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Title: SETH Portrait by Robert Butts for you to See Seth as he was then
Post by: Ron Besser on October 27, 2017, 03:18:13 PM
Robert Butts in the late 1970's asked Seth if he could paint his portrait.  Seth was and is a Midwayer who humanized recently and recounts that the portrait had to be done in a dark room because he had to materialize from the Mansion World he was serving on to be seen by the material eyes of the artist, Robert Butts.  I am quite sure that Seth had to work like crazy to get this image t o fall upon the retina of the artists and this is the result portrait done in a sepia wash but I preferred to use the black and white rendition to show you the results.

Now why would I take the time to do this?  In about six weeks from now sometime near the month of December, first week or so, Seth is planning to return and start teaching.  We have a web site already prepared for him but we are waiting for our web master to allow us entry to what is now a partially closed web site system.  Meanwhile this is a Midwayer.  Take a look and see how human they are.  Well they are human as Seth was originally designated ABC - 25 and was the son of his mother Satatia and Adamson his father, the first born son of Adam and Eve.  Watch out for this handsome lad and his teachings soon enough!  Ron

Title: Re: SETH Portrait by robert Butts for you to See Seth as he was then
Post by: Lemuel on October 27, 2017, 04:35:44 PM
This is fantastic!  Thanks for posting Ron.
Title: Re: SETH Portrait by robert Butts for you to See Seth as he was then
Post by: vargasnunezj (TA Veyoptia) on October 27, 2017, 04:45:59 PM
Dear brother Ron:

I have a doubt concerning Seth’s earthly mother’s name. According to the Urantia Book, Paper 77.5, Adamson’s wife was “Ratta”. Yet in your post her name is “Satatia”.  Could you please clearify this difference?

Blessings to all,

José L. Vargas Núñez
Title: Re: SETH Portrait by robert Butts for you to See Seth as he was then
Post by: Ron Besser on October 27, 2017, 05:06:44 PM
Yes, I would be glad to clarify the name for you.

Have you noticed the secondary Midwayer name designations as alphabetical.  Notice that the family of secondary midwayers in the case of Seth (ABC -25) and the Chief Bzutu (ABC 22),  Beatrice as ABC 23, are three letters instead of two.  Adamson sired sixty five pure line children but not all with the same wife.  Ratta was his wife for Beatrice and Bzutu, but Seth was sired with the wife named above Satatia.  A = Adamson;  B= Ratta; C = Satatia.  Regardless who the mates are the universe simplifies the family lineage by using anonymous alphabet letters to identify the family completely.

I am also advised that Ratta will appear with Seth in some of his lessons coming late this year.  I truly look forward to that group as they are masterful historians and pledge they will fin history for us as they are allowed to.  I am of course the one interested in history but then history has a way of making itself truly masterful under the tutelage of the ABC family in general and in particular the designation of a family unknown to the Urantia Book, one called ACE, and ACE stands for Adamson, Satatia, and unrevealed, as the E stands for celestial guidance by the Material Sons and those designated with ACE are already celestial beings on assignment as unrevealed interlocutors for the Supreme Being.

Now, may I recall to all of you that we recently had revealed to us that there are three huge planets not part but close to the Salvington administration spheres (491 of them).  These three great planets are ten times the size of Urantia and lead a secret life otherwise as these are the planets where God the Supreme provides the inhabited worlds in Nebadon, the Secrets of Supremacy, and these are the administrators who come to Urantia (when ready) to take over the government functions of the Planetary Prince and other officials not mentioned in the Urantia Book.  The ACE family of past Midwayer designation no longer exists to talk with we humans even though Urantia was their origin as they are stationed on the first of these very large planets dedicated to the Secrets of Supremacy for future use on Urantia and other earth planets such as ours.

These explanations should answer your question for clarification.  Thanks for the questions. Ron

Title: Re: SETH Portrait by Robert Butts for you to See Seth as he was then
Post by: vargasnunezj (TA Veyoptia) on October 27, 2017, 06:22:55 PM
Thank you brother Ron for your revealing response.  Always blessed to have these revelations that spark more interest in seeking the truths of our Heavenly Father.
Looking forward for Seth’s and Ratta’s lessons.

Title: Re: SETH Portrait by Robert Butts for you to See Seth as he was then
Post by: LarryG on October 28, 2017, 07:47:53 AM
This is most intriguing!   Is this painting and representation of Seth, a painting of how he actually looks as a Midwayer, or a painting of a representation of how he would "downstep" or alter his appearance to be received specifically for  a human of Urantia?
Unfortunately for me now, when the original Seth Books came out in the 70's I never finished the books because I misunderstood and misinterpreted his teaching concerning reincarnation which always caused confusion for me at that time..  Naturally since that time and with the the revision of some of  the original teachings and material, I am most interested in his arrival and the development of his website.

Thanks for this most captivating topic.   LarryG 
Title: Re: SETH Portrait by Robert Butts for you to See Seth as he was then
Post by: Clency on October 28, 2017, 08:39:32 AM
What baffles me in this painting is that Seth, as a “morontial” being, or whatever can be his status in the other dimensions, is represented to be in his 60’s, in a human appreciation of an age standard. Is it correct to say that he must look younger, let's say like a man of 30 or am I wrong ?
Title: Re: SETH Portrait by Robert Butts for you to See Seth as he was then
Post by: Ron Besser on October 28, 2017, 12:10:11 PM
Clency, you take an interesting tact on Seth/s appearance.  They appear human because they were born of woman although could not be seen by the riffraff along the Euphrates or maybe the Carpathian Mountain glens.  I have seen glimpses of some of the ladies who visited me in the recent past and they are mature women too and not girls anymore.  I never thought about aging in the Midwayers and their appearance, but their solid human connection may include that as they grow much older than we can ever be as humans too.  You must be thinking about our resurrection on the mansion worlds where we are reassigned a new body of considerable beauty and youth, relatively speaking.  But the Midwayers are born with a different system that is electrical and has no real cell tissue to age, but they do metamorphose into adult male and female appearances.

Which brings up and interesting question:  Are the Midwayers designed to reach a certain age and then adjust to other creation types at that point?  We are given to understand the secondary (as are the primary Midwayers) Midwayers will just go on and on and the subject is never broached what happens to them when they are of great age to our understanding of human or entity age.  The Deities are entirely different and cannot be compared to human level or Midwayer level creations, but secondary and primary Midwayers enter eternal life upon birth.  The fact is we do not know the parts they have to play to be made into perfection into some Finaliter Corp, sometimes with us, sometimes in an all Midwayer corp of Finaliters.  Mortal logic which is terrible undependable suggests they can keep going millions of years as is, but all creations including the Midwayers have points of interest in their lives that determines what happens to them when they are finished serving on the planet they were born on as Secondary or even Primary Midwayers.   For some reason they do not include much insight into Midwayer ascension and we are pretty well leaving it alone for now as it concerns matters around the Lucifer Rebellion considered top secret today.

Robert Butts tells us that for a Midwayer to transpose features and all into a visible being takes an enormous effort on the individual Midwayer doing that.  I suspected such to be true for even Primary Midwayers who are true spirit and not morontial, act as though you have to chop their arms off to even come close to materializing for some reason.  Secondary Midwayers can do it easier but it is exhausting to get into the energy mode to download the features Seth has done for the artist,

Larry, you appear  to be harshly looking at the representation as not quite the facsimile of Seth.  That is Seth and he appears unlike that today because he has humanized and now wears first-stage spirit garb, meaning is more like a bright white stripe of energy to our eyes than any human form can be.  Spirit represented in Nebadon is what I call a tall stripe of light so intense it could blind us and throw our minds into confusion.  I heard NASA talking about the neutron start that imploded and that the light from the intense radiation could have destroyed material planets around it into cinders.  That is not heat but light!  Yes, that kind of light creates heat just like our microwaves create heat in food without touching the food but radiating radium-like waves into it that heats it.  Same is true for a neutron star and its light is ferocious comparted to even the intensity of our own sunlight on a hot summer day in the desert.  The point I am making is that Seth is of God and is spirit now as we become when we leave Salvington for the training in the Superuniverse Sectors.  But the painting is as he was in  the later 1970's on Urantia, and while I do not see much curiosity about age, it is always normal to me to see Seth in this manner of an upper middle aged male coping with physical life.  I cannot tell you about causes as to why but it appears to happen to all who are secondary Midwayers.

"Ron has given you a find dissertation from his point of view, and I add this to your consideration of Seth in particular,

"Seth is a male of unusual origin as he was not just ABC-25, but the Deity Absolute provided him unusual skin tinges of blue and some light purple around his eyes, and he still walks with a slight limp because the world of Secondary Midwayers is fraught with the usual dangers attendant upon human flesh until they are well past five thousand (5,000) years of age.  Seth had a terrible accident in his boyhood thirty thousand years ago, and he nearly died of those injuries when Caligastia raged over his appearance as too unusual to be a normal Midwayer and threw him into a dungeon spirit can be held in if it ever needed to be held as the angels in the rebellion had to be so held.  Nevertheless, the Father exonerated Seth  and he fled the prison well withing the liaison forces but they took no aim on him.  As a result he fell and damaged a morontial motility and limps slightly because of it.  I tell all of you this because Ron asked and I give what I dare, but the truth is that Ron has become a pariah to Seth because he showed Seth last night he cared what he did on Urantia and would give his eye teeth to have Seth return as he was teaching psychology and master classes in human behavior based on serious spiritual insights into the human genome.  But alas that cannot happen because Seth has passed beyond the pale of the Local Universe, and therefore must abide as the Ancients of Days decree for him.  To do less harms Seth and you and I and all the rest as he has a serious concern for Urantia we never mention, and that is the fact that most humans can never know God seriously again on Urantia until the brain stem itself is changed to matter again to us in Nebadon and in spirit on Uversa and even on Paradise.

"As a result of what Ron did last night, we are considering bringing him back again onto Urantia for a series of lectures on spiritual relapse and how that affects the entire universe.

"We are traveling to Salvington by visiting many inhabited planets on the way and I stopped in one of them today and they are a magnificent crew of persons who are truly human and they say to me as they can see the spirit stripe I am as Ron speaks to it very well, and that is a light I show when I visit and it is modified not to be so brightly lit.  I assume Ron had no idea of the fact that Seth is genuinely gone, but he sees Seth obey no one and answer him slightly which is, I want my legacy to be better than what they are doing with me today and they are not transmitting me but Jane Roberts as she is so young she is not yet spirit.  In any case, ron made the point last night to gather all tapes he has handy and to ask they be put up on the web site Michel did not dfevelop further than to add pictures and pages without anything in it.  That is not Michel's fault but he and Ron decided to just to be sure to get a web site in a box to be a marker  to develop later and now it is later and still not development because of changes in Seth's personal development.

"As a result of Ron's work last night he felt a deep tinge of sadness because Steven Murphy has quite the whole idea of transmitting ever again for personal reasons he says.  In fact Steven Murphy left Ron cold and tyring to figure out why a man of his ability would just walk away so suddenly and so completely.  The truth is that Steven Murphy has an allergy to Ron in most cases and cannot stand the babble Ron creates with transmissions of many to each other and that is sad as Steven Murphy is genuinely talented to do t his work superbly.  In any case Ron takes the crush and moves on as he always has to do to keep the world affairs together as he represents the Magisterial Mission in many ways.  We take Steven at his word but his loss is felt keenly by Ron for all sorts of reasons including his ability to transmit Seth so well and Abraham and Mendoza, while we are at it.  Seth Speaks is the title of a book and Seth will speak again through Jane Roberts again to lecture to Ron and some of you as we being to get busy with the world of thought again on Urantia in spite of so many brain stems being absolutely useless to mark the appearance of God on earth once again as the Magisterial Sons are ready to place their lives before you and to see to the redesign of Urantia so people can know God again.  I am Michael and I wish you all a good day."

"I am the Deity absolute, and Ron takes it hard yet to lose Steven Murphy as a psychologist and as a friend he learned to depend on for support and help in getting things done.  Steven Murphy has resigned from the corporations and that was acknowledged by Mantutia Melchizedek and Ron is a Board Meeting held in March of this year, so Steven has his wish and lamentably is gone for good in Ron's mind.  Steven Murphy loved the ideals Ron spoke to but had a terrible time listening to all that came forth as a result of a good consultation between spirit and Ron and Steven; however, Ron pushed it too hard one day and he had it, and the rest is history as they say.   Steven Murphy has a tin ear but Ron has a rubber ear and the two could not afford further development until one or the other asked for a time out.  Steven did and then got involved in a family crisis that continues today.  Nonetheless, Ron holds Steven high and thinks he does Seth better than almost anyone he has ever heard and deeply disparages those on high that think Seth is done on Urantia period.  He is not and as such we support his view that Ron let it be known he is valued to the point of spending hours working on the tapes to present to the Provider to put up if they can on the latent Seth and Jane Roberts Return web site.

"As this is being written we in spirit look at the deplorable condition Ron has to work with to be heard these days.  He does not mind t hat so much as never getting resolution to his projects which are many and few recognized on this forum.  You all must understand that the trial to be Ron is painful and full of pitfalls and yet he persists until he gets what is to be done for us as he sees it in his own mind, and then becomes m arose when no thing works to complete the programs.

"This was to be a response to Clency and Larry G. in order to clear the air about their views of the Seth painting, and Ron knows well it takes quite an effort to materialize as Midwayers of any ilk, but George Barnard worked with them in the flesh frequently and Ron does not have that pleasure yet but he will.  He is truly ready to reach out and say hello  to all who are willing to present him with a flesh view of their appearances.  We conclude by saying that Seth will return and that the excellent speaker that handled his voice and appearance, Steven Murphy, is likely to stay home in this matter.  Nonetheless, we must find a good voice for Seth and Ron does not mind but it takes a professorial voice t o do it best which Steven has done very well with.

"Urantia Midwayers of the Secondary variety are so close to humans they are volatile around them when they get out of line.  The present United States Government is without a leader period and they mind it so much they stay away in droves to keep from getting too tempered over the childish doings in the White House and their counsels.  I for one wish taht we had a Magisterial Son there now and I make no mistake in saying that as Ron does, and this is Bzutu as my brother Seth is also ready to declare Trump an evil character and be assured if that happens Michael will take steps to see to some constraint as he already has in certain situations involving North Korea."

BZUTU ABC-22-1371574517 ( a portion of Bzutu's Midwayer Serial Number for your edification)
"I see Ron grimace at my serial number which is just the last part of it as all serial numbers on Urantia end in 4517.  That is the number in a serial number that speaks to the origin of birth or service as URANTIA.  Urantia = 4517 - - -

"Now, as far as we Midwayers are concerned we have humanized pretty much along  the plane of least resistance for now, and that means we just humanized without any fanfare as to specialties or trials to over come.  Our work is truly with Ron and George Barnard and then with Ron as we intend to make it a toru de force with no floating pens or or otherwise as that is taken care of by special liaison forces to hel pRon get a point or two over with to dullards who cannot see or speak without a circus to view.

"Our work was with Seth when he was here.  He was called home in 1986, the year of the disposition of the end of the Lucifer Rebellion in Nebadon.  We never figured he would return but his interest in Ron and Jane Roberts and others on the forum piqued his interest just enough to look at it for usages.  The loss of Steven Murphy seriously damaged his intention but he had Ron and it is still Ron who holds the record for being sure Seth is important enough to go to a lot of trouble to have speak what he can yet.  Yet Seth knows to go back to teaching as he had done spells trouble for the world as there are plenty who remember Seth fondly and Jane Roberts and her beautiful ways to make people feel at home.  The Secondary Midwayers lament the loss of Steven Murphy but he is adamant he will never get near the ideals again without a good prayer to avoid the excesses of transmitting that was done for his own uses later, but he never sees that and considers the issue done.

"In closing these remarks I am reminded that Ron loved Seth teachings but threw all the books away in a pique over the Adjuster coming out and to clear all of the confusions he felt at the time.  However that library contained the only paper back copy of the Soul in Repose which was sent to Ron by Seth but never fully comprehended by Ron, as it was too late to get Ron back into the saddle that Seth represented.  He was asked by a young lady, 'Should I read Seth or the Urantia Book?'  He unequivocally said to read the Urantia Book and now feels guilty giving Seth such a short line of approach.  he should have said both and Seth later as he is fully developed in areas the Urantia Book cannot do and be allowed on the book stands.  In concluding this, be assured we Midwayers are ready to take Ron on as we did George Barnard, and more as Ron is richly developed to handle our requests with understanding although George was always successful what he took on for us and Ron is not.  That is not a difference of personality but of strength of will in Ron not to over do some ways of doing things.  Good. And we leave with this:

"I am Michael of Nebadon speaking now and again:

"You are all becoming familiar with the work that Ron does for us and he has been informed he must stand down for a few months and let us ride the laws of being on Urantia.  He fully understands that need and is prepared to do so.  However, I have changed my mind to the point I need him to do some teaching and I wll insist that York College set up a program for credit for something we will call "Spiritology," and that is a course just based on the fact that God exists and is extremely powerful to wit.  I know Ron would enjoy doing that but Mantutia will be a guest lecturer as well and that is full of promise and thought too as I had not considered that coming up so quickly Michael (Mantutia speaks that).

"(Michael:) The truth is that Ron is so well prepared for such a test of academia we wonder why this has not occurred to hims a well but he hates large groups however large based on his say so and has avoided everything from piano recitals to public speaking on politics forever and probably will keep it that way for good some day.  But he lectures very well and carries people with him because he speaks well and sometimes so slowly people wonder if he has fallen asleep.  Not so as he must calculate the audience and I see him do it with others in his home and others outside as he must find their train of thought and get on it for best lesson giving possible.  Those on this forum know him as a noisy one and without much fanfare drops in surprising amounts of information, and that is the truth of this forum as it does not stand on ceremony but on the bluster of discovery in it most revelatory forms.  The college idea is ripe.  Ron is not happy to think about what to say and he needs to hear me lecture once in a while as Jesus to get the straw right to blow their way.  I am Michael.  Good day."

Ron  - I close with a prayer for all of our celestial beings who help us do these writings.  I am quite sure they are under a lot of stress too and I just cut off a paragraph from Mantutia Melchizedek just to reduce the length of this response for now.  Mantutia is my friend and motorway to many things I cannot approach for myself and need nonetheless.  That is true for the rest of you who have fused and for those who are about to fuse.  I know not those names and really ask not to know those names as I will be worried for you that you can get it done ASAP.  No one on this list is ready I am told but some of you know people who ARE on that list.  Interesting!  I wish you all a good day too an the prayer should be read for them too:

"Father, we wish God to be happy with us someday;
We hope that all is well on Paradise for me and for others who climb to glory slowly;
We deal no great loss for those who have gone on now, but we wish those who must go on, safety in your arms.



Title: Re: SETH Portrait by Robert Butts for you to See Seth as he was then
Post by: LarryG on October 28, 2017, 02:47:00 PM
Ron and all,   As I viewed this representation of Seth it so struck me in such a positive way that  I have barely been able to get it out of my mind.   Last night as I lay down and waited for sleep, I was picturing it in my mind  as I did at 12:30 when I woke up with it again holding in my mind's eye and again first thing this morning.  I found it to be enthralling.  The only harshness was and is at myself for misinterpreting it way back in the 70's and because of that ,I , through my own narrowness and judgmental tendencies back then, missed out on the experience and information that was so instramental in bringing alot of invaluable revelations out in the open at a time of real discovery.

I look forward with great anticipation to that time when we can, as humans, finally, when circumstances or situations might present themselves, to be able to visualize and interact with beings other than native humans.  As we have been told that the Midwayers are as our "cousins" ... a bit "above " us yet "below" the  Angels,  to be able to see any of them will be a day of rejoicing and one that I have always dreamed of.   
I remember one time in a post you said, " I have been riding with the Midwayers lately" and I thought you meant that you could see them and I remember how excited I got  for you to be able to do that  and even wrote you and asked you about it .   I also remember how disappointed I was that that wasn't what you were meant.    When you posted the representation of Seth, it was and still is very exciting for me. and others I would guess.  There  is something about the painting that draws you right into those eyes and into his facial expression. 

I do also want to say that the questions asked so far have resulted in revelations to us from Michael Bzutu and you that probably may not have come any other way.   The information about the "Light Stripe"  really answered some questions that I am sure we all have asked ourselves many a time.   I am deeply grateful for all shared with us.
Anyway.. I just wanted to clarify my response if it was misunderstood.   LarryG  
Title: Re: SETH Portrait by Robert Butts for you to See Seth as he was then
Post by: Manitraniaina 01 on October 29, 2017, 09:59:48 AM
Bonjour a tous,
Je trouve que ces dernières publications sont très intéressante ce qui nous enseigne plus sur la vie après la mort et même les gens qui sont partis dans le monde de maison participent dans la réussite de la MM ,merci a Ron ,Michael de Nebadon ,le Père Universelle  et tous les êtres célestes de veillez sur nous et de nous enseigner toujours et de nous encouragez toujours pour cette sacre Mission .Je suis fière de faire partie de ce forum même le chemin est longue ou nous avons besoin d apprendre et de pratiquer tous les jours.
Je vous souhaite une bonne journée et le Bon Dieu nous Bénisse.
Title: Re: SETH Portrait by Robert Butts for you to See Seth as he was then
Post by: Clency on October 29, 2017, 01:10:08 PM
Translation of Manitra's post above

Good morning to all,

The recent posts about life after death are very interesting for me to learn that even those who left for the mansion worlds can contribute to the success of the MM. My thanks go to the Universal Father, to Michael of Nebadon, to all the Celestial Beings and also to Ron, to always assist us, by teaching and encouraging us to be of service to the Sacred Mission. I am proud to be part of this forum, even though there is a long way to go. I am aware I have still a lot to learn and to devote myself to more daily practice.

I bid you all a good day and may you all be blessed by God the Father.