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So, let me summerize the main points of the up-coming events and how our daily life will be affected.

1)   The pole-shift

a) The earth tilt on its axis
b) The cooling of the temperature, resulting in a mini-ice era
c) Volcanoes
d) Flooding
e) Tectonic plates
f) Earthquakes
g) Disruptures of communications ( tv, internet, wireless telephone )
h) Transportation ( in the air and on the ground )
i) Food supply
j) The collapse of the world monetary system

If my memory fails me, feel free to add to the list and correct me if I am wrong.

The time duration of those cataclysms is foreseen to last for at least thirty days and during that dim period there will be a need for transmitters all over the world to help get messages to their peers for the sake of lives saving. My concern is, with the inevitable interruption of earthly communication technology, how can one get the words to others in distress in a record time with only so few who are able to transmit. Domtia
Hi Larry,
Many satellites are in synchronous orbit.  For instance our weather satellites orbit continuously over one coordinate on the earth's surface.  This is unlike Sputnik and the our present space station, which orbit around the globe like the sun shines on earth as non synchronous satellites.  Non-synchronous satellites will have the greatest problem since they do not use gravitational balance to stay fixed over one point on the earth's surface.  That means the non-synchronous satellites will now be positioned further north over the earth than before and their signals now are askew to the receiving stations .  But those satellites which are synchronous, and that is a satellite orbiting 25,000 miles above earth, can still operate as they will stay fixed over the same earth coordinate, but the Power Directors say that thees synchronous satellites will not have the same apogee as they did before the tilt on the axis of earth in this pole shift.

"We as Power Directors look at this as Ron does.  He pictures the globe tilting but the synchronous satellites moving to dissipate the tilt by moving continuously above the same location spot on earth with the tilt.  That is because gravity does hot change on the planet, and that is what holds a synchronous satellite into place over the same point on earth.  What happens is that these types of satellites stay over the same earth location but their apogees become more or less out of constant contact with the receiving stations disks.  Their apogees now rotate further north than originally stationed and constant communication with the receiving disks now breaks into periods of silence as the signal will overshoot the earth horizon.**

**[Ron speaks: Apogee is the highest point in an orbit around a larger body a satellite orbits.  The apogee of the moon varies monthly as it is a variable satellite but it has a monthly apogee too.  Today the 23rd of July, the satellite we call the moon is at a distance of 249,216 miles but on July 27, 2018 (01:43 am dst NY time), the apogee occurs and the moon is the furthest away (apogee) this month from earth  at 252,415 miles.]** 


"As Power Directors these satellite communications are outside the orbit of our concerns and are a minor nusiance to our space craft we use as physical entities to work in the upper atmosphere of your earth.  These space craft are what you call flying saucers, but unlike human flying saucers, our craft are sleek and can change locations so rapidly, they appear to "blink," out of existence if observed.   In one incident known as Roswell in 1947** [see ] one of our weather observers hit the skids and overflew the dessert region and instead of skipping through the Urantia atmosphere, it plummeted into the dessert sands killing our human commander.

**[ Ron's note - This is the most famous beginning episode of the UFO phenomena ever to make such sensational headlines and the Truman administration held high level meeting to determine how to handle UFO reports and Roswell in particular.  The CIA was not yet existing, and Truman himself lamented there was no agency to handle 'things like this,' and they unanimously decided to hold everything top secret and shut all reporting down.  I also have an intellectual objection to this being spoken to as I feel it may be a useful reporting tool to say these things, but I have my doubts the Power Directors had any direct contact with or knowledge of the craft that went into a synchronous orbit around Urantia and then entered our atmosphere at too steep of an angle, and gravity over turned the craft's orbiting machinery and Roswell is history since then.]

Power Directors:  "We doubt you have any good reason to doubt our reporting Ron, but let it be known it was the truth, and we are happy to get this off our shoulders as the Rosswell incident happend in mid 1947, yet the accumulation of data since then suggests the mistake we made was only a secret weather balloon incident and not a craft.  Our craft did crash and the weather collection on Urantia from that date on is now done from our own satellite high above the earth and not detectable due to its stealth technology.  Thank you.  And this:

"We as Power Directors have little to do with human contact, but we do use space craft to obtain physical measurements for our own work to control gravity and space and star forces on Urantia, for Urantia lies smack dab in the middle of one of the most powerful g-forces in the universe, as an undetected dark space body orbits another solar system close by, and it forces Urantia into a synchronous orbit around the black hole itself.  This orbit center is not in Sagittarius as the Urantia Book reports, but around a smaller constellation known to you as Cancer.  In July, you are in apogee to the black hole your solar system moves around, and you can feel no real force pulling you outward at this point since you are at the greatest distance from the orbit center.

"As Power Directors, we have nothing to do with Missions that require announcements, and that is up to Michael of Nebadon to decide.  We are Power Directors 4 and 6 and 7 reporting this information.  [Ron: Thank you!]

Ron here - Larry and others, I cannot imagine the Salvington government not using the dramatic event  like this Pole Shift to go unused as a method to call attention to their presence and help.  However, I have no indication from Michael or anyone what their intention may be.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON  - "This is one rocky report for Ron to make as Roswell is too famous to make curious statements about without realizing the world watches anything to do with what happened at Roswell in 1947.  It was an incident we all greatly lamented, but it wa also seen as a warning to all of us that the end of of WWII, was not going to update the thinking on Urantia, that we were going to have an easy time of it.  The foo fighters of WWII as seen over Germany and the English channel were our space craft designed to keep allied war planes safe, but we soon learned we could be shot down too and remitted the foo fighters into the custody of the Deity Absolute and that is where they remain today to stay out of the air over Urantia for good.  Roswell is well known on Salvington too and we lament the physical death of that commander, as he did not cause the malfunction, but his craft was too worn to withstand the gravitational pull of Urantia and the steep angle of attack into the atmosphere overpowered its sensing devices and it flew to its demise into the desert as reported by your newspapers of the day.  Good day. Michael."

Ron - Thank you again, Michael.  I am also sensing in my right ear a change in communication gear again.  It has something to do with how we fused ones may hear these reports.  Larry you are fused but are not working the communication circuits much at all and you are likely to have an abrupt end to normal communications and hear nothing for some small period when they place you on a probationary circuit to tune you up so you know when to transmit or not.  The rest of us are going to use, not relectivity now, but a coupler based on the Michael circuit to the Paradise Deities, particularly to the Eternal Son.  I am not at liberty to discuss this change since it is confidential to the Eternal Son and to Michael too, but those who are fused and who will be fused, have an additional responsibility to transmit the Word and Voice of God when they are asked to.  Besides myself, I am not sure how the other fused humans done so far really feel about being placed on notice to transmit when asked to, and not wait for some convenient time to transmit.

Larry's question concerning announcements of the Salvington Government and from Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit, this change is likely to have something to do with that Mission and the circumstances that evolve around it.  If that Pole Shift occurs anywhere close to the severity we are being told about, the only dependable communication practically speaking on Urantia is through human transmitters to help and leveraging of the emergency to beings standing by to help where they can.

That is about it for now.  I thank the Power Directors for so freely communicating with me for the list and to Michael for allowing it to occur during one emergency after another on this Goed-forsaken World of the Cross.

As I have been reading and rereading t his alert and warning to  us, aside from knowing that today I will pick up dry goods, water and cash, one of the areas that I  have been thinking about is the effect that  this will have on global communication.   Since  in our modern  times most all communication is relayed around the world by  satellite and I would think that with this kind of shift that all satellites will be, at least  for some time,  out of alignment consequently  inoperative.   I have also wondered just how long it will take science to figure out that  a 30 degree tilt will have taken place? and  what  will they attribute that with?

I am posting a link for Joshu's Long day in case anyone wants to browse through some of this....

Images for joshua long day

I am also wondering if this is an event which will bring some announcement from Spirit to the planet.

I add my thanks and gratitude to Ron, Michael, Rayson and  the interminable work of Power Directors 5, 4. 7. and 6.
Please join with me in a prayer for Ron, a prayer for our planet and people in these needed and required earth changes.    
In Love and service....LarryG
Interesting video Prozonov. Even though I do not know the Russian language, I follow the body language fairly well. The motion of the devices placed in zero gravity and rotating as it does in this demonstration is fascinating to watch. Although, I think our earth won't be doing those somersaults as extreme as that, it does suggest to me how much work the Power Directors have in working with the challenges of earth's geologic behaviour and its impact on the crustal movements and so on. Thank you for sharing this. It is something to see to appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes, so-to-speak.

Ron, thank you for these answers, you have got me thinking and preparing.

Many thanks to the Power Directors and Ron,
Prozonov I have used the Google Translate (// to get this into English.

Prozonov's words into English here:

The described behaviour of the earth during the poles change is similar to the "Janibekov effect" demonstrated in space. So is this?

The described behaviour of the earth with the change of poles is analogous to the "Janibekov effect" demonstrated in space. And this?

Prozonov- I will have to look up what the "Janibekov effect" is, back later, thank you.

Very interesting!  I have wondered what those pains on my nerves at the back of my neck were from--especially a little towards the left side. :)
Описанное поведение земли во время смены полюсов похоже на "эффект Джанибекова", продемонстрированный в космосе. Так и это?
Описанное поведение земли при смене полюсов аналогично "эффекту Джанибекова", продемонстрированному в космосе. А это?
General Discussion / Re: Glitches of Blackout In the Mind/Consciousness
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@RonB, Humble apologies, I posted my 2c worth just as we were given explanation on: sleep and the fused morontial brain, in-sleep teaching and sleep paralysis. Thank you and good night!
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