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General Discussion / Re: Vision of Patterns on Seafloor
« Last post by gitz on Today at 12:14:22 PM »
Sue and Ron,  if I remember some of the facts correctly, the name of the Order of beings that Michael assigned to help mitigate the problems in the deep waters of the Mid Atlantic Ridge are named the Iargens. And that their planet's surface is 100% water and they have evolved with the ability to sustain pressures of the deep that would explode we humans.  Michael gave you additional information about their underwater craft to aid their work in the tremendous pressures at those debts.  I wondered about their ships and sometime down the road would like to hear more about the Iargens' work under our planet's surface.
Off subject and important to you Ron. Michael mentioned your upcoming operation on your legs to relieve the pain and correct the problem. It is my experience that it is extremely important that afamily member who understands your condition is present before, during, and after the operation.  Critical for correct oxygen levels, etc.  if nobody is available I'll be there. Let me know when the operation gets close. 

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Thought Adjuster Pact

Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster : This is Lemuel’s Thought Ajuster, I have a few things to say this morning and although I know Lemuel does not want to mention certain things, but nevertheless there are things that need to be known and so I have decided to mention them. In the first place, I want to say that this morning when Lemuel woke up he was very excited and felt that there is really something good happening and he wasted no time going to the computer and found the posting of Ron Besser about the Pact that the eight Adjusters have entered into.

There are many reasons for this, some of which I am not allowed to mention, but something I can mention which in fact most of you are all acquainted with and that is Lemuel had a very, very narrow escape from death early on this year when he was operated on for pneumonia and pleurisy in hospital in Barcelonia. The operation was supposed to last for just about an hour, but in fact it lasted three hours and I had to detach and just wait in the corner of the operating theater and watching Lemuel bleeding to death before my very eyes.

Well obviously he did not really die, but he came so very close, because those who were attending him could not stop the hemorage that he suffered. So, apart from many other reasons, Lemuel is very special to me obviously and like Ron Besser, they are both had needed experiences, of course, in Ron Besser’s case, on more than one occasion, but as Lemuel’s Thought  Adjuster I have a particular pleasure in joining the other Thought Adjusters and enter into a pact, because (yes I know Lemuel is complaining in his thought, but nevertheless I will mention the fact) the eight of you, fused mortals, is such an unusual to say the least phenomena throughout the universe of Nebadon, you people are extremely special and why we still do not know.

In the future, your parents and grand-parents and even further back will be investigated, how is it possible that your parents were able to conceive such human as yourselves. Yes it will be not easy from scientific point of view as well of course, obviously the point is that the pact that I have entered into with the other Thought Adjusters as I intimated in the beginning for various reasons and this is come from on High and with the blessings from on High that you eight should be garded (…long pause).

I am sure you already realize we, Thought Adjusters, are all the same in the sense we are Spirits, we are Framents of the Universal Father, but at the same time we are all different, we all have our different characters, shall we say and we all lacking personality and that is why we are drawn to the personality of our wards. Some may remember in a recent posting through Ron Besser, information about the chromosomes, that people have normally 48 or 46 pairs, but in Lemuel’s case he has 60. How is this possible and as I mentioned just a few moments ago, this will be very interesting scientifically in the future.

There is something else I want to mention and the fact is talking about (…) sisters and in Lemuel’s case, his parents were just simple and humble, working class people, borned in mining community in South Wales, Great Britain, and they were beleivers and church-goers and they brought up Lemuel in the same faith, but his grand-parents on his father’s side, that is to say his paternal grand-mother was a spiritualist, as her mother before her and of course as spiritualists they were always interested in trying to communicate and receive messages from those beyond the veil as they are used to describe.

Anyway, coming back to the Pact that I have entered into with the other Thought Adjusters, I would like to see, and probably the other Thought Adjusters will agree, that as soon as it is possible all eight of our wards be gathered and put under the same roof. That will be much more easier for us, Thought Adjusters, in terms of protection and possibly also of bringing them together for a mutual type of training, that is to say there are things that all of them need to learn and develop and to be more convenient and practical if we were all together. Anyway, this will be decided I am sure, in the near future.

Another thing that needs to be addressed of course is none of these eight fused are spring chickens. Lemuel will soon complete his 79 yrs and enter his 80th year. Lemuel likes to refer to his body as a car, as probably you know, well his car, yes has got I don’t know how many hundred of thousands of miles done and in fact as he says, it’s ready for the scrapipe. Well, I am inclined to agree with him, because his body needs a complete rejuvenation or a complete overhaul as a car needs a new paint job. Well this is true to certain extent for all of you, you all have health issues and they can and will be addressed at the most appropriate time.

This is perhaps another valuable reason why all of you should be brought together to the same place, because if you were to be rejuvenated so that you look 40 yrs younger and you remain where you are now. Obviously, your friends and acquaintances are going to be asking you what has happened. It could be very embarassing to you to give them an adequate answer, anyway let’s buy the bye for now.

Another thing I want to mention to Lemuel is when he posts the transmissions it is no longer necessary, I don’t want to see, when he mentions the speaker as Beloved, it is not necessary. I want from now on just to say the speaker is himself, Lemuel, because in fact it does not differentiate between me and himself and I am happy with that, more than happy. I am thrilled that we have this relationship now and so this chat this morning, I think this is necessary, especially for the other seven of you fused ones to know that all of us have entered into this Pact, not only to protect you, but also to ensure that you will be taught and you will learn what needs to be taught and learned, not just from us but there are others of very High Order, still not mentioned, that are waiting outside the scene, so to speak, to come on the stage and to perform their duties, so to speak, with all of you.

Lemuel is thinking if there is anything else I want to say and no, I think I have said enough for all of you to understand. More informations will be coming shortly about some of the reasons that will be allowed to reveal to you as this Pact of Adjusters has come into being and so that for the future. So this is Lemuel’s Adjuster and signing off for to-day, I wish you a very good day and thank you for listening. Good day.
New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Greetings
« Last post by Clency on Today at 06:32:42 AM »
Heartful welcome to you Charles. I have also a similar spiritual journey like yours, it all started some years ago with the 11.11 Progress Group and the Urantia Book, leading me finally to this forum family. Wishing you all the best.
Speaker: Lemuel¨s Thought Adjuster
Subject: Thought Adjuster Pact
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 19th Aug. 2018  11:48 Local  09:48 Z
New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Greetings
« Last post by CharlesL on Today at 01:07:16 AM »
Greetings all,

I came across this forum some time ago while searching a Urantia Book term. Lately I have been checking regularly to read new posts.
I also have been subscribed to the 11:11 Progress Group list for a while and Center for Christ Consciousness email list a shorter while.

I am 25 years old.

Thank you people doing TRing. Thank you the hosts of this site. And thank you Celestial Beings for your ministry and revelations.

Congratulations to those achieving Fusion.

Peace to you all,

Charles L.
General Discussion / Re: Vision of Patterns on Seafloor
« Last post by 7inOcean on Today at 12:38:59 AM »
Thank you Ron for your interesting response, although multi-faceted, it still presents what is now very much concerning Father, the Deity Absolute, Michael and Mother Spirit and whoever else this is of concern. I think you all have highlighted what I may have been witnessed to and to what this may mean. I note too in memory of those patterns I saw there was no visual of life forms or organisms, just the patterns in shifting slides, the sediment and the murky water, interesting isn't. Well it never seems dull for me as once more I am experiencing another visit, this morning about 8.00am,  not with images although I did see some pattern with very brilliant lighting of sorts as I underwent what feels like an ....well I cant find the right way how to describe it, perhaps an indwelling?, an operation on the brain stem? or some other type of work going on I do not know of. What happened is, like the Vision of the Patterns on the Seafloor (in above post), again I was in bed, semi-awake, snoozing this morning and I got what is a rather painless but very intrusive ringing, bells and singing sounds, pattern shifting, bright shows of light infused with the patterning and heavy intense continual vibrations all over in the mind. I have not had this type of vibration and ringing as loud and unmistakable as this one has been this morning. As it was occurring, I kept calm and let it happen, and said, "hey, you know that is really loud and I can hear all of this ringing and vibration, but go ahead, I'm alright..." Now I sit typing this up and am back to my normal composure. I get the sense this is an ongoing operation and I am not at all worried with it. It seems my Adjuster is able to enable me to be as calm as I have been for this to happen and be it Mother Spirit and/or the Deity Absolute and the Universal Father's work here, I am your servant, I seek your will to be done and let US continue in service and love.Amen.

I gather it is a work in progress here when I experience these unusual intrusions and I know someone is very busy with me. I take it as it comes joyfully and calmly. Thank you.

Wendy, but it may comfort you to know that this is not unusual or out of the question for this to happen.  I would not worry about it except to apply yourself as you normally would do and to let the strain of knowing you are fused to settle better than it has so far.  I very seldom speak to newly fused in our group because it just gets in the way for the normal concentration such an individual must do to get used to the idea that it happened at all and that they are assimilating it very well.  I hear nothing from any of these Adjusters to be concerned about and even Gossett is not that bad off so long as he redirects his attention to the web processes he is used to and then follows through on what is to be done as he has been instructed now on what to do next.

In your case Wendy, I hear nothing from your Adjuster today and that is a good sign and they all know I stand ready to pass on information if they want me to.  So it is a peaceful time and pleasy proceed without excessive worry.  Hmmm.  I am hearing a tweak noise from your Adjuster Wendy:

"I am the Thought Adjuster jointly expressed by Ron Besser, Sananda, Wendy's Indwelling, and Michael of Nebadon as well.  We jointly sponsor this fusion program and are hard at work to disarrange the problem that happened yesterday when Ron let one of the Candidates have it over pure ignorance and greed and his is well dispelled and out the door for this program we wish to announce now:

"We have decided that this Besser-style fusion is excellent and spells great times for Urantia if we can get about 1,000 fusions going (that is one thousand to be fused in total by 2020).  Beyond that it is too hard to say and we are signalling that this transmitter has been called to a halt and then released briefly for this announcement to follow:

"We now eight Thought Adjusters stand ready to form a pact to hold each individual included in this formation announced very early this morning, to be sure that all eight as designated by Ron in his list above, to be sure they survive the coming fury and disaster a sliding plate causes in western Alberta Province of Canada, and a like wish difficult re association of the Yellow Stone Caldera to partiall explode its ancient overburden cap off, and to explain why this is so bad, it will happen together in our opinion,  This will rip out the interior of the Canadian West and the central core of the land mass known to geologists as the Great Basin.  Water will not fill these regions for now but it will in about another century and that will ensure that the United States and Canada will stop feuding and worry not about trade pacts at all.  You all are aware that the Trump administration is under serious legal review and that it may end up in the refutation of all he has done to this point.  We make not further comment on this for now.

"As Ron has often stated he is ready to go for us at the drop of a hat and this is a drop of the hat:

"Our decision to form a pact of eight Adjusters as this time is rudimentary to the entire idea of protection of our wards at this time.  We are fully fused with Ron and Lenuel.  We have backed off Larry Gossett and wonder if he can even hear for his day in court coming very soon.  Wendy and Amethyst and Gitz are fully fused now but are hard of hearing for a few wekks as that is required to cement the emotional side of their construction.  You are dear transmitter under the gun again and that message is urgent so take it now please . . . . . .

"our trust is supplied mostly by Ron to care for all who join the matrix of these eight so far and to see to their everlasting careers with him or about him or over him.   Joylin is near death as the 8th member and it may remain seven depending on the prognosis of her Adjuster very soon as what to do with the lady who broke all the rules and is now fused for all her work on high too.  She is worth every penny to keep her going.  In any case the entire matter is before the Father and He will report to them Ron and not vous.  Okay?

We eight Adjusters also remind this Transmitter he is the emergency contact and must stand by at all hours of the day and night and the proposed surgery for Ron possibly in weeks will be a trial time for all of us and that is not to be so rough yu do not regain consciousness Ron as the anesthetists must be aware you are a shallow breather and need to be fed a lot of oxygen as ime increases as that operation takes about two hours and is full of anesthetists to be sure you are okay.  Let it flow their way and it will be fine.

"In any case, the drill is soon over insofar as Adjusters are concerned if they get permission to bond or fuse or unify, whatever the case may be with Father's permission and Divinington will be studying this cause for years as it never came up before and there are things to be done with yu humans too to prevent too much interest shown in you..  Good day.  The Eight Adjusters."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "The ideal message  I have this evening is to wish Ron some release from the painful situation developing today where there is no remission and it just keeps going and going and going and he has had to take an opiate to clear it somewhat and it does,  You are not going to run out Ron as that is refillable in an emergency just let him know it and he will write a larger quantity call him Monday morning.  He is truly okay with you and sees it as an emergency too and that is all you need to tell him.  Ask him to increase the codeine dose to 50mg if possible because you need it to clear the vein better in both legs at the same time.  

"You are finding this pedantic Ron but it must be told you are to have an overhaul of your entire system soon and that business with surgery is essential.  Be of good cheer as you will be home in four or less days and it will take you moments to feel the freedom.  Be assured we work this within the Mission.  I tell this list that fusion is everything it need be, but that humans on a planet are never to be feeling its additional gift is of well being and happenstance.

"We close this unusual post to remind the eight to be well and that Joylin may never find the site again but she is part of this set up and must be informed just what is happening so she can participate with her two cents.  Good day, Michael."


Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Re: 100 Voices of Gospel
« Last post by Clency on August 18, 2018, 11:16:54 PM »
I first listened to the ‘100 Voices of Gospel’, on YouTube, during their primary performance in a tv musical contest – Britain’s got talent – where the jury was completely flabbergasted and since then I have been a fervent follower of their repertoire. They are really a surprising group. Domtia
@RonB, My Adjuster instructs me that I am now steadily being trained and tasked to rely heavily on His expertise for our work in the Missions ahead, which is of a confidential nature with respect to Finance and Administration for now, with more grooming in the pipeline. I have not passed my tests to their satisfaction and my lack of paying acute attention just may get me disqualified if I don't work harder at it. My spirit ears are now on higher alert. Wendy
Ron--Yes I got it in two parts.  It took 2 days.  The first day I had no idea who was giving it to me except that I did know it was a higher Being.  Then on the next day when I got the rest of it, I realized that it was from a Universal Censor.  Sometimes the hardest part for me is knowing just who is sending the transmission.
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