Author Topic: Thought of Christmas for you - Michael with the Holy Spirit  (Read 283 times)

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Thought of Christmas for you - Michael with the Holy Spirit
« on: November 28, 2017, 01:21:31 PM »
This is Michael of Nebadon.  "I speak briefly today to remind all of you that the Advent of Jesus is almost here.  His Christmas wish this year is to avoid the trappings of local stores and to take the time to thank Mother Spirit who is also the Holy Spirit. for her warm wishes with me  to yet embrace you on a very cold and useless planet in spirit these days.  Great danger looms over you we lament, but Christmas is eternal and remember the Christ this year as he is the Savior of many places in these times.  Michael."

This is Mother Spirit - "I am the Holy Spirit and I carry the thought of the Savior for you these days, as the horror of Lucifer still hangs heavy over you in these wicked last days of your western gear of civilization gone wrong.  Be assured that whatever happens soon with spirit or with man, it is lasting with spirit and not with man, and let things become as they should be and not perpetuate the losses soon to come.  Be assured we keep this for you in our hearts: 'Best Wishes for Happiness to Come, and Come Home this Christmas Day."

Ron Besser here - Remember the Christmas Cheer this year.  Appreciate what it means to receive Jesus again, for it is without the redemption of words to tell you about it fully.  He comes in sadness too and in hope too.  Remember the Christ this year and learn his reason to come back is not ours entirely to fathom.  Take what comes and keep the mind revived in faith for the goodness of the Christ Child blends goodness and cahrity for us all.  Best Wishes to all from all of us on this list.
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Re: Thought of Christmas for you - Michael with the Holy Spirit
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2017, 09:15:25 PM »
Dear Ron,
Christ the Savior and Mother Spirit embracing our cold and useless planet is an image I could use these days.  I had been feeling rather 'heavy' recently and I think its because this 'great danger' really looms over all of us in this planet.  And cataclysmic events is not the cause of it but our own brothers and sisters who just don't care.  I know this is not a hopeful attitude but there is such a dearth of good news that darkness seems to weigh over the entire world.   Your message is quite a balm to heavy hearts - thank you.  One technique I learned from my Thought Adjuster is to envision things over and above this world we live in, and focus instead on Father's big universe even until the outer spaces because that's where His Will is being played out.  We who are still here in this reality where we get embroiled in the heat forget we have been given the glorious chance to alleviate the wrongs that have been done and is still going on.   That thought already makes me wait in joyful hope that Light and Life is coming soon.    
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