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Thank you Amethyst,
To make things better I have purchased a new computer some four months ago and I find it so much easier and better than my old ipad with bluetooth keyboard. Now I have a keyboard that plugs in and is way better as it does not jump around like a bluetooth keyboard does. As for copy and paste, try using your mouse by right clicking. It comes up a window with a list of things you can choose from, if you see "copy" click on it. (make sure your have highlighted everything first before you do) then go to the forum to post window, and when you are ready to post something, right click again and the window comes up with a list, scroll down to "paste" and then you should have your work up on the screen in the window you pasted in. I hope this helps you. I have to admit pen and paper is always handy at times when I get something and have no time to wait for a machine to start up. Yesterday, I got the page up on the screen ready to type on a blank screen and sat waiting, praying and asking for whoever, whatever to come forward to speak. Ankara naturally is with me as if assigned to work with me for now. Thank you for your wonderful work too Amethyst and I look forward to more of what you have to share with us. Let us know if you have any difficulties in copying and pasting, I am sure there's plenty of members here who are good to help out. I encourage everyone to get a desktop computer as it is fantastic, I have an All-in-One computer and it does the job marvelously for me for now as I can also use coloured text, bold text and type way faster than the old ipad did as it kind of got me so frustrated!!!

Anyway, let the good times roll and I get practicing on this voice-type method and allow this to flow as it should. All the best for you Amethyst and all of you wonderful readers.

Thank you Ankara and Sue.
Hi Sue--I used to use paper and pencil a lot, but then I discovered it was much easier to use just the very simple note pad on my computer.  I use a large font because my eyes are weak. I then print it out and edit it, and take my time and retype it onto the forum.  I find it is actually faster than pencil and paper.  I cannot use copy and paste because it always messes things up.  I now would be lost without my note function.
Thank you MidiChlorian.  I happen to agree with your entirely that the Windhex is something to study a great deal more.  I tell you why.  When we grind an element down, and this can apply to wheat and soybeans and a lot of any other carbon chemistry, carbon items are consistently the same.  In other words a carbon 12 atom in the head of a wheat cluster and the carbon 12 in a coal piece, remain carbon 12 regardless of what you do to them until your grind down to 4 microns.  That is I believe that crux of what we have in my research versus what you have in your research.  We are both after getting a carbon reduction (if indeed you work with organic chemistry specifically) to almost atomic size.  I must remind anyone looking at this discussion I did not invent this gadget as Dr. Ilok did sixty some years ago and nobody has yet figured out why it works it all.  My research was to resurrect what he did and not to improve upon it but to produce it for industry to take up as a genuine process without so much to do with difficulties we know how to overcome.

But what you have shown me MidiChlorian is the discovery of this Windhex propitaties the same effect with ten million dollars less effort to build it for the same results.  You also suggest I need to understand hot flows and cold flows which I have very little understanding about EXCEPT the Ilok invention to grind uses hot flow gases to break coal down into a CONSISTENT FOUR MICRON COAL POWDER EVERYWHERE.  The Windhex does not concern itself with consistency of particle size, only that all particles that result from the grind in the Windhex are in some size of a micron here and there and the rest is mostly soot that is easily processed into other things as an ingredient from the the Windhex proposition that all mater can be ground small.

What the Ilok process does is force matter to behave in antisocial ways.  That is why we have to worry about thge out break of plasmas and the destruction of entire factory buildings if we get something wrong with the Unqualified Absolute, which is very much a force to be reckowned with.  We have to take the Einstein theory of relativity and turn it on its head to get consisten four micaron powders without blowing everybody up with the process to get that consistent grind.  However, I see in the Windhex a new principle I never considered before and neither did Ilok as I worked with him for about 25 years and we never looked at anything but using a grinder with mechanical disks inserted into the shell of the grinder to force carbon to become just the powder and not the atom.   This is very hard to get across and that is why I wrote the book to show or demonstrate what problems the Unqualified Absolute throws in our way and how Ilok dodged them to get a powder without them exploding or turning out a frightening plasma.

I thank you for your help really and I am grateful to learn something like the Windhex machine and idea exists as it sure obviates the need to spend billions of dollars on complex carbon grinders if we can modify the Windhex princople to carbon production.

PS: Here is the Science Officer, Rayson, to share his view of the Windhex too:

"I never saw this invention come on line while I was reasearching just how ot use the Ilok Communition Chamber to produce fuel cells for transporation on Urantia, when the entire matter of oil production in huge quantities ends.  It will end and under precarious circumstances that should concern everyone.  Ron worked with Dr. Ilok in ups and downs seeking funding and Ron's principle concern was to see to it that Ilok had support to get it financed to build a production plant in Ohio.  But Ilok was too greedy and left opportunity after opportunity slip by thinking he should control all of it.  Ron kept warning him that if he did that all the time there would be no coal fcaility that can pollution free fuels for transport including airplanes and ships.

"We now see that the production of micron powders, inconsistent or not, is very simple with a machine that uses compressed air to slam particles against the chamber walls which then uses friction instead of applied heat to break the material down into micron sized bits.  Ron correctly points out that for coal powders to be burned as a fuel they must be consistency the same size, and that is not possible using friction to grind the material into micron sized bits.  I see what Ron is saying too, and I wonder if you see it, the grinding of powders into micron size that are inconsistent in homogeneity, shares a remarkable semblance to what should be done with the Ilok Communition Chamber that astounds the world in its ability to do this without spending more to produce the powders than they are worth to burn.  Ilok often said to Ron and laughed sometimes, you pyrolyzed four micron powders to get 3 micron powders, but you blow three micron powders up with liquid Nitrogen set afire by a gas torch inside the Communition Chamber.  Ron's reply was insufficient to make Ilok realize that Ron had the right idea to just pyrolyze a second time with liquid Hydrogen, and be done with it and no blowing anything up to do it.  This was to get 1/300 micron powders we never discuss here.

"I futher content that the Windhex machine is as brilliant as Ron says it is and wonder why it never caught on with manufactureres.  I saw Ron hunt for the manufacturer or the licensing corporation and neither now show up at all.  He wonders if they went out of business already or was there some sort of legal fight and the company lost it.  Here is Stan Stovall of the Nightly Business Report on high:

Stan Stovall -  "Rpm lmws as the luckless person who was on Wall Street Week many years ago.  He never missed a program and one night I appeared on it with a big bandage on my head.  That was the night Louis Reukeyhyser nearly killed me for appearing with him when I was so ill over other matters too.  Would you not know that big book of the camera that took shots behind me hit my chair and concked me on the head on live television and Ron got hysterical with laughter, fully recognized that I was already ill and already bandaged on the spot the camera hit me and Louis R. stuffed hismelf with tomatoe paste to stop laughing so hard so we could finish taping the program.  Now what happened to the corproation that built these machines?

"They went bust after one year of operation because the owner died and left everyone trying to cope what to do with the corporation he left behind.  He had expansive lawyers everywhere but no one asked if he had a will made to clear the patents out to the corporation and his wife wound up with all of it and spent them blind on household goods and items and they had to quit.  The patents are intestate and the entire matter is thrown out the door by a court order insisting the patents dissolve upon the death of his wife Elizabeth.  She died last year and the company had no patents to produce the invention with and Ron is wondering why he could not find any evidence.  They are totally gone as are the machines they so brilliantly produced for man to use easily.  I am Stan Stovall of Wall Street Week and my son still runs the investment business I founded forty sdeven eyars ago alons to the day today."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "I seldom say much on things like this but the inventor is still asleep on the mansion worlds having died I believe by your calendar in 2012 or so.  He was ill to death and died quickly when his head hit the back of a car seat he was traveling in to participate in a show that featured his invention.  Unfortunately the thing that makes these machines work so well is not a patented device but a slow way to cause high pressure air to seep down the sides of the grinding chamber.  If we could remanufacture that we have a much faster and easier grinder for four micron coal than presently designed.  I am most grateful to MidiChlorian finding it and showing it to Ron who believes it is a fantastic device.  I do too."


Ron some time ago it was pointed out that Mars, Venus and the planet that was destroyed between Mars and Jupiter would be inhabitable planets sometime in the future. Also Europa would become a star. Sorry I don't have the posts with me to refer to. Can you update us on these different situations?  Thank You


Ron, your additional research that showed the YouTube presentation was not available to me but I did find additional info that might indicate how the Germans had found the process as a byproduct to their initial product of "uranium enrichment" through a similar process using heavy water, in their nuclear weapons research, as might be processed in "Helikon vortex separation process" like system.
In addition the process of heat which seems to be produced may come from the following process that may also relate to the "Windhexe" process - this can be better described as a "Vortex tube", which can produce great temperature variations from very hot to extremely cold. The simplified process can be seen here:

"Separation of a compressed gas into a hot stream and a cold stream."

Even though the construction of the "Windhexe" could use the same principle and over exaggerated with the large cone chamber the heat would brake down the particles and the cold exhaust would solidify the end product.  In the narrative of the "Windhexe" it indicates that even rocks and cement were processed and with additional modification and reprocessing the end product through an additional process, could reduce the Micron size even more.

There is an old website from the company formed from "Windhexe" which can be found: "" - listed as "Vortex Dehydration Technology".

Vortex Dehydration Technology, LLC ®2002.  All Rights Reserved
1115 Pleasant Ridge Road Greensboro, NC 27409
MidiChlorian, I have never seen this machine before!  Thank you very much for uncovering its existence.
I looked at the abstract on the invention, and in general, I would see the principle is about the same as the Ilok communition grinder the Germans invented about 95 years ago.  The Windhex is not as sophisticated because it does not have to do what the Ilok grinder has to do, but all in all it is a remarkable machine.  I watched the video of it in operation

and I place a picture of its size below, and while it is far simpler than what is used to grind coal to 4 microns, my eyes tell me this machine reduces organic materials to about six (6) microns or a little more and spits them out on the ground unless you attache a bag at the exist chute at the very bottom of the machine.  I see as you point out that there is one of these machines working in Australia that dries lignite.  This is some machine and I am happy to report it outdoes what the Germans did somewhat easily and with a lot less fanfare.  However, the Germans had a bigger problem than to grind living materials or dry lignite, as they actually had to be able to grind small enough to inject the resulting four micron powers in the Ilok communition chamber to be used today so they burn evenly and fully without pollution. 

It would not surprise me this machine could be modified to come close to that criteria but I see not easy way to determine that either by the video showing gross grinding of eggs or chicken part into powders and I rather suspect it is far too light to take a ton of bituminous coal and break it into a consistent four microns.  Still it really impreses me with what it can do and for a lot less than the communition chamber can do here in this thread.

I also note just fyi, the Ilok communition chamber is sixteen stores tall and spins coal at 10 thousand RPM in the central part of the device.  This invention spins about 6,000 RPM (my guess), and has no vents to shunt coal pollution out the side.  What you get here is polluted micron powders and it was not meant to prepare what it grinds to be a fuel.  The grinder we work with prepares a fuel and at a temperature of at least 600 degrees C.  Other than that this is a magnificent invention and I lament to say it appears the licensing company may be out of business as I cannot find a web site or a current address for it.

I hope that answers your question about this machine.

General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« Last post by weydevu on August 17, 2018, 02:40:50 PM »
LarryG I would like to add this to your comfort, you have so many times search the Urantia Book in different post for others:  I now do it for you.

3:5.5 (51.4) The uncertainties of life and the vicissitudes of existence do not in any manner contradict the concept of the universal sovereignty of God. All evolutionary creature life is beset by certain inevitabilities. Consider the following:
3:5.6 (51.5) 1. Is courage—strength of character—desirable? Then must man be reared in an environment which necessitates grappling with hardships and reacting to disappointments.
3:5.7 (51.6) 2. Is altruism—service of one’s fellows—desirable? Then must life experience provide for encountering situations of social inequality.
3:5.8 (51.7) 3. Is hope—the grandeur of trust—desirable? Then human existence must constantly be confronted with insecurities and recurrent uncertainties.
3:5.9 (51.8) 4. Is faith—the supreme assertion of human thought—desirable? Then must the mind of man find itself in that troublesome predicament where it ever knows less than it can believe.
3:5.10 (51.9) 5. Is the love of truth and the willingness to go wherever it leads, desirable? Then must man grow up in a world where error is present and falsehood always possible.
3:5.11 (51.10) 6. Is idealism—the approaching concept of the divine—desirable? Then must man struggle in an environment of relative goodness and beauty, surroundings stimulative of the irrepressible reach for better things.
3:5.12 (51.11) 7. Is loyalty—devotion to highest duty—desirable? Then must man carry on amid the possibilities of betrayal and desertion. The valor of devotion to duty consists in the implied danger of default.
3:5.13 (51.12) 8. Is unselfishness—the spirit of self-forgetfulness—desirable? Then must mortal man live face to face with the incessant clamoring of an inescapable self for recognition and honor. Man could not dynamically choose the divine life if there were no self-life to forsake. Man could never lay saving hold on righteousness if there were no potential evil to exalt and differentiate the good by contrast.
3:5.14 (51.13) 9. Is pleasure—the satisfaction of happiness—desirable? Then must man live in a world where the alternative of pain and the likelihood of suffering are ever-present experiential possibilities.
3:5.15 (52.1) Throughout the universe, every unit is regarded as a part of the whole. Survival of the part is dependent on co-operation with the plan and purpose of the whole, the wholehearted desire and perfect willingness to do the Father’s divine will. The only evolutionary world without error (the possibility of unwise judgment) would be a world without free intelligence. In the Havona universe there are a billion perfect worlds with their perfect inhabitants, but evolving man must be fallible if he is to be free. Free and inexperienced intelligence cannot possibly at first be uniformly wise. The possibility of mistaken judgment (evil) becomes sin only when the human will consciously endorses and knowingly embraces a deliberate immoral judgment.
3:5.16 (52.2) The full appreciation of truth, beauty, and goodness is inherent in the perfection of the divine universe. The inhabitants of the Havona worlds do not require the potential of relative value levels as a choice stimulus; such perfect beings are able to identify and choose the good in the absence of all contrastive and thought-compelling moral situations. But all such perfect beings are, in moral nature and spiritual status, what they are by virtue of the fact of existence. They have experientially earned advancement only within their inherent status. Mortal man earns even his status as an ascension candidate by his own faith and hope. Everything divine which the human mind grasps and the human soul acquires is an experiential attainment; it is a reality of personal experience and is therefore a unique possession in contrast to the inherent goodness and righteousness of the inerrant personalities of Havona.

I just want add to my last post I was sober when I had that first contact, thank you.


General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« Last post by weydevu on August 17, 2018, 01:47:03 PM »
My dear brother LarryG I read your post and your post only, I was moved to respond because you haven't fail anyone,' to stumble is not to fall but to go forward faster'. You are a finite being struggling with the light you possess surrounded by all this darkness. Hey! you're human. I wish I had someone to push me back in the late 70s or early 80s when I had my first contact with spirit. Till this day I don't know who contacted me, was it an angel, some celestial being my T/A or something dark though I don't think it was something dark. I had just started taking up transcendental meditation. I was young, undiscipline and into drugs, wow what a combination.

You on the other hand you have done something only a handful of people have done since the time of the bible.  Our Father says 'Be Ye Perfect as I am Perfect'. You my dear brother are not perfect But you are closer than 8 Billion of us on Urantia are. Perfection comes in stages not all at once but you know that. I love what you post, sure I don't have the eye Ron has but that's why we need him. Try not to be so hard on yourself let other people do it then you'll realize its not as bad as you thought. Now I understand with T/R comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITIES and DISCIPLINE. You have my prays in what you are going through. May the Father Bless You.


Ron, based on the information which you presented I found a similar apparatus which is being used that seems to perform similarly to what you have described here.  The apparatus is called a "Windhexe" that brakes down material to Micron size. In the following article "", it has been noted that it is being used in Australia as follows: "The Windhexe is also being used to dry lignite coal in Australia, a process by which impurities are removed from the coal pre-burn producing a cleaner burning fuel."
Is this machine anything like what you have described in the process listed here?
Thank you in advance for your response and input.
General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« Last post by Ron Besser on August 17, 2018, 08:25:04 AM »
Let us state it once and for all so you can no longer doubt what happened to Larry, and maybe to Lemuel and to Me at one point and so on down the line.  Perhaps we needed to see a disaster collision to understand anything at all, and I wonder why you who read this just do not think the truth of the matter is very, very, simple:  Free will!!!!!

Some of your analysis Clency reminds me of Minnesota Fats, played by Jackie Gleason in "The Hustler"  (1961).  The angle of the ball and the pocket to play to and the stick angle and the hearse of derision in the pool hall against one winning at all were signs of the time of the human who had to win at all cost, and did, but the cost was too high, and Jackie Gleason nearly died of having to plan too much to win every time.

The Urantia Book tells us how to calculate fusion.  You do know that don't you?  It is as complicated as Fats Walker playing bit bets pool and is not nearly so stupid to happen to people who cannot play that kind of pool at all.  Of the nine billion people now insisting on living space on this poor planet, six of us found the game of calculation well enough to win a game.

You who read this I sincerely doubt you understand that to fuse on Urantia is a stunning result of such a calculation, but I insist you all understand it is ONE GAME, and not the entire night of games you have to win to take the Service act far enough to even be recorded as on the right football field.  Does this maybe surprise you?

Clency you look at the fireworks that went off in the refusal, but the fireworks are not what you should look at if you wnat to know what really happened, and it is quite simple if not explainable at all.  Larry does not believe anything about fusion.  He is totally lacking the experience that would conform it for him.  Sue mentions a sixth sense she has, and I also have; we both know for sure the truth of the event and know we are eternal citizens when we can get our credentials stamped before Michael on Salvington.  Larry has only his workplace and his home to find solace.  Sue and I find the exercise exhilarating and confirmatory, and that just does not translate person to person.  It cannot transfer and it did not. 

Larry chooses to stay out of the limelight now.  He should.  He is not a witness to his own celebrity on high, or is he willing to accept anyone telling him he is a beautry if he could only find a Reflectrive Aide to show him the truth.  The Father passes to all of us to call the situation out as we see it and not take orders of any kind if we feel a fool of a gift and care nothing about what it does anyhow.  That is Larry and he won't play.

You Clency are Minnesota Fats who declares any pool game winable so long as the balls are placed in the center of the table and one can go first!  There is a fallacy in that reasoning, because Minnesota Fats could not always hit the cluster of balls square the first and only time he had a chance to take it all.   Larry Gossett has not hit the break box square on this issue and cannot finish the removal of all the balls produced by the faulty break out of the colored balls of spirit fusion.

Now excuse me for using that analogy so hard, but it does show what happens when the personality of the person who has fused collides with irregular features inside the personality.  In my case, I refused the legitimacy of the Adjuster speaking to me at all in 1988, and it so scewed my introduction to a Thought Adjuster speaking, it took me three years to calm my nervous system well enough to accept the truth of the event.  Gossett gave it at best a couple of years and quit and calls it an anomaly of trust he cannot fathom or accept.  Free will intervenes to actually shut off progress as it has done here.  The only thin one can do is to pray with Larry that it is not a final salute to a Thought Adjuster who worked very hard to obtain fusion this way and now must wait for the pout to end with this individual and hope for a better day to reconstitute the work lost at the present time.

There is no supernal mystery Clency involved at all.  Bulking the trend is human, and you know that well with all of your ups and downs and shocks along the way.  I dare say my life book reads as yours does and I am not sure I am very proud of that either, but I have more staying power than Larry does mostly because of a prior incident I experienced he never experienced.  It makes a tremendous difference to have ridden out a blackguard like me who refused the truth of an Adjuster until he all but throttled me to listen and I mean that as it was very painful to hear him 7/24 without a break for three years!  Larry had it easy, too easy, and now the price is his to pay for however he chooses to reclaim it if ever.


"We just had quite a spat with Serena, Ron did, and she was thrown off the case for good by Ron telling her he had no use for one more session where he was roasted over something settled in his own mind long ago.  She recognizes he is immature but immature to the point we must take him off the road again and place him in custody with Machiventa Melchizedek, such is the effrontery of yelling at the Infinite Spirit in a woman's spirit body which Serena is..  She is not furious but sad.  Ron says he is too and laughs.  The bastard!  Be that as it may, Ron has no problem standing on his on two feet and makes no waves if he is allowed to proceed as he must to do as we ask.  Serena is touchy about Ron as he insists on being himself in the midst of wolves of unbelievable stature up in Spirit land and wolves galore on Urantia, yet he sees the entire matter of self control and fails to understand he is found out the moment he makes another mistake as he can do.  The truth is there is a trail of things he needs to correct before too much longer and we are about correcting it but the trial is fiery for him as he sees no reason to change items he must change or face the firing squad everywhere.   

"Gossett is even worse.  Gossett plays the ingenue game of sadness and fear and the vapors that obsucre his vision every day and nobody is willing to set him straight.  He has been cautioned so often and so well he cannot escape the fact he finally chose nothing but his own free will to quit and damn the torpedoes.   Look at the crime wave on this site!  No one is holding their end up except the fused ones, and there is a rabble rouser among them mainly Ron who sees the entire matter quite clearly but people insist on being out of the loop and wonder why they do not understand anything.  New people come on and leave almost at once because the sounds are disturbing to those who do not know the discipline of the Spirit soul of God either.   There is no good reason for hundreds of members when it is just six that hold the fort down.  I am finally distrubed enough with us too that I am making every effort to clear the site of its miscreants and that includes Larry Gossett over issues he fails to change himself over thinking he has the best of bother worlds, when in actual fact, he has no world secured on either side of his thinking.

"I see Ron work daily to get things done well and correctly and yet he hits problem after problem because there is no real political will on this site to change themselves into true followers of Jesus Christ.  He is truly the leader of all of this noise on the stie yet Ron persists in giving him due credit not as he refuses to be a Jesus freak and for good reason:  Nobody listens to them ever and anon.  Now this:

"I am ordering Gossett out of bed at 7am and insisting he pray for half an hour over this decision to quite while he was making good spiritual progress.  Ron percipiated this angst over belief by pointing out to Gossett that he was not following up on anything but being Mr,  Lazy over important issues and worried Larry Gossett if he found himself driven by pique or genuine spiritual concern.  Ron decided it was passing pique and said so and it buried Larry in the quagmire of self doubt to the point he felt jaded and flushed over false tenure in something he felt was false anyway.  Ron finally said good riddance until the man learned to deal with the reality of situations he did not control.  

"Ron processes information so fast we have a hard time keeping up with his provisions to inform all of you.  Most of  the poeple groan at long posts but the fact is that without long posts on new concepts there is no understanding whatsoever.  Wendy Winter once asked Ron about Infinity and he proceeded to tell her the facts of the subject which she found so weird she today is afraid to touch the subject.  Ron sees the end from the beginning and makes no mince meat out of letting others know they are lazy and uncomprehending yet those very people hate the idea of truly knowing what is to happen to Urantia and to them in particular. 

"I see this Larry thing as Ron does, and that is speaking to Larry: "You are the worst of the worst and you will never recover feeling so sorry for yurself you jeopardize the career of a loving Adjuster and fail this list to the point I cannot work with you.  Larry you have been loyal and unbelievable supportive in money and funds of thought, and those things are not forgotten, but I cannot work with a man who doubts his shadow and hates to clear the heart of himself beause he sees no real evidence of a supernal truth of spirit.  For now Larry, you are on your own as far as I am concerned and I sincerely regret that."

Ron also had a rowl with a guest now who insisted they be taught how to fuse.  It was a message laced with the inuendo the Church that no one dares tinker with theology if they want support from the church of God which is cultish and behaves like a whore before authority of soulless wishes from the Clergy they be made whole with Christian pranks of saviors on the loose for the sake of the sinners of the world.  Ron laughs at this outrageous display of hypocrisy.  I helped him write it and our saintly Paul of Tarsus contributed a statement from Chronicles you ought to read for yourselves: 

Chronicles:  We who stay the course in life are seldom thanked for doing so.  We who stay the course in spirit, have no proof of our wishes to be heard for the sake of God.  Yet I make no deal with the devil, and I make no wish to abscond with the wealth of the laity, but I do make heart available to all those who do not sin and pray for the forgiveness of trespass.

"I finish it this way: Lo to the sinner who refuses passage of my sainted ones and to the ones chosen to carry the message.  I carry nothing more than to say the trial of tomorrow is happening today.  Gitz is now fused.     Amethyst is preparing to fuse more.  Lemuel is thinking of quitting.  Ron is furious over no one paying attention to the need for his repairs and yet stays fully with me at every corner and no one will deal him harshly now in spite of the temptation to do so.   We are ready to go and so is Ron and Amethyst and Wendy and Gitz, and Gossett and Lemuel suffer the delusion they know better than what God tells them.  Typical of male ego and Ron is ready to lower the boom on those who pretend riches they do not have or have a chance to take, as this will be a small party of five that starts this all off and we now clear the deck with one more announcement:

The Sixth Epochal Revelation
"It has come to my attention that Ron has placed a lot of faith and time to promote this epochal revelation, and in that I am surprised no one else has at all.  Why?  I guess the truth when I say that most on this site have no idea what an epochal revelation is and is less supportive of it than I like.  About 100 of you signed up for a copy and you will get your copy in the mail if you included your mailing address in your request which Ron looks at frequently to be sure he knows who wants that book. 

"Now I find out that Millennium III is making the book stores in huge quantities and is hailed by some as an update to the fifth epochal revelation, and Ron has already clued all of you in just what it is:  It is a fraud and a darn expensive one, as we are going to clear it now with a familiar ring of self righteousness and withhold the sixth epochal revelation off the distribution counters until Millennium III is dead and buried.

"I call this to your attention for one very important reason.  The man who did this runs the Urantia Foundation!  He and a close colleagues thought it would be "cute" to issue a counter offensive to our wish to offer and epochal revelation that supplants the one the Urantia Foundation sells and owns as its own.  Ron just lectured me that Salvington must not abandon the battlefield by removing our issue of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and battle the situation to the embarrassment of those who did this.  My decision is final though:

"The second Urantia Book as you may call it, is now rescinded from appearing on Urantia until I decide what to do with these people.  Ron rightly calls it sedition against the State and welfare of Uversa and Nebadon and the crime is equal to a rebellion.

"I will permit one copy of the book to be photographed by Ron and placed on the web site.  He may keep it as the only existing copy available for five years.  We will then have a case of Gabriel vs The Urantia Foundation.  It will tear that organization down for good.  We also stipulate that the Michael Foundation International is moribund not as we are going to issue counter measures to what has been done here as it is making headway into churches and dormitories of certain Seminaries.  We are closing t he issue down for further actions we will bring to Ron's attention when it is appropriate to do so."

"I am reminded listening to Ron gab with Mozart this morning and the King, Franz Josef of Austria, about the music Ron plays.  He jokes about it and he is sure the composer police are there in force to keep it secret.  But he has an anthrem I never heard something played os beautifully or does its cording suggest its beauty.  Steve Gitz heard it thanks to our services.  He plays it so differently that he wonders why it exists at all.  Wait to you hear it played by Ron, Mr. Gitz.  You may weep as I do if I could as it is truly a C Major work with the glory of God in it in deep worship before him.  We have it orchestrated up here and it moves even the most solid charioteer of the Roman Empire as you want to shout to God I hear your reverence and sloth not for deep worship and prayer to the Sons.

"Secondly, I am ordering it played to open the worship session we will hold once we bring down the sedition of the present Urantia Foundation.  I know this was being done and Ron blew a gasket when he found it and now we all do as it is making headway into the fraternity of lay persons in the Catholic Church and others Seminaries.  I forbid its use and I carry the angst Ron does but I have been sworn  to by the Ancients of Days to stay out of the battle for now and listen to the truth circuits I have more than Ron, but Ron has it exactly right and refuses to give the battle field over to a weak enemy at best that seeks only to confuse and not teach.  I am persuading Ron to let me speak now the truth:

"Seven years ago today my Father in Heaven gave me two orders: 

1 - Go to Urantia and stop the Urantia Foundation from further representation of our revelation about God to the at planet and kick them out as best you can;

2 - Remove the stain of sin they produce over God' Word and prevail upon that leadership to come clearn and stay away from pontification about what they know nothing about. 

"Now I learn they produced a Kindle called Millennium III.  It is seditious and ruled by the arrogance of extreme greed and heartless decisions to scuttle the reverence they once had as a leader of God;s Wordm and to bask in revenge they think.  I agree with Ron and not to give the battle field over and let them win a false victory, but we will stand and fight and provide one of the lat great court cases we must bring against those who think they can make snide remarks as they do in the Millennium III text.

"While I must append this answer into a post about the failure of Gossett to maintain fusion properly, it is also about Ron and his fight to cloud them over with obfuscation to the point they felt driven to do this.  In doing this false work they are fully pleased with themselves and are inviting others to add to it through the transfusion of work Ron did and mismatch it in the book.  The strange thing is that Millennia III uses the ABC Summarries and pokes holes in it by reporting negative after thought in its cover and jacket descriptions.  You all must recognize that this work is the same as printing the Bible by inserting false chapters to swing people their way.  It is true Sedition and Ron characterized it that way even before I looked at it carefully.  He also calls it viscous and unwarranted in its falsification and I fully agree with him in seeing to it that the perpetrators are deeply embarrassed and lose all sense of righteousness over this fact of rebellion against the Salvington Government.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you are now witnessing a Urantia rebellion.

"Let me be clear about this.  The rebels of old spoke of their right to change any and all texts to satisfy the claim of Lucifer that he alone knew the proper context of how the universe carries life eternal forward.  He also stated the Universal Father did not exist and that the Ancients of Days failed to do anything about the misuses of the Nebadon Creator Son to quash organizations that complained of his deliberate misuse of power on Urantia and Jerusem.  Your views on this subject on this site are critical to complain to the Urantia Foundation that they must withdraw the publication or face full defamation before a court of law, and that the Urantia Foundation is already decalred vulnerable to charges of SEDITION and that there must be a coming to terms to withdraw the publication, to make apologies to the public and to the readership which does not know the source of this work, and that the must desist being the spokespersons for any epochal revelation including the fifth epochal revelation.

"To further complicate this situation, I am asking Ron to stand down on the work of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, until I understand the collusion of Mo Siegel and Gard Jamison, to do such a thing.  Surely they must understand to issue a document that purports to be a continuance of epochal revelation is to suggest we did it.  WE DID NOT DO THIS; WE DID NOT ISSUE THE MILLENNIUM III. draft document that made it to the printers almost by accident and then to Amzaon dot Com to exploit its false character.  I hereby order that it is removed immediately from Amazon dot Com and that purchase price be remitted back to book buyers at once.  I am in no mood to write further on this but Ron is quite aware of the consequences of these acts and I am suppoed to be sweet and friendly soon before the parishioners of the Vatican shortly.  Good day."



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