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Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
« Last post by Dorian on Today at 08:01:50 PM »
First and foremost, you do not know me well enough to call me lazy or stupid.  Not even by pretending it is Michael talking through you.  I am a very intelligent individual who scores pretty high on IQ tests I have taken.  Your insinuation that I don’t know how to read and digest what I have read tells me so much about you.  You, nor your supposed Michael, really read what I wrote and your rebuttal tells me that.
I made the comment that teleportation was not used as a “STANDARD” mode of travel on the Mansion worlds.  I never even implied that there was no such thing as teleportation.  I have probably read more books of every kind in this world than you have ever even seen.  But I digress.
I have been a member of this Forum for almost 2 years and in all that time there is not one celestial promise made through you that has come to fruition.  NOT ONE.  I know that Jesus was so upset and hurt when he realized that Judas was about to betray him to his enemies.  Jesus,  knowing in his heart of hearts what was about to soon transpire, only bid him to be on his way and do what he must.  He then told the others that someone would betray him, someone at his own table.  He did not call Judas names nor even mention his name.
This is the same Jesus that is our Michael bestowing himself on earth on our behalf as well as to fulfill his final bestowal.  This Michael that I know would not belittle himself to stoop and call one of his earthly children either stupid or lazy nor state that I would be forced to do anything.
Ron, you overstepped your bounds by using celestials to say things that you are afraid to say yourself.  You pretended to be my friend and I even called you my brother and mentor.  In this respect I have to admit I have been a fool. 

Now I know why so many others have left this forum.
That is over.  As of today, you can delete me as a member of this forum.  I wish to leave this family of spiritual believers.   Spiritual believers that I still believe in and will always think of as my extended family.  To my many friends, I bid you God’s peace and love.
Hi all,
Teleportation is a fascinating subject that keeps me intrigued because in the past I found some literature that taught how to take the physical body anywhere without having to use other means of transportation.
In short, one of the methods of achieving this prodigy was the perfect concentration of the mind and helping with certain mantras, and praying deeply to the Father for his help, and when the body began to feel inflated from the feet to the head is time to get out of bed and take a leap with the firm intention of penetrating into the other dimension, if it does not turn out you have to keep trying.
Another technique was that one should project the astral body out of the physical body and already being outside, one should call the body that remained in the bed that rises and that comes where one is. If the body obeys, it comes and is incorporated with the subtle body or astral body and under these conditions it moves floating at great speed into another dimension adjacent to the third dimension.
More procedures are mentioned, but a condition that the practitioner had to fulfill was complete silence; never mention what he was doing so as not to lose the privilege he had received.

For example, I tried several times, without luck.
Astral projection (OBE) is easier to achieve, but I imagine that teleportation as mentioned by Miguel de Nebadon must be very useful for those who master it in its entirety.
I hope that one day we can learn from Him the way to achieve such precious information.

Lemuel, one of the ways you know you are really meeting someone through these get together s in mind is that the recipeint (me in this case) remembers the meeting fully.  Now I have a problem in my own brain in that they short changed me by not providing memory cells for all the memory I need; however, I can tell you what you wore, and you smiled a little but were very serious in our short conversation.  You had body language and you spoke well and politely as I expect I will always hear from you.  I also recall you wore a small bracelet on your left arm and it showed you had exactly five minutes to complete the contact and return back into your own soul contact patterns.  Now that was not real clear to me as you progressed through a quick introduction to ourselves with each other, but I got enough information to now know you personally as a friend and associate in this adventure to come.  Enjoy the fact you travel with permission and you showed my you are indeed well enough to see this through and with your full enjoyment.  Barnard could make me jump out of bed he  was so abrupt and so all business and he could ask the hardest questions as Barnard had motives I could not even discern ti the projections I did know about with him.  You on the other hand were a gentleman and full of promise.  Good day.    RON

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron remembers it all and as he says that is unusual for him due to the loss of so many memories cells when we cleared his mind of unnecessary memory.  He considers memory all important and grumbles at the loss yet, however personality also remembers and it is the use of personality he used with you so you remembered him for when you first meet you both will be quite familiar to each other and be quite comfortable.  That is necessary for someone like Wendy and Gitz but not so for Gossett who already assimilates what he needs to know around Ron for comfort levels and is totally and compltey sure they are friends even before ran across each other.  That is just fyi  Lemuel/  Michael."

Thank you Ron.  As you say, these things are subconscious but probably George Barnard is able
to project consciously. Anyway, I´m glad we met up for a little chat.  Here´s to the next time!

Lemuel - Please read this carefully:

I met you this morning as you did a projection and I must say you did not look ill or exhausted but to my eye you appeared ready to take things on with a few more pounds of weight on your body.

I was also pleased you are of a positive mind and that you carry yourself erect and ready to take things on.  That cheers me, and your visit was to shake hands and to chat briefly and back home you went.  These things are subconscious to you as well as to me until the Creative Spirit makes them visible to the secret parts of mind we do not intercept in our consciousness at all.  I was very happy and delighted you made the effort.  You and George Barnard seem to do these things so easily I wonder why I am so slow to do them too?  In any case welcome and be happy you are back on the path of interested that will give you a lot pleasure to see and know soon enough.


Dorian, the Urantia Book does mention it as the Melchizedeks use a variety of that concept to move an entire population of a doomed earth off the planet and deposited asleep on their new new home planet.  See my post above as I give you the UB reference saying what those machines do.

Second, Clency:  You choose to sit on the fence.  I do that myself quite often.  But I think Michael makes it clear that those affiliated with the beginning of the Urantia Book could and did teleportation on behalf of the founding of that epochal revelation.  It is not that it is not doable, it is just Urantian is so unexperienced in matters of spiritual possibilities it looks down it nose to such things including people who can transmit the Voice of God, while we are at it. 


"You Dorian read so poorly you do not get the basics out of a post and you have no idea how you skip these things.  Long posts are never really liked but when I have something to say it takes a lot of words sometimes to get the concept apart from just normal lazy thinking.  Clency tries hard and skips too much too.  Dorian does not even bother sometimes and Ron is completely confused by your interests when you do not bother to study revelation that is offered between epochal revelation.  In the future you will be forced either to study material or just forget trying to comprehend what we do while you are in the flesh on Urantia/Nystoria.  Good day.  Michael."
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
« Last post by Dorian on Today at 08:04:01 AM »
This topic has been a very interesting read.  Kind of reminds me of Isaac Asimov's very famous book titled, "Foundation", which deals with a great story whose main concept is teleportation.  According to Wikipedia, "Teleportation is the theoretical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them."

My contribution to this subject is this:  Upon studying our Urantia Book and how many different modes of travel are available on the Mansion worlds, there is no mention of using teleportation at all that I could discover.  It seems to this pretty used up mind that if it was viable and easy way to move around, that these worlds that have been around for billions of years would be using it and it would have been mentioned.  However, on the other hand, it seems to me that if a being of any kind is incarnated on this planet as in the case of the Melchizadeks that are coming here, that they must arrive by some sort of teleportation.  Just food for thought.

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

The parts you play

Michael/Mother Spirit : Good morning, this is Michael of Nebadon and I have come this morning to talk about the role that you will play. Each and everyone of you, members here on the forum, have been told a few times that all of you will be used and that you all have your own unique part to play in the up-coming Missions.

You have been practicing and reading and studying for some years now and you have been tried and tested over a period of several years, with the Missions being changed, plans being changed, you have been disappointed and disillusioned many times and yet the heart-call of this forum is still here and we appreciate it very much, Mother Spirit and I.

Each and everyone of you, as you well know, are unique personalities and the Father of all has bestowed on each and everyone of you your own special gift and it is unique, you have been told this before. It is so unique that if your part is missing it will be like a jigsaw puzzle that has been completed except for one missing piece and you know how frustrating that can be.The jigsaw puzzle must be completed 100%.

You all have roles to play and your individual Thought Adjusters know exactly what that role is. You must continue to trust and have faith in your Beloved Thought Adjusters. They know you better than you know yourselves. I know you realize this, but you must be ever mindful of this.

Your Thought Adjusters have planned your course, not just through this life but through Monrantia on the Mansion Worlds, all the way up to the time that you will stand before the Father of all on Paradise as a perfected human-being. To bring this planet Nystoria into the time of Light and Life, as you well know, is going to take many years.

Some of you will have life extensions because the part that you will play will be so important that some of you remain here for many years to come, but for the majority of you, your roles, throughout your life, are also very important and we need each and everyone of you.

So, think about this : the roles that you play, as in a theatrical play there is act one and act two and act three. Each act will have two or more scenes, as acts come to this stage and as acts leave the stage, some come on the stage for the all act and some are on the stage for perhaps only one short scene, it will be exactly the same for all of you. You will come on the stage, you will act your part and you will leave, and some of you will come on the stage and you will be there for all the acts of the play.

I want you all to know that I am looking forward so much for the Missions to be up and running when I can see those of you who are to play your role in the first scene of the first act. I am happy to see this coming to fruition. This is all I have to say this morning. Mother Spirit is here and would like to say a few words also. I am Michael and I bid you all a good-day.

Mother Spirit : This is Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, good morning. I would only like to add that as a mother, I am so proud of all of you. We know what you have had to put up with over the years and as any other mother I have been concerned that all of you will remain loyal to the cause as Michael has already mentioned. You have been tried and tested so many times, but you are here. We are so very proud of you and love you all beyond your understanding

The times to come, as you know, will be extremely difficult. There are things will happen that no one really would wish to see, but it is very necessary these things will come to pass and as a mother I am concerned about my children and yet I know when you stay centered with your Beloved Thought Adjusters you will all play your part and you will be safe, because remember it is not only your Beloved Thought Adjusters, you have your Guides and there are the Melchizedeks and there are also other Beings that are not mentioned in the Urantia Book.

So, my beloved children, I thank you again for your trust and steadfastness and your tenacity to hold on to that which you know is good and beautiful and honest. This is Mother Spirit, thank you for listening and I bid all a very good day. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission/ The parts you play.
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 01:28:48 AM »
Subject: The parts you play.
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 26th May 2018  07:27 Local  06:27 Z
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
« Last post by Clency on May 25, 2018, 11:33:09 PM »
Finally, having weighed the pros and cons – spiritual and scientific arguments – about human teleportation which in my view is not totally explored on both sides, eventhough they are of the same coin, however I am more incline to give more credits to the spiritual part of it and not disregard for the best the scientific counterpart. This final anylysis of mine brings me to realize whether, in a far future – in the era of Light and Life – human beings will be able to use this spiritual technology to move from place to place, without physical transportation, in the like of Harry Loose. My imagination is just on full steaming.  ;) Domtia
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