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Re: Petition To Establish the Urantia Book Foundation Brotherhood
« Reply #15 on: April 05, 2018, 03:55:22 PM »
MidiChlorian, you have some inaccuracies in your post above which I will not bother with.  Primary Midwayers were born as spirit and not as morontial as the Secondary Midwayers were.  The Primary Midwayers work today on Urantia as they did thousands of years ago when they arrived via the Adam and Eve pairs of pure blood children.  Those children as human parents of that day work the same as they did on Urantia and that was to observe the Sabbath and to prepare man to worship well in the Father's Temple.  That Temple is being prepared right now for inclusion with the new Urantia Book Foundation to begin its operation soon, and the new Temple will appear near the new Foundation in about two years.  Primary Midwayers Angela and Susatia are working with Ron to obtain the idea of service in the Brotherhood, and the Brotherhood is a division within the new Urantia Book Foundation to allow the new Foundation to participate in the Temple too as ones to maintain it and propose the use of Brotherhood members as Acolytes before the Temple's Altar.  Thank you.  Ron
Thanks for the reply Ron, where what you have presented above cannot be validated via the Original Urantia Book.  If you wish I can quote chapter and verse but, if you are referencing the information above from the New Urantia Book or your own understanding for what is written in the original UB, then I would appreciate it if you would indicate so or present some UB quotations to validate what you have said.
Nevertheless, I may be misunderstanding your narration above at to the origins of the Primary Midwayer's in that from my knowledge they were produced by the Princes Staff upon arriving shortly after 500,000 years ago, but if I have missed something, please let me know? Also, you may have misread one of my questions in that from my understanding of the UB and the production of the 50,000 Primary Midwayer's it was indicated that they existed prior to the arrival of the Princes Staff, but did not give a reason as to why they disappeared in order that they needed to be re-produced again.  It was my assumption that they may have been killed off at the time when the higher order of beings went into Urantia to clean up the mess after the appearance of the first humans which would have prompted the arrival of the Prince but was delayed for about 500,000 years.  I'm wondering if you can get some accurate information from your Celestial contacts outside of this Universe? 
Being a potential product of Secondary Midwayer's, I have some info on this but not sure as to its accuracy.   
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Re: Petition To Establish the Urantia Book Foundation Brotherhood
« Reply #16 on: April 06, 2018, 12:21:08 AM »
Primary midwayers are certainly closer to being spirits than the secondary variety, but the UB describes them as closer to humans than the morontial cherubim. Also, I'm not sure secondary midwayers can accurately be portrayed as fully morontial, as they are closer to being physical beings with a strange energetic composition.

(424.3) 38:9.3 1. Primary Midwayers, the more spiritual group, are a somewhat standardized order of beings who are uniformly derived from the modified ascendant-mortal staffs of the Planetary Princes. The number of primary midway creatures is always fifty thousand, and no planet enjoying their ministry has a larger group.

(424.4) 38:9.4 2. Secondary Midwayers, the more material group of these creatures, vary greatly in numbers on the different worlds, though the average is around fifty thousand. They are variously derived from the planetary biologic uplifters, the Adams and Eves, or from their immediate progeny. There are no less than twenty-four diverse techniques involved in the production of these secondary midway creatures on the evolutionary worlds of space. The mode of origin for this group on Urantia was unusual and extraordinary.

(425.1) 38:9.9 The gap between the material and spiritual worlds is perfectly bridged by the serial association of mortal man, secondary midwayer, primary midwayer, morontia cherubim, mid-phase cherubim, and seraphim. In the personal experience of an individual mortal these diverse levels are undoubtedly more or less unified and made personally meaningful by the unobserved and mysterious operations of the divine Thought Adjuster.
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Re: Petition To Establish the Urantia Book Foundation Brotherhood
« Reply #17 on: April 06, 2018, 09:17:23 AM »
Ms. Allie and others responding to this VERY informative, fascinating and clarifying thread, I am right here with you all as this has given us so much information and consequential understanding  of several questions that no doubt we all have asked ourselves through the years.  Ron has put  this information out for us using some brilliant analogies and creative interpretations that bring all of this and put in terms that in many instances  that have clarified many of these subjects the best  I have read.   My thanks to all contributing to this marvelous thread.
As far as the establishment of this Sister and Brotherhood for the New Urantia Book and the New reestablished Foundation,  I am sure we all  put our names on that list to be part of such an opportunity that is presented here in the future as it may hopefully be presented to us.

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Re: Petition To Establish the Urantia Book Foundation Brotherhood
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I totally agree with you Larry and I find myself becoming more engaged in my studies lately.  I am still reading the life of Jesus and per your suggestion I have started reading the papers on the Thought Adjusters starting with paper 107.  It is amazing how much more I get from re-reading these fascinating papers.  All we need to do is keep on doing and searching and studying.  As Ron has relied to me, it is our being actively involved that helps our forum keep on growing.  We may have slow seasons of growth but like any living thing we also have seasons when we sprout up like crazy.  All of these different topics we are discussing are like a growth hormone to our site and help it to grow and mature as it should.  All good things in their time.

My personal thanks to all who actively participate and give this site a reason to keep on assisting others in their spiritual journey of growth and discovery.

Your brother in Christ Michael,

Ron Besser

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Re: Petition To Establish the Urantia Book Foundation Brotherhood
« Reply #19 on: April 06, 2018, 02:41:40 PM »
If you wondering about a post you saw here and is suddenly gone.  I had orders to remove it in order to prevent a crisis here and there as we accidentally spilled the beans on something that is still a secret according to Michael.  That was on orders of Michael to take it down "at one!"   I did so reluctantly as it spoke to affairs that will come to a head soon enough anyhow.

This seems to be my day to get into hot water with Salvington and myself over issues I did not expect dictation on either.  Above all Lemuel is alive and kicking and that is another thread but I speak to it quickly here and for some reason they get their kicks over my great dislike for the process of death.  So they rub my face in sort of and in any case I apologize to members and guests and even to my self for allowing me to be persuaded this hale fellow from Wales was prematurely gone! Nowthis and I am guessing it is because Nebadon is reacting to a story they have not told you yet and even I do not know the details, bue Lemuel nearly beat the story out of the headlines by being announced he died this morning and he did not.

I leave it all right now for the boat to sop rocking I am sitting in this morning.

Thanks to all for your patience - Ron


"I am not toasting Ron's sincere lament for Lemuel for he counts on him to cheer himself up and to hear the good word of the Voice of God spoken through Lemuel on tape every day for awhile on this list.  He also sees how valuale Lemuel is by adding that Lemuel sent Ron a message early this morning announcing his own likely death very soon.  That is what triggered all of this erase and hide stuff from Ron.   In any case there is huge news:

"The Magisterial Sons are back on URANTIA!!

"What that means is that the Magisterial Missions are reopened thanks mostly to Ron and his squirrely ways of producing mayhem on Urantia and the epochal revelations.  Ron makes laugh hard when I tell you this as he flashed a picture of a 1957 coca cola bill board all shop worn and nearly falling down to hear they are back on Urantia again.

"We did not return to Urantia to collect our belongings, okay?  Ron?  You have created a storm on Urantia Ron and it will not abate until we move the entire matter before the Urantia Supreme Court for adjudication.  The adjudication is not the petition Ron requested of the Ancients of Days (and it has been fully granted to establish), but to admire the proximty of two great minds in Nebadon:Ron and his fellowship of musketeers of fused ones with him, and Michael;s mind finally understanding that Ron has something so unusal in him that good hosing down will not remove. 

"I am Monjoronson, and I relate the following conversation oh high recently verbatim:  "How is Ron Besser doing?"  And we replied, he is organizing the Magisterial Mission beautifully and we look forward to working with him on it."  To which the hig spirit replied, "Oh, so I hear from Father."  To which I replied, "Father is no fool and he got the right mammal to do it too."

"We who do Magisterial Missions routinely never got into this position before we a human has made huge strides in professionalism and spiritual accusatory replies that we had to change our look at what he proposes and let it settle in our own divine minds that he is right in certain areas of production that are marvelous and excellent.  I saw his proposal to the Ancients of Days, and by the way, Gabriel affixed his seal on it so they would look at it, and they did and see it is a worthwhile thing to do on Urantia so hungry for spirit leading and without a Church to really do so.  In any case the trial was sent to us to comment on and when I saw what he proposed I was gobsmacked at the sheer poetry ofthe proposal.  He is absolutely correct it needs to be done and why nobody saw it until he mentioned it I do not know.

"I am gladly affected by this turn of events.  Michael asked me if this changed anything in heaven?  I said that yes, it did change things, because this is our entrance we should have made the same with the delivery of the 1955 production of the epochal revelation, and to have supported the Chicago Foundation with our visible presence.  The adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion was ongoing in 1955 and we dared not make an approach on Urantia with Caligastia still have influence there; however, this time there is no Caligastia and only a fringe of lunatics to get in our way this time.  Yet, I say to all, while we have returned to be available again as the Magisterial Sons of record, we need to remind all of you this Magisterial Mission has a funny way of weaving in and out of epochal revelation, and that is to the point we dare not abscond with it before it is announced, photographed, and published, so all can have it and see it to read.

"You Ron are not cherished by anyone and that is because you will not take their guff and they know it.  You have shown true courage and truth to the point none of us knows you for, but you work hard to keep things up and well and honest and above board so all can see what is happening, and that is often another mess, but this time we have wormed our way back to Urantia with good results.  Be assured Ron your pecuniary problems are at rest today as that man saw to your needs with a proposal we hoped he would make and lighten your load considerably and takes it kindly that his firm is chosen to make an excellent product yours too,  He will propose this installation is for his show too and will cut the cost in half.  [Ron here - the furnace is on its death bed yesterday too and Lemuel just added to the gloom today.]  We take great pride in knowing you Ron and you are totally daft enough to see the cracks in our ways only to gently remind us that there are other ways of going about a Mission than just flapping open our sales brochure on the planet and asking people to buy what is offered,

"I am Serara, the other one, Ron:  Be assured we know what is offered and how it will play and what is to be done with Urantia.  We all reform ourselves to learn that Lemuel lives and mammal Besser is a mess this morning, and that we hold all of you in no contempt in our Supreme Court but your soul Ron is fully established on the mansion worlds.  It will stand for you as you are and contemplate the error you made to petition the Ancients of Days directly as that is always through Gabriel and he affixed his seal to the petition which they read at once in their own language and loved it.  It now stands as the first petition by a human anywhere to be affixed by the Bright and Morning Star to actually be heard before the Majesty of the presence of the Ancients of Days.  Be assure you are not Igor ent before them at this moment.  You glow brightly today with the bright light of the majesty of Michael before you and behind you and on top of you.   The Light of Michael follows you fully now and no one in spirit dare broach it without the encouragement of Michael Himself.

"As Serara, it was I who beheld you at your computer screen one night long ago and tweeted a nursery rhyme you knew mostly and you responded with a great gale of laughter and thanked me for the kindness for that approach.  Ron says to me now that my approach was a master stroke as the nursery rhyme made him laugh and he did not know all of it that I spoke to him that evening and he listened even harder to hear me.  I look at his work and marvel he gets through the maze of charters that keep an epochal revelation in the air on a planet.  We do it all the time to make sure people are curious, but in this case the epochal revelation, the Fifth of its kind on Urantia, and now the Sixth Epochal Revelation, is about to hit the news stands too. I am sure Ron knows less than I do and he admits to being lately informed about much these days for all sorts of reason, but he is wearing his mantle of Light well today and we congratulate him on becoming the first human in history to wear the Michael Mantel on his flesh and bones body ever in Neabdon and only once or twice in other Superuniverses.  

"We now conclude this announcement with the following inforamtion:

"The URANTIA BOOK FOUNDATION, is now conversant with a new Declaration of Trust.  It reads similar to the old one given to the Chicago administration long ago.  There is one importance difference you must know now: The Declaration of Trust (DoT) is now the first document in history in Nebadon, to be driven onto the shoulders of the leader of this divinely administered corporation,  It will be legislated before the IRS and the Pennsylvania government that it is to be tax free and lost to their idea of tracking such corporations.  In addition Ron has provided the entire menagerie of corporations of which there ar now eight of them, with a new "S" corporation which has one hundred stocks to bear in it.  Ron valued the stocks at 0.001 cents each and will distribute those stocks to, not the Brotherhood, but to the visible Planetary Prince as the sole beneficiary of all its capital goods.   The new "S" corporation is called the Starbridge Foundation and it is a for-profit organization to avoid regulation of the movement of money and goods through the coming Magisterial Missions, which are on again in SPADES!

"I am Serara, and it falls to me to deal with international concerns of this Magisterial Mission.  I am fulfilling my desire to have Ron on board to announce that we will have ourselves a Minister of probity soon enough but he is the Minister of justice and sobriety for the on-going concerns of international play and worship on high and on Urantia.  If it is not playable it does not get Ron's attention.  I watch Ron play with words as that is his favorite game, but he is a damn good fisherman and loves pickerel fishing in New York State.  I conclude that the message to be delivered Michael is now complete?  [Michael: "Yes."]

"We have one more thing to add to all of this today.  The physical disrepair that Ron suffers must go one for days yet and he hates the stuff as you can imagine.  Uversa has reversed course and made him morontial again as that body is an old one and functions  acceptably, but it will not stop deteriorating and so the decision.  I make one thing clear to him and that is that eyesight is a function of the human brain and without changing that we do not have clear vision to give back. We decided to place the eyesight out of his own brain,  [and Ron quips, 'now I have to chase good looks'] and that is to be done on his last day on earth as a fully human respondent to all stimuli except one, eye sight, and that is to be done automatically that day.  That day will be May 01, 2018 and God Bless you all for getting through all of this!"

"I am preparing remarks for May 01, 2018 for Ron's speech to the Melchizedeks to work with him that day, as they hold their first and preliminary meeting that day.  In our briefing today we saw Ron cry at the loss of Lemuel and it turns out it did not happen and will not happen in spite of Lemuel triggering all this with a good bye message this morning to Ron.  He felt horrible and sent the message out to a few so they know the seriousness of  the problem for Lemuel.  But Lemuel took a draft of beer from Michael this morning and it changed everything as it should have.  Lemuel now knows how he feels about him and will nto relent one moment to become the tbest transmitter in the world alongside Ron too.  Be assured that the Paradise Trinity looks at Ron and Larry in particular with Sue in particular to stand aside bigotry and offer full service without prejudice to the old Foundation, and the Father inquired of Ron his plans for the Brotherhood, and surprisingly, Ron announced his full participation with members of the old Foundation to serve therein if that was ever their desire.  That ends this statement and we add this, members of the old Urantia Foundation, if they find it in their hearts to understand these events transpiring in York and with Ron Besser, will be accorded full honors to join and work with the Brotherhood, but any present Trustee of  the Chicago-based Foundation may not serve in the York-based Urantia Book Foundation, until at least twenty-five years have passed.  The reason for this is that the new Foundation must gather its regulatory needs and policy for use of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and well in place, as Jesus will conduct it meetings and we all shall learn how that leadership will accrue to this marvelous and divine organization we all are proposing to be started the Firts of May in Twenty Eighteen.  Good day.  Margul."


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Re: Petition To Establish the Urantia Book Foundation Brotherhood
« Reply #20 on: April 09, 2018, 07:16:06 PM »
Speakers: Sue and Paul of Tarsus
Topics: The Brotherhood of Man, Worship and Spiritual Journey with God
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 10/04/2018 6.24am (AEST)

Dear Ron, and all our dear brothers and sisters who are reading this,

As it occurs to me when I read the above outline on the Petition for the Brotherhood, its relation with the Temple and with the Foundation and its work of revelation and teaching and so on. I was touched, rather speechless, by the beauty of the proposal of having a worshipful theme running through this proposal. Worship and duty of loving regard to the work of God and with our brethren to so inspire and uplift the spiritual heart of man unto God. I find this so enhancing a goal of utmost intention, perspective and focus upon the God Within each and all.

It is to this you, Ron, have placed at the heart of all that we, as Urantians, are to be about. Something so new to us in a world so diverse in orientation and so lost in forgetting to look within to see the divine gift we each have from the great Spirit and Source of All. How magnificent, how wise, how supreme is the Father, who gives of Himself to the extent that we may be found and be as one with Him!

What a right of passage and a call of willingness to follow to the ends of infinity and beyond!  What the great I Am is preparing us for is truly something far greater than all that has been, even now, in these trial universes of time, that we experience in all capacity of our being. What a ride and what an experience and it all begins here with our finding Him and to be sewn together as brothers in understanding and deep respect with worshipful undertones of the grace of God in our lives!

I am particularly thinking of Paul of Tarsus, right now, who has reached the Finaliter status and is here to assist in these Divine Missions to Urantia and how often I admire his work. One moment, I have Paul here to speak:


“Yes, this is Paul here Sue” [Really! Is it you Paul?] “Yes, continue writing Sue as you are so doing. You were thinking that often times I wrote letters from prison and that is often what most of those letters derive from as it so happens when the Romans took me into their custody. It is in those times there was much soul searching, as well as prayer, and it so goes as you know well Sue, the voice continues to grow and I heard so much of what needs to be known in myself. Those times were a different pace as you have it now; yours is rather occupied by the pressures of living; ours was constantly impoverished by so much of human tribulations of a different kind and culture.

“I had no idea of the strain and difficulties we were living under until I reached the Mansion Worlds. Then, we lived in such a polarised world of many influences with the Jewish monotheism and with the Greek and Roman polytheism of much of what has been a great vastness of beliefs and mores. Mine has somewhat been influenced and ingrained by the monotheism theme the Jews have instilled in me and it took so long for me to understand what Jesus meant when he referred so often to “the Father” as he taught. The Jews never saw it that way and it took quite a while for me to realise and understand it for myself, until I was met with Jesus on the road to Damascus.

“It was then I knew how God works and it is in this moment on, I walked with Him as He is with me. This is when I knew I no longer lived as per se, but that He is in me and I launched myself into the work of revealing the “Unknown God” to the then Roman Empire of the Mediterranean Levant. My greatest achievement is to be able to so inspire in my letters to the little Christian groups that was flourishing and little did I know that Jesus paved the way for me years earlier in his travels with Gonod and Ganid (seePaper 130).

“Here, I soon realised that so-called “scribe” that many alluded to was none other than the one who struck me so well and I knew who He is. The Master and Teacher of great loving purpose in all he touches.

“There it is that my work was folded in with what he paved for me in those areas with people who knew little, but could grasp the truths of what I could un-cover to expose with the philosophies that was so brilliantly espoused by the Greeks. I loved the period and times, there was a lot of trade and commerce, much interspersing of language, culture and travels in the mediterranean world, although treacherous, it was with ease without borders as it was in the Roman expanse of power. The Romans were a fierce lot and one to be feared for the trouble they go through to make civility a thing to admire and they were great in doing that, but brutal in punishment. Theirs was to be great time of great passage like no other times before. They paved the way for what you now have as your modern civilisation structure has as it is now. The politics, the civility, the military might, the water aquaducts and sanitation and, of course, still the ruling elite to chart the course of a society in to the next age to come. That has been,  and now it is to be turned into a new way of approach with an orientation, vastly pointing to the esoteric nature of civilisation, rather than the neutral vanity of hopeless enterprise.

“I say that now, but you will see a time coming that will be vastly different to what you live under now. It is truly to do with the collective consciousness of each member and citizen who is very much realising its place in the Universe of Universes. You are children of God, you are citizens of the great cosmos and it is as such you will need to know this new placement for which the reason why I, and many of my fellow Finaliters, along with Jesus, come to make this passage easier for you to get accustomed to. The new Urantia Book (SER) will grant you the insights you all will come to know and appreciate as the revelations will enable that spiritisation of your own understanding and personal growth in with the Spirit of God in you.

“I am Paul of Tarsus, I am here with you, my dear ones, and am delighted to be speaking with you in this way. I grant it to you that you hold yourselves well in what is a difficult trial of sorts to wait upon the Lord to be making progress in a world so spiritually dead in its tracks. This will soon be a planet for the Father’s purposes of education and there is soon to be a Michael Mission to accomplish much in that way to enlighten, to correct and to embolden you in the Spirit of Truth that is very much in you.

“I am here to teach, to foster your growth inwards as some of you are so inclined to be fused and are fusing and that is heartening for me, as I know what this is as it so occurred to me on that day when I walked on the road to Damascus. It is both one of joy, yet one of searching within for the want of what just happened to me. Jesus said to me then, “Paul, it is me, Jesus, and that is all you need to know as I am with you always.”

“I leave it here for now as that is what I was left with to fathom and to take up the new reality of His presence in us from that day onwards. Thank you my friends for listening and I bid you a good day and may the grace of God be with you all. Amen.”

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Re: Petition To Establish the Urantia Book Foundation Brotherhood
« Reply #21 on: April 09, 2018, 08:49:06 PM »
Thank you sister Sue and our dear, dear friend Paul of Tarsus,

I truly believe that what you said through Sue is so true and right on.  I know that I am on my road to Damascus and do pray and hope that I will have my day with Jesus as did you Brother Paul.  If I may be so bold as to call you brother.  I feel I know you so well though I have never had the pleasure of communicating with you.  I remember a message Ron sent me a long, long time ago where you gave me some great advice and guidance which I am not sure that I followed as I should have.  However, I am off my duff now and studying and studying so that I am at least going forward instead of just racing in place.

Thank you and all of our other Celestial family members for not giving up on us laggards.  We are at least still here and keeping the faith as good followers should.  We are no longer beginners but we are not graduates either.  

Love to all,