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Calm before the storm
« on: August 13, 2017, 12:24:08 AM »
 Speaker:TA Presoerba
Subject: Love Service
Category: Audio Transmissions
T/R: Ron Hammar Mt Shasta, CA, USA
12 August 2017,  7.05PM    (8-12-17, 13.05am GMT)

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Re: Calm before the storm
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2017, 10:28:18 AM »
[Transcription of R Hammar's Audio 13 Aug 2017 Presoerba]

"Yes, this is your Thought Adjuster, Presoerba, and Son as the new day starts, so you start T/R ing. Today is one day closer and soon the Mission will be started to be felt and seen. There has not been much activity and even as you noticed this morning, there seemed to be a quietness within, that is true, but it will not be for long. The expression is: 'the quiet before the storm or the calm before the storm,' it is often said. 

"There is a storm coming. it will change things so dramatically, profoundly  and wonderfully in the big scheme of things as The Father's will starts to be done on Urantia. Answers to prayers that have been prayed for so long, start to be realized and with that the opportunity of service, all phases available, in so many different places and so many different ways.

"Yet it will all collectively be for the glory of God, exciting times, and one that you want to be involved in. Thank you for making yourself available in doing the T/R, in these times that are times that will not be repeated, for the changes of this world, will be gone for ever. Yes the expression:  'gone with the wind', never to be reconstructed, never to have the sorrow and the greif that is so prevelent, so devestating, So son, be at peace today, as you serve and doing The Fathers will in that which you perceive. Domtia...."

Daniel in Las Vegas, 970 618 1214, danielalderfer@hotmail.Com, While he was still a great way off his Father saw him and had compassion.