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Being a Perennial Student
« on: April 04, 2018, 09:54:29 AM »
I submit this latest recording session with Michael.  In my efforts to  become more at ease at recording messages, to be more consistent and to better exercise my "determination" I know that it is only through practice that I can steadily improve, so please bare with me.

  I do  look forward to the return of our Lemuel and wonder if anyone has heard from  him and how his recovery is going and let us keep him, and Ron too, in our prayers for their healing and wellbeing.   Any time I sit down to  do one of these recordings, naturally  I think of Lemuel and miss him so much.

One of the main points of this conversation  shared with us  from Michael,  concerns different types and levels of  the messaging from  Spirit and our Thought Adjusters and how they are many times tailored and personalized in ways that we don't always appreciate or are even aware of.   Truly as the title suggests, we truly are always "perennial students" as our education is always ongoing and our steady and focused involvement can only heighten and increase our knowledge, experience  and even enhance our spirit maturity and wisdom as "students of the Cosmos" as we will eventually attain Conscious Cosmic Citizenship.    LarryG


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Re: Being a Perennial Student
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2018, 12:18:13 PM »
Thank you Larry and Michael for another insightful message about what our purpose is and how to move forward on this amazing road of discovery.  I am glad to say that I made a new commitment to myself recently to do what Michael has just recommended.  And that is to strive to be more consistent with my studies regarding the Urantia Book and my plan to grow in learning to receive transmissions from my TA and/or Celestial family.

This forum is a mainstay in my life and I thank my TA for leading me here.  This forum is an actual living entity and so we are exposed to all the vicissitudes that any growing and expanding being must face and overcome or adapt to.  As we learn we grow, as we grow we are prone to experience even more possibilities for a deeper understanding of not only the Cosmos but of our place within this expanding plan regarding the acceptance of the Fathers Will.



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Re: Being a Perennial Student
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2018, 12:25:23 PM »
I heartily agree dear Dorian!   Larry


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Re: Being a Perennial Student
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2018, 12:41:18 PM »
Transcribed from Larry Gossett’s audio transmission

Being a perennial student

Michael of Nebadon : Good morning, this is Michael of Nebadon, your Creator Son, your Father. I come to-day for a casual and open conversation about the last couple of days with you and for you. We had a wonderful conversation yesterday with Ron and he had the opportunity to hear from me and from Mantutia, from Father Melchizedek, Machiventa, and there was a wonderful opportunity we got something decided with you and I know you are very appreciative of all that occured yesterday in the last few days.

We suggested that you reangage more consistently, not only in your receptions but also in reading your Urantia Book and I am glad to know that you have begun that process and I want to just talk a moment about that. One another thing Ron has mentioned to you was the fact that when he was teaching the Urantia Book he took extensive notes throughout his years of reading. For you who have read the Urantia Book two plus times, Ron has read it ten times and took extensive notes. It is important that you do that because it brings what you read and what you write, makes it easier for you to remember.

There is so much informations in the Urantia Book that sometimes taking notes is one of the best ways for you to remember the important points and to give you a reference to go back on those topics that you enquire to later you find of great importance. You have one on the side that is extremely good at taking notes and doing research, a fellow also known as Newstarsphire is exceptionally good at taking notes as others as well on this forum.

I also want to talk about messaging. There are messages from Spirits from me, from Machiventa, from Mother Spirit, from Margul, Mantutia and from many other Spirits, Guides and Beings you are avaible to all of you as you do this TR work. I also want to talk about that messaging you get from your Thought Adjusters. As you all know when we talk about recently, your Thought Adjusters have a specific, pesonalized plan for you, which most of you have accepted and as it is mentioned once that acceptance is made, you can begin to gather much more experience as you develop that specific plan that your Thought Adjusters have with you.

You all should realize that you are the proverbial perennial students and teachers for your education, your experience, in just a living person of being a model on a planet. God Father gives you the experience that you need, but you are always be a student and the more you recognize that your engagement with the Uranta Book and your engagement with the Spirit will progressively reveal noble and splendid truth to each of you as you move along your journey of ascension.

So it is good that you have dicided to follow our suggestions and re-engage being consistently reading the Urantia Book, even you really read a paper per day this will move you along in your understanding as you gain insights into the information that is in the Urantia Book. I know that many of you, including Larry, really enjoy the language the way the Urantia Book is written, that you love how it leads you from one thing to another, how it blossoms and gives you such impetence to move forward.

It is a wonderful way that Mantutia put this Book together and the New Urantia Book may have different form and language because it has a different purpose, a different time for different people, but it is still written and will engage all of those who study it, who read it, who have the opportunity to attend the schools of Adam and Eve, in conjunction with the Melchizedeks, in the days, months and years ahead and I know you look forward of becoming a perrenial student when that opportunity is presented to you and others on this forum.

I want to be able to add to these conversations that are good for each of you as you learn to receive messages in the ways they are given because some messages on the forum are tailored specifically for you, some are personalized for you, some are meant for readership, some are meant for the many guests of this forum that sit in the wings reading, waiting for that time when it may be safe for them to join and become open members, for many had great fear of doing that because of the situations, because of the geographical occasion and for various reasons which are known only to them.

So, this is Michael, I appreciate the fact that you come in practice and in being more ease in doing these receptions  and I know you have been thinking about Lemuel, how he is progressing about his recovery and that all of you are looking for his return in better health and well-being. Again I thank you for coming and we can have more of these conversations that  you can record or write down and once again I encourage all of you on this forum to be in better contact with your Thought Adjusters and with Us in Spirit who really love the time we are able to spend with you as you learn and grow in spirit as you become good transmitters and receivers as Urantia will soon be availed of powerful procedures and plans to make the jewel of Nebadon. This is Michael, I bid you good day.
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.


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Re: Being a Perennial Student
« Reply #4 on: April 04, 2018, 01:02:43 PM »
Oh Clency, I just want to take this opportunity to publicly  extend my thanks and appreciation to you personally and for your work to get my audio messages, such as they are, transcribed to a written and readable form.   I like the fact that it is a coordinated and team effort that is for the benefit for all involved here, whether that be by the membership or for the many guests that visit  our site.   Thank you so much, Clency    LarryG


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Re: Being a Perennial Student
« Reply #5 on: April 04, 2018, 01:10:39 PM »
 To continue, I naturally want to thank Ron for all he does for me personally and for all of us.   Dorian, Sue, Wendy, Allie, our beloved resident Mother Hen, Phyllis ( Newstarsaphire), Michael Queens  and Lemuel, and so many others have always given their support to me and I so appreciate it... more than you could possibly know.   Thank you one and all....Larry


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Re: Being a Perennial Student
« Reply #6 on: April 04, 2018, 01:46:17 PM »
Father Michael and Larry,

Just before listening to your message I had read the posts from Ron about all the changes regarding the Temple and its location/relocation for so many reasons regarding the Missions to this planet.  One small example of how flexible and open and ready for change you have had to be Father Michael during the continuing challenge to assist this planet and her people.

I then thought about those in the emergency response services that must constantly be ready and on the alert to carry out their assigned tasks at a moment’s notice.  It is the “interim” that I felt was the important message for me here.  I am sure no firefighter or soldier looks forward to a fire or war but in the “interim” they focus on being fully prepared and take every opportunity to hone and upgrade their special skills, augment their training, remain physically and mentally active and serve during this period in whatever capacity is afforded to them; making the most of their time.

“From the Universal Father who inhabits eternity there has gone forth the supreme mandate, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.”  That alone is a full time educational endeavor.  The perfecting process is carried out as we choose to move forward actively engaged in what is put before us in the unending opportunities we are given to learn and grow and serve.  There are times we may not feel up to the task or weary in well-doing but even in those times we have opportunity to augment our perseverance and patience as well as develop empathy for others who will at times feel the same.

Thank you Father Michael for your stellar example in doing the Fathers will and serving others.

We have all the tools, teachers, guides and educational material available for the asking.  Truly the only ones that stand in our way is “me, myself and I”.

May I be found "about my Fathers business".

Time is a currency we can use to invest in our eternal future. 
The riches of the possible are never fully mined.


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Re: Being a Perennial Student
« Reply #7 on: April 04, 2018, 01:53:20 PM »
Dear Larry,

I hope you realize that the feeling is mutual.   Your words from spirit are always insightful and much appreciated.   Many times it is exactly what I needed to hear.    We are all students and it looks like we will be for eternity.  

I have had my wings clipped and have retreated to the chicken coop!   But my spirit still soars and my beloved Adjuster is with me.   He is all that I need!

Mother Hen  (a.k.a. Allie)