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Dear List:
Ron: I was writing a reply to a private post and what came out of that was really information that should be generally posted to the discussion forum, which they mention below and asked me to post this separately from the narrative in that private post.

In general it reaffirms some things, very important things, and Father makes it clear we are to proceed as Margul announced about three days ago.  Here are their comments and please note the post was to Larry about how to schedule vacation dates with this mission brewing.  You will see Mantutia first address that as we open this excerpt to all of you.  Thanks for your patience on all of this and maybe someday things will return to normal - that is a quick insight by Margul the Trinity Teacher Son. who by the way, is not longer stationed on Paradise but on Urantia until these Missions are done and he has to take on giving Urantia its first taste of Light and Life.

I am with Ron the whole way with this as Ron is entirely secure with Michael's view and that should secure you in your choices for now.  In any case, Ron is terrible wronged on several issues and we will makes amends when possible.  In any case we must assign you to the thought this is on the way but we have no direct decision to make about those buildings until the Father decides how to handle the situation being so material and direct in its approach.  Ron has set an agenda that has never been attempted before.  I also regret you cannot see the pictures that Ron receives from Serara on this where his closet is full of mink coats to deal with finite temperatures near zero degrees Fahrenheit.  We must secure those buildings quickly as they are necessary for our plans and that is something Ron cannot do without our help as we will move all them in a twinkle of an eye if we get permission to move on here.

"You Mantutia are to get busy at once.  Those buildings are secured in our mind already and need your flair for negotiation immediately, and Ron you fear the worst but get the best as you are MY choice for Minister of the Interior.  I spoke to Margul on this for months and we looked at your ways and they are entirely compatible with what has to be done as a negotiator and planner with Serara and Mantutia to provide the Magisterial Mission the money and the means to provide a second chance for Urantia I as we now call this Mission on my table of thought.  Urantia II is no longer viable; Urantia III is coming with the help of these Missions.  You are most welcome Ron and thank you for doing it that way this time as soul and you are both concerned that nothing you do will work without me and I am too distant at times to know the need for permission and my will regarding these subjects.  Serara will speak now:"

"You need to post this to the discussion forum.  I am sure that keyboard will do better shortly but in the meantime your eyesight is missing and we understand the mess you have with it.  In any case let me stall you just a tad and let you know that Mantutia will not see you shortly but sooner as he must clear up the problem with the tape recorders and the problems you have with your heart bouncing all over the place.  It happens you are ready to go and are happy to stand down but you must understand I am not ready to go so quickly to those offices as they represent a change in plans I did not hear well when it was first produced for me by Paradise and ths so-called Minister of Interior concerns as I though I would have full control of those decisions.  But we see the Minister of the Interior has no intention working independently of my choices and that is as it should be.  I am happy therefore to say that the House that Jack built does not have the Minister of Interior working for it instead of me.  Good.  Now this: I am now Michael speaking Larry and Ron and others:"

"The trial Mantutia speaks to on those recorders is fixed Ron and you can try them out today.  You are not wrong to be outraged at what happened and we will not speak to it here, but suffice to say it was not meant ot be permanent but we got lost in other planning and the trial on those recorders has been lifted.  In future do not work yourself up into depression again as we have no reason to harass your work anymore.  You have proven yourself to be right on the spot for us in place of my misgivings at times you were a stray bullet and not helping me design what will be a spectacular Mission now.  Serara wish to have an additions note:"

"This is directed to the future Minister of the Interior as we should call it.  It is a full office with its own floor of interests in that L shaped building Ron pictured for all of you.  However, that castle across the street will just be torn down Ron and we will commandeer that block for our own uses later.  It is not ours to take castles and remit them on another block as was stated by Margul although maybe Margul has some other version in mind I do not know about.  I have little time today Ron so keep this going.   By our standards nothing we do today is worth the trouble it takes to do it , but I have to go to Uversa for a fact check that all as stated is true and that we are now proceeding according to what Mantutia is told to do and that Margul is fully on board with all of this.  MANTUTIA here:  "Be aware I can tell you Serara that the choices suggested by Margul are exactly as we requested of him last week.  However, Ron got so upset over the recorder issue we postponed saying anything more and let the entire matter stand until he is back in his normal mind.

"Serara here again:   We are satisfied then with your assurances this matter has finally been settled.  I am of the opinion that you Ron have never been fully involved with a Mission before and you need to understand that it is grueling and hapless in its performance until it is running smoothly.  Be kind enough to back off sometimes when there are serious glitches in your operation that will refuse to work when you approach them without telling me what is going on that makes the situation untenable.  In any case you are not the only one who ran into the recorder problem as Lemuel had it happen once and you have had it happen permanently as the glitches are Uversa commands not ours to do.  Your four new recorders are fixed now.  Be at mic. "

"I now stand adjourned until after Margul speaks now to Ron and Larry and all on this board."

"I see Ron was so upset with what happened with those recorders he just repacked them away until something could be addressed by them.  For those wondering what happened, we jimmied all of his recorders so they did not recognized recording chips placed in them (SDC) and they are now all available again and you Ron must not apologize for becoming apoplectic over the break down for you got out of your sick bed to try to find a power supply for them expecting you had a power supply problem and finding none, you broke into the pack of new recorders and recovered a power supply there.  All power supplies are working again too.  Now this:

"Ron does not understand what happened and we hardly do.   But you all must remember the incident back in October of 2017. Ron playfully made a recording for the discussion forum and dropped the jaws of Michael as he understood that Ron would not make recordings without his expressed permission.  Thinking that Ron broke the agreement he asked Uvers to disable all of his recorders which number four in anticipation of giving them to staff associates to do audio transmissions if they were required to do so.  Michael pursued the issue to the point that Uversa cracked down on those recorders and when Ocilliaya asked Ron to make an audio recording three days ago, Ron found all the recorders to not record or even recognize there was an SDC chip in them.  That brought the house down and we now have the full permission to operate them again on the proviso that Ron not make recordings unless we ask for them at all.   MICHAEL here: "Ron never heard my proscription and that was not my fault or his fault in that he never works more than he has too on recordings as he deletes almost he does because they go sour or he gets to laughing at blunders and we shut it off.  Ron just told Paul that it is like a room full of kittens dealing with Michael sometimes.  Paul is off on a tout because of it and says he knows the cat is in play all the time up here.  Ron countered with do you realize Paul all the other Superuniverses will have to feed the cat for a week if he gets lose?"

"I also admonish Ron to let our humor between us but it goes out of range when others join and Paul is helpless with our transmitter as funny things just happen in transmissions of this length.  In any case the recorder issue is over and peace should surround the issue again and Ron now knows not to record for the discussion forum unless we say so.  Be also aware that Rayson has a nuance too. and that is he will have a recording made by Lemuel and Ron on the subject of Ultimatons shortly and Ron I know looks forward to such quickly but I mean in about a month or so as Ron is desperate to get out of the sick bed and work a regular day again.  I am admonish no one over this aspect of life as it is truly harsh and difficult for Ron to even breathe right such is the irregular heart beat in this individual.  He will be right as rain shortly.  finally, all be aware those office buildings are for real and they will take us a few months to get them ready once we move the new mayor out of his plush offices there and we will redecorate accordingly.  Be also assured Ron you have work to do to get out of the house as soon as you can walk again.  Thank you all for helping Michael become more human this morning as he has had a difficult period with a Michael of Nebadon who hates pleasure craft of the nature Ron can represent but it is a pleasure to hear him this morning as he is.

"I am always ready to speak but I get cut short by the humor Ron produces when he is squeezed to take something he did not know was coming, and we make no amends today.  The truth of the matter is that this message will be truncated and Larry will get his own answer and the rest posted to this forum.  Good day."

All this posting activity about concepts new to us is so powerful and wonderful to read. Getting the basic understanding, and that is all I could claim, is a look at some questions I have had in the past but in my mind, I shut them off because I couldn't find an answer. All I know now that makes me joyful is the fact that at some time, maybe soon, we all might find the many answers we have been looking for. That makes it more pleasurable to serve in the MM.

Through this expose of truth I found that inside my heart and soul I cannot stand to think about much less read about the Crucifixion. It is beyond horrible that such a spirit was harmed in the most heinous way possible on this planet. I tell my wife and partner Len that the most incredible thing was the fact that Jesus could have come down off that cross anytime HE wanted to and it was HIS courage and desire to do the will of the Father that HE allowed these insects to torture Him in that way. It truly is something amazing to think of while at the same time it is sad to think of how the Sanhedrin tortured and murdered such a Divine Spirit such as that inside Jesus.

That is one big thing to me to anticipate---the knowledge of what is truly happening on our little blue ball. I must learn to read the posts more carefully so as not to miss such important differences in what I have learned in the past, and what is the actual truth. As Jesus Himself said, "the truth shall set you free." I see why now!
All this posting activity about concepts new to us is so powerful and wonderful to read. Getting the basic understanding, and that is all I could claim, is a look at some questions I have had in the past but in my mind, I shut them off because I couldn't find an answer. All I know now that makes me joyful is the fact that at some time, maybe soon, we all might find the many answers we have been looking for. That makes it more pleasurable to serve in the MM. 
Through this expose of truth I found that inside my heart and soul I cannot stand to think about much less read about the Crucifixion. It is beyond horrible that such a spirit was harmed in the most heinous way possible on this planet. I tell my wife and partner Len that the most incredible thing was the fact that Jesus could have come down off that cross anytime HE wanted to and it was HIS courage and desire to do the will of the Father that HE allowed these insects to torture Him in that way. It truly is something amazing to think of while at the same time it is sad to think of how the Sanhedrin tortured and murdered such a Divine Spirit such as that inside Jesus. 
That is one big thing to me to anticipate---the knowledge of what is truly happening on our little blue ball. I must learn to read the posts more carefully so as not to miss such important differences in what I have learned in the past, and what is the actual truth. As Jesus Himself said, "the truth shall set you free." I see why now!
Oh boy. . . . . .

The cow crossed the fence on that one and I take full blame for taking something on that should have been left alone.

Newstarsaphire. . . . I confess that the message you found was part of expanding the truth about what happened to our solar system.  In that I find it truthful but mighty confusing since we also have a designation from Margul about Urantia I, II, and III on really a different matter. See below to how we untangle the misimpression one is wrong and one is right as they are both right but use the same terms to explain different phenomena.

MARGUL  The Trinity Teacher Son for Urantia's Planning into Light and Life Paradise Son =

"Thank goodness Ron owns up to difficulties he creates when he presses the Deity Absolute as the story of I and II and III above has nothing to do with Urantia I  and II and III in the post about Michael and The Christ.

"In Ron's post Newstarsaphire posted there is a direct reference to the type of planet Urantia is and still is--  a star seed planet.  What that means is it is typical of what he produce to get souls that are highly advanced and are humanly projecting to show the universe what can be done with a highly developed human plan particularly in mind use.  Ron here is very close to that ideal and so are a few of you.   This was never to be used or revealed but at the time it was written it was a terrible moment for the Creator Son, in that he was preparing to leave Urantia in the dirt and recreate a new Urantia with a new name as given in the post.  Grayson-2 is correct Ron, and you worried that name from the get go too.

"Realize that post Newstarsaphire used was dedicated to the return of Urantia I a planet not your birth place now and was to replicate what you planet should have been but fell apart due to what Lucifer pulled in the planetary grid.  However, since that post appeared, the Father rescinded plans for your planet to be replaced by Grayson-2 as I depending on how the vote went about a new planet's name to replace the earth.  Now we replace earths as we call it here in order to get a new start.  Your earth, Urantia, would have stayed that name and would have been ushered into another space place and for the most part none of you would have known the difference.  What has happened in the meantime since that post above is we changed the space on Urantia but keep it a star seed planet for sure.  Star seed planets set development status to the rest of the unvierse as a guide as to what can happen in human life that is extra ordinary in many ways to emulate as many will emulate many of you in the futuer even on your own planet earth.

"But today, Michael used the Urantia I and Urantia II and Urantia III names for an entirely difference concept,  Ron remembers the Newstarsaphire found post but hoped it would not have been referenced because the names in one and in the other represent two different values of explanation and we leave it at that for now.

"The Urantia I and Urantia II and the Urantia III names in this post today represent conceptual places that are actual but you as finite beings truly never find or know.  Seth the Midwayer of the Jane Roberts series, referenced these other planetary as alternate realities in some ways, and in other ways Seth never heard of them either,  Ron sees them as real alternatives because he has already learned that planets, like people, have other identifications about them.  Ron has three identifications as each of you do and you do not mind referring to them as yourself, your soul, and your spirit indwelling, and even more.  Urantia has its own identification as Ultimacy and in some cases its Absolute phase of being through the plans of Michael of Nebadon to use it as a star planet for the good of all mankind.

"It should be made clear to all of you that you must learn to discern very carefully and be curious why we speak sometimes in abstraction of tongues because we see all three identifications and types of reality when looking at Urantia and all other planets, although as far as Nebadon is concerned, Urantia as you live it is extremely important as a model of what is to come with God the Ultimate. God the Supreme, and God the Absolute in some way not attainable by present universe stages and developments.  I am from the Paradise Trinity and I know whereof I speak, but so many of you want to remain in the dense finite being you were born into and not realize that you have to take the bull by the horn and realize you are not being spoon fed as you used to be on this site.  Some of you will never attain thought necessary to penetrate work in the first outer space area, but some of you will, and this is just why we present these things for you to tease your mind with.

"I suggest you drop reading what Newstarsaphire presented due to the inadvertent use of the corollaries to the Urantia names alone.  Further do not use those corollaries without understanding that both posts are valid but that they point to two different things to explain.  I finish this with a laugh at Ron who felt insecure which he rarely does over the accidental use of terms in both explanations, but he is correct on both and the old post from Newstarsaphire should be rewritten as I explain at the top of this post to end the confusion.  Good day, Margul."

"I concur with Margul and to drop reading the Newstarsaphire post she found and re=posted above.  I recall that Ron had trouble making out where we were handling those components but caught on finally.  I also made an error of using planetary names of the same kind for two difference concepts, and you must recognize that they are correct as explained but you are learning about the Christ now and that Urantia I and Urantia II and Urantia III represent phases of reality that belong to Urantia too, but that you cannot see two of the three named or ever experience them as named just beyond Urantia I.  But you must also understand that I care for all three identities, and that all three identities belong to the total Urantia and The Christ represents all three identifies to Paradise now and we as Michael and The Christ represent all of mankind in all of time and space.  I doubt most of you will find this entirely life saving information but it is part of your cosmology you should truly understand as of now.  Michael of Nebadon."
I apologize for any confusion.
First let me extend my thanks to Margul, Senadad, Michael, and of course Ron exceptional and extraordinary work ln even receiving this level of revelation and information.  It is of course a challenge for the human mind to , by faith, belief, reason, perception,intellect and logic  and finally knowing, receive this information and find a place to put it and take it in in the increments that we read and do our best  to understand it as it is so patiently given to us  that as it is delivered to us in these incremental ways and doses is so wise, and I will leave it at that.  
 Sometimes it sees that our human minds (at least mine) is as thick as bricks and seem at times to be just as impenetrable  and yet Spirit continues slowly but surely piercing through and away at those layers to let the light of revelation, inspiration knowledge and real spirit insight to bring us ever along in our growth as humans becoming eventual Spirit Beings.
As these incremental lessons have continued  the information  about the differnces between Jesus and  the Christ does get clearer .   Perhaps we may even get to that point of being able to teach it to others.   Wouldn't that be a marvel?

I find the sentence: "
“In that reply he made a saleable point: If you do not carefully listen to spirit announcements you can miss the real import of what that announcement is about.  He suggests that spirit is changing your minds and that you, in some cases all who are members here, are being revised in PERSPECTIVE and that means a change of mind you cannot follow or understand at all because it lies in such a deep part of the mind you are unable to touch it"
to be quite revealing.
I hope that Michael and Ron will choose to grant us a peek  and an "attempt at understanding" of the information regarding Urantia 1, Urantia 11, and Urantia 111  When I read just the short sentence about it,  I immediately wanted  that opportunity.

I look forward to the next installment concerning the Messiah that will be shared with us as our world will most likely utilize all he knows, even as incorrect and  incomplete as it is, to try and come to grips and to  find some way to understand with all that will soon be happening for everyone on Urantia.  

Again my deepest gratitude for this information and revelation. LarryG.....  a few more rereads of this will be necessary to take it all in...and I request more.       

Christ Is In Charge This Time & Jesus Abides the Change - The Trinity 20Jan2018

The Paradise Trinity
From Margul: The Trinity Teacher Son
From Michael of Nebadon as Super-Deity
Also from Senadad, Gravity Messenger
York, PA 14:00 local time
January 20, 2018 19:00 Zulu

“I am Margul, and I greet all of you this day called Saturday on large parts of Urantia momentarily.  We are prepared to speak shortly but let us see what actually happens as we go about the business of being sure you know the difference between Jesus and Christ.  Here we go:

“Jesus, indeed, is a Son of God, as well as the son of man, and properly spoken even today.  Our work must first allow all of you to adjust your seat belts to understand that the Finaliter status that Jesus holds is extraordinarily hard to handle as he was so fast moved to that status he had to fight tooth and nail to keep his earth groundings in place.  What do we mean by “grounding?”

“Grounding is a term Ron uses to mean he feels peacefully in place on the soil of the earth and he knows his circumstances moment to moment.  He is not dizzy or dreamy but wide awake and knows the circumstances he is in the chair or walking in a store.  He is connected well to the environment and can carry a conversation on with full understanding to what he is saying.  To have no grounding is unpleasant and one feels tensions inside the stomach and head and it is so unpleasant you rather lie down and sleep some of that unwelcome tension away.

“Jesus felt ungrounded on Paradise.  He was rushed through the environmental situation so swiftly he could hardly catch his breath before he moved to the next stage of his Paradise perfection ascensions.   But he fully understood what he learned and how to to do it,, but he could fined comfort even in rest periods as he was truly without a memory of earth and his life as a youth in the hazy and warm sunshine of spring and fall anymore.  He just lost some of that for sure.  That was when the Father asked Jesus if he would like to go back for a spell to those days he did not have THAT much to do as anyone but himself.  Ron remembers with great heart his second grade end of school day for the summer vacation, and going to the meadow to see a beautiful cherry tree in full blossom with not a soul around but for him to see it in all of its glory and how good he felt at that moment in body and young soul.  This is true grounding and as such is without parallel in the human body and mind and spirit.  Ron was fully indwelt then and that Adjuster saw the reaction of mind and body and stored that memory for Ron to enjoy once in a while too.  The Adjuster in Jesus did the same for him but the memories got lost as the lives of a Bestowal Son are without parallel anywhere and memories get shuffled in and out and sometimes lost to view.  Ron speculates the horror to the mind of the crucifixion surely caused memory loss to say the least.


Senadad: “I am an Adjuster become a Gravity Messenger, and on that day at the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan, and about Jesus, I report nothing could be done to lose more memory than He did when he was killed on the cross to bear us all yet.   I sought the Father in earnest Adjuster prayer to prevent what was to happen to Jesus, as I saw clearly where this bestowal was to lead.  I am not a personalized Adjuster but a Gravity Messenger, and we are so powerful I must leave this alone as Ron is moved to tears whenever we speak of this horror called a crucifixion.  But I report to you that Jesus lost about one third of memory he had of childhood and the Father recommended he return to earth in body form and live life there for whatever it took to re-ground the Bestowal Son to his life as a child.  He lived his life once more as an average citizen in Judea in the 1935 expansion of the fifth (5th ) epochal revelation and was happy as a lark to bring it to an end before the Nazi’s started pilfering the Holy Land for artifacts in their poorly shaped minds to recreate Nirvana in Germany.”

“This is what I mean for Ron is truly a magnificent clover leaf to bring in someone I thought would never speak as a Gravity Messenger of the status of Senadad, is so powerful they rarely get through to a mere mortal on Urantia even when they transmit well enough to avenge the frequency of such a being.  Gravity Messengers are in your Urantia Book, but very little understood.  Ron remembers they are not assigned to all Finaliter Corps but on Urantia you ahve several Corps of Finaliter status that have several Gravity Messengers in them.  Ron asked their purpose and recalled they were used by Finaliters to get critical information from Paradise in an emergency, but they also make sure that the Finaliter Corps assigned to Urantia are ready to take drastic measures to save as many good people as possible from the treasons of politics and war on Urantia in particular. 

“I also see the possibility that some of you will work with Gravity Messengers in the outer space regions, as there are few of you who are qualified and so many of you of fusion status soon-to-be are also qualified.  A Gravity Messenger needs sentient beings and they work hard to keep them that way and the upset Ron has had in the past twenty-four hours is most troubling to that force that keeps all things as they should be together.  In any case they are near us as we report this information to you.  Now back to Jesus and The Christ:

“I wish to explain that Michael explained much to Ron several days ago and most of it got lost in a long winded transmission Ron never posted mostly due to length.  However we reference that post and recopy some of it here to save me breath:

Entry Message from  18 January Not Posted from an extract of earlier discussion about The Christ

“Why does Michael use the term the return of Christ?  Why did he not use the term the return of Jesus?  He also asked all of you to write a response to that question.   [and many of you did and we add this information to your own explanations as follows - Ron 01/20/18]

“In that reply he made a saleable point: If you do not carefully listen to spirit announcements you can miss the real import of what that announcement is about.  He suggests that spirit is changing your minds and that you, in some cases all who are members here, are being revised in PERSPECTIVE and that means a change of mind you cannot follow or understand at all because it lies in such a deep part of the mind you are unable to touch it.

“You may not know what is happening in your own sensing of this Return,  but you are signaled to by the change in vocabulary Michael uses to announce what is to happen, and hopefully ground you in your mind changes.   Information has been withheld for sometime that deals with the idea of three shades of the planet Urantia which is called: Urantia I, Urantia II, and Urantia III, and Michael explains how these three planets are to illustrated in the coming Christ redemption plan of Michael of Nebadon.  Ron was given this information months ago and let it sit because of the problems otherwise many members were then expressing.  In that private review of this concept, Ron was told the Christ word was used and that Besser automatically assumed some minds were being taken into possibly Urantia III as Urantia II has been destroyed (as informed by Michael earlier) and Urantia I is as currently used by the current population on Urantia.  You did not release that post because you felt it would confuse almost everyone and did not have the full understanding how these three planets would explain very much at all.  I concur with your willingness to stand back when you feel no one knows what you are talking about.

“Ron reports correctly that whatever title you use, either Christ or Jesus, it refers to the person of the Bestowal Son.  But he also makes a point to all of you listening that the Bestowal Son is both Christ and Jesus and Michael and the Father now.  But who are we talking about when we see Jesus announcing his presence again in some media message to be given soon?  The answer is you see CHRIST.  Jesus is no longer present regardless of what you think you see/

“The son of man is the Bestowal Son only; the Son of God with Michael is also the son of man, and as such one is divine and the other is a human representative of how God and man are one with full attunement available.  However, Jesus has become the CHRIST and you are not to assume that means just Jesus anymore.

“CHRIST is a Universal. As such a Universal, the Christ  represents all men through out all of Nebadon and probably all of Orvonton! 

“Ron called Christ the Universal and is exactly correct.  He found with some help, that such a Universal was a particular representation all mankind on all planets in all superuniverses, to the Universal Father.  Father hails the CHRIST as the spokesman for the idea of what a human really is, even if a human goes by so quickly in material life, it is the most important thing that is done in the realms of time and space and is the real arbiter of what happens to man finally before the Father in serve to the Trinity.  Jesus is the Urantia finite example of an excellent Bestowal Son, but the promotion of Jesus to Christ is the everlasting desire to be Supreme before all the Deities on Paradise and will lead God the Supreme to his destiny to rule the minds of all men in the coming age of finality as a Supreme Finaliter or as a Supreme-Ultimate Finaliter in the coming revision of the space age to come of the Supreme-Ultimate universe of the first two outer space levels.

“Now how did the CHRIST suddenly appear on the scene as no revelation to date ever dared to speculate this development?

“The answer lies with Christ Michael.

“Most of you do not remember or realize that Ron made an announcement about four months ago tell you the Michael was now super Deity.  That refers to the fact that the Father considers Michael of Nebadon a super hero in a horrible drama between rebellion and murder and suicide and all those terrible negatives that came with the Lucifer Rebellion.  In that mess, the Father foresaw why Michael reacted the way he did and gave Michael a special pass to leave the world Urantia alone until the Ancients of Days, decided what to do about evidence gathering on Urantia.  They decided to forbid Michael or Gabriel or Mother Spirit to go to Urantia and bar Lucifer and Caligastia from breaching the protocols of human ascension.  Urantia lost ten million human sould and about forty million angles and associated Sanobim and Cherubim.  In any case the toll was even higher among Material Sons and Daughters who were reported to be almost decimated by the intrusion of Lucifer into their nurseries to render their children unfit to serve as Material Sons and Daughters as biological uplifters of race on the planets they were assigned to in Nebadon.

“In Ron’s post he mentioned that Michael was taken to Paradise and remodeled into a super Deity much as the Father can be beheld, and in so doing set a new precedence for looking idiotic to the Father when He, Michael, did not know what the Father was talking about.  Michael had never been instructed that such a thing was possible and had no idea what the Father had in mind.  The Father instructed Michael of Nebadon, that his patience was so rewarding and the help of the Ancients of Days was so forth coming, that the Ancients of Days of Orvonton, are also assigned a special place among the Deity friezures on high for Absolute correct measures taken on Urantia to prevent further spread of the rebellion beyond Urantia.  For Urantia was the 35th planet of 37 planets that sprang to the aide of Caligastia and Lucifer at the last minute.  Gabriel nearly saved Urantia from its fate but the Circuit Supervisor seized control of the communication network to Urantia while posted on Urantia, and the message sent  to Michael, was: ‘Abandon all hope and send reinforcements to Urantia to save it from rebellion.’

“I am Margul, and let me explain we never saw Deitization happen like this before.  Immanuel from Salvington came to Paradise; I as Margul was there too, and we had Michael of Nebadon, Gabriel and some officials not revealed to humans on Urantia to be there to attest to this unusual Deitization of a Finaliter.  In certain cases it could happen to anyone including one of you but be doubtful of it since none of the work of God requires this highly specialized representation of the Father to men of all races and births throughout the all of the Superuniverses.  But this is an example of the time that Michael and Jesus fought together, as one,  to stem a horrible rebellion that nearly wiped clean thirty-seven plants of all humanity.  Both Lucifer and Caligastia were determined to destroy Urantia and a the others because of their close association with the Bestowal Son Jesus.  The fate of Jesus is known everywhere to everybody.  I takes an obvious division of thought for people who read this narrative to fully understand what did happen and how terrible the consequences were for everyone who even touched Jesus as a friend or even a foe, for the Sanhedrin was cleared of the Chief Priest immediately as he fell ill within a year and collapsed and died thanks to Caligastia finishing the witnesses to death to the Bestowal Son’s life however well or bad they did that.  The Sanhedrin priesthood was decimated within five years after the death of Jesus, and by the time the last vestige of the memory of the life of Jesus were known, none were left to attest to His life.

“The Sanhedrin, in principle was a bastion of forget me nots who lived life lavishly but did little harm other than to run the powerful Sanhedrin Temple which Jesus loved so much.  None except Josiah would ascend, and the others named did not get out of Purgatory, as that was a special assignment Lucifer gave to those the distrusted above all and he kept them in the astronomy grid that bounds Urantia even today with morontial energies to keep souls alive before they are transported to the mansion worlds on high.  In looking at the death toll caused by Caligastia, alone, we speculate he killed well over one hundred million souls when he ruled on Urantia in those years, and he got meaner and meaner as time went on as he knew his life was forfeit soon enough.

“Michael of Nebadon now holds the Deity slot we can only call super-deity, as he now is capable of spelling solutions to problems on all human worlds through out time and space.  Jesus therefore is the Bestowal Son who is universalized by the promotion of bothe Himself to Deity and to Michael as super-Deity and together they reign as Father and Son, and probably in the heart of Ocilliaya, as the unity of Deity prerogatives of the existential Father-Son union on Paradise.”


“You who read this passage must understand that our transmitter finds unusually high grades when he tears a section written for review which he trying not to do for length alone, but he also remarks that Urantia is always in great danger to destroy monotheism and revert back to the practices of Abraham’s day, and that Abraham executed those who insisted on giving Baal his due in the context of his army and rule.

“In particular Ron feels that the idea of the MESSIAH will raise its head and in that we must report to all of you that must NEVER come to be as the idea of the Messiah was soundly trounced in the Old Testament when Malachi reported that if there were a Messiah, such a god would be weak compared to the Father high above.

  “You who read these pages, especially some the Guests here, are prone to getting the idea if a Messiah mixed in our reports of Jesus and Deity and so on.  The Messiah is an ideal of Jewish theology, but it is never fully understood that the ideal is shot through with the practices of Baal and must never be mixed in with The Christ or other manifestations of the coming divine Missions on Urantia. 

“I have asked Ron to sit for another couple of hours in the near future to take a dictation on the muses concerning the Messiah and how it must not become a reference to what happens on Urantia soon enough.  The trial on Ron is not harsh but on the rest of you, long passages such as this one are tiring and to people, but just please stop reading for long stretches as I suggest you copy and past the messages that get too long for you and read them as separate posts at your leisure.   Good day for all.  I am Michael of Nebadon and I do not take up my new posts for decades of earth time.”

I rarely post in many insistence what I have to say has already been posted so I with hold my contributions.
Your post is a good example. The one exception is I make a point to understand, then the question is correctness.
I need to point out that I have been studying the Urantia Book sense the 90s and I am 40 years your senior.
The point is to keep on keeping on.
In Brotherhood.
Thank you mother nebadonia and daniel for this post it was helpful instruction on how to better integrate with my thought adjuster.  I try and approach this material with little to no expectations and apply the teachings to see what happens.  While it seems day to day nothing much of consequence really happens, when I look back on my life and how it has progressed I get a better perspective on how this really works.  I am in a better place than I was ten years ago, five years ago and even six months ago.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get to the point of T/R’ing but, for the moment at least, I’m happy to get spiritual guidance.  Much of the time I don’t really understand what is being said but that’s o.k. too, I usually have faith I am getting what I need and being pointed in the right direction.  With that said, I definitely have my moments of frustration and doubt.  But right now im feeling pretty good about things.  Thank you for that.
@Daniel Alderfer, Ron Hammar, 7inOcean, andi, Allie and all the others having read what I have to express in my last two "Post",...

I'm sorry I bothered you with my mental state yesterday,..., I did not feel very well yesterday and to tell you frankly, ..., I still have a lot of pressure in front of my forehead, I feel very weak so much that I have to lie down on my bed while it's over and this without mentioning my frequent dizziness,..., and the acute and continual noise in my head......

Know my dear friends that this makes me lose patience and frankly, it becomes terribly unbearable!!!!!

Thank you very much for your comforting answers and I love you very much my friends!!!!!

Be sure that in the future I will avoid "Posting" this kind of "Post"

I am much better today!!!!!!
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