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“...You asked for this and God agrees you need it...” ( from Ron Besser)

Thank you God, I am extremely honored by this priceless gift in my life!!!
I ask you to give me strength, wisdom and I only seek to do according to your will!!

I am your Servant
I am your Liege
I am Yours to the Father’s Will on the Behalf of Urantia

I love you so much Father and I wish to have the opportunity to meet your beloved son "Jesus" and to serve Him as much as I would like with you Father!!!

Fathers, I cannot hide anything from you, ... you know how much I love your son Jesus, ..., Jesus my beloved brother !!!!

All this makes me so happy, ..., I welcome you in my life my beloved Thought Adjuster, Pre'Msha !!!, ..., hoping that our union is final and eternal.

GREET YOUR THOUGHT ADJUSTER / Re: A word with my Thought Adjuster, Pre’MSha!!!
« Last post by niant2 on April 21, 2018, 12:34:11 PM »
 ;) ;D

Hello my dear brother and friend Larry, it's good to find you again among us.

Finally in the next few days, my Thought Adjuster Pre'MSha and I will be more intuned as this has been my prayer and dream for quite some time now. As you have written, I imagine that this will actually alter my life, my way of thinking and above all allow me to have a direct contact with my beloved Thought Adjuster.

“...we are bot "worry warts"...”, you're absolutely right about me my friend! Throughout my career in the construction field, I always have the task to plan the different activities and in most cases, I was confident and manage the workflow at the site, but to the question of "spiritualization",..., frankly, not knowing my future, not having control over this,..., so this is why I become worried without knowing where my spiritual progress stand!

I assure you that I will follow the advice to the letter of my colleagues and friends of this richly spiritualized site and it saddens me to watch our world spiritually bankrupt and so violent!!!

Thank you very much, my dear brother Larry for your thought, ... I appreciate it very much!!!!
GREET YOUR THOUGHT ADJUSTER / Re: A word with my Thought Adjuster, Pre’MSha!!!
« Last post by LarryG on April 21, 2018, 11:06:55 AM »
My dear Anthony, friend and collegue in Spirit.  I just returned from Cancun last night and as I woke up this morning I reread of your situation and the many loving and wise counsel given to you and extend to you as well my excitement that  'finally in the next few days that you and Pre'MSha will  be more intuned as has been your prayer and dream for quite some time now.  It will certainly alter and enrich your life in ways that you can not even imagine right now.  As I was reading this morning I naturally am saddened that your job is temporarily lost but it  opens many doors for you that will become clearer as you make the adjustments to a  change of path.

I also  know that you and I share a common characteristic which I have long recognized in that we are bot "worry warts" and excel  in that predicament as it is a part of our  very make up and something that requires constant vigilance, awareness and care.

Alos as I was reading the many comment s to you  not only are these lessons of great value for you but for each of us as well in the days, weeks and even years ahead.   Many times we have all been cautioned to be prudent and wise in who we talk with, what we write, say and do and and all that is discussed with others on spiritual matters and as situation change very shortly we shall have to be even  more aware and cautions for our world is so  spiritually bankrupt and so violent and people will be ready to strike out  from fear, loathing and panic when  all that confronts mankind soon will have to be faced.

It is only natural to want to share our love, beliefs, and joy with  the whole world, and this is true of everyone who shares any kind of belief in what ever God they worship.   But our Urantia Book is so  extraordinary, and revelatory that most on Urantia have little or no frame of reference to accept the truths that we do so we must learn and discern when to  remain silent and await our instructions from our Universal Administration in how they want us to proceed in our work with Them in the establishment of  the Father's Kingdom.

Because of the nature of the revelations and information that we here take on faith, few on this world have that faith and commitment, exposure, or experience with what we represent to the world now and in the immediate future.
I do not have even one person who is a part of my everyday world who has read the Urantia Book or even heard of it, and it is very difficult to find any common ground, at times, to talk and communicate with ANYONE other that you here about anything even vaguly spiritual.   We  all are in similar circumstances I would imagine, and consequently we must well learn and stay ever on guard especially as situations develop shortly.
I will keep you in my prayers and I am so happy to learn that you connection with your Thought Adjuster is being accomplished for and with you.  As I mentioned, I know that it is an answer  to your prayers and and dreams.   In Love and Service to the father and all that is coming......LarryG

I tis good to be back with all of you.    I will write again later today as I get caught up on being away from 5 days.  
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on April 21, 2018, 08:45:11 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazała : newstarsaphire, starszy członek
Kategoria / Temat : Dyskusje ogólne / Obadiasz – Módlmy się
« 18 kwietnia 2018, godz. 14:34:41 »

Nauczyciel : Obadiasz
Temat : Módlmy się
18 kwietnia 18, godz. 12:46 czasu wschodniego
Przekazujący : Newstarsaphire, Ontario, Kanada.

Dziś po południu odbierałam imię "Obadiasz" i zapytałem mojego Dostrajacza, czy jest wiadomość, którą on chciał, żebym od niego odebrała.

Mój Dostrajacz : "Tak, moja podopieczna, jest wiadomość dla ciebie od Obadiasza, wiernego sługi i syna Bożego".

"Mam na imię Obadiasz i jestem sławny z mówienia słowa Bożego.

"Jak tutejsi przekazujący sami doświadczyli, nie jest łatwo mówić słowo Boże do swoich ziemskich braci. Odbieranie słowa Ojca może być względnie łatwe dla niektórych, ale "przyjmowanie" słów Ojca przez naszych braci (poprzez nas) to zupełnie inna historia.

"Niestety, pod tym względem niewiele się zmieniło na mojej sferze urodzenia - Urantii, gdzie strach i błędne przekonania szaleją w umyśle człowieka nie znajdując żadnego oporu, ani korekty. W nadchodzących dniach dla wielu śmiertelników używających swoich dobrze wyostrzonych zdolności do sceptycyzmu i malkontenctwa, będzie pigułką trudną do przełknięcia rzucać otwarte groźby i oskarżenia przeciwko tym, którzy odważą się wystąpić jako przedstawiciele żywego słowa Boga. Ludzie są obrze wyszkoleni w sztuce oszukiwania i wprowadzania w błąd informując i będą oceniać według własnych, wypaczonych norm.

"Jednak i teraz, jak zawsze, odpowiednie słowo Pana jest światłem przewodnim, pożądanym i dostępnym dla wszystkich. Nawet słowa wcielonych przedstawicieli, takich jak Melchizedekowie i sam nasz ukochany Jezus, będą podlegać z góry przyjętym ideom i ideałom każdego mężczyzny, kobiety i dziecka słuchających ich słów. Zadanie jest wciąż zniechęcające, a jego wyniki podlegają, jak zawsze, wyborowi według wolnej woli. Więc módlmy się za naszych braci, aby odwaga w ich sercach wzrosła, gdyby się zdecydowali odważ się wierzyć. Módlmy się, aby żywe słowo Boga znalazło wiarę słuchającego. Życzę wam wszystkim miłego dnia."

GREET YOUR THOUGHT ADJUSTER / Re: A word with my Thought Adjuster, Pre’MSha!!!
« Last post by niant2 on April 20, 2018, 05:16:18 PM »
You are correct my friend, by leading a spiritual life people will see that I am at peace with myself and will be drawn to me.
However, I have to clarify something with you Dorian, I never force anyone, I simply talk openly to some work buddy about the possibility that there is more in this life beside the obsession to get rich, to have the maximum possible to appear well in the eyes of society,..., and what do you do with your soul???  Do you believe in survival after death?
I tell them about a most extraordinary gift that man has received from the Celestials, ...., the "Urantia Book",..., is a revelation of truth for our world from higher beings in the universe,  revealing our origin, our purpose, and our divine and eternal destiny.
You are correct when you wrote:   “.... Please just give your TA some time to get through to you what you should REALLY DO, and when and how to do it...”
Thank you my friend Dorian for your thoughts,..., I appreciate it enormously!
In my prayers Clency, I say to the Father that I want to do his will and not mine, I know very well now that Father have planned everything for me and that I entrust my life entirely to him, possibly it is wanted for me to be completely free for "The Mission" to come.
Thank you very much for your thought Clency,..., I appreciate it enormously!
@Ron Besser
Thank you and sorry for posting in the wrong category.
Well thank you very much for informing me about the changes my Thought Adjuster is doing.
If I understand what's going on with me, when my Thought Adjuster will finish its work with me by moving from my superconscious mind to my conscious mind, will this much more facilitate my ability to receive messages from spirits and especially from my Thought Adjuster?
You are right, I will follow your valuable advice and I will shut up!
What you had to live in 1988 was surely an extremely disturbing experience to experience for you.
Be assured, I will welcoming Father’s efforts with prayer and then let it flow.
As you wrote Ron:   “...You asked for this and God agrees you need it.  LET IT FLOW AND REST AS IT GOES...”
Thank you “teacher” and my friend Ron for your thoughts,..., I appreciate it enormously!
@Pre’Msha, my Thought Adjuster
Indeed, I feel your presence easily and I can only hope to strengthen and fortify our union for eternity.
Yes indeed,..., It is a powerful experience and I will let it flow!!!
Thank you Father for giving me a fragment of you, for giving me "My Thought Adjuster"!!!
@ Pliktarious
Thank you for your thought Pliktarious,..., I appreciate it enormously!
Before going to the stillness phase, I stop all my activities, I take a few minutes and sometimes 10 to 15 minutes to empty my head, to allow my body to release the stress accumulated during the day.
I do a breathing exercise...(I breathe through the nose counting in my head 6 seconds and I release my breath by the mouth counting 6 seconds and I repeat this 10 times.)... this by harmonizing my breathing with the beatings of my heart.
I invite Michael and Nebadonia in my stillness session, I do the same with my TA and my personal angel Thabita.
I offer my services to the Father in order to "do his will" and I am in a state of reception to receive the message of the spirits.
What is important is to completely empty our mind and instruct your brain to that you want to be in private with the spirits.
Hi Antonio,sorry to hear that you lost your job, but worst things can happen.You are approaching your pension and that is something to look forward too.As far as T/R is concerned ,I think that your doing just great,you have even been contacted by Christ Michael and that is something to be proud off.I have not been so lucky in receiving and sometimes I feel like I am talking to the wallpaper,but I am sure they can hear me ,maybe I have to much wax in my ears  :) . Its probably due to the fact that I don`t try hard enough. Namaste.
GREET YOUR THOUGHT ADJUSTER / Re: A word with my Thought Adjuster, Pre’MSha!!!
« Last post by Dorian on April 20, 2018, 11:53:40 AM »
Thank you Ron for your thoughts to our friend Antonio.  I am sure that those of us who read your words of comfort and advice will take heed of both.
Your are a  good teacher and friend,
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on April 20, 2018, 09:52:13 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazała : amethyst, pełny członek
Kategoria / Temat : ROZMOWA O ZESPOLENIU / Nowe spostrzeżenia od kiedy wiem o moim zespoleniu
« 17 kwietnia 2018, godz 04:11:43 »

Ametyst: Imię mojego Dostrajacza, które mi podano przed zespoleniem, było Ambynetty. Nie wiem, czy ono nadal jest ważne, czy też mój Dostrajacz będdzie teraz miał inne imię. Po prostu nie wiem, więc w tym momencie będę po prostu mówić o Nim jako o moim Dostrajaczu.

Nauczyciel : Mój Dostrajacz Myśli
Temat : Przyspieszone spostrzeżenia od czasu Zespolenia
Przekazujący : Amethyst
Data : 17 kwietnia 2018 r

Amethyst : Ojcze wewnątrz mnie, czy są jakieś spostrzeżenia, które chciałbyś, żebym zrozumiała i podzieliła się nimi z forum ?

"Tak, Ametyst, ale już rozpoznałeś niektóre z tych rzeczy: zdałeś sobie sprawę z subtelnych, ale bardzo realnych zmian w twoim zachowaniu i w myślach, ale jest jeszcze coś, co powinnaś zrozumieć.

"Odkąd zdałaś sobie sprawę z mojego zespolenia z tobą, byłaś intensywnie sprawdzana. Z moją pomocą i z pomocą twojego opiekuna przeznaczenia rozpoznałeś te wydarzenia i prowadziliśmy cię przez nie przez "wewnętrzny wpływ" i byłaś w stanie ponownie się skupić. Bystrze odbierałaś informacje o tym, co wydaje się "nie pasować" i, że treba być bardziej czujną na to, jeśli (kiedy) to się powtórzy.

"Uświadomiłaś sobie, że teraz masz większą odpowiedzialność, szczególnie wobec Boga Najwyższego. Jesteś bardziej świadoma swoich zachowań i słów. Będziesz oczywiście nadal popełniacie wiele błędów, ale uczysz się i z błogosławieństwem zespolenia jesteś bardziej odpowiedzialna.

"Odkryłaś, że czytając lub słuchając Księgi Urantii możesz ją lepiej zrozumieć. Rzeczy, które czytałeś przedtem dziesiątki razy, stają się jaśniejsze i łatwiejsze do zrozumienia. Dzieje się to powoli, ale niezawodnie.

"Masz teraz skłonność do myślenia o nas jako jednym MY zamiast JA, a o twoim Dostrajaczu już nie myślisz jako o kimś innym.

"Jesteś bardziej spokojna w swoich emocjach. To jest coś, co zaczęło się przed twoim zespoleniem, ale ponieważ byłaś w stanie osiągnąć niewielkie samoopanowanie, to bardzo pomogło w tym, żeby zespolenie stało się możliwe. Sprawy, które sprawiły ci wielki ból lub niepokój zaledwie około roku temu, nie są już dłużej godne troski, ale testy z tej dziedziny będą kontynuowane.

"Ametyst, zaufaj Mi. Nadal martwisz się trochę, jeśli chodzi o wykonywanie wymaganych od ciebie zadań, Twoja Matka poleci swoim anielskim córkom, aby poszły przed tobą, aby wyprostować krzywe miejsca. Do ciebie należy tylko iść do przodu. Ścieżka zostanie oczyszczona i będzie oczywista dla ciebie. Moja miłość do ciebie jest niezmierzona."
GREET YOUR THOUGHT ADJUSTER / Re: A word with my Thought Adjuster, Pre’MSha!!!
« Last post by Ron Besser on April 20, 2018, 08:45:53 AM »
This topic has been moved from the GENERAL category to the Adjuster CATEGORY.

You are in the classic mode of being fully introduced to an Adjuster that is being moved from your superconscious mind to your conscious mind.  What you are experiencing is exactly how I experienced my Adjuster doing the same for me in 1988.

Read this carefully:

You are not stable and must refrain for at least a week from discussing it with anyone outside of your immediate family, and even there be execeeding careful with whom you speak there too as they are usually so ill informed about these mental changes they can be made alarmed by what you say and misinterpret it.

You must shut up!  For your own good because what happened to me in 1988, long before this subject was ever known to occur on Urantia, my job was placed in serious jeopardy when my secretary reported to the authorities I was saying things like you are saying.  That is exactly how I got into trouble with the people around me as I was so ignorant of what was happening I talked in my dizzy head and headache and the need to close my eyes and nap on my bed and have swirling thoughts that made no sense to anyone but me.  IT IS NORMAL!  But the world is insane and treats a man or woman who has this transfer of spiritual power from the hidden mind to the conscious mind.
Stop fighting it.

Rest on your bed as often as you need to.

Speak to your Father and let him know you are ready and ask his help to get this phase over with, as it lasts for weeks and depends on how your Thought Adjuster wishes to approach your consciously.  You have been asking for this for years and now you are going to make a mess of it unless you quietly prepare to become a conscious citizen forever of the universe.  This is what is being signed to you just by this action of your Adjuster.   No one else outside of your family should be taken into your confidence as to what is happening.

The immediate consequences of talking too freely and behaving in a disjointed way to the outside world because you are slightly out of your own mind at this time, can be disastrous as happened to me.  The police arrived as I was leaving work, and decided I needed psychiatric attention.  They called an ambulance and that and workers arrived and surrounded me and placed me in the ambulance to the psych ward.  They could not figure out what was going on and forced me to stay for three weeks and called it a psychosis.  They got away with it in spite of me telling them exactly what it was and all I needed was a good sleeping pill to let me rest.  You are going through the same thing and you must shut speeches down except to yourself.

NOW:  It will end if you do not fight it,  Welcome your Father;s efforts with prayer and then let it flow.

With me it took me months to calm down but finally the move of your Adjuster to the conscious mind quieted down and I became myself but with the ability to hear my Adjuster 7/24.  Seven days a week for twenty four hours a day if He wished to speak.  It is a huge move in the consciousness and must be accommodated even though it will take getting used to.  You asked for this and God agrees you need it.  LET IT FLOW AND REST AS IT GOES.

YOUR PRE'Msha speaks now:
"Ron is correct Niant2.  Let it flow and I will complete my work in days and not weeks as Ron experienced because he had a fear reaction as you do and it is dangerous to your reputation.  With any luck you will get your job back but do not force that issue either as God has plans for your work in the near future.  I am your Thought Adjuster and Ron writes about his awful experience because he talked like you are talking and you must stop it!  Let it flow to a conclusion and I will be done with this work in about six to ten days from now (April 20 is today),  I am yours now and that is out hope and cherished dream you can take it like the man you are.  We will discuss the future once I am done with this process and I wish you no harm.  It is a powerful experience and you must let it flow as you happen to hear me or feel me and the effects in the mind are very unpleasant but they stop in six to ten days from now!  That is all for now.  Your Adjuster Pre'Msha."

Blessings to you Niant2.  You are under great pressure to speak, but do not!  Let it pass as Adjuster has spoken to you now.

Good day.


GREET YOUR THOUGHT ADJUSTER / Re: A word with my Thought Adjuster, Pre’MSha!!!
« Last post by Clency on April 20, 2018, 08:27:51 AM »
Dear brother Antonio, your new situation is perhaps an opportunity offered to you to organize your life around the coming Missions and don’t forget what Jesus told you recently in a transmission that He has an eye on you for what He has in store. Don’t be disheartened, but consider your lost of job as a blessing, because now you can fully be 100% of what is waiting ahead. Be of good cheer. Domtia
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