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October 11, 2018
9am Local Time, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Economic Co-Dependence Is Useless

“his is SERARA.

“We are now at the point in this unhappy economic period to not ever say to anyone this is wrong ir this is right.  We now all must deal with the idea that the entire matter of economic co-dependence is useless. 

“There is no world trade balance today,  and we are truly amazed you can hear at all that this is a tirade that must be concluded before it starts.  Julio (Brazil) is genuinely happy to see a message that at least supports the idea of normal trade relations but hates the idea of governments doing what China is doing these days. 

“We all do dislike it as Brazil dislikes it, but poor countries, becoming poorer have no choice.  Their economies will not suffer briefly, but their economies will then turn down without any relief in sight when most of the good will in the trading nations disappears.  That is our view as of the moment, but let me add this to the following insult we bring to the United States as well.  

“United States: you have made the worst deal in the history of the world to erect trade barriers to force a re-evaluation of the monetary system.  Trump makes no amends but forces a trial where there should be nothing but gratuities today.  In this we make the following evaluation:

“United States: you are using a world leverage against a rich country that once was a poor China.  Now it is a rich country, but too late to help you, and too late to help anyone, as they have driven a wedge into their own economic relations with the East and laterally, to the West.  I am sure the United States will hear the name of “lame excuses,” from its Chinese counterparts, but they are as poor in thinking as is the United States and the Trump administration is using.  The United States can no longer afford a pair of tongs to lift anyone or anything out of the mire of a Great Depression that shifts its way into use over and over again as the United States flails over China and other trade pacts it finds ludicrous today. There is a Great Depression soon to hold the world in its fangs once more. 

“Trump, you have unwisely concluded that China is an enemy State, but it is only the frail caricature of an enemy State, and seeks self distribution in its own area of influence.

“In so many words, the trial to redo the American free enterprise system is over.  The US Government cannot undo the disaster Trump has perpetuated, but it can undo the administration in the upcoming elections.  Unfortunately the United States cam no longer pretend it is sits on the high ground of economic development any more. And we must make amends not to China, but to Singapore the British have finally given up on in order to restrain the Chinese beast for money and goods it really no longer needs or wants in final attribution to the old idea of Empire.

“Finally, the appearance of an economic military mission to the world of Urantia, is being drowned by the incompetence of the military in China to sustain its power over its own internal interests.  The regime that holds China together right now is rich and unhappy over the entire world view held by the United States, and it will throw the United States curve after curve providing the American Senate to someday endlessly review; however, it is not our intention to ever intervene in the to and fro of political bickering that takes place between these two, once friends, countries at the moment.

“Now I make a policy statement for those who read these pages with a fine toothed comb:

“The Magisterial Mission to bring sanity and health back to a world desperately alone in the universe and in our own view, even alone in the ways of high Spirit these days, and it is a world without a chance for any kind of romantic clearance of all its problems by Deity fiat, we say the following:

“In the United States, there is no real love for countries like China who bargain hard and leave nothing on the table but economic grants to purloin other countries to its own advantage.  This is especially true for those in Africa, and strangely enough, Brazil, but also to leave nothing to develop once they leave a country.  Be assured  this view we hold will make sense once there is an understanding in the United States, that nothing matters except to revive domestic production again, to protect a stand alone economy while a Great Depression is fought off once again.

“I am Serara, and I decry the need to lecture the little ones who read these pages, as they should be fully aware that all of us in spirit use these pages as a way to speak to all the world which hardly knows we exist yet.  But they will!   In this case I use a transmitter to put down words, not of glory, but of fear mongering to those who dismiss these statements as coming from fools and tirades of luckless men and women around the world. 

“The motivations we hold today is to advise all who do read these pages with or without rancor, you will learn we mean what we say and very soon.

“I am Serara, and that is a line we must respond to ourselves from our position of strength in the higher levels of universe policy toward developing planets which have spun themselves into a loss and not a wind situation.  I am truly sorry we must approach Urantia with these bee hives of unjust economic attitudes, but places and countries that deem themselves out of the world order only because they can afford to be out of the world order if bashed by a country like the United States, or even China itself, there must be a return to equitable trade with one world currency, and that is the entire aim of this Magisterial Administration, soon to be totally encouraging all who can serve, to serve.

“Finally, I am the Magisterial Son of Record on Urantia.  And I demand that all work stop at once on the ridiculous idea of a fence with Mexico, and the fire storms of Saudi Arabian bombing of Yemen.  However, let it be known the United States has been prudent in its application of power by insisting that the Russian idea of hegemony over Syria is wise enough,  given the forces unleashed by the Saudis and the Americans over Yemen and other place in the Middle East.  There are desperate times coming and they are badly insulting to the idea of spiritual reconditioning, but we must make amends to the fact that it matters not in the future history of Urantia, that this world, right now, is useless in all things except that it exists and then must be returned to normal, if at all possible.

“I conclude we need better liaison work to the world than this lone Transmitter who is duly licensed to bring the words out of our mouths, so to speak, but he is entirely too frail to end up being our lone spokesman, and others will supplant what I have to say, but for now, these pages are the only outlet we have to be heard fully, and we will utilize them fully.  I am SERARA. Good day.”

Threads for New Transmissions / Continue to walk
« Last post by David on October 11, 2018, 09:19:24 AM »
Teacher: Margul
Subject: Continue to walk
T/R: David
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Date/Time: Thur11/10/18, 3pm.

Margul; Trinity teacher son.
I am Margul your trinity teacher son, and as you have learnt I come with love and grace of the trinity which I represent here, and i bring to your attention that progress is being made this side of spirit,and many of you that have given yourselves to us are part of the progress. And so i remind you that you do well in continuing to walk the steps that we spirit lead and guide you to walk into, And its a matter of time and you begin to see the results of a worthy commitment. And to many of you that are still laid back, the door is open for you to come and join the team as we walk out this path of transition and transformation. Only call and we answer,ask and it is given, knock and the door is opened to you,I am Margul wishing you a good afternoon.

David: Thank you trinity teacher Margul for coming through to me.
After I read and reread  this "Bulletin" basically addressing China and I thank Serara and Ron for the important message, last night and first thing this morning, I began thinking abut the global outreach of  this site... wondering how many Nations have Representatives high enough to alert their Governments to what is posted here. There have been,  even through the 5 + years since I have been a member here, many announcements that were specifically directed  to  a number of Nations.  Unlike Ron, who is the owner and administrator of this site, I don't know if one is able to discern just where applying members and guests  are located .   Without doubt as the Michael Mission becomes visible to Urantia, this site will have a global outreach unlike any other.  It would be of great interest to find out how many Nations are currently accessing the  information and revelations that are available through this forum.

As I was reading and thinking about  this  last night and this morning, the  "Healing a Broken World" book, concerning Social  Sustainability came to mind and how in depth what Serara talks about in his reference that so much of what will be presented, especially after the  tribulations   are underway,  will have to be done on the local and community levels.
Even though Jesus, Serara, Monjoronson, Lanaforge,  Machiventa and the other Melchizedeks and all other Spirit Beings and  Agencies associated with Urantia and Panoptia will be challenged for success, still it is not their first time at bat so to speak, for they have been at this for thousands of years and on many such planets, although perhaps not one that is so  removed, distant, and unaware of the Heart of God and little recognizable understanding of the realities of Spirit, truth beauty and goodness.
I am deeply grateful of messages of the caliber of what has been shared with us in the past weeks,  even though this  "silent period" still seems to be in effect.    LarryG
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / time is short.
« Last post by prozonov on October 11, 2018, 09:02:29 AM »
October 11, 2018 Samara.
16.00 local time.
Teacher: Margul.
Theme: time is short.
Got a signal to the contact. Turned on the computer and is ready to receive a message. Who came to me today?
This is Margul. Write it.
You are probably upset by today's unsuccessful launch of the Soyuz rocket. Although he foresaw that the astronauts will not fall into orbit.
You were right. No time to fly into space. It is necessary to evacuate the other three from the station Mir. She is in danger and people must be saved. That is why we decided to say this directly. You are waiting for big changes, which have been reported many times. The time is coming. But few people believe in it. Judging by the inaction of the authorities, and they are not in a hurry.
Write further. I have been instructed to tell the participants of this forum and everyone who reads these messages that time is running out. The voltage increases, the pressure on the plates increases. It will be correct to take all necessary measures in case of an emergency in order to quickly and without delay leave the premises, especially if it is a multi-storey building. For the first time, you need to have everything you need to survive for several days: clothes, food, water, fuel, medicines, means of protection, if you have them. Try not to be alone. In a team, it is easier to solve emerging problems about defending against intruders, who, unfortunately, will not be enough.
Special care for children - their own and those who lose their parents. Be courageous, patient, intelligent and calm. The worst is panic and a sense of hopelessness. These die first. And be merciful. To help the dying calmly go in your power.
You can put this short message on the site. All.
- Thank you Margul for the instructions and advice.
11 октября 2018 г. Самара.
16.00 местного времени.
Учитель: Маргул.
Тема: времени осталось мало.
Получил сигнал к контакту. Включил компьютер и готов принимать сообщение. Кто сегодня ко мне пришел?
Это Маргул. Пиши.
Ты наверняка расстроен сегодняшним неудачным стартом ракеты Союз. Хотя и предвидел, что космонавты не попадут на орбиту.
Ты был прав. Не время лететь в космос. Необходимо эвакуировать и остальных троих со станции Мир. Ей грозит опасность и людей надо спасти. Вот почему мы решили сказать об этом прямо. Вас ждут большие перемены, о которых было сообщено много раз. Время приближается. Но в это мало кто верит. Судя по бездействию властей, и они не торопятся.
Пиши дальше. Мне поручено сказать участникам этого форума и всем, кто читает эти сообщения, что времени осталось мало. Напряжение нарастает, давление на плиты усиливается. Правильно будет принять все необходимые меры на случай чрезвычайной ситуации, чтобы быстро и без задержки покинуть жилое помещение, особенно если это многоэтажный дом. На первое время надо иметь все самое необходимое для выживания в течении нескольких дней: одежду, еду¸ воду, топливо, медикаменты, средства защиты, если они у вас есть. Старайтесь не быть в одиночестве. В коллективе проще решать возникающие проблемы о защищаться от злоумышленников, которых, к сожаление, будет не мало.
Особая забота о детях – своих и тех, кто потеряет родителей. Будьте мужественны, терпеливы¸ разумны и спокойны. Самое плохое, это паника и чувство безнадежности. Такие погибают в первую очередь. И будьте милосердны. Помочь умирающему спокойно уйти в ваших силах.
Можешь выложить этот короткое сообщение на сайт. Все.
- Благодарю тебя Маргул за наставления и советы.
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

A false sense of responsability

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. The subject this morning is entitled ‘A false sense of responsibility’. Recently I had a long conversation with an old friend of mine and we talked about his problems that he has experienced over many years with his partner, his wife and although I have not seen him for several years, from what he explained I could see that he was still in the same situation and have been for more than 25 yrs and why ? because of his false sense of responsibility.

Let me explain. There are many, I am sure, men and women who feel they are trapped into a marriage because it is their responsibility to stay with that person till death do they part as the services in church or may be they have a civil marriage, but nevertheless they have the false sense of responsibility, they must stay with this partner.

The main reason being that the partner, man or woman, is the sort of person, if I may use an analogy, who jumps into the deepest part of the swimming pool, but does not know how to swim and so they rely on someone else to jump in and pull them out of the water to prevent from drowning.

This is all very well when someone does that once or twice or even perhaps three times, but when the person continually does it surely the time must come when you ask yourself if this person is so desirous of drowning then I must allow her to drown. I am sure you understand what I am trying to explain.

There are those people who use moral blackmail for their partner to stay with them, giving the impression to their partner that they cannot possibly live without them. I myself pesonally have experienced this kind of relationship for a period of 6 ½ yrs, well this is many years ago and I am happy to say that the partner I was with at that time, a lady in Whales, is still alive and kicking as they say and she is now 66 yrs of age.

I know it is difficult when you feel that you really do have a responsibility, a moral responsibility, to stay with your partner, to support him/her, but if you really are in this situation where your partner keeps putting themselves in situations where they need you to sort their problem for them, then you must make the decision finally to say : ‘No, not anymore, I have my own life to lead and my responsibility is to myself, my real self, the God sparkle, my Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment, that is my number one relationship’.

Well, of course, people who are trapped in such a relationship are probably not aware that they have the Fragment of God inside of them and so to make the decision to say ‘no’ is much more difficult, I understand this, but it is such a shame, it is so painful to see other people who are trapped into a marriage because of moral blackmail where in fact they are being used as a kleenex tissu.

To save other people from their problems and of course the worst of this is, because the partner always says yes, I will help you, I will pull you out of the swimming pool, they are preventing their partner from finally learning to help themselves. It is time to reason, is it not ? If you are always throwing a lifeline to someone who pretends to be drowning you are in fact preventing them from learning how to swim, it is as simple as that.

So, this subject this morning is a difficult one to come to terms with, I know because I have been there myself, but nevertheless the time must come when you must learn to say : no, I mean it. Think about it, you are not and never were responsible for the life or death of any other person and so if someone continues to jump deep into the swimming pool, leave them to it, they will either learn to swim or they will drown.

Well, the subject to-day has been a different one from usual, but nevertheless this came to mind this morning because it was only recently that I had this conversation with an old friend of many years and unfortunately he is still in this situation and he is too afraid to do anything about it, what a shame.

So, dear brothers and sisters, if any of you are in the situation like this take my words seriously, you must learn to say ‘NO, enough is enough’ and by so doing you allow that person to save themselves, to learn how to save themselves, instead of using you all the time.

I thank you for listening, have a nice day and speak to you soon, bye-bye for now. Domtia
                           In my view, as a layman, but one that likes to read about economics, the major problem in international trade is the use of the intentional devaluation of currency by governments as a way of making their products attractive in price, and thus, countries from all over the world will buy these products.
                        This mechanism of intentional currency devaluation is used by China. I just add in this comment that this view of mine may be wrong.
                        But this exchange mechanism brings an imbalance in the international economy.
                        At first, in my opinion, the rebalancing of the international economy can be sought in the analysis of the exchange rate issue, in order to overcome confrontations and possible partial blockades in the economy, for example with extra import taxes, as a way of protecting industry place of each country.
                       The issue of employment is an extremely important issue, as quality of life means that people have full employment in order to support their needs.
                       I was happy with the messages from the Magisterial Sons Serara and Monjoronson, with the return on our planet Urantia. Yes, in my view, the Magisterial Sons will contribute to the "New Spirit of Truth".
                      I was also very pleased with the message from the Magisterial Son Monjoronson that he will contribute the New Spirit of Truth with his feeling of empathy. Empathy with people (and people) less fortunate.
                     The global economy, in my view, must also analyze this issue of empathy, with countries and populations, in order to create mechanisms that in a way allow these countries and their populations to at least address the basic issues of survival.
                       A long time ago, in my studies of economics I do, even if I am a layman, that there may be a donation linked to the sale of products, that is, the more certain product is sold, the more it is donated to entities, organizations and countries that need help.
                        Finally, I remember that after the period of desolation, that is, the great catastrophes that will happen soon, the world will begin again with a new economic and spiritual direction.
                        But food production will be hit hard when dust will accumulate in the clouds for a reasonable period of time, making it unable to produce food in many parts of the world. Beyond the beginning of a small ice age.
                       The solution, in my view, may be in plasticulture in greenhouses, or other mechanisms that allow to increase the temperature and thus allow the production of food.
                       The use of ocean water in agriculture, as is done in Israel (which uses the waters of the Dead Sea for agriculture) is also a question that can be reflected.
                        Sprinkler irrigation, in my view, is a huge waste of water. Thus, the legislations of the countries should reflect on the possibility of irrigation for agriculture only by dripping in the plant.
                        With the beginning of a new ice age, in my view, it will also reduce rainfall around the world, because much of the drinking water will not be in the atmosphere, but will be frozen with the magnification of the glaciers in the geographic poles and mountains high
                      This is several general comments about the economy. My little contribution to this topic.

Post Scriptum: 
                                In many places in Brazil, there are so-called brackish waters in the basement that, at first, do not serve the human or animal consumption.
                               Just as the extremely salty waters of the Dead Sea serve for agriculture in Israel, I believe it is possible to extract brackish waters from the subsoil for drip irrigation.
                               Possibly, with the great movement of the tectonic plates, the waters of the basements will be "brackish", for the most part. This is just a small possibility that I have already reflected for some time.


                          Na minha visão, como leigo, mas que gosta ler sobre o assunto economia, o grande problema no comércio internacional é o uso da desvalorização da moeda, intencionalmente, pelos governos como forma de fazer com que seus produtos sejam atrativos a nível de preço, e assim, países do mundo inteiro comprem estes produtos.
                         Este mecanismo de desvalorização intencional da moeda é usado pela China. Apenas acrescento neste comentário que esta minha visão pode estar equivocada.
                          Só que este mecanismo cambial traz desequilíbrio na economia internacional.
                          A princípio, ao meu ver, o reequilíbrio da economia internacional pode ser buscado na análise da questão cambial, a fim de superar confrontos e possíveis bloqueios parciais a nível de economia, por exemplo, com taxas extras de importação, como forma de proteger a indústria local de cada país.
                          A questão do emprego é uma questão extremamente importante, pois qualidade de vida significa que as populações tem pleno emprego para poder sustentar suas necessidades.
                          Eu fiquei alegre com as mensagens dos Filhos Magisteriais Serara e Monjoronson, com o retorno em nosso planeta Urantia. Sim, na minha visão, os Filhos Magisteriais irão contribuir com o "Novo Espírito da Verdade".
                          Também fiquei muito contente, com a mensagem do Filho Magisterial Monjoronson de que irá contribuir com o Novo Espírito da Verdade com seu sentimento de empatia. Empatia com as pessoas (e os povos) menos afortunados.
                        A economia global, ao meu ver, tem que analisar também esta questão de empatia, com países e populações a fim de criar mecanismos que de alguma forma permitam que estes países e respectivas populações consigam atender, pelo menos, as questões básicas de sobrevivência.
                       Há muito tempo, em meus estudos de economia que eu faço, mesmo sendo leigo, que pode existir uma doação vinculada a venda de produtos, ou seja, quanto mais determinado produto é vendido, mais é doado para entidades, organizações e países que precisam de ajuda.
                      Por fim, eu lembro que após o período de desolação, ou seja, as grandes catástrofes que irão acontecer em breve, o mundo irá recomeçar com um novo rumo econômico e espiritual.
                          Mas a produção de alimentos será duramente atingido, quando a poeira irá acumular nas núvens, por um período razoável, fazendo com que em muitas partes do planeta não consiga produzir alimentos. Além do início de uma pequena era do gelo.
                         A solução ao meu ver, pode ser na plasticultura em estufas, ou outros mecanismos que possibilitam aumentar a temperatura e assim permitir a produção de alimentos.
                          O uso da água dos oceanos na agricultura, como é feito em Israel (que usa as águas do Mar Morto para a agricultura) também é uma questão que pode ser refletida.
                         A irrigação por aspersão, ao meu ver, é um desperdício enorme de água. Assim, as legislações dos países deveria refletir sobre a possibilidade de irrigação para agricultura apenas por gotejamento na planta.
                        Com o início de uma nova era do gelo, ao meu ver, também irá diminuir as chuvas em todo o mundo, pois muito da agua potável não estará na atmosfera, e sim estará congelada, com a ampliação das geleiras nos pólos geográficos e nas montanhas altas.
                        Este são vários comentários gerais sobre a economia. Minha pequena contribuição neste tópico.


Post Scriptum:
                                     Em muitos locais do Brasil existe no subsolo, as chamadas águas salobras que, a princípio, não servem para o consumo do ser humano ou animal.
                                    Assim como as águas extremamente salgadas do Mar Morto servem para a agricultura em Israel, eu acredito que é possível retirar águas salobras do subsolo para irrigação por gotejamento.
                                    Possivelmente, com a grande movimentação das placas tectônicas, as águas dos subsolos irão ficar "salobras", na maior parte. Está é apenas uma pequena possibilidade que eu já tenho refletido faz algum tempo.

Threads for New Transmissions / Effort and Trust
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on October 11, 2018, 07:32:38 AM »
Subject: Effort and Trust
Speaker: Divine Minister Nebadônia
Date: October 11, 2018, Thursday
Local Time and Time: Brasilia / Brazil - 08:21 AM local time - ie 7:21 AM (New York time - USA) or 11:21 AM - Z
Category: New transmissions
T / R: Julio da Luz (JDL)
                                         Good Morning. Today, it is I, the Divine Minister, Nebadonia, that I will speak quickly with you.
                                        Today's message is about effort and confidence.
                                         When you seek to get out of the comfort zone, seeking spiritual improvement, people are often left with the fear of the unknown.
                                        Yes, with a new phase of adaptation in search of perfection, you will find the unknown.
                                        Fear comes from animal heritage. However, with the expansion of cosmic consciousness you can overcome fear.
                                       True worship, when one simply thanks God for everything wonderful that God represents, is an important path for the expansion of cosmic consciousness.
                                       When you decide, through free will, that God will decide your destiny, you are making a wise decision. God knows you, much more than you even imagine and knows the main requests you have in your heart and mind.
                                      So it takes effort in the service that has to be done for the improvement.
                                      Trust in God that fate will be made, as best reflects your own individuality and needs that are broad and complex. And every human being carries within himself, this enormous set of needs, being that each human being has peculiar and own characteristics that represent the personal brightness.
                                      Effort and trust are words that must be reflected when seeking spiritual perfection with the significant increase of cosmic consciousness. So with this simple message I send you and everyone a great Thursday. Domtia.
Minister Divine Nebadonia: - Thank you for this message about effort and confidence. Effort in the search of overcoming obstacles. Confidence in God's destiny.

Assunto: Esforço e Confiança
Orador: Ministra Divina Nebadônia
Data: 11 de outubro de 2018, quinta-feira
Local e Horário: Brasília/Brasil – 08:21 (AM) horário local – ou seja - 7:21 (AM) (horário de Nova Iorque – EUA) ou 11:21 (AM) UTC - Z
Categoria: Novas transmissões
T/R: Julio da Luz (JDL)
                          Bom dia. Hoje, sou eu a Ministra Divina Nebadônia que irei conversar rapidamente contigo.
                         A mensagem de hoje é sobre esforço e confiança.
                         Quando se busca sair da zona de conforto, buscando o aperfeiçoamento espiritual, muitas vezes as pessoas ficam com o medo do desconhecido.
                         Sim, com uma nova fase de adaptação em busca do aperfeiçoamento, você irá encontrar o desconhecido.
                          O medo é proveniente da herança animal. No entanto, com a ampliação da consciência cósmica se consegue superar o medo.
                         A verdadeira adoração, quando simplesmente se agradece a Deus por tudo de maravilhoso que Deus representa, é um caminho importante para ampliação da consciência cósmica.
                        Quando você decide, através do livre arbítrio, que Deus irá decidir o seu destino, você está tendo uma decisão sábia. Deus conhece você, muito mais do que sequer imagina e sabe os principais pedidos que tem em seu coração e em sua mente.
                          Assim, é necessário esforço no serviço que tem que ser feito para o aperfeiçoamento.
                           A confiança em Deus que o destino será feito, conforme melhor reflete a sua própria individualidade e necessidades que são amplas e complexas. E todo ser humano carrega em si, esta gama enorme de necessidades, sendo que cada ser humano tem características peculiares e próprias que representam o brilho pessoal.
                         O esforço e a confiança são palavras que devem ser refletidas quando se busca o aperfeiçoamento espiritual, com o aumento significativo da consciência cósmica. Então, com esta mensagem simples eu envio para você e para todos, uma ótima quinta-feira. Domtia.
Ministra Divina Nebadônia: - Muito obrigado por esta mensagem sobre esforço e confiança. Esforço na busca de superação dos obstáculos. Confiança no destino traçado por Deus.

Clency and others.    This subject of a Global Reevlauation has been around for quite some time.  After reading  your reply , I looked up Reevaluation/Global Currency Reset ( RV/GCR ) and there is so much about it,  that it is difficult to separate truth and actual information from the many conspiracy theories and misinformation that are all jumbled up together.  And I can say that the more we learn, the more obscene things become regarding wealth and all that those who have it do to amass fortunes and what lengths and depths of deception are at play.   However we can rest assured that Serara  will implement all that is necessary and required to "reset" and "redeem" this world. That is  one of the reasons this has been referred to as "The Corrective Time."  Thanks for your reply.  
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
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Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek-bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Komunikaty o dolarach amerykańskich i rodzajach proponowanych zmian w handlu światowym i inwestycjach przez Boskie Misje na Urantii / OGŁÓSZENIE DOTYCZĄCE CHIN - OSTRZEŻENIE DOTYCZĄCE WALUT, 11 PAŹDZIERNIKA 2018
« 10 października 2018 r., godz. 20:35:35 »




SERARA - „Chciałbym podać, co następuje : Nie jesteśmy w żadnym razie piratami, ale jesteśmy zmuszeni przyjąć, że Chiny i juan ma być utrzymywany na poziomie 6,975 za dolara USA, albo lepiej 6,735 juanów za dolara amerykańskiego.

„Jeśli kurs wymiany spadnie do 7.5315 juana, to podejmiemy jednostronną akcję w celu usunięcia nadmiernego zysku, jaki rząd chiński wytwarza w znanych wam działach przemysłu. Podejmiemy wtedy kroki, aby wypuścić JEDEN BILION DOLARÓW USA (Po ameykańsku ONE TRILLION USD) do systemu kapitałowego świata. Rząd chiński nalicza ponad dwadzieścia centów za każdy juan i jest to poważne przewartościowanie dla nas i dla reszty świata.

"Niech będzie wiadomo, że mamy pod ręką rezerwy w wysokości 17 (siedemnastu) bilionów dolarów (17 trillions USD) i możemy z łatwością uzyskać więcej. Wasze rezerwy walutowe są prawie dwa razy wyższe, ale musicie zrozumieć, że światowe warunki zadbają o to, żeby te rezerwy się szybko wyczerpąły, jeśli zrobicie masowy wykup dolara USA, a my nie chcemy, żeby to nastąpiło.

„W końcu, dolar USA jest obecnie ustalany na poziomie 6.921384 juanów za dolara na zakończenie dnia notowań 11 października 2018 r. To jest za dużo i ostrzegamy was, że to nie będzie tolerowane na koniec dnia 25 października 2018 r. o północy czasu strefy Nowego Jorku.

"Dalej zastrzegam, że wiadomości dla was zostaną wkrótce aktywowane, aby przekazać wam nowiny o waszych powiązaniach z Hongkongiem i innymi miejscami wzdłuż linii wybrzeża Pacyfiku i morza Południowochińskiego i że nie mamy zamiaru pozwolić na szeroką inwazję towarów koreańskich lub chińskich zamiast towarów wietnamskich lub towarów z Hongkongu, aby wymienić tylko niektóre. Wasza polityka ma na celu ochronę waszych interesów, ale ona staje się przesadna do tego stopnia, że nie możemy jej tolerować dla dobra tego świata, który nazywamy Urantią i oczywiście prosimy pamiętać, że to jest ważne. Dobrego dnia. Tu Syn Magisterski (Arbiter), a wy, kraj Chiny, jesteście bardzo ważni dla nas i dla tego, co mamy do zrobienia tutaj w celu ponownego nastawienia ludzi Urantii do normalnego sposobu życia i przestrzegania na nowo godziwych warunków życia. Tu Serara, dobrego dnia ".


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / A False Sense of Responsibility
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Speaker: Lemuel
Subject. A False Sense of Responsibility
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 11th Oct. 2018  07:36 Local  05:36 Z
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