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General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« on: Today at 12:07:51 AM »
Like Rene, I had to read Larry's post twice.  Larry, I have always enjoyed reading your posts and feel disappointment about this, but we all need to decide for ourselves what we think is best.  I sincerely hope that I will again be reading your posts and am heartened by Michael's words that you can, "...get another chance to swat the ball.  We all need you..."  Be well and heal, and I truly look forward to having you back when the time is right for you.  You will indeed be missed!

In the last week, Lemuel has posted a transmission on empowerment and another on responsibility. I appreciated his posts and  wanted to understand better how Jesus was able to use these two qualities to serve God, so I asked Sananda to expand on this.

Topic:        Sananda and Mother Nebadonia on the lessons of Jesus regarding Empowerment and Responsibility
Speakers:  Sananda, Personalized Adjuster of Jesus
              Mother Nebadonia
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:        August 12, 2018
Location: New York, USA

"Amethyst has asked me to say a few words on how I helped Jesus as he matured and became more aware of who He was.  So, I appreciate Amethyst's desire to understand and I gladly take time out from my responsibilities elsewhere to help because this is something all of you will at some point need to understand and apply, and indeed some of you are beginning to understand this.

"Understanding what Jesus experienced can help all of you better grasp the symbiotic relationship between power and responsibility.  Very early on in His human development He recognized his duty to God the Supreme.  He found these two qualities were reciprocal.  The more His empowerment grew, the more He became aware of His responsibility, and conversely the more responsibility He carried, the more empowerment He had.  As soon as He was old enough to connect with Me, we had long talks about this and many other things.  I tell you also that understanding these qualities and applying them as God intended, will help you in your circle attainment.

"This is one of the jobs the Finaliters newly assigned to Urantia will be working on with all of you.  This is a balance that is particularly difficult for many humans, and since all the Finaliters here all come from Urantia, they have seen it all.  Some celestials watching this misuse of power have had to avert their eyes from the suffering caused by greed and selfishness resulting from the unchecked and heartless power, and the limp weakness from those who had no idea they could be empowered and were overwhelmed by the powerful.  Your world is at a point now where many are beginning to see this imbalance and steps are being taken by many to correct this.  I hope this short message was of some help to you.

"Your Mother wishes to add to this"


"I knew when Michael was away on His bestowal missions, and I watched with great interest as Michael served as Jesus on your planet.  I can tell you that this was a very important element of his maturation into his 7th bestowal.  He was literally human, and He was literally the Creator Son of Nebadon.  

"I have several roles as Mother Spirit in Nebadonia, but one that I cherish beyond description is to be the companion to our beloved Michael.  As He grew in the flesh, He became more aware of, and recalled our deep and abiding Love for each other.  As He traversed through his ongoing experiences and lessons of what it meant to be a human, I remember well His coming to understand his emerging power and expanding responsibilities in the flesh.  Fortunately, this was just a minor lesson for Him as He had long ago in other bestowals, and in His work here in Nebadon, learned to balance and manage these qualities.

"But for you my dear children, just beginning your long journey, it is sometimes problematic for you.  Empowerment  not balanced with an understanding of the responsibility that goes with it, leads to a gross misuse of power.  Responsibility without empowerment leads to inaction and the absence of creative results.  But you are not alone with any of your lessons.  Just ask your Father Within, Myself as your Mother, or Michael.

"Sananda wishes to close with a few more words.  I leave you in my Peace,"

"Amethyst has asked if I have any final thoughts to leave with you.

"Yes.  I wish you to consider the times in which you live.  You are living in times that require BALANCE from all of you for optimum growth.  I remind you that each psychic circle you gain, you have done so because all aspects in your being are in balance, and meet the requirement of that particular circle you are on. Neither mind and intellect, body, emotions, or spiritual maturity are out of balance.  Emotions must not suppress mind, and mind must not suppress emotions.  All qualities of your life need to be in harmony.  The balance of empowerment and responsibility is all part of this bigger picture.  Balance in all things help the maturation of your budding soul.  All of this Jesus learned well before His public ministry.  I leave you now to return to other things and do so hope you find this helpful.  Good day."


Wonderful Ron.  The Susquehanna River meanders near my home in New York.  I go by it, and cross it, several times a month.  I will now see it in a new light when I pass it!  Its interesting, as you see it, the Father's Temple will be near York, where you live, and it meanders through New York, where I am.  Synchronicity I guess.  This river has been a part of my life since childhood.  Dare I hope that I may see the Orb of Glory during my human life here?  A wonderful thought.

Lemuel--This is a very important point and I am glad you brought it up.  Just as so many do not recognize the empowerment they really have, they also need to know they carry responsibility as well.  I don't know exactly where in TUB it is, but it says something like the more man receives from God, the more he (man) is expected to give (I'm paraphrasing.)  Attention to duty and responsibility is our gift to The Supreme Being.
As you say so well--
An increased responsibility always comes to those with increased empowerment.
Empowerment and responsibility are two sides of the same coin.

General Discussion / Re: The Dream of Loss
« on: August 09, 2018, 11:14:16 PM »
Thank you Sue for sharing your dream.  Dreams can give us great insight into ourselves and serve as wonderful teaching mechanisms IF we know how to interpret them.  Unfortunately, I forget most of mine as soon as I wake up, but there have been times they stick with me, and I count each one I remember as a blessing.  Thanks.

As I read all of this, my brain struggles to piece together what is here, but I do perceive it is BIG and I had better bring all I have to the table when I can.

Lemuel's transmission today folds into this somehow.  Mother Nebadonia speaks of a "New Empowerment" with our Adjusters.  She also confirms the Magisterial Mission " on now, unseen..."
Steve compares the time line to a woman in labor.  As the child gets ready to appear, the pains get closer and closer, as are the revelations.

Something is up.  Isn't it wonderful!  Now as Michael points out through Ron, I have to get my brain to tie all of this together and understand,"WHAT DOES THIS DO TO THE MICHAEL MISSION ON URANTIA???"I think Sue offers an important clue when she says, "Does this point to a future collaboration between Creator Sons, their creative work and with God the Supreme to further work in completing supremacy in Orvonton?"

"Sue is threading the needle quite well here.  Mother Nebadonia has given Lemuel a wonderful clue in a 'new empowerment' between you and your Adjusters.  Wendy would love to work with Ellen Gould White, as would Amethyst, but for now this is for Ron to do, as the tea has not steeped long enough and is not quite ready to sip.  Stay tuned, and ask your Adjusters to provide your mind clarity as these things unfold, especially as to your new empowerment.  Prepare to be amazed."


ps--I wrote this before reading Ron's last post.  Michael says the Magisterial Mission is scrapped under the heading "The Schedule for Divine Events.."  Mother Nebadonia told Lemuel today that the MM is on now----so Yes I am confused.

Ron--I REALLY appreciate the additional post on this.  Last night I read the first, and started to reply, but realized that I could add nothing on the topic because I understood so little of it.
Sue and Michael, I will be studying more deeply your post as well.
There is so much now to feast upon I can't wait until later in the day when I will have more time to peruse this in detail.
So glad to meet Miss White and hope we will be hearing much more from her.
More later this evening.
Blessings to all--Amethyst

General Discussion / Re: BIFURCATION
« on: August 03, 2018, 05:17:32 PM »
In any case, you must keep your hopes up and if anyone can do it , it is you and someone you wish to share eternal life with forever.
This is a topic that truly fascinates me, and in the last year, I have had some very uncanny "coincidences" that could be related to this topic.
Fusion, while in the flesh was supposed to be impossible here just a short time ago, and now look at what is happening.  Whenever I think something should be impossible, I am always reminded by my Adjuster, "Remember this is Urantia we are talking about."  How many times has Urantia been the place with surprises that are unexpected?  

Ron, thank you for your words of encouragement.

1. You questioned Sophia's use of the words "yes, no--maybe".  I think the point she was making was yes, it is possible, but there is a lot to consider, and it might not work as well as we would like.  If this has not been used on other planets, Sophia and others cannot know for sure.
2.  Help is available from many sources in the universe.  A big reason for the universe career is to help and serve as we grow and learn.
3.  you asked if this is enough to 'break the "wall."  Again as Sophia says, "yes, no, --maybe", we will just have to try and find out.  Our growth through the universe will always have surprises for us.  (At least I hope so.)
I hope I answered your questions.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and ask.  Of course, I could be wrong about trying to interpret all that she was saying.  I try to write it exactly as it is received.


Amethyst:  Mother Nebadonia--I ask for protection as I pursue this, and for one of your daughters to shed Light on working with spirit radios.  Can they be used by transmitters to expand for the general public the meaning of what they receive on these devices?  Thank you

Topic:      The Use of Spirit Radios for Contacting Spirit
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:        August 01, 2018
Location: New York, USA

"I am Sophia, a Completed Seraphim and have been previously assigned to Amethyst to help with her work.  You will be hearing much from me through her.  Amethyst asks about the value of using spirit radios to be of help in expanding what can be received on these and other devices.  Can they help?  

"Well, Yes, no,--maybe.  There are considerations, they have some potential if used properly.  Amethyst has spent much time today on youtube looking for spirit radio receptions and has had mixed results.  Some seem to provide some help, some were from loving beings, and some were not.  What was received was garbled and very difficult to understand.

"Here is the crux of the problem.  The spirit radios are strictly material apparatuses.  The beings coming through are mostly morontial, or at least no longer alive in a human form.  Many are still waiting on the grid for transport and are themselves confused.  One of the constant messages that came through from what she was able to make out was the word, "help."  This should tell you something.  Many are confused and need celestial help.

"You see, transmitters can receive because their minds are becoming morontialized.  This is a necessary ingredient to get true spiritual guidance.  Those who are still unable to transmit have not met the requisite circle attainment yet and are not ready.  But they will be with continued effort.

"So the "wall" between these two dimensions prevents communication compatibility, and that will always be the case for those anchored in the different dimensions.

"There is however an area where there is a slight blending of the two dimensions.  The links provided above were showing music being played into the radio.  I highly recommend that you listen to at least the first one, so you can better understand what I am talking about.

"There is a very distinct difference in the tone, messages, and the vibration of these two videos, and most others. Why? Because music, especially good music, like Enya, create an energy that is close to, or even at the morontia level.  This attracts higher beings and we here suggest that your technology in this area be refined to capture this higher vibrational field.  Stated differently, the more you can create technology that is attuned to the morontial level, the higher the spirit you will attract.  Music is one way to do this. Another may be sacred chanting, like the Gregorian Chants.  Still another to consider are what are called 'singing bowls'. (This is when water is in several different size metal bowls to get different tones when slightly tapped.)  Still another are different size chimes that can harmonize.  

"This is one of the reasons the Native Americans so often used a special flute in their ceremonies.  They resonate at a level that Spirit responds to.

"You will notice that in these two videos, specific questions were asked of the spirits.  The answers were mostly loving and reflected beauty.  There is much work needed to enhance the clarity of the responses.  But this is one way physical material and morontia can meet, and more recognition is possible.

"Now when people see this blending of material and morontial, they will have a better understanding of what transmitters do.  They can come to understand that it IS possible for the two planes to intermingle and serve as a valuable tool to enhance their own spirituality.

" Mother Nebadonia now wishes to say a few words."


"Sophia speaks truth to you.  A coarse and crackly EVP machine will attract a coarse and crackly being that probably itself is looking for help, as Sophia so astutely recognized.  The key to unlocking this puzzle is to devise ways to use the spirit radios with the highest intentions and beautiful sounds to attract the right beings.  There is great power in sound that your scientists have yet to discover.
I leave you with much to ponder.  Good day my children."


General Discussion / A Small Child's EVP Remarks.
« on: July 31, 2018, 05:45:17 PM »
Dear Forum members,
I did as Ron suggested and took a message after studying a EVP reception.  I just took one at random.  Try as I might, I was unable to provide a direct link, so if you want to hear it yourself, go to  Search 'EVP recordings of ghosts.'  The fourth box down says "My name is Anna".  I think it would be very helpful if you listen carefully to understand what I received.  If any of you tech savoy members can get the link, it might help.

First a prayer--Dear Mother and Father Michael, help me to understand and receive the intended message from these clips.  Let me know what Anna is trying to tell us so we can learn and find a way to help people use this way of communication with Spirit, according to your Will.  Please help me to hear and understand what Anna is trying to tell us.  Thank you."

Amethyst:  Anna can you tell us what you were trying to say?  We would really like to know.

Anna: "My name is Anna.  I was scared at the time this was recorded and was hoping to find someone who would be able to comfort me.  Only small snippets were picked up on the recording.  Snippet number four does not say "I can not help you."  Listen very carefully.  I said "Where's Richard?'  Richard is my uncle and always was there to help me.  We are such good friends.  I do not know why Uncle Richard can't come.  So I spoke on the machine hoping that you would help me.

Amethyst:  I wanted to print out this short message but found my printer had been turned off.  I did not do it.  Anna had more to say, so somehow my printer was not ready.  

Anna continues:  "I am still so young.  I need Richard to help me if you cannot.  Will you send me an angel?  Also the clip #6 says, "she is not well."  What I was trying to say is "She is not the one." (to help me.). I am six years old but I have been here for a long time now,"

Amethyst: The clips on the video say as follows:
1.  "My mane is Anna."
2.  Don't trust her."
3.  "I"m sorry."
4.  "I can't help you."  (Where's Richard?")
5.  "Don't trust her."
6.  She is not well."  (She is not the one?)
7.  "you will die."

Amethyst:  This really affected me.  I listened to the clips several times to try to understand what she was saying, and I believe I got the gist of most of it.  Its sad.

Ron--Is this what you were talking about?  Is this something we can help with?  I feel deep inside of me this child is in need of celestial assistance.

MICHAEL:  "Amethyst you did get the gist of this quite well, but rest assured that since this recording was made (2011), Anna has been taken to the probationary nursery on Mansion World One and has been visited by 'Uncle Richard'.  She in now doing well."

Amethyst:  Thank you Michael.

Dear Lemuel--Thank you for this transmissions.  It says a lot.  I have watched on tv on occasion some of these shows that use the EVP equipment to contact spirits.  The one constant that seems to be the results I find, is that they are often lost, restless, angry, and dark energies that come through these machines.  So I don't understand why anyone could put much credibility in them.  Its almost as if these people are trying to put themselves in harm's way by toying with that which is dark.
This Jerry Lee was obviously one who made it to the mansion worlds and had very good advice.  He did not seem to be lost, but knew what was and is going on here. There is a big difference between trying to communicate with lost spirits that remain earthbound, and receiving wonderful and loving transmissions from our celestial Spirits family that are truly leading us to God.   Just my 2cents worth.  
thanks again Lemuel

Dear Antonio--I doubt very much that there is one person, member or guest here who has not had the same problem.  Its very sad, but a fact of life on this planet.  Over the years I have learned, when I meet someone new, to be silent and listen to them, and see if I can understand where they are coming from.  It is only if I detect a glimmer of spiritual interest that I go any further and discuss The Urantia Book or even God's love for us.  This is a very sad state of affairs, but take heart.  The time will come, perhaps on the mansion worlds, or even before if the missions start in earnest, that there will be a plethora of souls longing to know more.  But for the time being, we all ache because of this problem.  Like many of you, even my family does not want any discussion of such matters at all, and it can be quite lonely.  

Threads for New Transmissions / Building the Muscle of the Soul
« on: July 26, 2018, 10:30:00 PM »
Topic:         Building the Muscle of the Soul
Teacher:      Amethyst's Thought Adjuster
T/R:             Amethyst
Date:           July 26, 2018
Location:     New York

"This is your beloved Thought Adjuster, your Indwelling Spirit, and a Fragment of the Father at the center of all creation.  I have not yet provided your with your new name, which will be forthcoming soon.  I am the Parent of your soul.  It is your soul working with Me on a daily basis throughout eternity that will be the determination of your completed destiny.

"There are many celestial beings you will encounter through your journey inward and upward, and they will provide guidance and opportunities for service.  They will offer advice and make available many different kinds of circumstances to prepare you for even greater service as you move along.  But I am the one that forges the fires to test and strengthen your soul.  You have come to that point in your development that lets us forever be one with the other.  Later as this relationship matures, there will be no delineation between Me and thee.

"You have been, and will continue to be provided all you need for the long journey that you have chosen to take with Me, and nevermore shall we be parted.  This is my promise to you.  Just as a bird must learn to flex its wings in order to sail for long distances through the skies, so too, must your soul become strong and mature with its continual use of its 'muscles'.  

"We are now blended for eternity, and many others are to follow as they too find sublime bliss in their own oneness with their Inner Light.  Come to me for strength and guidance.  I will never fail to be there for you.  There will be times you may not like what I have to say to you, but these times will be the ones that will be the most useful to strengthen our bond and building  the fortitude, spunk, robustness, intensity, stamina and vigor, that you are indeed gaining each and every day.  

"The way showers  are beginning to emerge from the fog of unawareness.  On a steady, regular basis many of you are beginning to find your voices out of the din and chaos around you.  Be patient with yourselves as this is a process and does not occur as a single event.  I have chosen to keep this transmission from Myself alone to  put emphasis for you and the others, that the relationship you have with your Adjuster is the most important one for all of eternity.  This is short, but I deem it important that all should realize that they are to seek the kingdom of God within themselves first, as it is the foundation and the strongest point of their beings.  

"I will not say at this time that I bid you a fond farewell, or good day as I am always near you and in you.  You are a part of me, and I of you.  I enfold you always in my Being."



Good thread here.  I don't have much to add except that I too, have ringing that suddenly changes in tone and key--go figure.  I also get clicking like castanets from time to time.  It appears that these things are happening to most of us.  I wonder why?

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