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Ron, as you responded :

Ron, I will gladly delete my post.  I was not meaning to make it more confusing which is why I inserted the date of the writing, as the late 1800's.      Please let me know if I should delete it....LarryG

No Larry, let it stand, as of now it serves as a lesson on other views of compossibility that do not fit the use of the word in the Urantia Book, and you will find other words in the Urantia Book like the word "existential" that is not used as we use it today on social sites or the Internet at all, and I lament we all have to be so careful to know when you are in the Urantia Book Room speak using its terms and definitions, but stay away from erroneous definitions in social media and cable television.   They use them according to their incoherent views of time and space.


You are right, Ron, this is  a valuable lesson to learn.   I will, in the future. be more carful and watchful.   It is interesting to me since,  now,  I find the entire subject of linguistics,  semantics,  and etymology so very interesting.   When I first got my Urantia Book, in the mid 70's, I remember that  I always had a dictionary right beside me as I read since I had to look up so many word definitions as I was reading.   Sometimes, even now, I have to  look up definitions to the definitions! When we were informed, especially concerning receptions, that Spirit is somewhat limited in how and what they can transmit to us since they have to rely upon and work with us at the levels where we are, I was and still am, a bit regretful that my vocabulary is not what I now wish it were.  Even though I wasn't a particularly fastidious student and frankly a bit on the lazy side with "book learnin",  English was always fascinating to me and I was especially fond of diagraming sentences.   anyway.. bla... bla... bla... I am rambling...The point being that in the future I will be more careful to not confuse, confound and complicate issues and definitions  and better stay within the framework of our Urantia Book.   Thanks Ron, as always, for your patient guidance... and now back to the drawing board.

I found your ending note to be especially poignant, filled with love and affection  for all of Spirit as they find the best ways to sometimes deal with all of us as  you wrote:

"Note:  I am heavily dependent on these views from Saint Paul who stood by my side while I wrote this; from Michael of Nebadon who chastised me first and later saw the quote from Larry was misleading and one learns nothing from it; and from Mother Spirit and Peter the Apostle of Rome, who watched me stick my toe in the water over an obscure philosopher that Leibniz turns out to be in these days.  I also wish to thank my Adjuster for keeping me out of the wrong fields to pursue the truth which is so easy for me to do and then get lost on articles like this and have to be rescued by the Father to save face.  My thanks to my Life Guards always. Ron"
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