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« Last post by ASSALE on Today at 06:52:01 AM »
My Incredible Kurt of mine! Where have you been? I've gone through the three books and also helped with some translation and proof reading works. You know what, I have an idea of how tomorrow cities could be: For example a large city like New York may be split into small cities with more land for family gardens that can grow vegetables. Every house in town should have a garden to grow food.
2. We'll eventually and progressively let go red meat for more vegs and seafood.
The books are wonderful and useful and the advice and proposals by Machiventa are very feasible.

So good to read you this morning and Domtia.

Assalé, Your Father's boy Africa
« Last post by Kurt on Today at 06:35:31 AM »
These 3 books are great documents that should be studied along with Dr. Raphaels sustainability series of books that we have discussed here before. They are our instructions on how to live in the future during the Magisterial Mission and onward into the Era of Light and Life. Everyone here should read and print out a hard copy in preparation for the turbulent times ahead.
Clency, I like your understanding of this. Of course Father can do anything! We need all the help we can get for a successful Mission.
Excellent question, Ron! I am confused by this as well. I hope we get an explanation.
RonH, you must be right when you say that a Paradise Son bestow His Spirit on an evolutionary world of His Incarnation only after His Departure, but I have no reference to give credit to your statement; perhaps someone else can approve or disapprove your saying by forwarding solid arguments.

For my own understanding, what I can say is that the “NEW SPIRIT OF TRUTH” is a special gift to humanity and that as such IT can be bestowed before, with the Father’s approval, for the benefit of all mankind and for the success of the Magisterial Mission, without going through the normal process.

I feel inspired to give a reply to your enquiry ; hope it is up to your own satisfaction. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission
The Spirit of Truth

Califax : Good morning, this is Califax. Good morning to you Lemuel and good morning to all on the forum who will be listening to this. As you all know, now I have returned after being away for a short while and I am here to help co-ordinate the 1st  phase of the Magisterial Mission which is officially commenced on the 10th of August this year.

Also, you are very aware now of the fact that there is a new Spirit of Truth on the earth as from yesterday and this is as a result of the Universal Father, God the Supreme and Serara, co-ordinated so to speak. The necessity, especially now, in the new 6th epochal dispensation, that a New Spirit of Truth be here on Urantia and so It is since yesterday, the New Spirit of Truth is here.

May be for some, it will take some time to be manifest in your beings and your understandings, in your awareness, in the way you think, in the way you speak. The Spirit of Truth has the capacity of the effect all the aspects of your personality. Members here on the forum will feel It and they will soon be able to express themselves in a different way, a more refined way, in thinking in a more clearly way, and perhaps the most important of it all, an increased feeling of love for your brothers and sisters and an increased desire to dedicate yourselves again to this most wonderful Magisterial Mission.

We know of you, of course, but you are all very different, you have all different things to offer and you all be used in many different ways, according to your individual talents. We love you all, we admire you so much for your perseverance and tenacity and the patience that you all displayed in recent years. It will not go unrewarded. I ask now all of you to remain calm, keep practicing, keep studying and keep praying for the success of the 1st phase of the Magisterial Mission

I am Califax and I bid you all a good-day. Domtia

Lemuel : I want to thank you also for listening and I also bid you a good-day. Domtia

Threads for New Transmissions / Be in our Peace
« Last post by Ron Hammar on Today at 02:40:03 AM »
Teacher: Nebadonia
Subject:  Be in our peace
T/R: Ron H. Mt Shasta, CA, USA
8-20-17, 11.20pm      (8-21-19  7.20am GMT)

Dear Father......You have help me in the work of the new spirit that has been given to me. And I thank you for it.   Now I ask that if anyone from the mission or Michael or Nebadonia please come to me and share with, Love..................   Yes child this is Mother Nebadonia and it is nice that you have taken the time to do this TRing to night after the big day that you have.  We all are very please with how the work is coming and the New Spirit that is now present for you all.  We know that it will have a big impact for all of you and this will be good for all in progress. Be doing the meditation that you read about earlier today and do it many time in the day and feel the spirit coming over you like you did earlier to day after reading the posting. Keep at it and it will cause you to feel us more like in the past.  This has all been a very positive day for you and you have done so much in many way.  We thank you Now get some sleep Love.  Domtia.
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Keep Burning the Candle
« Last post by Ron Hammar on Today at 02:19:15 AM »
Teacher: TA Presoerba
Subject:  Keep Burning the Candle
T/R: Ron H. Mt Shasta, CA, USA
8-20-17, 8.37pm     (8-21-17  4.3am GMT)
Amazing Spiritual Stories / Feeling sorry is not love
« Last post by ASSALE on Today at 01:40:23 AM »
Hello folks, here is Father again, coming up to prepare us in light of the coming upheavals.

Father: "Crying over another’s ache may make you feel better. It doesn’t bring healing. It may hinder healing. Helping is not such a personal thing. Healing is not feeling sorry for another. Feeling sorry for yourself or another is not a high vibration. Feeling sorry digs the sorryness in deeper..."

Assaley here: "This God/Father is making me 'crazy', oh Divine Papa, I know You can't stop training me, I didn't close my eyes throughout the night, I'm crazy about You, it's about 5.30 A.M and I can even hear the birds singing through the window. There's peace in my mind and joy in my heart, allow me to go about Your Business day and night because I want to be perfect as You are perfect, and perfection is gained through work and practice, no matter how long it will take me, no matter if I feel drowsy, no matter if I feel tired in going about Your Business, I have a dream, that of reaching perfection, Your perfection, I want to be like You, I want to be Your Photocopy via Your Thought Adjuster. "
Good reading.

Assaley, Father's boy for Africa.
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission/New Spirit of Truth
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 01:33:58 AM »
Speaker: Califax
Subject. New Spirit of Truth
Category:Audio Transmission
T/R: Lemuel
Date/Time: 21st August 2017  06:00 Z
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
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