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Hi Kurt and everyone,

This is a topic that I delved into quite deeply with Rayson, the science officer of Superuniverse 7 when I began making the Master Universe Diagrams a few years ago. After lengthy discussions, and a number of attempts at drawing it out in diagram form and correlating the available and freshly revealed information, we found ourselves making next to no progress in rendering the design of the superuniverses into something that we humans can easily understand and work with. According to Rayson there is a layer of complexity, of occasional overlapping and complex movements involved, making the design of the superuniverse circuit around Paradise an ever changing one. So the entire system is very fluid and changeable, thus making it very difficult for the human mind to grasp and interpret into a static drawing and explanation. The only thing that can be ascertained with certainty is that the superuniverse circuit is very long and very narrow and follows an elliptical course around the central universe.

One thing I did learn from this exercise is that the seven superuniverses and the thousands of local universes that each one contains are very difficult to describe geographically, and that they most definitely have an administrative design. Yet somehow, as best as I can conclude with the available information, the design seems to be a mix of somewhat loose geographic boundaries and administrative regions. The best word I know for this is geopolitical.

I carried out an experiment one day based on the info we have for the size of Nebadon, which was mentioned here on this forum at one time as being approximately 1100 light years from it's central capital complex of Salvington to the outer boundary of Nebadon. Nebadon is not of uniform shape so this is approximate, an average. Now given what our own scientists tell us about the Milky Way galaxy, coupled with what the UB tells us about Orvonton and the Milky Way galaxy, my loose calculations pretty much confirm that 100,000 local universes approximately the size of Nebadon could fit into the Milky Way galaxy alone given it's current rate of growth.

Now I would encourage everyone not to get too hung up on this type of topic because there are design factors and concepts in the Master Universe that are far more interesting, and infinitely more important for us to understand than the physical dimensions and shapes of the superuniverses and their local universes. The reason I tell you this now is because in a few days my design team and I will be launching 3 new Master Universe Diagrams which will further explore what is at the heart, what is the all powerful engine that drives the entire Master Universe and how it affects us here and now, as well it complete the revelation about the infinite potential of man. The 3 new diagrams will complete the collection of 15 diagrams that was originally commissioned by Rayson.

A full announcement will be made on this forum in a few days from now, so keep an eye out for it.
For anyone who would like to review the existing 12 diagrams, yu can download them all, free of charge, from this link.

What a fantastic message. Michael had secretly announced some of this in one of the posts where He concluded His message by saying: in the upcoming transmissions there maybe a surprise or two thrown in. Well, here it came today.....It made me smile when Michael got that special feeling of excitement we all get when we have good news to share, saying: 'I couldn't wait to tell him'.

I do hope that Jesus when He was back in spirit on Edentia had time to enjoy the outstanding beauty of nature there, which according to the UB 'abounds in fascinating highlands, extensive elevations of physical matter crowned with morontia life and overspread with spiritual glory'. After His visit on Urantia it must have given Him some fresh air!

Ron, we will be thinking of you when you take the Oath of Service, your Fidelity to the Magisterial Missions. What a grand and solemn moment for you, for our planet and probably also for the universe. I hope we all get to see that on tape some time. The people of York are very blessed to have this Spiritual Administration set up in their midst. The city will certainly benefit from it.

I want to thank Father Michael, Mother Spirit, Paradise Trinity, Deity Absolute, Ocilliaya, Majeston, Jesus, Immanuel, Margul, Andromadeus, Mantutia (and all others who were not in these posts but are always 'on duty' for us) for Your ever loving guidance and for the messages You have sent us this week through Ron, Larry, Lemuel and Daniel, our transmitters, it is very much appreciated.

We do understand that 'things will be decided by the circumstances at that moment', so we will continue our prayers for all that Father Michael mentioned to Daniel A. in the transmission 'Petitions of Love'.
I also wish to add my thank you to Michael and Ron for this wonderful new insight as to what is about to take place.  I know that Ron is careful about posting dates but he seems pretty sure about this one.  Either way it is great to hear as all of this really needs to start before our little world implodes in upon itself.  I look forward to this auspicious occasion with bated breath and a heart full of wonder and gratitude.  May our Heavenly Father keep looking down upon us as a salvageable world.  We are his children and need his loving parental guidance and mercy.
Pliktarious, you are right.  End of February-- six weeks he said.  That is more in keeping with the announced date of March 10, 2018 noted earlier for the start.
What wondrous words, Ron!  They bring the excitement of anticipation of the arrival on Urantia of our divine Lord with entourage and literally bring tears of joy and happiness.  Tsunami size glad tidings to all in the Father's peace.                                                                                           
Royce // TrinitiLuv.   Arlington, Virginia, USA...17Jan2018
This is great news Ron, I am looking forward to this day, but if father Michael is coming after six weeks ,that would mean the end of February or maybe you meant to say after four weeks!
General Discussion / ~ These Are Heaven's Values ~
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Wanted to share this with everyone.  The expressive wording in this writing, such a spiritual comfort.   How all celestial beings serve the universal Creator assisting us mortals into the eternal existence. Our individual free-will is always respected and we are truly loved and cared for.

Seeking that divine illumination, while walking this planet with our Beloved Indwellings.

“These Are Heaven’s Values.” - The Beloved One.

Post by Sandy » Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:21 am
Urantia. November 19, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “These Are Heaven’s Values.”

Message received By Lytske.

Thought Adjuster: “In spirit we work as one; be it your Master Jesus or be it Me, a Spark from God. Whoever you think is urging you heaven-ward, it matters not. And when mortals show their willingness, we all cooperate in the endeavor of leading them into their eternal existence, which is the purpose of life and the evolutionary goal.

“In matters spiritual there is no competition. Even the angels willingly serve the universal Creator with gladness in their hearts. We all labor towards the same goal of awakening mortals towards their glorious destiny, irrespective of what superstition or doctrine keeps them in bondage.

“Each mortal runs his or her individual free-will race as there is never any coercion. A mere piece of paper, book or dogma, is not meant to hold them to a certain course. Each individual soul is to decide for their selves and there is no need to follow the words written by someone else to dictate a truth.

“It might inspire them for a while but is not to be accepted as gospel. It might lead only for a time as they gradually continue to grow in spirit when they decide to be inspired on a daily basis when coming to Me in the Stillness of their hearts.

“The initial opening of the heart to the reality of the Creator is totally personal. This sometimes happens in times of crisis when a soul turns to Me in its struggles to become free.

“More often it is a slow dawning realization that there is more to life than meets the eye. It is not to be found in mass religious meetings, which can lead to an inevitable letdown if there is no lasting impression.

“‘Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all else will be added unto thee.’

“This is understood to mean that you will gain serenity and joy beyond understanding with increasing peace of mind and bliss in the soul as well as wisdom with increasing love and understanding towards all others. These are heaven’s values, which are so very different from earth’s values.

“By turning within, you give yourself a chance to be inspired by me to yield the fruits of the spirit, all the while practicing increasing tolerance and understanding with a loving, forgiving and patient attitude towards your ‘less enlightened’ brothers and sisters. You learn to serve as an example and be an inspiration to others, for them to also seek for that everlasting peace within themselves.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the satisfaction of your Soul – The Beloved One.
Yeah!!  ;D

This is getting serious!! Can't wait to see Michael in person!

Thank you Ron for this message!
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Ask Questions
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Transcription of audio recording 

"Is anyone here for me this morning? Yes, son this is Persorba and I am glad that we could come together this evening to be able to share and convey. You had questions earlier today, and it's good that you asked those questions and you got a response. Michael answered you and that is good.

" This evening what I want to share with you is one of being conscious of asking these questions. Ask him, Michael or Mother Nebadonia or even Me your Thought Adjuster. Many times we won't answer your question though we could, but it would prevent you from having the experiencial learning as your developing wisdom, discernment.

" Yes, so many times as you found, you would ask questions, and we told you we would not answer and that is for your growth. So be aware of that and don't quit asking, don't quit knocking, don't quit searching, for these are essential things that are needed for spiritual growth and progress and advancement. Not only for the mission but just for the ascension. So son, I leave you with those thoughts, Domtia."
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Ask Questions
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Teacher TA Presoerba
Topic: Ask Questions
T/R:Ron Hammar, Mt Shasta, CA, USA
Date: January 17th,  1:40am PST
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