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Peace in the Heart
« on: December 11, 2017, 08:25:31 PM »
Hello once again my many dear friends,

After reading all of the posts lately I had to stop and think of how our minds (all of us) are so wrapped around what is now and/or about to transpire in our world.  So much angst, so much confusion, so much attention to violence and war and horror regarding how human beings treat each other day after day.

Well as you know I let music do my talking for me.  It is my best and favorite way to tell the Father how I feel about him and our heavenly family.  I wanted to list this song a while ago but thought that maybe I should wait awhile longer.  However, I listened to it again yesterday and have decided to post it for your edification.  It is a simple song that Elvis and a couple of other entertainers has recorded and I love it for it's simplicity of message.

Love all of you and Merry Christmas to all,

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