Author Topic: Original Documentary Being Released by Urantia Films Dec 2019  (Read 578 times)

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Original Documentary Being Released by Urantia Films Dec 2019
« on: November 10, 2017, 11:41:32 AM »
How many of you know the name Davin Kantor?  If you do then you know some history concerning his involvment with the Urantia Book, the Family of God, and a whole lot more I will not go into here.  Insofar as I know he has a close tie to a southern university as a teacher and still writes volumes of book information concerning the fifth epochal revelation.  What he refuses to do is become advised of the coming approach of the Return of Jesus in modern terminology, and thus gets to pursuing out of date projects like this film is apparently attempting to do in 2019.

This morning I received a mass mailing by Kantor into my email in box and is once again asking for donations to produce this documentary he favors above all other projects as I sense his full dedication to the art of film making as the best way to get to the people on Urantia of the importance of the Jesus Bestowal 2,035 years ago.  However, it is still a documentary, and yet another documentary on the life of Jesus, based, I would assume, on the last part of the currently Urantia Book.  He refuses to listen well at all and insists he knows best, but he surely will be compromised when the new Urantia Book arrives near the end of this year for distribution where a full 1,000 pages is dedicated to the life of Jesus as our Bestowal Son over two millennia ago.

Here is a blurb from his email concerning this film still in the making and bleeding money as we do to get it finished in time for the propose release date of Christmas 2019.

The Bestowal of Christ Michael is in production as a feature-length dramatic documentary on the repercussions of the fourth epochal revelation and the preparation of global civilization for The Urantia Book. This film will target progressive and emergent Christians in a continuing effort to enrich understandings of Jesus and his message in contemporary religious culture, as well as making more spiritual seekers aware of The Urantia Book. Distribution is planned online and across cable Video-on-demand platforms.  Unquote
And this:
There is an English version Polish titles as a trailer on Vimeo: (A YouTube like site with original videos on it)

Online for only four weeks, Polish language Ponowne wyobrażenie Jezusa has registered more than 360 views on Vimeo. English with Polish subtitles, Ponowne wyobrażenie Jezusa may be viewed online at Russian and German are next.  Unquuote

I suggest that Kantor learn from the world of revelation like the rest of us have to do, and that is to understand that the past is over, and this effort is a check against people like myself who insist that revelation never ends; that the fifth epochal revelation is beautiful and good, but that it is still hopelessly out of date for the situations of living on Urantia today.  I admired Kantor briefly for his steadfast dedication to the Urantia Book and his unfailing attempt to bring back the Family of God without Vern Grimsley whom he still admires and dedicates much to privately in his own ways in his own life.

I also warn some of you, and let me restate that; I also wish all of you to learn something from this promise by Kantor to produce a film with less than full information about Jesus.  We all should know better to get ahead of new revelation by over producing old revelation to the masses through, and especially, the film medium.  It will sit there for decades if finished and not be watched because Jesus Himself will be walking the earth long before this film sees daylight.  Which would you prefer to do?  Go to a local stadium and hear the living Jesus speak, or watch a film based on a life of his in 7 BC?  it upsets me considerably we have so much Hollywood in our serious work for the fifth epochal revelation, and now that the sixty epochal revelation is to be unveiled as the new Urantia Book late this year or early next year (2018), I can only lament the Kantoresque view that he knows best what to do with an old revelation that is well updated today for you to read shortly.  I wish you all a good day.

Ron - - -  with Michael attending to see that I do not get too upset with these endless efforts to improve what we already have well improved in our own view as to how the dignity of the epochal revelation should be maintained.

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