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Father Entities Unrevealed Abound on Urantia
« on: March 08, 2018, 12:26:44 AM »

Father Entities Unrevealed Abound on Urantia
•          EX-Midwayer Jack0802AB
•          Michael of Nebadon
•          Califorbes - Father Ambassador to Nebadon
•          Deity Absolute
•          Immanuel - Trinity Ambassador to Nebadon
•          Mother Spirit

•          Problems with Ron running to Father Entities who make things dissapear to force mind activity is recanted by the Deity Absolute and the Universal Father;
•          Jack 0802AB returns to Urantia more or less permanently at least to the end of the Magisterial Mission and perhaps the beginning of Light and life;
•          Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son of record on Urantia warns all that the inundations are imminent and to leave an area immediately that is beginning to sink;
•          Revelation of Father Entities who are not personalized but Califorbes was such an entity and the was Personalized to become an Ambassador of the Father to Urantia where he will serve for some time;
•          Spiritual progress in those fused already will result in a few months for Ron Besser to have a slight glow in the dark and Lemuel possible to have some glow too, but Larry will not or the two ladies who have fused will not for years either;
•          Michael is out of Nebadon on Superuniverse Tests as a super Creator Son.


York, PA 0005 hours locally at York PA
March 08, 2018

Jack 0802AB

I am Jack the former Midwayer, and I see the usual prospects are arriving to damage relations with spirit with Ron over issues Ron finds ludicrous and tells them to scatter or they get the back of his psychic hand. They belong to the Father and we all scatter when they show up because they are cannibals of a sort and eat anything that is out of order with a transmitter or anyone who pretends the mark of the beast is essentially their’s to develop. What they are learning, and the learn, is that Ron is not a beasty boy and wishes them to scatter as he has no good for tests that test his body and test his acumen as a transmitter. They did both this evening and they leave quickly on the orders of the Paradise Father not to bother Ron as he has been passed by the Board of Censors on Paradise but they are not programmed to know that.

What some of you must realize is that Ron is wearing a mask over his face in spirit. They do that to prevent sure recognition from facil features and yes, all humans look alike to a quick look from spirit eyes, but Ron has a characteristic sheen on him called a fused Adjuster light and fusion of the Son, the Spirit and now the Master Spirit Number Six and with that fusion we now learn he is fusing with Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya, as they each have work for Ron to do on Urantia they adore him to try and trial for them too. The Father entities are not revealed by name, but they are available on normal worlds that are now in Light and Life, and I know Ron has no ill will toward them but they must stop taking things and removing them from sight. Another incident happend last night when salt and pepper shakers just disappeared from any human vision although they sit where they were placed, Ron can no longer see them.

Ron is particularly upset too for this evening, while he was eating, they forced an embulism into his stomach and he nearly stopped breathing as that forces air pressure into the esophagus and is quite painful and induces vomiting but Ron knew how to unblock the esophogus well enough he got passed the incident. However, he is so knocked down in the physical he wonders what pleasure anyone gets out of these tests. He now is excused from any more by the Father Himself and in hindsight realizes he has had this several time the past few days and refused to attend them at all as nusances. No one will ever believe this unless it happens to them and none of you are scheduled to get these kinds of conveyances due to the fact the rest of you do not hold any office. Ron does and it is not disclosed as of yet. He also holds staff positions when recognized by the Deity Absolute as genuine and ready to be moved on.


“You are under the guardianship of at least two Master Spirits and at least under my care now and then when you have critical work to do such as these transmissions. No one else on the list has your problem of too much to do and still not part of the Missions we let loose in a few minutes of time perhaps just days or not weeks. I am further hamstrung in attending you because your Adjuster is considering stopping all traffic entering your mind to calm you down on the physical problems that are made worse by celestial interference again. That interference is out of your view all the time but near to you in that these Father Entities are dealing Urantia a blessed event through your work in a little while. Slowly but surely the trial to learn just what happens to people on Urantia will become known once the trial of inundations as perceived as quite real. Jack we pass this back to you now. Thank you.”


“I am back on Urantia with a vengeance once you called upon me last night to see where I was and if you I am coming back for Lundco. I am not. I will return to Urantia shortly but Lundco has a new transmitting voice called his own until he realizes that he drops things too easily for that miscreant family, and that are really secondary to his work in spirit if he can find himself his way back. I am also making it a treat for you Ron, in that we must now understand who is doing what around here. You are not asking for special treatment but for equal treatment and you are going to get it from now on as we must stop testing you for the same reason over and over again as you have proven yourself true and ready to serve without inhibition and that is a good way to end this.


“Ron had the audacity to rip a transmission of mine up this evening and with good reason, The highest Creative Spirit located on Paradise sent a Mission to Urantia to test Ron on various issues already tested out throughly and found the same results we did– there is no collusion or any other statement of problem between Ron and any Luciferin entity or philosophy, They learned this the hard way when he told that Spirit to get out and let him alone this evening and mistakenly believed I was doing it too. I was not. I am not going to repeat my choice of transmissions this evening but I also learned my lesson now and that is if the message is too personal or lost in some sort of fable he considers too rich for anyone to believe, it is now deleted. Unfortunately the Havona-Paradise Creative Spirit was the first to be deleted this way and is attempting to figure out what happened to the post. I am in agreement with that deletion and he saved himself a lot of problems by getting rid of it. Good day.”


“I repeat Ron, with you we will dispense with the B* symbol as it is no longer necessary for me to see it in print. Lundco is asked to retain it to learn discipline as we ask for it. I am also reminding Lundco that giving up a secret pact his like giving up a state secret and it is not forgiven easily, You have not transmitted me now for some time and that is not what we agreed upon. You may be more free than you want to be now Lundco and for the reason I state above. Good day.

Ron here - These days are difficult and I had no real idea that we had Father Entities around who make my life even more difficult including being unable to eat my supper sometimes. I fail to understand why I get singled out for unusual treatment like this so often as I am not threat or harm to the celestial world and certainly never to the spiritual world. If this ever happens to any of you, come write to me and we will figure out what and why something like this may be going on. Now I am also tripped up sometimes on the computer when someone somewhere wants the computer for themselves or to stop me in my tracks over some issue I have no idea what it may be about. Then I go ballistic too as I know when they are active on the computer with me but do not interfere with my work, but when they do I may as well turn the machine off and go pound sand as they sometimes when stopped in ones tracks like this.

In any case, this statement is from Michael to all of you now:


“All of you are reminded that spirit must test. Ron has been excessively tested because of his rank among us, and like any normal human he resents it after awhile and takes measures to get away from it. He cannot do that easily and accepts a lot of it to get through it, but this evening was painful because they back pressured his digestive system and that is very painful in the chest and worse than a heart attack feels to most people ever. I have little say over Father Entities like abound on Urantia now, but I do have a great deal to say over what the Father fields in Nebadon and Urantia. Thanks to Jack I now know what happened and I apologize to Ron for this was the second night such happened. I am also greeting the Father’s Ambassador to Urantia, Califorbes. Do not mix that up with Califax who spoke to you yesterday, Ron. Califorbes is the Paradise Ambassador to Urantia now and is an entity that has been Personalized by the Father to act as an ambassador. His Brothers are those Father Entities on Urantia today. Califorbes is one of them Personalized to act as our Ambassador from Paradise and acts as the Father as does Califax when I activate Him in myself. Thank you.”


“I speak slowly Ron. You are dear to Father as all of my children are and that is you with type problems [Yes I have a speed reducer on me and mind slows way down with it too] - I understand and is this okay? [Yes a tad faster and I feel less mind reduction in thought to type] Good, Now we are back to normal okay? [Yes but I still make type errors due to an incomplete mind circuit taken down lately] Good. I already know that because I took it down in order to speak to you in a way that makes sense to others. You are in my good graces all the time except I saw temper this evening that was providential and saved us all t rouble by removing a Spirit transmission out of hand. That is forgiven and never done before but you are learning fast what goes and what does not!

“You work is fascinating Ron, and we never had a transmitter who can sit all day and take new revelation as you can as all others consider it an invasion of privacy to sit for hours to do this work. You do not mind so long as it is not frivolous transmitting but even that you put up with to finalize a connection well enough in good humor. I am Califorbes and you remember it well as I allow it into a memory circuit we use to be sure you remember what is to be said and by whom. Your escapade with my Brothers earlier this evening has left no scars but you will face them down every time now as they interfere with your due process without reason and it makes you stop and reconcile what has happened and why. That is no longer possible because they have been reprogrammed to ignore your presence as fully acceptable to the Father. They find you fragrant and full of spiritual promise and search for ways to energize your mind circuits but run itno what the rest of us do in dealing with you, and that is to be warned by your Thought Adjuster to back off as you are fused. They do not recognize that warning on Urantia at all and attack as they are wont to do when they hit a blighted spot on a soul they run across that spells danger to spirit compositions on a world like Urantia.

“As Califorbes, I must warn all of you that these Father Entities abound in the billions on Urantia these days and they are pushing and pulling everyone who has something to hid that is egregious or criminal, and find themselves forced to admit to themselves they are negligent or otherwise harmed if they do not seek rectification. In our world of spirit there is no give and take anymore on Urantia, but a lone sailor boy like this transmitter can be, is enough to open spirit to a whole new approach to the Missions to take place. I am Califorbes and speak to one other concern and that is to leave no stone unturned in preparing people for death when the time comes. Many will see the high wave over their heads and not believe it is happening, but it is, Leave no one under the impression we caused this: nature does all the time and Urantia is long over due to hear from nature to remove the heat of earth and the piles of junk built up with eight point six billion people now calling Urantia home. It is without pity but also without mercy to the wrong doers now. It is with pity and mercy to the good who accidentally die in the tidal waves of retribution that shall inhabit the earth quickly and soon. I am the Paradise Father’s Ambassador to Urantia and spell well with this Transmitter and his work for all of us on high. Good day, Califorbes.”

“Ron this is your fifth long transmission today and we quit after this one to let your mind rest as it works over time attempting fill our work in enough so that people get what they have to learn as quickly as possible. Your typing is a tad jerky and you wonder why and that is a governor on you permanently to keep your over reach errors from happening so frequently, Otherwise you are as you are on a keyboard you love but find a tad short too and that can be rectified soon by our technicians to close those hands down a tad and to let you reach those octaves you love to use too. Thank you. Michael.”


“I am Mother Spirit in spirit unity with the Creator Son’s Deity level and mixed with the spirit of Ocilliaya and Aya of Superuniverse Seven. This is an important announcement to all of you:

“Califax is called to duty in Superuniverse Five and Six simultaneously. The new powers of the Creator Son are being tested and He must answer accordingly. Ron knows what these tests are on his level an wishes Michal well even though it is on a spirit level Ron could never attain for now. I am using Ron to tell you all that Immanuel is attending to Nebadon at this very moment and releases Ron from attending our workshop on material hundrums such as disappearances of material objects he has been experiencing for the past year and one half and that is not Father entities doing all of that, but Midwayers being instructed on how to squab a pint out of man’s hands if he is to drive home safely only applied to a spiritual problem. Ron laughs at it usually and lets it go but the Father Entities do not play fair and cause him problems in his physical capacity to get the day’s work done. Immanuel now studies the man and wonders how we tell him he already has most returned but sees them not. That is not his fault but must wait until he has reinforced vision soon enough to see anything he lost for the past year including a shelf inside his center console in the van. You sir are an idiot too, this is Immanuel to speak now:


“The day is here that we can speak freely once again to Urantia. We did so in the early days of Caligastia before rebellion seared his mind, and we see this mind perfectly heatlhy in all things except he likes wine and that must be kept from him permanently if there is any chance to use him in some emergency. I am now in control of Nebadon until the tests are done. Ron wondered why run a test when Michael is so close to the Jesus Second Advent, but Father knows best. Ron suggests that Michael will be run ragged for decades with the Second Advent alone and perhaps the Father gets this out of the way for him to be run ragged without other worries to bear, We all laugh with Ron on that statement but that is probably the true reason we have to do it now.

“I am Immanuel and I speak the truth: Ron is forever getting tangled up on high because he is an unpleasant reminder of how hard things are on Urantia. My stay in charge is soon over because Michael is expected to return shortly with all work donem Your life Ron will turn sunny shortly and partly cloudy in a day or two and splendidly clear in a month. I am Immanuel and wish you all a good day.”


JACK 0802AB -
“We close this affirmation of work that Ron is now allowed to do without interference any longer and he still wonders why he is the one to run into it so often. It is really simple Ron for you are the one with a bright spot on top of your head even more than the other five do since you initiated a form of fusion through our Father in Heaven he released finally because of so many difficulties on Urantia, and the terrible need for some order of Father discrimination to be placed there for all to see in a moment or two. Those who fuse as Ron did will glow in the dark slightly and it will not keep you or others awake Ron! Lemuel might. Larry can not as he is fused in mind only. Lemuel is fused in mind and partially in spiritual liaison with the Deity Absolute as Ron is. Ron is fused in mind, spirit and the painful fusion in body which everyone prays is soon done. That is mostly the pain Ron has but not all of it is body fusion, it is also profane fusion of blood cells to his thorax to prevent coughing frequently so he does not have to have that nerve cauterized as it has saved his life at least once already. You are also Ron to be treated to the angel Ocilliaya as there are several designated by the names of the Master Spirits to remedy that which cannot be done in the Local Universe or Uversa. “


“You Ron are the toast of the town for some reason when we get into these pickings for revelatory uses on the discussion forum. If we could get that hub established without creating other communication problems, others could listen in to your reception and hear how these meetings can turn up fun and information all at the same time. But that hub idea sounds wonderful but is not doable even with Reflectivity I am told. So I drop the whole idea and maybe some solution with show up later. Good day. Michael.”



MOTHER SPIRIT - “We now say goodbye to Michael as he is now past the outer limits of Superuniverse Seven and heading toward Superuniverse Four and we wish him well. We close with the anthem we all hear for Nebadon and for Urantia and for the decision to let Immanuel rule the roost while Michae is in Superuniverse Five and Six and now Seven to fix some problems the Ancients of Days call upon Michael to help fix as a super Creator Son now. I wish you all a good day, Mother Spirit.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: Father Entities Unrevealed Abound on Urantia
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2018, 08:21:05 AM »
Well, well, well, I have to say that this remarkable and informative post and message may explain to me and others who may have been  going through this although in much smaller or lesser doses than Ron.

  For the past two weeks and  specifically in the past 4 days, I have been wondering , asking and searching deep within my mind and heart just what the hell is going on.  Why have I  not felt like myself , why have I been having so much negative energy  surrounding me when it is so out of character for me and not characteristic nor representative in any way of  the real and true way that I feel and think.

  I have been right on the edge of lashing out at the most ridiculous situations and quick to be annoyed and even angry at the  most insignificant  things...things that I fully know in reality mean absolutely nothing yet I have been unable to  change it, nor have I been able to free myself.   It even got so bad the other day, that I  yelled out to this negative energy, whatever it was, to "GET AWAY FROM ME NOW"

Finally last night I said to myself and to anyone or anything listening that "I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS ANY LONGER...  BE GONE!"

I can so relate to much of what has been disclosed here.  While I haven't had anything disappear, still there have been a few very strange things  happening,.  I certainly considered a "testing" of sorts but even the recognition of that probability didn't seem to result in any change  or relief from what I considered to be close to an attack of sorts.

As these types of trials and tests may occur at any time and especially as we get nearer to the visible appearance and establishment of these Missions,  to which I am, as are many here, willfully dedicated to, I think that we all must  not only be prepared for, but should "expect" that mankind will initially be dangerously resistive and  insanely reactive to what is occurring until such time that acceptance makes it's way into the human mind and heart, and actions.

I have, since joining this forum in September 16th 2013, and learning about the coming of a Magisterial Mission and ultimately the "intervention" of Spirit, incarnated in human and/or Morontial  form, to reclaim and remake Urantia, tried to maintain my focus and attention, time, energy and even a little money via donations, to the "immediate" tasks at hand  to get the Missions running on the ground.  Admittedly, I may even have done this to a fault.

These past few days, although  challenging and disconcerting, have cemented for me at least in my own mind and heart, the level of my commitment.  There are subjects that may escape my deep and full understanding, but I will not be dissuaded from my interest in and for all who work at any level or in any position within the scope and outreach touched by the Missions.
Ron's work in these past few days is phenomenal.  I hope to be able to get back on track  with the work to be done here, especially now that all of that negative energy has of last night been dispelled and ejected.   I am deeply grateful  for this messaging for it has explained  some of what I suspect has been going on.

It has been a real testing and a time of  trial.   I watch the House that Jack Built continue to crumble to nothingness and  into the drink of despair and we are advised to  "let it go" as we work with Spirit to Co-Create with  the Father, with our Thought Adjusters and Entities who will be involved to get us to Light and Life

Ron has introduced us to several  previously unknown Beings and Entities and he has brought us new revelations.   My deep thanks and gratitude as we welcome them and get down to the final weesk that unfold before us.    In love and service.....LarryG

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Re: Father Entities Unrevealed Abound on Urantia
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2018, 08:46:46 AM »
I also just want to say that  I get excited every time the "hub" is brought up again and then always get disappointed that it keeps getting put on the back burner.   I often try and get "thought messages" to Ron, but never seem to be successful... not surprising considering how many Beings  are in his ear all the probably needs one of those machines that grocery stores  use that dispenses a number for the next in line...".take a number"    Larry
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