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Ultimatons and the Soot that Breaks Sight into Double Vision
York, PA 8am Local Time
May 23, 2018

I have looked at the enthusiasm these posts on Dark Matter have prepared on this list and I am, frankly, really surprised, as it motivates responses I did not anticipate of glee that you now know some of the unusual versions of sight are most deceiving because of the soot of black hulls of the seed Ultimatons give off when they land in time space.  I therefore propose the following study for all of you to note what is true phenomena you really do not yet know about but can discover for yourself.

First: Ron is improving today enough to be up early and taking care to post as much as he can until he is forced back to be to wait out the changes we are forcing to occur in his body and his mind.  Most of you could care less, but understand some of you may go through this too at some point if you really want to work for the Magisterial Mission or my Mission as well to start.  Adam and Eve are here and in York doing prospecting all day long to look at schools there and to determine what they want to do in York first before they move on to Harlem or other parts of the country.  You will see Adam speak to this in a post response to Sue on Adam and Eve elsewhere.

Now to the Ultimatons and their need to break open their hull or heat shields once the yare in time and space.  Their travel from Paradise where the Ultimaton takes origin is a hot one when it hits the scuffing and tearing that space brings to an object traveling at the speed of light without showing any light whatsoever as it travels.  Light speed is known to most of you and so we do not record it here but it is slightly over 186,000 miles per second per second.  That means it is a double unit: the Ultimaton is itself and its cover called a hull or shell here.  

When that shell breaks open when the Ultimaton is directed to a cooling place under one of the Superuniverses spoken to earlier, the shell breaks into halves.  One half breaks off as a positive proton shelter and the other half becomes dead and inert.  The inert half becomes gravity prone and responds to the Absolute gravity of Paradise and floats in clouds around the time space regions with the Superuniverses in a counterclockwise direction around Paradise.  Now: the trial we all face is how do we deal with these black hulls?  They form a soot cloud in deep dark space usually as that is where they are placed for future dispersal in another universe age.

When they do this and the cloud is near a planet, man looks out through the soot cloud and sees nothing but clear air as the soot particle is not visible not even under a microscope.  That is because Ultimatons are pre matter and as such are not ever to be seen before matter is to be seen.  However these soot particles from one half of the shell or hull of the Ulatimaton that has left it, creates optical illusions for several reasons:

1 - This soot is radio active just slightly and causes radium to form around the soot particle which really encumbers the particle of soot to become a lot heavier.  Radium disperses in sun light but in deep space and around some planets there is not a lot of sunlight to do the dispersion, so we on Salvington send out soot cleaners which are specailized horse-like animals known as Spironga.  They are described in your current Urantia Book so look them up please.

2 - Spironga keep the place immaculate as they know how to throw out the soot particle safely.  However, we must face other problems with the Spironga, as they tend to die far too young after handling these particles for eons and we must resurect them on their own terms which means they have demands on high to return as they can ascend but slowly and are never Finaliters.  But they do serve the higher spheres with duties that keep these place immaculate.  In any case the soot particle is still dangerous and must be treated with great respects for their properties are acidic when near any moisture and your acid rain is partially the result of Ultimatonic soot getting too close to Urantia and filtering into your rain water.

3 - Soot properties are of a great density, but because they are small and related to the actual particle called an Ultimaton, their energy levels once were sky high, but now they are inert and lie around like so much dust under the bed quite often.  Therefore the property of Ultimaton hulls of this nature go dependent on the solar wind to move from planet to planet is all solar systems and in Monmatia in particular due to its nuclear testing on Nystoria in years past.

4 - Our work on Salvington near gets old because there is always something that needs fixed and we do it efficiently but sometimes slowly.  In years past we cleaned the Urantia skies with a solar soap we invented to clear the soot from your skies, but in the past forty years we let it alone in hopes of clearing all of the old Urantia with a new phase of life that would be rid of the old human and start and new species that could take care of the planet better.  Ron Besser is the new phase and he is magnificently done in mind but not in body and he is fighting all chances to suddenly die because of it and that is why we have to be so careful to give him rest quickly and efficiently as we can.  Today he will be sent packing to bed for a few more hours of sleep and then the day is his to pursue as he can.  In any case his fusion was not planned for nor was his interest in the Magisterial Mission and so on.  As a result we have retained his mitochondria (bone marrow cells) for future implants into others to see if they respond as Ron does to re oxygenation of the mitochondria.  The soot around Urantia causes Ron to sneeze frequently because he is super sensitive to sunlight now and the soot accumulates around York as it does everywhere on Nystoria, and we must remove it for the sanity everyone at this point.  Sneezing for no particular reason is a hazard from Ultimatonic hull dust in your air.

5 - Lastly, Ultimatons are never really sure what they are until they react with others of their kind.  Protons take five hundred Ultimatons to create and then there is the problem of 501 Ultimatons wanting to squeeze together to form a super Proton that the old Urantia had so many of until th 1970's when the Soviet Union blew up a warehouse full of atomic bombs not realizing such was in the warehouse due to an oversight so big they fired the entire crew for life ever working again in Russia.  Many are alive today on the dole and wondering what their punishment was.  However, that explosion of the missile parts tamped down with nuclear material splayed the soot into forces of great evil on Urantia now Nystoria.  Nystoria still has to deal with dry thunder to the point many wild fires start due to lightning strikes followed by no rain whatsoever.  This is in part due to low humidity but the greater part is that it because super Protons are formed and they clear skies quickly when around the area too.  York was loaded with them in the 1960's and 770's and great droughts appeared in that era that no longer can support that kind of presence due to a low pressure forming in the South Atlantic which will cool the American east coast better than anything we can put into place.  We intend to keep that low pressure there so long as Ron is on the planet as he hates humidity and heat with a vengeance. [Ron here: the combination has a body react as though it must go underground to escape the inensity of usn light and wait until early evening to appear again.  As a kid it never bothered me, but ever since this Adjuster thing appeared with me in 1988, I am super sensistive to the radium and rage of a sun far too hot for this planet in my opinion.]  

Ron’s THOUGHT ADJUSTER SPEAKS - This individual whom I indwell and with whom I am in solid fusion with now, is super active in mind and as such cannot take rays of the Monmatia sun due to its high radium content.  Some love it to brown easily, but it is a monster cancer creator and must be avoided until our sun is adjusted down a peg or two.  In the old days of the 1940's and before the Monmatia sun was tiny compared to its neighbors, but its circumference has grown three fold due to an incursion of weightless titanium that was spewed from a passing system that Monmatia got hold of and it helped the sun recreate it superior system of infraction of matter to force additional heat out of its center.  Now the sun is a powerhouse once more and needs curtailed for life on earth.  However the movement of Nystoria to a new Constellation in Aries wil lreduce the heat slightly but not entirely.  Remember the entire solar system your planet is in was moved with Nystoria to the new Planetary System and the sun went with it.  In any case Ron is super sensitive to radium and the heat it creates when it hits skin cells in that particular body.  Good day.”

Ron - Thank you Adjuster, and to Michael and all who helped make this post available today.  I wish you all a good day too.  Ron and for Michael, Adjuster and others who helped here we thank all as well.



“This is Michael and there is one fallacy Ron points out to me over this planetary move to another Planetary System I never thought of: the planet is still to large to fit the aperture of the telescope of inhabited worlds outside of the orbit of Nystoria.  How do I explain that?  

“I do not, and that is because Nystoria is nestled in among two other Planetary Systems that telescopes have to pass through to see Nystoria.  This came up because Ron asked why Panoptia was not placed in the same System with Nystoria.  It cannot be done only because Panoptia is being vacated due to an insurrectionary rebellion lately among its Midwayers and Ron finds that very hard to believe.  The truth about Panoptia is that its life of humanity was lost years ago when it too experienced the planetary disaster of a Planetary Prince rebelling with Caligastia, and Father summarily dismissed that Prince and he committed star suicide by reclaiming his sun as his own and it blew up sky high and seared the planet and its life to death.  You see Larry the Midwayer Ron and you adored him and appreciated his choice to say hello and that will not be lost to you as he is one of our Midwayer corp now.  

“Lastly, Ron met Larry the Midwayer from Panoptia as he traveled to Urantia to ask for mercy and benevolence against the rebelling Midwayer crew on Panoptia and was greante full asylum on then Urantia.  Today he works with Bzutu and Dora and others Ron knows to say hello to when allowed.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon.”


“I am that Larry and Ron did not hit it off with me when I flahsed my physcial presence to him in his living room of that years sometime around 2014-15.  I was young and brash and said hellow in a way that made Ron bristle instead of a greeting.  It was over friendship which I offered then and there but Ron got it up his nose I was being a smart ass and just let it hang without comment.  He is extraordinary in brash recourse and knows his mind inside out, but that day he awoke suddenly from a pinful sleep and was in no mood to deal with anything like I presented to him.

“Today he counts me as a friend and pleads to hear me speak but I must obey Machiventa Melchizedek who is in charge of Midwayers on this planet now that Bzutu is humanizing.  I have a long way to go and attach myself to all humans who have some sense of God and so on so I can learn human ways which are so similar to Midwayers it isn’t possible to always describe the differences in life style.

“Panoptia is all but destroyed now and has little to offer human kind any more as it once was a thriving planet until our Plantary Prince blew our sun up in hostile retribution being stopped by Father by firing him and pushing him off the planet into our planetary jail nearby. He brutalized our daughter who so valiantly tried to stop him, but that Prince was as evil as Caligastia and sought to destroy us as yours did on Urantia at that time.  Finally, Ron I am making an extra effort to hear you now as you are fully connected to the Deity Absolute as Sue is becoming, and you two, as far as I know, are the only ones who can do that.  Lemuel spoke with Him once but failed to really note the difference as you and Sue did and that makes all the difference in the world.  I hears someone say on your circuit Ron about the Supreme and connections to that as will for Urantia through you and Sue.  Lemuel is well connected there too, but your Larry Gossett keeps failing tests that would upwardly revise him to these levels of transmissions.  That is Larry’s doing such he has the capacity but not the will.  Thank you all for letting me speak and I will work my way through your crowd now Ron.  Good day.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: Ultimatonic Shell Soot and the Phenomenon it Creates on Nystoria
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Kind of strange for there to be years of talk about joint magisterial missions between here and Panoptia if their planet was destroyed before the rebelling Planetary Princes were rounded up years ago. That planet has been mentioned multiple times as populated, both here and elsewhere. I'm also wondering how it's super easy to blow up stars for beings just tasked with directing the evolution of mankind. Apparently, it can be done from a jail cell with just a snap of the fingers.
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