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TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on Today at 06:31:16 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekaz: Dominick O, pelny członek
Kategoria / Temat : Miejsce na nowe przekazy / Michał, który obdarzył sobą Ziemię jako Jezus. Zespolenie jest ostrzeżeniem dla Aparatu
« 20 lutego 2019 r., godz. 12:07:15 »

Michał, który obdarzył sobą Ziemię jako Jezus. Zespolenie jest ostrzeżeniem dla Aparatu. 20 lut. 2019, Dominick O, Seattle, Waszyngton, USA

Nauczyciel : Michał, Syn Stwórcy, który obdarzył sobą Ziemię jako Jezus.
Przedmiot : Zespolenie jest ostrzeżeniem dla Aparatu
Kategoria : Nowe przekazy
Przekazujący : Dominick O
Miejsce : Seattle, Waszyngton, USA
20 lutego 2019 r. godz. 16:30 UTC (8:30 czasu Pacyfiku)

Aparat zawodzi, zanim zacznie działać w znaczeniu odmawiania Mojego połączenia z Moimi dziećmi. Zespolenie na planecie jest znakiem, że Ojciec działa we współpracy ze Mną i Matką Duchem, aby komuni-kować się z tobą i ze wszystkimi, którzy sięgają do wnętrza i w górę, do Ducha na warunkach unikalnych i na ich własnym poziomie. Dotrzemy do was, Moje dzieci, na waszym poziomie, tam gdzie jesteście w życiu, w okolicznościach i w usposobieniu. Niekoniecznie na waszych warunkach, ale w związku z wami. Zawsze was szanujemy.

Aparat jest kodem do machinacji Domu, który Kuba Zbudował, który uważa stosunek z tym, co Ja i Ojciec stworzyliśmy i naszymi stworzeniami za wstrętny pomysł i tępił je z coraz większą kreatywnością nienawistną w stosunku do reszty wszechświata.

ZESPOLENIE to znak ostrzegawczy dla Aparatu i znak wywoławczy i dalej nie powiem, abyście zrozumieli, co to oznacza. Dziękuję wam wszystkim za wysłuchanie i przypomnę wam, że przypomniano temu przekazującemu, aby znalazł Pokój ze swoim Dostrajaczem poprzez Moją Towarzyszkę zanim zaczął przekazywanie. Wszystkim wam życzę miłego dnia. Pokój. K
There are many funniest videos on the internet that show the behaviour of animals like dogs and cats towards babies or new-borned and for my own I can only relate these experiences to the fact that animals, be it wild or domesticated, are created to enhance the life of human-beings, since they are, perhaps some more than others, being endowed with Spirits of Mother, as it has been said. Enjoy
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Angels in disguise

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. I want to share something with you this morning about ‘Angels in disguise’ and the reason I want to do this, this morning, is because very recently I saw on Youtube a situation where a child, the life of a child was saved, a child who is lost and who is clothed in normal everyday clothes, but it was very cold and he was lost and it snowed and he almost died, except that night to an enormous animal came up to him and on each side of him, he stayed with him all night and kept him warm until he was found the following day.

Now, personally, I am going back to the year of 1987. At that time, I was living in the county of Deven, a very pretty county in the south-west of England and it was in the summer, in the spring actually, but it was a beautiful sunny day and I and my then lady friend decided to go for a walk in quite a large woody area that we enjoyed very much and we did and we entered through the usual pathway into the woods. I want you to try to imagine the trees, the trees were tall, the sun was streaming through the trees, there was like a breath of air and the ground was covered with blue-bells, it is such a beautiful sight.

Most of you will remember of the chat we have had, that I love snow-drops in winter, they are my favourite flowers and this is true. In spring time, in England, in certain places, the ground is covered with blue-bells, it is so beautiful. So, my lady friend and I were walking along into the woods and suddenly out of nowhere appeared a dog, this dog was black and white, it was a welsh border collie, it is a very well-known dog, a sheep dog we call him. Well, in fact most of you will know that I am from Wales and I am very familiar with this breed of dog and my brother-in-law had a farm and he had two of these dogs to take care of the sheep, anyway I digress slightly.

Certainly, out of nowhere this dog appeared and it displayed immediately such affection for us, it was amazing, really was amazing how this dog befriended us immediately. It did not have a collar and we can see that it was wellfed and wellgroomed in fact. Where did it come from ? I happened to know that these dogs, welsh border collies, of what I refer to as a one-man dog, and this is understandable of course, because these dogs are working dogs and they await the orders from their masters. This dog remained with us and played with us for at least an hour and there were occasions where we sat down and rested on a form trunc of a tree and the dog sat in the middle of us, laid on his back and allowed us to tickle its tummy and it is just remarkable.

Then we continued on our way and the pathway finally lead to the normal exit area from these woods and suddenly we noticed that the dog has disappeared and I remember of having goosebumps because the dog disappeared as quickly as it appeared in the first place. It is so really noticeable and over the years I have often thought about this wonderful day and my lady friend and I enjoyed not just the beauty of the woods and the blue-bells and the brilliant sunshine but we enjoyed the company of I beleive an angel in disguise. It was so wonderful.

I know now that there are many such cases of course and probably you yourselves know of some, but when something like this happens to you, it is something that you will never forget. To have such an experience with an animal or anything really out of the blue like that, it is such a treat, such a joy, such a wonderful experience, something that one can treasure for the rest of one’s life and so this is what I want to share with you this morning. It is such a lovely thing and it is something that I would wish for everyone of you. Sometime, somewhere, somehow in your life, you will have this experience of being accompanied by an Angel in disguise.

Thank you all for listening, I bid you all a very good day, bye-bye for now. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / Angels in Disguise
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 01:51:41 AM »
 Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Angels in Disguise
Location: Girona. Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 21st Feb. 2019  07:51 Local  06:51 Z
This does give me hope!!  I echo what Clency has posted and I know there are many here who long to know that we can indeed be of some value for the missions.  Thank you  Lemuel.
Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Re: fractal videos
« Last post by newstarsaphire on February 20, 2019, 01:55:27 PM »
Dear Sister Amethyst,

I echo the words of our dear brother Steven in gratitude for what you have shared.  

Domtia Amethyst
It is a most interesting subject, Dominick, and thank you for your contribution.

Fusion, if I may chime in. is mysteriously done here on Urantia.  Fully five of us are fused and I was the first to do so much to my wondering surprise.  In this transmission, I asked Michael to expand a tad more on it for all of us.  I suspect the idea of FUSION to Dominick, is to him what it was to me: IMPERATIVE! 
The URANTIA Book over and over states that the most important work a mortal can do on Urantia, and for the first life ever as a being in God's image, was to attune to the Father within.  Fusion, should it occur again on Urantia, will signal that such a mortal has finished his work on Urantia, and will graduate as a Finaliter someday before the grandeur of Paradise and the work of the Infinite Spirit's injunction to behave until you do!

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron laughs with us on this subject, as he never suspected he was a candidate for fusion but always prayed for the day to happen.  Seldom does the Father thank his children with immediate results, but this time he was give a chore to do, did it, and made us all proud and we agreed fusion should take place.  EXCEPT ron was not finished  with his mortal work, and we had to fine a way to keep him in the flesh until that was done.  Well, now that is done and we look at the problems associated with extending his life a few years and he is deep trouble with a mortal disease that will not let him alone.  But that is not true for the rest of those who fused near the same time and you know who they are.  We need more candidates and we need more people responding on this discussion forum, for as Ron relates, he as transmitted Grandfonda four times in the past and will do so again shortly over issues that range from splitting hairs (half a rabbit is better than none - from Ron).

"Grandfonda is truly out to lunch over issues on Urantia, but he does know that Ron exists because he transferred Ron's serial number into the inner sanctum already, almost unprecedented for a mortal to achieve so rapidly, and we fold this subject neatly out of the way for a discussion shortly from Grandfonda in the Fusion Category on this web site shortly.  In any case Dominick finally got the heat from a prompt to his forehead to get busy with a transmission much to Ron's delight and we think Dominick will add many more.  The book Ron is still writing is about AIDS and Autism and it is done in such detail, we wonder if we should not just lot Ron write a Urantia Book?  Ron runs far away from such a daunting task but is wondering if the book on Autism etc will actually make the grade of Periodic Revelation.  It will do so and will remake Ron into a hero for the AIDS community on earth eventually as he shows just what the problem to deal with AIDS is and you will have to read the book to find that out.  In any case, Dominick needs to keep pressing for his part in the acceptance of his Adjuster for his life's work and Ron is ready to place him in spots to have that attunement be complete and ready for use on the Mansion worlds for all of you too.  Michael of Nebadon."

GRANDFONDA - "I speak with great eloquence if I could, but ron is not yet eloquent like Paul of Tarsus is.  He is sure Paul speaks beautifully and well all the time.   Paul does as he has the gift of tongues and can speak any language if he hears it at least once and Ron will always have such a gift too as his work is with people on Urantia much as Paul had to work with them too on Urantia. 

"Be assured I am Grandfonda. and Ron transmits with such ease all he has to do is ask for it and it comes right out easily.  We all in spirit have a huge repertoire of the ability to respond for such requests, and I do so this morning just to show how it works today.  We also know Ron is seriously dyslexic at times and must take extra effort to consciously force spelling into place.  We never had that problem on our worlds in Superuniverse One. as the problem is confined to Urantia alone these days, and it comes from crossed wires in the brain which cannot determine the order of letters easily when writing the symbols down.  Be aware Ron was just awarded with a notice as he wrote this that the tape was played to the patent attorney and he is gobsmacked anyone who has no medical training could undo tons of important work he has to do and to recommend the book be sent to the Congress of the Untied States immediately for crowning of a sort few ever get.  It has to do with the importance of the subjects and Ron sent the right excerpt of all things to interest this attorney in working with Ron over these issues.  He is willing to forgo fees and Gitz is wondering what has been started by this little excerpt for as Gitz told the attorney he has a large book prepared on Autism too and that it is marvelous to consider his wife contributed to it through Ron and his work with the Chief of all Angels in the Local Universe.  That is what ran through your head as you were taking my transmission, Ron.

[Thank you Grandfonda as it was an abrupt interruption and it showed the book and something done to get my attention and you graciously made room for it as it flew in. . . Thank you very much.. Ron]

GRANDFONDA HERE - "You are a marvel to hear too as you are most grateful for favors like this and you are to be lauded with that book if you can ever get it done as you are still fighting interference not but it is slow going due to the fact that I Grandfonda see it as a double edged sword and it must be carefully prepared or not done at all.  I see you agree tentatively since you know you are going counter to a lot of thought on both subjects on Urantia and will just let the flak subside when it is out and done.  The average person will laud you, but the medical profession will demonize you until you show them how to treat AIDS without shots even and you will not flatter the virus to death Ron!  You will destroy it with its own antigens. 

"One final statement to you Ron" eat nothing today and let it be a lesson not to gobble one poind of scallops without butter but with margarine the next time as they are much better with margarine and that is that.  [Ron: Grandfonda the cook was not known until now, but remember he was mortal too!  It's just it was so long ago they stopped having birthday cake for him anymore.  Ron]

"I am Grandfonda and you have a date with destiny Dominick, and Ron, and Gitz and Gossett and maybe Amethyst if she can see here way clear to work it, as you all three will mention who are not Contact Commissioners yet, will work closely together in future years.  Amethyst dear. you run the rubric cube all day sometimes in your mind daily and that will clear your name well in advance of any court battle you might face, but you did the right thing and God Bless You.  Grandfonda."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron you have clearance today to put that book much further ahead than you have it at the moment and that next section is to stand much as it is written with but a few changes and that is that.  The patent attorney is writing you a letter in his mind already and will help you get established with a publisher as he knows exactly who that should be and that is not the Congress of the Us, but of Simon & Schuster of all things as that is the name that popped into your head and it is a prestigious publisher.  We expect this book to be bound this week sometime and use that cover with the little girl as it is a winner.  Thank you. Michael"

Ron, I am appending the cover picture to give you a glimpse of what I prepared as its cover for publication.  Just remember it is subject to change as I am not done with this ever lasting book project yet.   Thank you all and thank you Dominick for the splash of your transmission today.   Ron

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Granfanda. "I have seen it all"
« Last post by newstarsaphire on February 20, 2019, 01:04:54 PM »
Amethyst, Ron and especially Grandfanda,

I was thinking earlier today, trying to perceive the immensity of the panorama of mortal experiences Grandfanda must be aware of and what astounding qualities of wisdom and understanding he must possess.  To just say thank you Grandfanda for giving us your words of encouragement feels highly inadequate for they have great value to me, as a mere mortal, coming from one who has not only fought and won the fight of faith but also continues to share that experiential wisdom of evolutionary growth throughout all of creation via the members of the Finaliter Corps.
Thank you Amethyst and Ron for sharing our mortal forefathers sentiments with us.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Granfanda. "I have seen it all"
« Last post by Ron Besser on February 20, 2019, 12:32:55 PM »
Clency and all, Grandfanda transmissions are very rare but they do happen once in a granda while.  I have transmitted the head of the Finaliter corp when the Finaliters gather on Paradise for their millennial celebration thereon.  The last millennial was ten years ago Urantia time.

I have produced a copy of the Grandfanda transmission of over six years ago, and I have done one or two since then but did not record them although they are up on the discussion forum and then deleted for lack of activity.
Georges Douvon, the transmitter was a young and budding transmitter those years ago but I see not further work from him for years and just assume he has gone on to other things.  I would love to see him become active again as he always had the most interesting people show up to transmit once in a while.  Grandfanda was one of them in November of 2012.  Georges if you are still there give us a holler, okay?

This transmission from Grandfanda was based on the then design to run a Magisterial Mission in accordance with the view that humans were going to be part of the infrastructure much more than they are now conceived to be part of such infrastructure.  But, for the most part, the transmission remains accurate to this day and you should all be surprised that Grandfonda does have authority to work with Margul, if that is ever necessary for Reasons of State. 

Grandfanda - First Mortal To Reach Paradise - I Oversee The Plans of the Trinity - Nov 07, 2012 - Georges Douyon, AZ,

Transmission from Paradise, Grandfanda

  • I Oversee the Plans of The Trinity
  • Ban on Norlatiadek Lifted and Constellation Freely Rejoins Nebadon
  • That Which Cannot Be Salvaged thru Justice must Be Made to Dissolve.  
  • All Reclaimed Worlds Fall Under My Supervision and Fellow Finaliters
T/R Georges Douyon
Location: Arizona
November 07, 2012

Greetings to you from the isle of Paradise, we have been in contact once before but this time I would request that this transmission be made available to all on your world.  I am Grandfanda, the first mortal to ever reach the portals of Havona and the glories of Paradise.  There will also be many first for each and every one of you to achieve on some spiritual domain yet conceptionalized or factualized during your spiritual ascent, in Havona and on Paradise.  My distinction of being the first to reach the glories of Paradise is no more sublime than any other distinctions by any other Finaliter in their own spiritual domain.  From my perspective, there simply had to be a first one which happened to be me, Grandfanda.   You should know that your world of nativity Urantia is equally as important and special to me as my own world of nativity which is now long settled into the seventh level of spiritual enlightenment.

From my residential abode on Paradise, I oversee the plans of the Trinity concerning the future unrevealed destiny of all Finaliters and often dispatch them on assignments throughout the grand universe on missions of mercy for the Trinity.   At the moment of these recordings , legions of your fellow Finaliters have been dispatched from the shores of Paradise by the mandates of the Trinity to gather on your world for that momentous occasion to welcome the arrival of an Avonal Son known to you by the chosen name Monjoronson.

I am fully aware that in your current state of existence, you cannot fully understand and appreciate what is currently being taken place on your world and in this sector of your universe. You are about to be hosts to an unprecedented spiritual conclave, the like of which has never before taken place on any other planets in your universe. This sphere, Urantia, enjoys the singular distinction of being the final bestowal place of a Creator Son and at the same time, because of rebellion, this world has had to face insurmountable difficulties unlike any other in your universe, causing,  in effect, significant disruptions in the ascension process of untold numbers of my fellow mortals.

Each world of the Father has its moments in time and an unprecedented first for divinity to manifest itself the like of which has never before been experienced on that world.  The timing of this moment is determined by the evolutionary process, planetary developments, and location in space.  It is my desire to augment your perspective on the immensity of the infinite potentials contained within the First Source and Center. The Master Spirit presiding over the seventh grand segment of creation, where your universe is located, has confirmed the decision of the Trinity to allow the spiritual rulers of Orvonton to reintegrate this sector of Norlatiadek into the spiritual fold of the local universe of Nebadon.  And now, that which cannot be salvaged thru justice must be made to dissolve.  Sin and rebellion will be eradicated not only from your world but also from this sector of your universe.  

 When a world is reclaimed for the spiritual economy of the universe, this world will soon after become settled into the first level of spiritual enlightenment.  All such worlds, throughout the seven grand segments of the cosmos fall under my supervision and fellow Finaliters are dispatched in greater numbers to further assist in their ultimate transformations and developments thereby gaining more experience in anticipation of the eternal mission in the now organizing universes of the second, third and even the fourth outer space levels.

It is indeed a great honor and privilege to announce to this world that change is imminent and I look forward to welcoming each and every one of you, in your own time, when you reach the shores of Paradise and in my presence, take the oath of eternity and gain the status of a Finaliter.

Michael, Creator Son Bestowed as Jesus. FUSION is a shot across the bow of the Apparatus.  20th Feb 2019, Dominick O, Seattle, WA USA

Teacher: Michael, Creator Son who Bestowed as Jesus
Subject: FUSION is a shot across the bow of the Apparatus
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Feb 20, 2019.  16:30pm UTC  (8:30am Pacific)

The apparatus is failing before it can start in terms of denying My connection with My Children. Fusion upon the planet is a sign the Father works in Coordination with Myself and Mother Spirit to commune-icate with you and anyone reaching inward and upward to Spirit on terms unique and at their own level.  We will reach you, My children, at your level, where you are in life and circumstance and disposition.  Not necessarily on your terms but in relationship with you, We respect you always.

The apparatus is a code for machinations of the House that Jack Built, who considers relationship with Mine and Father’s creation and creatures an abhorrent idea, and stamped it out with greater and greater creativity abhorrent to the rest of the Universe.

FUSION is a shot across the bow of the Apparatus and a call sign; and I will leave it at that for you to figure out what that means.  I thank you all for listening and remind you that this one was reminded to find Peace with his Adjuster through My Consort prior to this message.  I bid you all a good day. Peace. K
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