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The Sixth Epochal Revelation- God the Supreme - The Father -Michael - Melchizedeks

Mantutia Melchizedek
*  The Sixth Epochal Revelation
*  An Even Newer Epochal Revelation in ten years or less to compliment the Sixth
*  The New Use for Jerusem to Come in the Planetary System now named Nystorium
*  The Life Extensions for Fused Humans presently on Urantia
* More

Other Spokespersons:

God the Father
God the Supreme
Michael of Nebadon
Machiventa Melchizedek

T/R Ron Besser
York, PA 930am to 11am Local Time
August 27, 2018

This is Mantutia Melchizedek.

“I have two important announcements for you today:

“1 - The new Urantia Book II or the Sixth Epochal Revelation is now ready for book signing on earth. We will distribute according to Ron’s list of requests from all of you sent in a year or so ago, in early anticipation of the printing being made available then, but it did not work out for reasons of State on Salvington. The new book is now 3,153 pages long not counting the forward or the fly leaf with a picture of Dr. William S. Sadler, himself gracing the fly leaf page just inside the cover.

“Now we must relate this one small discussion point for all of you to receive what we think is shortly. The trial to get this volume into print was exacerbated by the inability to make a clear delineation as to who would handle the book for distribution. Be assured that it is through the Michael Foundation International, but Ron has been informed the actual book assignment is to the Magisterial Foundation, and that is just a minor adjustment for Ron to make for all that it means to all of you.

“I am making this announcement to clarify the distribution font of decision making that really allows me to sit back and let it become an automatic pleasure for Ron to handle it and move it to the consumer as best he can. All of you know we are facing changes in earth architecture soon enough, and that could get us into hot water with the Power Directors so long as we hold back and wait for those first rumblings to conclude. But I am pressed now myself for reassignment from Ron and from Urantia in order to take on the Heart of God, for the Eternal Son and His relationship to the Urantia debacle known as the Lucifer Rebellion.

“I state this further: WE are now deciding as Ron writes this just how he will become involved and he is adamant to be part of it, but we will not curtail the use of the Urantia Foundation to prepare further for us and that will be handled by Jesus or by me (Mantutia) or others at this point since Ron is not happy with the leadership at the Foundation in Chicago at this time. We also assign Ron to represent Jesus and others as he is quite capable of concluding all he needs to to make sure the second Urantia Book as we call it at times, is distributed to obtain the Sixty Epochal Revelation into the family of God and His children on Urantia.

“Therefor: WE must be sure that the entire matter is settled from the perspective of Michael of Nebadon, and for Gabriel of Salvington, and to place it in escrow until Michael allows the book to become fact and operates through the Magisterial Foundation, and that the Michael Foundation International, be pulled aside until there are other revelatory materials to be published at some future date.

“WE are also sure that the entire matter of book publishing is well known to Ron for reasons of State he dare not mention to you yet. However, through his friend, Steve Gitz, the technology book he wrote on Ilok four micron coal fuels, will be available in the next twenty four hours on Amazon.Com for your purchase and edification. It is an extraordinary book to read. The second Urantia Book printing the Sixth Epochal Revelation, is here on Urantia and in storage and we are planning to provide Ron a presentation copy as soon as he can walk again not, but as soon as he is able to hear clearly he is not the one to produce another book on Ilok coal communition grinds, but on his own ideas about how to run the new Rayson Corporation he has ready to go at the drop of a hat for Rayson.

“2) The second announcement deals with my reassignment to Uvers for about a year’s worth of Urantia time to coordinate the Sixth Epochal Revelation with another major epochal revelation from Uversa to be delivered to Urantia sometime in the coming year (date unspecified). The major epochal revelation from Uversa will dwarf the Sixth Epochal Revelation by miles, but they are designed to work together, and Ron is amazed I could achieve that already and is worried I am too good to know anymore. I am just Mantutia Ron, well practiced in the art of revelatory works and I do that well with my Second Revelatory Commission already hard at work on the following:

“You Ron accidentally spilledt he beans to the United States Government fully and well and we saw it with horror at first. But it turns out the US Government is preparing to announce you to its Internal Revenue System, as soon as you are publically announced on Urantia. We did not intend to do that but you have made something workable we were not sure could be worked, and that is to provide others with a sense of urgency that Trump explains this way to them:

“If we are to be useful soon, we must take leave of our normal ways of doing things and bring this into the mainstream of American life and hold them well for what they intend to do. I see by a letter from Ronald Besser of York, Pennsylvania, that this Mission is already here and building its releases for our public consumption and we are quite sure it is valid as there is no other mention in public whatsoever and he remains sequestered in his work in York. I am sure we owe them great respect and I am for one ready to serve God first as we all must do for the nation and for the people of this world. Good day. Trump Summary.”

“That was a the substance of a long memo to the Secretary of the Treasurer of the United States and sent in various copies to the IRS and Ron has had no problem since then getting done with the few things that remain to be done with what is now eight corporations he has assigned to the Magisterial Sons and to Michael of Nebadon.

“In so ordering this Mission to Urantia, Michael has foreseen the need to include Ron in all important decisions regarding the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and for that reason, I make the following declaration:

“a: We are no longer reaching out just to Urantia but to Panoptia and three other similar planets to Urantia for their word that the Sixth Epochal Revelation, is tailored to their planet individually, and that each book they publish their worth is still advised to include the Urantia Book as its title but subtitled for their own planet’s name;

“b: We are sure the entire matter before Ron is to get well but he battles nothing less than a mile high rectitude that we recognize as the Supreme Being as he insists that it be kept in accordance with our wishes on high and that he will not stray from our mandates as he perceives them best for the dissemination of the Sixth Epochal Revelation;

“c: We are likewise determined to see to his health and wellbeing in order to carry this mandate out, and his life of penury with money woes and distillation of relationship woes, are over for the term of service left to him on Urantia, and Michael of Nebadon has decreed that his life will extend beyond the present generation of youth and be finalized sometime in the 3126 time frame, and that he is to be determined to be a Second Stage Spirit upon dissolution of the flesh at that time. Michael stated that decree yesterday to him to Lemuel on another question, as those who are already fused on Urantia will have life extensions commiserate with their need to maintain duty stations completely available for the various Missions not yet announced yet;

“d: We are proud to announce that Ron Besser, Lemuel (Collins), and Anethyst, along with Steve Gitz and Sue Whiley and not yet including Larry Gossett until certain matters are attended to, are to be awarded second stage spirit status upon completion of their work for the Missions. Their work is extraordinary and Gossett will be accorded the same once problems of immature personality status are erased and he becomes well accustomed to making important decisions on his own and without worry at this time.”

“I oversaw what is called the Third Epochal dispensation, started in the year by the present Urantia calendar in 1977 BC or as the Urantia Book quotes it, in 1978BC due to a small accounting error by the Midwayers of that reporting date. I am sure we are ready to forgive them for one year error in something so obscure the history books, except for the Bible, do not mention for reasons there were no historians around in those ancient times. Nonetheless, I am statingthe following to all of you:

“a: We need to overcome this harsh idea that Ron is leaving due to so many health problems he cannot see his way through the day without lying down for a nap to regain health and energy to go the rest of the day. His brother called yesterday to ask if t hey can help and he said no, since it ws operable but he had to wait two weeks more to get into the system. We now adjure such a decision as the system is too poor and too late to fix the problem which is really a leakage of blood out the ventricle side of the heart and never makes it to the legs and feet and he is starved for protein manufacture to repair tendons and muscle there, As a result we have had to make do with a Uversa surgery time every night to repair those legs and keep him in tune so he can do this work the next day. However, I have surmised that Michael wishes this finished in the sense of daily duty to make sure all of you have up to the minute news. We therefore conclude the following for all of you to know:

“b: We are preparing to use Ron as the disseminator of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and that is without qualification, as he is truly determined to see to it as we wish it done. Further he is not ready to spiehl much about the four micron coal technology and that is because Rayson is horrified the book is being published on Amazon, and that is what Michael ordered him to tell Steve Gitz to do as fast as possible. There are reasons of State involved for that publication and Ron knows them as does Gitz. I am also referring to the second book not yet written by Ron on the Origins of the Urantia Book, and he is doing a spectacular job pulling in something called the Medieval practice of “Trance of the Caterpillar.” Stay tuned for that explanation.

“c: We have little to add to this except I must return to Uversa with Mantutia next week in your Urantia time, and stay there with Urantia Book materials on my face in order to garner support for a major new revelation beyone the Sixth Epochal Revelation to come to Urantia perhaps in another five to ten years. Much depends on the Second Revelatory Commission, and they are of the opinion as you are Ron, that it is a matter of how you count that determines whether they are actually the Third Revelatory Commission to Urantia and Nystoriam, the new name of your formerly named Satania Planetary System;

“d: We also believe that Ron knows how to order a post like this in order to keep some order in it. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and order you Ron to desist in writing all day and get to the store for some rubbish to eat and be done with this work for a few hours at least so we can catch our breaths as well.

“e: The trial for all of you fused ones is to be silent for now. The US Government is well aware of what is brewing and Trump is worrying it in his own way. But be aware the big news is coming soon about a fuel system that ends American dependence on gasoline for Iran and Saudi Arabia, and Ron knows perfectly well that refiners and the oil companies can benefit too by blending four micron coal powers into a gasoline canister attached directly to the engine block to run cars that doubles the milage by three times what one currently gets from just gasoline with ethanol blends in it today. That is how superior this technology is. We wait for Amazon to finally realize they have a best seller unless we miss our guess on this.

“I am Machiventa Melchizedek and wish all well for now.”


“I am finally done rushing around the universe trying to get approvals for an unusual Michael Mission to Urantia.

“I must adjure to Ron he has been dealt one blow after another attempting to keep all of his work together for use later, and that is coming to fruition now.

“AS of today, he and Gitz and Amethyst are on our payroll, and that is happy for Ron who sees nothing but disaster for him due to ruinous amounts of spending to keep him healthy and wise for years to come. Amethyst is included int his as she has the same problem all of you do, and that is extreme lack of money to do anything but eat and watch TV. Be assured no one bothers the site for this information yet and we are now being careful with all of you to be sure we do not ruin the chance for the US Government to finally recognize its obligation to embrace of the Missions as they come to York and other places such as Poughkeepsie, New York. In any case the entire matter is settled and we are prepared to tell you the following:

“UVERSA is the final capital for the Supreme Being to consider as his home away from home, and Ron just concluded it has to be on that reality level to satisfy the demands of the Supreme Being for his Power and Duty. He is reigning right now from the fourth circle of the Havona System and as such requires huge energy demands to maintain the worlds of the fourth circuit due to their high demand of energy to keep them in existence too. In any case, the Supreme Being has indicated he loves the idea of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, but there must be a new revelation concerning the Supreme Being, and the Ancients of Days conclude as Michael does, that Ron has asked for the same thing now for over ten years and is only partially satisfied with what we have so far.

“Therefore, God the Supreme, has decreed that God the Supreme will use Uversa as his God Capital for demands of energy alone to exist as a permanent fixture in the universes of time, but that Urantia is a secondary home for the Planetary Supremes, as well known as Gaia and/or Urantia, depending on who is calling the name, and it must be enlarged to double it size. But that is not possible with Urantia as it is for some other human planets we know of close by which is Panoptia for sure. In any case we asked if we could expand Jerusem, the capital of Nystoriam, the mansion worlds for Urantia now so called, and to provide the Supreme and His Planetary Supremes, a home away from home of Uversa. They enthusiastically said yes! And so our little mansion worlds of note now as Nystorium, are scheduled now for expansion to include elements of the Supreme rule of time.

“We laugh at Ron, for he just called out loud, ‘Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” and laughed with us, as Ron correctly assigns this great honor to the work and extraordinary fellow this Jesus was to all of us and to Urantia for his unstinting service to humanity, In any case, Ron seems to know automatically where to assessing blame for great rewards to be given, even by God the Supreme. Ron is also of that ilk and he demands nothing for himself and is quite shy to say anything in this regard. The one you call Ron is already fused with a small partition of the mind of the Supreme and he uses it so well we wonder why the Supreme does not fuse him in other areas, but the Supreme has done all he can do for now as the Mother Spirit, who represents the Supreme on Urantia, says that Ron is filled up with emotions enough now already and he does not need more. So we leave that be for now,”

“I have a belly full of you Besser due to your belated trust in God that you are not be thrown off the road to die and leave Urantia alone. You have made the planet yours for reasons of State we never saw before and you and Machiventa Melchizedek an Mantutia and Malvantra and six more Melchizedeks are rewarded a life together when we can spare the Melchizedeks for whatever reason. You are not a Melchizedek Ron, but come close and we wonder how that plays with the Father?”]

“We see it in similar ways and that is not yours but us flying the wheel to see how you stand and it is so solidly for those you care about we cannot deny it shortly or longly however that is to be worked upon; however, you care little for such concerns when doing your duty and we state now that the Melchizedeks are sure you have something to do with the destiny of Michael of Nebadon in the outer space areas, as well as with Machiventa Melchizedek on high as One Without Name and Number, to which Father fully subscribes you Ron, with the Eternal Son, as your place in some far, far, far future time. But we digress not to assign the Supreme Being his place in Nebadon on Jerusem as a conclave for the homeward bound Planetary Supremes of that era of the Urantia rebellion, and that they all hold us well too for assigning such a place at such a time of great change in the time universes. Father.”]

MICHAEL OF NEBADON, continues . . . .
“We conclude these announcements easily now that we have so many chime in for our next explanation:

“I have concluded we need Ron more than he needs us at this point, and not because he is all that great, but he is so dedicated to the purpose of the changes we announce these days. He never falters and is ready to take anything on so long as we can get a handle on it ourselves. He needs rest and relaxation but that is for much later and that will be as he wishes in the Adirondacks as he loves them very much. His life is never harsh or bitter but terrible off putting to all who try to make sense of his dedication, not to meandering with people who do not like anything he does, but to place God forward and center and that is our choice for him too as a spokesman who does well as thinks before he speaks and so on. Our work is to conclude all we can and the Missions to show forth now that I am finished with permission traveling and can settle down and order these things to be as they should be in my plans for Urantia/ Good day.”

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WOW!  There is so much here and it is greatly appreciated.  I will be reading it about two more times because every time I find info that includes a lot to digest, I find I usually miss some important points.  I thank all who contributed and organized this.  This is important and I need to make sure I understand.  I'm sure I will have more comments or questions later.

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Ditto Ron and Amethyst....every word written in your response  right on the money....LarryG


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« The second Urantia Book printing, the Sixth Epochal Revelation, is here on Urantia and in storage and we are planning to provide Ron a presentation copy…… »

This is great news, but before we can put our hands on it, there are some issues to be dealt with, but we can still hope to visualize at least a sample of the Book in a not too far future, while the escrow to place the SER and the Magisterial Foundation that is to take hold of the dissemination, are settled up. Domtia
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