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General Discussion / Re: Haqppy Birthday/ Gift of Nystoria Book
« on: June 09, 2018, 08:54:46 AM »
Have a blessed birthday brother Ron!! On this special day I pray for the continued success of the Miissions with your heartfelt and dedicated leadership!! Bless you and thank you for your guidance!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

José L, Vargas Núñez

General Discussion / Re: You Thought You Heard It All -NOT!
« on: June 08, 2018, 07:59:35 PM »
Dear list:

First, thank you  brother Ron for this response to my question, that I deleted immediately after I posted it.  For the benefit of all forum members, I had originally asked why at the biginning of the post is was mentioned 5 local universes to be connected and at the end of the post it was mentioned 7 local universes to be connected. I requested clarification.
With Ron’s and Michael’s responsewe we now know that more local universes might be almalgated for the Father’s plan for Nystoria and all the local universes connected.

Blessings to all

José L. Vargas Núñez

I also received the message as an email. I just deleted it.

José L. Vargas Núñez

Thank you brother Zao for your response. I certainly agree with you 100%.. But didn’t Jesus himself, in times of great grief and sorrow ask the Father for his guidance?
I’m but a humble servant just reaching out for the Father’s guidance.

Bless you,


So brothers and sisters of this  forum, all Missions on Nystoria are closed as of today! I ponder upon  this statement and ask myself what will be of ourselves who have been faithful members of this forum for so many years, or of our newer family members? Will we  be left to our own fates or will we be somehow guided to greener pastures? As the frase says “Que será será”, whatever will be will be. BUT...
Dear brother Ron could you please enlighten our spirits and shed some light as to what’s in store for us now?

Blessings to all,

José L. Vargas Núñez

General Discussion / Re: His Will by US
« on: April 03, 2018, 03:24:54 PM »
You certainly made me laugh Ron. I tried to fix it as soon as I re-read my post but you were faster in catching the mistake!! Have a great and blessed day!!


General Discussion / Re: His Will by US
« on: April 03, 2018, 01:13:09 PM »
Dear brother Ron:

In this post Michael of Nebadon states:

“ I am Michael of Nebadon, and I am the 611,112th Creator Son to emerge from the Trinitization Chamber on Sonarington.”

But in Paper 33.1  it says that our Creator Son ( Michael of Nebadon) is the personification of the 611,121st original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

Just wanted to clarify this fact.

Blessings to all.

José L. Vargas Núñez

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Notice of Important Urgency
« on: March 25, 2018, 12:22:08 PM »
Thank you brother Larry for this post.
I felt it in my soul that something strange was going on, that I didn’t understand. That’s why I asked, on March 23, if someone could please explain, in plain English, what on earth was going on here? I was totally lost.
I will certainly remain alert to further postings from Ron, you and other bonifide transmitters for updates on this critical and urgent situation we  are now traversing on our beloved Urantia.

Bless you!

Jose L. Vargas Núñez

Hellooo!! Can anybody please explain, in plain English, what on earth is going on here? I’m totally lost.


Re: Adjuster Names for Forun Members - A Partial List
« Reply #17 on: November 07, 2014, 10:08:35 PM »
EXPANDED NAMES OF ADJUSTERS and Human Indwelling on this list

Alphabetical Names(Adjuster family)(Mind type Numerals)
A 'Mtorsha (2)(I)                                                      Donna Lynn
Aperatoria (2)(III)                     Jack French
Bar'Msha (5)(III)                     Ron Besser
Bar'Mtor (5)(III)                     Steven Murphy
Eamyortia (1)(IV)                     Noelle Marie
Eaytoria (2)(V)                     Julio Lopez
M ‘Poriselia (5)(VI)                          Gary P
M ‘Pytoria (5)(III)                     Waydevu
Morotia (1)(II)                     Cobergland
Oy ‘Mtia (2)(III)                     Raffi
Paragor (family 4)(II)                  Little Sis
Partor'Etia (4) (IV)                          Kurt
Paynor   (4)(V)                     Larry_G
Peaystiroa (3)(IV)                     Michael K
Pen'Mtor (3)(II)                     Overmind
Pentyimtor (4)(IV)                          Geof606
Pnoptor (2) (No Opt tor)(V)               Assale
Poemtera (6)(V)                     Marko821
Posteamia (1)(VI)                     Diane Baril
Potiamy (Family 6 - Poesh ah me)(IV)              Bernadette
Pr ‘Mesta (4)(II)                     Wallace Frazier
Pre'Mtor (3)(III)                     7inOcean
Pyentor   (2)(II)                     Jeff Wiseman
Pyeortia (3) (Pie Or Sha)(IV)               Lundco
Pyrotia (2)(II)                     Wayno
Radatar (3)(III)                     Anna-Maija (A-M)
Sousty ‘Mtia (2)(III)                  Evan Mariano
Tearymesa (3)(IV)                     Lee (Iconover)
Topiatia (2) (Topy Asha)(II)               Waforbes100
Toryntia (3) (Tory en sha)(III)            Acorn
Veyoptia (9) (pronounced Vii Opesha)(III)      Vargas Nunez

(Arabic number is family number) (Roman numeral number is mind type)

Rules of Interpretation for this list:
1) All Adjuster names represent Urantia family work only.  You will be reassigned names on the mansion worlds and when fused you will have an eternal name for reference to you and your Adjuster combined.

2) Eat all you can for now because the rules given to you Overmind have been disregarded and voided.  Adjuster letter endings no longer pertain to family designation, but to assigned work to be accomplished in accordance with the divine will on Urantia.

3) Family numbers are in brackets beside the Adjuster name

4) Any time an “M” shows with an apostrophe beside it, pronounce the letter “M” as Em and not mmmm.  Those with Hyphen ‘M included in their names hear their Thought Adjusters very well.

5) Adjusters beginning with their names starting with P are old, experienced Adjuster probably having more than 2o lifetimes under their belt.

6) Adjusters beginning with the letter B are so old they lost count of how many life times they guided in the flesh.

7) Other letters that begin Adjuster names are younger and happy to be part of a family of work persons that have come onto this site for their understanding of God.

8) Those with “tia” endings are very old but likely to have a question or two about what this is all about.

9) Adjusters with the “sha” ending are very old and will fuse with their present subjects when released from the Magisterial Mission.

10) All name pronunciations are kept in accordance with how you pronounce names in the Urantia Book.

This is Charles, the Might Messenger, and I stopped by to see how many names Ron has on his list for Adjuster names to be given this evening.  His list is only half of what it should be given all those who participate on both of these discussion lists.

I am Charles and I wish a good day to all!

Machiventa Melchizedek - “ I am of the opinion that few really know or want to know the name of their Adjuster for work on Urantia.  I will say this; It is important to know because you may someday be called by that name instead of your Christian name or given name if not a Christian.  Our work on high is often with your Adjusters and we call them by name up here and refer to their successes as done by Premtoria and so on.  I marvel at the ability of this moderator to be able to hear all names so well as you can see they are complicated and often similar.  When the rest of you can hear like this, be glad you have someone to look up to to be sure you hear easily and right, as hearing well brings a lot in you are to be surprised with.  I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I wish you a good day!”


Jose L. Vargas Nunez, Esq. Sent from my iPad

Dear brother Ron:

On January 15, 2018 , Margul announces, in part, that the Magisterial Mission officially starts on March 10, 2018 on Urantia.

“He is the Father in personal form visiting Michael of Nebadon to discuss the Magisterial Mission about to erupt on Urantia in a few short weeks.  We have assigned March 10, 2018 as the official start of the Magisterial Mission and that it remains, but Serara has already assigned to Ron his view of what will be done immediately even before March 10th noted above....”

In today’s post,  Michael of Nebadon, says that “Christ returns to Urantia in about six weeks, mid February.”

Does this mean that Jesus will appear on Urantia before the official start of the Magisterial Mission?

Jose L. Vargas Núñez

Thank you brother Ron for your revealing response.  Always blessed to have these revelations that spark more interest in seeking the truths of our Heavenly Father.
Looking forward for Seth’s and Ratta’s lessons.


Dear brother Ron:

I have a doubt concerning Seth’s earthly mother’s name. According to the Urantia Book, Paper 77.5, Adamson’s wife was “Ratta”. Yet in your post her name is “Satatia”.  Could you please clearify this difference?

Blessings to all,

José L. Vargas Núñez

Dear brother Ron:

In Michael’s  definition of sin, He states in item number 3, in part:

“The Father, in particular, sees the use of body decorations of beads and pins and rings as torture to the eye to all of us, and while it is no sin to think of such things, to actually wear them affronts divinity.”  

Yet in your post of November 25, 2015, in question 12 (INCARNATIONS EXPECTED 2015 and Later), item 6, you stated, and I quote,

“6) All humans on the Magisterial Son’s staff will wear bronze pins of service after one glorious years on staff and they will be embellished with the Stars of Andromeda in a swirl of diamonds showing the constellation as seen from Urantia.”

Dear brother Ron, in Michael’s quote above, the Father sees the use of  pins as an affront to divinity  
yet in your post cited above the Magisterial Son’s staff will wear bronze pins. Could you please clarify this apparent contradiction?

José L. Vargas Núñez


General Discussion / Re: I am ok
« on: September 13, 2017, 08:57:21 PM »
Thank you brothers and sisters who prayed for our safety during hurricane Irma.

 It was a  terrible, frightening and horrible experience. I thought I wouldn't make it through the 8 hour overnight ordeal.

Thank God I survived. No structural damage to my home and never lost power.

Once again, thank you and God bless you all.

José L. Vargas Núñez

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