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Threads for New Transmissions / Re: As a Thief in the Night
« on: October 17, 2018, 12:49:39 PM »
Antonio and Clency--NO, this is not a reference to the rapture; it simply means that Jesus will return, and earth changes will occur suddenly at an unexpected, quiet time.  People will be unaware and not prepared.  It puts emphasis on us to BE ALERT.  Hope this helps. 

Threads for New Transmissions / As a Thief in the Night
« on: October 17, 2018, 02:41:11 AM »
Topic:         As a Thief in the Night
Teacher:    Sophia, completed seraphim and the executive                          
                  of the Angels of Enlightenment on Urantia
T/R:             Amethyst
Date:          October17, 2018

“Amethyst Dear, the transmission that you  received earlier in the week is from the ones as you wrote on the transmission, and you can post it now.”

Amethyst:  This is in reference to the other transmission I just posted.  I was not sure of its origin.

“I am often with you and you sense my presence behind your right shoulder and as being about 20 feet tall.  The reason for this is to relay to you my completion status.  I have been provided to you for extra protection, and to pass transmissions through you to forward to the forum.  You will, of course continue receiving from others, but I am to be your primary contact.  You have shown that you are able to pick up much from the personalities of the Infinite Spirit, but not so much with the of the Eternal Father and Son just yet, but they will come through stronger with the passage of time.

“Tonight I want to continue on with Larry’s message from Margul about being alert.  Your Bible says that when Jesus will return, it will be as a thief in the night.  It is worded this way because all will be silent, many will be asleep (figuratively), and it will not be expected.  So this alertness is paramount at this time. A reason their have been fewer transmission during this last week is to allow you and others to remove yourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and its responsibilities.  Don’t become so absorbed in any activity so much that you are not paying attention to the energy of this planet at this time.  Be still. Be prepared. Be focused and guard your responses as much as possible when the dam breaks loose.  Give assistance to those that you can, while keeping a low profile.  

“Many extra transport seraphim are being assembled on Urantia at this time in preparation for the need to take many souls to the mansion worlds, and many of those who do transmit through you are, for the time being, attending to other duties as they assist these angels and other celestial beings who will be need to be made ready.   Also, there is a small chance that planetary evacuations might be needed as was mention in Larry’s post. Those who are responsible for this, will need further preparation as well.  Another reason is there are physical changes taking place of some of the forum members that are briefly making transmissions more difficult to receive, but I will say no more about that at this time.  So you see there is a reason for the temporary decline in transmissions.

“This planet is teeming with almost all classifications of celestials involved in the evolutionary beings in preparation for what is to come.  There has never before been so many on Urantia since her beginning, and will probably never need such a high number again in the future.  But even we do not know exactly what is to come, although we have been given some information regarding the earth changes.  We don’t know when and how all of this will play out.  But this is one of the biggest hub-pubs I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot.  To say that the behemoth assemblage is huge is a gross understatement.

“Planning is close to being on schedule and that is why you as well as other transmitters are being prompted to be alert.  We want to make sure you get the message loud and clear.”

Threads for New Transmissions / Only That Which is Real Survives
« on: October 17, 2018, 02:31:12 AM »
Topic:        Only that Which is Real Survives
Teachers:  God the Supreme
                   Sordon—Messenger for the Infinite Spirit
T/R:             Amethyst
Date:           October 15, 2018

“Only that which is real will survive in eternity.  Why is that?  God is the source of all that is real and only that which identifies with, or is one with God can be sustained to express the qualities that stream from the Eternal Father.  

“God exemplifies truth, beauty and goodness, all qualities of realities.  God is authentic, real, and true.  Those who do not intend or desire to know these qualities will have nothing to manifest, unless at some point, either here or on the mansion worlds, they make the choice to be one with their Thought Adjuster, the very essence of God who is gifted to the ones that choose to be one with the Father.  

“I am the arm of the Father that can experience your struggles to find truth, and triumphs of blossoming in discovering beauty and goodness.  As the Supreme Being, I collect, process, and synthesize the thoughts and feelings of those seeking God.  I grow in part as you attain self mastery and become more fully attuned with your Adjuster.  I grow as a result of your expression of reality, as it is articulated by your Indwelling Spirit, The Father Fragment within you.  The more real and authentic you become, the more I am able manifest the highest reality, which is God.”

“One of the greatest problems with Urantia is the total lack of interest in God, or any of His spiritual qualities.  There is so little spiritual curiosity to even direct the mind to seek Him.  It never ceases to amaze those of us on high how any civilization could not even wonder or care enough to realize that if the nature of God is not sought, eventually there can be no survival.  Self preservation is a quality that is instilled in all living creatures at birth, yet so little thought is given to awareness of survival through the very Creator that provided life to them in the first place.  This is why so many fear death.  Without the identification and oneness with the qualities of God, there could be nothing left of survival value, so it is no wonder that death of the physical body is feared by so many.

“The pursuit of the non-real is the pursuit of death.  The physical body, we all know, is given to you for such a short time.  The pursuit of wealth, power, or fame are certainly things that the Father has no interest in when you stand for judgment.  Acts of unkindness, brutality, nasty gossip, self-righteous judgment, bullying, or any form of intentional harm to others have no reality to God because He does not recognize these acts as a part of himself and therefor for Him, they do not exist, even though they are quite real to the perpetrators and their victims. Those who live by these qualities are destined to eventually become nonexistent as there is nothing to identify itself with the Father.  The Father is the source of all reality, and if there is none for Him to relate to in His child, then  there is no survival value.

“In your mortal state, and early morontia levels, the Thought Adjuster is the KEY to your spiritual destination.  And your fusion with this Father Fragment, seals your survival forever, and will always show you the right way to go.  The Adjuster embodies the qualities of the Father for He is a part of the Father.  It is for this reason that attainment with, and eventual fusion, should be the highest priority of all children of God.  The Adjuster is the gate to the reception of all that the Father is.  The farther you advance in your universe career, the more of the qualities of the Father you will assimilate to become a part of yourself, and thus the more God recognizes you as a part of Himself.  You are becoming an eternal being.

“There is no part of God in sin and evil.  Those who cling to these conditions unfortunately have nothing in them that God can recognize and therefor they do not exist in His perception.  It is not personal in that God decides that anyone is not worthy.  It is simply a situation in which there is nothing there that He can recognize.

“Your Adjuster will recognize your intention.  If it is your intention to convey the qualities of God,  you will begin to do so.  Over time these expressions will become stronger and increase.  You are not expected to do this overnight.  It may require that you traverse many mansion worlds, or even beyond them, before you get close to fusion.  The important thing is your intention and your desire to grow, move, and expand with your Indwelling Spirit towards the Creator in which your image was made.  Slowly, resolutely, and surely you will become the reality that God bestows on his creation.”

General Discussion / Re: BE ALERT
« on: October 16, 2018, 08:54:59 PM »
Larry--I too have been quite restless because of the 'quiet time'.  It seems like I just can't get anything lately.  I had one that I did not post because, try as I may, I could not get the name or title of the speaker or teacher.  I have no idea if it is legit or not.  I have been seeing the 11:11 signs everywhere for about 2 months now, at least two or three times a week.  I'm not sure what 11:11 means, but I have been seeing it A LOT.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: The wonders of the universe
« on: October 14, 2018, 01:00:38 PM »
Michael and Sophia--Thank you for this message of hope and upliftment.  I do so look forward, as I know many of you do as well, to time of this healing and enlightenment.

Lemuel and Julio--This is a heart wrenching, but important topic for me.  My spouse is fully aware that my relationship with God and my duty to Him IS my supreme and most important priority.  I have been led to believe that in my case I will be able to serve from where I am now because of health issues and I am content to be where God puts me.  But my husband has no idea even what the Urantia Book is, let alone what I may be called upon to do.  But I take this one day at a time.  Right now, he needs my care.  He (my husband) knows I care for him.  For now  my Heavenly Father has kept me here to help him.  I know that if or when the time comes that I will need to change my life that God will go before me to make the crooked places straight, and hopefully my husband will come with me, but I can't be sure what he would chose.   I put it ALL in God's hands and in the meantime I do not view it so much as a false responsibility, but a timing issue because this is where the need is now.  Tomorrow may be a totally different story.

Congratulations Ron and I hope you physical issues are finally coming to an end.  As usual, when I read a post like this from Ron, my mind travels in a hundred different directions and I wonder what the Federation will mean for us and the other local universes if and when this becomes an actuality.  This should affect the Supreme Being as well.  Any chance we could hear an audio of Ron's piano rendition of Anthem?

Sue--My Adjuster has been keeping me quiet as well lately.  I wonder what it all means.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: three strikes
« on: October 08, 2018, 10:05:14 PM »
hmmm--This is interesting.  At least I know that there is a reason for what is going on.  I wasn't so much angry as I was puzzled.  Sometimes I am not that good with computers, but I knew this time it was not anything that I was doing to cause this.  Oh well--I'll try again soon.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / three strikes
« on: October 08, 2018, 01:21:15 PM »
The most unusual things have been happening  last night and this afternoon as I have been preparing a transmission for all of you.  Three times I have been typing away and my words just disappear from the screen.  I was typing on my notepad, I was not even on the forum yet!  I have never had this happen, or anything close to this before and I was gobsmacked--as some of you say.  I will try again later and save each sentence as I type it.  I hope this will help. I simply do not know what to think of it.  This, as well as Ron's transmission that shows up only on his screen seem truly bizarre.  Hope to have more later.

Great post.  You all make good points.  Hope is just as essential to happiness, as hopelessness is to unhappiness.  Wendy, what you brought up on the difference between hope and expectation is frankly something I had never considered before.  Its real food for thought.

A few years ago I read a book ONENESS, by Rasha.  It is what I think a 400+ page transmission, and is an excellent read in case anyone is interested.  In the book, it makes the point that nonattachment to not only things, but to the outcome of situations as well, is needed for complete freedom  from the oppression of the problems we all experience.  The more we are emotionally attached, the harder it is to find peace.  

The only way I know of to reach this place is through my Thought Adjuster, as Lemuel points out.  I think there is also a correlation between hope and intention.  As we follow through on our intentions, we will hope for their fruition.

Threads for New Transmissions / The Heaviness of Now
« on: October 02, 2018, 01:39:03 AM »
 Topic:       The Heaviness of Now
Speaker:   Sophia, a Completion Angel
T/R:          Amethyst
Date:        October, 02, 2018
Location:  New York, USA

“This seems like an odd subject title, and it is.  But each of you here are all experiencing your own tribulations and we tell you that the rainbow will appear sooner than you think.  Slowly the health issues many of you are having in heavy doses right now will begin to dissipate as the Light of Spirit begins a new day soon.  

“I am Sophia and I attend Amethyst this night as she prepares for her own trials.  Ron, you will begin to see improvement in your health and feelings, but don't neglect your rest.  Those of you carrying a heavy heart should understand that much of this, and the silence that is here at this time is something like your ‘final exam’, much like what you might experience as a course you have been studying is coming to an end.  You are very soon to begin again with new courses and continue with your lessons and with your service.  

“Many on this planet are losing their stability, their touch with reality, and their sense of humanity as you can plainly see just by observing what is happening all around you.  But this too shall pass.  

“We have sent seraphim to assist you and give our aid as the planet undergoes her travails.  This is a time for inner fortitude and it is in all of you.  You just have to bring it forth.  The dam is ready to break, but each of you are poised to remain steadfast, strong, and especially exhibit the faith that has sustained you all these many years of preparation.  

“Your Mother and we angels love you all dearly and are truly by your side, even though you see do not see us.  WE ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE AND STAND WITH YOU.  

“Some, with other belief systems of those here, refer to times like these as the ‘dark night of the soul’ and it is something that all have to experience from time to time.  Rest well tonight as the Light is approaching and is on the horizon ready to break forth with its healing and righteousness as soon as the earth is finished with her own travails and healing.  This will be too much for the darkness to bear, and it must surrender to the Light or be removed.”


Amethyst—Hoping to be back more regularly soon. :-)  

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / be back soon
« on: September 26, 2018, 06:45:48 PM »
Hello all--Just letting you know that I have not been on the last few days as there are health problems with my husband.  He was scheduled for surgery today and  we waited at the hospital for two and one half hours only to be told his surgery was to be rescheduled due the fact that the doctor was sick.  So now hubby continues with great pain waiting for the next try.  He needs my help and will need post op care from me.  I will be back on the forum as soon as we get through this and I pray that all of this will work out as there is so much change in the air.  The good news is that once he gets the surgery, he is expected to make a full recovery.
I try to keep up reading all the posts you all put up.  Everything happens for a reason and I pray I will be able to do whatever is needed from me, both at home and with the missions.  
I Love you all and hope in a week or two I will be up and running with transmissions again.

General Discussion / A Few Words From Michael
« on: September 23, 2018, 10:48:09 PM »
Amethyst:  Michael stands behind me with his hands on the back of my shoulders and it is to represent Jesus standing  behind all of us here.

”My dear Amethyst,  This is a very short message tonight, but there are more substantial transmissions waiting for you in the coming days as you progress through the tasks you have been given to do this week at home, which are there to test your mettle.

Tonight, however, this one is to signify Our great delight with all of you here.  More will continue to be fused.  More of you are learning to transmit.  Your Mother and I want only to tell you at this time how much We smile down on you, and how our hearts are brimming to capacity with all the progress you are making as a group.  

“Things are beginning to gel and come together.  Each of you may have noticed a slight change in your routines and this is to throw some unexpected and perhaps unwanted events in your path to assure us of your readiness to be agile and make changes as they might be needed in time.  We are slowly stretching you to increase your flexibility and deftness as we all move forward together.

“Let the PEACE that your Mother and I provide you saturate your beings, and our LOVE always be felt in your hearts.  Good night.”

Very interesting Sue.  I too have had some 'doors down a hallway' dreams lately as well.  
We had a song here in the U.S. in 1976(?) about the green door.  I started singing the lyrics to it a couple months ago and my husband asked me what brought that song to my mind.  I did not know and neither of us had heard this song for many years.  Thanks for sharing this.  

General Discussion / Re: Flu
« on: September 23, 2018, 10:02:09 PM »
Be well soon Larry.  Even though I am well at the present, there is illness at my home as well and it does influence one's ability to stay focused.  I trust you will be up and at it again very soon!

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