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Sharing Received Transmission
« on: January 13, 2018, 03:46:04 PM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Sharing Received Transmission
Category: Threads For New Transmissions
T/R: Michael S. Queen, Kasaan, Alaska USA  
Saturday, January 13, 2018  1800 UTC

Just begin writing, My son – set aside your worries and concerns, postpone errands, and let us spend some time together this day. I would like to speak to certain of your ideas about this receiving practice we have been doing. I know how cognizant you are of guarding against a 'mind at mischief' when practicing your receptions. You are aware, as well, how purely animal or otherwise mortal desire can subvert clear and unambiguous connection. The very facts that you are aware of, and practice, rigorous discernment of the actual sources of received instructions serve you and We on high very well.

It is not enough to remove yourself from your daily world to connect with Father and His servants – it is where most all of you must begin, it is realized. However, what becomes crucial to the lives of mortal humans who have chosen an ascendant path is taking that conscious connection, that living relationship, that coupled consciousness, into every thought, word, and action of your daily lives. Receiving clearly and with strength of the transmitted instruction is not only about a Sinai-like removal of self from your fellows, so one might return with The Word. For your purposes, as you serve Him by serving your fellows, The Word is less indicated than the many 'little' words of comfort, compassion, concern, and care your fellows need in that particular moment and that are inspired and transmitted by spirit personalities through you – the receiving faith son or faith daughter.

The idea, the hoped-for goal, We would see realized in each of you is a receptive connection that is woven into your every moment, your every movement… a receptive and sharing willingness in your service and ministry. It is not that any one of you become possessed of information or knowledge that distinguishes you from your fellows, or exalts you personally in any way. More often than not, you have simply asked a more specific question than someone else. The truth is, that every single thing that is pertinent to humans' needs and desires are fully available to all. The sad fact is that so few of you just… ask.

I need to remind you, as well as your fellows, that once you have freely chosen to be led by the Father, you are allied with the power, the love, the resources, the whole providence and loving support of Paradise. Still, you persist in abasing yourselves and will not believe, much less accept you are imbued with all that you are. It is incumbent upon a faith son and faith daughter to exercise their free will and ask. Ask, and you shall receive. Knock, and it will be opened unto you. Simple as it may sound, it is simply overlooked or forgotten by humankind.

That which is freely given to one is to be freely shared with all who ask. You, who are the recipients of spirit communication, are not oracles, but rather, ones who pass on the good word you were given by another. Having been taught, ascending creatures teach – share – what they have learned, and remain receptive – teachable – that they might be able to pass along even more to their fellows.

 I will not belabor the points I have shared with you, My son. Go this day, with these words and lessons in your mind and heart, and share with all who have an ear to hear, an eye to behold, or a hand to receive. Go in Father's peace. Good day.

michael s. queen
PO Box 19470
Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919-0470


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Re: Sharing Received Transmission
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2018, 05:55:55 PM »
@Michael Queen, Thank you for sharing Michael of Nebadon's lesson on discernment, the importance of asking and forever being a teacher and student.

I am reminded by my beloved Controller of the wonderful lesson Jesus taught his fortunate student, Ganid; UB130.3.7 "The true teacher maintains his intellectual integrity by ever remaining a learner."