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Dear List,
I assume most of you feel there is no great improvement in the Time Line with my announced revisions to the revised Time Line announced yesterday.  However, I beg to differ and those who are interested in how the Urantia Book actually came to be will be wide eyed at the telling of that history.  I copied out a small excerpt of the revision I did last night you did not see and call attention to this extraordinary fact:  Jesus was visiting Urantia during the high Middle Ages and read this I took out of the newer Time Line than you have read:
“I am Jesus, and as such I have a hearty recollection of these days as
I was allowed on Urantia to examine progress from my Bestowal over
one thousand years ago at that time. I had been perfected by our
Father in Heaven and he reminds me yet you are too young to know
all I know about this but be aware I can tell most through your hand
on an electric keyboard that is a marvel of invention yet so awkward
with you at times you ahve to refure where certain keys are as they are
so misplaced on the design it created havoc with a brain ready for
better keyboards. In any case. Let it be known that the person who
witnessed my death on the Cross, was none other than one actually
named Miserbalis, and he died long before writing anything down
was populat concerning my death on Urantia. We often talk about
Miserbalis on Salvington for Miserbalis died among the souls who
were punished who saw me die and reported it to the Lucretius, the
Senator from Rome, who in turn recorded it to the Monastery when
he died, for the Lucretius was the man who talked about ATOMS
long before the time they would be seen as essential for matter
building. Miserbalis died in the arms of his consort who was a
Roman prostitute but he never revived in soul as Caligastia knew him
to be a font of information about the death of Christ on the Cross.

I point out to you that your minds will have to reevaluate what happened during the 13trh and 14th centuries of life on Urantia when civilization collapsed and the only glimmer of change to a better society was the Italian Renaissance.  The excerpt tells you that Jesus was on Urantia during these periods of recollection of his life as Jesus and while no one could see him working and reading in it,, he was there and trying to understand how there was no good record of his life and times in Palestine.  Even the religious system that did exist was so poorly done it was close to paganism.  Look at the word again: paganism.  The Catholic Church was more powerful than any country would be in that period and the Popes never knew the Vatican was used by Michael and Jesus to run into and grab documents to see if the work of Jesus had truly permeated the scholars so-called that presented a better picture of the life of Jesus than the Gospels they did have in the Vulgate.  Reread the intro on the time line for a lot more and while I have to correct some typo errors yet, the time line is essentially replete with this additional information to learn.   R

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