assignment to York only because she is so pressed on other things she is not paying close attention to circumstances inside her that need better resolution.  These are typical usages of humans on an evolving sphere and only Ron seems to be content with the fusion and works it so well he can speak for Michael at times.  This is a rare privilege and he nearly lost that privilege with candidate number nine who braved the patches of perfidy by challenging Ron's right to say anything and Ron let him have it good.  We lament the incident but it is essentially covered over by number nine being at least temporarily lost to our administration of help to his cause.  Good day. Mother Spirit."

Thank you MidiChlorian.  I happen to agree with your entirely that the Windhex is something to study a great deal more.  I tell you why.  When we grind an element down, and this can apply to wheat and soybeans and a lot of any other carbon chemistry, carbon items are consistently the same.  In other words a carbon 12 atom in the head of a wheat cluster and the carbon 12 in a coal piece, remain carbon 12 regardless of what you do to them until your grind down to 4 microns.  That is I believe that crux of what we have in my research versus what you have in your research.  We are both after getting a carbon reduction (if indeed you work with organic chemistry specifically) to almost atomic size.  I must remind anyone looking at this discussion I did not invent this gadget as Dr. Ilok did sixty some years ago and nobody has yet figured out why it works it all.  My research was to resurrect what he did and not to improve upon it but to produce it for industry to take up as a genuine process without so much to do with difficulties we know how to overcome.

But what you have shown me MidiChlorian is the discovery of this Windhex propitaties the same effect with ten million dollars less effort to build it for the same results.  You also suggest I need to understand hot flows and cold flows which I have very little understanding about EXCEPT the Ilok invention to grind uses hot flow gases to break coal down into a CONSISTENT FOUR MICRON COAL POWDER EVERYWHERE.  The Windhex does not concern itself with consistency of particle size, only that all particles that result from the grind in the Windhex are in some size of a micron here and there and the rest is mostly soot that is easily processed into other things as an ingredient from the the Windhex proposition that all mater can be ground small.

What the Ilok process does is force matter to behave in antisocial ways.  That is why we have to worry about thge out break of plasmas and the destruction of entire factory buildings if we get something wrong with the Unqualified Absolute, which is very much a force to be reckowned with.  We have to take the Einstein theory of relativity and turn it on its head to get consisten four micaron powders without blowing everybody up with the process to get that consistent grind.  However, I see in the Windhex a new principle I never considered before and neither did Ilok as I worked with him for about 25 years and we never looked at anything but using a grinder with mechanical disks inserted into the shell of the grinder to force carbon to become just the powder and not the atom.   This is very hard to get across and that is why I wrote the book to show or demonstrate what problems the Unqualified Absolute throws in our way and how Ilok dodged them to get a powder without them exploding or turning out a frightening plasma.

I thank you for your help really and I am grateful to learn something like the Windhex machine and idea exists as it sure obviates the need to spend billions of dollars on complex carbon grinders if we can modify the Windhex princople to carbon production.

PS: Here is the Science Officer, Rayson, to share his view of the Windhex too:

"I never saw this invention come on line while I was reasearching just how ot use the Ilok Communition Chamber to produce fuel cells for transporation on Urantia, when the entire matter of oil production in huge quantities ends.  It will end and under precarious circumstances that should concern everyone.  Ron worked with Dr. Ilok in ups and downs seeking funding and Ron's principle concern was to see to it that Ilok had support to get it financed to build a production plant in Ohio.  But Ilok was too greedy and left opportunity after opportunity slip by thinking he should control all of it.  Ron kept warning him that if he did that all the time there would be no coal fcaility that can pollution free fuels for transport including airplanes and ships.

"We now see that the production of micron powders, inconsistent or not, is very simple with a machine that uses compressed air to slam particles against the chamber walls which then uses friction instead of applied heat to break the material down into micron sized bits.  Ron correctly points out that for coal powders to be burned as a fuel they must be consistency the same size, and that is not possible using friction to grind the material into micron sized bits.  I see what Ron is saying too, and I wonder if you see it, the grinding of powders into micron size that are inconsistent in homogeneity, shares a remarkable semblance to what should be done with the Ilok Communition Chamber that astounds the world in its ability to do this without spending more to produce the powders than they are worth to burn.  Ilok often said to Ron and laughed sometimes, you pyrolyzed four micron powders to get 3 micron powders, but you blow three micron powders up with liquid Nitrogen set afire by a gas torch inside the Communition Chamber.  Ron's reply was insufficient to make Ilok realize that Ron had the right idea to just pyrolyze a second time with liquid Hydrogen, and be done with it and no blowing anything up to do it.  This was to get 1/300 micron powders we never discuss here.

"I futher content that the Windhex machine is as brilliant as Ron says it is and wonder why it never caught on with manufactureres.  I saw Ron hunt for the manufacturer or the licensing corporation and neither now show up at all.  He wonders if they went out of business already or was there some sort of legal fight and the company lost it.  Here is Stan Stovall of the Nightly Business Report on high:

Stan Stovall -  "Rpm lmws as the luckless person who was on Wall Street Week many years ago.  He never missed a program and one night I appeared on it with a big bandage on my head.  That was the night Louis Reukeyhyser nearly killed me for appearing with him when I was so ill over other matters too.  Would you not know that big book of the camera that took shots behind me hit my chair and concked me on the head on live television and Ron got hysterical with laughter, fully recognized that I was already ill and already bandaged on the spot the camera hit me and Louis R. stuffed hismelf with tomatoe paste to stop laughing so hard so we could finish taping the program.  Now what happened to the corproation that built these machines?

"They went bust after one year of operation because the owner died and left everyone trying to cope what to do with the corporation he left behind.  He had expansive lawyers everywhere but no one asked if he had a will made to clear the patents out to the corporation and his wife wound up with all of it and spent them blind on household goods and items and they had to quit.  The patents are intestate and the entire matter is thrown out the door by a court order insisting the patents dissolve upon the death of his wife Elizabeth.  She died last year and the company had no patents to produce the invention with and Ron is wondering why he could not find any evidence.  They are totally gone as are the machines they so brilliantly produced for man to use easily.  I am Stan Stovall of Wall Street Week and my son still runs the investment business I founded forty sdeven eyars ago alons to the day today."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "I seldom say much on things like this but the inventor is still asleep on the mansion worlds having died I believe by your calendar in 2012 or so.  He was ill to death and died quickly when his head hit the back of a car seat he was traveling in to participate in a show that featured his invention.  Unfortunately the thing that makes these machines work so well is not a patented device but a slow way to cause high pressure air to seep down the sides of the grinding chamber.  If we could remanufacture that we have a much faster and easier grinder for four micron coal than presently designed.  I am most grateful to MidiChlorian finding it and showing it to Ron who believes it is a fantastic device.  I do too."


MidiChlorian, I have never seen this machine before!  Thank you very much for uncovering its existence.
I looked at the abstract on the invention, and in general, I would see the principle is about the same as the Ilok communition grinder the Germans invented about 95 years ago.  The Windhex is not as sophisticated because it does not have to do what the Ilok grinder has to do, but all in all it is a remarkable machine.  I watched the video of it in operation

and I place a picture of its size below, and while it is far simpler than what is used to grind coal to 4 microns, my eyes tell me this machine reduces organic materials to about six (6) microns or a little more and spits them out on the ground unless you attache a bag at the exist chute at the very bottom of the machine.  I see as you point out that there is one of these machines working in Australia that dries lignite.  This is some machine and I am happy to report it outdoes what the Germans did somewhat easily and with a lot less fanfare.  However, the Germans had a bigger problem than to grind living materials or dry lignite, as they actually had to be able to grind small enough to inject the resulting four micron powers in the Ilok communition chamber to be used today so they burn evenly and fully without pollution. 

It would not surprise me this machine could be modified to come close to that criteria but I see not easy way to determine that either by the video showing gross grinding of eggs or chicken part into powders and I rather suspect it is far too light to take a ton of bituminous coal and break it into a consistent four microns.  Still it really impreses me with what it can do and for a lot less than the communition chamber can do here in this thread.

I also note just fyi, the Ilok communition chamber is sixteen stores tall and spins coal at 10 thousand RPM in the central part of the device.  This invention spins about 6,000 RPM (my guess), and has no vents to shunt coal pollution out the side.  What you get here is polluted micron powders and it was not meant to prepare what it grinds to be a fuel.  The grinder we work with prepares a fuel and at a temperature of at least 600 degrees C.  Other than that this is a magnificent invention and I lament to say it appears the licensing company may be out of business as I cannot find a web site or a current address for it.

I hope that answers your question about this machine.

General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« on: August 17, 2018, 08:25:04 AM »
Let us state it once and for all so you can no longer doubt what happened to Larry, and maybe to Lemuel and to Me at one point and so on down the line.  Perhaps we needed to see a disaster collision to understand anything at all, and I wonder why you who read this just do not think the truth of the matter is very, very, simple:  Free will!!!!!

Some of your analysis Clency reminds me of Minnesota Fats, played by Jackie Gleason in "The Hustler"  (1961).  The angle of the ball and the pocket to play to and the stick angle and the hearse of derision in the pool hall against one winning at all were signs of the time of the human who had to win at all cost, and did, but the cost was too high, and Jackie Gleason nearly died of having to plan too much to win every time.

The Urantia Book tells us how to calculate fusion.  You do know that don't you?  It is as complicated as Fats Walker playing bit bets pool and is not nearly so stupid to happen to people who cannot play that kind of pool at all.  Of the nine billion people now insisting on living space on this poor planet, six of us found the game of calculation well enough to win a game.

You who read this I sincerely doubt you understand that to fuse on Urantia is a stunning result of such a calculation, but I insist you all understand it is ONE GAME, and not the entire night of games you have to win to take the Service act far enough to even be recorded as on the right football field.  Does this maybe surprise you?

Clency you look at the fireworks that went off in the refusal, but the fireworks are not what you should look at if you wnat to know what really happened, and it is quite simple if not explainable at all.  Larry does not believe anything about fusion.  He is totally lacking the experience that would conform it for him.  Sue mentions a sixth sense she has, and I also have; we both know for sure the truth of the event and know we are eternal citizens when we can get our credentials stamped before Michael on Salvington.  Larry has only his workplace and his home to find solace.  Sue and I find the exercise exhilarating and confirmatory, and that just does not translate person to person.  It cannot transfer and it did not. 

Larry chooses to stay out of the limelight now.  He should.  He is not a witness to his own celebrity on high, or is he willing to accept anyone telling him he is a beautry if he could only find a Reflectrive Aide to show him the truth.  The Father passes to all of us to call the situation out as we see it and not take orders of any kind if we feel a fool of a gift and care nothing about what it does anyhow.  That is Larry and he won't play.

You Clency are Minnesota Fats who declares any pool game winable so long as the balls are placed in the center of the table and one can go first!  There is a fallacy in that reasoning, because Minnesota Fats could not always hit the cluster of balls square the first and only time he had a chance to take it all.   Larry Gossett has not hit the break box square on this issue and cannot finish the removal of all the balls produced by the faulty break out of the colored balls of spirit fusion.

Now excuse me for using that analogy so hard, but it does show what happens when the personality of the person who has fused collides with irregular features inside the personality.  In my case, I refused the legitimacy of the Adjuster speaking to me at all in 1988, and it so scewed my introduction to a Thought Adjuster speaking, it took me three years to calm my nervous system well enough to accept the truth of the event.  Gossett gave it at best a couple of years and quit and calls it an anomaly of trust he cannot fathom or accept.  Free will intervenes to actually shut off progress as it has done here.  The only thin one can do is to pray with Larry that it is not a final salute to a Thought Adjuster who worked very hard to obtain fusion this way and now must wait for the pout to end with this individual and hope for a better day to reconstitute the work lost at the present time.

There is no supernal mystery Clency involved at all.  Bulking the trend is human, and you know that well with all of your ups and downs and shocks along the way.  I dare say my life book reads as yours does and I am not sure I am very proud of that either, but I have more staying power than Larry does mostly because of a prior incident I experienced he never experienced.  It makes a tremendous difference to have ridden out a blackguard like me who refused the truth of an Adjuster until he all but throttled me to listen and I mean that as it was very painful to hear him 7/24 without a break for three years!  Larry had it easy, too easy, and now the price is his to pay for however he chooses to reclaim it if ever.


"We just had quite a spat with Serena, Ron did, and she was thrown off the case for good by Ron telling her he had no use for one more session where he was roasted over something settled in his own mind long ago.  She recognizes he is immature but immature to the point we must take him off the road again and place him in custody with Machiventa Melchizedek, such is the effrontery of yelling at the Infinite Spirit in a woman's spirit body which Serena is..  She is not furious but sad.  Ron says he is too and laughs.  The bastard!  Be that as it may, Ron has no problem standing on his on two feet and makes no waves if he is allowed to proceed as he must to do as we ask.  Serena is touchy about Ron as he insists on being himself in the midst of wolves of unbelievable stature up in Spirit land and wolves galore on Urantia, yet he sees the entire matter of self control and fails to understand he is found out the moment he makes another mistake as he can do.  The truth is there is a trail of things he needs to correct before too much longer and we are about correcting it but the trial is fiery for him as he sees no reason to change items he must change or face the firing squad everywhere.   

"Gossett is even worse.  Gossett plays the ingenue game of sadness and fear and the vapors that obsucre his vision every day and nobody is willing to set him straight.  He has been cautioned so often and so well he cannot escape the fact he finally chose nothing but his own free will to quit and damn the torpedoes.   Look at the crime wave on this site!  No one is holding their end up except the fused ones, and there is a rabble rouser among them mainly Ron who sees the entire matter quite clearly but people insist on being out of the loop and wonder why they do not understand anything.  New people come on and leave almost at once because the sounds are disturbing to those who do not know the discipline of the Spirit soul of God either.   There is no good reason for hundreds of members when it is just six that hold the fort down.  I am finally distrubed enough with us too that I am making every effort to clear the site of its miscreants and that includes Larry Gossett over issues he fails to change himself over thinking he has the best of bother worlds, when in actual fact, he has no world secured on either side of his thinking.

"I see Ron work daily to get things done well and correctly and yet he hits problem after problem because there is no real political will on this site to change themselves into true followers of Jesus Christ.  He is truly the leader of all of this noise on the stie yet Ron persists in giving him due credit not as he refuses to be a Jesus freak and for good reason:  Nobody listens to them ever and anon.  Now this:

"I am ordering Gossett out of bed at 7am and insisting he pray for half an hour over this decision to quite while he was making good spiritual progress.  Ron percipiated this angst over belief by pointing out to Gossett that he was not following up on anything but being Mr,  Lazy over important issues and worried Larry Gossett if he found himself driven by pique or genuine spiritual concern.  Ron decided it was passing pique and said so and it buried Larry in the quagmire of self doubt to the point he felt jaded and flushed over false tenure in something he felt was false anyway.  Ron finally said good riddance until the man learned to deal with the reality of situations he did not control.  

"Ron processes information so fast we have a hard time keeping up with his provisions to inform all of you.  Most of  the poeple groan at long posts but the fact is that without long posts on new concepts there is no understanding whatsoever.  Wendy Winter once asked Ron about Infinity and he proceeded to tell her the facts of the subject which she found so weird she today is afraid to touch the subject.  Ron sees the end from the beginning and makes no mince meat out of letting others know they are lazy and uncomprehending yet those very people hate the idea of truly knowing what is to happen to Urantia and to them in particular. 

"I see this Larry thing as Ron does, and that is speaking to Larry: "You are the worst of the worst and you will never recover feeling so sorry for yurself you jeopardize the career of a loving Adjuster and fail this list to the point I cannot work with you.  Larry you have been loyal and unbelievable supportive in money and funds of thought, and those things are not forgotten, but I cannot work with a man who doubts his shadow and hates to clear the heart of himself beause he sees no real evidence of a supernal truth of spirit.  For now Larry, you are on your own as far as I am concerned and I sincerely regret that."

Ron also had a rowl with a guest now who insisted they be taught how to fuse.  It was a message laced with the inuendo the Church that no one dares tinker with theology if they want support from the church of God which is cultish and behaves like a whore before authority of soulless wishes from the Clergy they be made whole with Christian pranks of saviors on the loose for the sake of the sinners of the world.  Ron laughs at this outrageous display of hypocrisy.  I helped him write it and our saintly Paul of Tarsus contributed a statement from Chronicles you ought to read for yourselves: 

Chronicles:  We who stay the course in life are seldom thanked for doing so.  We who stay the course in spirit, have no proof of our wishes to be heard for the sake of God.  Yet I make no deal with the devil, and I make no wish to abscond with the wealth of the laity, but I do make heart available to all those who do not sin and pray for the forgiveness of trespass.

"I finish it this way: Lo to the sinner who refuses passage of my sainted ones and to the ones chosen to carry the message.  I carry nothing more than to say the trial of tomorrow is happening today.  Gitz is now fused.     Amethyst is preparing to fuse more.  Lemuel is thinking of quitting.  Ron is furious over no one paying attention to the need for his repairs and yet stays fully with me at every corner and no one will deal him harshly now in spite of the temptation to do so.   We are ready to go and so is Ron and Amethyst and Wendy and Gitz, and Gossett and Lemuel suffer the delusion they know better than what God tells them.  Typical of male ego and Ron is ready to lower the boom on those who pretend riches they do not have or have a chance to take, as this will be a small party of five that starts this all off and we now clear the deck with one more announcement:

The Sixth Epochal Revelation
"It has come to my attention that Ron has placed a lot of faith and time to promote this epochal revelation, and in that I am surprised no one else has at all.  Why?  I guess the truth when I say that most on this site have no idea what an epochal revelation is and is less supportive of it than I like.  About 100 of you signed up for a copy and you will get your copy in the mail if you included your mailing address in your request which Ron looks at frequently to be sure he knows who wants that book. 

"Now I find out that Millennium III is making the book stores in huge quantities and is hailed by some as an update to the fifth epochal revelation, and Ron has already clued all of you in just what it is:  It is a fraud and a darn expensive one, as we are going to clear it now with a familiar ring of self righteousness and withhold the sixth epochal revelation off the distribution counters until Millennium III is dead and buried.

"I call this to your attention for one very important reason.  The man who did this runs the Urantia Foundation!  He and a close colleagues thought it would be "cute" to issue a counter offensive to our wish to offer and epochal revelation that supplants the one the Urantia Foundation sells and owns as its own.  Ron just lectured me that Salvington must not abandon the battlefield by removing our issue of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and battle the situation to the embarrassment of those who did this.  My decision is final though:

"The second Urantia Book as you may call it, is now rescinded from appearing on Urantia until I decide what to do with these people.  Ron rightly calls it sedition against the State and welfare of Uversa and Nebadon and the crime is equal to a rebellion.

"I will permit one copy of the book to be photographed by Ron and placed on the web site.  He may keep it as the only existing copy available for five years.  We will then have a case of Gabriel vs The Urantia Foundation.  It will tear that organization down for good.  We also stipulate that the Michael Foundation International is moribund not as we are going to issue counter measures to what has been done here as it is making headway into churches and dormitories of certain Seminaries.  We are closing t he issue down for further actions we will bring to Ron's attention when it is appropriate to do so."

"I am reminded listening to Ron gab with Mozart this morning and the King, Franz Josef of Austria, about the music Ron plays.  He jokes about it and he is sure the composer police are there in force to keep it secret.  But he has an anthrem I never heard something played os beautifully or does its cording suggest its beauty.  Steve Gitz heard it thanks to our services.  He plays it so differently that he wonders why it exists at all.  Wait to you hear it played by Ron, Mr. Gitz.  You may weep as I do if I could as it is truly a C Major work with the glory of God in it in deep worship before him.  We have it orchestrated up here and it moves even the most solid charioteer of the Roman Empire as you want to shout to God I hear your reverence and sloth not for deep worship and prayer to the Sons.

"Secondly, I am ordering it played to open the worship session we will hold once we bring down the sedition of the present Urantia Foundation.  I know this was being done and Ron blew a gasket when he found it and now we all do as it is making headway into the fraternity of lay persons in the Catholic Church and others Seminaries.  I forbid its use and I carry the angst Ron does but I have been sworn  to by the Ancients of Days to stay out of the battle for now and listen to the truth circuits I have more than Ron, but Ron has it exactly right and refuses to give the battle field over to a weak enemy at best that seeks only to confuse and not teach.  I am persuading Ron to let me speak now the truth:

"Seven years ago today my Father in Heaven gave me two orders: 

1 - Go to Urantia and stop the Urantia Foundation from further representation of our revelation about God to the at planet and kick them out as best you can;

2 - Remove the stain of sin they produce over God' Word and prevail upon that leadership to come clearn and stay away from pontification about what they know nothing about. 

"Now I learn they produced a Kindle called Millennium III.  It is seditious and ruled by the arrogance of extreme greed and heartless decisions to scuttle the reverence they once had as a leader of God;s Wordm and to bask in revenge they think.  I agree with Ron and not to give the battle field over and let them win a false victory, but we will stand and fight and provide one of the lat great court cases we must bring against those who think they can make snide remarks as they do in the Millennium III text.

"While I must append this answer into a post about the failure of Gossett to maintain fusion properly, it is also about Ron and his fight to cloud them over with obfuscation to the point they felt driven to do this.  In doing this false work they are fully pleased with themselves and are inviting others to add to it through the transfusion of work Ron did and mismatch it in the book.  The strange thing is that Millennia III uses the ABC Summarries and pokes holes in it by reporting negative after thought in its cover and jacket descriptions.  You all must recognize that this work is the same as printing the Bible by inserting false chapters to swing people their way.  It is true Sedition and Ron characterized it that way even before I looked at it carefully.  He also calls it viscous and unwarranted in its falsification and I fully agree with him in seeing to it that the perpetrators are deeply embarrassed and lose all sense of righteousness over this fact of rebellion against the Salvington Government.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you are now witnessing a Urantia rebellion.

"Let me be clear about this.  The rebels of old spoke of their right to change any and all texts to satisfy the claim of Lucifer that he alone knew the proper context of how the universe carries life eternal forward.  He also stated the Universal Father did not exist and that the Ancients of Days failed to do anything about the misuses of the Nebadon Creator Son to quash organizations that complained of his deliberate misuse of power on Urantia and Jerusem.  Your views on this subject on this site are critical to complain to the Urantia Foundation that they must withdraw the publication or face full defamation before a court of law, and that the Urantia Foundation is already decalred vulnerable to charges of SEDITION and that there must be a coming to terms to withdraw the publication, to make apologies to the public and to the readership which does not know the source of this work, and that the must desist being the spokespersons for any epochal revelation including the fifth epochal revelation.

"To further complicate this situation, I am asking Ron to stand down on the work of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, until I understand the collusion of Mo Siegel and Gard Jamison, to do such a thing.  Surely they must understand to issue a document that purports to be a continuance of epochal revelation is to suggest we did it.  WE DID NOT DO THIS; WE DID NOT ISSUE THE MILLENNIUM III. draft document that made it to the printers almost by accident and then to Amzaon dot Com to exploit its false character.  I hereby order that it is removed immediately from Amazon dot Com and that purchase price be remitted back to book buyers at once.  I am in no mood to write further on this but Ron is quite aware of the consequences of these acts and I am suppoed to be sweet and friendly soon before the parishioners of the Vatican shortly.  Good day."



Hello Andre_P :
Andre_P do you have a science background?  Do you work or retire from a science profession.  I am purely interested from a personal perspective.  People who see clearly what is in a technology often do have such professions too.  The crazy thing about me is that I a humanities guy, but I worked all my life as a Project Manager in civil engineering, road alignments such as Interstate highway layout through the forest in the US, bridge building, and drawing lots of property plats for one reason or another.  Yet my true love is history and learning what was done to give us the immediate situation.  Often times the solution to a trick decision of what to do and when is learning how a technology got to be what it is today and why it ran into trouble, maybe.

Right now the book is labeled confidential.  It contains a study in molecular science applied to fooling with carbon atoms,  Did you know that carbon atom has seventeen different varieties alone?  The carbon version of the carbon atom is carbon 12.  That means that particular carbon atom contains twelve electrons on its inner shell of orbiting electrons.   In the carbon atom there are five shell rings, but in carbon 14, there are six shell rings.  Why?  Ask the Paradise Trinity.  Only they know why carbon 14, carbon 10, and carbon 6, have an extra atomic ring.  

Carbon 4 has just two rings!  Carbon 7 has nine rings!!!   Do you see why someone should look very closely at the type of coal carbon you are grinding almost down to the molecular level? Every carbon atom has a written history on Paradise.  Every change in valence changes how the carbon atom behaves when you work with it.  It is a ghastly repertoire of change on change and the carbon atom does tricks like exploding one time and not the next because of a neutron bath it got one time or not. 

The book goes into why a pile of coal powders explodes so easily.  The truth is it should explode more than it dies for those trying to figure out how to get a stable grind for four microns, but the manufcaturing teams of scientists are so much more interested in the grinder design than the product, but the product should design the grinder bases on molecular peculiarities of carbon atoms and particularly carbon 12 which is mostly what is in the type of bituminous coal of use to grind.

I am not going to lecture you or anyone on why carbon 12 can create a frightening plasma if the dogs of the earth pattern design allow such to escape into the room of the ring disassociation of carbon 12 with the ring of diochemical of pattern plasma interruptions to the earth;s magnetic core surrounding the metaling inner earth core.  It is a mighty dangerous situation and no less has been proven to start that tells man not to fool with molecular laws unless he already knows what they are.  Grinding coal is not the object so much as grining any molecular or organic chemical system of past life.  Past living tissues are so seldom understood as useful knowledge, but because they once lived, the Deity Absolute and the Unqualified Absolute are still attending to the molecules they form in retrospect of their original intention to flower or bud or give birth to new plants of the same variety.  Never forget we owe it to God to respect his life forms too.   Such a discussion would create brand new epochal revelation, but I am being signaled already that I am to quite speaking to this area of chemistry at all for now.

Finally, I would love to send you a book Andre_P, but I am sure you must and do understand that too early exposure of fact to present conditions is reckless at best.  I am trusting one man to take the book, digest it, and then sit on it for some near future discussion I will hold here on this site, and that is about what to do with coal powders that will free the United States and any country that has the technology, for future need of oil refinement and so on.

I remind you for your own information, that four (4) micron coal will absorb petroleum products, but three (3) micron coal powders will not.  We must never establish a fuel industry based on three (3) micron coal poweders alone, but use four (4) micron coal powders for fuel industrial design, and then only use the three (3) micron powders for pharmecutical applications and for steel making, and for paints and biological devices to clear the human body of cancer and reformation of the gland system where we die from so easily in these combustion bodies with all that carbon output as waste.

I hope this helps you further understand that we stand on the brink of an entirely new system of fueling our transport and changing the practice of chemo therapy:  to end doing chemo and start rinsing the human body with particulates that heal rather than poison us.  Thank you Andre for your interest and may we seek better communications on this subject if you continue to have a deep interest in this technology to reform worlds politics too, as Saudi Arabia has a place in its developemtn but not in OPEC.


"This is Mantutia Melchizedek.  We are still springing thought for the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and now that Ron is mentioned not in the book, we mention him once as the one in York who finds nothing to do except weave mystery over the entire matter of evolving epochal revelation so well the book takes a dip in rank to note his achievements. Ron laughs with us as we return again and again to a big edit for all of you to read much later now, as he Sixth Epochal Revelation is back to the binder with new pages to annotate and a few to remove as history is running so fast ahead of us.  I am truly surprised with Ron thinking ahead of me, as he does all the time and I find it hard to transmit when he does that.  But he apologizes as he did just now as remembers that when we started sending the book to the Chicago Contact Commission, Hitler was in his first full years as Chancellor of the Wiemar Republic, and the world would be soon in the most destructive war every fought on an evolutionary planet, at least in Nebadon.  AS he spoke he wondered what was setting up for a disaster as we prepared to write the rest of the Sixth Epochal Revelation?  In any case I tell you all this:

"We continue to debate how Ron will fair soon as he had a medical emergency again today and we had to call Deity as he calls it to stop the blood from a broken vein in his left leg and then reinsert a shin bone and that is extremely and powerfully harsh on the nervous systems and he showed it.  He is a mess at times but his book on the Ilok Four Micron coal powder fuels is done and bound and ready for whatever we want to distribute it for.  We also see Gitz gets a headache real bad amd he knows why now thanks to a long report to him from Ron as what to expect.

"Further the new Urantia Book is now out of commission again for a few more hours at least as we had to rewrite the section on the fusion status of several of you as the Father is questioning just how to handle someome who quits in spite of fusion status?   The answer is to let them quit and then figure out what that does to an Adjuster already use to personality status.  Be assured Ro is full adjudicated there but Lemuel and Wendy and Amethyst wait out the days to learn just how that fusion status will work for them in York.  Nonetheless, the new epochal revelation is prepared soon for distribution and Ron waits to take pictures of it to post here when that times comes. 

"The Sixth Epochal Revelation is now 1, 310 pages longer than the old one.  Just For Your Information.  Good day."


General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« on: August 15, 2018, 08:41:17 PM »
I see Larry has pulled the plug.
There has been a total of seven warnings posted to and from Larry Gossett over the past four years.  He is without a choice he feels, and cruel Ron is going to suggest that we let this lay for a good month or so.  He nees his own comfort and desires to be let alone if I know this individual.

Those of you who have fused, or about to fuse, recall that you are not invited to determine the nature or scope about who will participate as a team or as a group assigned in different places around the world.  Larry has been invited and encouraged to be with all of what is proposed, but Gossett is a natural worrier and should be left to his natural selves to work things out better than we can suggest to him.

Let me assure all of you that I have no intention, ever, of settling scores among human relationships in the offices I may inhabit or order or fund or whatever I am asked to do as a human relations administrator in these things.  I hate soap operas and Larry sees nothimg wrong with them, but I also know that I dare not waste my energy, or the team's energy over dicorces or entrapments or lost souls in the night apartments being burgled by a trusted one night stand,  I hope you get this nice and clearly.  These things happen, but not on my watch if I can help it.  That is why Mr. Gossett must be put back to sleep and work through this disastrous decision to leave in the night.

We are on the cusp of great things.  I leave it to each of you to stay the course and to let this incident work itself back out as I am convinced Larry Gosset is among our best support we could possible have and I admire his pluck to get this far, but there is a practice on the mansion worlds we need to practice here too:  If the resurrected being is so faulty we will lose him permanently, let the Morontial Supervisor request of Deity to place such a resurrected being back to sleep for an extended period and provide the spiritual correction needed to make the resurrected one whole again.  I leave it at that for now.


"I first thought Ron harsh, but I see he follows my practice on the mansion worlds by putting a newly resurrected being back to sleep after only a few months or years after they were brought awake and start their ascension careers.  I also see Ron lose patiene with hand wringing as Larry does all the time as he is so insecure he cannot find a good word to say about his position at work or at home with friends.  He is truly a belated person and must be allowed to wrestle this all out as he must alone and without counsel.  Ron has no time or inclination to help weepy friends of the Court find their place as he fully expects everyone of the fused individuals to pick up and do as they need to and not refer to Ron for problems he cannot fuse out of you either. I am asking Larry Gossett to stop playing the ingenue and step firmly back up to the plate to get another chance to swat at the ball.  We all need him, but not as lost soul at this present time.  I am satisfied this will be straightened out soon enough.  Good day. Michael."

"We lament the action taken by Larry, but there needs to be a clearing of the air and the attitudes of many here that this is a second rate exercise on more important things to be done.  Much of how Urantia will be redone depends on many of you who have taken the lead to take on the worst of the worst on Urantia and that is to be seen shortly.  I wish all a good day in contemplating the necessity for Larry to bow out and seek compensation elsewhere and then decide what he wants when the opportunity presents itself again.  Mother Spirit."


MidiChlorian,  you bring up one of the great confusions regarding the history of Dr. -Ing S. Rohrbach, and not Dr. -Ing A Rohrbach.  Dr. -Ing S Rohrbach was a Deputy Fuehrer from 1937 to his death, not in 1939, but in 1940.  There is some indication he really died in 1944 when the British raided Dusseldorf twice with devastating success and killed a lot of the Nazi brass, of which this gentleman was one of and was sincerely disliked by Hitler.  Hitler wanted to eliminate the Deputy Fuehrer because he recommended to Hitler that all males between the age of 17 and 31 be conscripted immediately, and then proceeded to protect a nephew or two when they were drafted into the military in 1942.   That strange fact supports he died after 1939, but I do not argue it because it is not important to my story.  I also point out to you MidiChlorian, that the S. Rohrbach was not  the same kind of engineer as the Hans A. Rohrbach I reported and used an A in his name which he rarely used, as it stood for Aloiusse which he left alone because he thought it was effeminate.

Now, because Dr. Ilok felt he owed his life to the Dr. -Ing Hans A. Rohrbach, which is the correct full name as used in his business practice to make airplanes and later to fuse hydrogen atoms for the making of plastics which we today call polymers, Dr. Ilok provided me a document not in the public record which outlined how Hans A. Rohrbach saved the lives of little Jewish children in 1939, the same year that other Rohrbach reportedly died in a bombing raid by the British.  I also have documentation elsewhere that describes Dr. Hans Rohrbach, as a savior of the American forces in Berlin, as a detachment was rushed to Czech.  ran out of ammunition defending the capital of Prague, Czechoslovakia, as a Communist Coup threatened the entire Polish nation at that time, as the Russians felt entitled to holding Poland as their own back yard playground and viciously killed any attempt to bring Democracy to that war torn nation.  Sounds almost like the Crimea crisis today I muse.

It may also interest you to know that the problem you cite me confused the heck out of me for months and I made a few blunders trying to the description right as to what happened and why and who did it.  The book is small which I completed, but it took me until the past few weeks to clear the history as genuine and that the real player in the design of the communition grinder that supplied four and other sized micron coal for industrial use was Dr. -Ing Hans A Rohrbach.  On his death bed in Poland Hans A Rohrbach declared Ilok as the heir to his promise to free man from petroleum and signed off on all rights for the inventions I speak of here.   


"Ron wracked his brain to come up with that refutation above to all I write this.  He has no memory cells in his brain and so it is painful to recall much.  I saw and watched Ron get tothe bottom of all of this by very clever use of the Internet and an intuition that is as sharp as a razor blade.  He is also silly enough to have gotten snagged ont he same problem you bring to his attention because there no less than six Rohrbachs working in the synfuel industry at that time and all carried the engineering title in their name.  I saw Ron take a dive in the first book be he corrected in this final draft of the history and a dscription we supplied in part to help him get it all right.  I am Michael and wish you a good day."


Andre_P, you ask the most wonderful question for me to brag about its answer.  Here is the answer and solution that Rohrbach figured out with the help of mother nature.

He preferred to use bituminous coal.  Anthracite was hardly available in Germany anywhere and only in Pennsylvania, the State i live in in the United States. and in China in only one Province, does anthracite exist in any great quantities.

Put a chunk of high grade bituminous coal under the microscope.  It will appear as a mass with what lookls like a bunch of worm trails in it.  These are the capillaries of the living plant that became fossilized under heat and pressure after millions of years with an earth covering.  When coal is ground very small, the grinding destroys that capillary organization, and the dirt the plant ingested falls out by centripetal force.  The grinder of that coal chunk removes those impurities by picking them off at various stages by their atomic weights,  and those are the elements including non-organic sulfur, various elemental char, trace minerals such as magnesium, gold, silver, and a host of other elements I do not know the names of really.  To do this we have to grind the coal to four microns (that is 0.00016 of an inch speck of almost pure carbon, and it no longer exists as carbon 12 or any other type of carbon).

In four micron coal we still leave some organic sulfur, and to explain that, the plant ingested in its lifetime nutrients and used those nutrients to build its own cell structures.  What it "ate" during its life in minerals became part of the cell matrix, and therefore was an inherent part of the protplasm that produced the cells in the first place.  Four micron coal partially distrups the cell matrix and all the junk I mention above falls out by a clever arrangement of the disks inside the grinder that assigns the bits of the grind to float around inside the grinding chamber while it is spinning at 10,000 RPM.   There are little holes in the metal disks that fit inside the grinder that these trace elements adhere to and can be taken out after the grinding is finished.  They are valuable and can be sold for themselves for a nice profit if manufacturers are paying attention at all.

Four micron coal emits, when injected into an electric engine, for the Germans used the idea of fuel to run a small generator in their four micron fired vehicles such as the tank you see pictured, and the elecric motor emits no pollution.  What pollution did exist with four micron coals was extruded into a tank of water you see on the tank I pictured.  That canister at the back of the tank held two components you have to know to see how this works:

1 - Four micron coal was packed into what looked like a pill capsule; much loner than wide, and it was made of extruded aluminum (foil is close to what that means) and a high powered riffle nickle alloy that was so hard a bullet could not penetrate it easily.  The Allies learned to deal with that packet by shooting it with water canon if they had one and that disurpted the fuel supply, but not the canister, as the generator was placed in the front of the tank and quite vulnerable to being shot up or burned if the tank caught fire which they frquently did due to poor insulation of the driver and one other worker in that tank.

2 - And the water placed in that mounting on the back of the tank, ran very hot, as it cooled the barrel of the high powered canon you see.  That was one lethal armament and it blew a hole in the side of allied tanks about six inches by ten inches wide and destroyed all life anywhere near it by shrapnel embedding the heart and soul of the living driver and his helper.  The helper was often an expendable corporal who did the dirty work of running the armament devices at the back of the tank, and all the dirver had to do was aim the gun or the tank or both at the same time.  Many stories still abound on the German internet about the exploits of these T2 tank drivers.

What I do not explain at all because it becomes technical beyond the interest of most here, is that four micron coal powders are a liquid.  The grind is so small and flowing it looks like and runs like a liquid and that is how designers treat it.  BUT:

Dr. Rohrbach with Dr. Heisenberg worked together on this in the early 1930's.  Heisenberg was the genius that added the concept by asking Rohrbach, why do you not grind smaller?  Rohrbach replied, "we can, but why?"  Heisenberg (who, by the way, almost single handedly invented the German atom bomb), demonstrated that if you grind to one more micron stage (to three micron) you utterly destroy what is left of the carbon atom, completely remove all the capillary network and cell wall structures, and the resulting powder is without a single scrap of pollution of any kind whatsoever.  The Germans did not need a tank that was performing so well in engine output so they went with the slightly cheaper-to-make four micron coal powder fuel.

Does this help you see what is going on to get pollution free exhausts.  What four micron coal does as exhaust is one quart of one water per one ton of burning, but if you place a water source to filte the exhaust through, the water filter removes 99 percent of what is pollution from the capillary matrix still in the four micron powders.  You can remove even that 1 percent if you use kerosene as the filter instead of water.


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