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Hi Ron, this is marvelous. What about hydrogen? The Germans used this method in the huge airship they built during the war, and I wonder if this is also another alternative fuel source that can be developed. Although I notice that in today's alternative fuel research and development, there has been different approaches made. If the oil reserves are going to deplete and my country is ludicrously minimal, what about the good old horse, instead?! I'm sure when things look so dire the bicycle will be well sought after and then our walking feet.  This is very interesting to think what happens when our cars can no longer run and how to get around, but that is useless as the food delivery is ground to a halt and on it goes down the supply chain line. Scary picture for us to absorb. Thank you for this amazing prospect and could it be put into development to be in operation well before things go bad for us?


General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« on: August 15, 2018, 06:18:50 PM »
Dear Larry,
I am with Lemuel on this too. You have thought long and hard on doing this but you could have just said "GONE FISHING! Back later" and that would be quite understandable. However, I have gone down this route too about a year ago and I can assure you that what I got was to allow me to realise that too much water has gone down the river and there is way more for me to know with my Beloved. Like kids in the back seat of a car on a very long road trip who often says impatiently, "Are we there yet?" Well that can easily happen if we are not careful to bide the time with patience, endurance, faithfulness and above all, love. Remember three things remain, hope, faith and love. I love you Larry and hope to see you back refreshed and invigorated with your Beloved.

Your Sister,



Hello dear brother Lemuel,
Thank you for your lesson on the subject ‘Died of a Broken Heart’ today. I listened to it and afterwards I have a lot of thoughts running that would require to be shared here, if I may.

What happens to those who are separated by their loved ones just because of a decision to be with the Father and about His work and then that one is ostracized for taking that choice on?

I can count many of us here have gone down this road with our loved ones, be it our husband, wife, mother, sister, brother, daughter, son and whoever else that does not understand it. Even Jesus felt it when he was so misunderstood and cried out to the Father on the cross and said the words, “forgive them Father, for they do not understand”. How many times have Jesus’ heart has been broken over to this point, I have no numbers but can experience just as he did as we all do when confronted with the revelations we have come to know in our reading of The Urantia Book. It does not surprise me now how many more times our hearts are broken over by so many that still misunderstand what it is to be in and abide in the Father.  

I can get in your lesson Lemuel, that many couples or friendships have suffered a serious form of unbearable breakage that these ones cannot endure and find so unpalatable to live on as they find themselves. That can easily be understood when the bond is so unique and strong. It also stands between the Ward and the Adjuster in my view as a fused mortal. I see that we are one now, inseparable for eternity. Time does not separate, it is the willingness to abide no matter if heaven and earth comes between us, we are still one and the same.

A broken heart is bad enough and misunderstanding is just outrageous and so are those who do not take the time to think for the truth that is there for them to see. Anyway, I can see so much more can come out in discussing the issue of oneness of heart than it is for being broken over. There is more in the story of love between the one with the other and it is to be a journey to discover that we connect because of our Adjusters that have an affinity of oneness that seeps through our personality.  I can gather that much in relationships between friends, family members and those who we find a kindred spirit. Could there be that spiritual alignment that connects us so strongly and to be so separated is seen as a loss of an arm or a leg you never thought you could bear to go without? This lesson is both tangible and very much powerful in the way how the Adjusters bring and connect the wards with one another in ways that is meaningful and fulfilling in the life of a human who is to discover the underlying mechanism how God works in our lives.

What does everyone else think? Does this have more meaning when you consider the Adjuster who is very much connecting when their ward is in harmonious connection with another of similar mind and intelligence, mainly to advance these in their ascensionary careers. It is hard to know as it may vary and is numerous among so many they affect, only God knows the outcome of these incredible superb work of the Adjusters.

In much appreciation of your work Lemuel as you get us to think in more ways than one in this very relevant subject we all experience in our spiritual journey. Thank you.


Thank you Ron,
This is pretty impressive and very smart way from Dr. Rohrbach's work. I think this will be very useful when coal is aplenty everywhere. Australia has large reserves of this material and can come in useful supply if needed. I like the idea too, although I have no engineering knowledge, I still am impressed by the Germans ability to somehow make this sort of thing work at all. The tank you have in the picture is certainly one piece of hefty machine and to have it move with efficiency is amazing. It's no wonder how fearsome the Germans were at the time and I am intrigued by all the documentaries made on this period of history with the German technology and engineering feats they left behind to find. I will enjoy your work to be made useful in the Michael Mission Ron, and lets hope there's coal accessible to make it worth it.


Threads for New Transmissions / Pre'Mtor - Listen and Let Us Get To Work
« on: August 14, 2018, 10:34:41 PM »
Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Listen and Let Us Get To Work
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 15/08/2018 8.49am(AEST) 6.49pm(GMT)


“It is difficult for you to lie in wait, wondering on what is to be when we, on this side of the veil, are in preparation busily putting together the schools of thought with the Melchizedeks to apply minds to collaborate, we seek doctors, teachers, mathematicians; although all are of scientific minds, we seek to bring these minds to see the esoteric nature of service in their respective fields of expertise.

“You who are here, fused and fusing-to-be are in wait for the material manifestations to be applying yourselves in more usefulness than in the present esoteric nature that you do here. This is a training for the stages of work that is to be made manifest in time.

“As you are in wait, in prayer and supplication with your Lord, it is a time of real perseverance to sow the seeds of greater potential in you. It will blossom into its own as the sun rises, so does a flower open and bloom its beautiful colours. So do not worry thereof what is presently a gaping nothingness, it will soon be filled with lots of things you will be busy with before long.

“As you rest in your time of leisure, you collect in your mind all that has been and see how it is an evolving process of ever changing directions to enable us to better the transition a planet and its inhabitants are to endure. Your lives are assured in eternity when you are in realisation of your inheritance that is in you to receive wholeheartedly with your Father Fragments. It is with the Father you venture on into the unknown with faith and with certainty of His ever present and all-powerful Spirit that is within you if you are so willing to abide in with.

“The worlds of time are training grounds of evolutionary experience and growth of mind. Your minds are ever attuning with Spirit and with the spiritual input of the Adjutant Mind Spirits the Creative Spirit and her Ministering Spirits inspire in you to recognise as the brilliant lights that shine on your soul.

“So it goes on, you never give up on the hope that is within you as you begin to know this earth is just a stepping stone among many stepping stones yet to leap and abound in joyful learning and growing. There is no end to growth nor no end to joyful service as you are naturally attuned with me to be so doing. You are here with me to grow as I am with you to steer you on the path of righteousness and goodness.

“You seek the happiness of life to flourish and to be rightfully existent even when a world is slipping in its own mud. Nevertheless, it will soon become a flower blossoming beautifully and you are one that is pretty already before all else cotton on. That is a sure sign of a faith son and daughter that you are. The Agondonter that so sees before it is seen by material eyes alone. Blessed are you that see the throne of God in you and believe that I am in you as you are in me.

“As an Adjuster of my Ward, I hold it well what has to be held well and keep her from stumbling and maintain the momentum to keep on continuing in graceful determination to stay the course, no matter what the obstacles that may be presented to her. The decisions are many, but the desire to hold fast to what is most pressing on her heart to seek the will of the Father in her life. Her life is mine now and she follows the lead to get on with the task. The work is plentiful, but the workers are so few and I hold her together in one piece as she is vitally needed and so are all of you with your loving Adjusters by your side to see to it the Michael Missions have its way in the lives and affairs of men at this present time.

“The Michael Mission is present and is working with many influential minds on the planet to steer ahead the improvements that can be made in the field of health, science and philosophy. It is far more involved in the reaching out to those who are seeking to better the situation at hand and we who are mindful do interact with those minds who seek the higher good and betterment of humanity. It is our goal to reach as many as can be and we do so more actively in participating with the most excellent of minds that race to get things done better and with those who seek to overcome the harshness of a world gone mad.

“So arise, my dear ones, see the higher ground of hopeful enterprise as we work tirelessly to bring good out nothing and joy out of sorrow and peace out of turmoil. It is soon your worldview and that is truly a greater way forward to see hearts for God than for the spoils of the earth that turns into mould.

“So as I beckon Sue on, I beckon you on to get with your Beloved and seek the good that you are in yourselves and with your willingness to so serve in the capacity that you are with skillful mind and beneficial hearts to toil over doing the work of God that is inspired in you to be about.

“Whether it is transmitting, praying, studying or doing good in practical ways with others, you are all capable one way or another to apply yourselves where you are. So be about the work of uplifting the heart of man to ensure the hope is alive and is truly worth pursuing. Let your light so shine before men and be of good cheer as you so live each day. Be your jolly selves as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves with all men you deal with. Your Adjuster is with you to steer you on the path of your eternal destiny before you, be aware of your eternal life is before you and your ever present need to assure others it is theirs also if they so choose to follow the Father who so calls them to Himself.

“I am Pre’Mtor, as Sue’s Adjuster, I speak as one with her as her mind is resolved to care less about the earthy struggle and move on to be about the work that she cares more about than all the years put together before her. She is resigned into me to get going with the life of the Spirit and to put to bed the issues of the past and see it for what it is.

“It is now time to row together in a boat, the size of pea in a great ocean and truly be amazed at all the work that is before us to ply our oars to get going with. It is immense and yet surpassable as we attune to understand each other that the saying, “..better a bird in the hand, than two in the bush..” and so we are grateful for each other and are pleased to be rowing as one now more than ever.

“Let us see how many more of you boats are rowing nicely with us in this big ocean we swim in and it is far better to have you here with us than two in the bush, so it goes. Come now, won’t you join me as one and apply yourselves to hear what the spirit is saying and allow the lessons to flow as this one does in your hearing. There are many more lessons and news coming and we require the transmitters to get up and with what has to be heard and imparted. Do not wait for tomorrow for someone to do it for you, start now in prayer and ask what is for you to hear and take dictation. It is there, and it awaits for you to receive it and share it. Come now, do not be afraid, my children, I am Father and I seek you to hear me and let the bells ring in you to get excited about as I bring it to you to know and be busy about.

“This is a lesson in “Listen and Let Us Get To Work” and I ask Sue to make that the subject for today as we get to work in earnest in your midst. I bid you all a good day and I pray you to heed the call to get to work all of you to take dictation and share it as it is time to work and be joyful in it.”


Teachers: Sue Whiley and Pre’Mtor
Subject: Responsibility and Being True To Yourself
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 13/08/2018 8.06am(AEST) 6.06pm(GMT)

Greetings my dear friends, last night I received a very good dream. One that I saw my future self as the Sue Whiley personality. It is one I was a teacher of import, and one I learned in it how important it is to be true to yourself and to be responsible for the role a teacher plays. Although fame comes with those who are highly impressionable it does have the realisation to stay to true to yourself before others with such critical appraisal.

In the dream, there was what appeared to be colourful knobs on a sort of like a rock climbing wall or ceiling upon which I was to grab hold on to proceed to the next, to aim for another part of the adventure course I was taking part in. At the same time, I was talking out numbers and other details of import, I think was probably scientific in nature(?). In the other part of the course, I found myself appraised by others and my name “Sue Whiley” was spoken to and I realise how the fame got around and my reputation was certainly there as it goes. It was certainly an eye-opening experience for me to see. As incredible as some of the information I imparted, I still have to come to grips with how many I affect and I realise it comes with responsibility, accountability and being true to who and what I am with others, even those who look up to me and those who are yet to take what it is to be said.

Although our far future work is varied and many, I venture to sense it is nice to have this foresight to prepare me for what I may be facing when I am fully applying all my capacities in the spiritual mission and also upon my travails upon Mansonia. This is all I have to say for now. I thought to share a little snippet of the experience I received from such a vivid dream, I see my Adjuster, Pre’Mtor is working well to train me alongside all those who come to assist me. Thank you Father! I have a week off from my hospital work, let us see where this wonderful leisure time takes me as I take the time to rest, to recoup and to refresh all that I am with the Father.

My thoughts and prayers are always with you and although there are times we feel so under the weather with terrible old Urantia, we are ever abiding in trusting that our Father will bring all things together for good in His good purposes. I know it will be good as He is in His divine way. God bless you and keep you in His truth and love always and I will share what comes during this reprieve and may it also be good.


[T/R Note: Although this is mostly not a transmission as I usually receive, however, the dreams are and I share what is conveyed in my words here as best as I could. As dreams go, they are difficult to put into words as there are so much in them to get it down on paper. I think you know what I mean by that. Fortunately, I am able to remember what I see and get the sense of what it conveys to me to share with you. Thank you. Sue]

Yes thank you Ron, everyone, make sure you follow what Ron is saying. It is up the river not down at the Havre de Grace. I checked it on my Google Map. It has to be in the State of Pennsylvania  and its high up away from the water of the river. Often times I bemoan how many times planners make the mistake of building on flood plains only to find that settlements that do live on them get flooded frequently. The Susquehanna River is a very long and meandering river and rather wide by the looks of it. It's good they have chosen a high area and not a low floodplain. Also I love this new blog to allow some sort of vent that can't be put anywhere else. Nice to have the news of the Morontial Temple, love to be in a place of prayer and praise! Praise be to the Father!


Hi Ron, I am at work and doing this on my mobile which is so small to do. There is much to say and all I want to say for now, I am sorry and wish to state that I am not going anywhere and will stay put. I will write you later on a private email to you Ron when I get home from work.  I thank my Adjuster for the guidance given. Back later, I will not do anything but remain still.


Ron: Sue,thank you.  You are not under the gun but Michael is looking hard at complications and he insists you be careful about reversion.  That's all.  No harm whatsoever but adopting the past will get you a goose egg in the present - that's what he says. Take your time and I will be glad to help thrash this out with you when you are ready.   Ron

General Discussion / The Dream of Loss
« on: August 09, 2018, 08:35:45 AM »
The Dream of Loss

I am not sure how to word this vivid dream I had. To ensure a better perspective, one has to know the circumstances that led up to it as to why such a dream came at all. There were some impending decisions that, although it was for a better outcome, it still posed a few problems and creates many undesirable things to live with. As you all know when one makes and decides to be with the Father, all else fades in comparison even your loved ones in your life.  To separate from such is a difficult thing to do and not nice to be left to follow the long winding path alone when others take the wide highway to nowhere. To make matters worse, when decisions of import come to a head in the mind, one has found some obstacles, difficulties as to getting something accomplished when it turns out someone upstairs is trying to make it quite clear that is not the way to go for now.

So, after a few obstacles to get what I want done, along comes a dream that puts things into a sobering perspective and I realise, I must make a turn to appease not only myself but for those I care about too. The Dream of Loss is as follows and it comes to tell me and those of you to consider how important it means to have those people of familiarity in your life. Here it goes:

As I slept last night, there I was in a scene where there was a social venue or place, with people, and while I looked, there were those familiar people I knew in my time with my significant others, and surprisingly, people that go a long way back were there too. Now we were all having a nice time, a friendly, happy gathering and then all of a sudden, they all walked out. No matter how hard I looked and where, even out in the street at night, they were nowhere to be seen. I went back inside the venue to search for them again, but all I could see were unfamiliar faces, I did not know them, and it was not the same with the ones I knew so well,  for I could not connect with them. It soon became a scary prospect that I was left alone and no one I knew was there anymore. I realise I was alone, sad and felt lost. I suddenly woke up at 2.00am in the morning in the dark room. I rolled over on the bed and contemplated on the meaning of this very vivid and awful scene I just witnessed. It occurred to me it related very well how the Adjuster is bringing up something I need to know and be aware that this can be a reality if I choose a certain path I know can be very unpleasant for me to live with.

During the day at work, as I went about my usual chores, I sat down in my break and soon came to the conclusion I must not go down the path that I was going to take which was not working out as I would hope for, for some reason. Now I see that with all the prompts, and now the dream, I see where I should be placing my energy to be with and help my significant others as I know life is very short indeed pretty soon for so many of us. It is like in that dream, they may well be gone before I knew it, but I know now because I saw it in this dream. So I must be of good cheer and help them when it is time for them to know what it is they will need to know when they are ready. I feel now our lives are so precious, yet we have an eternity ahead of us, but these, our loved ones, are not fully aware of the knowledge that is theirs to know and it is time for us who do have the insights of the gift of revelation given in the Urantia Book to assure them of the Father’s way and of His great love for all those who seek Him.

This is a dream to make me and you aware that those around us, we know from years of being with them, growing with them and living with them, have angels among them. I see that our purpose, as angels in their midst, is to be there for them and to live and enjoy their lives as they experience it so well. As the dream was a wake up call for me, although shockingly sad with the loss, I now can understand how important they are and to be with them, to enjoy and to value all that they are as they have contributed so much to me in my mortal life too. Without them, I would not be the person I am today. I wish to share this with you, my friends, and hope it is a help to you to know that dreams do have an important role to play to provoke us to think and see things in a different light than before.

Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean


Thank you Ron and Father Michael for these wonderful posts and a very interesting story about those early days circulating around the White, the Sadlers, the FER, and for the love of us to grant an insight into the Michael Plans as per the Roman numeral list of events. Although all a spending so much energy on what is happening, I am particularly intrigued by your experience with the six secret entities from God the Supreme. A thought came and it went humorously like this: the captain sent his scouts out as they were so curious as to how a human can decipher so well as you do and still maintain some semblance of normalcy. Well, it's just a random thought and made me laugh too. I sense the humorous side of God the Supreme who has a streak to allow even us to experience and I have had that happen with God the Supreme. It is not too hard for me to see it in your visitation you have had Ron, although it is a rather rare one to have it done from such a high order. All in all, I am intrigued and look forward to your fourth post on what more you have been experiencing. It is wonderful that you are able to get all this down and share with us for our own edification and experiential growth.

Btw: I had difficulty getting onto the site as the server must have gone done for some reason and now it is back up. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments, I am learning so much! Michael helped me a lot too, Sue.

[Dear Members: I wasn't sure where to place this message, I have placed here as it flows from what has been received from Ron above and Michael seems to flow on with this in mind.Sue]

Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subjects: The Morontialised Mind, the Spiritual Inputs, the Trinity infusion and the Work of the Deity Absolute on the Morontialised Mind.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 07/08/2018 9.15pm(AEST)

[T/R Note: Tonight as I sat on the lounge relaxing, Michael started speaking so I quickly got pen and notebook to write even though it is near my bed time, I feel it is pressing enough to get to work on this and present this to you all to read. Sue.]

Michael of Nebadon:

“It is for you all to know, it is a restart, a new beginning if you like, it’s not the past nor the future, it is the now, the present moment for you to obtain your destiny. It is in your grasp.

“Pausing to listen is a skill you have in you to do now. Take the time to do just that. We have not quieten the momentum, the spiritual input is always there. You know that. It is when you turn away and not pay attention is when you miss the beat we produce and it is resoundingly loud, how can you miss it, only because the attention is not placed to receive.

“The reception of information is present in you to do. The information is many and varied on different levels of your ability to discern what is given you to unravel and see. There are certain things you connect with and others slip by as irrelevant. Memory of words in the morontial state of mind is lost as it becomes conceptual and far exceeding for description of words to convey the import you receive. The pictures in the mind, although jumbled in context, it is an assortment of images to proport the induction of what is and what is not to be. Awareness is ever sharpened as a tool to be used in the quickening of mind abilities.

“You, my dear, experience the morontial mind status and it does become difficult to place what is known and seen into the context of language that is not sufficient to be of any substance in time.

“The morontial mind is limitless, it is timeless as opposed to the material status of mortal thinking and cognition. When it becomes to a point you receive a jumble of images, it is not legible, that it does not fit the pattern of time.

“The Deity Absolute projects the future proportions that have varying degrees of vector probabilities you see can behave in what it portrayed. The human mind is not capable to perceive it, unless you are a fused one with the Thought Adjuster to comport you in the higher mindal capacities with the energies now running in your circuitry. This is an influx of energy input from the Creative Spirit and her Ministering Spirits to do a double work of comprehending the unknown the Deity Absolute produces in your sleep training exercises of late.

“There is becoming of you, the fused ones, to being incorporated with the spiritual circuitry of the universe that is building in you. Those of you who are to be newly fused are also experiencing the capacity to absorb the energy this new circuitry is being infused in you by your Adjuster. Your Adjuster is intimately at work to adjust you to the circuitry and to align you with what I, as your Creator Son and Universe Father, enables to allow greater abilities of spiritual alignment with our input of important messaging we will require it to be received in times of transition as you will soon, and even now, be experiencing.

“As Michael, I continue to speak as Sue allows the breath of fresh air for me to move in and speak to such a difficult subject and one she appreciates the brevity of clarity as to what is going on in her mind of late, as she feels she is experiencing a wanky kind of intrusion of trinity work. That is true to say, yet it is also true to also point out there is a long way to go to allow the mind that she has as well as Larry, Lemuel, Amethyst and Wendy to embrace the confusion it produces and settle in with the pattern of input that emerges to allow you to see what it is that you must now grasp. This takes time and practice and a lot of nerve, on your part, to let this become ingrained in your cortical parts your brain is made to take it, along with your psychic ability to discern, perceive and understand the deeper meanings such images are presented to you to absorb.

“Ron has been presented a visual presentation (by Miss White in another post) and that he was able to see it and perceive it as it is so illuminated in his ability to allow it to penetrate his thoughts at what is given for him to see it and  know it for himself. There upon are the ways and means of visual presentations that allows a greater degree of perception and insight into what the Deity Absolute permits to be witnessed to a highly perceiving morontialised mind.

“When one is morontialised as such, the perceiving abilities are acutely attuned to universe input that, with the Adjuster, you become and are attuned as one with in union with the Father that is in you.

“I am Michael, and I am satisfied this session has endured as long as this one has and I now end this by saying, the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. It is a new beginning here on Urantia and we take the reigns and ply it to the best of the best that Urantia has to offer to her new found place in the universe as she is becoming a new member and citizen by the grace of God Himself.

“You are entitled to be suspended, but you are also entitled to be embraced, for there is much more to be known than what is in your awareness. Great things abound in the universe and you will soon come to know this truth as Urantia is pulled out of the dark into the light. Remember, I am the Light of the world, he who comes to me will never sit in darkness again. I bid you all well and good day.”

End. (10.05pm)

I see a cohesive pattern here. An administrative alignment, with Nebadon in the centre to bring it together. A powerful occupation of space and what does this do to the Michael Mission? According to the moves made by Miss White, she and the Creator Sons move to make things happen and better for what it is purposed to do. As White worked to solve the health and nutrition problems on dirty ole Urantia,  so too does she work to do again what she practiced in the flesh as a mortal to correct a bad plague of problems, now emerging on Urantia again. Urantia is the Father's planet and as such,  all are tasked and mandated by the Paradise Trinity to do something miraculous this side of the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton. Does this point to a future collaboration between Creator Sons, their creative work and with God the Supreme to further work in completing supremacy in Orvonton?

Ron, you have received beautiful visions, and I love the "cells" description of the pure crystals you saw. Something beautiful is presented here for us to glimpse at and appreciate what is in the mind's eye of prophecy given. Thank you too for the possibility of further revelation coming on top of the SER. This will mean there is way more to know about about than what is compiled so far to get with. The Urantian population, or what's is left here after the dim period, is going to be in for some heavy schooling! A university in the making is just around the corner.


General Discussion / Re: What is the uptade?????
« on: August 04, 2018, 08:21:36 AM »
Hi Antonio,
I understand this is something imminent as has been forecast by our esteemed friends upstairs. In my view, I see it this way, it's pretty much in the sense that when a planet's core is so hot, it has a heat build up to the temperature of our Monmatia sun, it's only a matter of time it's got to release that pressure somewhere. Kind of like watching popcorn in a saucepan cooking in slow motion, as it always happens with corn kernels under some heat, it pops off into white crispy flowered popcorn we all see. So I see it as that happening with the internal pressure and the crustal plates will end up buckling by what is bound to occur when it is sitting on a heated core. I know this sounds too over sensationalised, but it gives the impression of what kind of pressure such a core can produce.

In looking at it in view of a ball with water in it, our planet has a massive amount of oceanic water and it makes me wonder how the oceans can smother the internal pressure, but also, as it has happened in the geologic past the land masses, being bouyant could, along with the Tectonic Plates,  get moved around like a bobble in the water. It's a wonder the planet does not explode, but it also seems implausible for it to be doing that with the sheer weight of the world's oceans. So it's a case of the land-ocean ratio, when the core has to readjust it's overbearing heat. Our sun is also the culprit too and I seem to think the Power Directors come into play with its nuclear activity to ease it off, so as to allow our planet, which we know now that the Pole Shift has to work to allow a massive cooling mechanism to occur.

We, like waiting to watch the popcorn to go popping, it's not a matter of, if, it's when. Given, what our Celestial guidance has been, it is going to happen in our near future and it is for us to be aware of this planetary transition. We have been warned numerous times before. And it is for us to understand, certain things, like the way popcorn goes off, it is unpredictable how it will go. Even with the recent wildfires in California and Greece, it is a raging inferno so difficult to control, it has a nature all of its own, regardless of the consequences. And that can be terrifying for those of us caught up in it. All we can do is be prepared. Both for the worse and for the best.


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Versatility
« on: August 01, 2018, 07:37:49 AM »
Nice session, Wendy, keep it going, and gain the confidence in the courage you place in doing so.  Thank you Mother Spirit and Father Michael for your words of wisdom shared and more so in encouragement and good cheer for our dear Sister Wendy in her journey inwards with her beloved Adjuster. Keep the faith in your travels, dear one!


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Phyllis
« on: August 01, 2018, 07:35:49 AM »
One moment please...."that is because the light you emanate as a a fused one is so bright it begs her to seek this out. Do not forget your light shines brightly with your Adjuster and your voice rings true as she hears you. As you so shine, this one and many more you may touch upon are brought home safely. Once in the light, these ones are taken care of and sent on their way. Thank you. [ I asked, who spoke and got this reply, " is none other than your Adjuster Sue, Pre'Mtor here,  upon contact with Lemuel's Adjuster."]


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