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Title: Donor monies
Post by: Michael S Queen on December 17, 2017, 12:04:27 PM
Beloved Mantutia, and Ron--
Ellen and I would like to be able to supply funds for at least one or two copies of the Sixth Epochal Revelation to be able to be supplied to those who might not be able to afford a copy on their own.
When such a venue is set up and identified, we trust you'll let us know how to donate.
Thanks in advance,
Mike and Ellen Queen
Title: Re: Donor monies
Post by: Dorian on December 17, 2017, 08:05:23 PM
Dear Michael,
I for one will match whatever you do send in.  Bless you and what a wonderful idea.

Your Brother Dorian
Title: Re: Donor monies
Post by: Ron Besser on December 17, 2017, 09:02:16 PM
Dorian and Mike,
Great idea!
A couple of things to think about.

1) Create your own donor web site.  Here for instance:
There are sites too that can build a web site immediately for donations for a worhty cause under your control.  Search google with key words "create donor web site" and you will find a number of them helpful and then choose what you like best.

2) The public will not support a specific title of a book but they will support a genearl category you want to use to help people less fortunate than themselves and they feel sympathetic toward.
When going out to the public in general instead of referring to a specific title of book, be general and indicate you wish to spirit books available free of charge that is non denomination but are of value in increasing their livelihood and with draw from a drug habit or help them with other things that prevent them from making a good enough living to support their lives today.   Do not name Urantia Book or anything like that and when people see your generosity of spirit on your own, many will thrown you what they can and you can build a war chest real fast that way.  Some might send you books free of charge and you might wind up being a free library for good titles besides the Urantia Book for that matter.  Go into the business of being a spiritual mentor and show this is your appeal for donations of any size to help this cause.

3) Never refer to spirit as Biblical or non-Biblical.  Keep it very general and emphasize the free aspect to people who could use this type of book.

4) You may wish to set a goal to reach and report on the web site if you can how you are getting to that goal.  Maybe set a goal for enough money for 100 books at a time, and show how many books they purchased instead of the dollars sent in.  Many soup kitchens in my area get donations by advertising how many meals they can buy with 50 dollars or sometimes 5 dollars (hard to do these days), I think you get the gist of that and it becomes less financial and more philanthropic that way.

Note:  It is much easier for you to control your own charitable category than it is for me because the Stabridge charity as the specific purpose to do Urantia Book/Magisterial Mission outreach and this generalization of your intent works very well with the public but does not fit well with our specific charter.  Besides this will be fun for all of you I  think who enter into this kind of giving and organization.

Now - you can turn around and make a donation to Starbridge that does this work specifically by its own charter or you can make the gifts available by yourselves by advertising to people and libraries and shcools and seminaries and senior care centers and bookmobiles - anywhere where the public congregates is susceptible to your generous giving of these books once they are available for general distribution.

Please note as it is presently set up Mantutia will allow one book per person in the early days of distribution.  Build your bank account for later on for Urantia Book distribution to people who cannot afford one later in the year 2018, but also keep in mind you can buy other books of spirit value that are on the open market that may intrigue many to get started for when they are ready to read a Urantia Book or under the new title this will be sold and distributed by.  That will make you donation requests quite right as you are to generalize what you ask for and stay away from a specific title.  Mike and Dorian both of you are creative and have great minds and hone this message for donations in a clever way to attract and have giving on a decent level to fund what and all you want to here.

Please feel free to ask me questions on this idea and I will help you think this out even more but I think you Mike know very well what might work for this good idea.

My best wishes for your success!
Title: Re: Donor monies
Post by: Dorian on December 17, 2017, 11:40:01 PM
Thank you Ron for your ideas..  I printed your comments up so I can go over them in detail.  Might give me something to do beside sit around on my tush the rest of my life.  I will get with Mike and see what he thinks.

As always, stay well and have a Merry and Blessed Christmas.  We will see Jesus soon.

Ron - That is great to hear Dorian, and I hope you can make something go which can grow and grow for you too for the good of all.   Talk to you later.  R