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Initial Appointments to Boards of Directors for Phase I corporations on Urantia

Dear List:

Michael of Nebadon:
 Recently Ron advised three of you by email asking permission to place you on the Board of Directors for at least three corporations he must advise the IRS of, and that to do that he needed their say so it was okay.  Only Steve Gitz questioned the veracity of doing that from Louisiana but Ron made sure they would all be advised by email how to be Directors at this time.  I place the following to the following individuals:

Larry Gossett
Wendy Winter
Steve Gitz
and Ron Besser as the Chair of these Boards:

When preparing for Board Meetings, Ron already knows the procedures well enough to get them useful and getting done what is legally required for them to work.  The following must be assured that he does this all the time:

1) A prayer to the Most High Andromadeus for the efficacy of the Meeting;

2) Second, that all Board Members be aware that their voices are heard and must be appended to the transcript of the Board Meeting in tones of honesty and sincerity of what they speak of in accordance with their own views and sometimes our views as transmitted by these Board Members themselves.  Only Gitz is incapable of transmission and we believe he never will transmit due to an inherent mind problem where he loses focus so quickly sometimes he cannot hear for any length of time.  When Ron determined who should be on the Boards, we asked him if these constitute what he needs as a Board of Directors and he averred that Gitz did not transmit but had corporate experience few on the discussion list had and therefore was entirely appropriate as a sub-Captain to run the Boards if Ron is not available for some reason.

3) Board Meetings are to regularized for every second Tuesday after Phase I begins.  Ron correctly points out that Board Meetings that frequently do not have much business to conduct early on and asks that we remove that requirement for the time being, and directs Larry Gossett to record Board Meetings as the notes of the Board Meeting for the official record.  We realize for the first and following Board meetings that there is no telephone involved and t hat just email will do to establish them.  Third, that these meetings are recorded up here too and you must have some sense of what is to be done, and Ron will prepare the agenda and voting sequence for all of you. Gitz must learn to pay attention to his email and respond properly to schedule notices for receiving Agendas and be prepared vote immediately when Ron sends instructions on voting.

4) These Board meetings are public as it pertains to the discussion list.  Most of you will be bored to death watching or listening to proceedings, but that is the nature of official meetings of corporations these days.  Be assured I will moderate at times in these meetings and Ron will simply record the votes as they come in.

5) No Board Meeting will be called unless all participate.  Once in awhile these meetings will not occur with one or two missing due to the fact we are in the middle of an emergency-style group called a Board of Directors for now.  Ron has made it plain these are temporary appointments until Deity and Divinity are placed on the Boards as Directors and so forth, and that each of the above named will sit on one or more Boards when that is settled with us on Salvington.

6) Try not to give up on being a Board Member as there are four other corporations not name in the appointments for these individuals named above.  The Rayson Corporations; The Estates, Proprty, and Holdings Corporation will require a large Board, and there is no Board of Directors for Starbridge Group contemplated or for the Magisterial Foundation, but more corporations are coming on line shortly so be advise there is plenty of places to serve if you wish to be considered.

7) I am Michael and I carry one caveat on all of this.  Ron has had a rocky life with Boards of Directors who presume they know better than Myself or Serara or Monjoronson, for that is who Ron speaks for when he brings these Boards together under his aegis. Be also assured you may vote you conscience but not invectives as Ron received from enough of them over issues that did not matter at all to the corporation or the means to carry them out at that time.  Today that is the opposite situation as both money and ability to hear the real actions required will be considered on the table at all time.  Remember this: as a Board of Directors is constituted on Urantia, they are above all held to what the law calls Fiduciary responsibility, and all that means is the Board is, at all times, responsible for the good will it engenders and the ability to know when the corporation is affected by outside forces that must be denied in all cases as those forces intend to disband or harm the corporations as they are presently operating.  By opening these corporations up to the use by a Board of Directors, Ron currently holds that to be easy and simple to do so long as he has no one unhappy with the pronouncements that come down from the Salvington government to do this or that as it may be.  Remember, the Board of Directors is the body of the corporation and that each member has to take that into account for the fiduciary responsibility they carry.

"That concludes our speech for today and consider all seven precepts noted above to be my direct quotes to the archiving agency and so on.  Good day."

Mother Spirit - "I add this as an 8th precept:

-8-) No one will be able to advise us unless it is through a Board of Directors meeting and we receive the input as an advisement from Ron or by some Board of Director Member.  All of you are so honored to be on these initial Boards and Mantutia Melchizedek has the following to relate:"

Mantutia Melchizedek - "When I incarnate I will hold these Board Meetings for all of you and let Ron rest on his laurels he has put all of this together years ago waiting for the moment this Mission goes for whatever reason it may have in the past.  Now the rubber hits the road through these Board Meetings as proposed above.  Ron will have to handle the initial meeting or so, but that may be after we arrive due to the fact that the IRS form 1023 (EZ) is just recently submitted twenty-four hours ago and it usually takes the IRS at least ten days to process those forms for each corporation.  The 1023 is an application form for an EIN (Employment Identification Number), that allows the IRS to recognize a non profit organization and they process them slowly due to a work load far beyond what they were designed to do in the 1940's and 1950's.  I will attend to all of this in various guises of input to Ron and the rest of you when you begin receiving the notices for Board Meetings.

"Finally, Ron has been advised these are temporary assignments for all listed above and they are.  But you are probably going to hold these appointments in a more formal way later on if you can manage to conduct Board Meetings as proposed.  Wendy Winter to you:  Ron was advised that since your address is offshore from the United States they could not use it in the application, and Ron told the attorney to use his address as your official address for these Boards.   I am advised that unless you actually attend one meeting in actuality,such a listing is illegal to the United States Justice system and that Ron must amend the filing to include himself as the benefactor of such a listing by submitting a 1025 Forum that those attorneys  are unaware of at this point.  Ron is so advised as of now and that concludes our part in this discussion.

"Further, the House that Jack built is down on its knees this morning as the entire world order is advised of its displacement until Trump is brought into line and faces a firing squad up here if he does not learn to curb his temper as CEO of the United States' well being.  All must realize he has sent shock waves into Russia and China as he means what he says but his finger must be taken off the trigger if N. Korea is to survive at all and much replacement of paper work is going on up here to curb him further.  He will speak less and suddenly become taciturn to the point he hardly says anything anymore.  He has made a fool out of his Secy of State and so on and Tillerson is seriously considering resigning if Trump does not conciliate what he said yesterday in an explosive bursts of pique over being prompted over and over again to shut up.  Let us hope this man is quickly removed through his own resignation from the Presidency and that Pence has the satisfaction of being President briefly and becomes the first President to become part of a divine regency.  I leave it at that for now.  I am Mantutia and wish you a good day."

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