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JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
« on: March 12, 2018, 03:53:40 PM »
JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
•          Michael of Nebadon
•          Jesus

•          The Jesus Entry to Urantia via the Announcement
•          The Jesus Attitude to Approach
•          Fused Human Assignments for Jesus
•          Establishment of Media Censor on Urantia for the Jesus Return
•          Add Another Mission: The Changing of the Guard
•          Introducing to the Press and People the Power Behind the Throne– the Existence of Michael
•          Serara to Leave Urantia

York, PA 1300 hours local time
March 12, 2018

I am Michael, and I await further developments for all of you on Urantia in order to make it clear we have a Mission to accomplish quickly and efficiently. I list them and comment upon them as follows:

1 - The SECOND ADVENT of Jesus Christ
This particular note is hardly or entirely appropriate to speak to, as we must learn that Jesus Himself is no real Christ, but the Churches on Urantia only call Him that every time they mention his person. Therefor we retain the title Christ only because traditions are so stubborn on Urantia, we cannot avoid their use even if we forbade their use.

Christ has to overwhelming attributes:

He is Subject Entirely to the Father Will in this Second Advent of Return
a - He is Divine and therefore subject to spiritual laws, and not the legalities of the legal system or mores on Urantia. He will do and decide policy to interface with the public, not by a human mind anymore, but using the Infinite mind of his Father God in Heaven. This can casue perplexity among the people; therefore, you who read this be prepared to explain nothing, as the choices of the mind of Jesus are between His Father and Himself;

Urantia Mores Have Changes So Much Since His Human Life in Galilee, He Teaches from New Script to the People of Urantia

•          1 - He is without pedigree on Urantia since so much time has elapsed between the time he left by your calendar on Friday, April 07, 30AD. He was 36 years of age when he died. Today, 12 March 2018, is over 2,036 years that has passed and the mores on Urantia are so poor, the strictures that Jesus lived in His life as a loving mortal are no longer well or ever observed anymore. Jesus Himself concurs that we have little to reference to reinforce in His new teachings to the laity that lives spiritually only by the grace of God anymore.

•           2 - The Magisterial Mission Is on Hold for Two Years More and will become authenticated by what Jesus has been able to repair in order for a genuine spiritual Mission to occur. The Magisterial Mission will accrue in two particular ways:

Light and Life Comes Early to Urantia perhaps -
•          a - There will be no Magisterial Son in charge; instead, Serara and Monjoronson will provide the lessons and the trials of what is to be the Urantia Magisterial Mission, and they will act in concert with Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son, and that is because the Trinity has requested that Urantia settle into Light and Life as soon as possible, and to leave one thousand years of development as the old idea held for the Magisterial Mission work, slip to a mere five hundred (500) years. This has been signed off by the Father and the Supreme as doable if not on a very hectic motion to compress time to get it done on time.

Add a New Mission: The Changing of the Guard Mission for God The Supreme to Enter
•          b - Light and Life polarities are so different from normal evolutionary change, that all who are allied with the Missions on Urantia, and they include the Magisterial Mission; the Advent of Christ, and now we add one more: CHANGING OF THE GUARD MISSION. That is a Mission to invite God the Supreme to enter and dismiss all human activity in the Missions and pervade Urantia with their personnel to prepare for Margul to authorize the beginning of Light and Life sometime around your present calendar year 2533.

The Changing of the Guard Mission is fraught with characteristic changes of Supreme administrative rule. Supreme Administrations never allow humans to enter the picture, and never allow humans to decide anything in Phase I of Seven Phases on an old evolutionary planet. But in this case, those who have fused already on Urantia, will have an option to meet with the Supreme Administrators, and that is in order to tender their resignations and be left out to ascend to the mansion worlds in a display of Light and Life credentials you already have for the most part.

Besser and Lemuel and Gossett are the primary focus of the Supreme Administrators as Ron is the only one to fuse in the actual prevailing Fifth Epochal Dispensation. That gives his age rights to call the shots if it ever comes to him having to do so. Lemuel is considered second in command of those rights, and Larry just enjoys the ride if it comes to having to make fusion decisions on their service to Monjoronson and Serara, the Magisterial Sons of record on Urantia.

The betrayl of Andy Vines and Daniel Alderfer are solidly behind us now, and they no longer play a significant role in any of these Missions on Urantia.

Press Conference Assignments
3 - We have good news and bad news for the human service members. They are all on staff except we must modify that roles which Lemuel and Larry are to play. Lemuel insists on being prey to heartache to the point he bothers no one about these Missions except himself and Larry cares a lot about them but cannot seem to be able to speak to them at all either. Ron is all over the place with news and it is he who will be the spokesman for Jesus and his work on Urantia. That means he will be in the lime light constantly for the press over what Jesus intends to let out as his couriers decide from Paradise, and what he wishes to be known before the press and public. We expect a hearty attendance and it may outflank the daily briefings of the Presidency every day as well. It is a high office and Ron is truly equipped to handle it well.

We, meaning the Michael Staff supporting these Missions, will also appoint Ron as our news outlet which can be handled in the same Jesus network briefings, to establish rapport with the new media and bring the entire matter to a boil by announcing that Lemuel and Larry Gossett will be ron’s co-workers to prepare briefings with and for him to give. This requires perforce the writing of briefings by Ron by what Lemuel and Larry receive in transmissions for public statements. Ron also needs transmissions to him as to the priority of news announcements and conformation of what is brought to him is accurate.

4 - At last we come to this:

White Paper on How to Introduce the Creator Son as Part of The Christ Bestowal
Press Conference briefings aside, we are asking Ron with Jesus to prepare an Agenda for our reach to the public as Michael of Nebadon. The power behind the throne almost, is how Ron refers to me in this assignment. Ron looked at me almost in horror to say how could he possibly be of help to Jesus on such an important matter. Ron is to chat with Jesus informally and Jesus will write the report in true handwriting. It is high time that Urantia respect the way God rules abd they must become familiar with the Creator Son and Creative Spirit role we have to play to obtain a modicum of spiritual cosmology now.

Media Censor like a film censor of the 1930's To Be Established by Spirit

5 - The dial of press reports are issued by Ron, but newspapers frequently grasp little and we shall establish a Censor of Urantia and newspapers who flagrantly abuse information to see papers will be banned from press reviews under Ron and will be regarded as useless unless reorganized under our rules.



“I am Jesus. We are now loading the tape onto the transmission outlet for my announcement this coming March. It is very close to the 15th or a little later, and I do not want a bunch of chickens flying around the room as this date approaches. Yes, Ron, that is the Ides of March, and Caesar still wears a band-aid for getting int politics. Nonetheless, I remind you that Ron played Prophet a month ago now, and told a group that thinks he is a nut case already, and they laughed at the message until they read my words. In the words of our modern day prophet, ‘Christ returns in the month of the Lamb, and woe to those who betray his trust.’ It is true and Ron truly can prophesize if he considers it urgent to know. Now I say this:

My Approach Will Be Gentle
“Before we consider the date important, consider how I feel being forced into a situation that is so dicey I cannot guarantee a decent outcome. Ron has truly rubricated us into thinking we need to be forcefully present because there is no respect for the divine or even for God these days. I take him fully correct on that alone, but I have decided on a gentle approach first, and damn the torpedoes second. You all know the routine and I will not spell it out further to you either, but this time is the last time it will ever be tried or announced or signed to by anyone, as it has happened once too often, and I intend never to set foot on Urantia gain unless it is brought to Paradise and put on my teacher’s desk to work on there.

“We see to it that Ron is relayed into health almost immediately and that is within the day or two of this announcement taking hold. Now we say this to Ron in particular: Stay home and enjoy the silence of the heat of a day that gets warm and spring like against all forecasts as I have asked the powers to be to give all of Urantia a fine day and to let the idea of spring even permeate Australia and the heat wave it refuses to give up to the Pacific-bound Penguins.

The Book of Fealty
“We are close to the Advent of Jesus however it plays out and I have my staff fully assembled and Ron and company will set foot behind me often to show his face to the world. He is also my press Secretary and I will make sure he does gimp upon the stage to present his findings. He is used to quiet and plain fare at home and he will not get that as he is going to be as well known as the President’s Press Secretary not. He is to be used sparingly so he can work on the Urantia Book Foundation as his first priority. His second priority is to find a good partner to help carry the weight of all of this on his shoulders. Nonetheless he carries one huge responsibility on top of all of this: He is to show Monjoronson fealty of Service before the Assembly of God and will bear witness to the divinity of the Magisterial Sons by signing the Book of Fealty which Monjoronson will place in the Father’s Temple.

Serara to Depart
“I must aver to Serara now: He must realize His trip to Urantia is not in vain, as he found a person on Urantia to be overwhelmingly difficutl to assign but wonderful to work with. Ron Besser is blessed with no special insights except he insists on making them and they prove correct/ No one has ever said to a Magisterial Son, ‘I am yours and do with me as you please, and then upset the apple cart to establish a path for these Missions to produce a visible presence corporately on Urantia. Ron has done so and is still paying the price to control and distribute our information for the public, The public just never cares for now but he is ready to shore everything up and present them even better in the next few weeks of work with Me, Jesus, and we will then make sure they are seen and heard around the world. Besetting all of this is the departure of Serara to Paradise to take his seat on the High Council of Magisterial Sons, Ron sincerely regrets this as he sees Monjoronson as was then called as his inspiration to work the prize of a Magisterial Mission during his life time. He is without rancor and Serara regrets this most that he could not yell at him and make him do it right! But we have a compensation for Ron and Serara, and that is when Ron attains Paradise as all of you will, he will be allowed to visit Monjoronson/Serara at that time and see how it all works. He is now losing control and we wish both Ron and Serara a safe and happy return to their mutual posts in a few days.

Conclusion to Ron’s Preparations
“Finally, the day I arrive on Urantia to being My Second Return as Ron likes to call it, I will visit 2709 Sunset Lane and provide a small gathering spirit. That is not compensation but a hello to Ron as he prepares himself to walk right and feel right and be right in all things as he sees them, as this must end ten years of this kind of misery and talk and failures of the spirit to support when he desperately need to keep the bus on course to get all of this done. It is finally all done today of all things and he heaves a sigh of relief to see it end and fall into place as his records of corporations and tests of skill he must constantly use to outwit the uncaring people who charge to serve and never really do. Good day.”

“I now conclude with a whopper of a tale to tell all of you.

“Several months ago we asked Ron to filter out some sorted material of his own and to drop it out of bounds. He has done so and graciously so. Now we inform him that the last of two events for him will preclude worry anymore for these things to return to him:

•          a - He will never fell un-sponsored on high as we have just realized that the Supernaphim that attends Ron now also attends Daniel Raphael for their collusion on important subjects for the entire world. This we say to no further,

•          b - The last of the Mohicans, and that is truly Ron Besser, will meet his match with Jesus, for he has patterned his ways after the personality of Besser in order to make sure there is nothing missing in reading people for their intentions. Ron is brilliant in this capacity and never misses a beat and worries that Lemuel and Larry do not have this developed yet. It will take years of practice to gain it but Ron always uses it to determine his standing before others. His only lapse is overruling it for the sake of Justice. We intended to say that this is not the last of his abilities to see into those before him, but the Supreme avers no such thing is allowed without his participation now and will ask the Father to provide Ron one additional fusion with the Supreme. That will be to understand he mind of the Supreme early on in order to prepare for His Administration in a short while of all his activities before the press. The Midwayers will attend Ron fully as they are interested to see how he actually fares in the public view without losing his temper with a press that needs to attend to their own ways and reform themsleves before the Voice of Jesus, for Ron will pronounce all he has to say in accordance with the wishes of that voice. Good day.”
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Re: JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2018, 04:52:30 AM »
« …..Jesus Himself is no real Christ….. »

Ron, with the new status of Jesus as a Deity, what is the proper designation that fits to His Spiritual Level ? Is it fine to use the appelation : « MY LORD » and what is the exact protocol to be adopted when meeting with Him ? As Lemuel specified in a former transmission about showing « Sign of respect » to High Authority, joining hands like the hindu tradition, bowing the head or bending the knee are the best attitudes to go about. I recall a post some time ago that explains how to behave in such situation, but now the time is right to remind us all of the official procedure to follow. Thanks for your reply. Domtia
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Re: JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2018, 07:37:48 AM »
I agree Clency, a review of protocols will be needed albeit it may still yet be some time before we are face to face with Jesus in person andwith  His assembled staff.

This remarkable posting has some surprising and sweeping changes  that we all accept as this work begins. The fact that, as Jesus has stated,   "We are now loading the tape onto the transmission outlet for my announcement this coming March. It is very close to the 15th or a little later, and I do not want a bunch of chickens flying around the room as this date approaches....."  I am sure that we all are in great anticipation as to the content of His text especially now that Jesus tells us decided that.... "I have decided on a gentle approach first, and damn the torpedoes second..."

Another big surprsie is that  the "compression of time" will bring Margul,  Trinity Teacher Son as Representative of the Trinity and His Mission of bringing  Urantia the the Era of Light and Light will now be done in  500 years instead of what was originally forecasted at 1000 years, which certainly means the work to be done will be even greater, as this was presented to us in " The Changing of the Guard.

I, too an a bit sad to learn that Serara and Monjoronson will withdraw and,,, "Besetting all of this is the departure of Serara to Paradise to take his seat on the High Council of Magisterial Sons"

There are other things I wanted to respond to  but I have to be at work in a few minutes.

In closing this off for now, I do want to say that in the past few posts, there have been a few comments that I find perplexing like the one in this one..."Larry just enjoys the ride if it comes to having to make fusion decisions on their service to Monjoronson and Serara, the Magisterial Sons of record on Urantia"    These comments make me sound  like I am not committed to these Missions  and that I am a bit lackadaisical or hohumish about these Missions and I  just don't see it that way at all.   This is probably because I am a little inconsistant in receptions but please know that I do take responsibility for this but  there hasn't been a day go by in the 4 + years that I have been a member of this forum that I have not several times a day thought about these Missions and felt that these Missions, however they are finalized, are the most important events to ever have occurred on Urantia.

The decisions how they are to be is up to the Father, Michael, Mother Spirit, Jesus, Margul and others who are our Universal Administration.  I support them as best I can and with my dedication, faith and diesire to be a part of it.   I have tried to keep expectations, and speculations  and emotions in check for truly my desire is to serve the Father and all associated with the coming of these Missions.    

Sorry but I have to rush now to work.
My deepest gratitude for this latest announcement.  In love and in service to the Father.   LarryG

"What you are today is not so important as what you are becoming day by day so Let us be about the Father's Business"


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Re: JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2018, 09:06:18 AM »
To my Brother Larry,

I am wondering if the following statements, written by you, might hold a clue for you:

"There are other things I wanted to respond to, but I have to be at work in a few minutes."

"Sorry, but I have to rush now to work."

"Finally, I have some real quality alone time to study and take my time and really enjoy these two works that Ron has devoted so much time and effort on for us."

Larry, you have been given the incredible gift of Fusion with the Father and yet your loyalties appear to be divided.   I understand the need to work to pay the bills.   No one is supporting me.   But I am in the process of simplifying my finances so I can be completely free of my employment.   My fusion is still a long way off.   But when that day comes, I hope to be able to focus completely on the Father and His business.



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Re: JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2018, 09:26:08 AM »
 "...We are now loading the tape onto the transmission outlet for my announcement this coming March. It is very close to the 15th or a little later...”

“...We are now loading the tape... for my announcement...”

“...loading the tape...”

I'm sitting in front of my laptop screen and I dare to imagine the reactions of the people,..., sitting on their armchairs and their couches, watching television and suddenly, ..., here know in full screen, ..., Jesus Christ (Jesus of Nazareth)!!!!,..., making his announcement and showing his presence marking his "second coming" as promised more than 2000 years ago!!!!

In my case, it's a great and wonderful happening to see and hear my beloved brother Jesus Christ!!!

But the people in general and maybe I generalize their reactions baseless from me, but ..., with all the magic of the cinema industry produced on screen and with such likeness to reality,..., I have the impression that all this will be perceived by audience as a "fiction", as "cinema", a "cinemascope cheat" and a way for the film industry to deceive and lampoon the fact of the "second return promised by Jesus Christ " more than 2000 years ago.

( My perception is that the Urantian people are practically "unbelievers", "atheist" and all this has been invented by men )

I pray to the Father, my beloved brother Jesus, for your proclamation, to realize this as the Father will (according to his will) and I hope with all my heart that the Urantien people will receive you in their hearts and in their souls!!!
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Father, if it is your will, ... I would like to express to you my intention and my desire to have the possibility for the fusion with my Personal Thought Adjuster during my life time on Urantia and this of course in order to serve you better Father, to better serve your beloved son Jesus.


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Re: JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
« Reply #5 on: March 13, 2018, 09:36:21 AM »
Thanks Allie.  Point taken.  Larry
"What you are today is not so important as what you are becoming day by day so Let us be about the Father's Business"