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Hi All,
I have a little time to study. I am prompted by my Adjuster of a “botanical garden” and this led me to look up about Adam and Eve in TUB. While reading Papers 73-76 and onwards, it has occurred to me how Solonia’s factual account of what happened in those days, some 35000 years ago BC that the Material Son and Daughter were faced with some difficult challenges. It was that same problem they made that Caligastia had trouble with and that was impatience.  The slow evolution of man, the savagery and retardness of the humans were their lot to deal with. But in all, had they had patience as was displayed by the faithful work of Van and Amadon, the outworking of progress can be made. Van had a large number of volunteers to work on the massive project of building the first garden of Eden, it is quite an amazing achievement. (Thanks to Solonia’s admiration in her narration).

With the arrival of Adam and Eve who appeared to be some eight feet tall must have been quite imposing, if the humans, like myself were under 6 feet tall in those days (if that was still the case),  then certainly their presence must have had such an impression upon these dwellers in the garden. There is much to glean from these accounts. The most impressive are the arrangements of conduct, activity and participation that was their life in the garden compound.  It was a peaceful, harmonious and playful time compared to what transpired beyond the garden walls. I am particularly touched by Adam and Eve’s struggles as to progress and the difficulties they faced and how Eve was tempted to fast track something that was to be a mistake she was to regret. I cannot imagine their pain and their sorrow that followed. It struck me to see such parallels of experience we now have as they did so long ago.  Fast forward to some 37000 years later and we are not much better than when it was for the humans they encountered. What this tells me is the importance of patience, perseverance and faithfulness in all that has to be given in due course even now and onwards to what our Father plans that is appropriate for the reclamation of Urantia. In one way, I wonder if it is best to let nature run its natural course, or would a remodelling of a program similar to the Adam and Eve Schooling would be the crucial foundational work to be introduced once more.  I see the latter, if done in a different manner in various locations, would be very instrumental in gaining that interest and vital training necessary for human progress.

I see that socialisation is already achieved in this current age, world government is also achievable, and the next one is one religion, although some things need to be faded out and errors made evident, the ‘one religion’ and the Brotherhood of man is and can be achievable.  Given it requires much patience and forbearance in that it takes some time for others to change in their understanding and comprehension of truths that is to be revealed. That is why the revelations contained in the TUB and SER and other works yet to be published will be so pivotal in man’s growth and understanding at this most advanced stage of human progress to this day.  Today, most people are literate, communicative, sociable and largely able to think, feel and relate well in most ethical subjects that affects them in their daily life. Decisions are to be made, but it is when we humans are better informed of our human history and the experiences that is to be made aware of, then our decisions are better shaped and formed in light of such education and knowledge of our past records. Like it is said on ANZAC**Day(which is tomorrow 25th April), may we all have the humility and sorrow to come to terms of our past belligerence and misunderstandings and say also, “Lest We Forget”, of all that has been, that many perished that we might live to learn anew.

If it is to be in the Father’s plans, I welcome the new Adam and Eve Schools or if not,  the Melchizedek Schools, as they will be so good for all of us to participate in rehabilitating and reconditioning us in better form to enhance our human evolution and most desirably, our ascensionary paths to follow. We as Urantians have so much to gain from these schools of learning and I am very comfortable in being in this delightful “botanical garden” of beauty to behold the wonder and charm of our most esteemed Material Son and Daughter who have joined our mortal ranks with Adjuster indwelling to follow the Father Ascension careers along with all of us as well.  As it has been given to them to be on the Council of 24, I gather their counsel will be most welcome given their valuable experience they have, to keep the faith consistent and true even in these days of hazards we confront.

I recommend that you my dear readers to take the time to read these Papers (73-76) to refresh your understanding of what can be a reality for us to see unfold as it has been for Adam and Eve. Only, I hope we do not do this in isolation and alone, as it occurred to them some thousands of years before. Our ancestors had a real hard time and it is their faithfulness that shone through, let that be our guiding example to take too with greater amounts of patience.

My Adjuster keeps reassuring me to keep the faith, stay firm, focussed and calm as things unfold. I thought very much to share this with all of you as we are all waiting patiently, studying to be prepared and praying for Father’s will to be good for us and that the Michael Mission will proceed in the best way appropriately and that we understand the extraordinary patience of our Creator Son and Daughter in all that has been in the Lucifer Rebellion. May the love of our Father win us to His Temple of praise forever!

I am always and forevermore in your grace Father,

[**Note: Define: Anzac - a soldier in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (1914–18).]

General Discussion / Air To Share: Moments In Time To Share
« on: April 17, 2018, 06:12:12 AM »
Air To Share: Moments in Time to Cherish

I just watched something on the news tonight, and to my delight they put on a bit about Sir David Attenborough who took a walk with Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth the Second,  in her garden and they had a stroll, a talk and some humour to boot and with charm to their demeanour how they inspire so much from their years of service respectively. Age does not weary them nor does the years condemn them, they just beam with so much life to yet go on in enthusiasm of more can be done to better nature, the environment and our ways and so on. If there are those people I admire and give some moments of endearment, it is people like these that stood to bear their skills as best they can. What a marvel to behold. I hope to meet them one day and be so inspired by their experiences. I did have a dream some time ago that I saw the Queen (believe it or not!) in her private chambers somewhere and she is as normal as you and I could be, just with a little more air of grace and charm she holds as her own in giving. She is a natural and one that I as a citizen of her Commonwealth will cherish for years to come. God bless her and may she move on to her new life our Father has for her in the life eternal. Sir Attenborough is amazing and I love his work in granting us some incredible moments that he and his team of amazing photographers has shown us some footage (e.g. Earth Part 1 & 2) that changes the way we look at creatures in their natural habitats. His narrations is truly good to hear and take a lesson or two from him too.

I thought to share this as so much is going on and it pays attention to it as it is shaping people's awareness and perception as well. Technology is a powerful medium and is so widely used in our lives, hence this Forum Site is also used to better our spiritual development and understanding from the study of The Urantia Book. To me, it is a go to book to know where it all began for us here and as to our destiny thereafter. It is so, so good. 

And now for our climate, here in the land of Oz, it has been an unusually warm Autumn, now it has turned suddenly cold in where I live in the far south of the continent.  Now is there any of you who have some "air" to share as a caption of our times we live in as we do now? Care to share it please, because soon we may enter a whole different chapter of time to evolve in.


See following link re the Queen with Sir David Attenborough:

FUSION TALK / Re: New insights after learning of my fusion
« on: April 17, 2018, 04:52:39 AM »
Gorgeous Amethyst, I love this Fusion Talk and you chose to put it in the right category!

"Trust in me" is the key and I agree my dear Sister! Thank you for sharing such intimate moments such as these. Love this, love Thee! Keep up the good work in with your Adjuster.

Your Sister in the same way as you,

FUSION TALK / Re: Fusion and Current Policy To Continue With Or Not
« on: April 17, 2018, 02:20:31 AM »
Hello Billabong,
Thank you for your honest reflection and I think the Administrator of this site can answer that for you as so many new ones who frequent this site have been found out to be of suspicion or worse to be those who wish to attack this site and they are duly removed to keep the peace here on this site. Some time ago we have had that happen and have caused some considerable distress and concern by sincere members. This is to be watched and more so recently as I have seen some removed very quickly as they are or can be a cause for concern as well. Thank you for noticing. I am noticing that too and am grateful for the work that our Administrator is doing to keep this site going nicely.


FUSION TALK / Re: Fusion and Current Policy To Continue With Or Not
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:31:32 AM »
Aptly said Dorian, Wendy and Overmind, its one thing to see it, it is another to contend with it and how to apply a "closed door" when this is suppose to be a discussion site and create interest in what this site is for. The only thing to appropriately apply is vigilance in what others post and take more care in responding. Although placing questions is harmless, it is when some ask then leave as if it is not for them to consider. It is common courtesy to be polite and civil in approaching this group of members that have so much to give, I say that to all the guests who are watching this site and take an interest and wish to become new members. Please be kind, and take that approach in discussion if you ever do come on board. Thank you.

Speakers: Pre’Mtor and Sordon - the Spirit of the Lord
Subjects: Stillness, Faithfulness and Taking Heart of the Crop and the Harvest Work
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 17/04/2018 12.46pm(AEST)

“Receive in me my Spirit that is in me, I am the Lord who abides in you, allow me to be in you. There is much to be about, there is much to do, still I desire that you be still in me as I Am is in you as your Father that dwells in your rhythm.

“Still as you can be and there you hear me. Soft as a breeze and as loud as a breath close to your heart.

“Now then do we have a river to row and together we go in the flow as to the ripples of where it takes to the thoughts of men. Arise oh you of faith, have the heart to see the good that I bring. No more shall man weep, it is a time to sow and a time to reap and there you see a harvest to be busy about to collect the crop of the good that is sown and reap what has matured in full bloom.

“Now it is to be such a time and a place to see that full bloom come to be in good use. There now I paint a picture that is familiar to you and no more shall it be painted for the canvas is now to be awash with fresh insight and new paint. Aye, my dear ones, take heart and know I am the Lord and I am to be known as your heart of hearts. So be of good cheer, take heart and take care of the fields that is in view for you to watch over and be attending to. That is for a time and then some more. Still there will be the weeds to wean out and still there are the wild ones that attack the good that is sown. So how much more work is to be done for those ones to see I am as relentless as the great ocean before you. No more than the you see the waves keep coming and never cease to amaze you in the beauty thereof. How long must the wild ones be is as long as they are convinced no more of themselves when the great waves become more than the length they can measure.

“So, be of great faith my love, as I am want to be in the way of your heart as one in tune with the other.  Aye, I am your love as much as your saviour in all that you came to be. No more eloquent than the wind blown crest of the purest wave that give way to the crushing defeat into the relentless sea that swallows all but the bobble in its wake.

“Now there, we are as one in all that has to be as the fields lie in wait to be given due tillage and new things to be given it for better crop to grow it in fertile plumage. I have a wonderful team of workers that can do this right with a heart that smiles ear to ear with me in tow as I will have it no other way.

“I am the Lord, you know me as I am and that is all that is to be made plain in a matter of time to be for all to have as theirs to have in their choosing. Choose well, my dear ones, the direction you wish to take in the days that unfold before you as it will become a teacher for you.”


[T/R Note: To my dear fellows and friends,
I reiterate here: I stay on course in a small tinny boat that rows gently down the stream (well, you know the old rhyme saying), along with my beloved Adjuster, I row in tandem only to find, more often than not, He rows it all for me at times.  It has been quite a time in the stream, I watch, I learn, I grow, I cry, I pray, I wait, I hope, I listen, I hearten and I lament and so on. There are so many avenues that weave and mend and much of the “wild ones” take no care in what is plainly in sight that our Lord can and always shine so well that it takes a moment to stop and smell the roses, so-to-speak, to allow the good grasses to filter in view and melt away the hardness and the fog that so often clogs our sight that beauty is missed and is very much right there in our midst.

Now I am just as sure to be in the stream and row as a steady athlete, faithful to the task that is very much the motivating engine that drives the arms to wing it well and truly. How it can be missed and how it can be resumed in more earnestly than it was before is one to be assured with certainty in the faithfulness in the one I abide in. It can be no other way. I stand as one with the Father and row as can be in His grace and do so in the might of his unswerving love He so lavishly bestows on all those who look to Him in the heart of His truth and mercy.

Take heart my fellows, Allah, our Father is to be known as the great Spirit that is very much alive and well as we seek Him and Find Him who is our path to righteousness all our days. Sue/7inOcean]

Speakers: Sue and Paul of Tarsus
Topics: The Brotherhood of Man, Worship and Spiritual Journey with God
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 10/04/2018 6.24am (AEST)

Dear Ron, and all our dear brothers and sisters who are reading this,

As it occurs to me when I read the above outline on the Petition for the Brotherhood, its relation with the Temple and with the Foundation and its work of revelation and teaching and so on. I was touched, rather speechless, by the beauty of the proposal of having a worshipful theme running through this proposal. Worship and duty of loving regard to the work of God and with our brethren to so inspire and uplift the spiritual heart of man unto God. I find this so enhancing a goal of utmost intention, perspective and focus upon the God Within each and all.

It is to this you, Ron, have placed at the heart of all that we, as Urantians, are to be about. Something so new to us in a world so diverse in orientation and so lost in forgetting to look within to see the divine gift we each have from the great Spirit and Source of All. How magnificent, how wise, how supreme is the Father, who gives of Himself to the extent that we may be found and be as one with Him!

What a right of passage and a call of willingness to follow to the ends of infinity and beyond!  What the great I Am is preparing us for is truly something far greater than all that has been, even now, in these trial universes of time, that we experience in all capacity of our being. What a ride and what an experience and it all begins here with our finding Him and to be sewn together as brothers in understanding and deep respect with worshipful undertones of the grace of God in our lives!

I am particularly thinking of Paul of Tarsus, right now, who has reached the Finaliter status and is here to assist in these Divine Missions to Urantia and how often I admire his work. One moment, I have Paul here to speak:


“Yes, this is Paul here Sue” [Really! Is it you Paul?] “Yes, continue writing Sue as you are so doing. You were thinking that often times I wrote letters from prison and that is often what most of those letters derive from as it so happens when the Romans took me into their custody. It is in those times there was much soul searching, as well as prayer, and it so goes as you know well Sue, the voice continues to grow and I heard so much of what needs to be known in myself. Those times were a different pace as you have it now; yours is rather occupied by the pressures of living; ours was constantly impoverished by so much of human tribulations of a different kind and culture.

“I had no idea of the strain and difficulties we were living under until I reached the Mansion Worlds. Then, we lived in such a polarised world of many influences with the Jewish monotheism and with the Greek and Roman polytheism of much of what has been a great vastness of beliefs and mores. Mine has somewhat been influenced and ingrained by the monotheism theme the Jews have instilled in me and it took so long for me to understand what Jesus meant when he referred so often to “the Father” as he taught. The Jews never saw it that way and it took quite a while for me to realise and understand it for myself, until I was met with Jesus on the road to Damascus.

“It was then I knew how God works and it is in this moment on, I walked with Him as He is with me. This is when I knew I no longer lived as per se, but that He is in me and I launched myself into the work of revealing the “Unknown God” to the then Roman Empire of the Mediterranean Levant. My greatest achievement is to be able to so inspire in my letters to the little Christian groups that was flourishing and little did I know that Jesus paved the way for me years earlier in his travels with Gonod and Ganid (seePaper 130).

“Here, I soon realised that so-called “scribe” that many alluded to was none other than the one who struck me so well and I knew who He is. The Master and Teacher of great loving purpose in all he touches.

“There it is that my work was folded in with what he paved for me in those areas with people who knew little, but could grasp the truths of what I could un-cover to expose with the philosophies that was so brilliantly espoused by the Greeks. I loved the period and times, there was a lot of trade and commerce, much interspersing of language, culture and travels in the mediterranean world, although treacherous, it was with ease without borders as it was in the Roman expanse of power. The Romans were a fierce lot and one to be feared for the trouble they go through to make civility a thing to admire and they were great in doing that, but brutal in punishment. Theirs was to be great time of great passage like no other times before. They paved the way for what you now have as your modern civilisation structure has as it is now. The politics, the civility, the military might, the water aquaducts and sanitation and, of course, still the ruling elite to chart the course of a society in to the next age to come. That has been,  and now it is to be turned into a new way of approach with an orientation, vastly pointing to the esoteric nature of civilisation, rather than the neutral vanity of hopeless enterprise.

“I say that now, but you will see a time coming that will be vastly different to what you live under now. It is truly to do with the collective consciousness of each member and citizen who is very much realising its place in the Universe of Universes. You are children of God, you are citizens of the great cosmos and it is as such you will need to know this new placement for which the reason why I, and many of my fellow Finaliters, along with Jesus, come to make this passage easier for you to get accustomed to. The new Urantia Book (SER) will grant you the insights you all will come to know and appreciate as the revelations will enable that spiritisation of your own understanding and personal growth in with the Spirit of God in you.

“I am Paul of Tarsus, I am here with you, my dear ones, and am delighted to be speaking with you in this way. I grant it to you that you hold yourselves well in what is a difficult trial of sorts to wait upon the Lord to be making progress in a world so spiritually dead in its tracks. This will soon be a planet for the Father’s purposes of education and there is soon to be a Michael Mission to accomplish much in that way to enlighten, to correct and to embolden you in the Spirit of Truth that is very much in you.

“I am here to teach, to foster your growth inwards as some of you are so inclined to be fused and are fusing and that is heartening for me, as I know what this is as it so occurred to me on that day when I walked on the road to Damascus. It is both one of joy, yet one of searching within for the want of what just happened to me. Jesus said to me then, “Paul, it is me, Jesus, and that is all you need to know as I am with you always.”

“I leave it here for now as that is what I was left with to fathom and to take up the new reality of His presence in us from that day onwards. Thank you my friends for listening and I bid you a good day and may the grace of God be with you all. Amen.”


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Testing Pattern
« on: April 09, 2018, 06:49:15 AM »
No Other Than use Text Colour To Do This Line

How this works is how I practiced and getting going with what can be done freestyle in all different characters…. and then you go back to I use back to black mode to type this pattern now to use BOLD, ITALICS, UNDERLINE IN NORMAL FONT OR BOLD OR ITALICS OR BOTH BOLD ITALICS IN RED TOO and now back to normal Arial font 12 now I save this to trial online in forum preview for testing. :D ;D it seems to be working! Yes new PC is great working this and I am going to be having a great time using colours and face expressions too  ;D 

General Discussion / Re: Need for a Urantia and Spirit Primer?
« on: April 07, 2018, 02:56:01 AM »
Hi Larry,
I just got home from work and am catching up reading and I have a few thoughts on what you say. Here it is:
1. While I agree with you in that there is a need for some sort of introductory(you call it "primer"), which is fine and probably can be a help, the only problem I have is the next one.
2. As life in education goes, there are prerequisite readings, units of study to be done before a student can go on to do the next, more in depth one and so on. This, in my view requires an active participation, interest and perseverance, hence determination to achieve. This is where the next point comes in.
3. The Urantia Book is that prerequisite. It is sufficient in and of itself. The problem we have is how lazy people can be to get through the language part to see it through after some twenty pages into reading it. I'm sure that most of us, who have read the Urantia Book and the entire lot of it and not just dribs and drabs will have come to really appreciate not only the language but also all of the concepts, the truths, the cosmology of the universes, and the riveting sequence of Urantia's history and then to top it off with a greater account of Jesus' story for us to be so better informed than what our Biblical records have so missed out in telling us of. I get annoyed by people who are just plain ignorant, lazy and downright caught up in things that don't really matter anyway.  Our Adjuster is more interested in our eternal career and not of the temporal matters of animal habits. This is where it is so important to have that time to sit it out to read through every single page in The Urantia Book and soon to be released the second one for us to learn more.
4. These books are more than satisfactory. They are the "primer" to our eternal destiny. I love the language and the length of what Mantutia Melchizedek who is tasked to put together for us to read in these beautiful books, even though he was so restricted to keep the volume of Papers down. That tells us there is so, so, so much more to be told and learn.
5. I cannot think of a better way than to find a way to get people's attention and interest in something so profound for them to know about. This is where we need some ideas as to how to do this part more effectively. I tried and was met with scepticism and rebuke by those too blinded by their dogmatic conditioning. Obviously, one has to be ready, open-minded, receptive and willing to take a newer way of thought/thinking etc. and it can't be coerced either on anyone who is not showing any interest whatsoever.

I think what you have suggested Larry is great, if we can have an introductory to explain such an important revelation, and such a revelation contains all that is necessary for our brethren to be so enlightened, as it has done so for all of us who are so moved by such beauty that unfolds as we read and absorb the insights it instills in our own mind and heart. To put it simply, it breathes life, and helps us grow. No other book has done that like The Urantia Book has done so for the truth-seeking reader.

These are my thoughts and I thank you Larry for coming up with a good suggestion. I still feel FER and SER will do all the talking it needs to do it for us, it contains all the answers to most questions that can be had. It's there! If only people will get off their duff to read it and ALL of it! The mistake people do is to start reading Part 4 about Jesus, and not the first three Parts, which is a bummer because, reading Parts 1-3 gives so much more meaning to Part 4. That is a regrettable thing to be doing because it takes away what Jesus was about for those Christians who jumped to Part 4.  If any one has other views to what Larry suggested, please come forward and have a go at what you think about this. Thank you.


General Discussion / Re: LEMUEL LIVES Horray!
« on: April 06, 2018, 04:10:49 PM »
For the past week I have put myself to task of receiving only to find I could not do it. I have felt rather amiss that something bothered me. Mainly due to the fact I was mourning and missing our wonderful brother Lemuel. Well, I have been praying and still am for you Lemuel as well as for Ron, Larry, Amethyst and of course all of you my dear brothers and sisters which my heart has not exhausted any of you as I deliver you all to the Father in His wonderful care. Lemuel, if you are reading this, may I say this: I know you may not be feeling great and you are probably right you are on your last legs, but do not give up on what Father can do as He is just full of surprises to get you in all the right places. That happened to me when I was a sick child on a hospital bed, thinking I was gonna die, and prayer and heart is all that it takes to move mountains! I pray also for the doctors and medical team who are working to get your body back in one piece. With God's help, may you recover well and be of great service once more. If, for some reason, it is not to be, then Godspeed in your placement in service in your new life in the Morontial worlds and may we get to meet you one day. I miss you Lemuel. I did not know how this affected me until now and I now understand why I couldn't t/r as I was at a loss of your absence and terrible sickness I know from my own experience as a child how aweful this is to go through. I am with you mate and I hope to cheer you on as well as Ron, Larry and all of you to stand firm and on course, no matter how topsy, turvy this has been for all of us to go through over these long, trial-some years. I don't blame those who have left the Forum for so much broken pieces just fell on the floor and we are left to look on in despair. But noooo! That is not how this ends. Like a good movie, I like happy endings and it's going to be one with all hands on deck to be of good cheer in with the Father! Aye my lads, let's get going shall we, we have much work to do! And now I have to go to work, I'll be back as you Lemuel, along with my Beloved, have given me a sort of recomposure.


Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and God the Supreme
Subjects:  The Mortal Mind, Spiritual Levels of Growth, the Father Within, and Further Growth with God the Supreme.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 04/04/2018 2.55am (AEST)

[Sue here: Allow me to start off with something to share. As it goes on Instagram, one of my biological brothers posted a photo image he took from the beach looking out towards a distant cumulus mass of clouds with the sun setting upon them, giving off those brilliant colours of yellow/white, pink, orange, golden hues with a purple underbelly that so often happens at that time of day. Now also, these clouds develop from Cyclone Iris that is currently formed and moving southwards along the Queensland coast. He would most likely be seeing those clouds as the tail end of that vortex system. He posted the image with the words, “Ocean Fire!!! How great is our God?”

Man, as it goes, at his level looks up in wonder at such natural spectacle and see Deity in such phenomena when one knows it is simply nature at work and sometimes with spectacular results to be seen. We all know now that with the help of science and satellite imagery, we are given the benefit of further knowledge of such cloud development that forms into cyclonic formations, mainly due to the temperature/pressure build up generated between ocean currents and climate and wind and so on, which are natural elements that currently exist on the planet. My thoughts are that I wonder, how many times or levels do we as mortals go through this process of wonder and amazement of Deity greatness as is postulated by my brother above in his outlook?

I dare say his is of the normal material mind of a typical Urantian faith creature, but when one goes deeper into the esoteric nature of the God within, then it becomes a different manner of worship and amazement. I dare think the esoteric mortal becomes more attuned to the spiritual aspect of God’s calling whereas the material creature who sees God so far off and knows not of the greatness is mistaken to think that he is so remote and aloft, but what and why does he say of greatness of Deity when he knows not of Him?

Again, how many levels of such searching do we as faith creatures go through to arrive at such understanding of Deity? These are my thoughts and when I approach Father, I asked Him. So Father what do you wish to say in all of this?]

Michael of Nebadon:

“Yes Sue, this is Michael, your Local Universe Father, your Creator Son. This is of normal admiration from those who are at that level of wonder when one is ever to take the time to take in such elements at work. You, on the other hand, are much more mature in reaching those areas of understanding that bespeaks of wisdom gained from your growth in finding the voice within. One looks outside of himself, you looked within and heard me and know me by my voice. Remember, when Jesus says, “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me” [yes, indeed Father], “Good and that is true of you who hear me well. For those who are still looking outward, there will come a time when they will discover what you have discovered by hearing and not seeing. Also said Jesus, “Blessed are they that have not seen me, yet believe in me”, so it is for those of you who believe with the eyes of faith. This is in due regard to the Mystery Monitor, your Thought Adjuster’s work in steering you to those levels of insights in knowing deep down there is more, so much more to know, a source far deeper and wider and it is very much resident somehow within. This is the very essence of what makes you search because it is a gravitational pull to the centre. Just as that cyclonic vortex does, everything gets circulated and pulled into the centre and that pull draws you in with the Father who calls you in that “still small voice” within you.

“When once you know the voice, you become born anew in the Spirit of God that is within you. You know now God. You know true Deity and how He works as He reaches out with His loving self and knows you so well. The Adjuster is your true friend and self. So when you consider how many levels of illumination does man go through, it really is dependent upon you to come in touch with that deeper self that is tugging at you. When you have reached that level, then you are like going on a ladder and there are steps you take upwards to reach that destination atop, then also do you do likewise in all the steps to be taken to learn…...Deity.

“Yes, you stopped there and weren’t sure I said that word “Deity”. I did say it and I pressed you to write it, why? [Please explain Michael] “Your Ascension Careers lead you to Deity, you know that as a fact, why? [Because of the Father within that pulls me toward Him], “Yes, exactly true, and it is to Him you go and are trinitised before the Paradise Deities for work in the infinite universes to come.

“Yes, I am pushing you to look beyond those clouds to the infinity that is very much your domain to be busy in with the Father. There are many levels you will be going through to help you reach those areas of maturity of thoughts and wisdom wherein you grow more and more attuned in with the Paradise Deities and that is your destiny in with.

“Yes your insight is much deeper than what your brother has postulated and you see the level he is at, and yours too, I might add. To this you acknowledge as well in yourself and calmly know that the answer is more than he knows himself at this point of level. However, you are to pray for all of these your brethren, that they may be helped by the Father who knows each one of them and He will soon enough, as each will come to know Him when revelation reaches them as it has for you, albeit in a different manner, as you have received it.  You are of a true agondonter mortal that believe without seeing and even more so that you know me by my voice in you. That is morontial Sue, and you are well on your way in those other morontial levels that points you further along in with God the Supreme. Yes, you are surprised, yet you know it well deeply. I have God the Supreme here and wishes to speak with you Sue.

God the Supreme:

“Aye, my lass, you know my voice when I speak it in this manner and I hail in you to good humour and cheer, you know of what I speak Aye! Well now, there we have it, I take a liking to you and am very much with you as you stretch yourself to the rivers of my liking and I’ll have the joy of taking you to task to weather a lot of me, my lass, Aye!

“Well now, you know my jolly half and now I give my serious half and that is another part you got to know of and I am delighted you took that well as I can be a difficult taskmaster that really gets your muscles working. That is all for now, and you will see more of me as I have gotten a latch on you well and truly good, Aye my lass and have a good day!”

Michael of Nebadon:

“This is Michael again Sue, I aver to think that God the Supreme has trialled you and find you taking on a mighty call that I know you will do well to allow time for those indwellings he impresses upon you as he often does to get you going in all things that he speaks well of. This is an area of work for those who are fused as you are, along with Ron, Lemuel, Larry, Amethyst and more who are soon to be. God the Supreme is taking those initiatives with the fused ones to enable your work to be of a quality matchless anywhere else as you are all still mortals in a world under so much loss of real understanding. There is more coming for you to know and I will leave it here as you are getting weary now. May I say this, keep at it and you will do well to be in my peace as you always do, thank you and good day.”


Yes, thank you Newstarsaphire, you have a loving and patient Adjuster, indeed the words that is said to you, "...put your faith and trust in my presence in you to protect you..."; Can I encourage you to keep listening and that is the essence of your willingness in Him who abides in you.  This is a beautiful lesson to share and I am sure many of us relate in your experience. It is one thing to hide, it is another to have the wherewithal to leap into the unknown and that requires all of your senses and willingness for you to hold on to the one thing that matters and not let go. And that is that the Kingdom of God is within you and let your light shine!
Thank you dear Sister,

« on: March 31, 2018, 01:30:19 AM »
Good discussion starter Ron, I recall this to be when God the Supreme absorbs all of Caligastia's experience when his form just vaporised on the spot in the court room and Michael learns of those aspects, like broken pieces of glass from the Supreme, to figure why Caligastia did what he did. Also when those fused ones, such as the fused mortals namely Ron, Lemuel, Larry, Amethyst, myself and any more to join this, will also be undergoing one of several fusions with God the Supreme and hence a transference of experience is shared in with God the Supreme who is the experiental absolute in time reality. These are my thoughts as I try to recollect from memory those parts to do with this. I would have thought it was the Finaliters who are to be working in those newly created systems or space areas, as suggested as the "fused ones" in the transmission piece.


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Lanaforge on Perseverance
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Thank you dear brother Antonio, keep on persisting in your work too and may God bless you as you keep at it to receive the lessons, my prayers be with you.


Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit
Subject: Purity of Heart
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 31/03/2018 2.40am (AEDT)


“This is Michael Sue, and may I take this effect in you to have purity of heart. What do I mean by that? This is what your Mother Spirit and I do in relation to one another, we are wholly in heart as one mind and one purpose as to the Paradise Trinity that functions very much in us. That trinity of union in spirit, mind and in heart as one great Spirit of the I Am. Purity of heart for you, my dear, is to abide in me, your Father and your friend. To always have me, is to have that effect in you of praise and worship just as some of those Psalms ring so well in praise of the Father who dwells in the hearts of men.

“What is often so missing is that essence of heart of pure worship in beholding the love of your life as you do so often Sue as you come before me. This never escapes me as you do so in prayer to request a moment with Mother Spirit and I. So often, you are always ready to take the lesson, so often you also need to listen more and more and have the stamina to take on more than you can chew. That happens every once and a while and so many lessons do come, that is to your benefit and for the benefit of those who read this here and now.

“What is to unfold before you is this purity of heart of those such as the ones that do this work, to so place themselves in the light of the work that is generated in and through the Spirit of oneness in which we all are of one mind together to have that effect in you.

“This Forum site has been quiet for lots of reasons and it is a time to take those moments in prayer with me, your Father, that I may in all intents and purposes may engender the goodness that is to be for your development as veritable sons and daughters of God. That is my and Mother Spirit’s task to see to it you, yes each of you, have those potentials of soul survival.

“Sue, I have Mother Spirit here to speak.”


“Yes, my dear, I am very much here with you as you apply yourself well to the task of listening and taking dictation on these early morning sessions. We see what you are doing. We are encouraged by your efforts. Now what I would like to be saying is that while such efforts are to be encouraged, we are so prepared to be getting the Michael Missions underway in the coming months. You are all aware that education is very much required to be placed in the minds of men and that the prerequisite reading of the Sixth Epochal Revelation is necessary before we even get to be seeing our Jesus step before, in all essence of truth that he upholds to be so doing, before all of you in this troubled world.

“This discussion site will be closed for a time soon as Ron is asked to do so in the time we usher in the new second Urantia Book. This is so that you are all given this reprieve of time to read and study and take in what is presented. We must allow time for you to take in what is of import for all of you to receive and for Ron to have this time of rest and to prepare for the work of the new foundation of this new edition of revelation. The Brotherhood of Man must be encouraged and fostered and that is something that later on Jesus will be very much happy to be about, when the education of the new edition of revelation has taken its effect, as it should in the minds of most readers and, hopefully, we have a wider readership than was previously had with the old Urantia Book edition.

“Our thoughts and prayers be with you all in the coming days and months as you all persevere in with us as we strive to enable such learning to flourish and have such a renaissance effect in all good intentions.

“The Michael Mission is purely about this effect of education, renewal and revival. They come in waves or phases of introduction, effectual teaching and due direction as to the changes you will encounter soon.

“There are some moments you will have cause to doubt, but fear not, as Michael and I, your Creative Parents, are always with you and will uphold you as you abide in with the love of the Universal Father of All.

“The hope of the ages is in Him who loves us all and will do a great deed of love as He is in all who have purity of heart.

“I close with this for all of you to take in. Pray with us that the will of the Father is truly in you and you find it in yourselves the heart of His Spirit who calls you unto Himself. I am Mother Spirit, daughter of the Infinite Spirit and I am with you all as His pure Spirit. Good day.”



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