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« on: October 15, 2017, 10:51:41 AM »
Time to express my appreciation for the reactions received as soon as I appeared with my introduction to the forum: this has a very energizing effect. It is the first time since the years of being a navigator in the network that I find myself being part of a forum, and !what a forumĀ” so you will notice a kind of lack of confidence very slight, which will happen as the days. I wish to mention my words of gratitude for their friendly words of encouragement to those who have been present with their messages: Brian VB, Allie, Julio Da Luz, Lemuel, Charlie Montoya; I know that it is not necessary but it is so that they know that I read and I fell very well in this special moment their comments; Thank you very much, my brothers.
Without the help of Google I could not write this note in English in this way, but anyway, thanks very much to Allie for that cheerful way with which she was put to order to help me translate
See you soon