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Audio Transmission/ Being and Doing
« on: May 31, 2018, 01:36:25 AM »
Speaker: Beloved/Lemuel
Subject: Being and Doing
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time:  31st May 2018  07:35 Local  06:35 Z


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Re: Audio Transmission/ Being and Doing
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2018, 02:43:46 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Being and Doing

Beloved/Lemuel : Our talk this morning is entitled « Being and Doing ». It has been said that physically you are what you eat, mentally you are what you think, spiritual you are. When you know for sure who and what you are then it is natural that you express what you are.

Members here of the forum who have been lead here by their Beloved Indwelling Father Fragments have had the great fortune of becoming acquainted with the Urantia Book and you would have read and learned about so many things, so many revelations that most people have absolutely no idea about.

In the beginning, when you read that you really are sons and daughters of Father, it is a concept that you can accept or reject, but as time goes on the feelings in your heart will convince you that in fact it is true.

An artist can only discover what he is as an artist by painting and of course it is the same for everything and everyone. The musician must play his instrument, a potter must use clay to produce what he wants to create. There is no other way of expressing yourself, then being what you are.

The difference between being and doing is a very faint line. Being what you are is a state of stillness and meditation, in fact it is worship. When you are being, you are actually worshipping Father, your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment.

I would like to mention something : some of you here on the forum do not post anything of interest to the members here and we feel that it is because you have not develop the habit of going into stillness first thing in the morning, because as soon as you start doing your normal daily things, there is no chance for you to go into stillness later.

It is necessary for you to wake-up that match-area even if it is only fifteen minutes, it does not matter, but spend that time, first thing in the morning by going into stillness and being with your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment.

It is the best way to start the day, it is a demonstration of your respect and gratitude that in fact you have your Beloved Thought Adjuster. If you do this, if you get into the habit of doing this throughout the day that follows, you will have the feeling of satisfaction and joy and gratitude that you have spent that short amount of time with your Indwelling Fragment of Father.

So, let me repeat, physically you are what you eat, mentally you are what you think and spiritually you are, so the difference between being and doing is a very short line and I will distinguish it only by saying that to be when you are being, being what you are is when you are in stillness and you are communicating with Father, your Indwelling Father Fragment.

When the time is over, then you can start your doing, by doing your normal daily activities and as I mentioned before, if you think you can go into stillness half through the day, well you can of course, but it is very difficult to break your routine.

So, I strongly advise you, if you do not already have this habit, arrange to get up about fifteen minutes earlier, even if you just sit on the edge of your bed and going into stillness, voicing your intention and go into stillness and be, this is you being what you are and then when it is over, you can start your normal daily activities.

This is so important, dear brothers and sisters here on the forum, it is so very important to do this, because I am sure you are aware that the forum has gone very quiet recently and so this is a reminder to all of you. Spend some time, first thing in the morning with your Beloved Father Fragment and then post to the forum what you are able to receive.

This is all for this morning, thank you for listening and I bid you a very good day. Domtia
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