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Title: Hi, I'm Helder
Post by: HelderPoeta on July 09, 2016, 01:15:16 PM
I'm Helder Henrique do Nascimento Peres, 24 years old, Brazilian, born in 1992 on Londrina, Paraná. 
I have a post-graduation degree, and speak English besides many other extra courses I have and I have a real hunger for learning more about the Urantia Book and the Teaching missions. I've found the Urantia book by looking on  Youtube  for answers about Cain's first wife and one of this videos lead me to the channel of an Urantia book reader. After some time I started to read the Urantia Book and them, yet again thanks to a Youtube video, about the fact that the quarantine was over (something not said on the original Urantia Book) I found this web site. The transcriptions quite answered a lot o doubts I had, such as why there's some much deceases on the world, why is time travel not possible, and if video games is a problem to be concerned for young people. 

I have contact with a lot of youngster thanks to my Card and Video Game Tournament organizing skills. I tried to talk to some of them about the Urantia Book and it's revelations. Some of them showed some interest but not that much, because of religious barriers, the fact that "well this is just another good theory about the universe", and other things. 

On the original Urantia Book there's not much info about Brazil and I would like to ask more about it here. The reason for that is not nationalism, patriotism or other foolish stuff like that, but just to know more about our past and culture, and how to help people to break free from this heavy religious chains they have that make them reject and question the revelations on Urantia Book. Actually, this last matter is something that I think no one will ever know exactly what to do, People tend to be septic even when Jesus himself appear before them.

Title: Re: Hi, I'm Helder
Post by: Daniel Alderfer on July 09, 2016, 10:24:06 PM
Dear HelderPoeta,
I am happy and delighted to welcome you here in this site representing the Magisterial Sons Mission for the refurbishing and makeover of Urantia. Your education and desire to make a difference speak well for you. There are several Brazilians on the Forum and it is a pleasure to have more from Brazil.
You mention how it is common to have persons be skeptical of the Urantia Book. I have found that also. A serious truth seeker will be different as they will be open to anything new, especially a book of this professionalism. Together we'll continue to find ways to introduce it that will intrigue those the Father is bringing to the book.
Feel free to join in any discussion, I pledge my friendship with an offer to help in any way. Call if you like or use the personal message feature on the profile page of any person. Your experience with video games, organizing events and relating with young persons will be very useful, I am sure.  With warmest regards, Daniel
Title: Re: Hi, I'm Helder
Post by: Ron Hammar on July 11, 2016, 03:24:11 AM
Hello Helder,
It is nice to know that such a young person as your self has found this site. We have a few young people here. May you feel like family with us.
May your desire to share with others what you have found in TUB not dry up because of how others respond to it.  You may not know of all the seed that you are planting in others. Rest in the knowing that soon these seed will start growing.
Helder welcome to the Brotherhood. :)

Ron H
Title: Re: Hi, I'm Helder
Post by: Lemuel on July 11, 2016, 04:05:56 AM
Welcome to the family Helder.(http://forum.serara.org/Smileys/default/cheesy.gif)
Title: Re: Hi, I'm Helder
Post by: Dominick O on March 11, 2017, 11:03:08 PM
Hi Helder,
I'm Dominick in Seattle, USA and I read about your interest in video games.  I do believe there are some risks, but games meet the need in all of us to achieve and progress.

I liked you expressing your organization skills.  Bringing people together in person, in the same room, is good.  Question for you, Helder, and there is no right or wrong answer.  Does gaming in person provide the spiritual need better (efficient) compared to people playing who only know each other because of the game?  Each is rewarding, but my feeling is same room is more spiritual.  It will reduce the hurt of escaping for hours where the spiritual rewards get less and less.

I don't have the answers to all of this but I think a lot about the life of Jesus from the Urantia Book describing how Jesus left wooden stuff from his carpenter work for the children to play with.  And the children loved to hang around him there.  We can easily play too much games in our times, but I bet parents were concerned about their child getting hurt playing with wood back then too :)

I am slowly building an eSportsrink (eSports rink) idea combining a 5-10 computer LAN for a team of players to be in the same room.  And combining that with a place for kids to be commenting on the game with microphone and webcam.  You probably understand all of this easily.

Here is how I have made the message public at my website for this:
http://www.esportsrink.com/about-us.html (http://www.esportsrink.com/about-us.html)

I have no physical place to do this today except out of my home, but I think churches and local places for young kids and adults to gather is good.  And maybe this helps you talk about spiritual stuff too, when you organize gaming.


Title: Re: Hi, I'm Helder
Post by: ssigarto on March 12, 2017, 06:12:11 PM
Welcome to the family Helder.  You will love your time here and enjoy the many lessons that are shared with us all for the betterment of us all.

Title: Re: Hi, I'm Helder
Post by: niant2 on March 13, 2017, 03:14:00 AM
 :), Sorry for my Delay, ..., Welcome my dear friend HelderPoeta in this exceptional family. You will be very surprised to learn a lot of things here. People in this site is a true blessing of GOD!!!. I wish you fun to discover the hidden treasures here on this site, and believe me, it's a big treasure to find my friend!!!! ;) ;D
Title: Re: Hi, I'm Helder
Post by: Tony Jr on March 14, 2017, 01:47:53 PM
Hi Helder!
I also love video-games!! Thoug the games I play aren't very spiritual... But the important is that it makes me happy in life.
Nice to meet you!
Title: Re: Hi, I'm Helder
Post by: ASSALE on March 15, 2017, 08:54:56 AM
Pleased to meet with both of you Tony and Helder.

Niant, last night in a vision, my soul worked hard to promote Father's Business on TV broadcasting. It was a long battle, but in the end, several souls were happy to discover the Administration of the Primary Source of their existence. It is not as if I enjoy travelling in the Spirit, but Celestials find it necessary to use my soul for specific missions, some of which I'm aware, some of which I'm not! 

Good day in Christ peace.
Title: Re: Hi, I'm Helder
Post by: JuliodaLuz on April 07, 2017, 08:00:20 AM
Welcome "Helder Poeta" from the city of "Londrina", State of Paraná, Brazil. I am also a native of the southern region of Brazil, in my case, I was born in the city of "Estrela" (meaning "star" in English), State of Rio Grande do Sul in 1965. A small town that is approximately distant, I believe that 110 km (one hundred and ten kilometers) of the state capital, the city of Porto Alegre. I live in Brasilia, since 1993, at the time I was a banker and asked to be transferred to Banco do Brasil. I also spent two years in the city of Criciúma, State of Santa Catarina, from 2007 to 2009, but I ended up living in Brasília in 2009. I have been a law analyst since 2001 and I have some complicated processes For my analysis in my work here in Brasilia (Brazil). For this reason, I often spend several days without attending the Serara Forum, or at most I read the messages quickly. It is very good that there are participants of the Portuguese language, in this Forum, as well as of several languages in the world, as a way of exchange and rapprochement between peoples, because, deep down, we are a people only in the light of God. When I have a little time, I participate more in the Serara Forum. May the light of God illuminate your participation in the Serara Forum, in the various topics that mainly deal with spiritual matters. Julio.

Seja muito bem-vindo "Helder Poeta" natural da cidade de "Londrina", Estado do Paraná, Brasil. Eu também sou natural da região sul do Brasil, no meu caso, eu nasci na cidade de "Estrela" (que significa "star" no idioma inglês), Estado do Rio Grande do Sul em 1965. Uma pequena cidade que fica distante aproximadamente, eu acredito que 110 km (cento e dez kilometros) da capital do Estado, a cidade de Porto Alegre. Eu moro em Brasília, desde o ano de 1993, na época eu era bancário e pedi transferência no Banco do Brasil. Eu, ainda, morei dois anos na cidade de Criciúma, Estado de Santa Catarina, nos anos de 2007 a 2009, mas acabei voltando a morar em Brasília no ano de 2009.  Eu sou analista de Direito  desde 2001 e eu estou com alguns processos complicados para minha análise em meu trabalho aqui em Brasília (Brasil). Por isto, muitas vezes fico vários dias sem participar no Fórum Serara, ou, quando muito, leio rapidamente as mensagens. É muito bom que exista participantes do idioma português, neste Fórum, bem como de vários idiomas no mundo, como forma de intercâmbio e aproximação entre os povos, pois, no fundo, somos um povo só na luz de Deus. Quando eu tenho um pouco de tempo, eu participo mais no Fórum Serara. Que a luz de Deus ilumine sua participação no Fórum Serara, nos diversos tópicos que tratam, principalmente, em questões espirituais. Julio.