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Threads for New Transmissions / Probius on Awareness
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Teacher: Probius
Subject: Awareness
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 20/06/2018 9.45pm(AEST)

“Probius is my name and I accompany also with Prolotheus and Ophelius.

“You wonder of the authenticity of this connection and you need not be as we who are here with you are just as human one time long ago and relate well in your shoes as to how this is to be.  It is the reason of our relatable experiences that we can be placing such lessons before you. For how can a teacher relay a subject if it is not tasted with all the human emotion and tempers you all go through on a very earthly level?

“I make this a short introduction as we warm up to the more heftier subjects and so we speak on your level so as to get you going to be familiar with our way of meeting you.

“Now the subject today is: Awareness.

“Again, you saw the Plover bird cross your path, this time you notice its frame was smaller than the previous one and, alas, it is a younger bird. Immediately, you noted in your senses, there must be a nest nearby for such a young bird to be about on this section of road. You brake the pedal just enough for it to decide where to go and it quickly moved across the road just in time. That is in your awareness as to how you respond and reckon upon in the natural world you so happen to share with these other creatures.

“Your specie has developed well in attuning to being aware of the surrounds and knowing how to navigate such encroachments that can easily be avoided.

“Why I bring all this up is a lot to do with making the point of being acutely aware of even the slightest happenings, to gain better at being sensitive as well as sensible in what can be confronted in those areas of concern that matter most in your immediate environment.

“This is Probius and you note my presence (and yes with the correct spelling), just as you notice the little bird who happens to appear before you and prompts you to take necessary action as to what can be done. I am like those birds to you and I happen to be around and that is that. Get real and be aware I am here and happy to make some progress so our nesting is worthwhile and good for you.

“I leave it there for now so as to allow you to be warming up to these new signals that you get going with. Thank you and good rest for you as we will speak again shortly.”


Speaker: Serara
Subject: Nystoria and the Missions
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 12/06/2018 9.33am(AEST)

[Dear List, as I sat to take this session, it was eerily quiet, with my Adjuster giving me the thought that there are many in private session behind closed doors with the Father as to what He has plans for and so I waited for what Father has for me to listen to and Serara is free on the sidelines to speak as we await on what can be done to go forward with, meanwhile Serara has the following to know about for now -  Sue]


“Nystoria is your planet’s new name. Meaning to be in peace in the Father’s Light. The planet is undergoing changes you do not know of as it is both materially, spiritually transforming with the pre-matter (energy) sent from the Source. New building blocks are being made to withstand the pressures of the earth’s core. Stability of gravity forces is inherently at work. These statements are being made as they are entirely a new way for this scribe to take dictation. They are punctuated as is received. No explanations, just statements of new revelations to be made for you to know about.

“This is an entirely new territory for Sue as she is breaking through a barrier of doubt as to its authenticity of what is given. That is not to be questioned, but to go ahead with faith and courage to allow this to flow, come what may as I put it forward the way I do.

“Sue asked me the question: “Is there a Magisterial Mission, since Michael insists there is none until later after Michael begins his own in a few short weeks of time?” I answer to that to say, ‘yes and no’. ‘Yes’, there is one after Michael’s when he has set the bar for humans to reach it and, ‘No’, when the Father has said to hold back long enough until I get things straightened out. So where does that leave you? In a holding pattern until we have those areas of concern sorted and given due notice of our intentions to intervene in human affairs. Humans are not to participate in full view until it is safe for you to do so. This is to keep you from being unnecessarily harmed and harangued by those who wish nothing more than to remove something that is a threat to their very entrenched and preconceived views.

“Sue knows herself what trouble this is when it comes to allow what she knows as true to come to the surface, only to be met with misunderstanding and hostility. As a result, she is living a life of a sort of a hermit as there is no refuge of any worth in a world that is at odds with itself.

“As your spiritual guides and teachers, we watch you all and come to understand your trials with your Adjusters and we are fully aware of the struggles inherent in what is to prevail if we do come to the fray without much forward instruction and meaningful education. This is where Michael takes the cake and slices it to even proportions so as to make it tenable for humans to digest of the reality of divine mission is indeed among you and is acceptable to view.

“Without going into too much detail, our plans are many and intricate to say the least. For now, we relent with what Michael has in mind to go with and are happy to assist him in his endeavours to straighten out the dough and get it malleable for me to do something with it.

“Michael concurs with me that he can accomplish a lot with the Seraphims, Midwayers, as well as the Melchizedeks to get things done a lot quicker than what it takes for a human to do. The reason for this is to avoid the unnecessary heat that ensues for humans to weather when it can be better done with more efficiency with the Seraphic Government to take on the work of correction on Nystoria.

“You humans will feel somewhat left out of the game we wish to play, but as spectators, you will see an amazing transformation emerging. Your part to play will come in many forms of human engagement in activities that become very real in your terms of challenges you are confronted with. Sue will have an office opened up in Australia and that is more to do with what endeavours to promote the SER and other papers of import we have to get out for the public to be educated on and know of what is surely a cake to truly partake in. What is soon to become apparent, the changes in earth’s dynamics will enforce a different direction as to what to do next and “revelation” is the by-word most will come to increasingly appreciate as it soon becomes dependable in proper direction for survival purposes.

“Henceforth, I remain at bay by Father’s request and will act as soon as it is expedient to do so when Michael has steadied the many to come into familiarity of divinity at work in their lives.

“I am Serara, your soon to be Magisterial Son and I stay resident on Uversa until Michael has given assurances that Nystoria is stabilized in her transition from a wayward mess to some semblance of kindred spirit we can better work with. My work is very dynamic and transformational, as I work with the full force of the Father’s liaison forces that has a lot do with the purity of justice and mercy that is tangible in your lives as you live it. This cannot be accomplished properly when we have a population so spiritually poor and half-hearted in willingness to receive what I represent from the Father Himself.

“Education and revelation are the key foundational stones upon which you and your brethren can learn and understand more fully the better part what it is to know and be about in all that is true, good and beautiful to pursue in your lives. That is where Michael wishes to work with in gaining that insight and understanding you all deserve to have in order to make informed decisions as to your will and purpose with the Father.

“This you all know and are aware of and it is fortuitous to revert back to the days of the TUB and begin again with the SER to pick up the speed with knowledge for you all to digest and be so moved in spirit once more as it ought to have been. This is the measure of re-education to redo the work of upliftment and to gain the traction of spiritual revival so badly needed in your current age.

“We await for certain political affairs to pan out and it will become a level playing field for all involved. We are hopeful and are at the edge of our seats when this comes about in ways that is good for all involved. I take the back seat for now and allow the marvelous Michael of Nebadon to instruct his many orders of beings to get going with the work of “much ado” in the affairs of men on Nystoria. It may be slow to you, but it is to accomplish more in the space of time that it would otherwise take humans to do in centuries of time. Michael already has accomplished a few amazing feats and that is to be filtering through to unravel many other areas of concern soon to be making progress more fruitful and pleasing to be about.

“There are many areas of concern in your world and that has a lot of work to get improvements made, but in all, the best way is for education of the “new revelation” to be introduced more and more to the minds of many so as to gain better insight and understanding as to knowing your place in God’s kingdom. This is for you all, this work is for you to know Him and love Him, your Source and Centre of your being.

“Our endeavours is all to do with that and allowing your world the happy rendition of heart to be truly busy with what is good for all and in all.

“I am Serara and I am happy for this lesson to be well placed and trust you all will follow the way of the Father as He unfolds the measure of goodness before you all. I end this note by saying, ‘peace be with you and may you be in His peace always’.  And may you have a good day.”


Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subjects:The Local Universe Creator Sons, the Father, the Ascenders from Rebellion, the Unprecedence of Fusion Status and the Trial to Become Supreme to Enter Into Ultimacy.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 09/06/2018 5.23pm (AEST)

[Sue: Hah! I note the date as I settle to take dictation, Happy Birthday Ron! May your day be a good one.]


[No quotes here as this is a long one and lets get on with it, please…]

I am none too busy to relay this to you. There is much to say. The first thing to say is that Ron needs rest as his transition is wearing. You Sue, take it on the bat as the ball gets thrown and so, as it goes, who takes it from here. Keep going with what you can do here as you are one of the best yet along with Ron, Lemuel and others that are not here, but elsewhere doing marvelous work (e.g. the Progress Group 11:11). That is to set the tone of the type of work to attune to as it goes in some of you. All it takes is to ask and listen.

Now this: As it goes, there are changes coming not to upset you, but to make it known that where these Missions come into place, there is no doubt in mind, as it is in yours, how so many on this world are not prepared to take a blunt measure but more easily can receive a moderate knowledge we reveal to get eyes more wanting in view of history, modern man and culture.

Your Superuniverse of Orvonton is the seventh Superuniverse and, Sue correctly thinks, that the nine or ten or more (that are keen to join) Local Universes, this side of the equation, so close to the first Outer Space Zone, and reaching areas we deem the Supreme has in mind that Light and Life is fast approaching, when we combine to force more appeal, support and contingencies to gather those apostate worlds, I am dealing with as well as, the rebels of different orders that need to come to heel in the way we congeal with the Father’s mandate and proposal for us to adore and place it well in all that we are to do to accomplish Light and Life in Nebadon and beyond.

I intend to make it clear to you all what this is all to mean for you. It is quite clear to you that there has been of late, many “unprecedents” being made more in our side of the veil and this carries on, due in respect, to how the Lucifer Rebellion, the apostate worlds including yours has occupied our senses, resources as well as capacities of heart to wrangle with the unthinkable challenges it imposes on all this side of Orvonton. Not only does rebellions have adverse affects, it also carries weight in what imports to those who pass mortal death and are to be dealt with as to what to do with those who are truly lost in all this unrealised knowledge.

You who are fully comprised of The Urantia Book and are here, patiently awaiting for some measure of Godly input in the maelstrom you happened to be innocent of, are the few in Nebadon that taste the foulness of life that should never have been shouldered like what you have at this point. I, as Jesus, who walked the  many roads with the disciples soon knew the travesty of what those nefarious high sons have wrought as I witnessed so many who struggled to understand even the simplest truths, I spoke about. The disciples, in all honesty, were unlearned men and women, but were of decent standing with others as well as sensible in worldly survival.

In any case, you all are be lauded for sticking here with me as we unravel how to step in carefully in the world you live in and that is planned among so many varying modifications; now Father has surprised us with another new development now to be convened by all those Creator Sons who neighbour alongside mine, Nebadon. This is due in regard to how things play on Urantia/Nystoria, my bestowal planet, as to the means and ways of humans on a planet so isolated for an unprecedented set of time, even God the Supreme is set on edge as to how even five humans have managed to have fused with their Adjuster, that sets them apart from so many who are yet to understand what this means as the five fused mortals are Father’s doing and has paved the way for a new set of fusion status for what can be achieved in those who seek and find the Father the way they did.  This is sacred in Father’s ways and means with the enormous love He has for those who touch Him in Spirit and Love.

This morning, and the last few nights of dreams, Sue has been contemplating on a number of impressions that all point to how she can contend with “disappointments” from so many points of reference, that was put to her by the Deity Absolute. In all, she took it in her stride and noted it well and saw it for what it is. Although saddening to taste, it did have its point in not taking things for granted and really place herself to the task and be attentive to what goes on around her.

This is a world to be alert in and be steady in, even though most easily become complacent and too prone to ignorance; it is now time to prick the ears to Spirit to notice we mean business soon enough. There is enough said here to say that it is becoming clear to you that there is a large contingent operation at hand to ensure God’s business is taken seriously as we move in gear for the apostate worlds to be on notice once, then it becomes Father’s to initiate sweeping measures of recompense.

I comprise the following points for you all to take note of:

  • Nebadon is no longer alone in rebellion as others are now realising what is at stake when it does happen.
  • Avalon, Wolvering, Nebadon, Sensalon and others you do not yet know of are combining in agreement and wish to hear and convene with the Father as He proposes not only the unusualness of rebellion that we face in Nebadon, but as to the unusual numbers of rebellion-resistant ascenders that derive from such happenings and how this is to be understood by the Creator Sons with Michael of Nebadon, who is and has now been honoured the title of a Super Michael Son in Father’s proposal. This is to denote the contingent factors in dealing with the problems associated with the challenges faced by Lucifer and company who sought to derail so many of Father’s intentions in the universes of time and space.
  • The evolutionary process is still to be respected by God the Supreme as an essential ingredient in passing the rope to the lowest creatures to learn and grow in steady progress in attaining the experience, the knowledge and appreciation  that can be gained through the trials and tempers of mortal existence.
  • I am Michael to you, as your Creator Son; to the Father, I am His Son of creative prerogatives to undo the infinite to finite patterns to gather the length and breadth of extenuating experience for all potentials. This is Father’s domain, and I am to play it, like one would play music to your ears.
  • As Creator Son and as the Creative Spirit with me, your creative parents hail from the Creative Paradise Trinity and we “mirror” that pattern of infinite creativity. Right on down from Havona, to the Local Universe, to your Local Planetary System, the music is reached out unto the ends of time and space. When this gets disrupted by rebellion, it spells discord and mistrust as well as discontent and, that, you know all too well. It is time now to bring back the “mirror” to reflect the majesty of music you were for so long deprived of and to dispel that discord that only places too much brokenness, Father finds it abhorrent to let it go for much longer than it already has to this point.   [I pause to collect momentum….]
  • Sue had to steady herself as she gets drifted in weariness at this point, but we insist and press on and it is this: Father intends to bring in the big guns to allow who is really king of this molehill of Urantia/Nystoria. But I intend to reason with that, as it may cause humans of this level to come so stunned as to not come to respond as we expected. We need to cushion the attempts to get recognition and commitment. Father contended, by saying “..that it has been so defaulted that any more cushioning could further derail any more efforts, no matter how benign our intentions. This has to be pulled up or declared fully defaulted and brought under the noses of the high courts of Uversa that critically examines both man and spirit in question. Let it face the light of perfection of who stands and who does not. I am the Light, and no man comes to me and sees me unless He is truly a Son who I am well pleased with in all my heart.”
  • The Paradise Trinity stand ready to take action and it is with the combinations of Creator Sons that we enforce the will of the Father as to how to clean up the mess of rebellion and to get on with the business with God the Supreme in action of Light and Life completion and thereby of Supremacy to enter Ultimacy of reality with God the Ultimate.

[Father Michael, I am drifting and need to rest now….]

Thank  you for being honest. That is good to do. I end this here for now, but be prepared for more in the wings as to what is to be for all of you as what can be achieved here on Nystoria will enable you as Ascenders a most engaging career as you hold the keys to Father’s indwelling presence and embodiment of resilient spirit that is no where else seen like it is here among so many of you. Good day.


[7.24pm and 6 pages long in my notebook]

Speaker: God the Supreme
Subjects: The Morontial Energies, The Adjuster Transit and Preparing the Fused Mortals for Work in the Coming Mission
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 08/05/2018 6.32am(AEST)

“You make your admission.”

[I was in a funk over what happens in my personal life; over what is occurring with Ron; over so many things; despondency and loss is not my game I wish to meddle in at all, but it happens every so often it grates me. I know my Adjuster is trying to head-butt me out of the funk I am in and your visit gets so fast, I almost fall off the chair...]

“That is because I use energies that ranges in frequencies. The recent one was too high, so I come in a lower one to slow down the pace for you to feel more comfortable in with my presence. Yesterday, you are like an ice cube placed on a heat pad and you melded rapidly as the energy quickly drained you and snuffed out what it is I had to say.

“Energy, such as this are morontial. If it is too low and slow you could lose the connection, if too high, as yesterday, you find it difficult to keep apace. So I notch it in a more medium tone, so as to enable more leeway between us and let it drift here and there. You get dribs and drabs, let it come as it may and take it bits at a time. This may sound disjointed and so it is, mainly so that I don’t get snuffed out too easily and to avoid draining your energy to concentrate. Your Adjuster enables you to connect, but it is your effort of concentration and ability to hold out as much as you can to just grab that inquisitive part in you to take an interest in our discourse here. See.”

[Yes, see.]

“So let me take this slowly with you this time and bear with me as you find this too snail pace for your liking.”

[Alright, let see how this goes.]

“What Ron is alluding to you is the morontial energies that has a part to play with those of you who are fused. You do have the ability to connect with and it is for you to allow your inner sensing muscles to perceive, recognise and connect with what is being presented to you in a sixth sense of your Adjutant Mind Spirit skills you have in working order. Yesterday, you read Amethyst post re about Rosy’s “Ghost” occurrence and immediately you tapped into the memory store your Adjuster nudged you to retrieve about the energy grid that exist and how Caligastia tampered with that and trapped many in this grid.”   [Thanks Ron for explaining the ‘green room’ analogy with what happens to people like Rosy see Amazing Spiritual Stories/Re: A True Story: Mr.Besser and the Ghost ]

“Getting back to the point, you see how mind can connect with the energy of memory, reality recognition and you smile in knowing a familiarity in what can be for those who pass from death to this new sense of living as the soul that is you…”

[Leeway - breathe - connect..]

“Right now you notice some jarring occurring in the head of yours. One almost made you jump last night and the others are more infrequent and yet you note it that something is occurring in the brain, the vibration is abuzz and those jarrings although infrequent are your Adjuster intrusion into your mind space as well as me in the process of getting your attention as I make way into making sure you recognise change is afoot in you. You are sensitive to it and I am pleased you pay attention as you do it well with attuning to the body you have. Although, you have a younger body than Ron’s, Larry’s and Lemuel’s, you are closely attentive to the body’s rhythm and that is a good sign you recognise the changes more acutely….”

[Pause - leeway - breathe…]

“When in the energy grid, you have a heightened sense of awareness of yourself, the soul. This is for those of you who are more understanding in with the Adjuster you are aware of and your purpose with and will to be with and know where to look when that time comes. Knowing full well who you are is half the battle than for those who know very little and seem to grope for answers…”

[Pause - leeway - breathe…]

“You are impressed with Ron’s analogy of the Parfait Glass**(see note below) of morontial energy and, in his case, he has a different one and drinks it in to change the organic matter to transform his internal mechanism to function, hopefully, better and normal soon. It takes time to get it to work and meld well with the existing tissues that will catch on and likewise gel well with the new cellular formations that so happens to take a liking to. It compounds and forms and expands, making the material structure stronger and more elastic than it has been. The morontial energy he drinks will solidify and grow in while the material matter has to agree with this new mass of energetic formations that support and add more strength to the bone and marrow that is nearly almost gone brittle with age. Ron has to get used to a creaky body while it is transforming into a gel-like structure to make it more elastic…”

[Pause - leeway - breathe…]

“Being and Doing the will of the Father; this goes in tandem with what your heart’s desire is with the Father’s, in doing this work with your Adjuster, the mission and to the betterment of Urantia as your soul purpose to see an end to this rebellion and a goodness of heart to flourish endlessly from one to the other in your sphere of influence you have.

“Doing, thinking, believing are all part and parcel of what you do in your daily life, having goals and working on achieving them is what you all do and find satisfaction in accomplishing such feats of difficulties. As you further your goals and achieve outcomes, you become more adept at those skills you use to gain the traction of successful outcomes for the purpose for which you set out to do them. It becomes an exercise in faith, trusting your instincts to go with your gut to reach conclusions in a manner that is both workable, sensible for you and for others as you would have it done for yourself.

“That is the whole mechanism of centred care and conduct in operation to do better in relations and in consort with the mind spirits that works so well in the way you connect your will to be doing.  This connection with me, although slow at first, gains traction and you build to a stronger blend in allowing this to take on the rhythm you let it flow. Not fly, but flow, in a steady pace for now. Fly, was too fast for you and you know it that now. It drains you too quickly and I tone it down a notch for you to catch on better and then build on it as it, the energies, we use in your mind construct, can tune to my frequency I use with you.

“At the moment, there is much a pace and you take that momentum as you get the gist of what is happening and you will recognise those changes that so happens to some of you and to many who are sensitive to the energies that is so placed around you. Like you just did then by placing a blanket around you to keep warm on a cold morning, so too, do the Father place a blanket of energy of pure love you will immediately connect with because you recognise goodness and mercy and faithfulness when you see it.

“So I tune out just a bit and let you get refreshed and after breakfast, I would like to speak further, if you could manage to sit again with me. Adieu.”


“Take note of what is happening to you the fused ones. You are dead people walking really. Take note of the fatigue you feel. That is because you are dealing with the influx of the human self giving way to the spiritual soul of you that wishes to flood through the dam gates that hold it back. No longer can the human self can tame this tide any more than when a leak grows into a full-blown gush that fills the entire part of your personality. Your soul self is divinely shining through the cracks of the material veneer that hold you in place.

“You see it and bit at times that it is to become well, you drink well, in pretty much is what occurs with Ron who has to every moment like coffee that keeps you abreast.

“What I have to tell you next will astound you and it is this. The following analysis for you all to think it well and see it.

“There is a tuning method I use now and it is through the Adjuster transit that it is communicated. I as God the Supreme, use this transit to commune with Sue in frequencies sometimes fast and at the moment slower for her to catch on with the Adjuster’s constant prompts, urges and nudges and jarring of brain tissues that continue to get her attention that something is afoot in her makeup.

“That is the morontializing of her as she is also undergoing some internal changes to be readily suitable for the work in the Michael Missions that is forthcoming in days soon enough.  This comes as a surprise for her to know as she did not think that what is happening to Ron could also be conjointly be occurring to the other four who are fused. This is because the five fused candidates, without going into details, are truly done in  their earthly life to this day. Sue agrees that her life is folded with her Adjuster and desires to be about her soul journey yet wishes very much to be better at this work of spiritual input to be of any use in the Missions that is planned for Urantia.

“That is now getting a transformational process as those of the five fused mortals who apply themselves in tandem with the Adjuster to rely upon the energy they require to keep afoot as they are now on a second lease of life in the flesh as fully morontialized with the Adjuster and soon in areas of tissue renewal in the material vessel they reside in. Lemuel is healing slowly, but is surely to be a promise to behold. Larry is in a bell-weather and needs to hear the bell well for it to be a mainstay in his work. Amethyst is agong and requires a moment to reflect and reprise herself better. Ron is fully powering in his new tissues and needs to take care not to over do himself.

“Sue is recognising now how I use the Adjuster transit to get the oil juices going to accompany me in her in the work I have for her to receive more in this that I have as there is too much held back and it is time to get out more good stories to tell than just sticks and stones as that is no longer any use to most of you.

“The Urantia Book 2 will have more for you to read and to train your minds better as the first one did to you and I wish that to be the case working well for most readers and new readers.

“There is more coming, standby, I close this off as it is time for Sue to rest as the energy wanes and that is going to strengthen as time goes Sue when you are fully attuning in what this represents for you to be doing and may you have a good day.”


[T/R Note: **Parfait Glass see General Discussion/Re: From physical to morontial.
Hi Folks,
You know when you get these sessions and, in this case, I was hesitant, doubting whether the one I post here above is too personal and sensitive in areas to put out to the public and I got this response and comply:

“We need those of you who can wear a badge that says what it thinks and that is to say to have the courage to place it and let God deal with the rest. Type up this session Sue and let it sift. It is a session to say that you are warming up, not hot, but warming, to my parrot-type approach to get you going. Thank you.” (Thank you and will do Capt’n Supremo!) ]

Hi All,
I have a little time to study. I am prompted by my Adjuster of a “botanical garden” and this led me to look up about Adam and Eve in TUB. While reading Papers 73-76 and onwards, it has occurred to me how Solonia’s factual account of what happened in those days, some 35000 years ago BC that the Material Son and Daughter were faced with some difficult challenges. It was that same problem they made that Caligastia had trouble with and that was impatience.  The slow evolution of man, the savagery and retardness of the humans were their lot to deal with. But in all, had they had patience as was displayed by the faithful work of Van and Amadon, the outworking of progress can be made. Van had a large number of volunteers to work on the massive project of building the first garden of Eden, it is quite an amazing achievement. (Thanks to Solonia’s admiration in her narration).

With the arrival of Adam and Eve who appeared to be some eight feet tall must have been quite imposing, if the humans, like myself were under 6 feet tall in those days (if that was still the case),  then certainly their presence must have had such an impression upon these dwellers in the garden. There is much to glean from these accounts. The most impressive are the arrangements of conduct, activity and participation that was their life in the garden compound.  It was a peaceful, harmonious and playful time compared to what transpired beyond the garden walls. I am particularly touched by Adam and Eve’s struggles as to progress and the difficulties they faced and how Eve was tempted to fast track something that was to be a mistake she was to regret. I cannot imagine their pain and their sorrow that followed. It struck me to see such parallels of experience we now have as they did so long ago.  Fast forward to some 37000 years later and we are not much better than when it was for the humans they encountered. What this tells me is the importance of patience, perseverance and faithfulness in all that has to be given in due course even now and onwards to what our Father plans that is appropriate for the reclamation of Urantia. In one way, I wonder if it is best to let nature run its natural course, or would a remodelling of a program similar to the Adam and Eve Schooling would be the crucial foundational work to be introduced once more.  I see the latter, if done in a different manner in various locations, would be very instrumental in gaining that interest and vital training necessary for human progress.

I see that socialisation is already achieved in this current age, world government is also achievable, and the next one is one religion, although some things need to be faded out and errors made evident, the ‘one religion’ and the Brotherhood of man is and can be achievable.  Given it requires much patience and forbearance in that it takes some time for others to change in their understanding and comprehension of truths that is to be revealed. That is why the revelations contained in the TUB and SER and other works yet to be published will be so pivotal in man’s growth and understanding at this most advanced stage of human progress to this day.  Today, most people are literate, communicative, sociable and largely able to think, feel and relate well in most ethical subjects that affects them in their daily life. Decisions are to be made, but it is when we humans are better informed of our human history and the experiences that is to be made aware of, then our decisions are better shaped and formed in light of such education and knowledge of our past records. Like it is said on ANZAC**Day(which is tomorrow 25th April), may we all have the humility and sorrow to come to terms of our past belligerence and misunderstandings and say also, “Lest We Forget”, of all that has been, that many perished that we might live to learn anew.

If it is to be in the Father’s plans, I welcome the new Adam and Eve Schools or if not,  the Melchizedek Schools, as they will be so good for all of us to participate in rehabilitating and reconditioning us in better form to enhance our human evolution and most desirably, our ascensionary paths to follow. We as Urantians have so much to gain from these schools of learning and I am very comfortable in being in this delightful “botanical garden” of beauty to behold the wonder and charm of our most esteemed Material Son and Daughter who have joined our mortal ranks with Adjuster indwelling to follow the Father Ascension careers along with all of us as well.  As it has been given to them to be on the Council of 24, I gather their counsel will be most welcome given their valuable experience they have, to keep the faith consistent and true even in these days of hazards we confront.

I recommend that you my dear readers to take the time to read these Papers (73-76) to refresh your understanding of what can be a reality for us to see unfold as it has been for Adam and Eve. Only, I hope we do not do this in isolation and alone, as it occurred to them some thousands of years before. Our ancestors had a real hard time and it is their faithfulness that shone through, let that be our guiding example to take too with greater amounts of patience.

My Adjuster keeps reassuring me to keep the faith, stay firm, focussed and calm as things unfold. I thought very much to share this with all of you as we are all waiting patiently, studying to be prepared and praying for Father’s will to be good for us and that the Michael Mission will proceed in the best way appropriately and that we understand the extraordinary patience of our Creator Son and Daughter in all that has been in the Lucifer Rebellion. May the love of our Father win us to His Temple of praise forever!

I am always and forevermore in your grace Father,

[**Note: Define: Anzac - a soldier in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (1914–18).]

General Discussion / Air To Share: Moments In Time To Share
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Air To Share: Moments in Time to Cherish

I just watched something on the news tonight, and to my delight they put on a bit about Sir David Attenborough who took a walk with Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth the Second,  in her garden and they had a stroll, a talk and some humour to boot and with charm to their demeanour how they inspire so much from their years of service respectively. Age does not weary them nor does the years condemn them, they just beam with so much life to yet go on in enthusiasm of more can be done to better nature, the environment and our ways and so on. If there are those people I admire and give some moments of endearment, it is people like these that stood to bear their skills as best they can. What a marvel to behold. I hope to meet them one day and be so inspired by their experiences. I did have a dream some time ago that I saw the Queen (believe it or not!) in her private chambers somewhere and she is as normal as you and I could be, just with a little more air of grace and charm she holds as her own in giving. She is a natural and one that I as a citizen of her Commonwealth will cherish for years to come. God bless her and may she move on to her new life our Father has for her in the life eternal. Sir Attenborough is amazing and I love his work in granting us some incredible moments that he and his team of amazing photographers has shown us some footage (e.g. Earth Part 1 & 2) that changes the way we look at creatures in their natural habitats. His narrations is truly good to hear and take a lesson or two from him too.

I thought to share this as so much is going on and it pays attention to it as it is shaping people's awareness and perception as well. Technology is a powerful medium and is so widely used in our lives, hence this Forum Site is also used to better our spiritual development and understanding from the study of The Urantia Book. To me, it is a go to book to know where it all began for us here and as to our destiny thereafter. It is so, so good. 

And now for our climate, here in the land of Oz, it has been an unusually warm Autumn, now it has turned suddenly cold in where I live in the far south of the continent.  Now is there any of you who have some "air" to share as a caption of our times we live in as we do now? Care to share it please, because soon we may enter a whole different chapter of time to evolve in.


See following link re the Queen with Sir David Attenborough:

Speakers: Pre’Mtor and Sordon - the Spirit of the Lord
Subjects: Stillness, Faithfulness and Taking Heart of the Crop and the Harvest Work
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 17/04/2018 12.46pm(AEST)

“Receive in me my Spirit that is in me, I am the Lord who abides in you, allow me to be in you. There is much to be about, there is much to do, still I desire that you be still in me as I Am is in you as your Father that dwells in your rhythm.

“Still as you can be and there you hear me. Soft as a breeze and as loud as a breath close to your heart.

“Now then do we have a river to row and together we go in the flow as to the ripples of where it takes to the thoughts of men. Arise oh you of faith, have the heart to see the good that I bring. No more shall man weep, it is a time to sow and a time to reap and there you see a harvest to be busy about to collect the crop of the good that is sown and reap what has matured in full bloom.

“Now it is to be such a time and a place to see that full bloom come to be in good use. There now I paint a picture that is familiar to you and no more shall it be painted for the canvas is now to be awash with fresh insight and new paint. Aye, my dear ones, take heart and know I am the Lord and I am to be known as your heart of hearts. So be of good cheer, take heart and take care of the fields that is in view for you to watch over and be attending to. That is for a time and then some more. Still there will be the weeds to wean out and still there are the wild ones that attack the good that is sown. So how much more work is to be done for those ones to see I am as relentless as the great ocean before you. No more than the you see the waves keep coming and never cease to amaze you in the beauty thereof. How long must the wild ones be is as long as they are convinced no more of themselves when the great waves become more than the length they can measure.

“So, be of great faith my love, as I am want to be in the way of your heart as one in tune with the other.  Aye, I am your love as much as your saviour in all that you came to be. No more eloquent than the wind blown crest of the purest wave that give way to the crushing defeat into the relentless sea that swallows all but the bobble in its wake.

“Now there, we are as one in all that has to be as the fields lie in wait to be given due tillage and new things to be given it for better crop to grow it in fertile plumage. I have a wonderful team of workers that can do this right with a heart that smiles ear to ear with me in tow as I will have it no other way.

“I am the Lord, you know me as I am and that is all that is to be made plain in a matter of time to be for all to have as theirs to have in their choosing. Choose well, my dear ones, the direction you wish to take in the days that unfold before you as it will become a teacher for you.”


[T/R Note: To my dear fellows and friends,
I reiterate here: I stay on course in a small tinny boat that rows gently down the stream (well, you know the old rhyme saying), along with my beloved Adjuster, I row in tandem only to find, more often than not, He rows it all for me at times.  It has been quite a time in the stream, I watch, I learn, I grow, I cry, I pray, I wait, I hope, I listen, I hearten and I lament and so on. There are so many avenues that weave and mend and much of the “wild ones” take no care in what is plainly in sight that our Lord can and always shine so well that it takes a moment to stop and smell the roses, so-to-speak, to allow the good grasses to filter in view and melt away the hardness and the fog that so often clogs our sight that beauty is missed and is very much right there in our midst.

Now I am just as sure to be in the stream and row as a steady athlete, faithful to the task that is very much the motivating engine that drives the arms to wing it well and truly. How it can be missed and how it can be resumed in more earnestly than it was before is one to be assured with certainty in the faithfulness in the one I abide in. It can be no other way. I stand as one with the Father and row as can be in His grace and do so in the might of his unswerving love He so lavishly bestows on all those who look to Him in the heart of His truth and mercy.

Take heart my fellows, Allah, our Father is to be known as the great Spirit that is very much alive and well as we seek Him and Find Him who is our path to righteousness all our days. Sue/7inOcean]

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Testing Pattern
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No Other Than use Text Colour To Do This Line

How this works is how I practiced and getting going with what can be done freestyle in all different characters…. and then you go back to I use back to black mode to type this pattern now to use BOLD, ITALICS, UNDERLINE IN NORMAL FONT OR BOLD OR ITALICS OR BOTH BOLD ITALICS IN RED TOO and now back to normal Arial font 12 now I save this to trial online in forum preview for testing. :D ;D it seems to be working! Yes new PC is great working this and I am going to be having a great time using colours and face expressions too  ;D 

Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and God the Supreme
Subjects:  The Mortal Mind, Spiritual Levels of Growth, the Father Within, and Further Growth with God the Supreme.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 04/04/2018 2.55am (AEST)

[Sue here: Allow me to start off with something to share. As it goes on Instagram, one of my biological brothers posted a photo image he took from the beach looking out towards a distant cumulus mass of clouds with the sun setting upon them, giving off those brilliant colours of yellow/white, pink, orange, golden hues with a purple underbelly that so often happens at that time of day. Now also, these clouds develop from Cyclone Iris that is currently formed and moving southwards along the Queensland coast. He would most likely be seeing those clouds as the tail end of that vortex system. He posted the image with the words, “Ocean Fire!!! How great is our God?”

Man, as it goes, at his level looks up in wonder at such natural spectacle and see Deity in such phenomena when one knows it is simply nature at work and sometimes with spectacular results to be seen. We all know now that with the help of science and satellite imagery, we are given the benefit of further knowledge of such cloud development that forms into cyclonic formations, mainly due to the temperature/pressure build up generated between ocean currents and climate and wind and so on, which are natural elements that currently exist on the planet. My thoughts are that I wonder, how many times or levels do we as mortals go through this process of wonder and amazement of Deity greatness as is postulated by my brother above in his outlook?

I dare say his is of the normal material mind of a typical Urantian faith creature, but when one goes deeper into the esoteric nature of the God within, then it becomes a different manner of worship and amazement. I dare think the esoteric mortal becomes more attuned to the spiritual aspect of God’s calling whereas the material creature who sees God so far off and knows not of the greatness is mistaken to think that he is so remote and aloft, but what and why does he say of greatness of Deity when he knows not of Him?

Again, how many levels of such searching do we as faith creatures go through to arrive at such understanding of Deity? These are my thoughts and when I approach Father, I asked Him. So Father what do you wish to say in all of this?]

Michael of Nebadon:

“Yes Sue, this is Michael, your Local Universe Father, your Creator Son. This is of normal admiration from those who are at that level of wonder when one is ever to take the time to take in such elements at work. You, on the other hand, are much more mature in reaching those areas of understanding that bespeaks of wisdom gained from your growth in finding the voice within. One looks outside of himself, you looked within and heard me and know me by my voice. Remember, when Jesus says, “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me” [yes, indeed Father], “Good and that is true of you who hear me well. For those who are still looking outward, there will come a time when they will discover what you have discovered by hearing and not seeing. Also said Jesus, “Blessed are they that have not seen me, yet believe in me”, so it is for those of you who believe with the eyes of faith. This is in due regard to the Mystery Monitor, your Thought Adjuster’s work in steering you to those levels of insights in knowing deep down there is more, so much more to know, a source far deeper and wider and it is very much resident somehow within. This is the very essence of what makes you search because it is a gravitational pull to the centre. Just as that cyclonic vortex does, everything gets circulated and pulled into the centre and that pull draws you in with the Father who calls you in that “still small voice” within you.

“When once you know the voice, you become born anew in the Spirit of God that is within you. You know now God. You know true Deity and how He works as He reaches out with His loving self and knows you so well. The Adjuster is your true friend and self. So when you consider how many levels of illumination does man go through, it really is dependent upon you to come in touch with that deeper self that is tugging at you. When you have reached that level, then you are like going on a ladder and there are steps you take upwards to reach that destination atop, then also do you do likewise in all the steps to be taken to learn…...Deity.

“Yes, you stopped there and weren’t sure I said that word “Deity”. I did say it and I pressed you to write it, why? [Please explain Michael] “Your Ascension Careers lead you to Deity, you know that as a fact, why? [Because of the Father within that pulls me toward Him], “Yes, exactly true, and it is to Him you go and are trinitised before the Paradise Deities for work in the infinite universes to come.

“Yes, I am pushing you to look beyond those clouds to the infinity that is very much your domain to be busy in with the Father. There are many levels you will be going through to help you reach those areas of maturity of thoughts and wisdom wherein you grow more and more attuned in with the Paradise Deities and that is your destiny in with.

“Yes your insight is much deeper than what your brother has postulated and you see the level he is at, and yours too, I might add. To this you acknowledge as well in yourself and calmly know that the answer is more than he knows himself at this point of level. However, you are to pray for all of these your brethren, that they may be helped by the Father who knows each one of them and He will soon enough, as each will come to know Him when revelation reaches them as it has for you, albeit in a different manner, as you have received it.  You are of a true agondonter mortal that believe without seeing and even more so that you know me by my voice in you. That is morontial Sue, and you are well on your way in those other morontial levels that points you further along in with God the Supreme. Yes, you are surprised, yet you know it well deeply. I have God the Supreme here and wishes to speak with you Sue.

God the Supreme:

“Aye, my lass, you know my voice when I speak it in this manner and I hail in you to good humour and cheer, you know of what I speak Aye! Well now, there we have it, I take a liking to you and am very much with you as you stretch yourself to the rivers of my liking and I’ll have the joy of taking you to task to weather a lot of me, my lass, Aye!

“Well now, you know my jolly half and now I give my serious half and that is another part you got to know of and I am delighted you took that well as I can be a difficult taskmaster that really gets your muscles working. That is all for now, and you will see more of me as I have gotten a latch on you well and truly good, Aye my lass and have a good day!”

Michael of Nebadon:

“This is Michael again Sue, I aver to think that God the Supreme has trialled you and find you taking on a mighty call that I know you will do well to allow time for those indwellings he impresses upon you as he often does to get you going in all things that he speaks well of. This is an area of work for those who are fused as you are, along with Ron, Lemuel, Larry, Amethyst and more who are soon to be. God the Supreme is taking those initiatives with the fused ones to enable your work to be of a quality matchless anywhere else as you are all still mortals in a world under so much loss of real understanding. There is more coming for you to know and I will leave it here as you are getting weary now. May I say this, keep at it and you will do well to be in my peace as you always do, thank you and good day.”


Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit
Subject: Purity of Heart
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 31/03/2018 2.40am (AEDT)


“This is Michael Sue, and may I take this effect in you to have purity of heart. What do I mean by that? This is what your Mother Spirit and I do in relation to one another, we are wholly in heart as one mind and one purpose as to the Paradise Trinity that functions very much in us. That trinity of union in spirit, mind and in heart as one great Spirit of the I Am. Purity of heart for you, my dear, is to abide in me, your Father and your friend. To always have me, is to have that effect in you of praise and worship just as some of those Psalms ring so well in praise of the Father who dwells in the hearts of men.

“What is often so missing is that essence of heart of pure worship in beholding the love of your life as you do so often Sue as you come before me. This never escapes me as you do so in prayer to request a moment with Mother Spirit and I. So often, you are always ready to take the lesson, so often you also need to listen more and more and have the stamina to take on more than you can chew. That happens every once and a while and so many lessons do come, that is to your benefit and for the benefit of those who read this here and now.

“What is to unfold before you is this purity of heart of those such as the ones that do this work, to so place themselves in the light of the work that is generated in and through the Spirit of oneness in which we all are of one mind together to have that effect in you.

“This Forum site has been quiet for lots of reasons and it is a time to take those moments in prayer with me, your Father, that I may in all intents and purposes may engender the goodness that is to be for your development as veritable sons and daughters of God. That is my and Mother Spirit’s task to see to it you, yes each of you, have those potentials of soul survival.

“Sue, I have Mother Spirit here to speak.”


“Yes, my dear, I am very much here with you as you apply yourself well to the task of listening and taking dictation on these early morning sessions. We see what you are doing. We are encouraged by your efforts. Now what I would like to be saying is that while such efforts are to be encouraged, we are so prepared to be getting the Michael Missions underway in the coming months. You are all aware that education is very much required to be placed in the minds of men and that the prerequisite reading of the Sixth Epochal Revelation is necessary before we even get to be seeing our Jesus step before, in all essence of truth that he upholds to be so doing, before all of you in this troubled world.

“This discussion site will be closed for a time soon as Ron is asked to do so in the time we usher in the new second Urantia Book. This is so that you are all given this reprieve of time to read and study and take in what is presented. We must allow time for you to take in what is of import for all of you to receive and for Ron to have this time of rest and to prepare for the work of the new foundation of this new edition of revelation. The Brotherhood of Man must be encouraged and fostered and that is something that later on Jesus will be very much happy to be about, when the education of the new edition of revelation has taken its effect, as it should in the minds of most readers and, hopefully, we have a wider readership than was previously had with the old Urantia Book edition.

“Our thoughts and prayers be with you all in the coming days and months as you all persevere in with us as we strive to enable such learning to flourish and have such a renaissance effect in all good intentions.

“The Michael Mission is purely about this effect of education, renewal and revival. They come in waves or phases of introduction, effectual teaching and due direction as to the changes you will encounter soon.

“There are some moments you will have cause to doubt, but fear not, as Michael and I, your Creative Parents, are always with you and will uphold you as you abide in with the love of the Universal Father of All.

“The hope of the ages is in Him who loves us all and will do a great deed of love as He is in all who have purity of heart.

“I close with this for all of you to take in. Pray with us that the will of the Father is truly in you and you find it in yourselves the heart of His Spirit who calls you unto Himself. I am Mother Spirit, daughter of the Infinite Spirit and I am with you all as His pure Spirit. Good day.”



Threads for New Transmissions / Lanaforge on Perseverance
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Teacher: Lanaforge
Subject: Perseverance
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 30/03/2018 2.32am(AEDT)

“Revelatory work is what you do and must press on to the goal, although it takes stamina and you require it. You see, it’s a train of thought, it takes confidence of insight in listening ever close to.

“What I am getting at here is that much content will be passed and always do you listen to ever closely, attentively, stretching your muscles to concentrate and bear with me as I let this take on in your mind.

“The subject today is Perseverance, always do you keep on persisting and adhering to trusting the words received will have in them the seeds of growth. Yes, words do have meanings. Even one single word. They have meanings and when put into a context, there is a group of meanings to the effect that what can be conveyed is to allow greater discernment and cognitive functioning. Reading this will do that to you. When Sue writes it, she has to listen attentively to the next words as I speak this as slowly as I can to allow what can be picked up as can be received.

“Some of you can do this work, it takes daily practice and actively being engaged in prayer and recognising that still small voice within you.  It is subtle yet persistent as time prevails and keep at it in prayer,  in thought and in due regard to worship with the Father within you.

“Persevering takes on qualities of being assured in good faith, that all things consists in Him who holds all dear to His bosom and that is that faithful insistence of being at-onement with the Source of your being. It can never be any other way as you walk on ever abiding in the truth that is inherent in you. I am IS, because of Him, and you are too. There is a saying up here in the Spirit world and it is this “Accu QueraVera, QueraVera”. Sue has no idea what that means. It is - ‘With the Father all things are possible and whatever will be, will be’. This is not a statement, it is a sentiment that is very much in confidence that our Father knows and is quite well with all that is.

“In the trial universes, in part we all know only so much, yet in His Infinity, there are so many more intricacies we do not know of yet. There are so much that can be obtained at varying levels of progression and you, the mortals of a one time rebellion, have persisted in His way will have achieved much in the course of perseverance and enduring faithfulness, in spite of it. The Father enjoys those who call upon Him and seek Him. It is this first of many requests made from the sincere heart that spins you into realising what a great companion in true spirit you have within you. What a journey to discover and cherish and behold that, although He may seem so far off, and behold He, in His infinite love is able to reach you with a fragment of Himself in you as His well-nigh devoted and loving Thought Adjuster. His Mystery Monitor is truly divine, it is true spirit and true energy that is resident in all those who are of moral and willful capabilities.

“Your decisions make you the personality that you are becoming. This is the logical progress you comprise of as you learn and grow as a human and when one is attuning to spirit, you become an eternal loving being with the energy of His divine love that you dwell in in every moment of prayer and in praise.

“I am Lanaforge, your Planetary Prince Regent and wish you a happy and good day.”


29/03/2018 2.17am(AEDT)

Thoughts and Muses - A Dream and a Reality

This morning I dreamt a dream.
One with people, a family of sorts. There were skits with three women who put on acts to entertain and they were gorgeous. There I was in this place, a house in X where there was a warm summer breeze, flowers blooming and a nice company to be with. A young lad who I teamed up with had a liking to me. Affectionate and warm-hearted, he was full of vitality yet content to just be himself in my presence.

I felt warmly accepted and at home with these people I was with. They were calm and happy to be as they were, loving and gentle yet full of life to enjoy. The lad constantly near me and I, although I felt alive and warmly attracted, yet I felt so very mature beyond his years, his touch, although nice, I still felt distant and aloof somewhat as I knew this is such a surreal place to be in at all. I woke up at this point, pondering and set myself to task when I heard a voice - “Well, my friends, how do you feel when things fall through the cracks and you do not know what to do..” or to that effect.

Anyhow, here I am sitting to take a message and strangely it is all very quiet for some reason. I asked and nothing. I close my eyes and slowly it seems the world is abandoned and left to disrepair for a time. It is a weird thought that came, you know that necessary evil thing, some evils are necessary to do. What nothing else could do to correct something so badly done, nothing else would accomplish it other than to be left to its own devices to re-sort itself. Revelations is the only vestiges that will keep alive a light worthy to be in existence and that will be the flame that will eventually catch on in the hearts of those who remain after so much upheaval that is soon to take its toll.

This is a horrible outlook, not one I would like to see in my lifetime and difficult to put my head around it. When we all are beings of expectations, when those expectations cease to be and all we have is a massive changing of natural events to endure, then we soon find ourselves busy surviving as best we can moment by moment if we are lucky to even get that far. What is left is scant and very diluted in population numbers, I feel we may see a planet totally devoid of all that it once was. You can rightly say, ‘nature has done a scrub like no other could’. In saying that, I feel we are on the cusp of change and it is one that to most a very undesirable one as it takes away all those comforts we are so used to now.

The Michael Missions have in them a process of cleansing, renewal and education. I think it all goes back to the Monjoronson Paper on Planetary Management and Sustainibility - there are nature attacks, population decimation, renewal and a New Age to come. The revelations we are to receive will help enlighten as many of us humans who may or may not survive the coming catastrophes and be the light bearers for the age to come. This age we are in is soon to be extinct with nuclear war and natural cataclysm that will put an end to civilisation as we know it. These are our last days we may breathe. It is that bad. That is the sense we have for why would the Magisterial Sons be sent back to Paradise to be busy elsewhere, it is because the Father sees this world too far gone to be of any use - it has to be cleaned and remodelled in a new pattern.

I leave it there my thoughts and muses here as I am deeply affected by what reality this presents for us and it is not for the faint-hearted by all means. This is a fresh and sobering take on what could soon be occurring and many of us may not make it here. Many will be transferred to the Mansions Worlds and be rehabilitated. I think this is a better way for these people as what is happening here, any divine mission, to be frank, will find it not workable due to the deeply-embedded nature, the attitudes, the mentality and so on that exist in man in this current age. It is not a God-centred age and as such it defeats the purpose of any real hope of one to be planted.

All that is left is to pray for the mercy of our Father for all those who have soul survival capabilities in going onwards on to their ascension careers and for the planet to be left as a happy zoo in the Father’s domain.

As far as expectations are concerned, we who are spiritual, we yearn to go on to the next level of progression and it is this that we seek to be and I hope and pray that is the case for most of us who expect too highly of the Father when we are still in the flesh, be it fused or near-to-be-fused, I feel we are here for a time to accomplish the work we do now to ensure the goodness of God is still a flame to be reckoned with.

I will stop here as I have said and thought well enough as it is a reality wake-up for what may well be for us soon. (My Adjuster prompted me to write all of this and share it). Thank you.


GOD The SUPREME / God the Supreme on Lessons In Education
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Teacher: God the Supreme
Subject: Lessons in Education
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 28/03/2018 2.19am(AEDT)


“Always when taking a lesson, look who it is that is teaching the lesson or the subject at hand. If a Melchizedek brother, it is of a high order you receive from; if a Trinity Teacher Son, that is one higher still as it comes from Paradise; if from other orders of beings, they are of qualities relevant to your level. No matter the content, it is the quality of wisdom that can be obtained from all levels of personality. All have a common thread of utmost dignity of human will and purpose in the Father’s domain.

“You do not know who it is that speaks to you right now, that is undisclosed so to mask the perception, but not of what/why it is that you receive this in a manner in which it is to be received. This is to allow you to kick in your adjutant mind spirits to discern those mechanisms by which I pry you with to work it here as I speak.

“This is a different tone and a different manner for which I use to approach and let it be flowing here.

“So regardless as to who is speaking, you can always pick up the cues as we go along. You sense me, but do not recognise this manner of approach and that is because I use a different circuitry of higher input than I previously used on you the day before. Yes, you know now, I am God the Supreme. Now that is settled, can we move on?

“This is a lesson in education that you will have coming in terms of the new edition of revelations that is to be placed before you to read and study. The Sixth Epochal Revelation is ready to go and will be sent out shortly in various institutions, libraries, universities and a few of you that are on the list to receive such an insightful edition. When upon receiving such insights, know that it is one of profound inspirations that will grant you better perspectives in universal activity. Activity that is of a highly organised structure that have numerous beings and orders all working extremely well to produce a well nigh perfect system of infinite purpose. As the Supreme, I work to produce the desired effect in all experiential programs. That is part and parcel of all those experiences in time you all acquire and achieve in your lives as you live them and then going on to the adventure of gaining ever more in your ascension careers. You are an integral part of the and my work as God the Supreme as you are the pieces of the puzzle, as it were, to being superb creatures of willful intent in the Father’s infinite plans of Universe growth.

“Yes, there are so much more being revealed as you go on forward in learning of your new-found place as a Citizen of the Universe in which you are a part of. The lessons will be growing with you as you press forward on to those areas that will open in time for you to increase in knowledge and understanding.

“I will leave it there and allow you to get this typed up and I wish to thank you for taking this moment with me to receive such input as can be had when one takes the initiatives to set a time aside to do so. There is always a lesson to receive, you only have to ask for it and it will be forthcoming as it does here. I am God the Supreme and I bid you a good morning, my lass, Aye!”


Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: The Michael Missions to Come
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 27/03/2018 2.45pm(AEDT)


“Get your mental muscles here Sue as you apply them here with me. I am Michael here to speak. Yes, you are right in those thoughts of yours as you ask me. There is a Michael Mission to open on Urantia. It is from Salvington I operate with Lanaforge as the Planetary Prince Regent of Urantia. We have a consortium of staff on board to initiate some work in the morontia spheres to prepare for the influx of population that will occur in the near future. What we have soon to be in place is a new course of revelations along with the introduction of the Sixth Epochal Revelation. Revelatory work is the initial phase of Mission implementation. This is a self-education period on Urantia that we allow the SER to do the work of enlightenment as the first edition of the Urantia Book (FER) was intended to do. We again reinstall the process, but this time in better protective measures to allow revelation to be the springboard to successful embrace of truth.

“What can be had here on Urantia is to have a population better informed, educated and prepared before we even go into a full-scale Magisterial Son Mission, which is later on in due course after the fact of dissemination is accomplished. Jesus will find it more favourable to come into the picture that understands his position, rank and profile before all else has to be taken on.

“That is well instituted by what the Universal Father sees as a better implementation than to face a roaring ignorant mob ready to throw him out again as did happened the first time and we will have none of that this time. Urantia will need to be allowed to go through a process to come to its senses, then educated, then come to a better place of mind to receive spiritual input as such as can be. This is, of course, a ‘process-transitional-phase’ and one that is the first to take place soon.

“There is more coming and I have more to speak to in this, but Sue is getting very weary right now and I will resume this with her later when she is refreshed. Let us stop here and take a rest. I bid you all well. Good day.”



Speaker: Lanaforge
Subject: Geomagnetic Disturbance
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 27/03/2018 9.46am(AEDT)


“I am Lanaforge, your Planetary Prince Regent. I say Regent as that is to do with my experience as System Sovereign of Nebadon and also of other areas of work in Nebadon, you know nothing about. Here I am placed by request from Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit to further my expertise in getting a planet back in order to the ways and means of universe gravity as it is to be pulled in other areas of space shortly.

“Your planet is experiencing some areas of weather phenomena and that is due in part with a weakening core and as a result of a lessening of strength in the earth’s geomagnetic pattern. This will result in some extreme weather phenomena as is already, in subtle ways, occurring. In the northern hemisphere you are seeing unusually colder climes and in the southern areas, some hotter and wetter than usual weather as the poles are being forced to retreat due to the weakening of the core’s magnetic balance.

“This is also affecting your core to stave off the placement it has with the Monmatia Sun and her solar explosions will cause some anomalies in your communication frequencies. This will, over time, increase in disturbing those areas of space frequencies that affects communication and energy grids everywhere.

“I say this as this is to forewarn you of the impending geo-tectonic fragility that the crustal movement of plates will be emerging in relation to the core’s inability to hold any further its metallic structure. This may sound dire to you as so it should be as it pertains to say, that it has a direct affect on the earth you walk on, which is about to move, boil or go under the sea as it collapses under so much pressure with other emerging plates nearby.

“There is no telling how this is going to go by any means of our best estimations as to its displacements. Like any forecaster would say, it is to our best estimation, that some areas will be affected given those areas with prone weaknesses and other areas will not experience much at all due the relative stability in relation to their placement.

“Why I tell you all this is to say, that there is a shift in the earth’s structure and you are going to see some more weather changes and then some unusual geologic occurrences emerging in various places that portend to the overall earth instability. This is to relay to you to be vigilant and be on alert to move quickly when you see some unusual natural attacks that happen near you. You will know it when you see it and hope you can outrun it. Just know it is a natural course of earth’s restructuring and you will need to get out of her way when she does her adjustments to get stabilised as best as she can.

“This is also to alert you to adjust to attuning to the earth’s energies that is placing you to be more aware of the emerging Planetary Supreme in the planet.

“I am Lanaforge, and I sign off for now to allow you to be more at your guard to take my dictation as this is going to be stepped up a notch or two in and through those of you who can transmit me well as things on your earth begin to take its turn in rougher terrain and seas soon. This is an emergency announcement and I have Sue’s attention to get going with this even though she is mostly finding this hard to take, but is accommodating with her Adjuster to get going anyways. I bid you alertness in the coming days. Thank you.”


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