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Greetings everyone, a very quiet day, I hope this calm is not a prelude of the storm.
Thank you so much Larry and Margul for your very timely and important message.  So many of our recent posts here on the forum have alluded to the fact that every one of us have a purpose on this Mission.  That is why we were drawn to this sight.  I have been here for about 1 and 1/2 years now and I must relay to you a couple of things that have happened to me that in my mind validates what I said above.  We are here for a purpose.

I don't know my purpose yet, but I am convinced that I am being groomed for something.  

The reason I say this is because of a couple of things, that in my mind were the doings of Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia.   First:  I have had for most of my adult life, problems with my ears.  The thing I am alluding to here is that my right ear has, for as long as I can remember,  been draining with a nasty abscess.  One morning after showering I got out my several q-tips to perform my morning cleaning.  Was I astonished or what.  Absolutely no drainage.  I couldn't believe it, I thought that it would be back the next day.  Guess what?  Not a bit of drainage.  Believe me I knew right away how and what had happened and I thanked  my Heavenly Father for his blessings.  My wife was incredulous to say the least.  But she had to admit that it was absolutely great.

Second:  About 3 years ago I had to go in for a complete Cat scan, bone scan and blood work because of my triple by-pass.  They found spots on my lungs and dark spots on my pelvis bones.  My Doctor wanted to have me go back for an even more in depth scan using radioactive isotopes.  I told him no and we left it at that.  After Shirley passed away my Doctor had me take another blood test.  It showed an increased level of PSA.  This is normally caused by a cancer in the prostate.  Well I had the prostrate taken out in 2006 as it had cancer in it.  So when my PSA came back as an elevated number, he told me I had to do a cat scan and bone scan.  I finally said I would do it.  I was afraid of what the results would be.  I am happy to tell you that my test results, in the Doctors own words, "Were fantastic."   Not a sign of anything anywhere.  Both the cat scan and the bone scan showed that I was totally free of any signs of cancer or anything else.

The reason I am telling all of you this is because I know in my heart and in my soul that whatever I had has been cleared up for a reason.  Remember, I am not a spring chicken by any means.  I am 74 going on 75 very soon.  So why am I all of a sudden getting these clears bills of health.  Believe me I don't know. But I do believe that it is for some reason I can't even guess at.   I have told some of my close friends about the test results, but while reading the forum this morning, I was nudged by someone to tell this story of my miraculous healings.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  And know beyond doubt that things are happening and will continue to happen that no one will be able to explain away as anomilies of some sort.

Prase God in all his might glory.
Threads for New Transmissions / Are You Prepared?
« Last post by Lundco on December 13, 2017, 10:32:21 PM »
Speaker: Jack 0802AB B*
Subject: Are You Prepared?
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Roger Lund
Location: Wichita, KS
13 Dec 2017, 12:00 PM, CST
Jack 0802 AB B*-
   Jack here as things are truly upon us that will change this orb forever. You have been made aware Jesus is on Urantia preparing for his opening introduction of his return and the introduction of Serara, Monjoronson and all the millions of others who eagerly wait in the wings for this most unforgettable day to occur on Urantia. Many of you have prepared faithfully and patiently wait, while others look at it is a probably another false prediction that will be delayed, but again. We cannot change your mindset, but only hope you're ready to take on the responsibility of the Magisterial Mission and Jesus Return as you so desire it to occur at this time.
   Just reflect back and reread the warnings and the preparations as well as what you think you should do when all the world is stunned at the news that Jesus has returned as he said he would! Organize your priorities and watch very intently  the world wide reaction and of course the people in your sphere of influence. Do not lose sight of your doing the Father's Will and feeling totally inadequate to explain all you have learned, it will come as you ask for guidance and pray for the success of Jesus, the Magisterial Mission and your ability to help others cope with this unpresented event of such  worldly impact. Your faith alone will sustain you as things unfold. All is well. Later, Jack
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Being
« Last post by Ron Hammar on December 13, 2017, 08:40:16 PM »
Teacher Nebadonia
Topic: Being
T/R:Ron Hammar, Mt Shasta, CA, USA
Date: December 12th, 11:14pm PST


"Yes son, I am here. And who would this be? This is Persorba, your Thought Adjuster and Mother is here too, Nebadonia. Good evening child. Yes I just want to incourage you, to let you know, things are moving along fine and your hopes will soon be realized. Just don't give up, keep your feet to the fire. Keep active, keep doing your practices, helping yourself to grow spiritually and doing, actions toward your brothers and sisters that prove to be of spiritual value.

" Yes, to give your soul growth. So son, we ask you to be aware of that, through out the day,  knowing that we are always only a thought away. Yes, you put forth the effort and you will receive the reward. Put in the time and you get the dime. So son, we are glad that you came to call on us this evening. What I want to share with you now are thoughts of patience and perseverance and keeping focused on your goal, on your destiny, on what you want to accomplish and making choices that lead to that.

"That bring you closer to it, not further away, that bring you in a state of being. Like Jesus said, keep knocking and it will be opened to you. Keep searching and you will find. Yes, those are qualities that are inspiring to an individual. When they see the challenge they don't give up, they don't take the easy way out and just dismiss it, no, they make it happen, they put their all in to it to be able to attain what they set out to get. What have you wanted? What have you set out to get?

" Yes it is there, available for you to reach out and put it in your hand, receive it from us, make it a part of your cell growth so that it is second nature as to the things you do, it is automatic, that is what's important. That way, it is doing the Father's will and it comes across as the Father and not as you. So son, be aware of those things, practice them daily and see how you can do it.

"Like you read the the other day about the 1111 message, about being an ambassador for the kingdom, what the the three beings are:  being humble, being considerate, being helpful, yes, those are qualities that Jesus very much enjoyed showing and shareing and giving and like the emperor said: if he had had this position, he would be a real emperor, yes reflecting the Father in all things.

"Everything that you're doing, yes, is so important. So son, we ask, that you be aware of this, make it a part of you as you go about doing good, toward your brothers and sisters. Yes, being of service, being desirous, to serve, to help and it is such a reward isnt it? You truly enjoy it. So we leave these thoughts with you now and your thoughts are, 'What should I call this' ? Call it: 'Being.' Yes, good evening. Sleep well. Domtia."
Threads for New Transmissions / What's Next?
« Last post by Michael S Queen on December 13, 2017, 03:07:53 PM »
Speaker: Thought Adjuster
Subject: What is next?
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Michael S. Queen, Kasaan, Alaska USA  
Wednesday, December 13, 2017  1730 UTC

Dear one, let us begin. We on high and within have been nudging you to make a place for us, that you might receive, improving your increasingly constant and overtly conscious contact.

First, I would say to you – who scans the accounts of your fellows’ activities so often – that awareness of global human activity is not a bad thing in itself. Nevertheless, you already know that the not-so-underlying agenda of all these for-profit enterprises is to keep your mind and heart in a fearful suspense… a suspense that preoccupies you with the affairs of humankind rather than seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven, the Family of God.

For all mortals, humans on the worlds of space and time, it is a challenge to live in and experience linear time when the relationships you seek within exist unfettered from its constraints. But this you must know, must be reminded, and then ever remind yourself of – whilst you might eagerly, perhaps even impatiently, anticipate the public, the physical manifestation of the Magisterial Missions in Nebadon… on the Paradise Isle, the various Missions are already successfully undertaken. The Paradise Father's will Is done. Because it is His will and way, all that once counted for evil has been undone in the unquestionable triumph of His goodness. Love has conquered hate. Justice, tempered with His mercy, reigns throughout all creation. The lamb and the lion walk shoulder to shoulder as they learn more of the Paradise Father and, with each forward step, become more and more like Him.

Your challenge, your practice today, is to move these words from your head, transforming these frail hopes into resolute faith and, finally, to unshakeable conviction of Ultimate reality in your hearts. Trust this: It cannot be otherwise – His will has already triumphed, already persevered past all temporal uncertainty.

Shift your focus, and when you find yourself in suspense once more, shift again to the heartfelt certainty of His will having already manifested. Shift from the dizzying externals to the solid foundation, the rock of inner communion with Him and relationship with your Thought Adjuster. Therein all strength, all certainty, all triumph is resident and manifest.

Truly 'born of the spirit,' your lives already demonstrate your understanding of His will for you, as you lovingly and patiently serve your fellows. Ask and then allow and freely, willingly follow the guidance and direction of your Thought Adjuster and your every day will be full to the brim of service opportunities, manifested blessings, and increased growth in relationship with your Thought Adjuster. There is, in truth, no higher calling. Mortals learn of, seek, and then find the radiant and impelling light of Paradise. Then we look about ourselves and share that light with all we meet along the path homeward to Him.

What is next? Your next smile, your next act of loving kindness, your next words of faith, hope, and understanding. The Father of All, and His created children have the universes well in hand… they may, and do, tap mortals from time to time but, by and large, mortal humans serve Him best by serving others of their kind.

You have read, 'there is no greater love.' When one loves and serves their fellows with lifelong, life-giving commitment, exchanging self-will for His will, and then increasingly choosing His will with every thought, word, and deed, they Ultimately become singular indeed – one with Him, Who authors all creation.

Ponder these words in your heart, each and every day of your remaining mortality. Personify them in your words and deeds and, surely, they will rise with you in your resurrection. In so doing, you will have laid up for yourselves real, eternal treasures in heaven.

Go in the Father's all-encompassing love and supernal peace. Adieu.
Larry, what a wonderful message!  It is so inspiring, just what I needed at the moment!  I have been laid low for a
while, and so to read such a message from Margul is wonderfully uplifting.

Thank you, so much, Larry and Thank YOU Margul.

Teacher: N/A
Subject: Bring not Guilt
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Dec 13, 2017.  4:00 pm UTC (16:00) (9:00am Pacific)

Do not feel unworthy.  Bring not guilt.  Living with the Lord and the Father and the Spirit is not about learning to TR, but having us with you in your lives is.  TRing is an additive, a service and training.  Resting the mind and soul is good early on [in TRing] and vacillating with guilt will be sometimes or somewhat natural and is the source of many falling away from the call or the ability to receive transmissions intentfully; for the intent dissipates from the human end of the line.  This does not mean in any way shape or form their spirit endowments and prerogatives of life are any less.  There is no plateau of achievement in the material life prerequisiting your service in TRing or training.  Be at peace and go out in the world and be you and be with the Spirit.  Be ready to receive and to be led and be receptive and responsive.

Many unforeseen things happen to the crop from seed to harvest and sometimes we are all surprised by the responses of each individual strain or plant in response to varied conditions and elements.  The word nursery comes to mind, and your planet is a nursery of souls.  When you step out the door, bring the Spirit with you in ambassadorship, in representing what is forthcoming.  That is all, good day.
Margul – Comments From  The Paradise Trinity Son – Larry Gossett -  13 December 2017 -  Florida

Speaker: Margul
Topic: Comments from Your Trinity Teacher Son
Category; New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida -  13 December 2017   12:12 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

“You, my son have rarely heard from Me but that doesn’t mean that I do not observe you and your work with those in the Spirit World who love all of you  so much and with great appreciation for the work that you are trying to do.
“So I come this morning to give you counsel that all of you want and need as these Mission are about to made public by Jesus who  is   embodied on earth even as I speak this to all of you
“ I come with a great purpose  for all to maintain the connections  and the adjustments that each of you make to hear the messages that come from Spirit.  While these messages may seem to many of you that they are made directly to you, as many of you have several times indicated, so it is,  but our messages are equally planetary and universal  and can serve  not only the people of Urantia but the other 7 apostate worlds that will be affected and in conjunction by this Magisterial Mission and sharing in the work being done here on Urantia.

“As you have and are more and more beginning to  better realize the immense effects of the Rebellion  that set this world and others on it’s continue downward spiral and this resulted in default after default and that this effected more than has been shared with you but many of these gaps  within your understanding and your histories will be and have been corrected in the new release that is forthcoming on Urantia.

“The many defaults of Urantia have shown Us just how much correction must be accomplished and know in your hearts and minds that this will be done.   I take over these Missions at the point when Light and life draw nearer yet I will still be working closely with  what you refer to as the Universal Administration,  to instill and establish the Rule of Universal Law, Justice, the outworking of  Divine Forgiveness and Mercy that  now comes to this world.  Little on this world will  remain and be left as it is for indeed most of you here realize just how far from the Heart of God Urantia has fallen.   There have been times that it was suggested that this world just be left to it’s won devices and let it destroy itself as has been the inclination for  far too long.
“But I can tell you in truth, that Michael loves this world so much and all of you that He will not allow that to happen.   It is primarily because of Michael, your Creator Son and the Father that this world will be saved, reconstructed and brought and will become The Fathers World and the Kingdom of the Father will be forever established on Urantia  to achieve the glorious  future that lies ahead for Urantia, all of you involved with Us, and the other planets as well.

“These thoughts that I share with all of you this morning should be taken quite seriously and taken to the center of your beings for the work that is to be done has begun and as soon as Jesus announces what is on His agenda for Urantia and then Serara, Monjoronson and  the  Melchizedeks, complete the work staff from the Spirit side, then will others  can be brought to work either in York or wherever they can continue on once  the danger and safety  issue are settled.

“As you all continue to work and study and prepare yourselves, know that we are with you showing you the way and whispering in your ears and through you lives, you will come to that day of service that is the wellspring of your heart and dedication to these Missions.

“We will surly talk and connect again.   Hold these things in your heart, mind and souls and prepare to be about the Father Business that now becomes your business as well.  You are still students of faith and soon you will be teachers and leaders and representative of these Missions.   Jesus  is now on the planet preparing his remarks at any moment and sends out His invitation once again to “ come and follow me”.
This is Margul and I bid you good health and good day.

General Discussion / Re: Odd day of Illness
« Last post by LarryG on December 13, 2017, 07:15:05 AM »
My deepest appreciation to all of you for your wonderful comments and well wishes.  All seems right with the world again as far as  my well being is concerned.   I am very touched  by all of you.    Larry
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Prayer for a transcendent dimension
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on December 13, 2017, 05:14:43 AM »
Hi Mauricio. Welcome back. A big brotherly hug. Julio.


Oi Mauricio. Bem vindo de volta. Um grande abraço fraternal. Julio.
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