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Oh Daniel,
Thank you for the dedication and concerted effort it takes to receive a message of this quality. I hope that I, indeed all who read this, commit themselves to this level of commitment. We have the opportunity that is "One for the Ages". Oh, great Father of all, let us see and respond to this call with a whole heart.
Just now, the song by Jimmy Cliff comes on. 'You can get it if you really want", you just have to try...try, try, try. WOW! Confirmation by the universe that it IS as has been said, possible for all of us. Like anything of value, you have to want it, and do the work.
Thanks again Daniel. You rock!
Bob L

Congratulations to all the "Magnificent Seven". May God's service bring you all you deserve and desire.
Let us ALL dedicate our will and purpose to fully supporting whatever has been delivered to us to do, without hesitation or reservation.
"If God be for us, who can be against us?

Selah! I say SELAH!  Oh Lords come swiftly.

May everyone of us that are committed to support this mission in any way requested; pray that our hearts be strong when we see what is to come to pass. As our human hearts feel and participate, let our Father fragment take charge of our minds and direct our paths.  👆  One way. Fathers way.

My love to all.
Bob L

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