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   This morning I woke up with the thoughts of “determination “ and the subject of basic human emotions blazing in my thoughts and mind so  I submit some of  the results of my searching and thinking along with this reception from Mother Spirit on such an important topic.

Determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. Determination occurs prior to goal attainment and serves to motivate behavior that will help achieve one's goals.

Basic Human Emotions

So often we forget that our emotions are, as discussed here, a matter of being self-generated and that we are responsible and accountable for how we use and understand and discover ourselves.   We can  be better at "choosing " our own reactions when we realize that all emotions are self-generated  As I was reading through these lists of basic human emotions we so often say "that makes me angry, "  "He makes me happy,  or sad," or things like "that just really pleases me"   always thinking that this comes from outside us, that it is "caused" by outside something or someone when in reality it is all just us reacting from something that is within us and we are creating it ourselves for ourselves.

Mother Spirit – Determination – Larry Gossett – Florida – 27 March 2018

Teacher: Mother Spirit
Subject: Determination
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 27 March 2018  - 10:15 EDT
T/R: Larry Gossett

This is Mother Spirit and  this morning let us take this opportunity to say a few words about determination and doing much better in your consistency and in time management as it relates for all of you in doing this work for yourselves and with Us .  It is what will bring you on board and in alignment and will improve that element of service that is so needed now and in the future.  

We address all of you this morning and I come in particular to encourage all of you to look at determination for that is always something that that is self-generated.      This is often considered an emotion and like all emotions they are truly self-generated if you will make that clear assessment of your own emotional makeup .  Most all  approaches to any achievement, undertaking, assignment or task  and the success in that endeavor are conditioned by the corresponding determination.     The better and more clearly you may see it at it’s many gradiations, and levels, the more likely success and achievement becomes, and that, dear children is how it works.   Determination has a natural ebb and flow, a waxing and waning since living a life as a human mortal on such a world of Urantia is and can be near all consuming for most of humanity at times.

 Your research this morning on basic human emotions serves you well as you think about determination. There are so many qualities that are presented such as assurance, conviction, fortitude, tenacity and perseverance are all related to your determination in achieving any task , endeavor, any and all self- willed goals or problems that you decide to take on.

 Everything that is worthy of your investigation, of your time , energy and attention, that has the most  and lasting  elevating affects on your life, all come from and exists from WITHIN.  That mankind looks beyond and outside himself,  has always been an error.  The inner life is the real life.   The questions and their answers , man’s search for God, for truth beauty and goodness come and  is found and discovered  within and this has been taught for all time and by every Sage and Master and in every True Religion.    That is the very reason and the “how’ that the Father lives within each of you.   He does this as you already know and experience though your Thought Adjuster as a Fragment of the Father Himself..   Once this is realized, accepted and comes into the actual experience of each of you, then and there a great truth is born and actually becomes a part of the Universal Records.

Any time any of you and each of you decides to take on any project,  undertaking , enterprise or endeavor, be it in the physical life or the spiritual life, it will always be directly proportional to this self-generated determination within to see it to its successful completion and culmination, and the only failure lies in not trying.   Your determination is of key importance, my dear children, to all  of your hopes, dreams and desires and everything worthwhile in your pursuit of  the truth, beauty and goodness that is the very essence of the Father’s Plan in the Ascension Scheme of the children of time and space throughout the  Universes  dedicated to these very Divine Purposes.

This is a very significant topic as you all press forward in your work with Spirit during this time when Urantia is at the precipice of  this New Dawn that now rises and breaks over the horizon for all on Urantia.   This is Mother Spirit and I thank all of  you for your time and effort, and determination.  Use it wisely.    Good day.

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Re: Determination
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@LarryG, Thank you for delivering this teaching by Mother Spirit. The technique used echos Sue's transmission of "Lessons in Education" too as the parallel technique; more simple concept of mota meanings, and in opposite citation is made of analogous statements of mortal philosophy, most effective.

'The weak indulge in resolutions, but the strong act. Life is but a day's work -- do it well. The act is ours; the consequences God's'

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