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Hello my dear friends, this morning I came across this astonishing scientific discovery. Do mind,  it took some thirty years of studies for this to come to its findings and I am really amazed! When I was living in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia,  of all places,  in a block of high rise units, our family had a nasty experience with these hideous critters, they are truly sneaky and blood thirsty! I got to see them under my geological magnifying glass and they are the most alien looking creatures, they appear to be looking like mean voraptuorus machines! Very hardy and intent in their ability of speed and hiding. A good steamer machine got them under control among other protective measures we took to get them from eating us! After some online searching, we also found how they can last up to twelve months without a blood feed, Here is the link below to discover they even go back to the dinosaur era, and now I am seeing how hardy they can be and why studying these creatures can help find ways to control their encroachment on humans. I am still reeling from this amazing study. Hope this gets sorted as I sure don't want us humans have to get so many bites as these critters gave some of our family members in our time in our Darwin unit.


Much love to you all.

Discuss This Web Site / ELVARDIEL
« on: May 11, 2019, 07:02:03 AM »
Ron, I notice this, and all in blue in CAPITALS. Is this a new addition to the Admin work here on this Site? The name jumped out to me instantly for some reason, it almost seems a Teacher name.


Teacher: Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son
Subjects: A Time Reversal, the Dalamatia Schools, Adam and Eve as Teachers, Joshua ben Joseph to light the way, and the SER and Periodical Editions of revelations to come.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 07/05/2019 9.30am (AEST)


“Let it be known here to forthwith that the times of old will be revisited. It is a step back into the ancients of old where you learn your origins, your heritage and placement...

[There is a pause in transmission, is there more Sir?]

“ Yes but there is a reconfiguration, the lines are getting busy now, we continue as it were”  [Ok. Let us continue, Sir.]

“Now what I am saying is that there is a time reversal to learn anew the ancient method of esotericism in that there once was the School in Dalamatia where it was that many aspects were to be taught in the arts, structure and architecture, engineering, agriculture and of course the art of religion and philosophy in mota form. There was instituted an advanced form of learning for the ancient humans, but the progress of human learning was at a snail pace slowness that was met with the difficulties of gaining any interest. The history is to be learned and restored to understand why and where your human progress has been derailed at that juncture of evolutionary progress.

“Notwithstanding, the times you are in are very wanting of the need for that missing link in your human ability to gain with greater insight than it is now. Had it been set in progress long ago, your world could very much be in the early stages of Light and Life at this time scale. I am Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son for Urantia. I bring these lessons to bear in that it is necessary to allow such healthy insights in what level of time manifestations that has been to your planet’s evolutionary health. Unfortunately, the Lucifer Rebellion and the Caligastia betrayal has led to your planet to be placed in isolation due to contain the fallout of rebellion in your Local Universe of Nebadon. Your one time Planetary Prince, Caligastia, was tasked to bring your peoples to that mark of spiritual upliftment in those ancient times. However, due to the rebellion, the uplift did not get the impetus due to the lack of wise counsel on the part of the rebellious Prince who caused so much more harm than good in the years that prevailed.

“Never mind this now, let history stand as a testament in learning, it is now to be placed in a time reversal back to the days of Dalamatia once more to instill the high learning and schooling your generation requires to set the course of spiritual upliftment that is so necessary in your evolutionary experience of living and doing in a manner far more different to the so called “house that Jack built” (modern civilization)  all these years. Those years is an interim and it is time to take a step back in time to relearn the first steps of the ladder in the Dalamatia Schooling it once was so magnificently set for you. Adam and Eve your material son and daughter will take on this new initiative to gather such an impetus of high learning of the arts, the history, the agriculture and the inner religion of heart and soul and mind. There is a lot coming in your world to enable humans to progress in the ascensionary adventure that is for you to climb onwards into the eternal path of great mota and fusion status with your Thought Adjuster. Yes, each one of you are bestowed with the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth from Christ Michael and you are endowed with the gift of the Mystery Monitor that guides and prompts you in your inner path to find Him and seek Him who is your Source and Center. As much as it is unfolded for you in the revelatory papers contained in The Urantia Book, there is more to be told and corrected and added to these magnificent Papers for you to learn of, as it comprises so much more that is not contained in The Urantia Book. There is to be further revelation to be imparted to you as to be contained in Periodical Editions as well as in Epochal Papers to be issued in the near future for the benefit of greater understanding of what is not revealed to you in this moment of Local Universe history. What is contained in The Urantia Book is limited in language and scope and not all was placed in these Papers for it was not the time to be so revealed due to the level of human ability to absorb the advanced stages of insight. Now you are all at a level that is ready to receive the greater part of revelation that is necessary to set the history in its proper context and relation to the evolutionary stages of your progress.

“Herein, do we pertain to the task at hand to unfold once more the necessary detail of human progress, the many changes your Local Universe has undergone in response to the Lucifer Rebellion and the newer amalgamation of five other Local Universes to conform to resourceful collaboration in many ways unknown to you. This information is to be placed in your new second Urantia Book also known as the Sixth Epochal Revelation. It is ready to be so placed before you for your reading and profound impact on your own mind in relation to the many things now coming to light for you to understand and accept as very much relatable to your experience. It is with the experience of such a harsh environment and life that you are greatly undergoing an intense level of many facets of emotion, choices and life challenges. Such is the life of a Urantian. Most other worlds in the Local Universe do not have such a long drawn out wash as you do even now. There is evolution, but in real terms to us, there ought always to be ascension in learning and spiritual progression. Your world is yet to reach the heights, the depths, the widths, and the lengths of a “rubber band” that is your experience with the superb and sublime Adjuster that is your light and life forever. For this we come to bring forth, to let it spring into your activity more and more as a natural extension of yourself as it is already.

“It is now time to close this session and let it stand as an insight into the stages of life to come for you. Joshua ben Joseph is to allow this new torch to be lit on your paths to know where to turn and follow your pursuits to excellence and perfection as it is your calling to climb the ladder in the schools that is soon to be opening up in various centers. Know that is so planned and so intended to get as much to learn and to progress in a more rapid expansion as it is the ripe time to channel all your enthusiasm and energy in the good purpose it offers you. It holds more meaning for you to follow the path of God where you know there is an eternal adventure to pursue to the heights and depths and widths of the Almighty Paradise Trinity who is in every way very much at one with you as you are in Thee. It is your destiny to so choose the Life Eternal before you. This will be all for now, be well and good day.”


[Thank you Margul for such a wonderful lesson in learning about the Schools that will help us all to progress so nicely, I look forward to these days, may it all go well soon for Joshua ben Joseph and His Team. Sue.]

Teachers: Pre’Mtor and Michael of Nebadon
Subjects: The presence of Joshua ben Joseph and the coming crisis to be prepared for
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 06/05/2019 3.45pm(AEST)

Sue’s Adjuster,Pre’Mtor speaks:

“So you are here to listen and thank you for placing yourself with me. I have much for you to relay if you can stand the traffic that is building, no punctuation or stops as we go here, you can edit this later.

“Suffice to say we have Michael doing hula hoops to get with his incarnation and to deal with the humans on the planet of his nativity. As your Adjuster, I align with you to place this here in readiness for you and others who are to get going with the work of transmitting the messages and lessons we have for you to know about.”

Michael of Nebadon:

“This is Michael here Sue, I wish to speak here if I may, [go ahead Father Michael], good, I have two things to speak to and that is of import for all of you to have the heads up on these two matters. One, is to be for you to know I am orchestrating a lot to get working well in due course of my eighth and final bestowal to Urantia. I am to be known as Joshua ben Joseph and that is to be widely spoken of in relation to who I am among you once more. As your brother among you, I come; as your Universal Father, I lord it as a Shepherd among his flock of sheep; as a teacher, I bring the right way to learn and grow for most who care to listen to me. There is the second one, of what matters to you and that is, of your human survival and safety in the coming confusion that my incursion will make, I stress calm in the midst of the storm, which is temporal, and this will soon pass, as things become more acceptable, for many to receive as true and natural in their course of awareness. Understanding my presence, is the biggest hurdle for most to overcome and the real purpose of my mission among you. Why now you ask? [Yes Michael] Well, it is quite simple and that is because I can’t stand the thought of losing too many of you without the knowledge they require to take with them in the adventure that is before them to take if they will. You are all my children, and I care to let the cat out of the bag, as it were, to tell you the purpose of your life and your destiny. That is the main reality I must bring to your ears and for your heart to be in with the Father of All, the Source of your being.

[Thank you Michael for explaining this in simple terms, can you tell me what else you have for us to know and be careful of in the wake of your arrival with the host that accompany you?]

“Yes, there is a host indeed, some will incarnate and most will be morontial to guard and to manage the massive upset I may cause in the initial stages of my bestowal. I do not wish any harm or danger, but there needs to be a start somewhere to get going with, in the terms of what we are soon to face, as a challenge when the Planetary Supreme has to move in the polar shift that is already creeping to the level of cracking. The Power Directors have managed so far to keep it from bellowing prematurely, but there is only a matter of time for it to collapse, under its own weight of pressure and high temperatures. The planetary core is now at a level of heat that needs venting very soon and requires to be released any moment in the very near future. Hence, why my presence will be the tipping point of focalised attention, both in terms of planetary emergency and management, both politically and economically. That will be all for now, more is to be forthcoming when I can settle the incarnation process that I am to undertake. Keep well and be well all of you, may you be in my peace and good day.”

[Thank you Father Michael for these precious words for us to learn and be well aware of what is to come. May we be well prepared and understanding of all that has to be and may the Father’s will be done. Amen.]


Hi All,
I share this link here:

While I browse around some news, this caught my attention as it is so heartening to see some positive goodness coming from our younger generations and my word, what a nice thing to see! Is this the new bunch of the inspired children coming through to improve certain aspects of life on the planet? Reading this article certainly brings this out in the way these younger ones wish to be doing some good, my own grown up kids are of the same ilk too. It is a really good thing to see and makes me rejoice.


Speakers: Sue, Pre’Mtor and Michael of Nebadon
Subject: The Prince of Peace and Michael’s Mission Plans
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 19/04/2019  10.30am(AEST)

Sue: Hello my dear friends, Members and Guests,
Today is Good Friday here in Australia. I rested well and am taking these public holidays with good rest from the earthly chores to spend time with the Father in prayer and praise. As I reflect on this day, an event that happened two millennia ago, I can hardly relate to that era as I am a child of the modern era of so much water that went under the bridge. A history and a time, our brother, Jesus, who walked and talked and went about to bring the good news of peace and love. The angels and Gabriel who brought in the news of his arrival to herald the age this Son of God is to bring goodwill and peace among men. It is with tragedy, Jesus was not well received by his own people who elected to have him die a death so harshly, we in this age, find it so barbaric. The Romans were a cruel machine of war and death.  They did, however, bring in a civil order in the empire they fought so hard to gain. That is another story for another day. It is Jesus, I am thinking of and this morning, my Adjuster, had sought to reassure me that Michael is working out his new design, to be trusted in the same vein as Jesus was about, in his day, to bring good will and peace once more to our shores.

Sue’s Adjuster, Pre’Mtor speaks:

“You know the true sense for what Jesus came to do and be about in the Father’s business, he accomplished much and brought so much good will among his fellows, it is the peace of God that he brings and so I speak to let you know of my peace among you as your Father within. Be in my peace as I am in you and with you. Jesus is your Prince of Peace among you and it is with my peace that I send him once more to you. Be in my peace, my dear ones, as I bring all things unto me. If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me. This Jesus has sought to do and be about, he will do so again to bring the truth unto you that He and I are one and the same.

“For too long you have walked the long rope of isolation and it must now be no more. It is time you know your Source and Center in whom you have your being. It is your will with mine that I seek in you. Come to me all of you, I am the light and the way, the eternal Spirit.”

Michael of Nebadon speaks:

“Lanaforge and I are working out a progressive program of ascension among you as it is required to get you up to speed with the Local Universe’s evolutionary status. Your world has fallen backward and it needs to get back to a level of mind attunement and spiritual attainment. To do this, will require schooling and dissemination of revelation soon to be announced. This is in the pipeline of our thoughts, yet we are mindful of the challenges that Urantia presents itself in that there is a poor spiritual consciousness in most that inhabit the earth at this time. Notwithstanding, we continue to get advice and counsel on High to be apprised of the appropriate way to handle rebellion in all its forms that do exist among the populace. The Universal Father is understanding of the many challenges that we face, and it is not for the immediate fix that we attend to, but for your eternal careers that we intend to get into focus among you as is expedient. Too many die not knowing or caring of their inheritance. So your heritage, your history, your destiny must be made known and how we go about this is now under our design as we attend to it with many on this side of the veil. You know that to build a magnificent building, the architects must first start with the drawing of the design, the steps to create a working space, the careful laying of the foundations upon which the stones are laid to rest and the structure can be concealed in mud and mortar to hold it well together. The careful ongoing project management will require patience, perseverance and faithfulness that this structure will most certainly take shape and be a wonder to behold when it finally reaches those early stages of Light and Life.

Therein, we go about the work of planning, of designing and taking in effect those areas that will be workable and doable among men. It is not a usual form for us on this side of the veil to work with humans in divine Missions as it is usual for it to be of spiritual input and recognition that you climb the ladder in successive stages of development and understanding. Such has been the psychic circles that is to be in your journey of experience. You know the builder cannot show you the final product until the first stone is laid and set and then all else falls into place, so too does it occur that you as a faith child of God learn the way and will of the Father of All that works within you in your faith journey. The Father has set the stone in you and upon which he builds and gains your heart that points north to His magnet of love and purpose. So there, we must go about the work to bring about good will and love among men. This is the way of Father’s beauty in you to be good and do good as He is also in you. I am your Local Universe Father and bring this unto you to know the way that is and always will be for you. Seek Him while He may be found for He is very much in you and is your Spiritual North. I count this session with the same sentiment Sue has this morning, to be in my peace and may my peace be with you this day. K.”

Thank you Father and Michael of Nebadon and Lanaforge for bringing these heartfelt thoughts to bear on our own minds as you work to bring about the things of God we so badly need in this modern day and age. I pray that all will go well with your plans and willingness to so serve to help us all in the way of the Father of All.


It is beautiful is it not, the leaves are falling, the colors change from green to yellow to orange and then red, they drop ever so and causing a blanket upon the ground through which it is a splendor to see such leaves in color and shape. It is the changing of the season and quite apt as it befits what we are now seeing that has such impetus in our lives. Through it all there is a lively experience in that we know all that has been and can be thrown in our wake. There, I am driving to work and have a smile to see the new dawn and the leaves of the trees so colorful in the Autumn morning. How I love the change in the seasons and the colors and all the wonder of nature that does show such splendor. Thank you Father for such seasons to enjoy.

And now here we are on the cusp of change that is coming to make us stand up and take notice. The work is plentiful and the challenges ever present, yet there is always the sense of wonder to go for the joy of work, of duty, of seeing the day unfold. It is one day but packs so many minutes, hours and the sun rises and warms the day with pleasant expectations.

It sounds poetic but is true all that I experience in the morn as I go about the daily grind of work. The moment to take in the beauty is priceless. Nothing can replace that few minutes of glory before the sun fully rises. What a twilight, what a moment to reflect and pause in thought with you Father. How it is, how it changes so, with every second of the ray of sun that comes, the colors get ever so brighter, the leaves ever glorious to show. The crisp morning air so fresh and clean, the birds chirping and singing your praise oh Father! Somehow the dawn arrives and so is your splendor before us to see out of the darkness of the long night. How it will be for your unfolding grace before us in the work of renewal and revival for your children. Praise be to the Father who gives us such to find you and know you.

There is one, there is two, then there is more who can place their hand to the wheel to move just an inch to see the motion that you have so willed for your plans for us. How wonderful, how wise and how you are with us all. Thank you Father!

So I sit still and listen and wait for you to speak or whomsoever you have for me to hear, if you will Father……

“Mighty is the sword, but greater is my word among you as I speak it onto you. For unto you I bring the good news through My Sons who wear my name fully. It is with the Source that they go about the work of upliftment in your place of habitat, it is for your benefit anyhow what they go about to do in your place. As the heart races, as the heart beats and so do I when it comes to my placement on the planet of my creation. It is I your Father, your friend, your Source and Center that brings it all unto me. For if it was not of me, then whom do you go my dear one? Jesus is of me and from me and is come to you from me in Paradise as He goes about the work of God in your midst. There is much for you to learn and more beside to gather with Him who love to put their hand to the wheel as He does with me. There you have it and so let us move forward as the wheel so turns quite naturally as you all know it well enough. This time it will be necessary to have a big spanner to crank it, so it can get loose from the rust that has so piled up and grown into the axle that it surly needs a good yank by the strong ones I send who are capable to do this and see it work well.

“No doubt there is more in this work and more hands on the wheel will make light work of it for sure. I am happy things are coming of fruition when things become naturally expedient. Now there, have a good faith in you that all things consist in me. I am your Father and I have one other here that wishes to speak….

“Yes, Sue, you could not figure out who it is that is in your mind, you know it is a Son of High Origin and so it is, I am the Eternal Son, I speak eloquently and sufficient now. I speak through the Master Spirit Aya….there, there, you know now the good sense of origin here. There is more to be given, more to be acquired, more to aspiring and so much can be attained you have yet to attain. Still here you are listening to your indwelling Spirit that is the pure Spirit and Energy of the Father and I. The Trinity of one is in you and speaks as one. More is to be for you and all who listen as I speak through this one who punches out on the typewriter and let it run, let this be for you all to know, the Universe is ours to see and mend and that is to get it well done on your world as well as the others that must heed the Father of All. The time universe must come into completion and be so learning of all that is in it to learn and be exhausted of. No amount of exhaustion is spared. As this has to be lived and experienced as you are in your time and place to know it well. Why it is, is due in regard to how you come to completion with Us as One in Infinity and how you arrive at such complete understanding with Us and all that we are. Your time on earth is small, yet this has the potential to grow into the actuality of reality that we are in Infinity. The wheel gives you some glimpse as to the enterprise we work as and are so entwined in gathering, in bestowing and in beholding the Spirit of oneness. This is the truth and the fruit, you will come to taste as you climb into your Ascension career from one earth to another in the realms of infinity. Here I am as one with you, the Eternal Son of Paradise that sends this message to you. Jesus comes from me to you to bring the good will, the peace and the joy of everlasting life to all who are willing to take it up. My message closes with this saying: Live and let live as I am life eternal with the Father.”KK.

Now, I am quite normal in receiving, thank you Father. And thank you the Eternal Son for speaking through Aya, the Master Spirit of the Seventh Super Universe of time and space. Much is greatly taken to heart and much is yet to attain, I am ever grateful for the impetus here. Good day my Lord and my God.


5pm AEST


Threads for New Transmissions / A Dream, And Ankara and Probius Speaks
« on: March 30, 2019, 04:47:18 AM »
Teachers: Sue, Ankara and Probius
Subject: A Dream, And Ankara and Probius Speaks
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 30/03/2019 5.16pm(AEDT)

Sue writes here in general discussion:

I write this now as I sit to recall last night’s dream. There are a few things in it I vividly remember and they are:
  • A map that looked like a jigsaw puzzle as the pieces were all made of pure gold, all of them. It was the pieces of the fifty States of the United States of America. I saw the thumb and finger (perhaps mine?) holding a piece to join it meticulously into the puzzle of the other pieces that lay well in brazen gold.
  • Then, there was a tour of each piece with some others. Sort of like in the movie starring Chevy Chase in the National Lampoons. Some funny parts and some hairy ones too.
  • As I woke up to ponder on the meaning of this dream, even though last night, I read the Wikipedia subject on The Bretton Woods System, I do not know if that was playing on my mind as I went to sleep, but in the morning after the dream, I could not help but think it may be related to it and I had a sense that Ankara was speaking through my Adjuster to relay to me a future work in all the States and Territories. Why I saw it in ‘gold’, I have no idea, but perhaps the Bretton Woods System will have such an imprint on the monetary management that underlies the dream.[I read it due to Ron Besser mentioning it some time ago and I was prompted to read its history thoroughly as it has a lot to do with revisiting it in the Magisterial Mission]

These few things still remain in my memory from this morning in the late afternoon as I sit, and for some reason, I am writing this as if it has some importance to it. I do not know what or why. All I know is I saw it, I traveled it and I saw ‘gold’ in the pieces held with delicate care and placed in its geographical spot in the puzzle. So here am I, I pray to seek now for the answer to this that puzzles me.

Last night, I was also reading the first 17 pages of the Timeline (before I got so tired and had to call it a night) and the long history of attempts to getting the Urantia Book to be placed here on the planet. Whatever it may be, the dream did transport me to various locations and experiences and it felt so akin to the National Lampoon movie. We got up to all sorts of tricky situations and somehow was able to laugh about it anyhow until I woke up realizing I am dreaming it!

Ankara spoke and made me see that it is an adventure like no other before. As this time, I will get to see places I have not been before.

One moment: Ankara is here to speak:

“Silently you listen, but in your sleep you are in training. The dreams are those lessons for you to explore and gather in you with your Adjuster those intrinsic values and insights that will emerge in time as endearing and familiar as if you have been there before. And indeed you have, so as for you to better able to handle the situations that befall you. The challenges are never easy, but with these insights, you know, deep in you, that I am with you, enabling you to see through the veneer and rejoice in it, knowing full well there is a divine purpose in it all. What you are now is what you will become. You are no more than you are, but what you are as a human in the world of your nativity. The dreams are: sometimes portray your future selves; sometimes lessons of value; sometimes they are the essence of a multiple array of conjecture to force you to think, intuitively, in the hope you are wiser than you think you are in the present moment of time. All of these are the lessons of input, your Adjuster places you in the path of insightful knowledge for your own growth and potential. I merely come into this to say what your Adjuster is also saying, ‘learn this as it is a part of you that grows to teach you what it is you have’.  This is all for now. I am Ankara, your assigned teacher, along with Probius, who has this to say.

“This is Probius: I keep this in short and brief sentences. Know yourself well. Keep the faith and trust that this is not the end but merely the one station among the many stations that a train ride will visit to enable these vistas to explore the higher plane of thought. Probius to sign out now. More later when you are free from the mortal work and are at ease to receive us. Good day. K.”


Sue here again:

Thank you Ankara, Probius and my endearing Adjuster that makes me behoove to listen and take in what is so pressing to receive. I am so grateful and ever eager to learn. In the still of the night, all is quite crystal. It is only when I wake up and meet the day’s grueling hospital work, does it all go in a blur, until I finally sit down after dinner to let it reemerge in my memory what it was that I just enjoyed so much during the night’s adventure in another land.

I thought to share this. If it helps then that’s great. In afterthought, what comes to my mind the possibility of multiple layers of learning and training may be in process in some of us who are receptive to such vivid displays in the mind. If so, then it is a steep learning curve. Mother Spirit hinted to me this is the case when I have Ankara and Probius working with me. I feel I may be pushing the boundaries a little here in saying that, yet there is certainly a lot of work to go yet.


Teachers: Michael of Nebadon, the Deity Absolute, Mother Spirit, Ankara and Machiventia Melchizedek
Topics: The “Tap Run and Stop” Transmission - A Test Run; A Resumption of Lessons with Ankara and Probius.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 23/03/2019 7.29pm (AEDT)

Incoming. Wait one moment please - Universe Administration - Michael of Nebadon wishes to speak - note of dictation - stop.

Michael is present here - different style of dictation to be transmitted here. Brief points of notation to press release vital press release for human consumption. Point form and brief statements to be released. New forms of dictation to be received. This is a test only to see how you go. So far good. It is jarring, makes the points clearly visible. Brief and to the point is what is intended. Full stops are to be placed. Each sentence is meant to be. No flowing styles as emergency management must be placed as an urgent concern. This is the Universe Administration of Nebadon. A body of organised personnel to care for decisions to be made for the well-being of universe coordination. Michael is your Universe Sovereign, the Creator Son of Nebadon in conjoint action with the Federation of five additional Local Universes, neighboring Nebadon, in the seventh superuniverse sector of the Master Universe called Orvonton. Uversa is the capital of Orvonton. Uversa holds the records of the Supreme in time records. There is much to relay. Continue to hold the line as the pressure grows in your internal connection with the universal reflectivity circuit. New information is to be relayed shortly - Connection disrupted by the Deity Absolute…..

Deity Absolute speaks -

Hold your breath as the circuits will build forthwith in Nebadon as the quarantine is being lifted to enable revelation to flow as I deem it necessary. Father relents. Those who are fused will sense it acutely and will be surrounded in light. The Supreme is to hold back all pressure and see to the rebels who sway the righteous. The Liaison Forces are abounding and will hold all to justice. K

Connection dropped - pause for resumption….

Mother Spirit -

“This is a rather tense type of verbal for Sue to take dictation of. It is both jarring and nonsensical. There is a point to make in brief short statements. That has to stand on its own merits as it is relayed. This is a practice run for this type of broadcast. We call it the “TAP RUN AND STOP” transmission. Sort of like the old Morse code tapping function, only it is relayed in short sentences as the above is stated. This here is too, only that I lengthen it to explain it, in softer tones for you to grasp as to what is transpiring here.

“Sue, you got the sense quickly with building pressure and started writing even when it seems more stranger than fiction at the beginning, but you quickly cotton on to it. Nicely done for what it is. Do continue to recognize it as it will build in strength soon enough. This is Mother Spirit. End of Connection. K.”

Ankara -

“Wait a minute![just when I thought it was finished for the night..] Not so quick dear one - this is Ankara, and Probius is here with me to speak. We are one in this work with you to gather the tendons in you to build you the wherewithal to work closely in our circle as we resume the work of teaching. As the Circle of Seven, we are a tightly knit group from Paradise as Liaisons of import to do with the Magisterial Mission upon Urantia. It is in procession and will have its manifestations fully known to the public as certain pressures become evident and requires our timely assistance to avert the dangers inherent due to these manifold compounding pressures.

“As Ankara, I hold the length of cord that measures what can work and Probius is able to see beyond the scope of the measuring tape I hold. In this, we work well to better the process with you in your mind as to the progress you all can make as humans with the divine Father Adjuster you are endowed with.

“This is so to be accounted and to be given what you need to further your faith in the steps going forward in your lives. I am Ankara and am very pleased to be back in the saddle to ride it out with those of you who can sit and listen to my lessons, of which, there are many to get going with, in all earnest. I bid you well and look forward to another time and place as this has been afforded to receive. Good day. K.”

[Post Note - Machiventia Melchizedek speaks - “Sue type this up! - I know you are exhausted, but do keep up with this NOW, we need you too! K.k.k. “
T/R Note: Sue: “o.k. Thank you all so much, I get it. Good. Sue. ]


[T/R note: Hi folks, the word "Multitasking" came to me as a prompt and I sat down in prayer and asked Father if there is anything He wishes to speak to here. The following transmission speaks for itself.]

Teachers:Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit
Subject: Multitasking
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 19/03/2019 11.00am(AEDT)

“Multitasking is ever in your abilities to use and is ever present. Why I state this is to allow you to know you can do more than one thing. The ability to listen, to translate my voice in written form and to word it in your vocabulary is something ongoing and persistent. Now there is ever the need to press you to stay the course in with intuition, understanding and keep this flowing in your psychic abilities. This will keep you in awareness mode of operation as we will require those of you to be in touch with the reflectivity circuit that is running in all areas of the Magisterial Mission. This is now in earnest to reach as many of you who can transmit and receive our lessons, messages and prompts. The ‘round robin’ that has been practiced by the four Commissioners in the meeting is a measure of reflectivity and is so that the service can reach as many that can do this work of receptivity in our communication circuits. As it works to bring the flow of communication and pressing matters to the fore in what may concern you in the coming transition that is very much imminent in all possibility when the incarnated personnel arrive to commence their operation in various areas of concern. I am happy to report this to you so in order to get those of you to resume your abilities in receiving our communications if you will. As you asked, who it is that is speaking right now and that is none other than your Local Universe Father that runs this circuits to allow the messages to come to you.

“I am Michael of Nebadon here to present to you the ability you have in you to multitask in this with me as you do now. So many of you can do this, but do not get off your duff to apply yourself to the typewriter and get going with what is easily flowing in the speed it takes to drink a cup of coffee.Sue has her eyes shut and is touch typing as fast as she can do it to let me speak as it ought to do so. So often the time I speak , the mind of the human shuts me out and does not let this missive have its proper inflow as it does here. Sue does not let this get in her way, rather she lets all the errors go and just keeps it open long enough for me to get going with what has to be relayed. Now this, keep with me all of you, I need your prayers and willingness to place yourself in service for the coming work we have to go with. The tasks are many and the skills you all have can be used well in many instances where it can be helped. So often, doubt creeps in and that is not helpful to anyone, when we need the courage of a bull to sternly take on what has to be taken on as things become really necessary to fight the good fight of faith and truth. As Jesus did so many times in his years on earth to stand tall and tell it as best as he could. You will also likely be my disciples in this as well. There you have the moment of truth and the moment of joy in the work that paves the way for many to come to know the Father as you do so well now. This is to be appreciated in the years ahead, although it will be a long road to get there and it takes the first step to place it now so others can learn how it is done.  Getting the to the top of the stairwell takes all those prior steps to that point and there is none other way to get there than to start at the first level and work its way slowly to that point of realization as is desired. So let us put our hand to the wheel and with many hands, makes lighter work for all that is willing to apply themselves to the work of goodness. So there it is in spades, and there is a lot of soil to turn over yet and it needs you to pick up the spade to work it well. Start now and then it grows as you work it better in each instance that this one does now.

“So, no matter the time or the condition, there is always something to receive from me, you need only ask and listen to the voice that I speak in you. Keep going Sue, as this is ramping up. [O.k.]  Good, now I have your attention, we have a lot to relay here as this is flowing nicely now. Sue’s ability to multitask is extraordinary and I am going to make more use of this method now. Make sure you prepare yourselves for a long sitting and are ready for the arduous task of keeping up with the speed with which I speak. This takes a well practiced transmitter to do this and more practice is good to improve on such receptivity as this is needed in the present global climate of change. Change is going to be coming in various areas of your social, political and financial concern as governments are coming under the pressure of their inability to cope with certain crises that emerge. This is why we may have to take on certain …..[the connection dropped out…]”

Mother Spirit speaks:

"Yes, Michael has to attend to something and the connection you have is disrupted. I take over for now to speak only to keep up these connections as we are now getting some work to commence soon and request that as many transmitters can step in while Ron is under the heavy influence of God the Supreme and is having to deal with so many obstacles to trial with. If we can get as many of you to step in to receive these messages, all the more merrier as we need more than what we have going at this stage, we have only several good transmitters who can do this work well but we are needing much more than that number as the need for it grows in the coming months of Mission operations. I will attend to this with Michael and ensure you who can transmit, be kept on your toes to keep up the workload that is increasing as things become real and tangible in your awareness.  

"I wish to add one more thing before I sign out, there is way more for you to know and much is coming to be presented in due course, so do keep with us and allow us to speak as it is in your best interest to have the knowledge to go forward in the days coming. Thank you for this connection Sue, it is a nice change to have it flowing in your relaxed state and this is good to see happening as it works well. Good day. K”


General Discussion / Visions, word symbols and a test
« on: March 07, 2019, 02:12:36 PM »
Just to share a few things. While I am resting from my night's sleep, while I woke up and dozed off, there it was another one of those windows with images, word symbols emerged among the constant array of black blobs, in view for me to concentrate to see. I asked my Father what is it I am to gain from this vision. "Never mind what it conveyed, it was not meant to be registered as making sense as they are universal symbols anyhow you do not know of yet, it is a test run to see if you have those abilities to discern, perceive, recognise, decipher and more and that worked brilliantly in an instance that this was presented. Relax for that was a test only. And you can go about your daily routines" . Well, at least I know what that was about and to trust my hunches more as they come to me. It is a very interesting morning. Have a nice day my dear friends and keep well, eat well and let us continue in trusting our Father who does marvellous things. I continue to work out the website thing and get something organised. Much love to you all.


Speakers: Serara, Mother Spirit and Michael of Nebadon  
Subjects: On commitment, teamwork and transmitting
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 04/03/2019 3.00pm(AEDT)


“Get up and go girl! And that is an order for one that is fused as you are, there is way too much to get going with and it needs to be placed through transmitters we require to be at their stations in these times as we go about what has to be placed well in sight of you all.

“Let it be known I require that you place your thoughts at one side and let the incoming message be relayed as this does at this very moment, let it fly as it comes please, you are good to let this come and that has to be flowing in a way to allow your fingers fly across the keyboard. No need to think this out as we get going in your ability to discern the incoming frequency of intelligence. Ron cannot do all of this on his own and we are ringing bells in those of you who are capable of hearing it well and write up what is to be as this does.

“Mission preparations are in order and we are good to go in all means to be at the helm of what is now transpiring in all corners of the planet, there is more to be concerned about in relation to all those aspects to do with the political, social and religious arenas of thought and values. No doubt we need to get revelation out to all of you to better the consciousness of your mind and understanding in relation to universe administration and influence. As your Magisterial Son of Record on Urantia, I as SERARA, along with MONJORONSON, (in capitals please Sue! Oops yes of course LORD SERARA!) are physical in your conscious awareness to so press the chords of truth that is apparent in your years of experience on this wayward planet. There is an opportunity to present yourselves afresh to the task and get it really running in the vein of real meaning to work with a renewed willingness now that you see a coming day of renewal, rehabilitation and schooling and so on as we align the Missions with the human need to be acquainted with our approach to helping you in the course of life on the planet.

“Let this sink in, the new reality of our placement among you. We really are here in your midst to instill the renewal and the intelligence that brings about the change for a better life in the truth we bear that holds well and is well. I am SERARA to get those of you to get on board, to be at your stations to type up these missives as it behooves you to be about the Father’s business which is well and truly on its way now.


“As it so often occurs, I am ever in the business of rearing each of you to the task that you each have a talent to flourish with and that is good to get this working as the rest that some of you have had is now over and it is time to get whipping into shape as the Sons are in full swing to issue the planet into an emerging alliance with the Father’s plan to bring the Ascension Career in full knowledge for all that inhabit this world. The rebellion is over, it is time for the transcendence of heart and mind into the Father’s will for the eternal life He so lovingly bestows in all the seven Superuniverses. This is your inheritance, your will with the Father and onward into the eternal adventure that is yours to pursue in all its marvelous levels of wonder and wisdom. I am never far from you, nor am I the missing element as I, as the daughter of the Infinite Spirit, keep the flame alive in the young at heart in each of you. I keep this with you and you keep this with me in all that is to be experienced as it ought to be for your overall spiritual growth and acclimatization. That is enough said for now as more and more you will come to know me and others who work with you in your earthly life and more.


“Yes, this is MICHAEL OF NEBADON here and I am glad that you picked me as my signature right now, I have this to say to all of you: count your blessings and now let us get on with the work at hand. It is time now not to sit on your hands and do nothing as that is not going to get any of us anywhere. We need you as much as you need us! It is a team effort and Sue knows full well how that works in real work life. Anyhow, as the revelatory book is now ready for reading, I am happy to report there is more coming after this one is out in the years ahead as such periodical revelations will be forthcoming as well. This is what these announcements are as they present themselves to be, to allow the ever present sense that I, and my Team, mean business and it is to be well placed in areas that do matter and will make a difference in the means and matters of the affairs of men.

“As some transmitters often wane in concentration as can happen often and then the message suffers a sudden ending, here however, I press this scribe to keep going when the mind seems to almost shut itself off. That will not happen as we take the hands and let it come on-board as this so happens in sudden burst of energy as it so does. I allow such to occur as we need all transmitters to get up and go with the work we have got going right now. No stopping the fuel in the car when you and I all need that to get the car moving nicely. You know what I mean and it is in plain sight. I am pleased that this is flowing and let it go as it does. Now I leave it there as this is enough to go with at this point. More is coming shortly. It is in short bursts as most of these messages purport to do and awaits someone to pick it up and go with it. Thank you Sue for being on the ball as this comes about as you are aware something is afoot and you are right to think of it too. I wish all of you well and that you take these as an encouragement to come to the table and commit to the task that is well defined in you to be gladly be about with me, Mother Spirit, the Magisterial Sons and the whole Team that accompanies all of us to help right your world and your way in it. I bid you a good day and may my peace be with you.


Hi folks, I am noticing that the temperature in York, PA right now is -21 degrees Celsius. I read a news article about the deep freeze occurring in the U.S.A and there was mention that temps are forecast to go down as much as -29 degrees Celsius. Please heed the warnings this presents for those living in affected areas and stay indoors for your own health and safety. This is deadly. Take care everyone and hope this weather vortex doesn't persist for too long and passes quickly. Meanwhile Australia has been experiencing extremely hot temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius and there has been bushfires, monsoon flooding in northern Queensland, and a well set in drought in various areas in the southern areas of the continent. The earth is certainly showing some extreme changes in climate.

Causes for these changes could be multiple as I think of it. I pray the Power Directors have this planet in check as the earth has to do what it does to find balance.

Stay safe dear ones and my prayers be with you all who are caught up in this unusually cold weather that is happening.


Teacher: Serara
Subject: The Magisterial Son Mission and the Evolutionary Adventure
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 29/01/2019 3.40pm(AEDT)


“As you may be aware, changes are inevitable due to the turbulence that so often happens on evolutionary worlds such yours is to be. Given the unnatural progression caused by the sequence of defaults in Missions upon Urantia, the incoming ones that Michael wishes to implement have precautionary measures in place to deal with the hazards that previous ones have run into.

“Knowing full well there are a large contingent of humans in the population who are unwary of our intentions to right a world gone so awry. It is in my steps to make corrections and issue various measures that is necessary in the ensuing planetary crisis you all will see in the coming months of this year.

“Hence with, do I, as your Magisterial Son of Record for Urantia, am beholden to the Father’s wishes to see to it that Urantia is rightfully cleaned up of the scourges that so many have been subjected to for such an unnecessary amount of time. It is for me to turn the clocks back and start over afresh the true intentions of your purpose upon this evolutionary adventure. But that it is far more accommodating to have the appropriate stage upon which you all can properly engage in to further your soul progression and I have this in mind to see it well done with Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirits’ objectives in line with the plans of the Paradise Trinity. With this, I engage myself with Mission preparations to ensure the optimal outcome to be accomplished. It will take the time to get a rogue world back to the starting line and when it is on that line, great things can and will emerge in the lives of those who meet the great awakening.

“This is Serara, your Magisterial Son of Record for Urantia and I am pleased to have Sue asking me to speak as she is sensibly coming to terms with the quiet space as we get on with what can be determined as best as can be done on a world so challenging in every way. No doubt, it has been a quiet spell for some of you, but be assured we are incredibly busy at work to see to it the ends and means of how we can be about the Father’s business in this side of Orvonton. Nebadon sits pretty between several Local Universes and has formed an amalgamation to enable greater leverage of universal input and personnel. Michael and I have worked tirelessly to see to it we get as many hands on deck, as you would say, in getting to the grips of the massive challenges that Urantia presents.

“Now that is well guided, we can now formulate ourselves to getting to the task at hand in readiness for what Michael has in mind to be doing with the approval of all that takes this as a signal of opening the doors upon Urantia to the divine justice and mercy that is to be unfolded in due course for all inhabitants of the earth to know their place with the Father of All.

“This is to be a beginning for many and for you who have been faithful to stand with me, it is a sort of a baptism of joy to be so still with me and all of us in the long road to recovery. I commend all of you for staying the task in prayer and in hope and it is well-founded in your commune with your divine fragment of the Father. While I depart briefly from this post of joyful beginnings, I will resume again and again to inform you of the progress being made over and over again as you and I join hands in willing partnership to embrace the Father’s will for you all. Let this sink in and let the joys of universe work begin, just as the flowers come out in spring, so do we likewise. May you have a good day and may you keep calm and of good composure with one another. Domtia.”


Some thoughts came through as I read an article concerning some issues that were being discussed and addressed at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland.

It was mentioned that while some of the world leaders cancelled their visits, the Congress Center did get some things discussed and grappled with the so-called “fourth industrial revolution”(FIR) which will see the world reshaped by artificial intelligence, robotics and other technological breakthroughs. While the big leaders stayed away it turned out a “good” reflection for those who did contribute to the decision-making process without the “circus” being there.

While I read this article I did think about how interesting it is that certain leaders who turned away, probably, for thinking it to be too irrelevant for them,  but also that they are too embroiled in their own country’s internal struggles. Regardless, it appears the Forum at Davos have had a chance to talk over certain things without such distraction that some of the pressing issues can be handled by those present who see it relevant and very important to address due to their pressing natures upon the economic well being of many who will face the growing natural threat they pose. It is interesting to me that some players were not there and that the Forum at Davos was able to sensibly get the issues discussed without it being sidetracked by egocentric leaders. I sense a certain purpose as to how this occurred and that the issues can be placed in the center for proper evaluation by all who cares about the planet we all live upon. Rather than the usual vying for national interest, I saw with the mention of the FIR, that it is in the vein of the emerging change in geopolitics that forces nations to cooperate to cope with what FIR presents as well as the issue of “climate change”. This is an article presented in the website: about the final day at Davos with the World Economic Forum and all the main things that came to light through the conference. It is good that some leaders, scientists, political activists and other prominent persons came to contribute and to force the point of good leadership in areas of concerns. I find it interesting that this conference has had such a presence and has gotten people to see so much and think so much too on things that matter to us all.

I thought I express my thoughts and interest as I enjoy seeing such a pro-active engagement in decision-making among world leaders and scientists and so on that can help engage us to lead better and pave a way forward for the well being of humans that have such an impact in our modern civilization. Although, much is groundwork in human endeavour, I wonder how much is going on behind the scenes too by our celestial spiritual administration who may even have been working as delegates in these important political meetings. Could that be occurring, I can only venture to hope that perhaps our Midwayers and the Melchizedek brothers have had made some light to these human proceedings.

It is a good measure by those who attended and while I feel like a spectator in my usual lounge chair, I am so thrilled that such events do happen and that those who do get to be in it and make a difference, then I am all the happier that there are people out there whatever walk of life they may be in, are making a change for the better, if only we all come together and not get so embroiled in political point scoring, but to do so for the common good of humanity as a whole.  This requires concerted effort by all players and not just one or a few, but from all who can and will desire for the best of our planet’s future well being.

Let’s hope those leaders who were not present and were so busy with their own noses that they may look beyond their noses to their neighbors that without each other we will not survive at all in isolation.

My prayers be with all those who wish well for the betterment of our natural ecosystem, for our well being as citizens in a growing technological wonder and to be as responsible humans that takes the issue of planetary sustainability seriously.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and give it a bit of interest in what could well be a groundswell of loving concern that it certainly appears by all those who cared to bring it on board at the Forum. I could not help but be reminded of the key themes that underlies the paper brought out by Monjoronson through Daniel Raphael on the issues of Sustainability and Planetary Management. Could this well be the plan all along in the Serara/Monjoronson Magisterial Mission after all?


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