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General Discussion / Re: TEAMWORK: A Federation Between Friends
« Last post by Rene A Duran on Today at 01:27:20 PM »
Thank you Ron I appreciated, and yes indeed, I feel good even when I am just able to perceive very little, I am feeding myself with all that is coming throuh you and the other transmitters I see they are giants now. Thank you all Rayson, The Mentori, etc.

Love all.


Well, Lemuel is thinking about this in order to enter the monastery in TIBET.
The word that is missing is Acolyte.
I just wanted to correct a couple of things that Clency missed.

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Getting to know Us

Lemuel : To begin I would like to say that I have been over the past couple weeks trying to take periods of rest with the agreement of my Beloved, but there have been occasions when I have been, not forced of course, but inspired, shall I say, to transmit again and so here I am and this morning is no different because the all group of Beings is here with me this morning and so I am receiving the Group called Mentori. Prolotheos is here and Ophelia, but I don’t know why, but in the background, so to speak, is One-without-Name-and-Number.

One-without-Name-and-Number : Yes, I am here again Lemuel, I came to you once before last year. The reason why I am here this morning is to impress upon all of you transmitting here on the forum that you have now before you the most wonderful opportunity to work with such an illustruous Group of Beings like never before and I want to encourage you all to take advantages of this.

These Beings are here not because they have been ordered to be here, no they are here because they want to be here. They are pleased to be here, to have this opportunity of being here and working and getting to know you as a group of transmitters and also as individual transmitters. I am One-without-Name-and-Number and so I just want to say these few words to all of you : take advantage of what is now before you, deal with it, because they are here to stay. I bid you a good day.

Mentori : We are known as Mentori, we operate as a Group and we can also operate individually and in such a case you may receive One of Our Names, but it is not important. What is important is that we are here for you.

It has been mentioned before by this one and others, the most  important thing for you to remember always is your intention, what is your intention really, it must be a sincere, heartfelt intention that you desire to work with Us and open-up yourselves to Us on a regular basis.

It is worth repeating that those of you who perhaps have just beginning to transmit, and I doubt for and even fearful of making mistakes, to get it all wrong. Please do  not think these things, because that in fact is your ego. Ego never wants to make a fool of itself and we understand that but don’t allow ego to get in the way. If your intention is sincere and heartfelt, that in and of itself is a great step forward and we are so appreciative of that.

Yes, Lemuel is now thinking of something that perhaps is so pertinent to mention. Many years ago, in the early 60’s, there was a series of books written by someone called Lobsang Rampa. Yes, the first book he wrote became very famous called « The third eye ».

Well, Lemuel is thinking about this because in order for young persons to enter the monastery intellect they were sit outside the gates for days on end. They were fed with water periodically by their family, but they are not moved from that place and we are talking of children from the age of eight to thirteen to become an (….) to enter the monastery.They were observed obviously from inside, but they were tested, their sincerities were tested, their intentions were tested and finally the gate was opened and they would be invited in.

So, to those of you who are sincere in your intention, the gate will be opened to you also and you will be able to transmit, so please just do it. Now for the rest of you, we are so pleased to be here and we repeat again this is just a beginning and like everything else in the beginning it is little by little, slowly, slowly, we are not here to sweep you away with such wonderful and profound revelations.

No, because that will blow you away, we are not here for that, we are here to become friends with you, real friends, to have a really friendly relationship, Celestials and humans working together, it can be done and it will be done. Think about this, we are here to be friends, we are here to be family, we are here so you will reach the stage where you will talk to us, like you talk to someone in your own living-room.

This is something you can get used to although it can take a little time. You need trust, trust yourself, have faith in yourself and obviously your Beloved Thought Adjusters and Guides are always with you to help you along the way. If you were to know what is really in front of you it would be too much, it is also so wonderful and also so terrible at the same time.

Change is upon all of you and I am sure you must have learned by now, the only constant in this life is change and you have simply to deal with it, there is no other way. Our presence, on a regular basis in your lives will obviously affect your lives for the betterment. You will begin to realize that the changes that are taking place within your own being is simply because you are becoming more and more acquainted with Us and friendly with Us, as family with Us and you will be influenced and changed. In other words, your vibrations will be raised considerably, your light will be increased and extended, it cannot be otherwise.

Be encouraged by these words, because they are true and so my friends, just to remind you, we are here for you, we want to become so acquainted with you all and that you become acquainted with Us. So take advantage of this new beginning because it is so wonderful.

I have nothing more to say at the moment. We are Mentori, We thank you all for listening and We bid you all a good day and a good weekend. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission/ Getting to know Us
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 01:24:58 AM »
Speaker: Mentori / One without Name and Number
Subject: Getting to Know Us
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 22nd June 2018  07:24 Local 06:24 Z
General Discussion / Re: TEAMWORK: A Federation Between Friends
« Last post by Ron Besser on June 21, 2018, 10:28:19 PM »
Greeting Rene, I hope you are okay these days with so much happening around you.  My best regards to you and yours.  Ron

Steve Gitz -  Before I forget to say anything with reference to Ilok.  A couple of items for you to show the state of affairs around me on that subject alone.

About four weeks ago I got the green light rework the book I sent you.  That was to delete a serious error I made regarding Dr. Rohrbaugh.   The error was I did not give him enough credit for inventing the process.  Dr. Rohrbaugh himself contacted me about it and fortunately he was very kind to me but suggest I use a heretofore undiscovered biography I have of the man and his extraordinary work in coal gasification in Germany in t he early 1930's as Germany was intent on becoming fuel self sufficient in spite of having no great oil deposits on its own.  We are to make amends by me including that biography in place of some things I wrote that are mostly, not all, are in error about the intrigue that went on in 1945 and 1946.  I do not mind sharing this part of the story at all, but I am reminded by Rayson that people kill other people for a great deal less than what is in the book.  Here is Rayson now to explain our situation:

RAYSON, The Magisterial Mission Science Officer Yet and Still -

"I am sure Ron is losing his painful head today as it was seriously debilitating today for him and in spite of that he went to Walmart and bought two fairly large American flags for his new flag poles.  In spite of lighting problems people in the neighborhood loved the flag and the light at night and miss the show he now is replacing for the fourth of July he hopes. In any case, Ron frequently asks me about that book and how to repair the error and what else to expect.  I told him that you and he are the necessary ingredients to make it work and sell it in a licensing agreement of plural, and to add all the money you collect to the running of the new epochal revelation book ot be issued shortly, and to pay yourselves salaries from it and the rest to go to the Magisterial Mission Preachers mainly Serara and Monjoronson so they have operating capital too.

"As a result of our cooperation in transmitting, Ron has received the notice from me that while I know the details of the Ilok formula, I am not allowing the process to work but to supply a much simpler process that defies carbonization of any machines and lets them run without fear of explosion.  That is one item.  The other item is that I promised to Ron to let him hear me speak concerning Ultimatons to CERN as soon as it can be arranged and you are invited too and Ron is grateful to have you along to share notes then.  You are booth extraordinary folks and Ron alone could do what I do by simple dictation of new formulae but also to hear Rohrbaugh speak the truth that he was greatly bemused by Ron's secret investigation into how the original formulae came into his possession and so far.  It is not all rubbish and is extremely accurate in spit of Ron not having a clue as to how some Lieutenant got it to him and the truth is he nailed it on the head precisely.  we know all the details of that intrigue and let Ron figure some of it out with our tiny bit of arrow pointing.

"I am sending you this Gitz:  Be aware you attract unwanted attention when you speak to others on the phone in the office as many are professionals and they know what you are talking about quite often in your use of technical terms.  Ilok is not at risk at all but you are and so is Ron and Ron keeps all doors and windows locked unless he is outside and even then he is nervous about doing so.  He has seen some of that skudugery already with his performances on high and persons up here wanting to stop him from working on projects just like this because they consider it naughty to work with God in this fashion but Ron does so well he often wins them over anyhow.  I am Rayson and I leave both of you with this:

"The Magisterial Mission will surprise you both and I promise you I will be there and plan exciting overseas trips with both of you to hear the latest in technology I teach in the univserities and colleges of the American west and east.  Good day."

Ron - Of course this still begs the question Steve on a lot of other things but I would surmise the Ilok communition chamber is fully eliminated as I get that impression with what else is being disclosed which I have scant writing on at this point,  Timing cannot even be guessed at but I look to you to come to York when you can get here and that signal to do so is my photography of the new epochal revelation book which I will post on this site and also place the photos on Facebook just to stir things up good.  Thanks for the subject of Federation review and your support for it.  The idea is not dead with me but I am have a hard time being practical about it and worry more with the IRS which has called me again on the last corporation to undergo their rating.  The individual who called me and asked me to justify a request for non profit for the Michael Foundation (which I have not talked about at all).  I told him that we may not associate divinity with commercialism or profits or swirling transactions of lots of money on our behalf.  I explained by asking if he ever heard the term: :The Father's Business?"   It was all new to him.  I explained then that religion was the work of man and God together for the self improvement. But when the business of the Father came to do it was like Staples (office goods company and is a national firm) and that this corporation was like Staples in a lot of ways as we are not religion but doing the work for the Father's business.  He did not ever know any of that and we are now being referenced to his supervisor to help him understand if he can give us non profit status.  I expect to get a least a letter from hin to settle our request for the Michael Foundation.

In any case that is the up to date situation as I know it and as Rayson knows it for your own info,  Thanks for your post.    - - - Ron

"I am speechless again Steve over your ability to write when something is brewing for all of us and especially Ron tonight.  I had Ron site down late this afternoon to bow his head and submit a prayer with my help to the Father, the Son, and the Infinite Spirit.  They all responded and well to his request to please remove the problems of transition out of his physical form in order to feel better and the Father and the Coordinates returned the favor and each spoke kindly to Ron who was undergoing a very painful liaison with the Trinity which he can correctly call for when they indwell Ron the headaches are especially painful and sharp, such is their power.  In any case Ron was shown the door at once and I was able to add my two cents to them.  He was told to work on the computer and forget the headache if possible and I told the Father he was working on the computer and so on and the Father indicated that you Gitz were busy too at the same time and we had our thoughts as to the companion ship you two have in scientific progress for this world if you just learn to cooperate.  Ron cooperates beautifully, but you Steve fight encroachment of knowledge that you gained the hard way and with Ron you can be free and correct with telling him that knowledge if it is pertinent.  Your gas drilling is not since Ron has no experience there at all, but he does know about clay and mud side walls in his engineering work for Sacra and Velzy and others.  They are all gone now and many of the firms you worked for are gone to, and Ron laments by saying he cannot even prove what his life career was in as those shops have long gone and are folded into other circumstances now.

"I tell you this for he laments that you have a young life comparatively and his is so old he feels down and broken and times but this transition will correct that as he is now working brand new Adjutant Spirit helpers to his brain, and one of them is called Sentence. which he did not know how that word applied at all.  I told him and he cringed and we let it go.  But in the United States today there is a morality problem that will not go away without addressing moral practices such sexual usages and mental aberrations of using endless series of designer drugs or heroin or other natural probationary substances.  It must be addressed but I say this to both of you: STAY AWAY FROM THOSE SUBJECTS.  Ron seriously dislikes them as they have no teaching point with spirit and Ron and mostly for yourself Steve are deciated to the God side of life and always will be.  I also reprimand Ron for fearing so many personal subjects on these discussion letters that he has to be taught not to fear mankind as an aberration who seem to all use substances they should never encounter and that is true for you too Steve and both of you never used a drug in your life and Ron insists on it even for pain.  He asked if it was possible to get some cannabis for this pain and I said yes, but also told him it would shorten his life considerably if he used it and to let it ride until we could remove it and that is supposed to start showing up in the next few days.  In any case all this can be discussed when you arrive in York and you are willing to do so some time around the middle of July or as late as August 01, 2018.  I have plans brewing to show you the way to prevent arthritis and save lives too that will help you Steve understand our work better.  Ron is so pie eyed over his work in the epochal book Foundation he can hardly wait.  You will help there too and so on.

"My best to you for starting the thread and we wait too to see how Ron fares over the next few weeks as well as he has a surprise coming he is not expecting,  Michael of Nebadon."

Prolotheos =
"Ron thinks of the Medici when I show up, but I was once part of a proud organization called the Mentori, and Ron so loved the group he looked up our names a couple days ago and post our lessons on line for other s to see and work on if possible.  Now we have Lemuel and Sue and Larry and Amethyst transmitting us and Ron is completely delighted with that development.  I say this because you Steve Gitz are quite capable of transmitting and Ron would be delighted to bash a bottle of champagne against your hull of a form to let yuou do that in a few minutes or hours sitting near him as he has that ability to transform non transmitters into working transmitters that way.  His Thought Adjuster is so good he can time the moment it can happen and I hope you take advantage of that learning ability from him and use it the rest of your natural life.  I also know you have had a grasp of infinite from Ron that most others do not fathom and you ought to explore that with him as there is much he can talk about that he guesses at he does not share with anyone and the Father knows why because there is insufficient language to broach it right now.  I also know you tow can talk about Ultimatons once Ron shows you graphic analysis he can do about them and really learn how they work.  He is truly a master of bot much but knows a lot he cannot use at the moment.  Good day.  I am Prolotheos."

Threads for New Transmissions / The Mentori - Be Eager Students
« Last post by newstarsaphire on June 21, 2018, 08:34:25 PM »
The Mentori - Be Eager Students- 21-Jun-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   The Mentori
Subject:  Be Eager Students
21-Jun-18 7:31 PM  EST   23:31 Z/GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name”.   what does that mean to you?

“Thy Kingdom come…”  what is the significance of that to your understanding?

“Thy will be done on Earth[Urantia/Nystoria] as it is in Heaven…”   What does that look like in your minds eye?

“These are questions most people never seek the answer for and that is for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps the speaker of the words of this prayer is mindlessly repeating what they have been taught and it is simply rote oratory; perhaps they seek the comfort these words are expected to bring to their mind and soul; perhaps they believe that by repeating the words they have been taught (that Jesus himself suggested) that they are therefore living the life example he himself lived?

“The point I am making here is, what is the intention of the heart behind the words that are spoken?  This is not for you nor I to judge for that is left to the ones to whom the prayer is spoken.  It is the intention of the heart more so than the schooling of the mind that propels the desire to be heard and it is neither the intensity of the emotions nor the desperation of the spirit of the one who prays.

“What are the intentions of our thoughts and prayers; what are the desires of our will and purposes and are they in line with Fathers?  These are questions we each must ever ask ourselves and be honest in our self-discovery.

“We are not a blank slate in our minds for Father to write the “special menu for the day”, we are thinking, reasoning, self-willed beings who are afforded the opportunity to become more than we could ever be alone unless we choose to remain in our pretty little boxes with a ribbon neatly wrapped around it for others to admire and ourselves to look at in smug appreciation.

“We, each free-will gifted creature, have a higher calling, a parade of unwrapped potentials that we can achieve if we only choose to pay attention, ask the questions, seek the answers and walk the paths of self and Father discovery that lays wide-open to us all.  

“Will you choose the intriguing path of untold discoveries to be made and experiential riches to be uncovered by truly seeking the will and ways of the Father and following His guidance throughout that journey?  Will you allow the quest of the unknown to draw you higher as it challenges all you think you know and believe?  Will you allow your horizons to be expanded far beyond your present ability to behold?  Will you search out the fuller meanings and broader perspectives that await your blossoming into their reality?  Do you want to experientially comprehend what it means to be a co-creator?

“I ask you these things that you may ponder their meaning and have you mindful and ready to search out and receive their value for your lives.

“I am the Mentori and my heart is to teach the eager students who desire to learn and grow and anticipate possibilities.”

General Discussion / Re: TEAMWORK: A Federation Between Friends
« Last post by Rene A Duran on June 21, 2018, 07:59:14 PM »
 Hi Gitz its interesting that way of putting it together, federation sounds strong, team work even more attractive, multiple location working independently under the same rules o director seems to be effective.
Now, I have had several prompts with the word "ilk", as I am not  transmitting I have  not asked question from celestials to deep into that information that could come with it.
I just wanted to make a comment. 

Thank you..
General Discussion / TEAMWORK: A Federation Between Friends
« Last post by gitz on June 21, 2018, 06:15:37 PM »
A week or so ago Ron introduced the work "Federation" into our discussion forum.  Some discussion ensued and decidedly dropped for now but I have not been able to let it go.  You see I have an affinity for the word when thinking of all our galactic friends in the universe and our Celestial Friends throughout all the universes:  A roof underneath we ALL can live and serve.  In fact, it's not so much the word Federation, rather the word Teamwork that I think of within a Federation.  Often I have encouraged persons to be loyal not only to their brothers here on Nystoria but to their Brothers everywhere else.  And together we can build a universe to be settled in light and life someday.  What a goal! 

So I search the TUB for the subject teamwork and lo and behold, coincidentally or not, I find it on page 312, Paper 28: Section 5.3 titled THE SECONDARY SECONAPHIM, the Union of Souls where it says, "These are the angels who foster and promote the teamwork of all Orvonton.  One of the most important lessons to be learned during your mortal career is teamwork.  The spheres of perfection are manned by those who have mastered this art of working with other beings." 

So, soon I hope that we can revisit the concept of a Federation--a team enjoying the "fruit of an intelligent appreciation of universe brotherhood..." UB 39:4.4 ("What is loyalty?").

On another note:  Ron, I believe it was Michael that told me that you had an opportunity to recall certain missing parts of Ilok's specific work regarding carbonless energy.  Because of security reasons I have not shaken the tree for falling gems of your additional knowledge and discoveries either via emails or discussion forum.  My systems are not near secure enough to warrant my own curiosities and satisfactions.  I thought it wise to wait until I'm in York.  But if you think differently let me know.  Thank you and Michael for wondering why I am silent on this subject.  Also thank you Michael for the warning about the importance of keeping the book under lock and key.  I did so today even more.  Ron, I am so anxious to learn more about Ilok's work. Do you think we could talk about it by private email or perhaps letters?  

I pray, Father, that Ron's health is finally improved and ALL the pain gone.  If this new start achieves this outcome, then I'm glad we start over.


Hello Amethyst.  I am very happy to see you get this experience.  You are speaking to a unity, and a unity is two or more persons who are each other as one voice speaking and who dictate with the double strength of truth to you the receiver.  The Mentori are famous for being able to do this.  I had to ask who the unity was speaking to you and they tell me it was Mentori Himself and Ophelius.

This is new to me too.  The Mentori is the Deity union of the Father-Son amalgamation of sinless concerns only and not of other Deity prerogatives.  The Mentori is Deity too and It is Prepersonal and has two new cousins, so to speak, one is Ophelius and the other is Prolotheos, but Prolotheos is used in this case through the Master Spirit Number Four and Five in this particular case.  I have never seen this before and I am fascinated to learn it exists and you are the first to hear it.  I can't wait to try it out myself.  Now this:

"I am Ron's favorite subject and I care very much that Ron finds this greatly fascinating.  He has received this before but he is so good at transmitting he did not notice the difference of the frequency but you did Amethyst.   You need to learn to be more sure of yourself Amethyst so you do not brush off prompts like this and fail as a transmitter.  You did it once before this morning and so watch it!  You are throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Open your mind to these changes and stop hanging back waiting for Ron to discover it all and that goes for Larry G and Lemuel too as they both wait too much.  Lemuel has been courageous thought and makes things work in spite of himself not being so sure.

"And this:  Ron knows Ocilliaya fairly well and they get along fabulously.  But he seldom has communication with Mantrinaya the Master Spirit for Superuniverse Five, Lexerton.  For that reason Number Five is often referred to as the House of God for the morality of the universe and Ron is often there taking lessons and waits for others to join him someday as the entire matter of sexual mores and what not has to be reconciled on Nystoria at once so there is some idea of one entire matter called sexuality to be condoned or not condoned and Ron has been exercising yeoman's work to explain a lot we do not know on Nystoria.  Be assured Amethyst you are not singled out for such but plenty are because Nystoria is a beehive of alternative life styles that defy our explanations up here.

"We are the Mentori when acting as a dual or triune or even more numbers in these unifications and we intend to teach all of you the same abilities when we get there to supervise the Adam and Eve Schools shortly as now the Melchizedeks are saying they rather have Adam and Eve establish the schools instead of them for the time being anyhow.  I am reaching down to the Melchizedeks for this but there is no response so let this stand for now."

"Ron you are a beast at times.  I am sure this was to be announced later, but because we have changed the entire structure of the school system, we are moving back from establishing our own schools and having Adam and Eve do them for us for the time being.  That is all thank you."

"Amethyst, Ron tires today for lots of reasons so we end it this way:  Eat and be sure to take your medical advice and to be sure you are awake and ready to go in the morning.  Ron joins you in waking up hard to od for all sorts of reasons now and that is being trained out of him slowly and he does well to have the whole day for work he can do now without falling asleep to easily at times.  We are sure you need rest but not as much as you get sometimes and for the same reason Ron has problems too so cheer up and let it begin to pass as best you can.  It is a real pain to force oneself up out of bed when you crave more sleep.  Good day."

"Ron is doing yeoman's work again today holding off sleep and having painful headaches again as we adjust the body to the morontial circuits he will use fully soon enough,  He no longer uses the Adjutant Spirit circuitry entirely but has retained worship and wisdom for his own use while we provide six new Adjutants for his mind to use and he does very well with all of them except sentence and that is a word that indicates a healthy appetite for sexual compatibility and we never discuss this stuff further as he sees no point in illuminating the night sky   The six new Adjutants are: wisdom; falseness; outrageous contamination of truth; sleep no more; trials of justice.  Those are translated direct from the universe language.  Good day."

Amethyst:  I had difficulty identifying the speakers of this transmission.  I have never received one from "we."  It has always been "I."  It may be Prolotheos and Ophelius, but I am not sure.  Some of this was uncomfortable for me to write, but I took it as received, so use discernment and make of it what you will.  The tone is not what I am used to receiving, yet it sheds some light on our experiences.

Speakers:  Unnamed Mentori Members
T/R:          Amethyst
Topic:        The Slings and Arrows, Unprecedented Testing, and Continued Disappointment
Date:          June 21, 2018


"We are members of a group called Mentori.  You will not always receive a name, but you will be informed when it is from us.  We are two and speak as one here for this message.

"We come to you at this time not to scold or warn, even though there are many who could use more prodding and contribute more because you are capable, but do it not.  This message is just a simple acknowledgment that we have been watching the events all over Nystoria for the last few months and have seen firsthand the increase in the intense problems bearing down on so many of you.  The burdens have become heavier in part because some celestials too hold some responsibility on our end for not recognizing the battles that sin still give out as their last breaths in an attempt to prevent the healing so many of you need.  Sinful ones, both above and below have been finding the weak cracks and have exploited them for their advantage.  This forum has been particularly under their assault because evil hates the Light, and the ridding of your Light would be a major victory for them.  Many people who have conquered their demons and won, now find themselves having to fight them yet again.

"There are many moving cogs in the wheels as we try to stabilize things enough so all involved celestial beings can focus their complete attention as needed, for and on behalf of Nystoria.  Nystoria is a handful, and that is putting it mildly.  You have heard the expression, "as above, so below."  Well the above part of this has had its growing pains because it too is evolving, and it is showing up below.

"You who are very familiar with THE URANTIA BOOK know full well of the untold number of different beings, on different levels, with different functions.  These need to be in perfect coordination for a major project to be undertaken.  Each piece and personality must have their instructions in hand and be ready to collaborate perfectly.

"We tell you this not to take your faith or hope away, but to show that evolution is by definition a process of constant change.  It is an unfolding adaptation, revision, and reworking that continues for very long periods of time.  We live in an evolving universe and all that it implies.  You are now spiritually mature enough to recognize yourselves as cosmic citizens with the rest of us as we all evolve.

"Almost all of you here have great potential and some of you do work hard and are succeeding.  The ones that do the heavy lifting are indeed exceptional.

"The message we want to leave you with is that we know you have been dealt a bad hand.  But we in no way consider this a horrible thing.  In the short term, yes it is very difficult.  We know!  But in the long term, the rewards for your efforts and successes will be beyond your wildest dreams.  Things are moving along.  Things are going to improve.  The missions will and are at this time going forward.

"To those who follow this forum, you are in a very unique position to contribute and we need your efforts!  Stop viewing yourselves as helpless mere humans and learn to co-create with your cosmic brothers and sisters.  The farther along you progress in your universe career, the more you will recognize that the entire universe runs and grows on service, and service requires constant cooperation and coordination, and this is challenging with difficult and complex problems.  Take heart.  Larry G, the goosebumps have quieted for a time, but have not and will not go away.

We wish you a fond farewell for now."


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