Author Topic: Audio Transmission/ Mounting Excitement  (Read 297 times)

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Audio Transmission/ Mounting Excitement
« on: March 09, 2018, 01:20:08 AM »
Speaker: Beloved/Lemuel
Subject: Mounting Excitement
Place: Girona Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time:  9th March 2018  07:19 Local 06:19 Z


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Re: Audio Transmission/ Mounting Excitement
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2018, 02:28:46 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Mounting excitement

Beloved/Lemuel : Our topic for this morning is « The excitement is mounting ». Yes indeed the excitement is mounting and so is the pressure. You are all feeling it now, in some way shape or form, physically, emotionally and mentally. All is being stood up and everything is really very exciting now.

The preparations for the beginning of the Missions is literally just aroung the corner so to speak and the Celestials along with the humans are feeling it, it is a two ways operations here and all you ground troops who are loved so deeply and appreciated by all the Celestials Family.

We are aware of your feelings and excitement and I am here to tell you of our excitement and also the increase in pressure. When Father speaks everything moves and is put into operation. We are here to carry out the Father’s bidding. We on our side and we know you on your side, we know how dedicated you all are.

Time is short now and the days are flying by and you all being warned and advised so many times now what is about to happen on Urantia as never before being witnessed anywhere in the Cosmos in such a way and in such an extent. This is what Urantia will witness.

I am not talking about the disasters, the movement of the tectonic plates and volcano eruptions and earthquakes. I am not talking about that at the moment, I am talking about the fact that when the Missions go public in such a wonderful way all humanity will be gobsmacked to use that expression.

It will be the most remarkable event never take place here on the earth. We are looking forth to it as much as you are and I am here to say to you all this morning it is almost here, be patient, continue with your preparations and trust and have faith, even more than ever now with your Beloved Thought Adjusters.

As you say : hang in there. We know you are excited and expected, but at the same time try to keep calm and take it a day’s time. This is all I have to say to you all this morning. Don’t hold your breath, continue to breath in and out. It is really almost here. We are not weeks away now. No, my beloved sisters and brothers, we are not weeks away.

This is Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster, happy to bring these few words to you this morning. Thank you for listening. I bid you all a very good day. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.