Author Topic: Topics Removed and Magisterial Mission As Proposed Not To Start Now  (Read 391 times)

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Normally I would place this kind of change in the discussions of the Category to discuss this web site.  However, I feel forced to remove what was great tidings only a month ago and all posts and topics referring to what is now out of date information.  it is best to remove it so it does not get confused with whatever the Magisterial Mission is going to be replaced with, or, perhaps a spirit only mission to Urantia no human is asked to participate in.  This topic is to advise all readers this section is called The Magisterial Mission Restart Discussions.  I will change this category name for another name because there is no Magisterial Mission restart and no such mission presently foreseen due to so many discussions over what the Consummator of Universe Destiny has decreed on Paradise with regard to Urantia.  Urantia is called earth by most,  but Urantia is its correct spirit designation, and higher voices have called for change in plans now.   How should the Local Universe of Nebadon approach to make these changes?  So far, we do not know.  So we must change the title of this Category and welcome all discussions now with what we can only speculate about today.
Thank you.
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