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The Reclamation of Urantia Through Spirit Missions in Corporations
 York, Pa noon local time
April 15, 2018 

Ron here - I think it is important members start paying attention to their role in the Missions that will open on Urantia in this coming May.  I have explained in other posts this morning approximate or drop dead dates for four corporations to start their work on Urantia.  I am the little boy with his finger in the dam that is leaking pretty hard right now, and I am asking for at least some semblance of preparation-- and I do not mean to move away from home, at least yet--  in your minds as to how to cope with demands on you to actually do some physical work on these projects.

I note in the following remarks by our Creator Son that in particular certain names have been mentioned and while I do not like that publicly to be seen, those who are mentions are king pins in the forecast of things to get done that take a lot of preparation.  You are not singled out Steve Gitz for anything but your professed expertise in certain matter given below and you need to seriously address how to handle what is developing.  Rayson, the Magisterial Son, is prepared to make a full revelation concerning the Ilok material I sent you several weeks ago and there needs to be an understanding you are, or are not, part of the building of the communition chamber to begin with.  I am open to personal communications most certainly on this issue alone.

I am being authorized to sit with an incarnated Melchizedek when the time comes and to take my orders as the human who transfers spirit wishes into actual physical, and hands-on projects, and I will be calling upon some of you to take your place in York especially for accounting purposes and for dissemination of Urantia Books, which will be in my possession sometime during May.  Photographs are not issued now much to my disgust. But we go on.

Finally, the corporations in my command will be sold to Mantutia or his Representatives on the May first meeting of the club we have to call ourselves in order to get some discipline and who does what and for whom and when.  I am told I will have other guests assembled with us on May 01. 2018 after noon to detail the precision of the turn over and how to modify Starbridge Trust a new one I must enfold with an S style corporation.  We also must abridge the Magisterial Foundation as a two for one stock offer to any who wish to buy stock in it as a gift to the future.  The value ofthe stock is what you paid for it and no one gets dividends. 

Now, we forecast that the entire matter of me running the Starbridge Group will eventually end as I must pray for furtherance of my career as an acceptable minion of the Father who knows when to quit with all of this corporation business now so necessary to get started.  I am fully employed typing these days and will let that go for better communication in the future with all spirit guidance.  But be assured I will not let got he four other fused individuals who have helped make this work easier by a jibe or two.  But I must remind all readers and members this is not an easy task for me to spring here and there and let it drop-- I just am not designed that way to work.  However some amends will be available for me including a place in the country for our mutual satisfaction of being.  Our work is surely for the best and I amend myself accordingly to take on my responsibilities as I best can do them for any and all corporations founded by me in my alone work over the past six years.   I am fully convinced we need more people on board but right now I go with those who have signed up and done their work to be fused and fully comprehending what is to happen so soon. 

As I conclude my own remarks here, please be advised I have no use for money now.  Translate that wish to making donations to Starbridge because I have high costs legally and internet wise plus what it costs in materials to keep me on the Internet too.  I am making the best use I can of money but it soars and running a million dollar requirement makes it very difficult to make ends meet with what I personally owe or own and I let that to your conscience as best can be.  Here is Michael to conclude this post.  Ron

-A mini intelligence report is in the text from Michael too concerning China Russia Great Britain


"Slowly the wind twists us into place.  Watch what happens near the first of May to understand the role some of you will play.  Some of you will be pressed to stay home.  Some of you will be asked to move elsewhere and not York.  Only Steve Gitz and Larry Gossett will be asked to move to York for important project development at or around that time.  Steve Gitz and Larry Gossett  are officers of the Starbridge Foundation and will be required to apply that position in real terms in York for additional meetings of the Starbridge Foundation after May third (05/03/18).  Good, and that brings to our attention that Steve Gitz is essentially fused already but unable to produce a proof of procedure.  As we near the first of May, this site will light up again as it must provide the information all of you need to understand what is to be done and what is happening in general for Urantia.

"Steve Gitz is surely an important issue to Ron, and he believes as I do he must resolve issues he does not speak to to any of us.  However, it is so important that we have an understanding concerning the Ilok technologies and the music for the future Symposium, that Ron counts Steve out if he has to in order to move forward on issues he must address himself or die a broken wand in the matter of technology and celestial presentations for music production at the first Symposium to be held late in 2020.  By then we know where we stand vis a vis the current Urantia Book readership and the powers of State we must presently address as Trump and Theresa May of Great Britain, as these two leaders call the shot around the world right now.   Prime Minister May is slowly learning that the old Russian Empire is reasserting itself under Putin and stands ready to slap him back into his own native loonery.  Besides Russia, China has now staked its claim in the North of the China Sea, and is ready to squabble good with the American Sixth Fleet to free itself of being watched day and night by the United States.  Be assured they will be watched by the United States and more should they collude with North Korea to stuff the American Fleet out of existence with nuclear weapons which China already holds as one for Uncle Same if he gets too nosy over installations they place in the South China Sea.  I am Michael and wish you a good day


for additional dates for new operation of these corporations beginning in May of this year.
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Re: The Reclamation of Urantia Through Spirit Missions in Corporations
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Ron:  Thanks to you and Michael for the heads up on the starting gate opening for the Missions' Corporations to run commencing May 1 and beyond.  I am especially grateful for my personal leading to perform.  What an exciting time to be alive on Urantia and to be chosen (if worthy enough) to be an active part to play in the Missions.  I will come down the stretch to humbly receive whatever work is given and with a view of the finish line.

Ron, as you know my cataract eye surgery is over with a final adjustment coming tomorrow.  Last week a root canal was partially performed and will finalize (I hope) Thursday.  This past weekend I suffered quite a bit.  More work is ongoing.  All of this is necessary before I come to work with Larry in York.  As far as speaking to the Ilok coal technology, the "Magisterial Triumphant" piece I'm working on, and other small personal matters, I will at length email soon.

Larry:  You wrote the best answer to be given when asked, "What is the Forum all about?"  You wrote " Our Forum is predicated and based on the information and revelations contained in the Urantia Book, and specifically dedicated towards not only the establishment of the Father' Kingdom on Urantia, but as well, the coming of a Divine Mission of Intervention through a Michael, (our Creator Son), Mission, the Second Return of Jesus, perfectly coordinated with a Magisterial Mission headed by Serara and Monjoronson and the Melchizedeks.   Thanks for that--I memorized it!