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« on: April 15, 2018, 05:46:52 PM »
York, Pa Noon Local Time
April 15, 2018

"I am of the Infinite Spirit and cut no grass but eat well anyhow,  Be assured Ron Besser knows me as other names but right now I am Sordon of the Infinite Spirit,  I am truly a distinct order and am particularly interested in the sciences on Urantia and will work with Rayson when I get my marching orders temporarily. I am surely known to many of you also by other names Ron does not know and that is because so many of you fool around with other web sites that will be curtailed or removed in the coming months of eradication of false or childish information you should have long given up yourselves.  I am to make sure we get along Ron and that is to hold back your tears about no photography of the new Urantia Book and that is because use it to make sure you are heard clearly, and that is not our purpose right now.  I am truly an unusual Order in that what I say goes before anything else is put into place, and Ron has my direct orders to stand down for a few days while he battles to completion those awful transition chills and blains he hates to death.  He is barely able to see either due to a crushed eye socket he did not know about until now.  It will be repaired Ron at our expense.  I also wish t o affirm that Ron is truly our choice to lead the human contingency out of the wonderland of truth and into the harsh reality of its taking hold when earth's crust collapses in several places and we have mayhem around the world as millions disappear beneath the waves of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and its subsidiaries.

"I am still worrying not about Ron, but about Lemuel, and he is so ill today, he is not even aware of his sleep process, and that is usually true even asleep with most humans.  I am truly concerned that Ron hears better about his illness with many others who have travailed against him and he permanently has barred their existence away from his person and his work.  They are truly forlorn shortly as he controls vast amounts of thinking to be through us and his ways to get it out the best way possible.  He will have TV and radio and so shall some of you if we can get Lemuel back in any way or form.  He is truly sick to death and his lungs are full of mucus and bad blood, and he dare not breathe on his own until he is well enough to sit up again.  Your life Ron surrounds the unfortunate you do help in spite of negative reports to the contrary and be still will you!  I am Sordon genuinely and that is to show the power of my spirit as it can stop you dead in water if I want to.  Be assured you will taste my wrath now and then over matters you are not allowed to touch for the foreseeable future.  Be assured that the tiral for your banned people will erupt with anger and disassociate from you until they learn the truth and you are set free to forgive.  Be assured you will under duress of Michael who squeaks now and then you are the best we ever ran into bar none.  Only Jesus was better.  I beg to differ, and that is to say you are the best we ever met on Urantia.  Others on other worlds outdo you ten to one.  We are of the opinion only one other world has something like you and they just rebelled out of the clause for close cooperation for a millennia. 

"We want to end this diatribe against all who think they are great stuff in the Urantia Book Foundation when they can write a Paper parroting the text endlessly and you Ron are sparing in its use.   I say use it sparingly and bring fresh insights into it as you do Ron and let endless parroting to those who cannot be original if you paid them.   I am trying to finish this and I will end shortly after I tell you Ron that your pills are working magnificently since we dare now run high power through your legs better and end the painful tingles and shooting stars you get.   I am Sorgon, and you broke the holding pattern to do that with a little help from us.

"Now let us go to Michael and his report on an earth change most of you will like.  The end to high pressure in the Atlantic that causes so much drought and heat in the United States coastal areas.  Sordon"

The Bermuda High To Be Broken Down and The Naming of Sordon

"What you as readers did not hear was Ron trying to name Margul's associate Order which is never revealed to mortals unless they can handle the implications of its meaning which is: 'Take Me or Leave Me, But I Mean Business!' 

"Finally, this is a day of rest for most of you and you do not tweet or post much of anything.  However, I let it be known to Ron subconsciously he has a lot to say but holds back because he has nothing truly finished in his own mind as to the last corporation coming off the assembly line (The Starbridge Foundation), and to require of himself to finish certain projects around the house that is tearing him wide open with constant frustration to get them done before hot weather gets there in York.  I tell you now.  York is in for a treat this year over hot weather as we prevent the worst of it arriving there by diverting the southerly high pressure systems from the area entirely and the so-called Bermuda High is history for now.  That high pressure system is useless except to cause drought on the American east coast and it causes floods in Bermuda by pushing water up against its eastern shore over and over to the point they have had to build bayous to force water back to the sea level from which it comes.

"The trial of earth changes will clear those Atlantic high pressures systems and return Urantia to normal with weather patterns more dependable for buildings to stay put on the shores of American cities once more.  For now hurricanes of ferocious proportions will kill many for about six more years and then leave the rest of the world along too as we decrease the power of the sun to remake ocean waters of the latitudes of the south remain more calm and less hot and the tropical forests of what remains of Central American become lost visages of what was once a world-wide phenomena of tropical jungles and what not.  Monkeys and cats will survive but certain anaconda snake species will disappear along with the great apes known as gorillas and chimpanzees as these are true tropical beasts and will never survive the plunge into a winter like scenario for awhile to reestablish a mini ice age on Urantia to cool it down basically to when it began as an inhabited planet.

"Finally, York Pennsylvania is a backwater itself and has little choice but to depend on the capital of Pennsylvania, aptly named Harrisburg, as its founding member was a Jesuit Priest who is up here yet on the mansion worlds so naughty we must transfer him, not to the no-no room on Salvington, but a special prison for those who forget they are not dead in life on a material planet.  I am reaching hard to be with you Ron, stop joking with Sordon who watches what you do for us on this list.  He is ready to laugh you outloud in order to keep your mind at work on this kind of material, but you duck in once and awhile and a hard to bring back without you getting awfully silly.  Be assured your work is never done today either.  You are posting a huge streak of information and they will read as they catch up shortly.  I also wish it to be known that York is particularly well suited for Thunderstorms and will leave most of them alone this year as we have a lot of work to do on that place called your home Ron.  It will be sealed and patted into place in order to withstand torrents of rain and the roof needs no reinforcement as the roof is already sealed by your roofer who will be around for a long time as he is so dependable.  His sons are included as they clear you snow for you by hand. 

"I will forgive Ron from complaining that my "finally's" are long goodbyes but then I pull rank all the time up here and people get used to it.  I am Sordon and I see why Ron laughs so much when we transmit as he makes Michael listen to him only because Ron listens to Michael on a few different frequencies than are authorized and that is thanks to Michael who enjoys unusual humor spates that Ron has all the time.  Michael continues:

"America in particular we will have a change in the westerlies to the more favorable easterlies in the mid-Atlantic states and those winds allow coverage by clouds and add moisture from the Atlantic to the barren east coast that happens with so much dry heat in the last few decades.  Cold fronts as Ron calls them will be few and far between to change to the northwest winds mostly in York at this point and they usher in snow and flurries quite a bit in Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania is not the culprit to bring these artic cold fronts down, but is the average problem of Siberia lately to fail to produce sub zero temperatures on a regular basis.

"The American west shall be reprieved of great blizzards but will fall victim to more than usual dry weather since the mid-Atlantic ridge will come above the surface in the next millennium.  It will make crusies popular again and then a surface low pressure sytem will develop of to the ridge's east and cause Great Britain to have regular gales until it is released from them by collapsing. not into the sea but internally as a nation without any real land to govern.  The Hebrides and coastal Scotland and western portions of Wales will likely be flooded but not submerged entirely.  We greet all of those days to come to see how you are doing.  I am now Margul and say this to all of you reading this:

MARGUL - TRINITY TEACHER SON OF CONSIDERABLE EXPENSE TO THIS ONE - You have just finished and additional transmission we want to provide earlier but could not due to the problems of having the entire matter sustained no where but on Uversa.  That means they just released these forecasts for us to publish,  However, Ron, let it be known you only have a quarter of it for now.  I am Margul and thank you.  Here is Michael again."

MICHAEL - "I finish this in good humor as Ron still has some work to do and this is to show you how you can provide transmissions galore if you go looking for them as Ron does all the time.  Ask him how to do that.  In any case we are finished with this for now.  Good day.  Michael."

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania