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From the Magisterial Sons and their Election to Return to Urantia
See announcement below:
06 April 2018

"We did not return to Urantia to collect our belongings, okay?  Ron?  You have created a storm on Urantia Ron and it will not abate until we move the entire matter before the Urantia Supreme Court for adjudication.  The adjudication is not the petition Ron requested of the Ancients of Days (and it has been fully granted to establish), but to admire the proximty of two great minds in Nebadon:Ron and his fellowship of musketeers of fused ones with him, and Michael;s mind finally understanding that Ron has something so unusal in him that good hosing down will not remove. 

"I am Monjoronson, and I relate the following conversation oh high recently verbatim:  "How is Ron Besser doing?"  And we replied, he is organizing the Magisterial Mission beautifully and we look forward to working with him on it."  To which the hig spirit replied, "Oh, so I hear from Father."  To which I replied, "Father is no fool and he got the right mammal to do it too."

"We who do Magisterial Missions routinely never got into this position before we a human has made huge strides in professionalism and spiritual accusatory replies that we had to change our look at what he proposes and let it settle in our own divine minds that he is right in certain areas of production that are marvelous and excellent.  I saw his proposal to the Ancients of Days, and by the way, Gabriel affixed his seal on it so they would look at it, and they did and see it is a worthwhile thing to do on Urantia so hungry for spirit leading and without a Church to really do so.  In any case the trial was sent to us to comment on and when I saw what he proposed I was gobsmacked at the sheer poetry ofthe proposal.  He is absolutely correct it needs to be done and why nobody saw it until he mentioned it I do not know.

"I am gladly affected by this turn of events.  Michael asked me if this changed anything in heaven?  I said that yes, it did change things, because this is our entrance we should have made the same with the delivery of the 1955 production of the epochal revelation, and to have supported the Chicago Foundation with our visible presence.  The adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion was ongoing in 1955 and we dared not make an approach on Urantia with Caligastia still have influence there; however, this time there is no Caligastia and only a fringe of lunatics to get in our way this time.  Yet, I say to all, while we have returned to be available again as the Magisterial Sons of record, we need to remind all of you this Magisterial Mission has a funny way of weaving in and out of epochal revelation, and that is to the point we dare not abscond with it before it is announced, photographed, and published, so all can have it and see it to read.

"You Ron are not cherished by anyone and that is because you will not take their guff and they know it.  You have shown true courage and truth to the point none of us knows you for, but you work hard to keep things up and well and honest and above board so all can see what is happening, and that is often another mess, but this time we have wormed our way back to Urantia with good results.  Be assured Ron your pecuniary problems are at rest today as that man saw to your needs with a proposal we hoped he would make and lighten your load considerably and takes it kindly that his firm is chosen to make an excellent product yours too,  He will propose this installation is for his show too and will cut the cost in half.  [Ron here - the furnace is on its death bed yesterday too and Lemuel just added to the gloom today.]  We take great pride in knowing you Ron and you are totally daft enough to see the cracks in our ways only to gently remind us that there are other ways of going about a Mission than just flapping open our sales brochure on the planet and asking people to buy what is offered,

"I am Serara, the other one, Ron:  Be assured we know what is offered and how it will play and what is to be done with Urantia.  We all reform ourselves to learn that Lemuel lives and mammal Besser is a mess this morning, and that we hold all of you in no contempt in our Supreme Court but your soul Ron is fully established on the mansion worlds.  It will stand for you as you are and contemplate the error you made to petition the Ancients of Days directly as that is always through Gabriel and he affixed his seal to the petition which they read at once in their own language and loved it.  It now stands as the first petition by a human anywhere to be affixed by the Bright and Morning Star to actually be heard before the Majesty of the presence of the Ancients of Days.  Be assure you are not Igor ent before them at this moment.  You glow brightly today with the bright light of the majesty of Michael before you and behind you and on top of you.   The Light of Michael follows you fully now and no one in spirit dare broach it without the encouragement of Michael Himself.

"As Serara, it was I who beheld you at your computer screen one night long ago and tweeted a nursery rhyme you knew mostly and you responded with a great gale of laughter and thanked me for the kindness for that approach.  Ron says to me now that my approach was a master stroke as the nursery rhyme made him laugh and he did not know all of it that I spoke to him that evening and he listened even harder to hear me.  I look at his work and marvel he gets through the maze of charters that keep an epochal revelation in the air on a planet.  We do it all the time to make sure people are curious, but in this case the epochal revelation, the Fifth of its kind on Urantia, and now the Sixth Epochal Revelation, is about to hit the news stands too. I am sure Ron knows less than I do and he admits to being lately informed about much these days for all sorts of reason, but he is wearing his mantle of Light well today and we congratulate him on becoming the first human in history to wear the Michael Mantel on his flesh and bones body ever in Neabdon and only once or twice in other Superuniverses. 
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