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Inevitable On The Job Training
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Mantutia- The Inevitable  On The Job Training – Larry Gossett – 17 January 2018  - Florida

Subject: Inevitable On The Job Training
Speaker: Mantutia
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida - 17 January 2018 -  13:16 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“Good morning all, this is Mantutia and I come  to you and I know that this takes you a bit by surprise although it shouldn’t since you know that  most of you, who will  work directly with the Missions will be working directly and in tandem under my leadership and direction and I will take you, just as  I have taken Ron, under my wing and we all will be joined at the hip so to speak.
“In the weeks ahead, after the Missions have been settled in to their new home with restored offices that  will be prepared  for this work, those that will be brought to York  and even those who will work from where they are, will be receiving some very intensive, concentrated and inspired training and education. This intensified training commences quite soon.   I know many of you question just what this work will specifically involve and even wonder what you have to offer, as a mortal, such a Mission as this is.  But,  dear ones, rest assured  that not only will you receive that  inevitable “on the job training,” you will have this intensified training and I tell you this, you all should be able to inwardly sense that, you  have at you immediate disposal much more than you might realize.  I am sure that you will be quite surprised  and involved with one such as  Ron will instill, quite quickly, within you a predilection and heightened desire for learning for he possesses a very special way of teaching that you have not yet been exposed to from just through this limited internet connection as members of  this discussion forum. Through him  you will find will  propel and increase your knowledge, experience, spirit education  and learning.  Ron possess this very special gift of being able to  teach others in the ways of transmitting and receiving and you will all learn quickly how to improve your abilities.
“Let Me talk and review briefly about Spiritual “drawing power”   Your Bible, such as it is, and  your original Urantia Book wrote about this  “Spiritual Drawing Power” of Jesus.  For those who have the love of the Father in their hearts and the intention and motivation  of doing Father’s  Will and accepts the  mandate and invitation  to be perfect as the Father is Perfect, this drawing power is almost irresistible.   Many instances and stories of those that were simply  yet totally drawn to Jesus because of His innate Goodness and Presence are many and well founded.   The same is true of Machiventa Melchizedek in His role as  the Sage of Salem as He too walked and lived upon the lands of Urantia.
 “ Remember, dear ones, that We as Spirit Beings have  thousands upon thousands of years of experience and expertise  and when once Spirit Beings Incarnate on a material world in the Universes of Time and Space We possess those similar levels of  Spiritual Drawing Power.   As We come to Urantia to initialize these Missions, those that are associated in any way with these Missions, once they and you rid themselves of that element of being “star stuck,” as you call it,  you will be able to advance quite quickly and assimilate the opportunities and educations that we bring.
  “As you come in the actual Presence of Incarnated Spirit Beings  that come to serve these Mission and you have direct contact and interaction with these multiple associations, you will  near instantly absorb teaching, knowledge and a new elevated level of experience that is beyond your  current experience.  Trust in Us and accept that what I tell you here and now is quite and literally true.
“I know that many of you often may feel a bit unqualified for this work and that is only natural, but that feeling will quickly diminish and will evaporate right before your eyes as you get down to the business of  doing the Father’s Will and as you carry out the multiple tasks and assignments and unprecedented opportunities and challenges that you be given and shown to you as staff and associates of this Magisterial Mission to Urantia.   This type of OJT as you call it,   will bring you a new level of confidence that you may be lacking right now as you look at your humanness .   Working with Spirit at these new levels can, in and of themselves, project and quite literally launch you into new heights of knowledge and understanding quite rapidly.  
“ As you specifically think of the newly proposed Ministry of the Interior and the possible opportunities to  eventually meet and work  with Incarnated Spirit Beings,  Ron, Foreign and Domestic Dignitaries, and  important  World Leaders both from the Governments of the World and Religious Leaders Representing  Urantia’s many Approaches to God, always  as Representatives of the many and varied aspects and goals of the Missions , know that  it will take little time for you  to  gather the  needed experience, but more importantly know and accept that you will receive precisely what you need  to carry out, achieve,  and succeed and accomplish   just what is expected of you.  Know that you will be representing Spirt Values, Spirit goals rather than those gathered from your own  personal experience.
“You can quickly learn by the actual doing of the Will of the Father and working with those who soon come to finally get these Missions on the ground.   Spirit certainly and without doubt has it’s way to smooth out mold and sculpt each of you to give you the necessary, required and recommended knowledge that you will need.
“ Yes,dear ones, you are all as diamonds in the rough and We as  Spirit, with your dedicated will and choice will  shave off these rough angles and you all will shine brightly in your service to the Father and to the Missions.  I am your diamond cutter and on this you may depend as you work with Me, as Mantutia  and with many others who bring Urantia to her senses and out of the darkness, out of the this insanity  that has caused her blindness, and out of the throes of rebellion.   This  light that we bring will illuminate every corner and crevice of Urantia.   Know and accept this as you will all be assigned, trained and as you will experience all that is in store for you personally and eventually  for all on Urantia.
 “Be open and willing to receive my training, work diligently as your “on the job training” soon begins to take shape and give you the experience that all will require.. many times indeed,  , so listen for my words and answer this call to service.   This is the calling that you have answered that has brought you here in this time and  in this place.   It is a time like no other in Urantia History.  Take my message to heart and soul and all will be well.   This is Mantutia and I bid you a better day.”


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Re: Inevitable On The Job Training
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Hello Larry and Mantutia,..., This is Great news and motivating!!!!

  "I Am your Servant"
   "I Am your Liege"
   "I Am yours to the Facher's Will on the Behalf of Urantia"

This is a beautiful day for me!!!! ;) :) :D ;D 8)